Actually Today It Ends Where it Began 3 Billion Years Ago! | More Agreements Expired, Both Orders Are Officially Fired! | A Few More gods of Ancient Greece (aka the Abraxas) Found & Sent Home | Kim Encounters Interesting Ruse Woman for the Second Time | Drone Attack on Russia Was Ordered by the China Deep State with Help From American Partners | Universal Council Takes Over Security of Earth | Silent Circle Makes Bonfires Out of Pallets of Fake Super Notes!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 3, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Today Kim updates us on the drone strike against Russia and that meetings between groups who normally don’t work together have been taking place. She also found some more Abraxas bloodline people doing weird things in Macedonia. The Secret Circle people and Kim have an interesting Ruse woman in common and today is actually the day it ends, which is also the day it all began 3 billion years ago, when the Abraxas made the deal with the Dark Overlord to bring the dark side here.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


About Turkey

The people currently running Turkey, who is not the President, are trying to secure production contracts within the country. This is what Kim has been talking about for every country worldwide and it became a problem for the China Deep State because they don’t want them to secure their own production lines. They want Turkey to trade with China and the RMB, the Chinese Yuan.

Last week as these decisions were being made the President was poisoned and in the hospital for a few days. Kim suspects it’s the same people who are trying to poison everyone, and sending drones out. It’s not so much who actually physically did it, it doesn’t matter because the orders are all coming from the same place and there is a definitive reason why they are doing that. It’s because today is a great day for planet earth as a whole.

‘Alleged’ gods of Ancient Greece

The gods of Ancient Greece were actually Abraxas and Kim is mentioning this again because of some recent findings. The Abraxas used to be in control of the Order of the Black Sun and underneath the Abraxas you had the Draco and the Mantids at the time, which would have then created the Order of the Dragon because they kind of looked like a Dragon. The occurrence that took place yesterday revealed there were still some people of Abraxas bloodline here. There were 5 people in total, 2 of which seemed older than the rest, probably in their 90s and they made a pilgrimage to the Monastery of Saint Naum in Macedonia, which is very close to Greece. Macedonia represented the ancient Kingdom of Greece at one time.

What were they doing there?

It took Kim a little bit of time to figure it out. She said it looked like someone was getting a blood transfusion or giving one. It was very strange. Come to find out these people were Greek and the head bloodline of the Abraxas, based on the fact they are the descendants of the gods, aka the Abraxas. Kim said she had heard a lot about Egypt but didn’t know so much about these Greeks or that they were even still around, never mind that were in line for the ‘throne’. Evidently they give every family member a number for who is next in line for the ‘throne’ or the head honcho.

They had gone to this specific location in Macedonia to try and use the bloodline of the Abraxas based on the Abraxas past dominion over Earth. They don’t believe they were the guardians or security of Earth, rather they believed they were the owners of Earth based on their bloodline, and owners of us, the ‘cattle’.

Well, all five remaining Abraxas are no longer with us and this news spread like wildfire. It set off a series of events in the United States. The Generals who would be considered close to the bloodline, maybe number 6 or 7 based on the other disappearances of all the other Abraxas bloodline people. So they both did their respective chair ceremonies in a couple of different areas in the US as well. The first chair ceremony was in Montauk, New York and the second one in Alcatraz. Both are known locations for a portal and minor portal. They figured they better hop to it and claim ownership of Earth and then tried to file that in the Hall of Records. But hey, at least Kim had something different to reject for a change. She must be really bored with the central bank digital currency agreement.

That’s as much detail as she can give because it could cause harm to some people who have been in hiding for a long time.

My quick search of Greek gods and I find this. Who knows, maybe these were those 5. The Top Five Craziest Greek Gods (

Kim Encountered A Very Interesting Ruse Woman in 2010 & Then Again This Week

This was an interesting story about the Ruse and relates to the Gateway there and Stargate.

Kim is the Guardian as we know, but she is also a Ruse which she has told us in the past. Well, at one time the Ruse territory extended all the way from England, down to Turkey and through half of modern day China and all parts in between. That was the Ruse’s original empire and later on it turned into the Russian Empire. It shrunk and shrunk and shrunk and China intended to shrink it some more.

