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This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 2, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Lots of changes have happened in the last 48 hours. The crazies are still crazy and this time they are all waiting for the Great Reset. Evidently, they have partial information leading them to believe this is still a possibility. They hoped it would happen on July 28th which is why they launched the FedNow system that day. It did not happen of course, but in their minds, they believe they still have until 3 days after the full moon to hit a Great Reset. So, they think they have until Friday. Oy Vey

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Kim explained what the Great Reset really entailed in the second half of her broadcast but I thought I would include it first because she mentions it throughout her report and it gives context and the basis for why the crazies are still driving us off a cliff this time, and why the governments are following like little piglets.

The Great Reset

Picture a clock. You have 12 numbers on the clock with 12 on top, 6 on bottom.

Are There 12 Universes?

What does 12 universes mean? Well, we do not have 12 separate universes, we have 12 separate realities of universes that we can live in. So, this a projection of a reality of what you see when you walk out your front door. It does not mean the tree is no longer there in reality #2, it just means the governance of the planet, the rulership of the world changes. Your outcomes of wars will be different. There is a plan for each one of the 12 universes and each one has an original DNA blueprint to said reality of the 12 universes.

Originally when the 12 universes were set up it was to create a balance. So, some were ruled by the light. These are your ascended timelines. Anything you saw above 9 and above 3 on the clock would have been neutral in part and you would have had fully light ascended timelines there. Anything below the 3 and 9 on your clock you would have seen the neutral in part and/or the dark timelines.

She has talked about timelines for a long time now and this is what it means by timelines. Timelines are just alternative realities. Reality has always existed and timelines were but an illusion. Now reality sits on the line (but it is not linear obviously) but it sits on the line 9 and 3 when we are talking about the 12 universes of timelines. That is where reality sits and 9 and 3 never change really. But you have these timelines on say #12, #1, #2 and #3 and all the parts in between, because between 12 and 1 there are hundreds of timelines.

The Destroyer Actually Folded the Clock in Half

Many years ago The Destroyer actually folded the clock in half and now 12 and 6 are matched. So 10 is now between 9 and 8 as an example. So, what has been happening over the last couple of days that may have made many of us feel very funky and floaty, or feeling like you are living in an alternate reality is because we are currently at the 9. We are in crystalline time but we also have an alignment going on right now.

Their version of the Great Reset, whether they know it or not is to pull us to that 10 and down. This next thing she told us I am not sure about but what she said is this was also the goal of the people with the Samurai Super Swords, with the lighting rays and the neutrino energy, who were doing the slicing and dicing. They got the Samurai Super Swords so they installed various technologies into Earth’s vortex.

Maybe she means they stole them from the light beings in the upper astral and then used them for harm because she also made a reference later to herself and the Alpha system, like she has the Samurai sword? Maybe the slicing and dicing means the creation of all the colored planes of existence when they fractured the light and we no longer had the direct connection from Source itself. Our connection was supposed to be a stream of pure white light like a flashlight. It is a little unclear but maybe that is what she means? I’m guessing.

Zero point is now in Source and no longer between the dark and the light, but they had agreements involved in this with the Dark Overlord. There were certain satellites, things in our Sun, in our Moon and the different planets and our galaxy set to reappear at this time to ensure we go down. That is the Great Reset they are looking for. The reverse of crystalline time is what they are trying to do.

Do They Know What the Great Reset Actually Means?

Nope. For the most part they thought they would get some people up here from the lower astral and everything is going to work great. They will get some brains back in the family to help them out because demons are pretty smart.

Umbrella Military and Mobius and these generals Kim speaks to us about are the ones who have more knowledge because they worked in the DUMBS and laboratories with the ‘Others.’ They have seen technologies that are far more advanced than we obviously have seen. So, they believe, because they have had access to more advanced technology than the average person that they know everything. So, do the secret militaries know what the Great Reset actually means? Kim doubts it based on what she has seen them trying to install yesterday. She watched them send someone under the Library of Congress to pick up the original Constitution. They were using a light acid to see what it really said inside. That is what they were really looking for. Yep, an episode of the National Treasure movie. They also went looking for portals under Philadelphia that used to be there.

