Another Round of Bank Codes Sent Out Identifying 18,729 Loyalists of the Order, Kim Says THANK YOU! | Chuck Grassley Chastises Kim but Gives Her Credibility Instead for Creating New Money Bypassing the Fed, Kim Says THANK YOU! | Kim Puts a Hold on Her 2 Deposits at Wells Fargo & JP Morgan Chase While Useful Idiot/Jackass General Milley & Company Chase Carrots, Kim Says THANK YOU! | ‘The Plan’ of Changing Global Power Center of Earth is Impossible Without Control of Money, Intelligence, Militaries & Soon Media!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on March 10, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This week Kim updates us on the Order of the Dragon loyalists latest big mistake and how she deliberately didn’t interfere, per Sun Tzu’s principal. Contrary to useful idiot General Milley’s opinion of her being a blonde bimbo, 18,000+ greedy piglets receive and try to submit more useless bank codes allowing Kim to identify and tag them all in the Key Intelligence and Military System! Plus, much more. It’s a long report.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Russia Defunds Their Private Military

Interesting information came to light in the last several hours. According to Kim Russia defunded their private military, the Wagner Group. It was once also known as Putin’s Private Army. In the past they were sent to the African continent and several other places while on the BRICS agenda. So why defund them now? Well the Generals found out about some Chinese collusion.

Blackwater is a private Chinese military group, but was once American. However, its parent company never ceased being American. That means they can still get American weapons from America legally while being owned by the Chinese. Clever move, one would think. If you were going to create a war between two countries, say Russia and Ukraine, wouldn’t it be fun to have American weapons come from your alleged BRICS partner, China? And who is actually arming their alleged military? Who is their military anyway? Could it be Blackwater again, like it was back in 2014? Looks likely regardless of the name changes, it’s the same people running it.

Sun Tzu Principal | Never Interfere with Your Enemy When They are Making a Mistake

Kim has been watching the enemy since Wednesday evening and has not interfered, because why would she? She told us in her last report about the source codes going to banks and not working. But that didn’t deter them. In fact there was another round of codes that went out to all the people following the Order of the Dragon plan. You know, the one she showed us a couple of times on that very long sheet. Well that plan had some revisions in the past but it’s supposed to be completed by 2023.

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Those Loyal to the Order of the Dragon Identified & Tagged in KIMS!

What a gift the wingnuts following the plan gave Kim (and we the people by extension)! They gave out codes to 18,729 people they consider to be loyal to the Order and these people are everywhere. These people are bank officers, military personnel in other countries, Heads of State, people that work for the World Bank and the United Nations. They all tried out their codes yesterday morning, giving their enemy (Kim) more information! Obviously they aren’t very bright and fell right into her trap. Now every single member of the Order in their respective countries is tagged in the Key Intelligence and Military System for the whole world to see and everyone is watching them. How’s that for fun! The Truman Show has a whole new meaning!

Remember Kim gave everyone read-only access into the system and they can click on a particular country and then an individual and actually see who’s who in the zoo. But they also can see what they are thinking because the Key Intelligence & Monitoring system reads organic matter! Since they have read-only access they can’t do anything about it, they can’t insert a new order or instruction but they can watch. Hum, could this be why Russia defunded their private military? Do you think they have access to a lot more information lately?

The Plan | Global Power Center of Earth Must Change Every 75-80 Years

The original plan was revised in 1948 and 1975, but it was actually given to Lenin when he was in exile, how to create a communist world. So every federation would be communist. There would be no more God or churches because they do not want to have people worship anything but themselves, the government. They want to go to a cyber-genetic world where everything is controlled by unnatural means, unnatural technologies and they want to be able to send out unnatural viruses at any time if you fall out of line.

In order to have a global power center of planet Earth, the dark side figured out a long time ago that based on human behavior the power center only lasts 75 to 80 years, historically speaking. Around 1975, when America became the world’s power at the time they immediately started writing the plan for the change-over of hands for world domination. So back then they already started to plan the transition, where were they were going to move it to next. That’s the plan everyone is talking about so technically it’s not really about China, the Chinese people or anything like that, it’s more about the changeover in general. And the 18,729 people who were just tagged are under the impression they must complete this transition for them to stay in power, because they still think they have some, which is another mistake on their part. But it’s their whole world, their need for power. They are bought and sold on it. So that’s their end goal.

