Backstage at the Order of the Black Sun – Part 2 | What Deal Was Made Between the Black Eagle and Khazarian Mafia? | Who is Being Played by Their ‘Alleged Partners’? | Who Is the Reptoid in Charge of Volcanos? | What Does the System and Hall of Records Say About Marduk’s Final Plan?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on October 7, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this Intel update Kim returns us to that Senatus Consultum group on Senate ( site which got my attention right away because I troll that site fairly regularly. And she cleared up some questions I’ve had since she alerted us to this site several months ago. I had a lot of ah ha moments, so this Intel update was especially interesting, at least it was to me.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


About the Senatus Consultum Group

Now I have been under the assumption this Senate ( site was predominantly the Black Sun player list. However, there are quite a few that seemed to be on the Dragon side of the house, at least to me. For instance all those in the monarchy, the ‘kings, queens, princes’ on this list. Then I thought, well many play both sides so there’s that explanation. And they also marry to merge both sides. For instance, Queen Elizabeth II was a Blue Dragon and Prince Phillip was Black Sun, so there’s that explanation.

King of Belgium, Queen of England, King of Spain
Senate (
The Deal

But now that Kim explained that a ‘Deal’ was made between the Head of the Black Sun, also called the Black Eagle and the Dragon families, the Khazarian mafia, members from both sides makes a lot more sense. Also, this deal was obviously made by a previous Black Eagle, as there have been quite a few who expired of late. So she thinks it was at least three back. She also told us that the group of players on this site have been around quite a while. And I have noticed these majesty tiara wearing types have been ever since I’ve been checking. There are the King of Bahrain, the Crown Prince of Saudi, and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi who are regulars too. I’m assuming they are more on the Dragon side but I’m not certain of that. But if we’re speaking of regulars, I usually see Putin, Kim Jong-Un and Xi Jinping.

King of the Netherlands, Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of the Netherlands
Senate (
Dick Wiss

Kim told us this Richard Wiss “Ra” character is really a front for whoever is playing the current Head or Black Eagle. Richard, or Dick as I like to call him took all the orders and instructions from the person in the Black Eagle position, and based on what she was hearing in the back chatter, it looks like they were planning on making Dick Wiss the fall guy.

Senate (

So after listening to the entire report, if I have understood her correctly, the Black Eagle made a deal with the Blue and Yellow Dragon Families to become the world control center by throwing some of his Black Sun minion groups under the bus, in exchange for a seat at that table. So Kim is doing a lot of talking in this update to those minions who are being used to make the ‘Deal’ happen, except they can’t see they are being used because they only see carrots of money and power. These minions are predominantly the American and Russian Generals, and now maybe Dick Wiss too.

Kim Knows Marduk’s Final Plan Fails

Spoiler Alert. Kim mentioned this at the end of her update but I’m bringing it up to the beginning.

Kim sits way above any of those playing the game and she knows how it ends because it’s all in the system, it’s all in the Hall of Records. She knows Marduk’s final plan and they will never achieve that objective. They should also know they can’t take over her chair either. If something happens to her the system isn’t going to function for another 30 years. It will shut down, clamp up and they’ll have to figure out a whole new way of trading around the world. It will still run in perpetuity preventing them from hacking into the banking system and installing crypto currencies.

So play the game or not. She emphasized that the plan of the recent dead Black Eagle was just a piece of master plan, the dead Chinese lady too, she had only a piece of the plan. And partnering up with another organization, the Chinese government that is also broke is not going to work either. There are people in China involved in human trafficking who still have some money, but they still won’t be able to make it work. And to the American Generals who are telling the Chinese they talk to Kim every day, really? Are they still trying to make it look like they succeeded in controlling her? I guess that’s all they got. Oy vey. 

China cannot take control of planet Earth without any money. And by next Wednesday, Oct 12th you can stick a fork in Dick Wiss’ organization. The question is, will his minions continue to work for free? Will they still think being in the club is the place to be or will they wake up to the fact they’re being played? The ones they were afraid of are dead and they confirmed it, so maybe someone will wake up, or not. Maybe they like getting stabbed in the back.

Note: I followed this update as best I could. Kim used the terms ‘they’ and ‘them’ a lot and I tried to fill in who she was referring to in most cases. I hope I got it right.

