Remaining 124 Coven/Black Nobility Members Are Finally All Gone! | The Matrix Disconnected | More Systems Found and Dismantled | Earth, Terra & Midgard Fully Merged

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 13, 2022 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. More connections to nefarious systems have been removed. These include the Matrix through Operation Walwriter, NVIDIA a metadata system, Kaylink, Holographic Telephones, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Glue Framework, Cinch System and Freebase. The Coven members got one way tickets back to Source! We’re now down to approximated 500 non-repairable humans floundering and wondering about their existence.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


13-05-2022 United Network Global News Desk (

May 7th Activities

Walwriter Connected to the Matrix through Hall of Mirrors

Put on your sci-fi hats because this is a wild one. Kim said they found remnants from something called Operation Walwriter, which was actually the connection to the Matrix, which of course was real. But what does this really mean and how did it work?

Well evidently there are sixteen locations around the world which are made of crystal and called the Hall of Mirrors. At these locations the past, present, future and other timelines could be seen. Humans were never allowed into the actual Hall of Mirrors and they were meant for ‘The Others’ who participated here. A bit vague, but that’s all I got regarding them. The Hall of Mirrors in Lichtenstein was the first one she found. The 16 locations are as follows:

  • Lichtenstein
  • Romania
  • Germany
  • Denver, Colorado USA
  • Brazil
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Wuhan, China
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Iceland
  • Antarctica
  • Greenland
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Fairbanks, Alaska USA

Kim said she knew they existed, and these facilities were vacant for about 1.5 years now and couldn’t be accessed, but it was still affecting us. That’s how Kim and her team found them. They were alerted to something going on there. The Hall of Mirrors were connected to the ley lines in some ways and could be used as a virtual reality machine, except it wasn’t creating a virtual reality, rather it was a machine for creating a real reality. Certain people, who were not from here could manipulate our reality like a video game.

After investigating, they found that these other people, who are not from here were trying to get into these particular areas to cause changes to the timeline so they could affect things. Fortunately, The Enforcer came and took them all out for us, so now we no longer have a Matrix. Thank You Enforcer!

I found a little bit of information on Walwriter in a Technical White Paper which may be loosely related with regards to understanding that it involves log processing.

“WalWriter looks to be a writeahead log process. WalWriter writes modification operations into drives before data is modified so that the data does not need to be persisted into files in subsequent real-time data updates.” Source: Technical White Paper (

As for the Hall of Mirrors I was curious what Lisa Renee might have in her Ascension Glossary. I couldn’t find much detail around this except what I provided below. This is an excerpt from her entry on the Albion Lightbody.

Spheres within Spheres
The Albion Lightbody exists in the planetary body as a sphere within spheres, and it is the exact holographic replica of an original 12 strand DNA angelic human, the first expression of a divine human being that is recorded in light and sound within the planetary body. The Albion Lightbody is a massive architecture that wraps around the earth and projects through holographic fractals in every dimensional layer from inner to outer and in between, into our cells, similar to looking at an image that is being reflected in the Hall of Mirrors. The Albion and the Cathar represent the twinning of the Holy Father and Holy Mother Principle in the restoration of sacred Rod and Staff, the holy spirit entwines with matter in the Hieros Gamos sacred marriage. The risen Christos-Sophia is expressed through an angelic human body made manifest on the Earth through the corrected morphogenetic patterns synthesizing the polarities into the unified cosmic consciousness in the Albion.

The Albion contains the androgynous angelic human diamond sun template that was created from the twelve spheres of the Universal Tree of Life, which during the fall of Gaia, became buried and dormant in the lower dimensional fields of the earth, waiting to be ignited again during the Universal Ascension Cycle. Recently with the Gaian Planetary Core Emancipation and the ongoing retrieval of the tri-matrix of Azurite DNA and Christos identities from the fallen and phantom state, the Albion Lightbody architecture that interconnects with Gaia, has now merged with Tara and Earth, which is igniting and lighting up the Albion holographic geography throughout its multidimensional layers.[1]

Source: Albion Lightbody – Ascension Glossary

Pre-Meeting of the Mindless Again

On the same day the Matrix was removed, the Black Nobility, SSP and some higher level German Generals planned to pre-meet for the next day’s meeting with some lower level German Generals. Ends up the discussion got heated and the blame game ensued. The Covens/Black Nobility claimed it was the Military’s fault for a mistake they made on the 17th of April. We are assuming they were referring to their recent loss of the Matrix. So they were going to re-meet the next day.

