Prophecy News! | It Ends Where it All Began, June 21st Solstice Day! | Today There is a Direct Alignment Between the Iraqi Gate, the Original Garden of Eden, Our Sun & Source Itself | It Marks the Start of the End of Time Not the End Times | The First Sign is the Living Water Which Has Begun! | What is the Onyx Stone? | What is the Significance of the Red Flower? | Birth of Christ (Crystalline Time) Expected on June 24th!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 21, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update Kim explains that the accumulation of all events over the last couple of years, all the cleaning and clearing which has contributed to how light the world has become were in preparation for today. Today on the Solstice marks the day that could have started either the End Times or the End of Time. She also gives us more information on the latest events around the Prophecy! Lots of good stuff!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Interrogation of the JASON Society Member/Manchurian Candidate Who Stole Documents

Most of us aware by now we basically have lower astral beings, or what Kim calls the portal people on this planet and they are all different. But those who are the Manchurian Candidates have this infection, a serpent based infection that wraps itself around the spinal cord and the optical nerve and then it eventually goes to take over the entire brain. They look like people but they do not have normal reactions to things. You can call them vril, not all of them were but the ones we had left were vril.


Unfortunately Kim identified a group that did not know about these Manchurian Candidate portal people and they had a run in. Remember Kim told us about the papers that were stolen by the JASON Society last week, well it was a Manchurian. There was an altercation between the imposter and the person who had his stuff stolen who is trained in the ways of normal war and interrogation. So they pulled the Manchurian in for questioning. After a couple hours they realized this is not a normal person. Why is this person not blinking? Why after using normal interrogation techniques they do not have a normal physical response, the body does not sweat, there is no raise in heart rate. There are certain physical reactions that should happen in the body.

Kim was concerned for these people and sent them an emergency message because they were unaware this was a portal person and Manchurian Candidate. These Manchurians have the ability to implant thoughts into your mind. If you are not aware of these things happening they can change your mind, change your thought processes, get you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do and it would cause a lot of harm and lot of problems. A Manchurian’s neurological system runs on dark matter, so if you took a brain scan you would not see anything firing in their brain, it would show as dead, which is why there were no physical reactions happening when they were interrogating him.

Kim had to tell them how to kill it. She said if you basically have a snake, for lack of a better term wrapped around your spinal column you have to literally sever the head otherwise it will not die. So if you sever the head from the spinal column you sever the snake so to speak. And they must have done it right because it came wiggling out and they were in shock. Well that must have been an eventful work day for this crew.

These Folks Must Have Been Wondering Who is this Kim Person?

How does she know how to kill it? Who is she really?

That led to some investigation on Kim and how she does what she does and knows what she knows. There was a going down the rabbit hole.

Given that she just talked about the Iraq-Iran Gate and the Prophecy and she talked about a few different things in the realm of that, many were not sure what was going to happen today. She didn’t specify who, but they looked at some prophecies, and tried to mix it with some intelligence information. The Schumann Resonances was going off the charts on Sunday which they deleted from everywhere like it never existed. They are still not reporting correct numbers so people do not recognize something is actually happening, which of course would justify what happened at the exact time Kim said it happened because it is on the Schumann Resonance. She said you can’t miss it.

The Events of Today & Book of Revelation

If you read the Book of Revelation you know it talks a lot about the End Times, events of the End Times and what could potentially happen to us. But they do not tell you the whole story, it is a thing they like to do with the books they circulate.

So what did they leave out?

The Solstice Today Marks an Important Day

The accumulation of these events Kim has been telling us about over the last couple of years due to all the cleaning and clearing and all those things her and her team have been doing, which has contributed to how light the world has become were in preparation for today. Today marks the day. Kim has been working on her end with her team and a bunch of people, not only doing the distribution of the money but also the re-opening of the gate. The re-establishment of that connection, all of that was in preparation for what happened today.

We already had won the war, the other side is a bit daft and a little slow so who knows if they will catch on. But the prophets and the scholars, the ones who are most revered in each religion all have a similar story of what happens at the End Times. Some of it is region specific. There is a lot of stuff in the Koran about what happens in the Middle East. Christianity has another version, similar but it pertains more to what can happen to the entire world.

Well today could have marked the beginning of the End Times, meaning the end of Humanity had the Merovingians won.
Today could have marked the beginning of the End of Time had the Melchizedeks won, and they did!