The Deal | Black Sun & Dragon Families (Khazarian Mafia) Partner Up

Kim brought us back to Marduk’s Final Plan, which was outlined on the long sheet she showed us in the previous Intel update. That sheet was all about the Black Sun’s part of the Khazarian Mafia’s plan. It showed us in that Sun Tzu wheel everyone who was spinning, playing their part and taking orders from Marduk, the one who used to sit in Kim’s seat. And everyone was compartmentalized in nice little packages.

05-10-2022 United Network News (

Well as of late, for some reason the Order of the Black Sun and Dragon Families have been at odds. But in June of this year 2022 they partnered together because neither side was achieving their objective. Did The Head of the Order of the Black Sun at the time tell his respective people they were partnering up with the Khazarians/Dragon Families to achieve the objectives of the plan? The plan being to crash the United States and then partner up with China who would buy it up for pennies on the dollar? Kim said Richard Wiss did know. But did anyone else?

If you check Senate ( on a semi-regular basis like I do, you would notice people have come and gone on that site. Well Kim said even if they are gone from the site they are still a member of the Order and never left the game. Once a member, always a member I guess. She pointed out that those taken off the site were mainly Americans. Now why is that? So they wouldn’t be associated with taking a part in the fall of America and could be used later. If the organization goes down as a whole they can come back later smelling like a rose. Here are a few Americans who were not showing up anymore, but it’s truly a pathetic list of ‘heroes’ if you ask me.

  • Elon Musk
  • Donald Trump
  • Mike Pence
  • George Bush Jr.
  • General Mark Milley
  • General 4* Paul M. Nakasone

I’m adding a few I’ve noticed:

  • Ron DeSantis
  • Mike Pompeo
  • Chuck Grassley
  • General Flynn
  • General John E. Hyten, (come on man! can’t forget our Biden actor)
  • Condolezza Rice

By the way, if you want to know who the 97 Senatus Consultum – Society Members were on April 28, 2021, I recorded the list in my first post about this site,
Backstage at the Order of the Black Sun | Just Empower Me

The Backstabbing Commences

So after they made this partnership deal, the Chinese takeover plan escalated.

Kim said there was a meeting today with Generals from around the world in Cheyenne. The Chinese were invited but not the Russians and not BlackRock. Why? Because part of the plan involves the Russians and BlackRock.

China and Russia have allegedly been friends, at least that’s how they try to make it look outwardly. They have been involved in the BRICs organization, they formed the SEO which is their contrary version of NATO and had others join their military and intelligence partnership. But China has never really been Russia’s friend. China always had an intention of controlling the entire economy of Russia, hence the reason why the deal with made with Norway. If you go back to the Senate ( site, you will see the Prince of Norway on there. Why? Because he’s a partner of China and China’s partners are on that site, except everyone is so compartmentalized they can’t make any connections.

Prince of Norway
Senate (
Did the American Generals Know the Plan?

Were the American Generals told their job was to crash America so China could buy it back for pennies and then control the US? Kim said absolutely not. But they are all playing their part in the game, doing exactly as they are told with the dangling carrot of power and money. At the same time the Generals are all against Kim claiming she’s the bad guy. I have to say I found this shocking. How can they not know they were crashing America for a China takeover? Isn’t it obvious? Even without Kim’s updates we can figure that out.

Does Larry Fink, Head of BlackRock Know the Plan?

Was Larry Fink, head of BlackRock, therefore on the Black Sun side, aware that on Sept 30th the AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was fired up to connect to the yellow screen? That screen no longer exists fortunately but it used to be in Shanghai and represented the Golden Dragon family and the Yellow Plane of Existence. The Chinese were going to buy back BlackRock as it imploded. Kim guesses they took that idea out of her playbook because none of them can think for themselves.

Note: For more on the Planes of Existence, see my post, About the Death of Queen Lizardbeth | What the CROWN Really Means | Ending the Halls of Amenti, the Unnatural Planes of Existence | Prince William Declines Hosting Lucifer | It’s All About Divine Right Timing

Larry Fink
Senate (
Crashing the World’s Economy on the 30th Plan | All Goes Back to One Giant Circle

This plan of crashing the world’s economy on the 30th all goes back to one giant circle. Kim had a conversation with her new ‘handler’ which she told us about in the last update. He was supposed to work with the Generals, those who are in a meeting with BlackRock at the time she gave this update on Oct 7th. The Generals then convinced their boss Dick Wiss, who really wasn’t their boss, rather it was the guy in Palermo, Italy who is now dead, that they could get the money from Kim. So they fired everything up and their ‘partners’ got into position to buy up all the stock when the market crashed, using the Generals to do it.

