Virus Canisters Found, So Deep State Sends Infected People to US Instead | Anointing Chuckie Like Solomon Tonight, Means Horrid Rituals No Doubt | Wingnuts Expect to Take Over Kim’s System After Chuckie’s Coronation & He is ‘Officially’ King | Will the Royal Arse Bring the Magic Back for the Deep State? Nah, Of Course Not | Will More Countries Leave the Commonwealth When Chuckie Fails?  Probably | Now the Good News, More Agreements Expired & Relate to the Arc of the Covenant & Pandora’s Box!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 5, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update Kim addresses the latest fear porn circulating around the alt media around AI and viruses. She tells us yet again why the deep states latest hopes for a central bank digital currency and the $1 trillion platinum coin plan will be dashed. More on the King Chuckie’s coronation and preparations we don’t see. Finally the really good stuff, Kim explains that Pandora’s boxes belonged the dark side while the Arcs of the Covenant belong to the light and now all are re-acquired and moved in their proper locations around the planet. What will this mean for humanity?

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Latest Fear Porn

AI Chat Bot

Kim first wanted to address these chat bots that keep coming up. They can do the work for you as it relates to internet searches. Kim said she uses them from time to time to take an article and try to get some information for a script. It’s good for that type of thing. But be cautious when using it to search the internet for answers. She played around with it a little bit last weekend and the information that comes up is quite often incorrect. It will pull up the most searched for item and then consider it to be true, so be careful. It’s not going to take over the world, it’s just a mapping system that has the ability to map and track throughout the internet using the key words you input. It is subject to user error, so if you enter the wrong information, you will get the wrong information back no matter what you were thinking. So just a word of caution, it’s nothing to be feared. Maybe it’s out now because they can’t control the internet as well as they could without it. There is quite a bit of fear porn out there and this is part of it. They want you to be afraid of everything.

Sending People with Viruses to the US

Speaking of fear porn we’ve been hearing a lot about viruses coming into the US by the Alt Media. Because Homeland Security has caught all of the virus canisters they tried to bring across the border, now the China Deep State thought they would send actual people who have been infected so they can spread it.

Dollar Bills Can Carry Viruses

The other thing they’ve been saying is the virus can be carried on dollar bills. Because no one is buying the global digital currency, they are putting the fear of viruses into your brain as to why you shouldn’t want physical cash anymore. If they cannot get you to accept global digital currency they will create fear amongst the masses about touching or holding currency. Here’s the common sense behind it. There are some viruses that can last for around 72 hours, maybe a little longer without a host. We know that bacteria and fungi can survive in a certain amount of water. Are they going to soak all the cash? Are they going to be successful spreading viruses to cull the masses using currencies? Kim highly doubts that but she will look more into it in case they have something new. They continuously try to find, locate and get access to the Internet of Bodies and Internet of virus things, these tactics are part of their Central Bank Digital Currency program which they believe will be successful by tomorrow when King Chuckie’s golden arse touches the stone.

Central Bank Digital Currency Program is all about mRNA Connection

Speaking of which Kim backed up to the COV ID program. For those who may be watching this and are involved with the Central Bank Digital currency, the program is all about an mRNA connection and if successful they will be putting this stuff in your food, and everywhere. Right now they can’t afford it but they planned on it if they had been successful.

Kim said there have been several people over the last few days who are telling her Central Bank Digital Currency is a good thing, which of course it’s not, here’s why.

  1. Nobody has the electricity or the internet access to perform this function.
  2. The crazy people do not have a computer system they can tie to the base platform to make it function.
  3. They will not be able to steal Kim’s system, which they think they will be able to do after the coronation. Kim will still be here and she will reject him as King, it will never get ratified in the Hall of Records and they crazy people will never get a hold of the system.

But let’s just say it worked out and Chuckie has the golden ass. He sits in the chair, something inhabits his body and he gains control of the system and now can install your digital ID and digital programming and all this stuff. Except Kim’s system would never execute on what the crazies want it to do. It’s an organic system, it will read his intention and his mind because it functions on the Universal Law of Light. The bottom line, it’s not going work even if they got it installed! For the millionth time!

