Earth Leads Return to Natural Law in Alliance of Worlds Agreement Ceremony | JASON Society Plan to Crash Markets | SSP Loses More Bases | Yuri AI Quantum System Gone | Potential Biological Weapon Found in Borneo & Removed

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 6, 2022 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Included is byproducts of Earth’s merging densities 1, 2 and 3, Pentagon whines about no money, JASON/Pilgrim Society think tank can’t read a calendar, more cleaning involving qubits, crystal bits. SSP loses another base, a couple of my-labs, and another dark AI system called Yuri. Potential biological weapon diverted and Earth leads the dedication ceremony for returning back to Source and Natural Law!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Earth’s Return to the Harmonious Multiverse Update

In my last post, I shared info from Kim regarding the fact that Earth has three densities 1, 2 and 3 which are now connected through the central vortex or the central sun of Earth. And just like if we meet someone who shares similar frequencies to ourselves, we feel a connection with that person because they are likely part of our soul family. Well the Earth is also feeling this as she reconnects with her former self.

This reconnection with the 1st and 2nd density of earth is bringing those planets back to life, which of course is a definite positive. Humans have memories of what happened in the 1st and 2nd density version of Earth and depending on your DNA some of us might have started feeling more of a connection, a feeling of being more at home so to speak. You might also have experienced feeling weighted down. The reconnection is causing some heaviness. Big changes can manifest is a sickness, or flu like symptoms for some of us, but it’s more like a cleansing, or forcing rest that is needed because there have been a lot of things happening in both a negative and positive ways. This is one byproduct as these earth densities continue to merge which will even out over time.

There were some remnants still trying to make their way through the old portals, which definitely had a somewhat negative effect. The SSP attempted to help them from several bases. The bases she mentioned were Mount Shasta, Palm Desert California, Ukraine, and Israel. They tried to hook up a frequency machine to make it happen and incur a sense of danger, in conjunction with rocket guided missiles. The SSP was warned not to proceed. However, not all heeded that warning. Those that didn’t are no longer amongst us because now that we’re operating under Natural Law, there are immediate consequences when you deliberately try to kill innocents. Hallelujah!

06-05-2022 United Network Global News Desk (

May 1st Activities

Pentagon Whining Like Babies

The Pentagon called Kim but she didn’t answer the phone. Instead, she contacted Tom Melville to ask why they are calling her. Tom has been on Life Force calls in the past and is a contact of Kim’s for a long time now. So she asked what they wanted because from her vantage point the Pentagon is still not doing anything beneficial for humanity.

And that seems to still be the case. They were angry and I imagine wanted to whine about lack of money. They seem to be under a false assumption that the $5.8 trillion budget passed and they wanted their share. They expected a percentage of that budget. There was another expectation they would all get paid on April 30th so where is theirs? But the budget never went anywhere. It wasn’t ratified and no funds disbursed. So if they could do math, 100% of zero is still zero. Maybe they need someone on their team who knows how to count. This seems to be a recurring problem for them.

Pelosi Returns from Ukraine

It returned from Ukraine after doing some lines of coke with Zelensky, promising financial assistance and then declaring war with Russia. I guess that why orders were sent out to find money wherever they can. Oh, and they are looking for a scalar weapon of any sort on the black market. So if you know a guy, who knows a guy…. Dios Mio! Fortunately the real Pelosi is now gone, according to Kim. It’s about time. Not that it matters, they just fill the meat suit with another demon. How much longer will they keep this show up? That’s anyone’s guess.

JASON/Pilgrim Society | A Think Tank that Forgot to Think

The JASON Society, otherwise known as the Pilgrim Society, are part of the Order of the Black Sun and is the group of purported thinkers. They run a think tank and they had a meeting to plan the crash of all the stock markets in the world that would take place on Monday. Which Monday? The Monday when almost all countries, except the US have their markets closed because it’s a bank holiday. The Think Tank might need to rethink that plan. I guess they really needed it to be that Monday, because Kim didn’t mention a new date.

Stock Market Crash Thwarted | Stingray System

How were they intending to crash the market this time? Well the latest system the wingnuts brought to the surface was called StingRay. Stingray was part of another system called ECHELON and was run by the NSA. Kim mentioned it before, and this system I recall was talked about in the TV series Alias.

