The Divine Solar Feminine Christos-Sophia | Cathedral Activation in Rosslyn Chapel, Chartres Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral on the Dec 7th Solar Eclipse

Today’s post discusses both the 12-07-2021 Situation Report Intel update provided by Kim Goguen, and a major event that Kim mentioned as a bullet point, but that Lisa Renee has explained in greater detail and I hope to bridge that gap. I love it when events overlap between my two cherished sources. The event on Dec 7th, which happens to be a solar eclipse caused a major upset for the forces of the dark and I’ve provided some information on that event that I learned from Lisa Renee at the end of this post, as well as a link to her newsletter this month which describes in much more detail.

[Note: Situation Reports are available to subscribers of United Network News

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


So first back to Kim’s update. She reiterated that since the last Life Force call through to Dec 22nd it’s going to be rough. It’s going to definitely be a battle. The reason is because the more humanity wins and clears the chessboard, the more backlash they throw at us.

There were many reports of people having bad dreams, bizarre dreams, and people not being able to sleep, and others going completely off the rails. This was due in part to the meeting in Antarctica, but hopefully after today this will subside a bit.

The backlash ensued because Omicron is falling flat since it has no database connection, and we are ever so much closer to pushing forward with funds and our freedom. Essentially, we’re getting really close to moving forward without them 100%. So they retaliated with more lock downs, mandates and travel restrictions, despite the recent Federal Judge ruling that there are no legal mandates for vaccines. They don’t abide by rules that don’t favor them, what a surprise. They also had some major epic failures over the weekend, so they figure they have nothing to lose. In fact, quite the opposite, they still think they got this. They really are convinced I suppose, since they spent a lot of time putting in so many blocks and other measures, that something will pan out while they await their savior.

Connections Remained to Space Stations – But Have Since Been Removed

Kim found some more connections to the Space Stations but she has since disconnected them and redirected. I first wrote about how she found these space stations in a previous post, Is Nibiru a Planet or Giant Floating Petri Dish?, under the section ‘SSP Lost Control of 24 Space Stations’.

One of the companies she found that was still connected is the Candle Corporation in California. They had a database that was collecting data and alerting the psychopaths to something. Kim didn’t specify what kind of data. Another company is Gloo, which is out of Switzerland. When I looked it up the company seems to be especially tied to integrating their tech with churches. Hum, maybe they were planning to corral everyone into the one world religion, the Church of Satan through this company. Who knows?

Diehl Group in Austria was another company that had to be disconnected. Diehl is a software company connected to smart meters, water meters etc. The amount of monitoring these psychos want to implement is just ridiculous.

Google also was in this mix and was disconnected. They have a new monitoring software called GO, which is a type of programming. She found them in the banking system this past week and is in the process of cleaning it up at the time of this update. Kim said it took the psychos a few days to realize they were no longer connected, but once they did the crazy started again. They keep thinking they got it and they will have a database to connect all these nanobots they got people to inject themselves with.

Antarctica Meeting of the Mindless

Meanwhile, all the upside down wingnuts are in Antarctica looking for their next savior that may be hiding amidst the penguins. Wingnuts! Thanks Kim, another synonym for the bat shit crazy psychos. I like it! Oh, and lo and behold – they found some suckers!  Well, they thought they did, but that was short lived! While in Antarctica, they managed to reconnect with a group who could offer some assistance. They worked with them in the past, although indirectly, meaning their slave masters probably did because this team of retards would certainly not be the ones involved in the more sophisticated human control projects. These wingnuts that are left are really low on the totem pole, that is when they had a pole. Now it’s perhaps a step latter.

Anyway, according to Kim, this group they reconnected with in Antarctica is neutral and they don’t possess emotions, so they don’t care one way of the other. Nice, who knew possessing emotions is just as rare as possessing common sense nowadays on planet Earth? So, this neutral, emotionless group listened to the wingnuts and their plans, and after a couple of days they concluded that maybe this special group of wingnuts isn’t worth saving, because they sounded that crazy.