Coronation and Preparations We Don’t See

There are a lot of requirements for millions of people to swear an oath, which is part of the ritual and it’s a King Solomon ritual they are going to perform. Why? Because Charles is part of the line of Solomon, his mother was part of the Rothschilds on the one side and his father part of the Black Sun on the other side so they want to anoint him in the way Solomon was because they think Solomon was the Guardian. So surely they can get this agreement renewed if they do it this way. Except no they can’t and he’s not Solomon. That’s not the way this works.

Behind the scenes it seems all the crazies are in support of this, the Indonesian Elders and the Chinese Elders and all the other family members went to the Philippines for whatever reason to support this by committing several rituals. There were likely some deaths that happened. God knows what they will do to some children down there. That was this evening. They will start that for the alleged support of Solomon. 

Will More Countries Leave the Commonwealth When Chuckie’s Ass Doesn’t Make Magic?

When it all falls apart come Monday no countries will get any money. And most of the countries that are now being supported by the Silent Circle and are in place already, hence about the talk about Jamaica filing to leave the Commonwealth and we’ll see which agency/country will try and own Zimbabwe again. Zimbabwe was actually the ancient site of an off world trading post years ago.

It appears there are more and more countries that want to leave the commonwealth. Once this doesn’t work and there is no financial support coming from the Crown, the Rothschilds, Chuckie, the Order of the Dragon and these countries have a different way to go then we will see a lot more of this. It’s the same reason we are seeing a lot of countries dropping the dollar and what does this do to the United Kingdom? You need to be aware of this because they have a lunatic on the loose.

The Way the Fiat System Worked in the Past

The US dollar backed every currency in the world, but with the UK it’s indirectly. The US Dollar also has control over all commodities. The British Pound, GBP is supported by the production lines of all of the Commonwealth. This means anything that is not a commodity, so no oil, no gas, nothing that isn’t traded on the Commodity Futures Market, but all the rest of it. The GDP of the Commonwealth countries goes to back the GBP, the GBP can then turn in all those derivatives that were derived from those contracts which goes back to support the dollar.

If these countries leave the Commonwealth, which is probably the best thing for them and walk away from the dollar, which is also probably the best thing for them, then all the countries under the Commonwealth will see an uptick in their GDP and they’ll have cheaper goods. That means they won’t have to pay so much for oil and gas because they are not importing it, because they already have it. Not all countries do but some countries do and the same thing goes for food products.

It will be shaky for the GBP unless they come up with a way to support all those production contracts that are now backing the GBP and the basket of currencies that are the Commonwealth currencies, such as the South African Rand. Does the UK have enough to survive? Money still works on supply and demand and even though there may be platinum, gold and silver behind the GBP it still does not change the fact production lines are needed because you need reasons for that money to be out there. If you don’t have reasons there goes the whole mechanism, except for the Commonwealth countries who will do just fine.  

Why a $1 Trillion Platinum Coin Will Also Never Work

I guess they are trying this scam yet again too. So Kim explained why it won’t, but I doubt they will pay any attention.

The Mint prints our coinage at this moment. It is part of the Department of Treasury and not part of the Federal Reserve. It does have the right to print coinage, well kind of, sort of but not really. All coinage requires allocation numbers and when you put a value on the coin, it is no different than issuing a Treasury Note. That means the US government, who printed the coin not only needs an allocation number they also need to have $1 trillion in assets, and anything in the IRS is not included in this number because the tax payer money has nothing to do with the assets of the US government. The crazies are also under the assumption that while Kim has the gold she doesn’t have the other rare Earth minerals like platinum. But she does, she has all of them.

Chuckie is Not Going to Save the Day

In the mind of Chuckie, who told everyone he is going to be the Pindar this weekend and he will have control back of all the BLM land (Bureau of Land Management), just like the Rothschilds and the Crown and the whatnot keep trying to do, but it’s going to happen this time and he’s looking forward to it. Sure it is. Once that happens then he’ll support the $1 Trillion Platinum Coin, take that coin and back the Central Bank Digital Currency. Nothing will change though, no matter what rituals they do tonight and come Monday they’ll be in the same boat.  But that’s their plan right now. So a lot is all on Chuckie arse being magical.

