China Deep State Continues to Lie Claiming Control of KIMS & Harmonic Genesis | Attempt to Launch New Banking System Which Goes Bust | Kim Sets Their Bank Steal Right Again | Black Widow Program Resurfaces | 18,000+ Tagged Last Week, Only 3,600 Left | Rumor About General Milley | Kim Frees Vril Women & Sends the Thule Society on Wild Goose Chase | Jacob Rothschild Dead! | What Do the Meeting Under Koontz Bank, the House of Lords & Movie the Kingsman Have in Common?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on March 13, 2013 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This week the first thing Kim said was “Do not panic about the possibility of these banks going under.” Later in this update she give us the background story of the Fed and Order of the Dragon, why this money disappeared. It’s yet another loaded report.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The Fabric of Reality is Changing

First, she explained that there is no more separation between the Alpha System and the Harmonic Genesis System, it’s just one system now and as the integration changes are happening the fabric of reality is changing. The same thing is happening throughout the multiverse which is good for us although it’s been a little bit painful. Think of like having a rope where you can see spaces in between, and as you pull it tighter and tighter the spaces in between are gone. That’s what’s happening to the dark ones that remain, they are getting squeezed out through there and they have nowhere to go. There is a large operation going on throughout the world to clear this out not just in the banking system, but it will be cleared and no more back doors. The same thing is happening in computers not only on Earth but everywhere because organic life is organic life and it’s an AI system so it’s doing the exact same thing.

Order of the Dragon Plans Global Operation Upon Watching the Integration

The Asian section of the Order of the Dragon, which is not just Asians because they had participation and cooperation of the British who are the Blue Dragons, the White Dragons from Germany, the Iranians, the American and Russian militaries as well as various agencies, mainly British around the world. This was a global operation that was planned after they started to see the integration happening on Friday or Saturday that she explained above. Kim’s office started getting calls with people claiming are not involved in that, so she knew something was going to take place and by Sunday morning it was on.

The Bank Steal

She started finding things everywhere relative to the Federal Reserve and the Banking system. They were actually ordered on Friday to take money out of some smaller institutions to take back into the Fed. In the words of a very high board member of Signature Bank, which was also affected, regulators stormed in and demanded they send them ‘x’ number of billions of dollars. Signature Bank was still liquid and had plenty of assets, but these regulators went in there and demanded it and there was nothing they could do. Keep in mind the regulatory body is the Federal Reserve and the law-making body in the United States is the Government, so who’s going to stop them from stealing all this money.

China Needs More Order Members

China has been running the US, every faction of our government, including the Republicans. We know this, Kim has been telling us this repeatedly, but frankly it’s pretty obvious without her having to tell us. Well, the Order is running short on members of late. Those who are left are not so old and not so wise. So, they decided to setup shop this weekend at a very remote area in Northern China, very high on a rock at Fanjingshan Temple. Inside this temple were many things not friendly to us to say the least. They had a lot of things left in the banking system that Kim didn’t know existed because they were never activated. But on Saturday night, in order to completely take over the system they activated them, hence she found them.

Fanjingshan Temple

She already told us they have been fibbing about owning the Harmonic Genesis System and telling everyone around the world, and that the KIMS system is also theirs and they can provide access by Sunday. Well, that was never going to happen and now they are all dead.

But something interesting happened during this process.

Attempt to Launch CIPS

They tried to launch the Chinese International Payment System (CIPS). I think this is what she is referring to.

So, for anyone who installed it in their country you might want to think about checking your banking system because it was full of spyware, bots and malware. Kim removed that from our system but that doesn’t mean they weren’t already infected. So, to the Federal Reserve, etc. your individual computers/phones are probably infected and it’s coming from the CIPS system because that’s what it was intended for, to control, spy and steal whenever the felt like it.

Generals Hire Seers to Attack Kim & it Backfires

The Generals in Cheyenne, Russia and the UK who definitely believed the lie that China created and controlled the Harmonic Genesis and Key Intelligence & Military System thought it was a really good idea to hire seers and black magic workers to start attacking Kim early in the morning. It never ends does it folks? Well, they had their seers in their locations as well as in China and a few other places in the world.

