More Disturbing Findings Regarding COVID | Ambitious Chuckie Submits 3 Agreements to the Hall of Records for Ratification: To Be King, To Be Pindar & To Be Guardian | Chuckie Then Goes to Balmoral Castle to Enter Pod Prior to His Coronation | Kim Finds Out Queen Lizardbeth Wasn’t the Only One in Stasis on the Planet, There Were 8 Others | Wingnuts Expecting Battle Between the Angels of Light & the Fallen Angels But Nobody Came | Clarifying the Difference Between Angels & Arc Angels

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 8, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim updates us on her recent findings about the origin of COVID. She make a call to the WHO because they are very confused and need to hear the truth. She tells us what was going on behind the scenes in preparation for King Chuckie’s ‘official’ coronation and why the Order people on both sides, who technically are the spawn of the fallen angels expected they would return to save them.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


COVID Came from the Lower Astral

If you had COVID you inevitably have what is called spike proteins in your system and they are not natural. Spiked proteins are a creation and not by humans. The spread of COVID came from the lower astral and it was designed to be utilized and manipulated any time they wished. Lucky for us the dumb humans that remain here did not know that, so they wouldn’t have had access to such a thing. It would have been someone above their head so to speak, in understanding how it worked and it definitely could have depopulated the planet, never mind the vaccines. And it was in everything. The whole mask wearing thing was not only a psychological thing but was to ensure a decreased amount of oxygen in your body in order to have this particular bacteria or virus take hold. For anyone who has had this spiked protein it will come out of the body naturally over time and there are other things we can do to eliminate it in totality. It’s something Kim and her team have been working on.

The WHO Still Listens to the Crazies

As far as the World Health Organization is concerned they appear very confused. When they think they’ve been successful and everything is going to work out they announce COVID is over, then the very next day it’s not? Kim did call them and had a brief conversation with the WHO and the UN personnel who were at their building in Geneva this weekend because they wouldn’t stop looking for something that doesn’t exist.

She explained to them China is broke, the Chinese Elders are broke, the Order of the Dragon is broke and nothing is coming. They told her they were promised they would have this, whatever ‘this is’ by Sunday morning to which Kim responded by saying it’s not happening and they are wasting their time. So they abruptly called their Chinese Elders over in China and repeated the information Kim shared with them, which is the truth. The China people in turn got very upset because they work very hard to hide the truth of what’s really going on.

Chuckie Goes to Balmoral Castle to Enter the Pod Prior to Coronation

On Friday afternoon US time big meetings took place not only in the Philippines but several locations of the Order of the Dragon. It would have been around the exact time of the full moon and in the evening in Europe. Chuckie was taken to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. If you remember the story, a lady who wasn’t entirely human existed there. She was kind of the keeper of the castle and that’s where the Queen was in stasis, as her soul resided in the Mental Plane of Existence. Then they had a reptilian thing walking around as the Queen. Well Chuckie went to Balmoral Castle to take his rightful place in the pod so they could get his soul out and then they could get a being to take the place of him before the coronation. This did not happen and the people who were in the meetings, those of the Order of the Dragon were shocked it didn’t work. Then they said, well maybe it will just take some time.

Before Chuckie entered the pod 3 Agreements were submitted to the Hall of Records for ratification:

  1. The first one is obviously for King Chuckie to be ratified as King of the UK and the Commonwealth. That was rejected.
  2. Chuckie would like to be the Pindar as well, a position that has existed for a while now, but hey let’s try to revive it.
  3. Chuckie also would like to be the Office of the Guardian.

Wow, like Sunny said, isn’t he the over achiever. Kim summed it up and said the number one reason why she would never do that is because he is an elitist, cantankerous, self-entitled moron and she didn’t think it would be a good idea to have a reptile wannabe as the Guardian of Earth. So those were rejected not only once but twice, yes twice because they were resubmitted after the televised coronation. I guess they thought televising made it official so how could she reject them now?

Evidently if you watched the coronation you would have seen Chuckie looking very, very concerned. He didn’t have a positive expression and he looked scared half the time. If you look as some close up shots you can see his pupils were very dilated which indicates he was on some kind of medication. Kim knows they definitely did medicate him but doesn’t know with what. Obviously he had a traumatic evening the night before and he was very angry. He really expects to be King of the World and wanted to be King and whichever of the 3 positions he could have been approved for.

The Queen Wasn’t the Only One in Stasis on the Planet, There Were 8 Other Locations

After all this didn’t work out for the wingnuts the Order of the Dragon came up with a plan Saturday morning Kim’s time, which was to attack the living crap out of her. They also submitted a bunch of agreements and then they tried to activate some of their old terminals they’ve had for decades. Kim said it was very uncomfortable for her Saturday morning, she’s not going to lie, and she ended up doing a lot of work from her liquid office, aka her bath tub, she struggled a little bit but got through it and none of their terminals worked.

