JASON Society Busy Impersonating People, Moving Troops, Perpetuating Lies to Discredit Kim | Planetary Alignment Gives Deep State False Hope | The Battle on Earth for the Gateways Between the Melchizedeks (Angels) & Merovingians (Fallen Angels) is Officially Over! | Kim’s Vision 9 Years Ago of Iraq Coming True | Ahwar Marshlands, Iraq is The Original Garden of Eden | The Prophecy Has Begun!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 19, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim is definitely keeping me extra busy with these loaded reports. It is quite a lot to digest again and I think it will continue to get more interesting as the prophecy unfolds. Before she explained that though there were still many attempts by the JASON Society to regain power, but they got nowhere and their latest hope with the planetary alignment that comes around every 200 years was a big flop. The good stuff comes when Kim explains why the higher ups in the Merovingians dynasty now know the war is officially over and they lost.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



JASON Society

The JASON Society was very busy this week.

Broke Into the Archivist Office

They broke into the Archivists office and started printing and copying out documents. They intended on creating the fake GIA everywhere. But the Archivists have a special system, like a secret code amongst themselves with numbers hidden in their documents and watermarks. Even if you are using their printers, it prints numbers every time the document was printed and to where it went.  Then there is a system of ratification that happens, they do it in a certain sequence and there is a timing aspect to it. So, the Archivist knew by Sunday morning everything was tampered with.

Stole Kim’s Documents to the GIA

Those members who decided to set up shop in Alabama stole the documents last week that Kim told us about. They nominated someone to pretend to be the GIA person who was intended to receive those documents and then act on their behalf, and act he did.  

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Ordered Movement of Troops in US and Canada

The troops in the US and Canada over the weekend were also ordered by this impersonator because the person he pretended to be is listed as the GIA person for this area. Then they started dialing like crazy calling Russia and Ukraine making moves the real GIA person would never have done. Tracing back all the phone calls led to a huge mess. Kim said there were troops moving all over the place. Even the Pentagon called her asking who did the move because they had no idea.

While the GIA does have the right to do these moves that is not something Kim would do, unless there was a particular threat in an area. But she is doubtful said threat would get past the Key Intelligence and Military System and her forces. So, this was a scare tactic and nothing to do with a real threat. But they took it for all it was worth until they were found out. At the time of this broadcast, she does not know if this person is still alive but if he is he will not be for much longer.

Perpetuate Lie that Kim is a Hacker & Martial Law and Bankruptcy She Declared is Not Real

They also decided to perpetuate this lie globally on Friday night, that Kim is a hacker and she is hacking their system and Martial Law and the bankruptcies across the board are not real and all of that. She pointed an obvious flaw with that lie. Hackers usually steal money or identities they do not deposit money. And her documents are officially ratified and delivered in the official channels in the official way. And the system is 100% hers, she created it, she does not have to hack her own system.

Their plan was to attempt to hack her system on Saturday and if they were unsuccessful, which they surely would have been, they would pin it on Kim. So they just want to discredit her now, which is their plan. But as she said, she has been doing this job awhile and learned that trick a long, long time ago when she had been running up against Bush Senior, Dr. Evil. He did a bang-up job running operations, she will give him that. The point is she knows how to fix it because you can learn the most from your enemies. Now she is running up against Larry, Moe and Curly and she is not impressed.

And they still do not realize the power of the Key Intelligence and Monitoring System.

Planetary Alignment June 17th | Earth-Neptune-Uranus-Jupiter-Mercury

On Saturday there was a planetary alignment that included 5 planets, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, and their respective megastructures (moons). It was a particular order and structure which only happens every 200 years or so. They thought they were going to win the game.

However, the last time this happened the world was a very different place. Marduk was still alive and there were portals to the Abraxas who were still around. Maybe these JASON Society people think it is a spontaneous thing? What they still do not understand is there is always a bell ringer, there is someone on the other side answering the phone and in the absence of that, nothing happened.

But they were not the only crazy group hopeful, Cheyenne was on the same agenda and some people flew in there. They were looking at schematics that are a couple hundred years old expecting something to happen and they went all in. They really thought they would be successful when that alignment happened because that event 200 years ago was about a near disaster.

