The Chinese Spy Balloon Belongs to America | Balance Between Light & Dark Cannot be Achieved, Source Brings An End to the Remaining Darkness | Now In Every Hall of Records is Source’s Agreement, Giver Of Life Declaration aka G.O.L.D. | And So the Golden Age Begins! | Kim’s Final Test | Lesson of Stalingrad

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on February 3, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this report Kim gives us the real scoop behind the alleged Chinese Spy Balloon. In way bigger news, Kim shares her final test with the Creator, that she has the keys to the kingdom and that the goal of the Creator was to achieve balance between the light and the dark but, it cannot happen. Therefore, anything dark is no longer needed. All roads lead to the LIGHT now, and that process began emanating on January 30th throughout the entire multiverse. The Age of Light is truly upon us! Finally, we’ll finish up with the lesson of Stalingrad.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Chinese Spy Balloon

Kim addressed the big news of the day first. The Chinese Spy Balloon. It’s all over the mainstream media and alt media. I think at this point we should be able to identify fairly quickly if they are blaming China, it probably is the opposite faction up to some shenanigans.

And that’s what it appears to be. The wingnuts down the street from Kim had a meeting. They had a long talk about what they could possibly do to get back into power and this is what they came up with this, to launch this balloon. The Thule Society in the Order of the White Dragon, and essentially Nazis came up with the idea to use a special balloon. They’ve had this balloon for a very long time. It’s been used by three agencies in the past. The balloon is registered to DARPA, the NSA and to NASA. It’s not just any balloon, it is for surveillance but it’s more of a weather balloon type thing. And it belongs to America not anyone else. So this is not a Chinese Spy balloon

The narrative is they sent out fighter jets to ‘protect’ the Americans from the balloon, except there are no fighter jets. There are three Stratotankers though, which are normally used for refueling in the air. You can see the flight pattern was circling around Glacier National Park in Montana. Those three tankers were filled with radon gas and are tied to the balloon in an operation they are running.

The operation is two-fold. They are using the stunt to either get McCarthy into office or install the Military and they are using the balloon to try to access hell in a box again, which doesn’t exist, to get some demons or negative aliens to help them regain control. Kim and Sunny did get a good laugh reporting on this event that is being broadcasted all over the mainstream and alt media, as did I. It’s really quite comical and all I could think about was that Project Lincoln logs is pretty dang close to being completed if they have to use a balloon as a scare tactic. In any case, here’s some more detail Kim shared.

Trying to Get Biden Out of Office

If you were watching this on any mainstream news you would have seen fighter jets going after the balloon and again the narrative is, ”We’re going to protect the Americans! Only the Military can do it!” So this is a win-win for the Deep State as they try to get Biden out of office and replace him with McCarthy or with the Military so they can declare Martial Law. They figure if they can declare Martial Law on the 21st of March, (the love the spring equinox) that they are going to get somewhere. But that’s not going to happen. They will not regain control and a balloon certainly isn’t going to help them.

Trying to Access Hell in a Box Again

The goal with the balloon was to actually poke a hole in the corona of the sun using the radon gas around the portal that used to exist in Glacier National Park in Montana, which was tied to a demon portal. That portal was tied to a dark lower astral portal and an SSP base that used to exist there. And they thought they could do this with a balloon.

There used to be another matrix. It was called the Sun-Moon-Matrix and that was tied to an etherical ISIS knot that used to go around the Sun which would have been the loop at the top. Then it was tied to a couple of other planets before it went into the center of Earth, which at the time would have been considered hell in a box. In other words it was a vortex to the dark side of the multiverse for eons and that is no longer there either. So they might have raised something but it wouldn’t have been what they expected. Actually Kim probably would have gotten more help!

Hum, this operation sounds familiar. Oh yeah, that’s because we heard about a similar attempt back in September. They still got that same playbook. Here’s my excerpt based on Kim’s broadcast on Sept 5, 2022.

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Nevertheless, she doesn’t think we’ll be hearing much more about the Chinese balloon. Those planes probably aren’t there anymore. Kim dismantled it all. She wasn’t going to let them poke a hole in the corona of the sun just in case they thought they could. Whatever affects organic life also affects inorganic life, so she saw it immediately in the system because that would have been a Level 8 closed loop system tied to that Sun-Moon Matrix that is no longer there.

So another failed operation on their part, but it is creating what they love which is fear for the masses on all their news channels. So congratulations to the people down the street for a bang up job today.