The crash was going to be a cooperative effort through multiple countries. Why use Stingray? Because it was installed in every single stock market worldwide. It was ‘marketed’ as a type of firewall protection, but of course we know anything that is supposed to be ‘protection’ is really just a control or backdoor, and in this case it provided access to the stock market which would have enabled them to complete the manipulations. That connection was severed a few years back, however they tried to reconnect it. So it had to disappear completely, which it has.

Cleaning Out Qubits

What are qubits? According to Kim they are like etheric parasites. Just like ARCHONS, these qubits could have become activated during the recent full moon/black moon eclipse this month. And since the Black Moon for the Black Sun must be like nirvana for them, they tried to harvest their spells and do their black magic to activate the qubits, but it did nothing really. We might have felt some ill effects, but it would have been just a trickle, and not like a Niagara Falls that would have happened in the past.

Wingnuts Still Searching for a Loop Hole in the Tablets of Destinies

The SSP and others in the Order of the Black Sun tried to find a loop hole in the Tablet of Destinies (mythic item) – Wikipedia. Those tablets have been mentioned in the last few Intel updates. They are very old, ancient tablets that were held by Enlil which gave him the right to rule over earth, human souls, and farm our loosh. These tablets were canceled and voided several months ago in the Hall of Records, as Kim mentioned a couple of times already. They must be slow learners. So there is no loop hole and if they want they could find the cancelled agreement proving as such. They need only ask.

The Remnants were then given another choice to move on, move forward and leave this planet, but they didn’t take the offer. Why, because another alien race was coming to save them on May 5th. Sunny asked Kim, who is giving them this information? To which Kim replied, well they took good notes from past promises given by their slave masters and they are attached to a past timeline that isn’t ever going to happen. The schedule, the location, the mode of transportation has changed dramatically yet they are still waiting for the same bus at the same old stops.

May 2nd Activities

SSP Threatens Group of Contractors to Hack Base Platform

While Kim and team continued to remove the qubit remnants on May 2nd, the SSP ordered, or rather threatened a group of hackers, yet again to try and access the base platform system. They have been told repeatedly there isn’t anything to connect to, but that did nothing to deter the SSP. So Kim said she let them see that the base platform is in an entirely different language which they couldn’t recognize. She said they needed permission to connect as far as they did, but there was no harm in lifting the window a bit to let them see in. The hope was that maybe they would finally understand that everything was replaced, in a language they can’t even understand, and that the alpha system is the only one that works. The Omega (also called Kronus) system is gone. Instead they were trying to remove it thinking it’s a firewall of some kind. So that didn’t work. She said she’ll shut them out and will be done with it. The SSP just has unrealistic expectations. It’s not the contractors fault, they are being threatened no doubt.

Crystal Bits Cleaning

That day Kim said she also was cleaning out some crystal remnants which were left over when those demons on the run were trying to break through some of the portals and they changed the frequencies. These crystal bits are like a protection on the portal and determine that the right energy only gets through.

SSP Loses Another Base

If you were feeling distressed or agitated with others around you on May 2nd, it could have been due to a facility in Pennsylvania. There is a Homeland security base there run by the SSP, and they were sending out phantom frequencies to prepare us for their alien saviors who were coming on May 5th

This didn’t turn out so well for the SSP because their weaponized machines are not the only things that are being removed. The entire base was taken out with a frequency weapon. The loss of another SSP base has resulted in a lot of fighting amongst the people in Virginia. I’m guessing she is referring to Langley/CIA when she said Virginia.

May 3rd Activities

China Dam

Another potential plan by the wingnuts was to blow up a dam in China to start WWIII. Fortunately this was just a thought and no effort went into it.

May 4th Activities

Yuri, a Dark AI Quantum System Removed

Kim said on May 4th they actually found a pretty powerful machine that went very deep, to the 7th lower level. It was called Yuri and resided in the Foreign Ministry Building in Moscow, which is one of the seven sisters and evidently are very beautiful buildings. It was called Yuri after the guy who created it, Yuri Manin. The system worked in cooperation with the Omega system. It was only partially functioning because the 8th or 9th lower levels is no more, but it still could do something. So they were trying to create the Great Reset with this dark AI quantum system.