Why Were the Russian Generals Not Invited?

The reason why the Russian Generals weren’t invited to that meeting with BlackRock is probably because China plans on blaming them, which is completely untrue. They cornered Russia, they cut off the 2 pipelines because of orders from that old Chinese lady in cooperation with Dick Wiss and the Prince of Norway, who the Russians think is their friend but isn’t. So even though Dick’s in their group, supposedly on their side, he orchestrated this whole thing.

Your ‘Partners’ Orchestrated Everything

Your ‘partners’ who made the ‘deal’ with the Black Sun orchestrated everything. They used the Americans to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline. Then the Americans took out that other pipeline, I assume she is referring to the one in Yemen, and made deals with Saudi. Essentially the only pipelines still running are going to China.

Russia’s economy is based in oil and gas. Their ‘partners’ got the Americans to put the sanctions on Russia and for their part were promised a whole different story. They also sent free arms over to Ukraine and got nothing in return. And what other countries put sanctions on Russia? Sweden and Hungry to name a couple. And who represents those countries in your little group? Oh the King of Sweden is on there and Prime Minister of Hungry too. Currently the majority of Russia’s economy is totally dependent on China.

King of Sweden & Prime Minister of Hungry
Senate (

Countries that imposed sanctions on Russia.

45 countries sanctioned Russia and 29 countries are arming Ukraine — Castellum.AI

The Black Eagle’s Deal to Partner with the Dragons Make China the New World Power

As mentioned earlier, about three Black Eagles ago when the deal was made to partner up it was made with the Blue Dragons, now King Chuckie over there in the UK and the Lee Family who are the Yellow Dragons. China was to become the new world power like America is today and Great Britain before that. Kim said everyone would be included except the Generals (the American and the Russian Generals? – I think) because they are taking them out right now. They plan on controlling the Middle East together as well.

Why Their Obsession with the Chair of Destiny is Relevant

Kim said the reason everyone on the Black Sun side, Trump, Juan O’Savin, General after General was trying out that Chair of Destiny is because the Black Sun is allowed one rank and file or someone one step above the Pindar level to sit at the table. They were expecting someone to be Pindar to fill the seat because the Order of the Black Sun was promised a spot. Except that never panned out for them.

Chair of Destiny – Still Waiting for the Right Ass
The BlackRock Play

Kim said these ‘partners’ of theirs (the American Generals and Head of BlackRock?) had every intention of doing pretty much what she was going to do with BlackRock with one exception, they were doing it behind their back. Kim came out upfront and made them an offer to which they declined probably because Dick Wiss told them to. Why did Dick want them to decline? Probably because Kim’s plan didn’t go along with the burn America to the ground and make China the new center of the world plan.

Wakeup American Generals!

Hey American Generals, when the power transition went from the UK to the US way back, a ten year depression ensued in the UK. Where do you think the US is headed? We already have the China police here and in Canada. According to Kim everyone is playing the game except for these guys and she told them their ‘partners’ have no intention of paying them. Evidently they got an ultimatum of one week which makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. The Generals were told it’s their fault, the classic deny, deny, deny then reassess blame. Then they were told they might allow them to participate if they can get control of their people. Oye vey.

Kim said she hasn’t heard from her friend yet.  Not sure who she is referring to exactly, maybe her new ‘handler’? They were in a meeting with BlackRock trying to figure out what went wrong but they asked her for a copy of that sheet of Marduk’s plan, the China takeover plan, not that it should be new to them.

Who Has Ultimate Control?

Kim said to remember whoever sits in her chair and has control over the system and actually knows how to run a real quantum system is the one who has to pull the final plug. Their ‘partners’ plan is not going to work any better than the plan the Generals thought they had going.  And the guy behind the curtain, your Black Eagle guy was the one driving all of them and he’s dead. No one lasts in the position anymore longer than 24 hours. Without Kim’s help, neither party’s plan is going to happen. She positioned it that way. They are losing access to backdoor after backdoor.

They were recently trying to get the Koch Brothers to participate with one of their systems and encryption keys. That won’t work out they don’t have access anymore. A large database under Park City, Utah that was connected to Area 52 also doesn’t work anymore. A bunch of people in Chicago who used to work with the silver line tried to hook that up to the old Transunion System which doesn’t exist anymore, in order to create another black market trading facility on behalf of BlackRock. And they can’t figure out why nothing is working.