One of the temples where they are holding their rituals is in the Philippines. It’s where they kept the Pindar Chair for a very long time. They do this whole ritual with the Order of the Dragon people and they all walk up these steps and stick their hand in to something and see if they survive, if they are chosen one, like the movie Golden Child with Eddie Murphy. What they are really looking for is the Draco to come and take up residence in Chuckie. But there aren’t any Draco who are willing to do that so nothing is going to change. Come Monday Kim will be telling us the same thing; that nothing has changed, just like she was the first to say it was the Americans who were behind the Russia attack. It’s starting to become public now. It’s even coming out in the mainstream news and I noticed it’s happening faster and faster.

China Deep State is Desperately Hoping This Will Work Out to Their Advantage

They have done the coin deal many, many times. But according to Kim if you were do this right, with the current state of the US, you would issue the coin as a commemorative coin, which would not have a value. In other words aside from the metal it’s printed on it would not have a monetary value, therefore it is not a debt of the US. If you were to do that, the next thing needed is a buyer who feels that coin is so valuable that he wants to buy it for a $1 or $2 trillion dollars. Now Kim can and is ready to buy a commemorative coin over here on her side but Chuckie is not, the Crown won’t be able to, neither can the Rothschilds or the Order of the Red Dragon.

Arcs of the Covenant & Pandora Boxes

The main Abraxas Agreement that was tied to all these different things the last 3 billion years expired. It’s where the Draco and the Mantid got their power from and the subsequent lower astral beings the internet calls the reptilians, but it all hails from that Abraxas Agreement 3 billion years ago. The reason for the continuous wars all tie together. Kim can expire some agreements early and others we have to wait because there is an energetic exchange taking place.

Arcs of the Covenant

But one of the other things the expiration of those agreements means to ‘we the people’ is the removal of the remaining Pandora Boxes and the installation of the Arcs of the Covenant at the appropriate locations in the world. She won’t tell us yet these locations because we don’t need our enemy bombing these sites. Kim said she always knew about 7 of them, but there are actually 8, and then when the 8 are in the appropriate locations in the world they turn on the 9th!
Hum, this is very interesting.

Kim told us before that she has been to the site of one of the Arcs of the Covenant and it was the main one. The Arcs of the Covenant are a compilation of metals and is a hyper conductor for Source energy, it will actually store the energy like a battery. Although the Dark Overlord and all the minions that have come and gone were able to destroy a lot of things in this universe, they will never destroy the light and never destroy Source in part because they need it as well.

Pandora Boxes

The Pandora Boxes conversely speaking were holding something the opposite. The first box was in Cheyenne Mountain and Kim acquired that one awhile back. That one box put all the lights out for the other boxes because that’s how it works, kind of like Christmas lights, when one box goes out they all go out. And if one box is in the wrong location or it’s gone, like its left the planet then they all go out. The whole purpose being to try to open that vortex (I believe in the center of the Earth is what she is referring to) into something dark. The same thing goes for the Arcs of the Covenant, when we want to open it up for something light it won’t work unless they are in the right locations.

Is anyone surprised one was in Cheyenne? That’s where all the heroes of the world are, right? Yeah, not so much. That box was actually taken out from another location not too far from where Kim is now and moved to Cheyenne Mountain for their protection and their use. It wasn’t so far away that it would set off the alignment, so I guess the locations isn’t an exact point, but that’s where they decided to keep it. So that whole facility over there was actually built for the utilization of this Pandora’s Box.

The locations of the rest of the boxes were Israel on Mount Hermon, the Fanjingshan Temple in China. Kim mentioned this location before, it was the one that was really high up on that rock in Northern China I think. Other locations for Pandora Boxes are Albania, Algeria, Guam, Switzerland and Brazil. Those were the locations which corresponded to issues during the time a lot of crazies were going to the North and South Poles. Because they are placed in such a way around the planet, in order to change the ‘magnetic pole’, she is using that term because we are familiar with it, but it’s really not, from dark essence to light essence or light essence to dark essence. That was the purpose of these.

