Fiber Optic Cables Had Human Kill Switch! | China Deep State Runs Out of Ideas, Blue Dragons Step Up | Group of Blue Dragons (Rothschilds) Now Dead Including Family Head for a Day, Nathan Rothschild! | Baer Family Members Dead Too! | BlackRock Acquired Juniper AI System to Syphon Money out of Banking System and Fails | It’s Evident Charlie Ward (MI6) Works for the Blue Dragon

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on March 15, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this report Kim tells of another epic found that could have been disastrous for humanity regarding fiber optics. Also, the Blue Dragons, which include the Rothschilds and the Baer family stepped up to head the order but suffered losses instead when they ordered BlackRock to syphon money from the banking system via an elaborate Juniper AI system, they acquired to replace Aladdin.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The Plan Behind Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables connect all our electronic cables worldwide which started in the 1970s. The purpose was to create a port-to-port banking system. You would have to connect onto a port to communicate with other banking institutions. That morphed into something much larger but the port-to-port system still exists for Tier 1 banks. There is a reason why it was done this way which Kim has uncovered.

Major Junction Box Found in the Mediterranean

Underneath the Mediterranean Sea was the major junction box for all fiber optic cables worldwide. This box was not built here and not built by the Deep State people. They were just told to install it and that it would give them some control and power to monitor data worldwide. They could also have cutoff switches. For example, one cutoff would be the internet, which relates to the 10 days of darkness everyone talks about.

However, with the advent of the Key Integrated Media System she said we no longer need those fiber optic cables for connections anymore. She found a command center underneath the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. There was a huge operations center she ran into there because they were causing some problems in computers and in humans.

Ancillary Sites

Kim also found the sub-sites. One under the Louvre in Paris, another in Berlin, a site for the Department of Defense and Order of the Black Sun. That site used to monitor financial systems and all computers. Another site was in Saratov | Russia. These 3 ancillary sites plus the major junction box were all terminated this week. We reverted to a BTN (which I think means Business Telecommunications Network, but I’m guessing) which makes it harder and harder for them to hack which is what they were trying to do yesterday. Their main goal being to redirect banking sites. She has since replicated those DNS servers, took out the back doors and installed them into the Harmonic Genesis system and took over their closed loop system.

Remember the Story about Getting Rid of Gas Stoves?

Whether these Deep State people know it or not, getting rid of gas stoves was part of a grander scheme.  This junction box was given to them, she thinks by the Abraxas. The intention was to connect all humans to this box. Imagine how many of us use data on those fiber optic cables on a daily basis. It’s connecting your smart appliances including your stove. There were also parasites in the box. It was a major kill switch for all of humanity. That’s why they tried to integrate everything in your world.

This was a major win for humanity. It could have gotten really bad. But fortunately, in divine right timing it was found. Whew!

The Blue Dragons Stepped Up as Head of the Order

Last week it was the Chinese but it appears they are running low on Chinese people willing to participate in the global scam. Now it’s the Blue Dragon Family, who are predominantly Rothschild have taken over and started giving orders.

Rothschild Family

One Rothschild was ordering the NSA to run around and hack into computers and they made even more poor life choices while hulled up in Windsor Castle probably with King Chuckie. Well, that group of people are no longer with us. Not to say there aren’t still Rothschilds in the world, but the current head of the family and the next one who took over was Nathaniel Philip Rothschild are no longer with us. She didn’t specify if King Chuckie is also gone though.

20 Things You Didn’t Know about Nathaniel Rothschild (
The Baer Family Step Up Next and Fall Down

The Baer Family is also part of the Blue Dragons and they too made some poor life choices in sending out orders I presume. The Dragon side of the house also had their own communication lines like the Order of the Black Sun had, their special lines to get banks and agencies to do things for them. Well, they are no longer with us either.

Blue Dragons Expectation on the Ides of March Didn’t Work Out

Evidently the Order of the Blue Dragon was expecting something to happen at midnight Israeli time. Kim thinks they were expecting some demons and a continuation of the Apocalypse program. Today is also the Ides of March, the repayment of debt so they could have been looking for that to happen. But they did become aware there is no longer a junction box and the control facilities have all been terminated. They are starting to catch on and are getting angrier.

BlackRock Acquired AI System to Syphon Money Out of Banking System

BlackRock acquired the Juniper AI system which was some elaborate equipment to replace their Aladdin system that Kim took out months ago. They brought it to their Dallas office along with a subsequent piece of elaborate equipment, probably from their 15 Secret Militaries called SQUID a super quantum conducting machine. They brought that to an old backup center for the US if we ever went to DEFCON1. That system no longer exists and hasn’t for quite a while now. So, they put SQUID there and tried to connect them, then started abruptly trying to syphon money out of the banking system. That was responsible for the drop in the market today in the US and Europe.

