US at DEFCON-1 for the First Time in History? | What is Behind Recent Actions of US Government, Deep State & British Crown? | The Lazarus Trinity Agreement Was Established When 3 Main Parties Lost Access to Accounts & Money | 3 More Closed-Loop Systems Found, The Black Book, Blue Book & Red Book, aka More Dangling Carrots to Get People to Work for Free | The Emergency Presidential Liquidity Fund is Why Operatives THINK Trump Bucks are Real

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 10, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim gives us a history lesson which leads to better understand why many believed Chuckie could deliver all he promised and why operatives are still believing Trump bucks is a thing. She gives us the background on what the crazy Generals were thinking that put the US under DEFCON-1 this week and she explains 3 little books that correspond to 3 main parties that entered into an agreement about 15 years ago when they lost access to the accounts and money, and this goes back to WWII.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Russian Victory Day

Today is Russian Victory Day and it marks the end of WWII in Russia. The Russians were allies to the United States then and they lost about 25 million people in the war. The US was declared as the winner which meant we won the world’s dominating economy and currency which moved over from the Bank of England. The Bank of England was acting in the capacity of the Federal Reserve before the advent of the Federal Reserve and had been for a long time. It was the Central Bank of all central banks and was established before the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

A lot of things changed after WWII. The British economy went into a serious depression for about ten years based on that transition. It is relative to today because of what they are trying to do to the US, to move global economic power to China. It will not happen this time, but it does not stop the propaganda machines from rolling.

About Zimbabwe Rejoining the Commonwealth

There have been discussions going on as to whether the UK is going to perform. Do they have the gold to support Zimbabwe, do they hold the liens against the gold of the in-ground assets, as that is the impression of the Zimbabwe government. Therefore, they participated in talks to rejoin the Commonwealth and form a better relationship. Then of the course there is the digital currency issue, as the US is not the only country where they are trying to install digital currency. Except they cannot implement it throughout the country because there is no infrastructure and no money to even purchase the required items to support the infrastructure to launch digital currency in the country. It was not given or offered to Zimbabwe and it is having a huge effect worldwide.

So, what they have done in Iraq they tried to do in Zimbabwe and installed the US dollar as the currency interim wise, until the country is stable. So as of now they are going to continue to use the Zimbabwe currency which as of today’s report is a 1 to 1 ratio to the US dollar. Due to the sanctions imposed on the country and implemented by the Office of Foreign Asset Control, they have also failed to ship new paper currency to Zimbabwe for quite some time.  This has been going on for several years, the bills now are worn and they had to do something. So, they went with the 1 to 1 ratio so everyone would have something to use. Another thing is 75-80% of the transactions in the country are done in physical cash. That fact alone makes the transition to digital currency difficult to say the least. Kim said they were given proper guidance yesterday that digital currency cannot happen if they are going to serve the citizens of the Zimbabwe and the Crown because the two do not go together. And by Crown she is talking about Crown Corp.

Why Were We at DEFCON 1 Yesterday?

Evidently, we were at DEFCON-1 for the first time ever yesterday, but as of the time she gave this report we are at DEFCON-5 again. DEFCON-5 means everything is ok and there are no threats against the United States. DEFCON-1 indicates an imminent nuclear attack has already launched and it never happened in the history of the US. The closest we came was DEFCON-2 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

There is an entire protocol that goes into effect when DEFCON-1 is declared. The doomsday plane goes in the air. If we had a living President he would go into the bunker. Some guy did go there and maybe they wheeled the frozen Biden body too, Kim doesn’t know. But every US military base goes into dramatic defense mode and personnel are moved around. It can cost millions of dollars when that happens.

So, what was the reason for it?

First, there was a phone conversation that was intercepted from Cheyenne Mountain and it included several other countries. Kim overheard the conversation from the Key Intelligence and Military system. Alarms from Langley to various military bases starting going off and she was wondering why. She finally located the call to which these Generals were on and they were trying to get these other countries to also go to DEFCON-1. But no one agreed with that so they decided to go it alone and declare it only in the US.