Before that, on the 28th of July these people began running around the planet looking for old machines, miniature versions of what we saw in Mount Kilimanjaro, old stones, things that Kim’s predecessor would have passed down and told to do on this day. They tried to put it all together based on half the information and then they tried to turn the thing on. They have tried in various places around the US, China, and other countries and it does not function.

They do not really understand what they are doing but this Great Reset is what they are trying to achieve by slapping a haphazard operation together with people being sent all over the place looking for portals and machines. Did we get the Great Reset yet on the 28th, the full moon? Will it happen between now and the 8th? They do not know because the texts are not accurate. Again, they only have partial information and a butter knife.

Currently We Are Undergoing a Push and Pull

There is a push and pull going on right now in our reality. One wants to us to live in ‘reality’ where there are no more 12 universes of timelines, no more fictional illusions, where we are only in the now, in the crystalline time. But we keep getting pulled. Down below we have that 10 and the equipment they installed to appear uncloaked and start to function so to speak, which wants to pull us back down. So, we are kind of in the middle now. We are like the middle guy in the tug of war rope. Realities feel really funky and will probably continue to do so for the next 2 days. She and her team have gotten rid of most of the technologies that were in these various locations that were put there by Marduk, not by humans, not by the Order of the Dragon, not by any of the Secret Militaries either. So, they don’t understand what is happening.

Vedic Cosmology | Kali Yuga

Kim said there are a few intelligent people who are talking about the changes happening with the Kali Yuga and how we are going into a neutral timeline or a positive timeline. For those of us unaware it is called Vedic Cosmology and they are called the 4 Yugas. It talks about timelines in part, there are more than 4. But if you broke down the 4 Yugas and multiplied it times 3 and you have all dark timelines and all light timelines and then neutral timelines, I guess you can break it down to 4.

Yuga Cycle – Wikipedia

There are people who know we are stuck and they cannot get out of it. Kim said there was a person saying they know how that equipment works but they do not. When it comes up Kim gets rid of it. There is no clock anymore, no 12 keystones for 12 universes anymore, it has been replaced with crystalline time. So, it is one way or the highway. We are bouncing a little bit now but we will be out of it soon. In 48 hours, we should get back to reality land, crystalline time, no more timelines and clock flipping and that is the end.

They Are Still Trying to Stir the Pot with Wars

They dialed for dollars all weekend long. They called Taiwan and said, here is $500 million, and there is some in there for you Generals as well to get this going. And to the Russians, hey you have not bombed Ukraine lately, what is up with that! You need to get going if you are getting on this Great Reset.

They think it is about consciousness and energy still, but it is not. It is over. Kim said they sent their people over to Syria to find out, they tested it and they know it is not there anymore, so come on. Come on. This timeline thing is over. You know the plug was pulled and some people are already feeling it on their side. — I am guessing Kim is referring to the Pool of Destiny in the Moses Cave that she reported on July 21, 2023 which is in Syria.

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Also, just so we are aware it is 1990 again in Kuwait and Iraq. They have started an uprising; the same operation Rothschild ran there in 1990. They are trying to take the land of a tribe who sits on the border and turn it over to the Kuwaitis so there is fighting going on. Kim assumes they plan on rolling into Desert Storm shortly thereafter because that is what happened back then.

The Royal family in Kuwait, who are also members of the Order of the Dragon and are pretty much broke now are turning to their Rothschild and Chinese society members saying, hey what is going on? They are being told; well, you need to get this going. If we are to get our Great Reset then you better cause mayhem and kill some people, chop, chop. And this goes for some other places in the Middle East that report predominantly to Iran right now as well. At least we did not end up getting a terrorist attack in the US though, so that is good. They are a little bit slow to the party over there but soon they too will know their Great Reset is never going to happen. 

Now on to the rest of Kim’s Situation Report.

Governments Are Still Marching Off a Cliff With The Crazy Elites Who Are in Free-Fall

We can see the governments of the world are broke and are under the impression that money is coming on a day ending in ‘y’. When it became impossible for the level above them to fund governments, they started a new program and said Hey, we are undergoing the Great Reset! We are going to crash the world’s financial system and that is a really good thing.

What Are the Governments Being Told?