Kim and the Ruse were the Guardians of the Stargate there throughout history, but she isn’t the only one who remains on Earth who knows this. While Kim was in Russia in 2021 she ran across a woman who gave her a lot of information at the time. She told Kim her name and that they we’re related. Kim didn’t give her any information in return and didn’t know who she was. But the woman who was probably in her 80s at the time said to Kim, “We need help. She told her to take what she needs and leave the rest and help the Russian people”. Then she gave Kim a lot of information as to where the hidden wealth of Russia is, in different places in the world.

Kim ran across this woman again a couple of days ago. It turns out they have some mutual friends she didn’t know about. This woman also has been under the protection of the Silent Circle for quite some time. How’s that for interesting info? And in part, the Secret Circle’s decision to adhere to the $1 Deal was this elderly woman, she is the one who gave them the information. Kim said she has been wondering how the Secret Circle people had all this information about these alignments and the veil and Russia and all this stuff. Now Kim knows and was kind of surprised by that.

How did this woman get this information?

Kim gets information from the Alpha system but also from the big boss, the Creator. She spends a lot of time doing that. She is very well aware where she is connected and what plane she is on pretty much all the time. Well this woman would get her information the same way Kim does in that respect. Back during the days of the Ruse Empire women were often the ones who would communicate directly with Source. Then they would give the information to tribal leaders who would then tell the people and make sure those orders were carried out. The women were protected and that is how the world worked back in those days. The same goes for the tribes in the Oceanic region, Africa, North and South America, they all kind of functioned in this way. In Latin America the women were often more revered than the men in the tribe. It was a very matriarchal kind of society, but not the King and Queen things they’ve done since. The only King here was the Creator itself, who was owner of Earth at that time.

Today is a Very Important Day for Earth!

The Causal War 250,000 years ago wasn’t the only war here on Earth. The reason why today is such an important day here on Earth is the reason why we’ve been able to clean up so much in the last 48 hours and will continue to do that in the next 48 hours and we’ll probably be finished before Chuckie’s coronation comes around. Remember the Creator told Kim it will end where it all began?

Well it has now ended where it all began because today is the day! Our calendars are all messed up so maybe she was a little off in the previous broadcast because she told us May Day was the end. Then again, maybe today is the official day because 3 billion years ago is when the Abraxas made the deal with the Dark Overlord to bring the dark side in here. They also had a deal with the lower astral where if Earth got too light, meaning the light timeline got installed or we got close to it, then the lower astral beings that came through the Orion Nebula would return. The time of Atlantis was one such time this occurred, but it wasn’t the only time, it’s just the most recent time for us.

This is why all of the Abraxas bloodline people and the Order of the Dragon people thought for sure that their ancestors would come this week, right before the expiration of the agreement so they would renew the agreement with the Dark Overlord. Well no one is home down there anymore and the crazies refuse to believe that their bloodline doesn’t mean anything, hence the reason the 5 Abraxas bloodline people all went to Macedonia to try whatever they were trying over there. Then when they died we had the Generals who were the next up in the purity of the line who went to those other locations in Montauk and Alcatraz. But that agreement has officially ended today! The covenant is gone, even though there is no one on the other side. When Source gives his word he never breaks it, even in the anti-source section and it cannot be broken. So finally that expired after 3 billion years and it took a whole lot with it!

The Universal Council

As it relates to the Universal Council, they were extremely happy they can finally repurpose their Council towards Restoration of the multiverse and finish up the cleanup of not only Earth. Today there was a meeting of the Council and discussions about the recent Universal Law of Light agreement that Source installed and is now fully in effect. There is a representation of every species in the multi-verse there, as part of that Council of the Light. There were a few who were from the upper astral but not part of that Council, namely the Abraxas and Draco for a long time and the Mantids for some time. I think we know why.

Abraxas, Draco & Mantid Were Not Lower Astral Beings

The Draco and Mantids have now cleaned their own respective houses to the point where they are now part of the Council once again. They are not lower astral beings, neither was the Abraxas, but they are gone completely, aside from some of their spawn we still have here, like these Generals and Black Sun people. Will they move up to the pure bloodline position? Kim doesn’t know. These people are crazy. This is the whole reason they interbreed, so their blood stays pure and their children can one day take over. That whole thing was created by the Abraxas and the Draco. It was not a natural thing. We didn’t live like that as humans for millions of years since we’ve been here on Earth. We didn’t adhere in any way to that kind of hierarchical system. Governments were their creation as well after Kings and Queens. But they definitely had come to the conclusion that human beings figured that out. Humans are smart and resourceful and no matter how hard they try to block that connection to our Creator that connection is still there. That’s why every 70-80 years they have to change who was the controller on Earth. Whether that was a country, a King or a Queen because there comes a point when you can only do so much evil under that name before people start to figure it out. Then they need to create the savior. And they really tried to create China as the Savior and the US as the enemy and it’s really starting to backfire tremendously in many ways.