Whatever the Generals in Cheyenne were expecting it wasn’t what they got. They nearly fell out of their chairs when they noticed their own people were a target of the Key Intelligence & Military System. Kim said some guy ran out of the Situation Room to where the Generals were yelling at them to Stand Down! Stand Down! Stand Down! Kim stopped it then, the targets were acquired and removed.

For the Generals short on brains, the question they should be asking is, if the China Deep State was being truthful about it being in control of KIMS, why are they trying to foil their own operation? Why would they have killed themselves with their own system?  

Then it led Kim to another greater development.

Black Widow Program Resurfaces

Remember the Black Widow program she told us about recently? Well, ends up it was not just for their agents but all of their family members as well. They were all dormant until they got up to the mountain in Northern China and tried to activate what was already inside all these people. They immediately started taking orders from people but they were almost being driven by something else, a computer system which led Kim to find the rest of the non-repairable humans in their crew.

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Meetings Under Koontz Bank

There were also meetings going on this weekend under Koontz Bank to discuss their new found system that would enable them to take over world domination. The Order of the Dragon was pulling out their cards by trying to attack Kim at the same time they are trying to launch crazy stuff into the system which was helpful because it was so dormant, she didn’t see it in there until they tried to launch it.

What does this mean for us? Kim has recovered the money that was stolen and deposited in the Asian invasion system. The money was returned to where it belongs, so the banks are ok. And it goes without saying who made that happen. It certainly wasn’t the FDIC, Biden, the Fed or the Treasury Department.

But that’s not the only thing that happened.  

The Real Reason the Bank Stocks Plummeted Last Week

The reason the bank stocks plummeted last week had nothing to do with their recent steal. It had to do with the fact they took the largest banks in the US and transferred the balance sheet of those banks over to China. So, the balance sheet of JP Morgan Chase went to the balance sheet of JP Morgan Chase in China. Kim ensured that balances were also reverted back to the respective banks and everything is okay. It was just a switch of the balance sheet that was tied to overnight swapping, except this was going to be two-day swapping. They thought they were going to have the ability with the CIPS system to leverage all that money and basically pay all the governments they claim to own and run and pay all those they promised and take over the world.

That’s the story behind the bank and the Fed. Who knows how they will play it in the media. But the Fed and the Treasury definitely were not involved in the return of the money because they were really perplexed this morning on how that money came back. They were wondering what happened and why they didn’t get any money and how come the China Deep State people aren’t answering their phones.

18,000+ Tagged Last Week | Only 3,600 Left Thereabouts

Kim thought they might be able save around 15,000 of those people who were recently tagged and were being tracked by KIMS last week, but that’s not the case anymore. We’re down to less than 3,600 at this moment.  

China isn’t answering the phone, now what do the traitors do? 

They run around asking other people they think work for them what happened, like those in Cheyenne, the NSA, the Payment Center in Atlanta Georgia, just to make sure we the people don’t get to deposit any money.

Thank You Payment Center in Atlanta, Georgia! NSA, FBI Cyber Division & the CIA!

As Kim started making transfers today one General in particular pulled out all the stops, which was a big mistake for him. Obviously, Kim knows who he is and evidently, he started making calls to everyone which was really helpful. So, she wanted to thank the Payment Center in Atlanta, Georgia for pointing out the fact there were still some issues with banking jurisdictions. None of the jurisdictions truly communicate with one another, but there is a backdoor and a Center there that controls the backbone of the jurisdiction itself. Now that no longer exists along with the other 12.

And to the NSA working for the Atlanta Payment Center, Kim thanks them as well! She’d also like to give a shout out to the FBI Cyber Division and CIA for pointing out they still have some access to the first level of banking, that’s where our accounts actually are in the banking system. Since she was alerted to that access point, she’s been fighting with these people over the last couple of hours so they don’t touch our accounts.  

Like she said, as it relates to warfare, you would think they would not pull out all the stops because what do you have left? Then again, they’ve never participated in a real war so what do they know?