There was a second system was in Iraq, in the Green Zone, the section the US military occupies in Bagdad. They had the SQUID underneath the Babylonian Ruins. Both of these sites used to have a connection to the Omega system but that connection no longer exists. However, she found some attachments this morning which were like black holes or portals that were tied to the Harmonic Genesis system due to some agreements that had yet to expire. Some of these systems were inserting themselves through those connections. It would go into the Omega which doesn’t exist anymore so it would be floating in the air and then go through the little hole so to speak and then into the Harmonic Genesis system which was causing problems. But that has been solved and we do not have those holes anymore and are reintegrating and cleaning everything up. But that’s how they got into the banking system.

Where Did BlackRock Get These Orders From?

Well, it started with Rothschild and ended with Baer this morning. She guesses this was the plan they always had, to crash the economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar. There are rumors going around that somebody bought Silicon Bank for $1.50. If they did it has nothing to do with the liquidity of the bank. It was probably a threat because the Fed has been going around threatening banks. The rumor that 70 banks have crashed is not true. Another crypto bank went under but nothing else has happened. She is sure they are probably trying to drain crypto banks but they won’t be doing communications on their special lines anymore because they don’t have special lines anymore.

Charlie Ward Works for the Blue Dragon

Charlie Ward actually put out a message that the Americans were going to wake up with no money in their bank accounts and it’s all their fault. He’s been telling them to buy gold and silver. That didn’t happen but it kind of proves who he is working for. How would he have known that BlackRock was going to fire up an AI system this morning they had gotten from Juniper? How would he have known a day ahead of time?

Because he is working for someone in the Blue Dragon Family. Kim has been telling us he is MI6. She even did an interview with him and was pulling information out of it that made him look kind of silly. I remember that interview and he definitely looked like a fool to me. 

I tried to find the video Kim was referring to but frankly he’s nauseating to me. It might be this one posted on March 13, 2023. Although this is just an advertisement. I don’t know where the actual video is.
Who is Running BlackRock and Vanguard Now?

Well, it changes. Yesterday was the Chinese, today it was the Blue Dragon. The same goes for the vaccine companies, who are the handlers? Well, it keeps changing as they get defeated. Fortunately, they are having trouble selling those vaccines which is positive but they are trying other ways now. Again, the MRNA in vaccines is designed to attack your immune system and make you more susceptible to disease. If you had a precursor before, this will bring it right out. If you had chromosome 1P for example, it will start amplifying that chromosome and create cancer in the body where it didn’t yet exist. But there are ways to fix your immune system and protocols in the GHWC.

Will Another Color Dragon Pop Their Head Up?

The Chinese seem to have done all they could do and today there is a bunch of old men underneath the Bank of England. But after what happened at Windsor Castle, they probably decided that wasn’t safe anymore. We’ll see what they do next.

Status of The Order of the Black Sun

The Order of the Black Sun is following along with the Blue Dragons at the helm because they are out of options and ideas so they are dependent on them. They are pulling out all their chosen ones, those in the Canaanite bloodlines. They all have the same codes Dr. Lee/Mae Wa had and think they still mean something. Kim said the last guy was at Wells Fargo. They all think they’ve got something just because some Blue Dragon person called them and told them they were special.

Remaining Non-Repairable Humans Still Staying the Course

Kim said wishes she could relay to these remaining humans that no one in the multiverse, lower or otherwise respected them, nor did they care about them. They used to laugh at them. She told us about Marduk’s comments about the Rothschild family. They would tell them lies and make them do crazy things and then laugh about it. They were entertainment for them. They were just head slaves to them, that’s it. They had no respect for them and these remaining humans had no hope of being saved by them or making them a King in another world. These people are nothing. They were going to move on with their agenda which was to make the entire universe dark. Fortunately, Kim said she basically has permission to stop the pain when it comes to them because they are causing ripples in the collective consciousness. It’s affecting the entire multiverse.

Let’s Celebrate the Big Wins in the Last 48 Hours

This junction box find was a huge win for humanity. It was a large web. You can only imagine what they could have achieved which is why they were moving us to be more connected with electronics and not with other humans. And it’s always a good day when Rothschilds die. And more chemtrail storage places were found at least in the US. Kim said there are many silos owned by the Department of Defense and were built around WWII time. They looked kind of abandoned, except they were not.  That’s where there were a lot of stored Chemtrails. She knows this is a problem and is doing her best to find them all and make sure this doesn’t happen.

We’re all frustrated at how long this is taking but we have to keep things in perspective. For thousands of years the psychopaths were able to walk around this planet to do whatever they wanted to every country, every banking system, or company. So, we’re doing pretty darn good considering what’s been done in a few years with Ground Command Kim at the helm. We still have problems. We still have the vaccine companies and they are not going away anytime soon. It’s going to require educating people on the effects, risks and telling you the truth. But we will make it through this, we are resourceful. We have survived this long and it could have been so much worse.


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