The neutral emotionless group then placed a phone call to “The Others”, who normally inhabit the North and South Poles. I don’t know any more than that and if these Others, are part of the ‘The Others’ involved in Life Force Enforcement. I’m assuming they are. It’s getting hard to keep track of all the different groups. I think Kim purposely keeps it vague, we are in a war after all, not all can be explained until missions are complete.

Anyway, Kim was then pulled into that conversation. The neutrals proceeded to tell the wingnuts they are not the Rulers here anymore. In fact, they were never the rulers, they were just the order takers, the head slaves. Two hours later, the long and short of it was, the neutrals decided to stay neutral and are not going to help the wingnuts anymore, which is obviously very good for us humans. But how disappointing for them, especially for Klaus. He was all dressed up in his Clingon outfit for the occasion. (Tank -Thanks for the visual!)  Klaus was really trying to convince them he has a deal with the Abraxas. Dios Mio, not the Abraxas again! Even if it’s just a lie, I have had it with the Abraxas scum!

House of Wingnut

I don’t think Worf is buying what Klaus is selling.

I guess it’s a good thing for the neutrals they are emotionless, imagine a human trying to keep a straight face during two days of meeting with the wingnuts? I would have loved to remote view into those meetings. After all, laughter is essential, especially during these dark days. Maybe someday Kim will share that recording.

Where do these groups keeping coming from? This multi-verse must be a huge place. We’ve been so isolated. It’s so laughable that many humans can’t even fathom there are any aliens, ETs etc. Imagine when it becomes common knowledge that there are as many species as stars in the sky. Oy vey!

The meeting in Antarctica is supposed to go on through the 11th. We’ll see how long they like hanging out there. Kim said that not everyone is actually physically there in Antarctica, which is unfortunate, because it would be really good for us, very efficient if they were all in one place. Reading between the lines, I get where she was going with that comment. But at least she can listen in on their plans. It’s always good to know the plans of your enemy. Tank piped in and said they seem to think they are in a SCIF or something and we can’t hear them.

They are still on the hunt to find a savior, and having a hard time with that. They cannot do it on their own. That’s their issue, so they keep calling in other people, anyone who is willing by the sounds of it. But now even the military worldwide is starting to question whether following orders from the weirdos in Antarctica is a good idea. So, their select group of order takers is getting smaller and smaller. Good grief, what’s it going to take for these retards to give up? Waiting for them give up is like pulling off a gigantic band aid over planet Earth in super slow motion.

Jab Numbers Increased

Unfortunately, there is an uptick on the number of people who have gotten injected with the fake vaccine, but as of this report, it is still less than 50% of population that has been affected. That’s pretty high though in my book.

While the wingnuts still have no way to control the nanobots they got people to inject, and the tech only has a lifespan of 3-4 months, it’s painful to watch the sheep still lining up, none the wiser.

And just for a reminder, so it’s documented somewhere, let’s not forget what the inventor of the PCR test said, which cost him his life.

Their tech is flawed and Kim named Northrop Grumman as the company who created some of this flawed tech. Fortunately, these nanites/archons/AI they are using now in the injections, and what they are spraying in the sky have a lifespan for 3-4 months tops, which is very encouraging news. The old ones used to last 3-4 years, and what is left is dying off. The main thing the AI can still do however, is search out and look for weak points within a person’s body/system. The uncovering of these AI parasites, also known as ARCHONS is major and I just wanted to reiterate how huge this is. For more information refer to my post, Kim Goguen Reveals What is an ARCHON? Has the Root Cause of All Disease Been Uncovered?

The effectiveness for controlling a person using this injected AI tech is a whole other story though. There is a facility underground in Pennsylvania that was supposed to handle this control part and it was to work with the latest Omicron virus. Another facility that had a similar capability was in South Africa, and now neither are functioning. In addition, since Google’s new GO program was disconnected from the banking system, as I mentioned earlier, they cannot create the social credit scores.

Senior Executive Services (SES) – Men in Black (MIBs)

Their situation is getting dire, so the wingnuts decided to call up the Senior Executive Service (United States) branch or SES for short. Here’s yet another group of psychos to expose. This particular group has security clearance, and a pretty high one according to Kim. They were given very high clearance by the US government, yet they claim not to be part of any intelligence agency. Kim said that is just isn’t the case, and definitely have ties, despite claiming they are civilians. She said they are predominantly British, a private mercenary group, always have been. They recently took over the facility in New York that monitors the entire banking system worldwide, or at least all the major institutions. Now that she is aware of exactly how they are monitoring, which is with an electro-magnetic laser interceptor, she and her team are working on shutting them down.  