I would say so. I never even picked up that China was supposed to be the savior.

More Agreements Expired

Agreements that Expired 5-2-2023
  • Passageway of Light Restoration Covenant
  • Matter and Anti-Matter Passageways
  • Anti-Source, which is the Dark Overlord
  • Appointment of the Abraxas as Royalty Rulership over its Dominion, so every planet they conquered here they would install some ARCHONS and make a mess not only of humans but many other species of light. They created Loosh farms everywhere.
Two New Submissions by the Crazies that Kim Rejected:
  • The Order of the Red Dragon thought it would be a great idea if they would have control over the Russian Empire.
  • The CIA submitted an agreement to have control over all the Gold in the world.

They still haven’t quite figured out that it is Kim, the blonde lady who has the power to reject their submissions. They feel they still have some kind of hold because they don’t pay attention to what is coming out of the Archives even though her name is on it. She must have a boss somewhere, there must be a man behind her. This was a statement that was made and she is repeating.  

Agreements that Expired 5-3-2023
  • Black Sun Gateway Control, which had to do with the overlays that were over the gates, for example the one in Russia.
  • Abraxas and Draco Agreements, they had several different agreements together, the Draco were the cattle herders on behalf of the Abraxas and for that there was a trade agreement. They would get a portion of the loosh for doing their job.
  • Abraxas and Mantids Agreement, they also had one with the Mantids specifically.
  • Covenant Between the Dark Overlord, the Draco, the Mantids, and the Abraxas, all separately, and then there was a commitment of a certain percentage of that loosh to go directly to the Dark Overlord to power the anti-matter, so transmutation of light into dark matter.
  • Mantid Enforcement and Control Agreements, so they were the security, this is a role that has expired and the Universal Council has since taken over as well. So anything that is registered in the Hall of Records is subject to enforcement or to mitigate a dispute between groups over any kind of agreement that is filed in there between one another. They have also set forth a set of rules based on the Universal Law of Light.  So we definitely have security available and we still have our fleet because we’re still not done with crazy humans.
The Order of the Dragon was Officially Fired Today!

Since the Draco agreements are no more and the Abraxas Agreements are gone too, that means the Order of the Black Sun Agreement goes and they are no longer an Order. As of today that expired and they are no longer the ruling bloodline of anything and the same goes for the Order of the Dragon based on the agreements that were made 3 billion years ago, long before humans even walked this Earth. These agreement were newer agreements of course, but they no longer have elite status, period end of story.

What’s Been Happening in the World?

Secret Circle Moving Forward

After those 5 remaining Abraxas people passed the Secret Circle was given the green light to go ahead and continue moving forward with everything they have been doing, and moving forward they have. Who gave the green light? Well there is a Head of the table and then there is a Council of 12 who are from different areas in the world. So each of the 12 Members of the Council went out and gave those instructions and orders yesterday. There is a lot of cleanup going on particularly in Latin America and Russia right now.

Drone Attack on Russia Was Not Ordered by Ukraine but the China Deep State

So regarding the attempted drone attack on Russia, the Ukrainian President adamantly denied he was involved because he wasn’t involved, Ukraine was not involved in the drone strike. There was a huge argument that took place yesterday between the different clans in Russia. Remember some are run by the Rothchilians and some are members of the Black Sun and they kind of partnered again for almost a year now and they wanted the attack to happen.

Then there are those in the Russian oligarchy who are more on the side of the Silent Circle. The Silent Circle has been communicating with those people and giving them information. Kim also gave them some information over the last few days when they were at the Control Command Center in Moscow and she was being informed the Chinese were again claiming they own all the KIMS systems and the Global Repository. She explained to them that the Chinese do not own all the KIMS systems and Global Repository and they are not running all these operations, it’s been Kim who has been running many operations in China, actually running counteracting ones to the best of her ability.

