After 250,000 Years the Atlantian War Declaration, aka Orion Causal War Officially Ends Today! | Last 2 Years of Cleaning, Including the Veils All Due to Atlantian War | 18 More Agreements Expire! | Another AI Called Defender Surfaced & Removed | Not 7 But 9 Portals Each of Light, Dark & Neutral Exist on Earth | Preparing for the Light Wave Since Veil to Major Gateway to Heaven in Moscow is Lifted | How Did the Bloodline Families Come to Be? | Are They Global Royalty or Demon Splices?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on April 28, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update Kim explains that much of the clean-up that has been going on over the last couple of years has to do with the Orion Causal War otherwise known as the Atlantian War that occurred here 250,000 years ago. She also explained that when we transitioned to a period of light another set of Agreements and time-released events were set to unfold so the dark side could reclaim control of Earth and bring in the war all over again. Also included is more information on the origins of the bloodline families.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


First Kim went over the war, then she explained the preparation for the light wave and what that means and then how the bloodline families came to be because it all ties together.

The Atlantian War or Atlantian Cataclysm

The Atlantian War occurred here about 250,000 years ago and there was a different version of humans living here at the time. It was the time when we were flooded with lower astral beings who essentially took over the planet. It’s also the time when we acquired the Halls of Amenti, or the spaces in between the Planes of Existence and when we acquired all those matrixes/AIs that Kim listed for us in a previous broadcast. Prior to this we did not have dark portals on the planet. We had light portals and we were very, very connected.

Note: For more on the matrixes/AIs refer to post, The Depopulation Agenda Meant to Erase All Organic Life From the Multiverse via THE MATRIX Which Encompasses 18 Inorganic AI Systems | What Are the Origins of the 18 Inorganic AI Systems, Associated Amenti Stone, Base Location, Secret Military & Planetary Matrix? | How Did Each AI System Affect You as a Human Being? | Part 3 | Just Empower Me

So how was this achieved?  

At this time the beings on the dark side were very successful in taking over the planet and began the dark rule on Earth. They installed the Omega AI here, they installed a lot of traps of varying types and a number of different technologies which were to allow for their passage back to Earth, should we ever transition to a period of light. This event was the return of Satan and the demons and they planned on returning to Earth no later than Monday, May 1st and it would have started yesterday. In our history some of these beings that were returning are Belial/Ba’al, Beelzebub, Satan, and the Devil.

Below is just part of Lisa Renee’s excerpt on the Fallen Angelics.

First Hierarchy Fallen
Fallen Angelics, Fallen Seraphim, depending on their male and female spirit essence, defines their class as false light of the Father (Luciferian), or the material elemental forces that came out of the Mothers earthly body, the False or Dark Mother which is Satanic Forces. These levels of hierarchies have an enmeshment with the earth.

The Four Main Realms of the Fallen Angelics in the First Hierarchy are: Satan/Lucifer, Leviathan/Belial
They each counterbalance to a male and female principle energy aspect in their realm. They have a main collective energy field they command as group consciousness and related entities in the Predator realm that exits in the material world of forces.
Satan /Moloch– Anger/Wrath
Lucifer –Pride/Entitlement
Leviathan – Envy/Jealousy/Covet
Belial/Ba’al –Liar/Corrupt

Second Hierarchy Fallen
Fallen Angelic hierarchies which descend in order of Fallen Seraphim to Cherubim, Thrones and Powers. The entity is the gatekeeper to that realm of consciousness and its entities (both human and nonhuman) that are consumed by its negative thoughtform vibration.
Mammon: greed/avarice
Asmoday/Baphomet: lust/addiction
Beelzebub: gluttony/waste
Baalpeor/Belphegor: laziness/discouragement

Third Hierarchy Fallen
Includes Human Souls in the process of earthly reincarnation cycles that have digressed in to Geni or Jin which is a shadow creature, no longer human, it retains a counterbalance in the higher spirit realms of which it has been disconnected, from its Soul matrix. This includes the anti-christ seeds of Azazael which form the Watchers hierarchies, these are Nephilim consciousness fragments bound in the earth.