If they crash the world’s financial system then the people will feel some pain, there will be food shortages and stuff but we will still have enough batteries left to keep things going. This is disgusting and abhorrent but the governments are buying in, in part. They are buying the story that this is the way forward, the digital ID, full control over people and all of this.

Then they offered the governments’ different things like shares in USD or the new digital currency USD as one example. Then when it became apparent that was not happening Russia was propped up as the new hero over at BRICS with their partner China. They are going to trade in their own currency, isn’t that great? Except they do not have the gold to do it, and they do not have the systems. What technology do they have that can process billions of transactions per second? Their butter knives are not going to cut it even if they are with Mobius, Kreuger, Umbrella, etc. They do not have the technology to do what they want to do, where every transaction in the world goes digital. But they keep trying to fire up something that will not function. Some operatives know in part it will not function without a platform system such as Omega and they certainly are not getting a hold of Alpha no matter how many times they tried to hack it in order to run this. But they continue anyway.

And many in the Government still believe this group, the Rothschilds, WEF, the Banker section is telling them the truth, that we need a Great Reset and that they are going to become the elite, the New World Planetary Congress, in the face front with the UN. But that is a lie! If they burn the world’s financial system, they have nothing to take its place.

By the way governments are just a tool in these elite’s toolbox gifted to them by the Planetary Congress of the day. That is who created governments, the idea of them and how they would function. They created communism, democracy, monarchies, and all the government structures we have seen over the years because these were to be the front people for all of us to look at. So, when we are watching the news and they are talking about politics and politicians we are watching the show being performed for us, to get us to eat the poison in one way or another. And the media is designed for the same purpose. It is another tool to control the batteries.  

Director of National Intelligence is Walking the United States Off the Cliff

Kim said she understands there are people amongst them and their colleagues, like the Director of National Intelligence in the US who is willing to walk off the cliff with these Family people, but she will walk the entire US government with her.

I guess this would be that piece of work.

Director of National Intelligence (

Putin and BRICS Narrative

The same thing goes for Russia having just launched the digital ruble. However, they did not actually launch it. Maybe in part, but it fizzled out when the Chinese did not come through for them. The same thing with South Africa, right off the cliff they are going. Same for India, now Bolivia is involved, and Brazil.

They are all walking off a cliff and there are stories circulating on the internet now that BRICS has signed up 209 countries to join the new BRICS currency. That is a false statement.

Back in 2014 everyone thought Putin was the hero of the world, then it went to Trump and now Putin is back as the hero of the world. They just keep repeating the same operations on you over and over expecting a different result. Kim has met the real Putin when he was alive and she can tell us he is not their friend. If you live in Russia, you know that.

Kim’s Message to Governments Listening to this Broadcast:

Kim has warned governments repeatedly and she is retelling governments of the world this now because they have days to save themselves, or not.

She just told you what the Great Reset is really all about and what the crazy elites have been doing behind your back. Currently, the only thing standing in between the government is Kim and these whack jobs waiting for an alignment with Uranus or the moon or whatever day they happen to pick to fund your whole financial system, which is never going to happen. Meanwhile there is a world we all have to live in and we are not going back. There will be no Great Reset, no One World Government in your face.

The Order of the Dragon, what is left of it and remnants of the Order of the Black Sun, which as of last week was down to Opus Dei, are the ones who sit behind you and they are calculating alignments with planets and dates based on possible timeline reversal dates, possible events that might happen. They have very little limited knowledge as to why they think this. They were looking for documents of people who have come and gone from this planet. They are trying to determine when the right time this alignment is going to happen. They figured because the 28th of July is the first day of Lion’s Gate and is also within a few days of the full moon that occurred yesterday that that would be a good date to launch the FedNow system. That is the reason why they told you the FedNow system would be launched on the 28th of July, despite not having a real working system and why they gave stuff out in the media. Then they thought well, we probably have to wait until the full moon, at least until 24 hours before and after. And that is why Monday was total chaos, at least in part why. They are driving governments off a cliff based on old notes with mechanisms behind them that they do not understand. They would not know and nobody even bothers to research if the mechanism behind it is going to work.

So, what are you going to do? Are you going with the blonde lady with the Super Samurai Sword or are you going with a bunch of weenies with the butter knife? Who is going to save you in the war? It is your choice. But you should know these crazy elites are in free fall.