Although, due to their attacks Kim did find out another interesting fact. The queen wasn’t the only one who played switcheroo apparently, there were 8 other locations like this in the world with people who went into stasis and were stuck in one of the Planes of Existence. Another one of those places was in the Bronze Temple in China. Kim had already taken care of that, remember that is where the people in pods were. But there was a person in stasis on nearly every continent. These people were anchors for various spaces in between the planes of existence and they had a less than savory being they intended to bring in on that morning. Some of the locations she found included a tomb in India, a temple in a mountain in the Philippines and in South America. The Enforcer cleaned out those locations and the associated crystals tied to that mechanism which they intended on unleashing on humanity. Kim then cleared the Planes of Existence so those beings are no longer there.

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There is a reason they thought this was a good time to do this and they must have felt confident they would succeed because it appears Chuckie had made many agreements. One included the backing of that Trillion Dollar Coin that she told us about in the previous broadcast and evidently he told everyone about that, including those in the United Nations, and that the Starlight system would be back. The Starlight System was an installation by the Abraxas and existed in multiple stars. It was designed to replicate the Omega System should it ever go away. It has been months since we talked about that and it’s been gone for quite a long time, but Chuckie said it’s all coming back on Sunday.

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So Who is Telling Chuckie This Stuff?

As a public figure he’s just a puppet, but he is a little more involved in rituals and activities than other public figures. He’s been involved with the Rothschilds a long time and is a member of both Orders, therefore he should be the rightful whatever he thinks he should be. And there is some additional family members who would be considered elders in the different colors of the Order of the Dragon worldwide that he would be getting a lot of this information from. The problem is, and not only for him but for the entire world is compartmentalization. Take operatives as an example. They are trained in a specific field, well it’s the same thing with the Order. Even when you go further up the food chain no one ever had all the pieces to the puzzle. What we have now are people who don’t know economics and no one has the entire picture on their end of it. But they hear rumors of things happening which is why they believe what they believe, like these alignments.

What else they are not aware of?

Angels and Arc Angels

These people who are left were basically born of demons, both sides, the Order of the Dragon and Order of the Black Sun. They were bred to be the spawn of the Fallen Angels. By Fallen Angels Kim explained we have angels and we have arc angels, because as above so below. But the arc angels are not the higher up angels, they are the anti-angels. Yeah, you read that right. And the story in the Bible has truth to it, about the angels falling. There was a fight with Lucifer, he wanted to become the Ruler, and he felt he knew better than the humans.

Kim had talked to members of the Order of the Black Sun in the past, people who are no longer with us, and they would tell her they are dealing with a God higher than Kim’s. That’s what they kept telling her. So it’s not hard to see that they would rewrite books and tell the story a little differently and make sure everyone calls on the fallen Angels rather than the actual Angels from Heaven to come and help them.

All Angels Came From the Same Place Originally

All the angels came from the same place originally but the fallen ones became the Guardians of the Darkness and they guarded the arena around the realms, the planes of existence and spaces in between. A few months back Source decided to go to a complete and total light multiverse and change the order of creation, so the Dark Overlord was gone and the war was won by the light, so it just came down to a matter of timing. So the reason why the crazies thought there would be a bunch of beings that would come and save them over the weekend and appoint Chuckie King is because they felt there was going to be a final battle. That battle, in their minds was due to take place over the weekend.

So these spawn of the Fallen Angels decided they were going to prepare for battle last night. Kim was listening to the whole thing. She tried to figure out who they thought they were going to battle against, but even they didn’t know. All they knew was that it was time for the battle and someone was going to be in the battle between the Angels of Light against the Angels of Darkness. Now the battle between dark and light was done already but they thought it was going down one level to the Angels.

They’ve been very disappointed no one came despite their many horrific rituals and doing other bad things around the world all weekend long. Kim said it was really, really bad. There were many sacrifices in multiple locations.

They weren’t notified but the battle was cancelled because there is no one left to fight. All those angels that did fall have returned home and are back to their original shape and size and look like they did originally before they fell. And actually they are all on our side now. That’s why Kim keeps saying no one is coming to help them with their agenda.

About Angel Michael & Arc Angel Michael

There is an Angel Michael and there is Arc Angel Michael. I’ve learned a lot about the false Michael Matrix or Michael Clones from Lisa Renee over the years. She describes it a bit differently though, like the original Michael, as well as his feminine equal Mary were cloned with reversals. She has a lot of material about this. I added a few links from her Ascension Glossary below about it. But the crazies were trying to call upon the Arc Angel Michael who had to arrive by 1:35 EST today, exactly 3 full days after the full moon because that was their deadline. I guess they expected him to help them, but he never showed because it’s been over.

Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis, Ascension Glossary Items:

So What Will They Do Next?