Kim had much more important stuff to tell us which really contrasts this silly operation with a balloon in my opinion. It’s about the war we have been fighting. That balance between the dark and the light can never achieved.

The War Between Light & Dark Was About Balance

The goal of the Creator was to create balance between light and dark, but we became far too evil, too dark and it was starting to eat away at the multiverse. At this point the last place left to fight the war of darkness is us here on Earth.

In order to be fair, because our Creator is fair and just, the dark ones have been given opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to restore balance. Kim offered them a fifty-fifty split. She then offered them one third, one third, one third for the three different groups. She then offered them $1 for us and $1 for them. That is how it was supposed be when Omega was still around, that is balance. Then we ushered in the Light Timeline on the 24th of April last year. Again balance would have been 1008 years of light and then there would be 1008 years of darkness and they also have refused. And they kept going.

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They were going it alone they kept saying. And they have been going it alone, keeping it going and Kim admitted it’s been exhausting for her. They want to keep going but they have nothing, they have no money. She starved them out at every angle. She learned that strategy from Russia’s Battle of Stalingrad. They have nothing. She said she’s done and she is, she’s not playing anymore.  

Well on Monday, Kim had an interesting conversation with her only boss, Source. This was the gist of her conversation.

Source told her,
I’m handing you the keys to the kingdom, go have fun. Remember I am the Alpha. I created the Omega. I also created the Alpha System and the Omega System. Then Kim was told to look at the Hall of Records.

So she goes to look and there was an agreement that was not only in our Hall of Records here on Earth but in everyone’s Halls of Records. The agreement was called the Giver Of Life Declaration. It was registered directly from the 9th Density or Crystalline Time or Source itself in the Hall of Records and all Kim had to do was ratify it.

What is the Giver Of Life Declaration (G.O.L.D.)?

Kim said that Source declared there is no hope the remnants of dark humans on this planet will accept balance. They have no concept of balance and no matter how much we try to teach them balance they ignored us completely. But if God wants balance, you must perform the balance, you must do the thing or nothing works. As she said earlier this week you cannot fight God. The demons they were trying to summon through a hole in the corona of the sun right now aren’t there, nobody is home.

All roads lead to the LIGHT now, and that process began emanating on Monday, January 30th throughout the entire multiverse. Evidently we had to wait until the remnants figured out what just happened to them. Then immediately it started going into effect, deleting old agreements, changing the rest of the stuff. Kim said she didn’t have to change anything for 24 hours. She didn’t know what to do with herself.

A Few Nights Ago Source Gave Kim Her a Final Test

Another interesting thing happened to Kim this week. She was a little vague describing this but she said she often goes and visits. I’m not positive what she meant by goes and visits, but assume she meant the process that began emanating on Monday. While all of this was going on she was watching it all happen and then it looked like it had stalled out at 89% completion. When Sunny asked what she was referring to she said the process of deleting out all the dark programs from computers worldwide and all planes of existence.

So Kim made a trip just to see what was going on and she saw something that looked like the Destroyer there and he basically said to her, it’s time for evil! Then he started yelling at her. She thought, oh my God! Did I make a mistake? And she started questioning herself. Then said wait a minute, I have full faith. The Creator has never done me wrong my entire life. I have never not gone against that word and anytime that I didn’t listen I was always in trouble in some way shape or form.

That was a few nights ago and Kim said she took care of the issue that happened there.

Source Told Kim She Passed the Test

Then Source came back and told her she passed the test. So what was the test? The test was, does she have complete faith? Source told her it was going to be, but does she have faith or not? She give details on what the ‘it’ was, but essentially it was a test of her faith.  And other members of her team had the same question asked of them. Do they have faith? In other words complete faith and complete trust and will they only do what the Light wants them to do? Everyone had a different test and everyone answered yes.

Kim was clearly very excited and how could she not be. While she’s been visiting there her whole life (I assume she means the 9th density), this message came directly out of Source light and she only had that experience happen to her one other time. That was at the end of 2015, the time she got her contract for Guardian. She was still vague in describing this experience probably because we wouldn’t be able to understand, but she saw lot of things while she was up there and she was questioning what is going on because her peeps were being attacked. She then said ‘we’ took care of it and won the battle and that’s when she got her contract for Guardian.

So again she thinks it was a faith test, will she protect the light with everything she has. Will she do everything Source says in the Light. Then Source said to her, well I handed you the keys to the kingdom so I had to make sure.