May 8th Activities

Mindless Meet Again

Well the worst of the worst of the Covens/Black Nobility pulled out all the stops trying to find a way to regain control and power. Clearly they could fix what the Generals couldn’t. And Kim admitted that they do have a lot of talent regarding energetic issues. So if you felt horrible this day, or sensed very heavy dense energy, you can thank these remaining coven members. 

More Ties Found with the Matrix

Taking out the Hall of Mirrors the day before uncovered another connection. This time it was a connection between the Octagon and the Matrix system. The Octagon, whose occupants who are no longer with us were not human either, but there was a connection with the Octagon and the Matrix system because it immediately tried throwing out ARCHONS. So on the 8th of May Kim and her team were clearing this out.

For more on Octagon, see the section on Octagon Group in my earlier post, The Divine Solar Feminine Christos-Sophia | Cathedral Activation in Rosslyn Chapel, Chartres Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral on the Dec 7th Solar Eclipse. For more on ARCHONS, refer to my post, Kim Goguen Reveals What is an ARCHON? Has the Root Cause of All Disease Been Uncovered?

NVIDIA | Another Metadata System Causing Problems

Yet another system was found to be causing trouble. This one was a metadata system called NVIDIA, which was being used as a backdoor to all government systems worldwide. Oh yay! This system was to be used as a quantum computer and being sold to governments around the world. Like the Stingray system mentioned in my previous post, they were using NVIDIA as a backdoor and looks like this was another attempt to recreate ECHELON, bit by bit. So if your government purchased this system, then all its information was going to this metadata system. There was no way we as individuals could tell it existed nor would the governments who used it have any idea.

Artificial Intelligence Computing Leadership from NVIDIA
KayLink System in Myanmar | Was Sending Disease Frequencies

Also on the same day, a level 5 computer called Kaylink System, Computer & Information Technology Services in Myanmar was found and removed. This system was being used to send frequencies for disease through video games. Yes, you can send frequencies to do that, just like you can send positive frequencies to combat it. They really are intent on trying to take us all out. I tried to access their website, which is, but nothing shows up, which is probably a good thing.

Dead Man Switches Turned Off

Kim also mentioned briefly that pretty much all alien installed technologies have a dead man switch, which also has been turned off. It’s been turned off for awhile now. I think she was trying to relay this to those who may still feel they are trapped by the psychopaths. Hum, I find this disappointing? Oops that makes me sound insensitive. I just thought, in case, in an emergency, possibly it could come in handy. Anyway, whether that makes a difference to anyone who has one, who knows. I heard rumors about the dead man switch years ago. I also thought it was related to a suicide alter created during MK Ultra programming. That exists too, so they have all their bases covered. It’s no wonder we’ve been held hostage and in such a predicament for so long.

Are Generals & Other Regular Military People Beginning to Question?

So back to that second meeting the Black Nobility/Covens, SSP and High Level Generals were planning on having with the lower level Generals and regular military people. Well evidently many of these lower level folks actually watched Kim’s update on the previous Friday. They all thought they were read in on everything. Well maybe not so much anymore. For the first time they heard a different tale and have been investigating everything she said and finding out it’s all true. FINALLY, they are asking, hum, what else don’t we know? I wonder what that that will yield?