The second conversation that happened was between several operatives and some other people who are needed to participate when the US goes to DEFCON-1 status. There must be someone from the White House for instance to enter a code, usually the Defense Arms Committee must participate as well as the Secretary of Defense. They managed to convince all these people to go ahead and push all these codes in order to move the US to DEFCON-1. Then they told them all to be quiet, no one was to speak about it. So, what did Kim do? She made calls all over the place to every operative she knew and Tom Melville tried to notify the Pentagon, but everyone was sworn not speak about it unless they had permission from the crazy Generals at Cheyenne Mountain. An Admiral told Tom he didn’t know about it and asked how Kim found out. Well, that would be through her Key Intelligence and Military System which works really well, despite the operatives attempts to affect its abilities. What chaos this caused.

When you go to DEFCON-1 an automated protocol starts to happen.

So, all the alerts when out and there was full-on panic while they tried to figure out why. All it did though was send the country into chaos for several hours. The reason behind this declaration came from someone somewhere who told them if they went into DEFCON-1 the backup systems would automatically come into play. By backup systems she means:

  • All the data in cash in banks would automatically revert to a center in Dallas or in Cheyenne.
  • The control over the Treasury Department or the Federal Reserve would revert and be under military control. That was the whole idea.
  • Not only that, but they had an inkling that it was possible they could regain their Omega system.

Kim said this may have been possible about 2 or 3 years ago, but definitely not now:

  • Firstly, because of all the things that have been done and all the agreements that expired since then there was no possibility for a reintegration.
  • Secondly, the backup systems have been turned off and go to the Global Repository and have been for several months now.

She made sure nothing was going to happen yesterday because these people cannot run an operation, never mind the country. They are really good at running their mouths off though and they convinced all of Congress, before this took place if they declared war or an imminent DEFCON-1 against the US then money would come out. From where this money was coming, they don’t know but it will happen. Yeah, sure it will. Since they are desperate for money they played along with the game and when nothing happened Kim got the phone calls with them asking why.

Didn’t they always declare war on Jan 1st every year for 20 minutes and then money comes out?

No, there was a Martial Law Declaration every year that lasted for 20 minutes after the clock struck midnight. Under the previous contract it was easy to fund the military or any intelligence agency directly without requiring an act of Congress. That is why it was done. This was a legal procedure. Reverting power to the military under Martial Law in the US would allow that funding to go to the military and took the power of the pen out of the hand of Congress. But this has not happened in years and there has been no black budget for a while. But the money always came from the Alpha system anyway. During those 20 minutes the Martial Law Plan went through to the Rothschilds then to the military, but they were just a pass through and not the source of money. At one point in time both the Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Black Sun had access to different funds. But still the fulfilling of the fund itself came from the Alpha system. Those were agreements with Kim’s predecessor, Marduk and all those have expired. So, the reason why the military would not get any funding under this scenario even a declaration of war is because the contracts have expired.

Kim had to explain to them why they cannot get money this way anymore, as well as a separate issue.

A declaration of war has to do with the old Treaty of Versailles. If a declaration of war was filed by any country that was party to the treaty, funding would come out to fund said war for both sides. Therefore, the US, which was usually involved and ‘x’ country would both get money in order to fight the war because both the good guys and bad guys need money to play their parts. This has not taken place either since the expiration of the Treaty of Versailles several years back. And this giant fiasco for power hungry generals cost the country millions of dollars it does not have, so we the people carried the cost with our taxes. Isn’t that just wonderful.

Therefore, everyone in government should pay closer attention to all the agreements that have expired and the new agreements that have taken place because it will give you an indication of the age-old war that has already been fought and won by us.  There is no conceding on our side, we are just moving on.

They also likened yesterday, May 9th to the Tribulation, the final battle of Armageddon, which goes back to those in the Philippines, the Dragon Order people preparing for battle against us again. So, it was an epic failure, although it did cause a lot of chaos.

What will happen to the Government?