This Means Whatever Left to Discover From Omega is Clearing Out Completely

Omega and anything remaining that was of it, like Kronos, etherical things, matrices, all kinds of different things was clearing out over the last couple of days. For example, DARPA programs, SSP programs and closed loop systems that belonged to the Rothschilds. Anything that she had yet to discover to clean out was wiped out in the last few days.

A few little things were left that needed to be reversed out. For example, she needed to remove somethings and replace with a password, a connection to the light for authorization or reconnecting something to the Hall of Records. So those types of things in the financial system and in computers. She was working on that until she had to stop though and deal with the balloon brothers today.

This Begins the Age of Light, the Golden Age!

Everything dark is dissipating. There will be no more darkness. People who are mostly of the dark will be like the walking dead because they lost their power source. The dark essence isn’t going to exist anymore. There is going to be a process we’re going to be going through. Computers will probably be cleaned completely first. And depending on how close you are to the Creator, like the 8th density obviously didn’t have much cleaning to do, while we’re way down here in the 3rd density. But hey, we’re still important to the Creator because our souls are light too.

So the Age of the Light means there is going to be no more darkness. Whatever they try to do will never work in any way because it will not be permitted and that isn’t Kim’s doing half the time. It is a Light System now. So even if she let them finish this, nothing would have happened, or the opposite would have happened.

They still don’t understand how they lost. But they chose to lose. They could have restored balance on this planet for the last 16,000 years and they chose not to. There was no balance between the light and the dark. Every time Kim tried to transfer money they would get money for Omega under the Divine Intervention Agreement. And then they would make sure Kim never got hers. Not a dollar, zero, zilch. Because they are greedy little piglets the ball has been called and it’s been called by on High. You cannot get any higher than that or any greater than that.  The dark source or Omega is gone and not just in the AI systems which she listed on Monday that were created in offshoots, but also in the multiverse.

God decided because the dark side was unable to create balance anywhere they must all die. The dark system must go, there is no need for it anymore. So we are going to experience the Golden Age, but do you know what G.O.L.D. actually stood for? The Giver of Light Declaration.

What the G.O.L.D. Agreement Means to Us

We no longer have to starve the Deep State out because there is no more opportunity for replication of money. So they won’t get anything if we transfer money to ourselves now. Are there a few more things to tidy up? Yes. She worked all day yesterday. There are still some closed loop analytic systems trying to block us but they can’t replicate that anymore. And so soon enough we will see evidence of this ourselves!

The Lesson of Stalingrad

So to wrap up Kim reminded the dark ones of the lesson of Stalingrad.

How did the Russians win the Battle of Stalingrad? They cut off all the supply lines of the Nazis and boxed them in. They starved them out, no ammo, and no food, no anything. So isn’t it interesting what they are doing to Russia now? NATO is coming in through Ukraine. They are talking about the Arctic and Alaska.  They are talking about the sanctions. They are trying to starve them out. The Nazis, the White Nobility who are the Order of the White Dragon and based in Austria and Germany is trying to beat Russia at their own game. Do they think the Russians forgot how they won WWII? It’s a Sun Tzu principal actually. Fight your enemy where they are not. Surround them.

Well Kim did the same thing to them, except she did it successfully. She had to starve them out.  She gave them nothing. While it did make humanity have to wait and she understands that made many people upset, but she knows humanity wouldn’t have survived it. Projects and technologies wouldn’t have survived. We would not have survived if she had done that first. Now we’re down to people blowing up balloons trying to open the demon portal in Montana, and Project Lincoln Logs is nearly done.

She said we have 6 or 7 Generals left still trying to do something. They know they are being followed around and are on their last legs but they will not face the fact they lost. They are trying to start something in the Middle East but they aren’t causing causalities and that’s on purpose. Why? Because they know if they cause a single death they are out of here. So they are just trying to cause fear with a balloon.

Again, to the few remaining wingnuts, You Cannot Fool God!!!


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  1. I find it interesting the the Source; of which I call the Infinite Creator God, needed a balance and created the Light and the Dark, but now that the dark choose not to allow balance, there is no longer a need for them. So then why was there a need for them in the first place? Kim mentioned that without the dark there would be no ‘mass’ no physicality? Then would that mean that we will all soon move to the proverbial light bodies? I find this all very interesting but kind of reminds me of what Thoth say about the light and dark being equal but we were to bring forth the light. Kim said in one of her videos that this was a lie. I have always said that ‘believing” that the Light and the dark were equal was a dangerous proposition and allows for darkness / evil to always have a foot hold. So many questions, so many answers that have been lies, where is the real truth? Thanks.

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