She then explained that each one of the anti-planets in this alignment has a megastructure moon and other natural moons just like we do. So, they took the real moon, which was to go down to the anti-planet and then the megastructure was to be inserted at the same time. Connection between the anti-moon and the moon on this side is usually connected with a crystal and there is usually a signal that goes to the 24 space stations around Earth. The moon is one of those satellites around Earth and those used to be used by Marduk and Anu. So, Kim is assuming, based on this construct maybe it would have unleashed parasites? They did spend a lot of time trying to hack into the Internet of Body things (IoB) this weekend. But she is not sure what they expected to happen and there was not enough of that construct left to do anything. It would have required them to push a button, which they never would have access to. But they just assumed it would happen on Saturday.

Once this alignment happened, they expected Kim would be blamed for stealing everybody’s money and cause a run on the banks and go to jail. That was their plan. Hence the reason why they ordered the movement of troops because they expected total looting and chaos in every US city and Canada.

They got nowhere but something did happen for us.

The Battle Between the Melchizedeks & Merovingians

Kim has been telling us about all the cleaning and clearings that needed to take place for many months now, in order to shut down Earth as a gateway planet. Once that is complete then we will just become a connecting planet to Source as all planets should be. We will not have the anti-source and its creations anymore. So will Earth, the gateway planet goes up or down? That is the basis for the war we have been fighting and it has been between the Melchezideks and the Merovingian’s.

Fallen Angels

The Merovingians were in an alliance and allegiance with the lower astral. So, they basically wanted Earth down in the lower astral and they would have full control over the gateways. They wanted to shut down all the light portals and that be the end.


The Melchizedeks are trying to fight against that and want the opposite because we are trying to close the doors down to the lower astral and get rid of that down there and open the doors to heaven so to speak, and all the gateways to the upper astral planets.

You could call it the Fallen Angels against the Angels and this fight has been going on for eons. There are about 5,000 left on the planet who are fighting this war on behalf of the light and about 800,000 are left of the Fallen Angels fighting on behalf of the dark. While the light side has far fewer, we can do a lot of things they cannot and our boss created their boss. God can giveth and God can taketh away. Something they just do not understand.

Remember Kim told us about the G.O.L.D. agreement that happened back in January, God handed her the Keys to the Kingdom and said have fun. What that means is God tipped the favor on our side and even though we have less people we began to win. It was evident of the outcome, which universe was going to be destroyed.

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Some History

When people talk about the cabal they are really talking about the Merovingians versus the Melchizedeks and they do not recognize the Melchizedek’s as important people. They usually kill them, cause them damage using parasites and portals, have portal people control them, or put them into stasis so they just get drained. They try to turn them too and they try to recruit people to their side, just to blacken their soul. But the Melchizedek’s have always been here. Initially they were supposed to establish the balance. But it is hard, I would say impossible, when you have a group who break the rules all the time. We have rules on our side to abide to, unless given permission. And Kim mentioned something interesting that the Torah talks about. God said if there are still at least 36 Righteous People still existing here then he will never destroy the world. I guess we met that quota.  The 36 Just Men who save the world – The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)

The higher ups in the Merovingian line have just figured out the war was won and not by them. Then Kim told us and interesting story of a vision she had years ago and why the Merovingians finally have an understanding they lost.

Kim’s Vision 9 Years Ago

The vision was about her job, what her job was, and the ultimate mission. It was not a dream; she was fully awake and it starts out with her in the desert on the border near Iran and Iraq. She was wearing a white toga and it was burnt, torn, and ripped up and she was carrying a metal stick of some sort. She found out later what it was. But her job was to bang the stick into the ground and declare that this planet belonged to God. So, she slammed the stick the first time and declared that. She slammed the stick a second time and treasure chests fell from the sky and they kind of opened. Inside there were these huge coins with writing on them. She said they were the size of an American cheeseburger and they fell out of the treasure chests. She thought maybe she was supposed to do something but then knew God said she was supposed to do it three times. Then these Tarzakiens started swarming around the treasure chests and she slammed the stick for the 3rd time and it stuck in the ground. Then light starting shooting out of the stick. She was told to throw the coins into 7 different places in the world, a coin for every continent. Then she was down on her knees eating something and her toga turned from torn and burned to white and clean. Then on the places where she threw the coins light opened in those places. It was like opening a manhole cover and then they expanded and the entire world turned gold in her vision.