So this drone strike was one of the final straws. The Secret Circle has given them a lot of intelligence information, things Kim has been telling us listeners, and they found out a few more tidbits. The strike was ordered by the China Deep State. They then called the Americans because we have to have WWIII. They are so used to planning wars but they never fought a real one, until now, and she is advising them to put on their big boy pants because she and her forces are coming. Actually she has been countering them the whole time.

So the strike was a cooperative effort but it was ordered by China Deep State who handed it over to their American partners and the American operatives who then carried out the orders to make it look like it was Ukraine. The Russians were told initially that it was Ukraine. They have also since found out from the Secret Circle that China is the one who ordered Yellen and the Office of Foreign Asset Control to place all the sanctions on Russia so that China can be it’s only trading partner. Just like Kim told us listeners, but they now have heard it from someone who is not blonde and female so it’s important. Oy vey.

How Does China Think They Are Going to Take Over the World’s Monetary System Now?

Yes they are, they’re doing it again. I guess in the end is the beginning and in the beginning is the end has multiple meanings.

The China Deep State, in cooperation with the Americans went back to those pallets of super notes, which must have traveled the entire world by now, and they planned to register them to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Once they were successful then they were going to crash the markets on Friday.

Kim said about one third of the CIA works very closely with China as do many of the operatives, Military Generals and Agency people. It is more important to these American Generals, Operatives and Agency people that the bloodline stays in power than it is to save the very country they claim to serve. They have no interest in protecting the US or its citizens in any way. So please do not try to sell her on white hats, black hats, blah-blah-blah. Bloodline is more important for the current leaders because it’s all about rank and file in the military and in the agencies. He who has the highest clearance allegedly wins, except when it comes to Kim because she is not part of them, not part of their bloodline. She’s the opposite as a matter of fact. Kim’s message to the Generals who are not yet dead but did the crazy stuff today. Please reach out to the Archivist office because it is over with the expiration of all of these agreements. If you don’t believe her reach out to the Secret Circle people.

A Living Definition of Insanity

They keep trying to use the fake cash and to register this cash. They brought a bunch of it to Chicago, and a bunch is coming over the Mexican border. Why do we really have 1500 troops on the border? Is it for our security, is it because of the immigrants flooding in? Well no. Kim’s guess is because they are lifting cash pallets over the border into the United States. That’s likely the reason they got deployed because they just showed up there. But guess what? The Silent Circle also knows this cash is fake and they are aware of what the crazies are trying to do which would actually crash the dollar. So the Silent Circle people are burning pallets of cash all over Mexico, all over Panama. Bonfires have also taken place in Chicago and New York in last 24 hours! Ya know what? I’m really starting to like these Silent Circle people!

This is making the Generals and Agency people involved in these operations very upset. But Kim said she is expecting no more super note pallets of cash anywhere in the world very soon.

Meetings in Russia with Groups That Previously Did Not Work Together

The Russians are under the assumption that Ukraine is being run by the Americans, but the Americans are being run but the Chinese, so the Chinese are actually running it directly and indirectly. They wanted to drag the Americans in so we can have WWIII. But you can’t interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. The Russians have very sophisticated technology and were not going to allow anything to happen to the Kremlin, not now, not ever. Even China wouldn’t win a war with Russia on its own soil, that’s why they sent in the drone.

Word on the street is there are a lot of meetings going on in Russia right now. Groups that previously did not work together are meeting. Some Black Sun people are having talks with the people affiliated with the Silent Circle. There is going to be some serious consequences to what they have found out in the last few days. Some of those talks are about breaking up BRICS or leaving BRICS. Other talks are about cancelling trade agreements, the SCO the Shanghai Cooperative Organization which is kind of meant to counteract NATO. So serious talks are going on amongst these people about where they are going to go and what they are going to do. Kim’s thought process about the Russians turning down China was probably sparked when they entered that room where the portal access is for the 5th, 6th and 7th time recently. And the sudden deaths of the remaining Abraxas Bloodline probably didn’t help either. 

So a few more important characters are no longer with us and the only thing the crazies have now is a big mouth and whole lot of lies. They have some weird operations going on that will probably never do anything but it keeps them busy while they still try to start WWIII, but never will.

Billions of years of history and slavery is ending. The Planet will get clean. Our part is not far away so get ready fellow humans!


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