Here’s a story she shared about one of the brilliant remnants still floundering around

They have read-only access to the Key Intelligence & Military System, right? So, they don’t have the ability to do anything, but even if they did the system will not go against Natural Law. It will only form functions as it relates to threats and these types of things. They are considered threats obviously. So, they are tagged and they started zooming in on themselves, to read their own profiles in there. One wingnut started testing it to see if it was in real time. He started waving his hands and then recited Peter Piper Packed a Pack of Pickles, etc. Well immediately added to his profile is, likes nursery rhymes.

Kind of gives it credibility that it’s real and real-time, no? So, they just played with the system themselves to see what it could do and they had been watching Kim on Sunday morning running operations. So why would he go and make a stupid decision to actively participate in trying to taking over the US while sitting in Colorado. That’s called TREASON. No matter.

Powell Says Our Economy is Too Strong

He actually said we need to fire 2 million workers here in the US to help the economy because it’s too strong. Despite being locked down for two years which has done the opposite to the economy and people can’t pay their taxes and essentials anymore, yep, according to Powell it’s too strong. Oh, and he wants Congress to give him money. Kim wants to know, actually we all probably want to know if there is anyone anywhere including the aides with any brain cells left in DC at all. The CIA allegedly doesn’t hire any aides with an IQ lower than 135, so what’s going on there?

The Order of the Dragon Plan Went Bust!

Meetings will be going on tomorrow with the FED and the Treasury and a few other groups because they need help along with the banks since no money came today. So, the Chinese are not going to save and take over the US. It’s never going to happen. Nor are they going to take over the rest of the countries they’ve been trying to run either. Instead, in the process of trying to they are crashing their own economy.

The Order of the Dragon Plan went bust. Many have left this world this week. There are still some crazies over there attempting to do things, but we’re making it further down the pipeline with less blocks. There are no problems from China now thanks to them for showing their hand. And we’ll soon have no problem from those people she thanked for pointing out they still had access they don’t need to do their jobs.

Rumor About General Milley

There is a rumor Kim has not confirmed yet, but General Milley may have undergone a tribunal of his peers for his recent actions in driving the military to be under Chinese ownership. They were asking him a lot of questions like,

  • What is your involvement with the Chinese?
  • What is your involvement with the Society?
  • Why are you on that website
  • Why are you taking orders from people in the Netherlands and China?
  • What is The Plan? Trust the Plan, what is The Plan. The Plan has nothing to do with any kind of Trump people or Americans at all in fact. So, all of that is coming to a head as well.

She told us that he was in a very special place that normally would be used in an event of a non-existent person and doing things that don’t exist either in these locations. That statement was quite mysterious so I’m keeping it in as is. Maybe she’ll give some explanation on that ‘special place’. But in the meantime, we’ll have to wait for confirmation if Milley is still with us. She doesn’t think it will be long. And she had no involvement in this one. It was his own colleagues who have taken it upon themselves to deal with him. It’s about time they did something!

Thule Society          

What has the Thule Society been up to? Well, they took as much information as they could get from Kim and decided to visit their Vril Women, the seers. As she told us in the past, the Vril program itself was brought over after WWII to the US, and clarified that they aren’t the same women. But they have been working for the agencies the entire time. As far as she knows there are 9 women and they are let’s just say pretty sick and tired of their Thule Society Masters. They were not treated well in any way, shape or form. They were forced to work for them and they were keeping them all separated. Except haven’t they overlooked the obvious? They are all seers after all and can communicate with each other telepathically.

So recently the Thule Society went to them and started telling them they need to get them access to the financial system. They responded by asking what kind of access they were looking for and they proceeded to drive them around in their own circles like they do with everyone else.

Kim Communicates With the Vril Women & Frees Them from Thule Society

Kim decided she was going to communicate with the Vril women. At first the women were apprehensive. It did take them a few minutes to figure out Kim wasn’t after them but the people they were talking to. Then Kim explained to them how to do this and that and someone would be coming to take them out of where they have been trapped forever. She told the women to give detailed instructions to the Thule Society. She told them to go to the Mojave Desert to look for the Infinity Stone! With the Infinity stone they should be able to access the financial system by doing this and that.