Review of the Former Structure of World Government

Rapidly approaching is the crash of the elite and at this point the question is: Who will they take with them? Therefore, Kim wanted to again reiterate the structure of the world government for new listeners. She has outlined this a few times and the past video she referred to about the structure was on June 27, 2022.

Note: Below posts are from the June 27, 2022 broadcast:
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2. The 15 Groups in the Shadow Military | How Intelligence Agencies Were Structured | 41 Coven Members Left Still Floundering | Part 2 | Just Empower Me

At the Top | Abraxas, the Draco & the Mantids

At the top were the Abraxas, the Draco and in part the Mantids who were part of the security section. That would have made up the leadership. Only Kim sits at the top now, where they used to sit. If you were in the Order, you would have probably never met anyone in this position, let alone being able to pick up the phone and call these people.

Level 2 | 21 Parents

The next level down were the 21 Parents. Each of the Parents would have run one or more of the Coven Masters who are also called Family Masters in some cases, as these would have been heads of the families. The 13 seats in the Illuminati and the Pindar seat are what you would be seeing there at this level.

Level 3 | Coven Members

Below the Coven Masters and Family Masters you had the Coven Members, and this goes for both the Order of the Dragon and Order of the Black Sun. Everyone was run by a coven of Dark Masters.

Level 4 | The Families, P3 Lodge, Opus Dei & Black Pope

Underneath that is when you start getting to some of the names we have seen, the Aldobrandini, the Medici, P3 Lodge people. Under them is Opus Dei and the Black Pope. These are the bad people circulating around the internet, those flow charts you see out there are based on this level on down. You also have the Order of the Golden Dragon based out of China and the Blue Dragon, your Rothschild families’ et al, out of London.

Note: Below excerpt about families at this level from related post, Earth Leads Return to Natural Law in Alliance of Worlds Agreement Ceremony | JASON Society Plan to Crash Markets | SSP Loses More Bases | Yuri AI Quantum System Gone | Potential Biological Weapon Found in Borneo & Removed | Just Empower Me

Level 5 | Bankers of Death

Underneath them you have people like the Bankers of Death. That means they are the ones who proliferate funds, the Banksters. The Jesuit Order handles it for the Black Sun and for the Order of the Dragon you have the Family Bankers, your Rockefellers, JP Morgans, etc.

This is kind of where we started this week, with these people being overzealous. Kim is talking about the Bankers of Death and the remnants of the next level down in the Order of the Black Sun and also the Family Members of the Order of the Dragon and they are extremely confused.

Level 6 | Operatives, Agencies and Governments

Underneath the Bankers of Death is really far down and that is where you finally reach the governments, operatives, and agencies.

Level 7 | We the People  

In the old structure the people are at the bottom, we are the batteries to the elite. 

The Situation We Have at Hand With Remaining Elites in Free Fall

There is no more Abraxas, Draco, and Demons coming up through the portals. No more Coven Masters or Family Masters or Coven Members. What we have left are people way down the food chain who may understand a little bit about what is going on. They probably have some old texts that talk about alignments and what could happen at specific times, but it is partial information. So, in their mind as people die, they just keep moving up the ranks. Oh, my boss is gone? Now I am the boss then. This is the mentality that has been happening. So, we have Kim who is way up at the top, she is stuck like glue up there, but she also wedged herself in between these new alleged bosses and what is right underneath them, which would be the governments.

(Above Status from my post in June 27, 2022)

Kim then told us about their latest operation to try and get their hands on money from the only one who has access to any, herself, and the CARE accounts.

Rumors About Social Security & Veterans Payments Not Being Paid

Kim has told us about the CARE accounts in the United States, South Africa, Iraq and Brazil and how she is planning on having these CARE accounts setup in every country. Well on Monday morning these Generals she referred to earlier set up a platform at UBS. Then they went behind her back and began pinging those accounts because they were planning on trading them. That is why they said Social Security payments would not be sent out for three weeks. They needed a way to generate enough money, actually ridiculous sums of money off of the money in the CARE account in order to take and keep control of the governments. There are a lot people in governments worldwide who are starting to question their authority. Well, that did not work out for the Generals because it is an encrypted account and they are not the signatory on said account.

They tried again.