The SES is also involved with a lot of the vaccine companies and they report to the Crown, which of course is the Rothchilians. They protect the Federal Reserve and their institutions in the US and around the world. The SES appears to be a British Civilian Force, but they are what we would call the Fifth Column. They are also those famous MIBs, (Men in Black) and they are a source of last resort so to speak. Hum, I was wondering when the MIBs might come into play.

Lisa Renee provides some more background on MIBs,

Necromiton Invasion – Ascension Glossary

Essentially, the MIBs infiltrate everything and then they wait until the opportune time to pull the rip cord. They are hard at work now, in and out of all these facilities and have been at it for quite a long time. They are trying to siphon money out of the system and were told to find it anywhere. Kim says it was a plan that was never going to work. If they did manage to siphon the cash, it would only wake up more people. Nonetheless, the SES continues in full force.

Australia and Papua New Guinea

People of Australia and Papua New Guinea, which is considered baby Australia, are the unlucky recipients of being the first to undergo the social experiments for the entire world. The China Deep State and the Blue Dragons (the Rothchilians) are heavily involved with imposing the aggressive lockdowns and for creating the camps in order to see what the rest of the world will tolerate. My heart goes out to them, and pray the frequency upgrades have an effect soon so those people wake-up.

Deep State Failures

The Octagon Group

The Octagon Group is no longer in operation as of a week ago. This is another group I hadn’t heard of before. It sounds like they include some of those who were left here, or rather escaped the round-up of Dracos a few years ago, I’m guessing. They are definitely not humans. The Octagon Group were the ones giving orders to those on the level of that reptile inhabiting the former Mr. Black and to the Jesuits, as they are on that level in their hierarchy. I happened to find out more about this group by accident. I was researching the recent Cathedral activations that is discussed at the end of this post in Lisa Renee’s material and clicked on the Great Reset link in an article I was reading. The first thing mentioned was The Octagon Group in Davos, Switzerland. Tank is right, Kim glosses over major truth bombs! Like the MIBs, shutting down this group has also got to be a bigger deal.

I copied a couple of excerpts from Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary pertaining to the Octagon Group below. They sound really demonic and no one will miss them, especially the children.

The Great Reset for Unlimited Access to Children

Source: The Great Reset for Unlimited Access to Children – Ascension Glossary

The Octagon Group in located in Davos, Switzerland is the same group behind the current World Economic Forum and fourth wave of the transhumanist Great Reset that have a Black Sun chain of command extending to the Moon and other planets. These same lunar entities and their preferred bloodlines have been administering an assortment of surface cataclysms by obliterating chosen demographic areas for decimation. The moon as a magnetic weapon has been a part of their arsenal against human beings on the surface, in which gratefully, during this next cycle will not be operational due to Guardian Host protective intervention. See One World Order[

Globalization for Full Spectrum Dominance

To bring to light the problem with globalization being used by the Power Elite Controllers to increase full spectrum dominance in every aspect of our lives in order to profit from and continue their hidden business activities of Human Trafficking, mass slave labor and unlimited access to the worlds’ children, is why this topic is being discussed.

The Globalization Agenda of the Great Reset is intended by the NAA to usher in the One World Order or Agenda 2030 as the fourth industrial wave transitioning humanity into transhumanism and technocratic control, which is planned to bring the complete and total slavery of the entire global population on the earth surface.