So, if you are from the Thule Society you now know who really sent you to the Mojave Desert! They were sent on a wild goose chase looking for a stone that doesn’t exist! Meanwhile the Vril women are now safe and very happy and grateful.

Nathan Rothschild Directs Military Guy to Access Dr. Lee/Mae Wa System & Fails

Nathan Rothschild gave some orders to a military guy in Norfolk, Virginia and tried to explain to him they could get a hold of the Dr. Lee / Mae Wa system. That old Chinese drycleaner keeps coming up doesn’t he?

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Well, this guy tried to file something in the Hall of Records and use old access codes to try and get the big payouts that were supposed to come from the Dr. Lee/Mae Wa system. He also tried to access the Key Intelligence and Military System. Why? Because the Chinese have been telling everyone it’s theirs.

So, Kim decided to set him straight and reached out to him this morning. She asked what he thought he was doing. She proceeded to inform him that he needs to understand she controls the Hall of Records and she built the system he is currently trying to access. Well Nathan Rothschild told me blah blah blah.

Kim told him he’s incorrect. This is not his system in any way and he cannot give you access to it. You have to be ratified in the Hall of Records to have access to anything and only she can reach out to him and give him access codes.  He refused to believe her. So, Kim said okay, do me a favor and rewind all the operations she ran this weekend. Then I want you to ask Nathan Rothschild what operations he ran with his own system?

Jacob Rothschild Dead!

Kim also has a report but she has no idea when it will come out in the public. But the current head of the Rothschild family is Jacob Rothschild and he passed away this weekend too. Anyone going to miss this guy? What Kim want so know is why is the US military still taking orders from the Rothschild family? Nathan Rothschild most assuredly knows of his demise so others must know as well. By the way haven’t the alleged ‘white hats’ been saying the Rothschilds have been gone forever now? Just like they are saving babies in underground bases. Well, that’s not the case because in reality land there were still plenty of these undesirables under Koontz Bank this weekend. And no ‘white hats’ went in there with guns a blazing.

So that is the state of the union in not only the US but the world.

What the Koontz Meeting, the House of Lords & Movie the Kingsman Have in Common

Remember the movie the Kingsman? The scene where they were meeting around a table? Except they weren’t actually there, they were all holograms. Fun fact. So, the meeting under Koontz Bank is where they were trying to access their new financial system, they thought they were getting. At the same time there was another meeting going on under the House of Lords. The meeting under Koontz bank was with actual human beings but not under the House of Lords. Kim said they kept glitching when she was watching them and she eventually figured out it was a hologram.

For those in New Zealand, if you are wondering why your country is screwed up more than most, it’s because you still had non-humans in a sacred mountain, a place where the Māori people did a lot of ceremonies and those types of things. It is also the place where the Draco came the last time, 16,000 years ago. That place still had some non-humans underneath there. They were projecting themselves in this meeting in the House of Lords. And to the UK citizens, now you know who was running your House of Lords. Then the second location she found them in was Tibet, at Mount Kailash. They are also no longer with us.

Between the two sites that encompassed all who were in the meetings in the House of Lords who were then going to give orders to the Rothschilds. So why did Nathan call that military guy and tell him he was going to be the new Dr. Lee? Maybe it came from those people? Who knows?

Kim said the people in Cheyenne were running all kinds of reports this weekend and said verbatim, “those people in China are actually Satan spawn”. I guess they liked that since they still took an order from them. They seem to think its ok they are working for Satan Spawn?

Kim said that’s okay, maybe they can go visit them because she plans on cleaning out Satan and all his spawn and turn the lights out when she’s done!