End Times versus End of Time

We were not supposed to cross with the life in the lower astral, not supposed to comingle, we were supposed to be separate. That was not how it was originally designed but Earth became the gateway for that and the End of Time is relative to how time was actually created in the beginning. It means the end of the lower astral and the way that time was originally created and a full return to Crystalline Time or to Christ. So it is the end of the way time was created in the past and the beginning of only having an upper astral based on a tesseract structure.

The Events of Today & Book of Genesis

Earth became a gateway planet because it was actually the first place where life was created.

If you read Genesis in the Bible, and it is a matter of interpretation, but it talks about the creation of Earth and then the rest of the stars. Earth is the furthest density away in the upper astral from Source itself. The heavens were obviously in existence and the third density was in between, the line in the sand so to speak between the lower astral and upper astral. So it makes sense if we were the only gateway planet in the multiverse that Earth would have to be created first. Then came the Sun, then the rest of the stars, then the rest of the planets and all parts in between.

Kim told us awhile back that God said it will end where it all began. This is why everyone was kind of running scared today and the reason why Kim is giving us this education on the prophecies. She is explaining what to expect, what they are looking for in order to move forward. There was a deep concern because no one knew what was going to happen. Was it going to be the End Times or the End of Time?

End of Time Wins!

So true to form, because God always keeps his word it did end where it all began and that started at approximately 10:58 am EST today, June 21st and Solstice day.

What Does this Mean?

Today there is a direct alignment between the Iraqi Gate, the Original Garden of Eden, our Sun and Source itself. What is happening is Earth and the mound of gold that is there is literally merging until they come to a center point in our sun (the sun in our galaxy). So there will be nothing in between anymore. And the exact moment of the alignment, Source began moving its way between the planes of existence starting with the Soul Plane. It ends with the Physical, Optimal and Supernal Plane. As it moves through it will permeate from us going up and from Source going down and it will clear out the densities that were affected by the lower astral which is through to about the 5th density.

This is the game changer she has been looking for because this is officially the End of Time! It is the beginning of the end of time as the way it was, this is false time, false light.

Now it is going to take time, there is distance involved. Time is distance; distance is time, it is used the same in real science. This is an exciting thing that is also happening within the Alpha system and the Harmonic Genesis system. It should take no longer than 24 hours for that to complete and it should be able to complete through the planes in about a day or two. But it should officially start permeating with subtle changes on the planet and within ourselves over a period of time. So we might see things, like a flower on a tree you never saw before, or you notice the sand looks a different color. It will happen over a period of time as we move into a natural organic world, crystalline time. The entire world of quantum physics is going to change.

That’s the Big NEWS FLASH – We are NOT in the END TIMES!
Rather We are in the END OF TIME!

Many More Beings Had to Depart to Not Hamper the Process

Kim and her team were working hard to make sure there were no parasites left on the planet and she is not just talking about energetic or etherical, she is also talking about the beings in stasis and the Manchurians had to go. There was a lot of people who departed that have been here a long time or had come and gone and had not died off yet. But they had to go because she could not let that energy that is hitting the Earth dissipate in any way. It would have hampered the process and just slowed us down.

There was also some syzygy taking place between planets in the lower astral, planets in the upper astral, within yourself, and all planes of existence that had some connections to the lower astral. So a lot of that had been cleared out in preparation for today. It is also the reason why they do all their rituals on solstice days. Historically speaking we have seen solstice days as a bad thing because they are really on the prowl, doing their rituals and everything to secure the fact that God would not return so to speak. Source itself would not live again on this planet. On a higher level it was even worse. The Draco, the portal people, all these people put all these AIs and mechanisms in place to ensure that would never happen. But often times what they paint as bad is really good and what they paint as good is really bad.

What About the Remaining Portal People & Other Bloodline Families?

As many portal people as Kim and her team could find are gone. Any that remain will eventually die off. The other bloodlines, what will happen there? Well they are still human. What happens to them will depend on how much Lucifer is in them, how many rituals they participated in. Some of them claim to be Lucifer from time to time because it now has the right to take over their body. They gave it control which was not a bright idea.

Will The Threats Stop From Those Still Remaining?

Are the Rothschilds and Breuer for example still picking up the telephone and trying to drive the people who have been their friends and partners to create conflict? Yes they are. They have their target areas. Right now they are working really hard on the different groups in Iraq to get the war started there. Some of the people who are on the side of London had pled to the temples, to the mosques, the leaders and scholars to insert them as the religious leader for Iraq. They are trying very hard to do those types of things and move their people into positions before any money gets released.