Then the entire world turned green. As it turned green Kim started to see huge trees with enormous fruits and she got the sense of lushness on the planet. After it all turned green, she then picked up the metal stick and started walking in the fields, as it was no longer a desert.

Then she met an old friend who was a lion. They recognized each other and missed each other; it was like seeing an old friend and he smiled at her. He walked with her and then she started to go to all these places in the world to tell them what had happened. That the world would once again be abundant and she was very excited to tell everyone. Then at the end of the journey she came back to the same place that she started after she told everyone what had happened.

She stood at the end of a long aisle and there was a temple there. She still had her stick but she was now wearing a long gown with a long train behind it, she was not getting married or anything but the scene was sort of like that. As she was walking down the aisle there were people from all walks of life, all colors, all countries, all religions, and nationalities lining on the aisle and everyone was clapping together in sync. She continued to walk down the aisle until she got to the temple where 2 monks were guarding the door. She walked in and put the stick inside the box that was in there and covered up the box. That was the end of the vision.

So Kim understands that is the job. What does this mean? Are we there yet?

The truth is that this place really exists. As she was cleaning and clearing over the weekend it became time to plant the proverbial stick into the ground and time to make those declarations and of course this had to be done in cooperation with Source itself otherwise it does not work.

Ahwar Marshlands, Iraq | Original Garden of Eden

This place is actually in Iraq and it is called the Ahwar Marshlands.

Underneath this marsh is a giant mountain of gold and hidden in that mountain is Source itself. It is not the only place Source exists of course, but it is 100% of pure essence, like a piece of Source itself inside that gold on this planet. The gold itself was covered up with a lot of dark overlays so light could not spread for a long time. This relates to what Kim told us awhile back, about the dark essence around the gold veins within Earth that were tied to the moon and Lilith.

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But now that Kim with the help of her team cleaned up the planet enough, the time has come to begin to open that up again and there is a specific process that begins to happen.

Living Water is Source Charged Water Opened

First she explained that the Ahwar Marshlands was made a UNESCO world heritage site. Saddam Hussein actually tried to drain the Marshlands and the reason had to do with what is on top of this mountain of gold. Even the dark essence was not strong enough to affect that area but it was closing fast. This has to do with the water in the marshes. Draining of the Mesopotamian Marshes – Wikipedia

It has always been living water, which means it is Source charged water, it is positively charged water and this is the source of life so to speak, the water we all need.

Fun Fact: Saddam Hussein’s nickname was Sammy, as in Uncle Sam. He attended Yale University with Bush Senior and they were good friends. He didn’t die like they showed on TV, he was not hung, and he received the same ‘special’ privileges that Hitler got.

Earth’s Veins of Gold Start to Fill with the Creator’s Essence

Since this opened yesterday, all of Earth’s veins of gold start to fill with the Creator’s essence. The next thing it does is it charges all water on Earth in everything. The positively charged water is what negates cellular degeneration. Right now, we have had negatively charged water all over the planet. It will take time for this to completely unfold throughout the world and it also depends on how much damage or degeneration you already have in your body and what you are doing on a daily basis, but over time, within 7-10 years it will actually turn the deserts green.

This location in Iraq will be the first and it happens to be the original site of the Garden of Eden.

So, this is phenomenal news for us! And not so much for the Merovingians. They know it is over. Now that it has opened it is the beginning of the end for them. They will not have that power ever again on this planet. That is the official end of the war.

The Ancient Book With Pictures of Melchizedeks | The Money Deposited

Kim also wanted to point out a few things about what the Melchizedek line is and this part of the story is very interesting too. So, we know Kim started depositing big piles of money starting with the US. The second place she deposited money was South Africa, then the third place she made the transfer was in Iraq. When the money shows up in Iraq everyone goes into full-on panic and it was the opposite of what Kim thought was going to happen.