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  1. I enjoy reading your Kim Goguen transcripts from the past .
    I learn something new everyday,
    Thank you PJZ

  2. I have many questions…..but for now I’ll stay on topic, I get that we are still learning about….well, every thing! BUT, there are some concerns for me. Nope. I am gonna have to go off topic. I’ve followed Kim for a year now. And have believed she is (for the most part) honest in her Situation Updates. And I believe that her heart is good. I’m pretty grounded. And anyone that understands the extent the human race has been lied to isn’t going to blindly believe anyone. Especially those that have large followings. Because the bigger the audience the greater the power. And only people who are desperate to hold onto whatever they can to not have to accept the harsh realities of the TRUTH, blindly believe…. But, there are a few of us who CAN handle the truth, and are aware of what is and has been happening, have real questions. And we are frustrated that there are people, Kim Goguen being one that claim they are fighting for the truth to be let out. And fighting for humanity’s freedom. These individual’s MUST know that when they make a platform/channel, and claim some of the things they are claiming, they WILL have to answer questions. The more people that hear them, the more questions there will be!
    Not one of them INCLUDING Kim Goguen has allowed an open Q&A that isn’t monitored. Kim has done VERY FEW interviews, and I believe she has done one Q&A. And she didn’t experience any challenging questions.
    I know you just do a blog (not that it’s just a blog. Because you really do a wonderful service. And I’ve been reading your transcripts since I found Kim. So please know I value your work) and probably don’t even know Kim personally.
    I’m curious though, do you feel confident that Kim is on the up and up? Because something doesn’t seem right. Why has she never said anything to her audiences about the large # of people in the (Not sure what to call them) space community that are saying Marduk is very much alive and building an army??? Am I the only person that feels this is something that she should address? Considering Marduk was Kim Goguen’s Boss! And Kim claims she herself killed Marduk…..Why is there this split it the space community? And why have only a very small # of those in that community interviewed Kim? Yet Ismail Perez who came out of nowhere (btw like Kim) has been all over that community! He has done a lot of interviews! Take into consideration I’m aware of disinformation plants. But even more of a reason I think for Kim to make it crystal clear so less people are confused. Why does Kim claim the Creator “handed her the keys to the planet”?
    She says all the time that these bad guys are told from birth that they are special and all of that, which is why they are unable to see they are helping humanity’s demise.
    Why should people believe that Kim is different? Who is to say that Kim hasn’t been tricked also? How do we really know Kim isn’t just another trick? I mean, is it so crazy to think that Kim is being played also? She has already shown that she has an ego. Watching her this past year, I’ve seen with my own eyes Kim transform. And have experienced 1st hand the fact her ego, her reputation matters more to her than hearing a person’s ideas. I posted in the care chat a request for an uncensored, q&a. Where real people could ask questions without being blocked censored and bullied. A live q&a. Not questions that have been pre chosen. I asked for real transparency. A chance to show people she truly is who she says. And so we can better understand her roles, as well as clarify anything that isn’t clear.
    Not only was i attacked in the chat room, but when I tried to defend myself I was blocked.
    Now Kim actually responded to my post, and instead of starting a productive dialog, her entire response was her defending herself to me and very much provoking others in the chat room to attack me.
    Disappointed is an understatement.
    I’m a paid subscriber to her UNN channel as well.
    Yes she sounds great, her updates are fantastical and interesting…..but are they actually true? According to her she has killed many…..has anyone looked into her claims? It’s a large # of deaths…..why has there nit Been anything to verify the deaths? We are talking about Generals here….. why hasn’t the media attempted to destroy her? The only one claiming any of this is Goguen and her staff.
    Having said all of this. I want to say that I am willing to give the possibility of what she says may be true…… but not until I am able to actually see credible proof. So far all she has done is make a lot of fantastical claims.
    I say this not as a jaded paranoid person…..but as an aware, critical thinking, cautious with reason person. I’ve gotten accused of being mean, combative, paranoid, unhappy, and many other things for saying what I’ve said here. Very few have been able to grasp the fact that I’m not willing to hand over my trust simply because someone has claimed to be fighting for me.
    I am looking for the truth. Nothing more. Nothing less. Emotions, & feelings are not part of this. I’m sick of dealing with people who react off of emotion. And tired of explaining myself for not worshipping another human being.
    Kim Goguen, is a human being, if that’s true, she is my equal. And anyone who puts themselves in the position she has, and claims what she’s claimed…… is obligated to certain responsibilities. And in my opinion, one of those responsibilities is answering people’s questions.
    If this is a problem for her, she isn’t meant for that seat.

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