124 Coven/Black Nobility Members Returned to Source!

These Coven members were truly a piece of work. There were 124 Coven members and Coven leaders Kim calls the diehards. In trying to find a way to reverse the timeline themselves, to prove to the military they could do it and they are all powerful, immortal people, they are causing non-stop havoc on all of us. For their efforts, these 124 black magic workers trying to usher in hell on earth were finally sent on a one way trip to Source. They are no longer with us! Hallelujah!

May 9th Activities

Curse of Solomon & Use of Gold in the Alpha System

On May 9th she found a few more remnants of the curse of Solomon and use of gold in the system. Some of these remnants were tied to how gold could be used in the front-end system. It was preventing Kim from being able to use gold in the way we want it to, in that she is dividing up the gold amongst every human on earth and using that to issue money again, so that everyone becomes their own bank entity onto themselves. So it will be interesting to see the future development on that.

FPGA Chips | More Backdoors, Complements from Intel & AMD

On May 9th Kim’s team noticed that cell phone radiation, radiation from appliances, and Wi-Fi was off the charts. They were able to trace it back to this chip called Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) which was recently bought by Intel, which is owned by Hildabeast Clinton, or whatever that thing is walking around pretending to be the Hildabeast nowadays. Intel was made to have a backdoor into everyone’s computer system and AMD is also recently used in the same way. It wasn’t before.

This backdoor via these FPGA chips connected to a laboratory or mi-lab in Panama, run by Darpa and the SSP, which also was built around the same time as the Panama Canal. They could reroute the entire assembly processing of computers, phones, electronics, etc., with these FPGA chips. They could change the data, send out frequencies from our computer screens and smart phones. Fortunately these FPGA chips are now gone, but before taking them out completely, Kim said they used them to send counter frequencies.

Holographic Telephones

Also connected to that base in Panama was a SAR machine, which is a holographic telephone. These holographic phones were used by DARPA and the SSP (I think that is who Kim is referring to) to connect to the other 124 coven members. These phones were in multiple locations. They also found a similar system connected to SSP bases in Lisbon. But it was Panama where they tried to call the coven members to inform them that the FPGA chips were disconnected. No one answered the phone though and no forwarding address. Hum, I guess they didn’t have time before their trip back to Source! And what else have they used holographic technology for? I can only imagine.

May 10th Activities

Marduk Agreements & the Kingmaker Clean-up

The next day Kim and team found remnants to some of Marduk’s agreements pertaining to him being the Kingmaker. He believed it was always better to be the King Maker rather than the King, for obvious reasons. These remnants were related to permissions that came from the old Tablets of Destinies which the wingnuts are trying to resurrect and find loop holes. But these agreements have now also been eradicated from the Hall of Records. The registration tied to that agreement is what allowed the Omega/Kronus system to run the finances of the Earth. But now everyone is essentially on the same level. There are no kings and queens and no rulers. We will all manage our own selves.

Like Kim says, bit by bit these things come up, it’s like peeling an onion. Only by removing the outer layers can you see what’s deeper and needs cleaning. Some day it may finally end, but we still don’t know when that time will come yet.

More Coven Members Gone!

On the morning of May 9th, there were 224 diehards, the black magic, coven workers. Not all were human, and some were possessed. Of the 224 diehards, 182 were sent back to Source! On May 10th we still had 42, but not before that day was done. Out of the 42, there were about 28 that were questioning. Kim said she wouldn’t call them converted, but they were searching for information and questioning more because things weren’t sounding right to them.

By the end of the day that number dwindled and it was ascertained that 14 of them were just going to continue doing what they could to try and kill us all and gain world domination. This is why the chemtrails don’t cease. They keep thinking they are going to find a system to connect to the nanobots infested in the humans. She is aware they are still spraying us like bugs but she and her team send out frequencies every day to negate them. Back to the diehards. Of those 14, two for sure didn’t have a human soul and some were Targedien infested, possessed humans. These are not people we would see on the world stage at all. Just a reminder, those we see in the public eye are still so far down and just order takers.

