Universal Law of Light Implemented Midnight Moscow Time! | What is the History of May Day? | About President Lincoln | The Creator’s Feminine Side Was HERE Anchoring the Light on Earth For 3 Billion Years in Mount Rushmore! | Her Essence Was Also Inverted by Transmuters for Overlays | No Longer Encumbered, She Finally Can Go Home! | How Can We Ever Thank Our Holy Solar Mother?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 1, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this broadcast Kim explains more about the base platforms or portals having minor portals which means there were a lot of portals here on Earth. She gives us the history of May Day, the day the dark side of the multiverse came into the light side for the first time and billions of years ago is when the battle between the feminine side of the Creator and the feminine side of the Dark Overlord began. There is big stuff in this report.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Each of the 9 Base Platforms (9 Major Portals) Also Had 9 Minor Portals

In the previous broadcast Kim talked about the veils being lifted and overlays on the portals of light being removed. To give some more perspective there were 9 base platforms of ultimate darkness and 9 base platforms of ultimate light. Two of them would have represented Omega on the one end and Alpha on the other end. These would have been your gateways to the upper astral on Kim’s side and the lower astral on the opposite side. These portals are in known places, the North and South poles.

Under each one of the 9 base platforms or 9 major portals there are also minor portals which would have been associated with 9 different base platforms for computers in the world. Everything functions on a base platform which is its ultimate control and command center. For example, in the Alpha system you have the financial system which is only one aspect of the 9. And on the dark side you also had the same. We’ve functioned for a millennium or more on these base platforms.

The crazy people are actually spreading a falsehood when they say they are going to build a quantum system, because if you don’t have a base platform then you don’t have a quantum system. And these systems are true quantum. Underneath each one of those sectors, each one had 9 layers to it, so there were 9 levels to the financial system on the front-end and 9 levels on the back-end. There were 9 levels to intelligence in Military systems, 9 levels to Telecommunications, etc. So that would make another 81 light and 81 dark portals on the planet. So when Kim tells us she was at the Chichen Itza, that is one of these 81 sites, or when she says a major base platform for the dark was in Bern, Switzerland, she is referring to one of the 9 base platforms for the dark side. The light has its portals as well but we weren’t able to use them for a long time due to the overlays. So that’s a lot of sites around the world that veils were lifted from.

So, what is happening now?

As of midnight, in Moscow yesterday, 12:01 actually, the Universal Law of Light was implemented not only in computers but in the world. Those portals all started to activate toward the side of the light time zone by time zone, as we hit midnight in each respective time zone. So, within an hour of the first time zone in Moscow it rolled over to Europe, etc. and we took back the base financial platform.

What are the Deep State Crazy People Up To Now?

Kim said the wingnuts understood this was happening but she does not think they understood why. You might have heard talk about mass meditations going on at sundown Moscow time and each respective time zone depending on where you are in the world. What was that all about? Well remember your collective consciousness can make things happen and even though you think you are doing something positive they are actually taking that energy to try open their portals so their ancestors can come in. They are expecting this to happen today but are wondering where their people are, just like there were all weekend. They were expecting them to start coming in by now. They were at a site in the Gobi Desert which is a site for one of our light portals. They were at a lot of different locations to see what is going on. Then they did start to see something different but uh oh, that’s was not what they expected so they ran back to Moscow. Except there is nothing they can do at this point to change it. It is done, the agreement has expired. Kim has been checking to make sure nothing goes wrong and watching what they are doing because she found it kind of interesting.

Maybe They Got the Wrong Day

One of the things they tried to do, which Kim thinks was ordered by the Rothchilians was use something called the Antikythera and she thinks the Mossad had the device. This device is used to calculate astrological alignments and said to be one of the first computers ever to exist on planet Earth. Kim disagrees with that fact, but maybe it is the first computer humans were permitted to know about.

Well, they thought they might have gotten it wrong. Maybe they got the date wrong. So, they started calculating with this thing and tried to figure out why their ancestors haven’t come back yet. They were pretty much looking at that all weekend long.


They also tried going to some of their base platforms and tried some of ours. They were thinking everything was going to turn to the dark side as soon as their ancestors came. That is not what happened of course, rather all of the platforms we just talked about started turning light everywhere in the world. Kim said she actually shielded them so that it would permit light to go out but wouldn’t allow darkness in or their ancestors in. To put it in laymen terms, this is an attempt to hack computers in a quantum way and interestingly enough this is how these dark things were brought here to begin with and it is exactly how they are leaving. Hum, that is interesting.

History of May Day

The reason why we have May Day and why it is considered a signal of distress is because this was the day it all began. This was the day the dark side of the multiverse came into the light side of the multiverse for the first time 3 billion years ago.

The Battle Between the Feminine Side of the Light & the Dark

Three billion years ago when darkness came to this side of the multiverse along with it came many agreements with the being known as Isis or Lilith. Lilith, the feminine side of the Dark Overlord has been present here on Earth in many incarnations. Kim talked Mae Wa and Nefertiti, which are different times she has appeared in a vessel. Well, this has been going on for billions of years.