They will probably go back to their texts to try to figure out the next day something can happen for them and then that will be when they promise money again. That’s why they are talking about the debt ceiling again. They’d like to increase their credit line with the Fed who is also broke.  This is all just talk, just like Amendment 14, as nothing is going to help them.

The world is on the brink of economic collapse because they are waiting on people who were doing a lot of ritual sacrifices, who pushed some more buttons in an attempt to release some more viruses, but didn’t even know how the equipment worked. They were also busy looking for an Arc Angel Michael matrix and couldn’t find it. Then there were some Generals who tried to push a button for something created back in the 90s that was tied to nuclear weapons placed between the teutonic plates. They weren’t successful either. All kinds of sacrifices were attempted on humanity this weekend and Kim said she was going to leave it by saying it was really, really bad because sometimes it’s just best not to know. 

The operatives were really disappointed after multiple attempts they failed to get a hold of the Starlight System, and when it became apparent everything they were told was a lie they had to hold off crashing the markets on Friday, then again on Monday. Since they didn’t get any toys back and no arc angels showed up, they had to scramble for cash. They managed to get together enough cash over the weekend to prevent a crash. Because what happens if they crash it now?  Well, George Soros and Berkshire Hathaway would lose a ton and there has to be enough bribe money to take care of their people. Those people would not be allowed to fall, so they would have to pay them upfront for their losses and that didn’t happen. So they have to keep the markets afloat a little longer. Does Kim think they will make it to June like they are saying? Nope.

They’ve been claiming to be back in control of BLM (Bureau of Land Management), which they think will allow them to issue currency against those assets they claim they own, which is untrue. Kim said it’s all about controlling countries. She predicts they are going to try and come in behind the Silent Circle and behind her and try to control countries again. They will say something like this, well, we won’t let America crash but you still have to let power go over to China and then everything will be ok. But it’s not.

There are some operatives who realized that if they didn’t win this battle they lost, or rather they will have to wait 1,000 years. So I guess that’s progress, although it sounds like they still don’t understand the Creator decided to go to a totally Light Multiverse. But what about the rest of the crazies? Are they going to finally say it’s over? Kim doubts it.

Kim’s Message to the Crazies

If you are a Military General please get the heck out of the economic system and stop trying to register Trump bucks. Call in someone who has a basic understanding of economics because clearly they do not. The same goes for Congress. And the economic people need to talk to the computer people. There is no collaboration amongst the crazies as to why things aren’t working. And stop submitting agreements for Central Bank Digital Currency and Trump bucks because the Archivists have stopped taking submissions from these wingnuts!

Meanwhile the Silent Circle is still acquiring assets. Kim expects them to start moving very rapidly after reality sinks in that all the promises Chuckie made fell flat. Sunny asked Kim if she thinks they are going to do something to Chuckie because he didn’t deliver. She said she doesn’t know but anyone can wear a mask and sit in the chair.

Well I certainly hope all those participating in the heinous activities last week, who VIOLATED NATURAL LAW get what’s coming to them. The sooner the better!!!


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  1. AshestToAllelulia

    Thank you! I hope everyone got to see the Grim Reaper walk by the church window at Chuckie’s corpse-oronation. Also, there was a guy wearing a grey wig, aviator sunglasses, and a Q pendant in the audience. Fun-tastic!

    Hey, if they can use rods of god to decimate the Georgia Guidestones, seems like they could put satanic ritual abuse gatherings in their crosshairs, or at least use tranquilizer darts, like on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, tagging White Rhinos wandering off preserve towards Bohemia.

    Thanks for your efforts! I always enjoy immensely your artistry in prose!!!

  2. This is an excellent interview with Kim from 4-10-23

    Kim talks about a lot more than the “Alien Agenda”

    ALSO The (excerpted ) comment below, concerning parasites), is incorrect:
    Lightworker Messages For The Military
    A parasite decomposes dead matter.

    Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more
    noun: parasite; plural noun: parasites

    1. an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.

    This definition agrees with Kim’s

  3. Thank you for your breakdown. I usually have to watch her video’s twice because I always miss something.

  4. I agree with Carlos, that the battle against evil will last as long as is necessary and we will win the battle. We have all been programmed by the dark side to think and live in the way that feeds them and this must change. Kim and our cosmic visitors can only do so much without our collective help. It is imperative that we transform to regain our birth right as light filled crystalline cosmic beings that can dispel this darkness. I suggest listening to Marina Jacobi to better understand the mechanics for our transformation to light and expanded heart space. A recent video might be a good start. My teacher once said the most difficult stresses to overcome are doubt, disappointment and rejection. Do we still see negative events? Yes! Kim is only part of the process for global light based restoration. Personally and collectively we can consciously move swiftly away from the present obstacles and create a most amazing and heavenly planet especially through our own transformation. Namaste

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