Kim is determining the strategic places, where they could start war and she is moving against them. Now the thing about these people is they never get their hands dirty. They are the stirrers of the feces but the people who actually make the feces hit the oscillator so to speak, are your generals, your militaries. That is why she works so hard to try to help them and educate them all and try to get the agencies to understand what is really happening with things they can verify. She is telling them the truth 100% of the time and she cannot say that for their leaders.

So they can make a phone call and get a political figure to jump around, but the political figure is not going to kill people, they are just actors. They get on TV and say scary things, ridiculous things in the case of the IMF and the Central Bank Digital Currency that the daft family members over in China are still pushing with their British friends. It is not even a possibility at this point to create this digital world, but they got those orders a long time ago and they are still running on that treadmill going nowhere. 

Central Bank Digital Currency Narrative in Full Force

There was a lot of talk today in the news about Central Bank Digital Currency because the daft bloodline families were apparently under the impression it was going to be the End Times. Kim said this could have gone either way, the giver of death or the giver of life on the other side. So she expects they will continue going hot and heavy over the next 24 hours until they figure it out. That is if they ever figure it out. They have made every effort to scare the militaries and scare the agencies and all of these people into believing it was going to be the End Times and we were all going to die. The world is going into a black out! The EBS alert system is going to go off! Everything is going to start happening! In reality it didn’t work out that way.

Where Does Cheyenne Stand?

Meanwhile a military helicopter just flew overhead while Kim was giving us this update. She suspects they are flying in now to talk about how they can turn it around and make the End Times happen. That is probably going to be their next move. They can fight a lot of things in this world and they are used to fighting wars and theatre and playing the game, but this is real war. This whole time, while the other side was playing whatever their former slave masters wanted them to play Kim and her team have been playing the real war and we won! Kim said no matter how crazy it sounds and how difficult they made her life, she will never give up the wisdom, she will never not have trust, will never not have faith because it was the only thing that saved her no matter what.

There is More Good News About the Prophecy!

The Prophecy: Gold & Its Opposite, The Red Flower, Birth of Christ, The Trees

Gold & Onyx Stone

So one area had the gold, which had the actual Giver of Life in it or our Creator.

In the Bible it says,
A river flows out of Eden to water the garden and from there divides into four rivers. The first is named Pishon; it flows through Havilah where there is gold. The gold of this land is good. Genesis 2:14-15 

Well the opposite of the gold is the onyx stone, although Kim is using the term onyx to mean a stone of black color. She found the onyx stone as well. Remember there was a box of dark essence that was in Cyprus, where all the tombs are of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist and the 12 Apostles. That is where the opposite, the onyx stone was, and I assume she is referring to the Pandora-like box she mentioned that was found in the tomb of Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist.

The Order of the Black Sun, the higher ups, the covens all wear black sapphire rings with white stars in the middle of them. That is their ring of choice. Other militaries, the 15 secret militaries all wear different colors and different shades. So someone might have a blue ring, another a black ring. She has seen others wear black wedding bands showing they are married to Lucifer.

The Red Flower

In the Bible we know the world started as just dust. And that was true. And the first sign of life that ever existed on this planet was a red flower. It appeared where the Iran Gate is, on the mound of gold. Kim said it looks similar to the lotus flower, it is the closest depiction she could find.

This unique Red Flower will once again appear in the Garden of Eden.

And this is what some people, the religious scholars I presume she means or rather anyone in the know on both sides are waiting for. There are others who still have these flowers. They preserved them and are in different places in the world. Kim has been to one such place, in a monastery in Russia.

The stories they tell about this flower is that no man could touch it because it is so sacred. They are always found as just a single flower, so you would not find a bed of these flowers and it does not reproduce. But actually it is the Melchizedeks who are the guardian of the flower. They can touch it or move it, it is their flower and can do lots of things with it and they preserved them because they never lost faith that at some point in time it would bloom again. The monks and religious scholars around the world were entrusted as the keepers, they are Melchizedeks. It was the whole purpose for their existence, to protect it, because shall it open they will know Christ has returned! And the more of these flowers we actually have on the planet, the more we can change things on the planet, like modern medicine.

So this unique red flower has not opened in 250,000 years but is still there in the Garden of Eden.

The Birth of Christ Expected on June 24th

As the old story goes from those old, old books, June 24th is considered the birth of Christ. So on the 21st, which happens to be the Solstice they are expecting some events to happen, and if Christ is really back, meaning the crystalline energy is totally back then that flower will bloom for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years!