Because Kim threw her hat in the ring on Monday, July 31st and called a friend at the Treasury to inquire about the Social Security and Veterans payments not being paid and offered to help, the crazies thought they could get money from Kim that way. Kim asked the Treasury Department for a number and they came back a few hours later with a number that was a little bit inflated, not severely, about $400 million off. Kim knew this because of course she already calculated it in advance. But at that time she didn’t tell the Treasury what was really happening, not until later in the day on Monday afternoon.

The Generals Try to Setup Scam with Fiserv

The reason Kim knew ahead of time what they were planning is because during the Generals Monday morning meeting she listened in and heard them talking about maybe getting her to release a small amount of money and they could promise to pay her, the people she has working with her, the GIA, and CARE later. They will put her off because she will never notice they are trading those funds. Oh really?

They tried to setup up trade accounts for the money they were going to steal from Kim so they could grow it really big.

Mark Williams is the CEO of Fiserv which holds all the payment processing for most governments’ payroll. Although when I looked on this site under Executive Leadership | Fiserv, Inc.  it says Frank Bisignano is CEO of Fiserv. Either I do not have the correct company Kim referenced or this guy is just a face front. In any case, the company Kim is telling us about also handles our EBT cards in the United States, Social Security payments, Veterans pay, and retirement pay. They also have a lot of proprietary software to manage EBT. They do a lot of the payment processing for most major credit cards and banks worldwide. They are huge and are part of the three letter companies list, like Pfizer and others.

Well, they convinced this man he was going to be the signatory on the CARE accounts. By him being the signatory of the CARE accounts, they were going to create trade accounts. You know, so they could put their trade proceeds in and then they were going to transfer them to Fiserv. Then Fiserv would have made all the disbursements for them, which means to them. So, they created a bunch of closed loop payment systems within computer systems because you have to let Fiserv process payments, you cannot take them out of the game completely.

Oh, but you actually can take them out of the game completely.

Ground Commander Kim is Already Way Ahead of Them

When it became apparent the money Kim was asked for was not going to the people to ensure Social Security and Veteran checks were paid at the Treasury Department, she started taking over all of Fiserv’s systems. She replicated the entire system and all their proprietary software and then put it in the Global Repository and disabled their system essentially. So, when everyone came in on Tuesday and they could not log in to Fiserv. By Monday morning she and her team removed all their fake closed loop systems and fantasy money that did not exist and their lie was about to be exposed.

Operatives Witness All Participants Being Executed on KIMS & It Doesn’t Faze Them

Kim was also aware of the fact that around 8am her time on Monday morning a meeting was to take place amongst all the Opus Dei members and the Generals who participated in this amazing financial work or art at Opus Dei’s special lodge, because that is where their secure line is. So, Kim sent one of her people to every single one of their people before they got on the call. Then she waited for them to call at 8am but they did not call. She understands that they all now all have a person with a gun to their head, but they should still pick up the phone to call because they have been told to do so by the person with the gun to their head. Well, they were delaying and delaying and then she just sent out an order to her people to pick up the line and make the call for them. Now they were all live on the Key Intelligence and Military System (KIMS), it was like a big zoom meeting of about 60-70 people. All their operatives were watching it live on KIMS as well because they were there waiting for orders and instructions. Except all the operatives heard was Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! They all got to watch the execution so they could make better decisions, I guess. But we will soon find out it did not make any difference.

That is what Kim and her team were doing while Sunny was recording the news on Monday.

I know Kim will never release an execution like that for the public. It would probably make the people blood thirsty and we would be back to the Roman Coliseum days. Not exactly the direction we want to take humanity going forward, but it sure would be nice to see some justice. Just sayin!

So you would think an event like this would shake governments, because that is what she is looking to do, she is trying to preserve peace and not chaos amongst the people. Every government in the world knew this happened and yet they are still following along with the bouncing ball. Incredible! So now the only thing between Kim and the people are what is left of these 2 groups of imbeciles.