Is Congress going to realize this is not going to work? Kim said as of this morning, not yet. Because there are 3 main parties that entered into an agreement about 15 years ago when they lost access to the accounts and money, and this goes back to WWII.

Lazarus Trinity Agreement

They created the Lazarus Trinity Agreement because like Lazarus, they would also like to rise from the dead. After WWII this agreement was formulated between the Order of the Red Dragon, the Order of the Blue Dragon, and the Order of the Black Sun and later they created three fake closed-loop systems in computers to reflect some assets she found yesterday. It was kind of the reason why Chuckie made promises and why the Order of the Red Dragon and Order of the Black Sun made promises. The management of these 3 closed-loop systems at one point in time had an agreement with Kim’s predecessor Marduk, with a company called Qorvo Technologies. So, these groups did believe one day they would have access to various spoils acquired during WWII and it was split up amongst the parties.

The above graphic shows information on a document that looks like something on computers after WWII and how they split up of those assets. It was discovered in a vault not only Germany but a few other locations Kim had been to over the years. It has Bush’s name on it as well as some Asian names and that infamous German named Hitler. So, the document that is attached to it and referenced refers to the Lazarus Trinity Agreement. This is also what created the Black Eagle Trust.

That is the Order of the Black Sun’s agreement that came out after WWII. So, remember, she just said the funding would come out for both sides and here is it. Here’s Germany’s, the Reich Bank’s funding that came out. You’ve might have heard about the German bonds in the alt media and from the reevaluation people. They printed lots of deutschemarks off this. It was an agreement to use gold to issue currencies. Her predecessor was the one who would have issued such a thing and this was prior to when the world was connected by computers, which did not start to happen until the late 1970s. They would make these types of agreements and historical bonds. The German bonds would have been issued off this initial agreement to lend gold to Germany in order to start WWII because her predecessor was just as evil as the cabal was.

Black Book | Order of the Black Sun

So above is the cover of the Black Book which talks about the assets in many different locations around the world. Some assets include the US Open Market Committee, the FDIC, and a lot of gold is in there as well. You can see a lot of numbers and codes, but it was all relative at the time and the Black Eagle position would have managed these types of assets. It would also have been the basis for is called the ‘spiritual white boy accounts’; the main account for all the numbers listed on all those pages which we can google now and I did. There is a lot of stuff out there about it.

From the Black Book shared on UNN

The Credit Suisse Account was the master account that controlled all those sub accounts and was used in the 1970s and 80s by a lot of the operatives in the Secret Militaries, the CIA and operatives in other countries, whoever was reporting to the head of the Black Sun at the time. But they were no longer utilized since 2007.

More From the Black Book shared on UNN

This was one section they replicated into a false closed-loop system. No one could access anything but it was showing on the screen for the last few years as a dangling carrot to get people to do what they wanted them to do. So even though the back system was turned off and no longer exists, this was a way to get people to work for free because they had to give the three parties involved who were the Order of the Red Dragon, the Blue Dragon and the Black Dragon hope that they were going to gain access to this.

Most of the people who created the system are dead and have been for a while. The party who masterminded this one likely died around August of 2016.

Blue Book | Order of the Blue Dragon

From the Blue Book shared on UNN

The second party involved was the Order of the Blue Dragon and Kim also has a copy of the Blue Book. This will be another history lesson.

There is a page that talks about gold and platinum at the Bank of England. Kim is bringing this up now because it relates to Chuckie and his recent promises. He saw the closed-loop system which was false numbers, a fake ledger created to get people to do what they wanted them to do. This one here would have been for the entire Commonwealth from the Bank of England.

More From the Blue Book shared on UNN

There are gold assets registered to South Africa, to the US and all coming from the Bank of England as the head. Remember back in the day it was acting as the Federal Reserve when this book was created.

Now let’s go back to that $1 Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin.

Kim was asked a question last night by the Senate Finance Banking Committee, can we use silver certificates to rectify the situation the US is in? They realize they cannot use platinum because these 3 closed-loop systems went offline yesterday and now they know it is not real, it never was. It was a dangling carrot to get them to dance and dance they have. But the coin was based on the platinum listed in the Blue Book and Chuckie of course made all these agreements, that money was going to come out when he became King based on that. Now it makes sense why people believed him, and why they believed the Order of the Black Sun.