Once this happens it will spread throughout the religious scholarly world that it happened. The blooming of the flower will signify to everyone in the know the prophecies to come.

Kim doesn’t know how many of these flowers are actually on the planet. She knows of the one she had already seen and the one she has seen manifesting in the etherical plane. She said they anticipate it to bloom within in 3 days. The only reason they are guessing that is because that is what happened according to the old books, but she does not know. This has never happened before in the history of this planet.

When this flower first opened there were no people around and it is not in the Archives. Although there is a recorder that records everything that happens here for a reason and that was put here the same time the planet was put here. So it did record the history and the information is in there. Kim knows the place it is at but will not say for obvious reasons. She can go there and open the gate. She and a friend hid it there. A Melchizedek is needed to open the gate there and to know the sequencing of the crystal and old way of doing things or it just won’t open and everyone has tried. By the way, remember the Dark Tower movie she recently told us about and in the movie they call this Keystone Earth, well that place is the keystone, they are talking about.

And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
 10And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:9 

So these are the events we are looking for, and this begins the changes. These are prophecies Kim thinks we will be seeing manifest over 7-10 years but that is just a guess. Regarding the Tree of Knowledge versus the Tree of Life or Tree of Wisdom, which comes from the Creator, once someone had eaten from the tree on this side, they essentially said, okay snake-like thing bring your friends come on down. Then we got infested. But it has been 250,000-300,000 years since that happened, a long time so she said they are guessing based on the old books on how it worked the last time.

There is a spin on it too with distributed books unfortunately, but Kim said there is no need to recreate planets. Although, there are some places where life needs to be recreated because they were destroyed by our enemy, so life will be recreated in those places and there is no need to be concerned about creation of the species once again. There is some everywhere and we can start recreating life in the densities that were affected most and here it was the worst.

About the Trees

Kim was told something about the trees. You might have seen some videos online about the giant trees and they were real. In the Bible it talks about the trees, that they will grow fruit and it will be meat like to feed.

And God said behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree and which is the fruit tree yielding seed. To you it shall be for meat. Genesis 1:29

Kim knows where the seeds are and the vault because she put it there, but she never actually saw the fruit of one of these trees.

Those who wanted the End Times said only the predators will remain. But in the beginning, at the End of Time instead of the End Times, it was actually written that even the lion (or the wolf) would not need to eat the lamb. They would no longer be hunters for meat because they would have that source their bodies are looking for. The same will come of us but in time, we will have another option and if it feeds the vessel better than other options then maybe everyone will eventually end up doing it.

But Kim does not expect to see this for several years due to all the repairs that have to happen here, hence the restoration and all the other things she and her teams are doing. So even though earth can now regenerate itself we still have a problem as they are going to try to undo it again and we will go around in a circle unless we restore the planet.

Human 7.0 Was Created to be a Predator in Every Way

Look how our financial system was structured around wars make money. They love wars and they don’t care about how many people they kill. It’s all about the numbers. They prefer death. So now these people are going to have to learn to function after the End of Time.

None of the Science is Working

The scientific world is really going to have a hard time with this one. None of the science is working anymore. Everything is changing. The multiverse is now on a tesseract. A tesseract is a small cube inside a larger cube and then the small cube kind of creates time by the distance you are from it.  The tesseract is the important part she wanted to reiterate. It’s not evil, it is basically a different way to create matter without dark matter. We need to have only light matter.

Lisa Renee has an entry on the Tesseract as well. Cosmic Cube Matrix – Ascension Glossary

We are in the 3rd density so we are several densities away from the origin of life. We have that connection though through our Sun and eventually through the Gate, but we are still a distance away, which is the large T in the equation.

Regarding the creation of matter, we still have the planes of existence for manifestation and creation of your person in your physical form, but there is going to be less interference. And the equation of the creation of matter, instead of the degeneration of matter by anti-matter no longer exists.

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Prophecy: The First Sign is the Living Water Has Begun!

They checked to see the signal is there and it will all begin to flow. So at midnight on the 3rd day it is supposed to happen. But Kim said the big boss never ceases to surprise, it will be when it will be.

Kim then reminded us that God told her one day you will show everybody, I am.

I remember that, it gave me chills then and it gives me chills now!


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    1. I remember hearing Kim who said that she has the same dna as the original Eve. But I am not sure if I heard her even remotely suggest that she was the real Eve.

  1. The curious thing about the vril is the old Sci-Fi series Stargate SG1. There were a race of
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