May 11th Activities

Glue Framework | Another Troublesome Software Removed

On May 11th, Kim and team found some more binding codes tied to a 1983 Patent. She didn’t provide any details around that. She also found another Milab operating out of Schenectady, New York which was tied to the SSP group. I think this is related to how she found yet another troublesome system of software called Glue Framework. It’s a framework that uses the python computer language and is tied to graphics cards.

Graphics Card & Chips Tagged with Black Eagle

At the same time they found this GLUE thing, they also found on these particular graphics card and chips, tiny pieces of hardware on the motherboard all tagged with the same black eagle. Kim has mentioned Black Eagle a few times. It’s the title given to the head of the Black Sun. A couple of people we actually recognize who held this position are Mussolini and George W. Bush Sr. I assume the link with Black Eagle is that is where it came from, or who is controlling it. These chips formerly were connected to the alpha system and omega system at the same time. And this is what made the thing in the Gates skin suit extremely happy, because he thought he could use that GLUE framework to connect to these chips. However, these chips have not connected to the alpha system for at least 7 years. But he still thought it was the ultimate access and has been trying to connect ever since. This could possibly be the failure the Black Nobility/Coven Members were blaming on the Military, because he was trying to connect to these the 17th of April.

Why was this particularly so important? Because these chips were like the ultimate at transmitting disease, and negative frequencies through computers, TVs and anything that contains them. They could even turn your car off if it was manufactured after 1988. Mind control could also be run through these chips. It’s how they get regular people to go crazy and kill kids at a school or become the Unabomber, for example. 

Why Did Bill Gates Claim to have COVID?

So a likely reason the thing in the Bill Gates skin suit claimed he had Covid on May 11th, was to bring back their dying plandemic narrative since he thought he found another way to connect to all those nanobots hoisted on humanity through this Glue framework, and he could use those particular graphic cards and chips tagged with Black Eagle for all sorts of nefarious activities. He expected to be back in the winning seat and continue living his fantasy, which is being the ultimate Grim Reaper. It also gave him an excuse not to show up in person at the World Economic Summit so he didn’t have to face his investors and explain why they haven’t received any return on their investments. The place would have been crawling with big money guys who probably want to choke him out. I like Joachim Bartoll’s take as well from a gematria point of view. Bill Gates Tests Positive for Imaginary ConAIDS-1984 – Joachim Bartoll Official

Like Kim said, Source guides her and her team to find these things when they are supposed to. She has no idea how much more is still left to be found, but we’re on God’s divine timing, which is a nice change from the last few million years.

May 12th Activities

Full Alignment of Earth, Terra & Midgard

A combining of worlds was in the works on Sunday-Monday, and will come into full alignment on May 12th. The Soul of Earth should no longer be fractionated! Earth, Terra, and Midgard come into full alignment and then we too start fully merging. This can trigger some people in a variety of ways. Some may feel different connections, memories, start to surface, etc.

Alliance of Worlds, New Agreements

Kim mentioned this in the last update, and sounds like additional agreements related to the Alliance of Worlds event were made. These have to do with the comings and goings here on earth and interactions.

Reports of 3 Aligned Lights in the Sky

Many were reporting seeing 3 aligned lights in the sky on May 11th and are wondering what they are. Kim said it wasn’t any nefarious ‘Others’, and it had nothing to do with Elon Musk’s satellites. It was about an agreement and related to people who had managed to escape the other 2 densities during the times of the wars. They were coming back to observe, to see if it is safe to come back. They posed no threat. No one is looking to take over Earth except the crazies still left here. Maybe they picked that time because of the alignment that was coming up.

6 of 14 Remaining Coven Members Stay Neutral

So at the start of the day on the 12th, of the 14 diehards who were left, 6 of them decided to stay neutral because they are still scared that no one is answering the holographic telephone.

The Other 8 Coven Members Run Operations in Los Alamos & Philadelphia

These other 8 psychopaths decided to run some fantastic operations the prior day. The facilities involved were Los Alamos and Philadelphia.