Can we use silver certificates?

In the late 1800s during the gold rush in the US the then President was Grover Cleveland. He was convinced by JP Morgan, (the actual person not the bank) that the US was going to run out of gold (which was never going to happen) and they needed to borrow some silver to back the economy. Why? Because if the US ran out of gold it could be a gold-silver backing of the dollar. It was a lie though.

JP Morgan then calls his cousin, Rothschild and borrows silver from the Bank of England and that was also listed in that book. Then the silver certificate was issued against this. Again, Kim is explaining this because the Senate Finance Banking Committee was asking about it this morning, can they use silver certificates? Heck No! She told them she will not partake in that. It would be donating the country back to England where we started from. Besides we do not need silver because we have plenty of silver in the US, in fact we have trillions of dollars of assets in the US under the Bureau of Land Management, BLM.

Their problem is that all the rare earth minerals have been leveraged and Kim is the only one who can release the lien and allow them to use it to back the USD. So, is that going to help their current situation? It just so happens this Senate Finance Banking Committee is headed by Mark Warner, and as we know he is an avid Order of the Dragon ally in the US Government. Of course, he would be put in such a position by his overlords and of course he still wants to give the country back to England.

So, Kim just wanted to explain to us the origins of the assets because it is a great history lesson on how the world really worked.

Red Book | Order of the Black Sun

These closed-loop systems also solved another question Kim had in her mind as to why they are still talking about Trump Bucks and the Trump Reserve Bank. During the Trump Administration Kim personally assigned the Emergency Presidential Liquidity Fund over to the President. That was the last time it was done and she did not do it this time because she has given up on the US Government. But this takes us to the Red Book.

From the Red Book shared on UNN

The Red Book itself was registered under John F. Kennedy because that is when it was originated. The first page is about the Emergency Presidential Liquidity Fund which has been assigned to each US President since the 1960s upon the inauguration. Some of us who follow Kim are very aware JFK made a deal called the Green Hilton Agreement with his fellow Black Sun partner President Sukarno, to give gold to the Treasury of USA and not the Department of Treasury, in order for JFK to achieve the head position of Black Dragon and King of North America. That was his plan, he wanted to overthrow Bush.

Then another thing you may have seen was the $3 dollar bill. Because the Federal Reserve had the contract to print $1, $5, $10, etc. Kennedy decided to issue the $3 bill and the CIA still has pallets of $3 dollar bills in their asset portfolio. Because the Federal Reserve contract was still in effect all the assets in this book went over to the Federal Reserve and Kennedy was assassinated. So, the Red Book has become synonymous with the Order of the Dragon and assets that were under its management and they were the third party in the Lazarus Trinity Agreement and they also had a closed loop system showing the assets of the US. It also talks about the emergency fund which each state has and is included in this book. They could see it but nobody could touch it.

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More from the Red Book shared on UNN

Trump Bucks & Trump Reserve Bank

Unbeknownst to Kim, Trump took the portion of their conversation when she made the reassignment. That conversation was recorded on the diplomatic line so it is in the National Archives. She showed Trump how much money was in Emergency Presidential Liquidity Fund and this was done during Hurricane Michael which was meant to help the US. He could initiate a request from this during a national emergency, which is what it was for. And at that time, we did have an emergency. Except Trump never used it for that purpose. Instead, he waved the tear sheet around getting everybody to work for him for free. You could call him Bush Jr because he was the master at that, but it was really her predecessor they got that idea from. So, Trump was waving that tear sheet of the Emergency Presidential Liquidity Fund around to every operative under the sun since 2018. That was the Trump bucks and they thought it was real.

Why Actions by the US Government, Deep State & British Crown Took Place

All those closed-loop systems were to get the Order to dance. They thought they could get access to these accounts; they thought their counter party had the access. Just like those pallets of fake money that caused Desert Storm etc. There are only two things that will make the world move, the first is an act of God and the second is Money.