Yuri Manin – Wikipedia

Kim stated an obvious point worth mentioning, in that it’s not the reset that’s the problem. We definitely do need a reset, but we certainly don’t want the Black Sun Generals in charge of it, so Yuri had to go too. We don’t want that dark AI on earth. There was a lot of backlash for Kim personally for that move. She spent a lot of time in a salted bath that day, which neutralizes attacks of negative frequencies. Anyone can benefit by submerging in salt water. An ocean or lake is ideal, but if not available, take a bath!

May 5th Activities

Earth Leads Special Ceremony on May 5, 2022

So this is super cool. On May 5th starting at 4:39 Central European Time (CET), a special ceremony was held by folks all over the multiverse who are going through same thing we are here on Earth in dedication for all of us going back to Source and Natural Law. The Council was there as well as the Alliance of Worlds that was recently created.

Earth was granted the ability to lead. This was in part because of our location and proximity and lowest density. They started from the outside in. We are the eighth planet from that perspective.  Kim participated and got to talk to other Ambassadors in the Alliance, which are from the other seven planets.

The ceremony or ritual began at 4:39 Central European Time, and of course the dark side also had their thing going on to bring the frequency down, but they cleared it out. She said it was so interesting to see. The Earth didn’t move, but it looked like some ethereal thing moved through Earth, like in a prism type fashion. Then the other planets went through the same kind of ethereal cleaning. The dark matter went away. Wow! How amazing that must have been to witness!

So at the time of this report she said we’re still waiting for the ultimate balancing. Like she mentioned at the beginning of her update, the other two densities of Earth are coming back to life. They aren’t just an energy signature but taking a life and forming.

May 6th Activities

Project Mylab

There were two facilities still remaining related to mylabs, with around six people in each, one in Croatia and the other in London. Evidently they didn’t get any the memo that May 5th didn’t work out for them. So they were doing their thing sending out plasma disruptors and negative frequencies when they got hit with a frequency weapon and are now gone.

These labs and people were attached to the Black Nobility, so some of those names we’ll be familiar with, such as the Aldobrandini and the Medici families. There is quite a bit of information to be found about the Black Nobility but I like to check what Lisa Renee’s has in her Ascension Glossary. Below are a few excerpts.

Black Nobility and Vatican City

Black Nobility and Vatican City
In retaliation to the Yeshua Mission, the Orion Group chose to invade the territories near the 5th dimensional stargate, by infiltrating this central region of Italy, in order to lay the foundation for what would become the Church of Rome, the Papacy and the Vatican City. This began the invasion of the Black Sun nonhuman entities into the region, which are the groups who originally built the Catholic religious control mechanism and then infiltrated the Jesuit military order. This historical infiltration of the Jesuits at its top Supreme General position, by the negative aliens in the Orion Group, greatly plagues human society today. By combining these two NAA infiltrated organizations over time, the Vatican and Jesuit Order, these would become the merciless planetary controller mechanism for the worldwide political banking cartels. It is the center point of the satanic pillars used for the perpetuation of global Blood Sacrifice offerings, which are used for summoning demonic spirits and satanic alien forces that actually enter this realm through the stargate that exists under Vatican City.

From about the 13th century, several Northern Italian aristocratic families infiltrated by the Khazarians much earlier, began to develop into the highest of the ruling satanic elites through the accumulation of vast wealth in the banking and merchant businesses. These ruling elites found their wealth exploding through satanic practices of blood and child sacrifice and began to settle into the areas close to the power center of the Vatican. These wealthy Roman aristocratic families are the main lineages of the Black Nobility and Papal bloodlines whose ancestors include: the House of Sfroza, Visconti, Savoy Genovese, Torlania, Colonna, Massimo, Aldobrandini, Doria, Orsini, Farnese, Pallavicini, Ruspoli, Hapsburg, Hesse and Rothchild.