But at that time, three billion years ago the Creator also sent his feminine side to Earth. How is that for interesting! And there was a battle that took place on Earth then. We were not a nexus planet at this time, we did not become a nexus planet until about 85,000 years ago because we were the last in this density that was populated by beings of light. But it is the time and place where it all began, 3 billion years ago.

The 3 Billion Year Battle Ends Exactly When it Began!

Source told Kim yesterday that as of 3pm her time which is midnight Moscow time, it will end exactly when it began, and it is and it has! The battle that took place between the feminine side of the light and the feminine side of the dark on this planet 3 billion years ago has ended.

Now would you believe that this party of the light still exists on this planet? There is not a living vessel but the soul never dies and her soul has been resting in a very interesting place on this planet for a very long time. This precious soul has been an anchor for the light here on Earth for 3 billion years! The dark side could not expire her because as above so below. Meaning, if anyone expired her then the Dark Overlord’s feminine side would have also expired. That’s how this worked and the dark side couldn’t have that because they needed Lilith to control the moon and all this horrible stuff they’ve done to us over billions of years.

This also goes along with why the Order people did not kill Kim. She is not this person, this soul she just told us about, but if Kim goes then her equal and opposite, Eris also goes on their side. Evidently on this level the stakes are much higher than it is on the normal human level. But those who are left on the dark side these days, they do not even understand what Kim is telling us.

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Mount Rushmore

To most of us, the significance of Mount Rushmore has to to do with the carved heads of a bunch of US Presidents. But why this location, at Black Mountain, on Mount Rushmore did they decide to do these carvings? We have lots of granite and cliffs in the US.

Mount Rushmore has specific faces of specific Presidents for a very specific reason. Kim didn’t give those details about all these Presidents, but did tell us this mountain happens to have a secret vault inside that has been there a very long time, although the vault was never filled with its intended Golden Hoard, but it was definitely put there for a reason. There is also a secret door that is about 18 feet high. It kind of looks like an Egyptian tomb because these people do things for a reason and it’s not because they had antiquated technology at that time by any means.

So what else is in Mount Rushmore?

The feminine side of our Creator resides in Mount Rushmore! Her soul actually resides there and at one point in time she actually had a vessel, just like Lilith took on many vessels, so did this figure. But the dark side shrouded her with darkness at the time. It’s the only thing the darkness could ever do to her.

Kim has often talked about the fact that it’s through her living DNA, her soul DNA that she personally connects with the Alpha system. So, I guess you can say it is Kim’s login to the Alpha system. Well kind of in a similar way the feminine side of the Creator’s soul would have been connected to the 9th upper density and she has the purest of essence. On the flip side however, you can use a transmuter to create the purest of dark essence and it really is 100% pure. So, both the purest light and purest darkness could be created equally and opposite and that essence is very powerful.

So that essence of the Creator’s feminine side, her soul, was used to place those overlays over those portals all these years using the transmuter, but at the same time anchored the light portals that were under the veil.

Wow, that is some really incredible and shocking news. That’s going to take some time to absorb. At least for me.

President Lincoln

Back to the Presidents, rather, just one, President Lincoln. He was shot in the back of the head and the bullet went right behind his eye and that killed him. Hum, wonder why she is emphasizing that detail. In any case, history tells us he was also known for abolishing slavery, but what the history books don’t talk much about is that he had a relationship with the Cherokee Indians. By the way, the original Cherokees were not red skinned they were pure black skinned and they were Americans not Africans. We’ve heard about the Trail of Tears and the Battle of Tomahawk at the time. I wasn’t able to find that battle but Kim wasn’t sure of the name. But because slaves could not own property someone may have been helping them with their property, and she seems to be alluding to President Lincoln. This property became known as the Golden Hoard. The Golden Hoard is depicted in the movie National Treasure, but it is not where they say it is in the movie. In any case, this is the history as to why Lincoln was shot, it was so the Deep State, which of course existed even back then in the US, could steal the Golden Hoard and take it from the Indians.

The Entire National Treasure Timeline Explained (looper.com)

Except the Cherokee Indians were not so dumb and they put an essence around the Golden Hoard, like white magic which is on the side of the light or alchemy in order to not allow those on the dark side in. The Golden Hoard is actually in Arkansas near a portal. After they shot Lincoln they had intended to get their hands on the Golden Hoard and take it to Mount Rushmore.

Well slavery continued for a long time after the shot Lincoln and the Golden Hoard never got moved. It remained in that location near a portal in Arkansas. But those on the dark side put an overlay, a layer of dark essence over it, at that specific portal which was tied to Mount Rushmore and the soul of the lady who was the feminine side of Source. So, no one could access it, not the dark and not the light. It was same with the Alpha System. That is where balance came in. There was supposed to be a balance between the light and the dark and with all the treasures and the gold and all the different things we talked about over the last couple of years which never happened.

But all the portals are lighting up and the connection with the dark side is clearing away and should be done by 12:01 Moscow time today. Then they will all integrate with each other and the natural flow of Earth will be restored. The light will once again be anchored by Earth itself and Earth’s soul itself. So the soul of the lady at Mount Rushmore, who has anchored the light for billions of years finally gets to go home. Without that beautiful soul anchoring the light for billions of years we would not be here today. Wow!