Kim just found and eliminated these closed loop systems yesterday. She can give the Senate Bank Finance Committee all the necessary information about all these books and closed-loop systems but they will never call her. And they should because part of the reason they hit the DEFCON-1 button yesterday is because they saw all these things disappear and thought they could get them back and get control of them if they pushed the button. Oh geez.

The reason she pointed out all those assets is so we can understand the actions being taken now by the US Government, the Deep State and specifically the British Crown. Everyone needs to be informed these accounts do not exist in the real system. They have been reallocated accordingly and respectively and not to the US at this moment because there is no contract with the Government, or any Military. It is also the reason no money comes when there is war for years now.

Current Status

Kim oversees the asset base and issuance of new allocations for every currency in the world. That is part of her job, but not all her job. To repeat what she has stated numerous times, the only outstanding agreement Kim has is with us, 8 billion people and that is not necessarily through governments. She does not have an agreement that says that anymore with any government. The agreements are directly with ‘we the people.’

Where did all the money go, all the rare earth minerals?

Kim again said it has been divided up amongst all the citizens in each respective nation to which they were allocated to in the first place, in preparation for the citizens to self- govern. Because at this point, the crazy people are not really doing anything and not going anywhere at all. In fact they look silly listening to the Order of the Dragon and Generals in Cheyenne who are just waving fake bank statements around. So, will they think if they get Trump back in office in 2024, then it will be valid? I would not doubt it. But Kim was always the key with the Presidential Emergency Liquidity Fund anyway, and if it was still a thing, which it is not, she had to agree to it.

That said, they have given a heck of fight and it’s been a battle for a long time. But we are not battling them anymore, we are battling very old agreements that were not between governments but between groups like the Abraxas and dead man switches from that type of stuff, and even that is not successfully entering into the actual system.

So, with regards to the quantum system Kim controls there was a little bit of reprogramming that had to take place due to these fake closed-loop systems. And incidents like yesterday with DEFCON-1 just waste a few hours of her time. However, it did lead her to find out why they think they can do Trump bucks. Because the people issuing them when he was alive really believe that money was there for them and thought they were going to get money. But that money was in the Emergency Presidential Liquidity Fund and it is only good if the President is actually in office, then it reverts to the next president. So, Kim said it is actually her fault for not re-registering the next President because that’s really what should have happened, but she just gave up and didn’t think about it. And at this point she does not have to because the account itself is gone.

Eventually They Will Run Out of Fake Things to Flash Around

Eventually the bill comes due and it could happen even before June 1st now.

  • If the Government goes bankrupt what happens to me? Nothing, and this goes for people in any country not just the US because what are they actually doing?
  • Kim guarantees us there are several thousand of patriots that would step up and take these jobs if these crazy generals were not here anymore. The Military never protected us citizens ever.
  • Regarding the media, 75% of the income for the CIA-CNN or any mainstream media comes from governments and black budgets.
  • Kim said she sees the Tier 1 Banks as the last to fall because that is their golden babies. Except, she has not done the analysis to find out if they are in worse shape than initially thought because all the top tier banks were also listed in those books, she showed us.
Silent Circle Update

The Silent Circle is still picking up various companies and things they consider to be assets. They were being staved off with the coronation, but they too probably had their jaw drop moment since finding out the closed-loop systems were not real because the crazies were using those tear sheets to get money out of them too.

Is Kevin McCarthy Still Their Pick for POTUS?

So, they wanted to get Biden and Kamila out of office and put in Kevin McCarthy before the election. Well, he initially agreed because he thought he would get access to the Emergency Presidential Liquidity Fund and he could fix the country. Well, when that didn’t happen yesterday, he abruptly announced he doesn’t want to run, he doesn’t want the job.

More Source Agreements Registered!

On a positive note many new Source Agreements have come from the 9th density and registered in the Hall of Records. They pertain to victories and more privileges on our side. And the lie being perpetuated against the gold, platinum etc. are also in the Hall of Records.

Until Next Time,


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