Black Sun Operatives Still Running Off the Cliff

After witnessing this event the remaining people at the secret militaries like Umbrella, Mobius, etc. didn’t cease. They kept running around looking for these machines trying to make the Global Reset happen. Nobody changed course, nobody was stunned or shocked. You would think that it would have an effect on people, but nope. So maybe it was not the chip, maybe they are just so convinced they know everything that goes on in this world and they have access to all this equipment that they kind of sort know how it works. No one ever gave them all the information and Kim learned this from her predecessor. They were never given access to technology that could have affected them. In other words, if you created the ultimate Samurai Sword, they would have given you the tech to make a butter knife. That is how they worked. They never gave you the proper information. But the secret militaries think because they worked in a DUMB or got this information or that information they know everything. Kim has Alpha, the Samurai Sword, and they kept running around the planet doing their thing and dying because of it. No one is going to change these people’s minds.

Order of the Dragon, Rothschild Still Expecting the $21.4 Billion

Kim preset the payments for Social Security and Veterans pay to go out from the replicated Fiserv system at a specific time which was after the imbeciles had come into the office and figured out that Kim was not sending them any money. However, it was not before Rothschild made a call to the Treasury Department thinking they were still getting $21.4 billion. That was the amount they were asking for. They said they needed it for humanitarian projects.

So, they are still trying to get the money. It is all about the money for them because that is all they know. But they were held in the ‘financial compartment’ of the Parents and the Draco Plan which is above their head. They have yet to realize this. The Family Master or Coven Master was the one who distributed financial information to them and what they were supposed to do this year, but it does not mean the whole world is centered on finances. And what they cannot figure out is why they do not have control of the finances. Where are the order givers? Why do their dark mirrors not light up anymore? Well, there is nobody home and no one is listening to Kim. Even though she sits way above their head in the grand scheme of how the world functions and there is nobody home in between them. They either talk to her or not and clearly they decided to go it alone. Both groups decided to go it alone over there. I assume she means the Blue Dragon (Rothschild) and the Golden Dragon (China).

Summing up the Latest Elite Scam

Last night Kim was getting yelled at by the Director of National Intelligence because she is not supposed to pay the people directly through the databases that are already onboard at Fiserv. Where is our cut the Director wants to know? They were all in, bought by Rothschild and those Generals who promised them they would personally get a percentage of this trade, pocket money of around $15 million a month, but that varied depending upon the person.

Another comment she heard from the Director of National Intelligence when she was listening in on the back chatter is that Kim is stopping the “financial crash and the Great Reset”! So, the head of the DIA is upset with Kim for stopping a financial crash of the country she claims to work for and the citizens she claims she defends. What a piece of work.

Kim checked all the numbers, the inflated ones and listened to the Rothschild call they had with their investment banker people. She listened to all the chatter behind the scenes of what happens when Kim gives $21.4 billion to the US government, an emergency funding because they could not make those payments. She had to provide an alternative solution because obviously they do not care about the Veterans’ paychecks. And why would that surprise us? They literally just watched their colleagues all die on the Key Intelligence and Military System and it did not do anything, it didn’t faze them.

She even asked the Pentagon; can you give me a budget for your payroll so she can pay your people. She got a bunch of flak from them. They said they were going to call the Office of Budget & Management and they went around in circles. The Treasury did give her numbers, she will give them that, but then they got calls from Rothschild and believe they must do what they are told by them. These are not people who are going to stand up to them, they are just accountants and other workers there who do the jobs, and are afraid of them. So where is the military who should be protecting them? Aren’t they supposed to be a public servant?

World Situation at This Point in Time

The Elites & All Their Systems Are Going to Crash

Here is what we can possibly expect based on using an organic AI analysis:

We have about a 98% certainty that by the 6th of August the elites will no longer be able to function.

That means they have broken every bank in their downline, they have broken their word, hardly anybody is listening to these people anymore, they have the inability to perform a function which supports their Great Reset theory. There is no indication anywhere in the financial system that can actually support this.

At the current analysis she did right before she got on to do the broadcast, and remember people’s minds may change, if they survived past August 15th she would be surprised. So, as far as the elite go, they are done. Stick a fork in it. They are personally broke, their companies are broke, and their banks are broke. They cannot squeeze anymore out of anything. There is nothing left. There is nowhere for them to go to help their children, which are governments, Blackwater, the UN and all the rest. The bills are due, they cannot survive.  