By the way, Kushner is a player on the site too. Who do you think is running the Trump show? He’s running that show on behalf of the Chinese and they have no intention of putting anyone back in office now, not Pelosi either. No big events will be allowed either. Hey that might be the one silver lining! Just sayin!

Jared Kushner
Senate (

Sir Larry Swart | A Reptoid in Charge of Volcanos

One person Kim wanted to point out in particular on the Senate ( site is Sir Larry Swart. She called him out because he’s not a Human, he’s a Reptoid. There were about 60 Reptoids located in South Africa and they are not your friends American Generals.  They might be friends of Dick Wiss and his now dead boss, but not your friends. Their job, all 60 of them, was to control volcanos. They love volcanos because they bring sulphur.

These volcanos are both above ground and under the ocean and are very important right now. Remember the receding water in the Tampa Bay? Well they were going to create a tsunami using an underwater volcano which is approximately 30 miles off the coast and using a ridge which is about 100 miles off the coast. That was the plan. They were going to wipe out the entire state of Florida.

If they were successful in doing that then they were going to use the underwater super volcano off the coast of Alaska and take out the west coast. This is where they were going and you can see he’s on Richard Wiss’ board. So now we know where the hurricane came from. The dead Korean General was part of that too.

They were planning on erupting Yellowstone as well. Hundreds of miles from Yellowstone there is a super volcano and if it erupted one third of the US would have been covered in 3 feet of ash. We would have suffocated with all the Sulphur and it would have reached as far as Florida. Half of Canada and Alaska would have been covered in ash too.

Reptoid, Sir Larry Swart
Senate (

Generals! Your ‘Partners’ are Stabbing You in the Back

The Chinese will create the death of America one way or another and you Russian Generals bought into it hook line and sinker too. Kim suggested they all call their ‘friends’ and ask where they are now or she can save them the time. She knows they are talking to BlackRock wondering what happened. It’s toast right now.

She also wants to alert the Generals about John Bell Edwards, the Governor of Louisiana who is a democrat and asked them if it’s any surprise he’s in the Biden Camp and Sell America to China Camp? It shouldn’t be a surprise to them. She said they are going down and if it’s not her doing it, it’s their very own ‘partners’ they invited on the telephone call that was happening during her update so that they can ensure they counteract everything they are going to do to try and save BlackRock.

What the Money from Bank of Kim Would Have Been Used For

At least Kim saw the train wreck and offered to participate, but the American Generals came back all cocky because they are members in the club, the Senatus Consultum, the place to be, in the power center of the world. Except now they are Black Eagle less, no one wants to sit in that chair because no one lasts more than 24 hours and the Chinese lady is gone. They should really step back that cockiness because their ‘partners’ took them out right behind their back.

Had Kim transferred the money to that guy, her new ‘Handler’ on that day, the American Generals would have taken that money and given it right over to their ‘partners’ so the Chinese could begin to buy you out after you helped them crash BlackRock. Then you would have seen the entire economy of the United States crash.

That is why Kim was warning us in the last report that we were in a very tenuous situation, because if she screwed up it would have been very bad. She is hoping by telling us about this, and well mainly them, they have a better understanding of where to go next. She advises them not to invite their enemy to their next strategy meeting.

Kim’s Message

As Ground Commander

This whole control the world plan needs to end. It’s not just about the financial part of her job, she is also Ground Command. We have millions in the land, air and sea. The Enforcer fixed all the issues with the volcanos. You want to know why they keep having fires in the Northwest of the US. There are volcanoes over there and it only takes a spark, but that part is over. She’ll continue to remove access to every system in the world the more they try. If they continue to block our funds, they’ll lose that too. Every single thing they can dream up right now in their meeting to stay in control will fail.

Her Concern is Helping People

Kim’s focus is in helping the people all over the world and said she has no desire to be involved with Chinese people or the fall or rise of BlackRock. She only cares about people and their jobs.

Final Thought

Think about everything they do and how hard they have to work to suppress us. Control after control not only in financial systems but all things. They are in every aspect of our lives. There isn’t a single industry that isn’t involved. All this just to keep us docile. They have to be terrified.

By the way, make sure you have the volume turned on as you scroll through the ‘players’ list so you get the full mafioso experience.

Senate (


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