Scholars in Najaf & Their Ancient Books

They called a group of people who are the guardians of a small city called Najaf in Iraq. (She didn’t say who called this group). It is the place where they bury the holiest of the holy, so there would be the line of Mohammad, family members and scholars with ancient knowledge. These scholars which Kim assumes probably have an official name but they are like a very religious sect. The knowledge and wisdom and information they have is far different from the rest of the Imams in the region.

So first this group had to figure out who Kim was. Who was this founder of this organization? So, they pulled out these ancient books.

They have a copy of these ancient books that are enormous, maybe 3 feet long and 2 foot wide and made of some kind of animal hide. They are well over 100,000 years old. Inside the book are pictures of the Melchizedek’s throughout history, one of those being Mohammad. Again, being a Melchizedek is not just a Christian thing, a Muslim thing, a Jewish thing, or a Catholic thing, it is a people thing period. They can be anyone and there are thousands of them.

Well, this group of scholars actually matched up the pictures of the man who is the Administrator and Kim and they couldn’t believe it! The next thing they could not believe is that the amount of the transfer was the exact amount that was promised in the book!

Regarding the man who is the Administrator. Kim said she had put one of her family members so to speak, another Melchizedek as administrator of the account for the money transfer. She has known this person for a long time but she does not often talk about who is who because they like to kill our people. But it is going to get out eventually because there is no point to kill them anymore.

Merovingians Also Had Copies of the Ancient Books

The Merovingians know about this place too and have a copy of this book too. It must have helped them know who to go after so they could kill all the Melchizedeks, or try to turn them. Turning them, that is what the 2 weeks leading up to June 13th was all about, Kim’s two extra hellish weeks preceding that date every year. They were going to turn her, which never happened. But now it is pointless to go after any Melchizedek.

The Prophecy | A Series of Events Will Start Happening!

Now there are a series of events that will start happening. As these events start unfolding the prophecy is happening.

Opening of the Gate | Relieving the Curse on the World

They knew the next thing that would happen would be opening of the gate and relieving the curse of Iran/Iraq, from Persia, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. They knew this was going to happen so they went earlier today to that particular location to test the water to see if it was living water. It is so now they know it is only a matter of time before the water in the marshes expands once again.

The Living Water Will Flow Through the Euphrates River Once Again

The water in the marshes will then go through the Euphrates River again. Many of us probably have that story about the Euphrates. If the river dries up then all bad things will happen, well that will not happen now. As the living water fills the rivers and the seas all around the world this particular area will be the first place to turn green and then expand out from this area based on actual science. In our body the changes we will see are our cells will retain more oxygen, the planet will have more oxygen and they really do not like that. We will not have to be so concerned with these antioxidants constantly. They negatively charge water on purpose, they caused that in the body which causes acidity in your body, and it causes your cells to rapidly deteriorate and not repair. It causes a lot of things to happen in your person. Without all that interfering with your vessel you have a better vessel essentially. This is how people a long time ago, like those we hear about in the Bible lived for 890+ years.

Imposter from JASON Society Makes an Appearance

There was a celebration starting in the area over there and Kim did not really understand the celebration at first. Not until the fake JASON Society person calls up there and tells them he is going to be their point man for the GIA. I am not sure if she means the scholars or whoever is involved in handling the deposit she made to Iraq or both? But whoever ‘they’ are basically told this imposter guy where to stick it, so let us just say ‘they’ are the good guys. After this imposter made his false statements there was a lot of education that happened there, on what they are looking for and they talked to them about what to expect and what to look for next.

The Very Long War Between the Angels and Fallen Angels is Finally Over!

So, the world will probably start looking at these books now and looking for the events to unfold. Although Kim said she cannot put them out there at this moment because you never know what people will try to do, they can do crazy things and it is not like you can stop it or change it. But this is the reason why, at least the top echelon basically said the war is over. It had nothing to do with the alignment with Uranus at all. What she explained, the war between the Angels and Fallen Angels was a war for control of the gateways. That is the original source of the war on this planet and it has been going on a very long time. Over and over again there was fighting. They tried to achieve balance with the alternating timelines of 1008 years and that did not work, no one wanted to do that on their side. They tried to maintain balance every 2,000 years and they were not having that either. They had 250,000 years of gaining ground on us. So, Source called the ball because apparently those people are unrepairable!