The Vatican remains a massive power and global control center for running the One World Order pedophilia operations for Satanic rule, throughout the Controller Pillars of Society, which is overseen and managed by the Black Nobility and bloodline families. This particular satanic agenda goes back to 2,000 years ago, when the Black Sun Draconians retaliated by infiltrating the Greek sacred texts and Rome to build the Church of Rome. Thus, mock the Christos Mission and spread their violent religious rhetoric through the mind control worshipping of the false Jesus crucified in a satanic blood sacrifice.

The Vatican City in Rome is one of the NAA Black Sun entity’s main control bases and global headquarters. It is the spiritual center used for carrying out the satanic ritual and operations for gaining wealth and material power for the globalist Luciferian bloodline families and funding their satanic agendas. The top power echelon in the Vatican is secretly working with the international criminal cabal government groups, the Jesuit military orders and the luciferian bloodline families –together called the “globalists”– to carry out blood sacrifice rituals and child trafficking in order to nourish the satanic forces on the planet.

Source: Black Nobility and Vatican City – Ascension Glossary

May 9th Activities

Rumors US will Launch Biological Weapons on Russia

Rumors are going around that Russia is going to declare war against the US on May 9th. Typically May 9th is celebrated in Russia every year with a military parade to show off their weaponry, as it’s their Victory Day over WWII. Evidently the Russian Generals are being told that the US intends to launch biological weapons on Russia. What biological weapon are they referring to this time? Well it’s not the bubonic plague. That was what they used the money for from the US budget two years passed, to dig up corpses of people who died of the bubonic plague in an attempt to replicate it and unleash on humanity. No worries, they didn’t succeed with the bubonic plague. Instead they had plans to use this year’s US budget money for something much worse than the bubonic plague. Around thirty thousand years ago there was a parasite they found in some kind of glowing goo that existed in Borneo. They planned to unearth it, then take that remnant and spread it around to kill us all. Fortunately this recent budget didn’t go anywhere, and better yet, they found that red goo which actually was in Borneo and removed it. It’s now gone, so there are no biological weapons to launch. This won’t stop the fear porn from circulating though.

Psychotic Space Force General | John W. Raymond Running the WH

The war in Ukraine is very real. People are dying. The only thing we can do is not let it happen to the entire world. They think they can make that happen though. The Space Force nut job currently running the White House, General John W. Raymond – Wikipedia, actually thinks they have the nuclear codes. Except he only has two and they need three, which he doesn’t know he needs according to Kim, and the two he has aren’t the real codes. So he can try to make a first strike, but nuclear war is never going to be allowed to happen. They can continue to talk about the threat of nuclear war on the fake news to create the fear, but it will never happen. Fortunately Kim’s team has frequency weapons that will neutralize if God forbid they launch something.

Psychopath of the Highest Order

May 15th | Expectations from the Blood Red Moon

Here we go again. You know what this means. The wingnuts will be saved, the real demon level aliens will arrive, and/or fake Trump will be reinstalled as President. Why? Because they continue to believe their timeline is gonna happen. So in anticipation they keep up the war with Russia, circulate disinformation about Looking Glass and that Winston Woo character, who was a big deal evidently but has been gone for weeks now. I guess they think the Blood Red Moon on May 15th will resurrect this Woo guy and Trump. Yeah, sure that’s the ticket back to their negative timeline, except it didn’t happen.

Final Notes

The back chatter circulating is what most of us have figured out quite awhile ago. Their orders are now to destroy us and destroy Earth since they aren’t going to gain control of Earth. Since they are a dead animal on the brink of extinction we have to be ever vigilant on what more they could possibly dream up.

The good news is the more they try to destroy us and Earth, the easier Kim and her team are able to find and more quickly destroy them and their toys. Every day we get closer to where we need to be as humanity. We have a lot to be excited about regarding our future.

Earth used to be the final frontier, now Earth is the linchpin of the Alliance of Worlds Agreement and she has achieved a new high. And right before that major achievement we had a new Covenant with Source. It’s a high honor for Earth and all of humanity! So until next time, stay safe, stay sane and know we’re on the winning side!


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    1. You’re very welcome. And I too am hoping we’ll see some positive changes in our daily lives real soon. Seems like their broken systems are hanging on by a thread and it’s all going to fall down any minute.

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