Sending Old Agreements to the Hall of Records for Renewal

Another thing they have been doing is submitting copies of old agreements to the Hall of Records to renew and pretending those agreements exist. For example, the Space Time Matter Matrix is no longer a thing. It’s now the Soul-Mind-Matter-Matrix, which is about how matter is created in an organic way. But they think they will get access just by sending something from the Hall of Records because up until 2020 that’s normally how it went. They would submit agreements to the Hall of Records and it would go to the World Council that reported to the Abraxas. But that World Council has not existed since the end of 2019 so it goes to Kim now.

Strategist Kim Strikes Again with Carrots For Jackasses!

The loyalists have been very busy the last couple of days, coupled with the fact Kim has money sitting at a couple of banks right now and they are doing everything they possibly can to stop it. Because of this, Kim put her deposits on a 12 hour hold. Why as a strategist would she want to do this? Well in the words of one of the Mayer Rothschilds several years ago, the RV was carrots for jack asses. For some reason this statement made the Generals very upset at the time. Huh, go figure. In any case, Kim remembered this and thought perhaps carrots for jack asses was a great idea for her to utilize as well.

She was 100% correct in her assumption. Evidently they thought since the money was on hold it gave them enough time to block it, steal it, take it, or could just stop her in some way. Knowing that’s their mindset Kim said she might even extend the hold a little longer. Why would she do that? Because she isn’t done yet stealing what they have left. In other words the greedy wingnuts are pulling out every bit of equipment and getting everyone and everything left in their quiver involved. That includes NORAD, a communication system that used to work for the Old World Order who aren’t here anymore because they are all dead. She’s picking up everything they have left not only in the financial system but in computers so she can get rid of them once and for all. So to all who participated, Kim says THANK YOU FOR FALLING FOR THE CARROT! She greatly appreciates it!

Speaking of Jackasses | General Milley

One said jackass would be General Milley. The other Joint Chiefs of Staff are only now seeing just how deep Milley is in the Order and how committed he is to The Plan. Now if you are on the Joint Chiefs of Staff you would think taking orders from Chinese people would be a no-no, even treason. So what happened? When Kim transferred the money yesterday Milley called the military person who was in charge of a closed loop system (that no longer exists) belonging to an anti-terrorist task force. They are also responsible for implementing any kind of action under the Patriot Act and that system had an untimely glitch yesterday, but not before it created havoc.

Wells Fargo Bank & JP Morgan Chase Customers Received a Troubling Message

Customers of Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase, which is where Kim has her two deposits on hold currently would have received messages like this one:

What does that mean? It means your accounts are not secure from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Hundreds and thousands of transactions went around in a circle at Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase and this was caused by orders that came out from General Milley, although he probably didn’t realize what he had done. But any law enforcement watching this will be able to verify that both banks had hundreds or thousands of missing transactions yesterday, including Kim’s deposits.

When money comes into the webserver level it goes through a load balancer because there are constantly numerous transactions going in and out all day long. They need to make sure they balance that out through multiple webservers. So they took the webserver where the transactions were and put that entire webserver on a loop by changing the string and sequel system. That means it basically spun around that webserver for hours until Kim could find it. Find it she did, and she is the one who fixed it, but it will take some time to rectify the mess they made. Therefore any kind of anti-terrorist activities are now monitored by the Key Integrated Monetary System because they can’t be trusted. 

Back to Kim’s Deposits

Other Generals are realizing this money is going to drop wherever Kim feels like she wants it to drop. So what is their solution now? Well they told her if she doesn’t want them bothering her she needs to give them a cut. One of their suggested methodologies for her to comply is claiming she is in violation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act via OFAC, the Office of Foreign Asset Control. But according to Kim what they fail to understand is that office has no hope of controlling anything. In fact, since they have done that she created another section in the Key Integrated Money System to monitor for terrorist activities including their OFAC.