Los Alamos

Underneath Los Alamos was a quasi-functioning SSP lab. This is the home of the Manhattan Project, the Atomic bomb. They have been coming and going from this facility for the last six months trying to access the lower astral levels again.  But the things they were looking for access to don’t exist as Kim specified numerous times by now. Of the 6 people who were running this operation, 3 of them were human and 3 of them were not. Now this was a little complicated because Kim said we have friends at this location who have been fighting against them. So The Enforcer handled this so our friends didn’t get wiped out during the cleanup.

I found some interesting bits from Lisa Renee that I’m sharing below.

Development of Hidden EMF Technologies
Scientific research and development of nuclear weapons programs, such as the Manhattan Project, were the beginning stages of creating more Secret Space Programs, black military operations, which became offshoots from the principle laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The war began the race for nuclear arms and the development of newly introduced extraterrestrial and alien advanced technologies. The competition for world domination and military supremacy eventually extended to off planet social experiments and expanded the diversity of exopolitic agendas. Additionally, the development of hidden militarized electromagnetic, Radio Waves (ELF), and Microwave Weaponry, commonly applied on the planet today in psychotronic warfare, began in earnest.

The first nuclear weapons were created by the United States during the time that technology trade agreements were being made with off planet civilizations. These trade agreements were hidden behind multinational corporations and government agencies that would be gradually assimilated into one global conglomerate of control, that extended to off planet activities, to enforce the veil of secrecy. Seventy years ago this month, the U.S. dropped the first atomic bombs on the two Japanese cities during the final stage of the Second World War. The planet has never been the same since, as these destructive events created grave consequences for the future timeline of the human race, as a result of these anti-human and barbaric actions. The planet’s protective magnetic force field and atmospheric functions for radiation balancing and its energy transfer processes were damaged. This further resulted in the creation of inorganic black holes and artificial wormholes that are littered throughout the planetary atmosphere.[7]

Source: Geoengineering – Ascension Glossary


Now they were also running operations at the Philadelphia military base, which is famous for the Philadelphia Experiment. Those die hard coven members who didn’t go to Los Alamos went to Philadelphia, which is also the JASON Society/Pilgrim headquarters. This place is also called the tombstone curse and where secret societies of Yale meet. Here they were attempting to connect a supercomputer that only those in the secret society were allowed to utilize. Again, this is why they keep the chemtrails non-stop. They keep thinking there is going to connect this mi-lab and that facility and that computer to the nanobots, yada yada yada. But the good news is that both of these facilities are completely gone. Aside from our friends who were fighting against them, all the people in these bases are gone as well. Thank you Enforcer!

Shocking Facts About The Philadelphia Experiment (

Monetary System of Enslavement, Montauk
In order for them to creates the anomaly they did, think about this, there are 6.5 billion people on this planet and there’s only 2000 or so of them that control the entire financial wealth worldwide in the Power Elite network. How did they do that? The odds are that doesn’t make any sense that this small group of people could take over the entire power over currency used on the planet. When we know how the creation works in terms of all thoughts are things that create the holographic nature of reality, how were 2000 people able to collect the whole planetary wealth from 6.5 billion people? They’ve been using energetic constructs to keep the monetary system of enslavement in place and this is one of the ways they’ve been doing it.

Specifically what they’re saying is around, I see okay, around the eastern seaboard there has been continuing excessive astral activity because of the time rips around Montauk. I don’t know if you ever heard about the Montauk, but Montauk is around Long Island, New York. It was about the Philadelphia Experiment (1943) where they were working on dimensional blending. This in fact did apparently happen and it created a lot of time rips in the astral that is in that area. So a lot of the portals and the ways they slip in here when they are working with grids or working with the serpents is on the eastern seaboard of the United States. A big suction cup area is Washington DC, that whole Pentagon, the capital, Western Virginia, that whole area over there near the DC area. What I’m seeing at the moment is it is infiltrated with these snake, serpent looking creatures. Again their directive and design was to utilize the energy off the grid network, and the feeling is that it reminds me of leeches. They were sucking the energy in the area off the grid network and directing it appropriately in the way that maintained the energy circuit of these grids to loop on each other and stay in place. In a sense these grids in a certain way are sentient entities of their own. It’s like a siphoning off and feeding of these grids in order to keep them active and operating. They had to keep them active.