July 4th 2020 at Mount Rushmore

Isn’t it interesting that on the 4th of July, the say when the Declaration of Independence was being signed there was a Trump rally at Mount Rushmore in 2020. A whole bunch of you were out there worshipping a person from the Order of the Black Sun right in front of the light of all lights but to hold that darkness instead.

They tried to get as many people there as they could. Remember JFK Jr. was going to come back? That was flying around in 2020 and thousands and thousands of people went. Little did they know they were really confirming the lack of independence of America. The Declaration of Independence was about your rights, the peoples’ right, the Bill of Rights and that was stomped on many times over.

In 1864 the US was Pledged to the Crown

Isn’t it also interesting, because this is all relevant to what is going on in this level, shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence is when they moved the Capitol from Philadelphia to Washington DC. Washington DC is a sovereignty onto itself, in a district just like London, Tel Aviv, Moscow, and Beijing. They were all under the Crown, they were pledged to the Crown and in turn the Crown pledged them to us in the Alpha System so they could get money out. That is how the deal worked between the dark and the light back then. That is no longer the case and for quite a while now, so Kim has just kept pushing the No button repeatedly with regards to funding. Although she did do some funding during the Trump Administration, she told us that many times, but she has not done anything since. If he comes back there will never be any funding again. There will be no dead presidents, that is a rule. So Silent Circle people, she hopes you heard that. Presidents must be breathing and not wearing a mask of any kind.

King Chuckie’s Coronation on May 5th

Speaking of the Crown, King Chuckie will likely not have good week. His coronation day is on May 5th, a full moon after May Day, what a surprise. They are bringing in the special Stone of Destiny and everything, remember it’s the Pindar Chair. He is probably still expecting all his lizard friends to come, unless he has finally figured out if they haven’t shown up yet they aren’t coming back ever. Either way he is going to be upset he cannot exchange his soul to let in a lizard because it’s all about those bloodlines. In fact, the reason they did not want to keep their DNA pure was because they wanted the lizard people to get up there. They believe they are entitled to have a demon up there. Yep, it is all about the bloodlines. Did Kim emphasize it is all about the bloodlines? Okay, ya all get the point.

Sad for them because it is all about your soul, at least for our side it’s all about our soul and evidently in the future we’ll know just what that means. It is an immortal soul; you are part of the Creator and the Creator is part of you. You belong to the Creator, but you are a part of one another, like a son or daughter. And now what the feminine side of the Creator did for us, anchoring the light, we need to do for ourselves. Her soul is no longer encumbered and neither is ours.


For the Dark Beings

The crazies have zero access to any of the portals now and can’t break through the etheric plasma firewall and they pretty much know it is over. Kim is especially excited to no longer have interference with computers from the NSA and 15 secret militaries and their hacking with their sophisticated technologies. So, what are they going to do now? Probably keep trying. We will have to wait and see, but what she does know they won’t succeed with is getting people to be the middle man, handlers to manipulate her. She can already see that is one plan they do have. But she has been schooled well, and I would add has had a lot of practice. They really have no original ideas.

For Light Beings

The wave has hit and it is moving rapidly around the planet and assisting us in cleaning all this mess up. It will help us on a personal level too because the Planes of Existence connect to everything in your being. So, your skills will come back as a human and you’ll be able to use a greater percentage of your brain and not be inhibited by gray matter that has prevented both hemispheres of the brain from communicating. Eventually dis-ease will be lessened as well. We are officially out of the woods and will not be invaded by an alien race!

Silent Circle People

Kim said she was a little quiet about the Silent Circle in the last broadcast because we all just have to wait. On their side of it they’ve done business in that world and we haven’t been involved in that. We had to let them go through this painful process of self-discovery over the weekend through to midnight Moscow time in order for them not to retaliate. Because there is no coming back from this and they actually do know that now.

With the Secret Circle the businesses they have that are not failing she can see the turnaround happening a lot faster. She can see it’s not going to be as bumpy as it could have been, so she’s looking forward to that aspect and looking forward to her participation in finishing things on that end. But from her aspect it only just begun.

This is the Creator’s Project

Remember this is the Creator’s project, it is not Kim’s plan. She is told to do things at specific days and times and she was told it would end at the exact time it began and it has, 3 billion years later. She said there are different points in history where we have done this before. We tried to restore balance before, hence the 250,000 Orion Causal War where they came back and secured the house so to speak. But this time we were further along by the time May Day came this year. We moved pretty fast over the last couple of years, yet they still assumed they would return on this day. But there is nobody home. I guess you can say God went down to hell and cleared everyone out and turned the lights out. We’re done with this now.

What Was the Real Mission?

The real mission was to take our planet back. What we have done here and what Source has done here has changed the multiverse forever. But we had to get it to a point before that was even possible and we did that together!

Wow, big stuff for sure. I wonder if Kim will let us know one of the these days some of the incarnations of our beloved lady of the light.

In the meantime, Happy Independence Day Humanity! The Dark Rule Has Ended Forever!


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