The other thing they need to take a look at is to check if there are any sanctions left for them to manage because in the Hall of Records and National Archives they will see hundreds of voided sanctions. They don’t have any hope for monitoring for terrorism, because it is now bank robbery. That’s what they are really doing because the government is going broke and Kim is not going to allow them to perform bank robbery.

Senator Grassley | Another Useful Idiot/Jackass

As a byproduct some other people got very excited by this. One such person being Chuck Grassley who thought it would be a great idea to launch an investigation against Kim. I remember seeing Chuck on the Senatus Consultum site way back because I took a snapshot then. It’s in my first post on the Senatus Consultum.

Backstage at the Order of the Black Sun | Just Empower Me

His claim was that only the Federal Reserve can issue Money 1 (M1) which is the digital money in your bank account. That’s what it’s called in America. In other countries it’s called Level Zero. But in general Grassley was very upset because Kim didn’t go through the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve which hasn’t had a contract to print our currencies with the US government since 2011. Evidently they’re still trying to hide that fact and they tried numerous times to slip it into multiple laws, but it’s a Corporate Entity and according to Kim Congress cannot launch a federal investigation against a Corporate Entity. That would be more like civil court.

So what is Grassley really doing? Well he’s giving Kim a lot of credibility by suggesting she could actually do something like this and he’s also going down this rabbit hole with the Federal Reserve which could reveal what the Fed actually is in open court.

So to Chuck, Kim says THANK YOU! And by the way, how’s that adrenochrome thing working out for you? Are you still taking your adrenaline and killing babies? And what about those arms transactions, was it to Benghazi? It’s all in your file, everything you personally profited from. Also to let Grassley know, Kim’s security clearance is way higher than his so the people he sent to open an investigation on her can’t even open her file. All they see is level 74 security clearance, classified. So that is not going to work for Mr. Grassley. But again, due to his stupidity, she thanks him for giving her credibility to every Congress Member who was there.

Globalist Map Restructures the World Into 8 Pieces All Reporting to China

At the top of this post is their Globalist Map of what they want the world to look like when they are done dicing it up. If you look at their map they are going to divide the world into 8 pieces. Russia became really tiny and looks like an entity unto itself. Wonder what is up with that, does it mean Russia is special?

There is to be a group of Kings for the Federation and guess who thinks he’s going to be the King of the North America Federation, including Greenland. Why one of them is General Milley who has been following The Plan. Kim wonders if Denmark knows because they currently control Greenland now. But no matter they are to be the Kings of the European section and oh yay, all of them will be reporting to the Chinese faction of the Order because that is how they want to restructure the planet.

So that’s the proposed border changes they would like. In addition to that they think they will be implementing the 7 banks for international settlements to run each continents respective currency, until they can issue one singular currency for all of them. Marduk’s old plan that Kim has told us about a few times.

Bankrupting Themselves

Their plan really isn’t working out very well though, but it’s the reason why the Chinese has bankrupted China. The Deep State also has bankrupted their countries as well as North America. Their plan is getting really screwed up and they aren’t happy about it because they have spent a lot of money. Have the Triads (the mafia in China) spent a lot of their money as well trying to implement this plan? Yes they have. Have they been arming the Russians as well as Ukraine? Yes they have. Have they been ordering the Americans to supply weapons to Ukraine? Yes the have. Have they been telling the Russians they have not been? Yes they have.

Iran & Saudi Arabia Conflict

Now to take it another step further, yesterday Iran and Saudi Arabia had ‘peace talks’ in Beijing. Now if you know anything about the big conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia it’s about many things, but the big fight is between the Sunni faction of Islam and the Shiite faction of Islam. It’s been a long standing fight. So China has been ordering General Milley to go all around Syria to talk about war on behalf of the Americans. Keep in mind he’s taking orders from the same people who just had the ‘peace talks’. Create the problem be the solution. Blah blah blah.