UN Admitting They are Broke in Mainstream Media

The UN is admitting they are broke in mainstream now and begging for donations from people and organizations who are also broke. In Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the UN is looked upon completely different than in the US and Western Europe. The people know they are a terrorist organization that pushes poisons on them, and the UN food that goes out everywhere is tainted. There are several issues with agriculture in many countries that they are responsible for, like the salting of lands that were once fertile in places like Ethiopia, and the spilling of oil in Bolivia. Their terrorist activities are everywhere. They just walk in and do whatever they have to do and take whatever they have to take, to basically control the world. And just to reiterate for those who do not know, the UN was supposed to be the New One World Government. They would have been the face front for a lot of other groups that have already been the World Government or the Planetary Congress.

Lack of funding forces United Nations to cut global food aid –

The scam they tried at UBS in Switzerland did not work so they tried the same thing again this morning, but in Singapore, which also did not work. Now they are going to see if they can leverage any equity they might have in properties. Properties they think they still own. Yes, she has heard about that. But they broke everybody, so who is buying their bonds? They are not going to get $100 trillion, which is what they need by the end of the week to save this planet, to save their governments.

Existence of Governments?

At this point Kim is questioning again whether we are even going to have governments in the next 30 days. There is no money for governments, none is coming from the Order of the Dragon ever. She just explained their entire mechanism. Whether governments accept it or not, the alignment the crazies were waiting for did not work out and that was the pretense for their alleged Great Reset and they will end up tomorrow broker. You are never going to steal money from CARE because it is there for the right reasons, the right purpose. You agreed to govern, to be public servants which means you serve the public, and Kim is talking to every country in the world now. Are you going to do it or are you going to walk off a cliff and hope someone finds a machine somewhere and turn things around for you?

So now you have the information and Kim will probably make this report shareable because they have just days now. If Kim has proven nothing to you, especially the US, you will not take the people with you. You will not take our Veterans; they were paid and Social Security went out. And on the 12th of August, based on current analytics, and if nobody changes their mind all governments will explode. Banks will explode, we will start seeing everything explode. But the people will be fine.

Will the government wake up in the next 72 hours and figure out something must change because the Great Reset did not happen, which they did not even know what it is and now they do. Now they are educated and willful ignorance is a crime. Will they come forward and stop listening to the crazy cliff walkers and save themselves? Forget about skimming off the top and your pork and all that stuff for one second because you should be wondering if you are going to have a job. Are you going to continue to be a power broker in the world?

Decision Time

It is very, very serious right now and it has become abundantly clear that any Generals, Jesuits, 15 Secret Militaries, and any Governments that are left at this moment in time are going to be making a decision. What you do with this information is up to you.

Will the Secret Militaries recognize their signals are not there? Are they going to stop listening to the crazy people at the Space Force, and she is saying this for a reason? Are they going to stop trying to do a planetary event with a butter knife?

If we are going to even have a US government past the end of August, will there be anyone willing to turn their backs on the crazy elites and step up. She understands there is an oath to these people, but there is no one home but these crazies now. There is no one in between Kim and them. So now she is coming after them because if she cannot get the governments to save the governments from themselves then she is coming after whoever is standing in between them.

It is terrible she has to say this but come on already. You operatives people watched that execution on the Key Intelligence and Military system and you still do not move. But you cannot fix it, the head is broken. You cannot un-ring that bell. But in their minds, and only in their minds they have until 3 days after the full moon to hit a Great Reset. So, they think they have until Friday. Oy Vey!

What About We the People?

There are a lot of things that have gone on to prepare for this because Kim has been saying for over a year, we are prepared to go it alone. There is no reason to fear. She and her team have looked at every single aspect on what they could possibly do to the people, even nuclear war. While there are some protests going on, at least no one is getting hurt pretty much. If they had gotten that money yesterday there would have been a lot of people getting hurt.

Food Security

We have been talking over year and half about food security, growing your own gardens, getting in touch with your local farms and the farmers markets. Having a backup for supplies because if their corporations go down, we are going to have to come up. We will be responsible for saving our families. It is all be on us. Get together in community groups to make it happen until such time when we can build replacement corporations to do similar things. She has set up some networks for farms in different locations that are not dependent on the big grocery stores for survival. If you get enough of those together we will have plenty to eat. We have prepared for this.