Status Now for the Arcs of the Covenant & Pandora Boxes

The opening that’s happening now is pure light essence, it no longer has a hint of gray to it and that started yesterday afternoon. The Pandora boxes are all gone and the Arcs of Covenant were re-acquired last night and put back in the locations they were supposed to be in. They cannot be opened but they can be moved. In order to open them your essence must be pure, just like the Bible says, otherwise you’ll evaporate. Kim said that is why there was a specific tribe that was supposed to take care of these. But the important thing is they are back where they are supposed to be except placed very deep underground. They can still function but were purposely moved into the ‘Others’ territory because we can’t trust these humans with anything. That’s why Kim is not giving us the converse locations at this moment in time.

So we’re supposed to leave the Arcs of the Covenant in these different locations and let them do their thing energy-wise. They pretty much take energy that flows through the North and South magnetic Pole and then the Center Vortex of Earth, which is pure Source energy and brings it out to those specific locations. The energy still comes out even if the box is closed, because it’s kind of like a battery, so you really don’t want to open it unless you are sure you are of pure light essence because it has acid in there which would be dangerous to you.  

An Upcoming Event Involving the Arcs of the Covenant & Kim?

Kim said there is a chair on the Arc, a place for a person to sit who is the pure essence, which is the test and Kim alluded to having done this years ago. The second Arc of the Covenant Kim acquired has the same compilation of metals in it but it’s surrounded by some very old wood. But inside you can see there is a few inches of metal. In the past she moved both of these Arcs and she was headed to a third one when she got side swiped by Putin who took it. She was headed to Saudi Arabia at the time.

So this retrieval is part of Restoration, this job Kim took on came with a really big commitment and it had her running around trying to find the Arcs of the Covenant years ago, but she guesses it wasn’t the right time to get all of them. She has since realized she had to wait for a lot of these covenants to expire and then she could move them around and get them in the correct locations for what is to take place over the next couple of days. That event does not involve the coronation that’s going on for Chuckie. Unlike Chuckie, Kim has nothing special, no chariot is bringing her around for public display, no throne either, she has a stool though. And she said hopefully there will be a time when these Arcs of the Covenant will be above ground and on display so people can go there and see.
I think that would be super cool!

Wrapping Up

So while the crazies have been busy preparing their rituals and preparing Chuckie, Kim’s has been cleaning and clearing again, to move forward with the Restoration Plan. No rituals are involved on her side. But she expects them to be finished by Sunday and hopefully we’ll be ready to move forward.

Well at the moment they still have high hopes because it’s Sunday morning and afternoon while I’m writing this up and the chemtrails are out of control over the Hudson and New York City today. The day started off as exceptionally beautiful with clear blue skies and now there is no blue to be found. It was ridiculous.

But they will fail and they will likely blame it on Kim and she expects they will probably continue to try to submit some more agreements for the Central Bank Digital Currency and Trump Bucks as that too is an ongoing thing too. But nothing will change for them, no royal arse will make any system magically reappear.

Well I hope I’m reading between the lines correctly when Kim says, they hope to be finished by Sunday, I hope she means her team will be done sending all the crazies who participated in those sick rituals one-way tickets off the planet. 


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  1. It is true that trusting in Kim without any viable truth is difficult. I have actually been on their messenger chat group asking for proof and I was blocked from their site. But I actually believe Kim. It seems to resonate with me. And believing in the church, or the fact that this is a spiritual war is more difficult to believe. Believing in Lower astral and upper astral is easier then believing in the dogma of religion.

    Thanks you are doing a great job…

  2. Thank you for helping me to understand the Arc’s of The Covenant & the Pandora Boxes and their locations. Your transcripts are invaluable at this time in history

  3. No matter how much money or power you have, if you can’t be nice, or at least ‘polite’ to the little people, you’ve already failed.

  4. Imelda Ramirez

    What Kim had to says about Chemtrails? Are they going some day to stop spraying people around the world and when is that going to happen? In the area where I lived is every single day been fumigated by those planes and it doesn’t rain …
    Thanks any way for all this information 🙏🏼

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