Staying the Course | Crash America

Their job here is to crash America, crash the dollar and move the center of power to China and then redefine the borders of the world as she just indicated. But this is not really working out so well now that all the countries in the Middle East have access to the Key Intelligence and Military System. To do damage control I guess, the Chinese decided to claim, as they handed out codes 36 hours ago, they own the Key Intelligence & Military System. Yep the system with KIMS name. What fools are going to believe that lie? We’ll find out!

At the same time statements are coming out in various news sites that the CCP is the largest threat. Except it looks like America’s own people are the biggest threat. So if you are in America and have read-only access to KIMS you should check it out and see who the remaining 18,541 people (at of the time of this broadcast) are. Who is left in America and still reporting to the people with ‘The Plan’?

Will this Global Restructuring Plan Come to Pass? Nope

For some reason the remaining people in the Order don’t understand Kim is not on Marduk’s side and he is dead. I guess they were so low on the totem pole before all the vacancies and really far removed from what is going on, or they are in denial. In any case, for those who still don’t know, Kim sits in his chair now and is on the peoples’ side, the side of the Light. And she will not play balance between good and evil either because our Creator mandated that is no longer necessary. She tried that route numerous time but they didn’t want it, so it’s over now. Therefore anyone who goes against the new way of doing things will depart, just like many recently tagged people. They are dwindling in numbers. There were 18,729 as of 3am this morning, now 18,541 at the time of this broadcast. Who knows what the week will bring. But keep this in mind political leaders who are in the middle, the African continent, Heads of State, etc. This is where they are headed but they will never follow through on the Kings of the Federation program because it’s not a thing. You don’t get to redefine the world borders and put in charge your own people to run the world. You are all on Kim’s list and all tagged.

Why Else Will The Plan Never Happen? Simple Mathematics
  1. They have figured out they do not run the Harmonic Genesis (formerly Alpha 2) System. The Key Integrated Monetary System has plenty of money and can been seen not just by Tier 1s. It’s all the way down to the banks. Everyone has their own port and can see the Global Repository and can see what is going on.
  2. They also don’t run their intelligence agencies and their militaries anymore. Kim built the sole Key Intelligence & Military System, KIMS for short, her name is on it for crying out loud.  And only she can send out orders to anyone in the world through that system and they have to follow them. She can do that right now.
  3. We also now have the Key Integrated Media System. And she wants to thank whoever tried to use Facebook’s backdoor via a control system grid they had in computers in level 8 so she could take it out today. Now she can stop the censorship and all those types of things. It’s just a matter of time.
  4. The loyalists all helped tremendously by giving out false bank codes the other day. Ordinarily you should be able to give access codes to something you have access to, Right? Except pretending to have access and control and actually having access and control is not the same thing and they can see that for themselves now. So why are 18,000+ people still following them? Kim’s guess is ego. Because all of them have been promised to be Kings of the North American Federation or insert Federation here.
30+ Promised Same Position of General Secretary to the UN

Here’s a little story Kim shared about a gentleman from Portugal, who is now the General Secretary of the UN. He was appointed in 2015 or 2016. Well during this time Kim had also heard from the former President of the Dominican Republic that he was going to step down and become the General Secretary of the UN. She also heard the same thing from the President of Argentina. It turned out there were 30 Heads of State she is aware of who were promised the position of General Secretary of the UN.

Turns out it was none of the ones Kim heard about that became the General Secretary of the UN, this Portuguese guy came out of the woods. They were all stunned because they did the dirty work, the dirty things to their country based on promises of prestigious power and position in the UN. Yet none of them got the position despite doing horrible things to their countries and people for it. That’s the China Deep State for you, that’s Rothschild, the Order of the Dragon and they come in all colors, not just Asian.

How Many Were Promised Head of the Federation?

Are any of the loyalists out there even contemplating asking their other buddies, who are also in the Order if they are on this list to be King? Now they know who is who in the zoo, it’s not a secret anymore. They can go to the Key Intelligence & Military System and find out pretty quick. Again, has anyone asked their buddy in the same office or in the military or if you are in the CIA or members of Congress, Parliament etc. if they have been promised Head of the Federation? Because you’re going to be surprised when you do. Kim promises you, it’s not what you think it is.