Emergency Broadcast System

No emergency broadcast system will be going off because the only thing that is burning is them and any government, and corporation they take with them.

The Power Grids

She is preparing to make sure all that functions and the power stays on. She has access to all the power grids, so even if they are not getting paid the people will still have power until we can convert to a different form of electricity.

The Banks

Kim has set up the KIMS system to go directly to accounts. She and her team have accessibility to every bank’s webserver and every bank’s database. She has all the information for pension funds, etc. She has downloaded and replicated all these databases in the Global Repository. We will not have a problem with ATM machines or money moving around, she has a back up to that in case the banks do not want to put the money in there.  She already did the research and knows many of the suppliers of ATM machines and even the random ones that are not tied to a bank and they can distribute those as well. She knows who makes the ink and paper for all the printing of bills. She is prepared to do whatever we need to do to make sure the people are going to be okay. It could be rocky, she is not going to lie, but she and her team have everything they need to take over if government falls and they are prepared to do it with or without them. That is the bottom line.

Mainstream Media

The mainstream media is going to be the greatest enemy. She does not know who is still able to walk in and out of K Street with some narrative at this time. The panic will be created by the media and is very high on her target list to make sure those narratives do not go out. There are some people at the CIA who are starting to recognize the GIA’s existence, but others like to live in an illusion the GIA does not exist, even when it is quite clear Kim runs the Key Intelligence and Military System. But not acknowledging a problem does not mean it goes away for them.


We the people who know more than most are going to have be the calm in the storm and to do that we need to be grounded. Kim recommended that we take some time to ground ourselves every day and remember, if it’s going to be it’s up to me because at this point she thinks there is only a 2% chance of the governments turning around. It is looking like they are going off the cliff with their people in between.

And Sunny mentioned that some people on the CARE telegram chat are commenting that maybe we have to go it alone. I think that too. I always thought that was going to be the case.

Kim said we are going to reality land now. It will be a little rough but we can do it, just prepare for this. Have faith, God brought us to this point and she does not think he is going to hurt us all.

I agree 100% and it looks like we will find out for certain real soon!


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  1. Thankyou. I love the way you do these transcripts.
    God bless everyone with success and the joy of overcoming adversity.

  2. Andrés Díaz.

    gracias por compartir la informacion… nuestro despertar es la verdadera realidad…..que nuestro yo superior nos guíe a nuestro más alto propósito… que la fuente que todo lo es , nos guie .

  3. Ronald Binkley

    Thank you sincerely for this update and your wonderful transcription. You are appreciated.

    1. Thanks very much for posting the bitchute video,Isabelle, because the information is so critical. Not that the written reports aren’t helpful, but we’re at such a critical time/space.

  4. Gustav Adolph

    Its been very kind of you consistently transcribing these broadcasts for the benefit of humanity. We are most grateful to you keeping us updated. To Kim and her team I say many many thanks for being the channel to save humanity.

  5. jemgroup and readers. How to understand …. These are your ascended timelines. Everything you saw above 9 and above 3 on the clock would be partially neutral and you would have completely light ascension timelines. Anything below 3 and 9 on your clock would be seen as partially neutral and/or dark timelines. The destroyer actually folded the clock in half
    Many years ago, the Destroyer actually folded the clock in half, and now 12 and 6 are the same. For example, 10 is now between 9 and 8. So, what has happened in the last couple of days, which may have made a lot of us feel very weird and fluid, or feel like you’re living in an alternate reality because we’re currently time is at 9. We are in crystalline time, but we are also in alignment right now.


    METICULOUS, RECIPROCITY ….wonderful Source is and gracious our sister Kim for doing all that is required. I love her truly beloveds.

  7. Thank you for doing all these reports. Greatly appreciated. The last two weeks were rough. Lots of us could not understand feeling utterly drained at certain hours of the day. We are experiencing flooding in Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. Since weeks now they have been mounting down ATM machines everywhere, minimising it to one machine per municipality. We also cannot withdraw more than 500€ at a time. In Italy some businesses refuse to take cash. Our town were chosen for this smart city aka concentration camps. Fully operational now. Our governments are on break until middle September when school starts. I hope all of them except the peoples party will not return. They are our biggest enemy and cannot be trusted since c19. Take care and tks again.

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