Country Order of the Money Being Deposited

Sunny asked how Kim knows which order to do the deposits. She said she gets a download and does not necessarily know why but can ascertain the significance which she provides below. 

South Africa

Aside from the US, South Africa was one of the most prolific commonwealth countries and had a lot of influence in the region. South Africa is a couple of days ahead and they are moving very rapidly there. The first orders of instructions from Kim to the SSA, which is the intelligence agency there is to secure the treasury. Anyone who does not want to work with you let her know and she will hand them their termination papers and they can change all their codes, take their keys, and lock the door. 

The next thing to address is SCOM, which is the government owned electric company there that keeps cutting the power. Those people who administrate that on behalf of the government are to be sorted out, those who want to join CARE can be paid and those who are against us will be terminated. Either way she is not waiting any longer. So, they need to tell her what they want to do. 

The next order of business is the water problem. It is a huge problem there. She needs to figure out who is with CARE, who is on the take, who is poisoning all the water, who is not fixing the infrastructure. She already has scientists down there in place who will have solutions for both problems. She said they will rectify it and should be able to begin as early as tomorrow. But it is going to take time, things do not get built overnight.


Iraq was next for obvious reasons; no explanation is necessary and they are ready to go. They are looking for signs and proof the war is really over and they are safe. They are getting those signs one by one, but this just happened in the last 48 hours and Saturday is not a working day there.

Word on the street is a lot of people are walking away from the JASON Society as they no longer want to take orders from Larry, Moe and Curly. That is a positive thing for the world, hopefully. The other word on the street, that she does not have proof of it yet, is the Cheyenne people are going to work together with the other people the 99%. They have also realized it is over. The war has already been won, that is the end. You want to fight God; go ahead you are never going to win. That is a positive move for the US and hopefully there will be less problems for the US. Frankly it is hard to believe that is true. I still do not trust them.


Brazil was next in line probably because it has been the Nazi headquarters for a long time. They went there in WWII. There are tribes in the rain forest of Brazil that have blonde hair and blue eyes and all look the same. She said it is very weird. There is a lot of experimentation underground in Brazil and there is a huge strong hold on the continent, hence the reason why they were the Latin American country chosen to join BRICS.

This just happened so there is some chaos there in Brazil right now. They must adhere to the same rules off course. They cannot access the account until they have her permission, and they must become a member of CARE, which she is sure will end up happening over time.

Wow! Another mind bender report in a good way!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this life changing, healing message from Kim. Being able to read your summary is a companion to the Situation Reports. Thank you for providing a space where the reader has an opportunity to make comments.
    So far, I have not seen any chemtrails in my area- since June 19th! What a blessing!!!!!
    Restoration is taking place. Looking forward to the unfolding of the ‘Flower’. We all are in this together.

  2. Thank you immensely for your HARD WORK getting Kim’s work to us who have difficulty following her very expanded perspective. We would have been lost without you. You have been “empowered”…..believe it!

        1. I know, but I can barely keep up with these posts and comments and another email to check is not feasible at this time.

  3. Gustav Adolph

    Once again I wish to thank you most sincerely for devoting your time, as a service to humanity, transcribing these broadcasts for the benefit of those of us who don’t have continuous access to the UNN. To be honest, it is easier understanding the transcripts than listening to the broadcasts, especially with your cross references. I wish you good health and the courage to give us more of these disclosures.

  4. The chemtrails in Ireland are as bad, if not worse. We live in hope but if all this is true, there must be something huge on the horizon …….

  5. I find the June 16 and 19 updates very uplifting. I greatly appreciate you doing these transcripts for us. I listen to each update, sometimes twice, but reading is still clearer. As a non-English speaker, sometimes you skip details because you are busy translating in your head. For those people who have never followed Lisa Renee’s Energetic Synthesis website and don’t know the information Lisa gives, Lisa’s little snippets of explanation are also helpful.

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