Other Recent Deep State Failures

  • In addition to Australia, another smaller test pilot area is South Africa, but the Deep State is experiencing a major failure there. The nanites have fizzled out down there and since there is no longer a database to connect the nanites to, they won’t be able to control the people like robots.
  • The Space Force was busy trying to launch satellites yesterday but they weren’t successful, because again they have nothing to connect them to.
  • The wingnuts had to revisit their plan of letting the financial system crash so they could buy it back for pennies on the dollar, except they don’t have the money to buy it back, so they are kind of stuck there too.
  • Due to Kim and her team’s continuing cleanup activities related to the banking system, they found more hidden systems and disconnected them. Hopefully there aren’t many left to find. In addition, and unfortunate for them, a permanent connection to the Global Repository has finally been successful. Kim said she was always able to get in, but was constantly getting kicked out. She finally identified the issue and now she will be able to find the companies involved so she can make the necessary fixes.
  • 2 dead guys, Putin and Biden were having a conversation to promote tensions and possibly war between US and Russia. It couldn’t be more obvious how contrived that theatre was. So far it doesn’t seem like that is going anywhere.
  • The insurance companies are tanking like a stone for selling vaccines and they don’t have a database system capable of running their programs to control us either.
  • While there is chatter going on again about their version of a quantum system, their satellites aren’t working so they have no place to connect it. With no connection, clearance, control, or technology how will that work?
  • None of these psychopaths will ever get funding in cash, gold, or silver from Kim, the Guardian of the Global Repository
  • The wingnuts who now remain, who still want to control or kill us are free since their slave masters are no more, but they now have to think for themselves and find another way out of this mess. Hum, they lost so many systems, controls, and mechanisms this past year, now which way will they go? My bet is they absolutely think they have shot. So, yep, they’ll continue down the same path as their slave masters, let’s control or kill the humans.

Thank You Kim and your team and all those behind the scenes working so hard to clear a path for us Humans!

Energy Grid Clearing – Cathedral Activation in Chartres Cathedral, Rosslyn Chapel & Lincoln Cathedral

I’m ending on yet another very positive note. Kim mentioned that in addition to more covenants and contracts expiring, the next one is on Dec 11, 2021, different energy grids are falling down and there is a celebration of collective energy grid clearing going on today, Dec 7th 2021. I definitely have been reading about this energy grid clearing in the Members Forum on Lisa Renee’s Energetic Synthesis site.

Source: Excerpts from ES Forum
“The Chartres Cathedral element of Aether ritual occurred on the Solar Eclipse and this created a major sonic ka-boom in the fields, especially impacting 4D-7D intersections of astral forms and inversions connected to 7D false feminine forms.”

“this event is generating shaking, quaking and collapse of 4D-7D astral architecture. These were sections of the field that housed the False Christ light ascension matrix, assorted lunar female demonic hierarchies and that inversion which was formed and embedded in the AI cube carrier waves and Artificial Tree of Life spherical domains and their inverted black goo infused Qlippoth currents.”

Kim glossed over this event, (then again she was up over 16 hours and was no doubt exhausted, and it must have been in process at the time she was giving this report), but this event was huge. Lisa Renee has since provided more information in her monthly newsletter. I found it incredibly interesting, uplifting, and frankly it made my heart sing.

Below is from her latest newsletter, Cathedral Activation Begins – Energetic Synthesis. I strongly recommend checking it out. It is chockful of a lot of interesting information. I just love this stuff. Here is a list of sub-topics in this newsletter:

  • Knowing our True Divine Holy Mother
  • Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines and Mother of Dragons
  • Red Haired Giants
  • Progenitors of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign
  • Secret Societies hide Depravity, Fallen Annunaki Shapeshifters
  • Sisters of Avalon in Gaul and Scotland
  • Chartres Cathedral Ritual of Divine Aether

Below are some excerpts from her newsletter,

…..“Our planetary consciousness and those that have chosen the organic Ascension timeline are enduring great spiritual transformation through the exposure to the volatility of the immense polarization of the world of forces swirling in the outer chaotic environment. Additionally, the momentous planetary initiation and personal transmogrification is occurring now through the return of the Mother Sophia through her emanation as the Divine Solar Feminine Christos-Sophia within the Cathedral Activation and Aether Ritual that has taken place in Rosslyn Chapel, Chartres Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral. She has risen!”

….“The Celtic Church believed true kingship was an alchemical inheritance of the matriarchal Solar Dragon Queen (King) bloodline of Christos, which had nothing to do with ruling over anyone as they considered humans as individual sovereigns on a unique path to God. For the Celtic Church, kingly and queenly inheritance was always recorded in the blood through the mitochondrial DNA of the Mother’s grail bloodline.”