Source: Thomas Jefferson Timeline Clearing – Ascension Glossary

Phoenix Grid
The Phoenix wormhole was created in 10,500 BC in the time wall by the Pleiadian-Niburian Anunnaki. It was anchored into Earth, the NDC, and the NET, through stargate 4 at Giza, Egypt, and links to phantom Nibiru (in the Phantom Matrix). This would cause ‘fallen’ portions of Earth to form an inhabitable moon around planet phantom Nibiru. The Phoenix APIN runs East on a line through Giza and Iran Gate. The Draconians and Zeta Rigelians then copied the Phoenix with their Falcon wormhole, intending to take over the Phoenix as the full Falcon APIN was installed. The Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 expanded this wormhole port interface system, which runs on reverse D10 current and connects Earth to Phantom Earth. The NAA aims to use it to take over the Dragon Grid APIN during the end of the Ascension Cycle. The Dove Grid APIN was linked to the NDC and connected to the Phoenix Grid.[1]

Source: Phoenix Grid – Ascension Glossary

Cinch Operating System | Connected to NSA in Baltimore Now Gone!

There was another operating system connected to the NSA in Baltimore called Cinch. This was related to the above operations I think, but I’m not certain of the tie in. Maybe it’s the system they were trying to connect to the supercomputer? Hard to keep all this straight. Anyway, this system had already been working for about three weeks sending out various things like flu toxins, trying to recreate the pandemic, probably was being tested in specific locations. It worked through anything electronic, phones, TVs, computers, smart appliances, etc. Billy Gates of Hell was really trying to make good with his investors by creating another lockdown situation, and making people sick is just a bonus when you worship death. The main controller of this system was located underground in Baltimore but fortunately that too no longer exists.

Use Cinch Operating System – Dexter Industries.

We’ve released a new version of our robot software for the Raspberry Pi called Cinch. Cinch is designed to make it even easier to connect to your robot and start programming!  Often homes and schools have complex wifi setups that make it hard to connect to the Raspberry Pi.

May 13th Activities

Remaining 6 of 14 Coven Members Now Also Gone!

So the 6 diehards left, pretending ‘neutrality’ are also no longer with us as of this morning. Kim said The Colony made the decision. They determined they were never going to turn around, so they also got their one way ticket to Source today! So that means now they are ALL GONE!!!

Freebasing Face bots | Was Tied to Milab in Tallahassee

Right after rejoicing about the removal of the diehards, another situation came to Kim’s attention. They are now freebasing face bots, to which she had no idea what that was about, but soon found out. There is an open source database called Freebase, which was recently bought out by Google. Oh good, the master spies! Freebase was connecting through Contra, Ruby programming and Raspberry Pi. Some of these companies are responsible for the facial recognition software. The plan was to connect them all together so they could run facial recognition everywhere and through everything. It was tied to an underground facility in Tampa to a milab in Tallahassee. Essentially these companies were to be part of the social credit system with the role of freebasing face bots. Oy vey!

The Count Down of Non-Repairable Humans

Let’s end on another positive note. This entire update showed us that progress and cleanup are still ongoing. Removing systems, connections and psychopaths is on turbo. Source is leading and leaving no stone unturned. Poor Kim! And she reminded us that not long ago we had approximately 2,000 non-repairable humans to contend with. Now we are down to about 500. They are all questioning their existence. They are still trying to get information about what’s really going on. Then need only to listen to Kim’s reports or read my blog! Dios Mio! That certainly would be a start.

May 13th was supposed to be yet another pay day that came and went and nothing happened for them. And they have less people to complain to since so many of their slave masters are gone. I wonder if they have any clue they are missing yet or do they think they are meeting with more alien saviors and are just too busy? Let’s see what they do next week. I’m sure they will have more fun and games to report on.


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