Expect it to get more interesting throughout the weekend. If you are one of these people who has found out you have the same source code key as the guy sitting next to you had, surprise! It’s the exact same number and code! Will you finally realize these guys lied to you and stop blaming Kim, it’s not her fault, she is just pointing it out for you. She does not have the same mentality as those in the Order. She does not have a contract with anyone. Instead she’s working very hard to make sure her carrots work to get the rest of the things in the system so we can move on to the Restoration.

But if you change your mind and want to talk about how to move forward, then here’s your chance. Know that the conversation will be about how you are going to work for us. She doesn’t take kindly to people who claim they are going to be her security yet they don’t even bother to check to see if systems exist. OFAC hasn’t been there for days. And if you want to pick up the phone and threaten anyone directly or indirectly, well that’s not going to work with her either.

China’s Plan is Failing Because It’s People Are Figuring Things Out

There you have it, China’s plan. They are well on their way pushing this world domination plan by end of 2023, but they are losing their grip. Calls are coming from countries all over the world. There is a lot of back chatter right now that people are figuring the Americans are using Chinese money and worse than that, it’s mafia money to keep the lights on so to speak at different varying special houses in DC.

Who is Taking Orders from Who?

On the one hand half the people think China’s our enemy and on the other hand they are taking money from it and driving the military into the toilet. Then they are doing sales campaigns of arms over in the Middle East being paid for by Chinese money, all while they are in Beijing doing some kind of a ‘peace conference’.

Who Ordered the Tension Going on Between Israel and Syria?

While it might have been an American who made a phone call but the order came out of China. Just this morning Kim stumbled upon Stuxnet which is an Israel-Mossad virus they use frequently and then try to blame on somebody else.  

And the reason why there are so many false starts, you see it in the Intel on the internet, like they are saying on the 8th there is going to be another earthquake in Turkey. It’s because they don’t have any control to make those things happen anymore.

Why Do They Keep Marching Forward with the Plan?

This is where their sense of self entitlement comes in. So before you decide to commit treason, if you are employed by this government or any other one Kim advises you think about who you are going to take orders from. You, General Milley might not want to call your higher commanding officer a bimbo. Hum, Kim has enough proof for treason and god only knows what else on him, so I’m guessing he’s a useful idiot still which is why he hasn’t been forced to depart. I guess I’ll see.  

Money Means Everything to Them

Money means everything to them and blocking us means more to them than anything else in the world because they cannot have America survive, they cannot have the dollar survive. Except they are in a pickle because they don’t have the money to buy everything up for pennies and pay for the countries revival of the Federation so to speak. They can’t switch the currency, the ID2020 program which is an old plan. It’s just not going to happen, ever.

As for the 18,000 + people left. Will there be less soon? My guess is they’ll all have to go!


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  1. Greetings! On the 8 Federations: Should there be a South America Federation
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  2. AshestToAllelulia

    This makes me so hopeful! Hope is triumphant!

    Every time I saw something with “king trump” on it I cringed, because there is only one King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and that is Jesus Christ, only begotten Son of our Living God and Creator, Abba.

    The fact that a loving Mama has the reigns, is a great comfort to us loving mothers.

    I wish Kim would put the kibosh on these horrible, pervert commercials that Amazon is putting on tv during prime time. If I have to watch the tween boy dance in his neon yellow jacket & black skirt one more time, with the grand finale of the CLOSE UP of his burgeoning mustache, I’m gonna puke. Grooming is gross.

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  3. Hello, I just stumbled into your site looking up some things from todays sit-rep per KAG~ [Kimberly Ann Goguen]
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    I was thinking of video & had a good idea until my brother whom was going to work with me passed about a year ago.

    Anyway I just wanted to say hello & say what I did & that I will follow up or return. Again thanks it is good to see others really do exist that get/feel about her work as I do………our work really maybe /;^)
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