…..“The return of Christos Mission representatives hierogamic union through corrections in the Cosmic Clock have recently reunited Akhenaton and Kiya, Hatshepsut and Ezekiel family of consciousness streams from the Earth-Tara-Gaia histories connected to original Krystallah Suns. Akhenaton and Kiya seem to have embodied the Krystic solar overriding forms for the Egyptian pantheon genetic tree used in AI cube systems and their red wave identity clones, and this acts as the repelling force of the red cube false identities of 7D inversions of Isis-Osiris hierarchies that were bonded in Saturn-Moon matrix. This inverted 7D based unholy union was generated from Saturn-Moon blood worship rituals, and was instrumental in powering up many of the antichrist obelisk pillars used for marking cardinal directions in the Artificial Tree AI timelines and Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff Trident architecture, which are impaled across the globe in the ley lines.”

Rossyln Chapel, Scotland
Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln, United Kingdom

I have recently, through researching the mud floods as a possible alternate version of our hidden history, realized that it was advanced humans who created many of the beautiful cathedrals around the world. So I thought I’d see what else in Lisa Renee’s material I could find on these cathedrals.

Geodetic Knowledge
Source: Geodetic Knowledge – Ascension Glossary

The ancient world and our predecessors had access to a universal system of measurement that was understood as the Geodetic mathematical knowledge of the planet which was used in city planning and performing amazing feats of architecture. That Geodetic Knowledge included awareness of ley lines, stargates, plasma domes, platonic solid math and cymatic based architectural principles that harnessed free energy which was the foundation of angelic human civilization. 

Many of these structures are the remnants from our ONE angelic human advanced global civilization that did not have the mind control imposed from an alien lunar matrix pushing organized religion. Instead, they built these beautiful cathedrals and architectural wonders throughout the world’s different cultures as objects and structures to display art and beauty that held geometric frequencies and cymatic principles with frequencies designed to uplift humanity. Many of these magnificent buildings were placed on the exact geographical center of the demographic area or ley line for which it was built, in order to amplify the natural harmonic sound wave resonances and to elevate the atmospheric frequencies for the wellbeing of all living things in the environment. In this way, the cymatic principles of the architecture functioned as natural formations for generating feedback loops in the ley lines called chalice configurations, in which the local natural energies on that grid line were being multiplied, magnified and harmoniously circulated into the area. The Guardians have given us a few places to ponder and reflect upon the cymatic principles used in their construction to multiply atmospheric energies for environmental harmonization.

– Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland -55°51′19″ N, 3°09′37″ W
– Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, Chartres, France – 48° 26′ 50″ N, 1° 29′ 16″ E
– Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna – 48° 12′ 30.6″ N, 16° 22′ 22.8″ E
– Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England – 51° 12′ 37.44″ N, 2° 38′ 37.32″ W
– Pantheon, Rome – 41° 53′ 54.96″ N, 12° 28′ 36.48″ E

If ancient humans were primitive creatures in the dark ages without technology as mainstream science tells us, then how were these incredible ancient buildings and massive monolithic structures made possible?

The methods of the ancient master builders were utilizing sacred geometry and geodetic knowledge to create structures that resonated with the earth’s energy field and because these structures were harmonically attuned to the earth’s natural field, they amplified the higher consciousness and healing properties that restore and maintain energetic balance, by using the geometric patterns found in the divine laws of nature. The science of resonance is a science of harmony, that which designs and creates structures and things that vibrate according to certain frequencies and those frequencies would be attuned to the gradually changing frequencies of the planetary body and her evolutionary growth cycles. This Geodetic knowledge has been stripped from humanity as a result of the NAA and the current mind control agenda used to enslave and suppress humanity. It’s time to return this knowledge back to our children, and Mr. Tesla’s massive body of work in free energy will be restored to the public once again for the upliftment and betterment of humanity.

Happy New Year! Just Imagine What 2022 Will Bring!

While the next few months will be challenging, I hope this report helps to keep in mind how far we have come. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for these two extraordinary women and all those humble souls around the globe in the background fighting the biggest war in our human history – and winning!


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