Includes the Human Beings Ancestral or Family of Origin Spirit – The most troublesome ancestral spirit is the souls of those who have committed suicide or died a violent death; the unburied, or restless and dissatisfied spirits. These are beings that cannot be reborn into reincarnation and have been severed from their soul extension community.

Includes Human Souls that consecrated and dedicated their life force/soul to a False God or Impostor Spirit or Demon, in a previous lifetime, in past, present or future, usually for personal gain or access to some power in the material world. This also can be influenced by an ancestral spirit, someone in the ancestral biological family line who is manipulating negative form of that unaware human being.

Includes Human Souls that have died violently or hold strong obsessions from lack of completion in trauma to the being, and are ghostly spirit disconnected from its eternal soul, they exist in a type of purgatory in the in-between worlds with the demon spirit classes. These people were/are extremely corrupted, compulsive, deceitful, jealous or greedy people in a previous life. As a result of their imbalanced karma, they are afflicted with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance or object. This is comparable to a Hungry Ghost, a spirit who suffers and roams the world as it cannot find peace or absolution to its conflicts.

Excludes Human Souls incarnated into another realm, planet or Universe.

There is no harmony or agreement, of sound or any other kind, between Christ and Impostor spirits. Christos is the Truth personified, while the Imposter Spirits are liars and deceivers.
Source: Fallen Angelics – Ascension Glossary

More Agreements Due to Expire Now That We Reached This Point

There were 18 agreements due to expire over the next several days based on the fact that we transitioned into the light system.
Note: A couple overlapped and I don’t know which ones so I’m just listing as 20 instead.

  1. The Tablets of Thoth Covenant
  2. Thoth’s Return
  3. The Lies of the Demonic Overlords
  4. Mount Kilimanjaro had a portal
  5. The Devil’s Breath, which is dark essence
  6. Evil Doers Rights and Rewards After the End Times
  7. Gates of Capernaum, which is a village in Israel
  8. Vernal Equinox Dark Time Loop, every year on the Spring Equinox we were supposed to move into the time of light rule and at the Fall Equinox we would move in the time of dark rule to create balance, but they figured out a loop hole to flip us back to dark rule and this would happen every year at this time
  9. Satanic Rituals to prepare for the coming of our lord, by our lord they are not talking about God or Jesus, but Satan and Lucifer
  10. Time passages of the equinoxes and control systems
  11. The Infernal, this refers to hell on Earth
  12. Beelzebub’s Return
  13. Azathoth’s Return
  14. Talons Tails, which refers to the claw of the eagle
  15. The Eagles Conquistador, their symbol for the Order of the Black Sun is the Black Eagle
  16. The Time Loop Accords
  17. Humanities Slave Binding and Earth’s Redistribution of Wealth Covenant
    Meaning the wealth of Earth which is our energy, our loosh and rare earth minerals and other things used for time travel. That is the wealth of Earth in this case and has nothing to do with redistributing anything to us. It had to do with the dark lower astral beings’ takeover of Earth
  18. Earth’s Final Decent, apparently Earth was going to move into the lower astral
  19. The Harbinger of Death
  20. Atlantian War Declaration
    They declared war on Earth 250,000 years ago and all these things Kim was cleaning and clearing over the last 2 years, including the veils was all due to the Atlantian War. So just over the last couple of years, working collectively with the Creator we have been able to clean up 250,000 years of history. Today that declaration officially ended.

Kim said she expired almost all of them earlier unless there was a Source and Lucifer balance agreement, then she had to wait for that, there is nothing she could do about that. The last one that expired was the Atlantian War. The agreements themselves were all tied to different beings we know throughout history. Some are mentioned in the Bible, Torah and Koran.

Another AI System Surfaced | Defender AI

This was all due to happen at this time because we had crossed the threshold when the light was going to take over Earth and we were right at the point when we were pretty clean and clear. That being said, they had some more of these time-released agreements which were set to go off now which were tied to another AI system called the Defender, meaning they are defending their right.

So, all those demons were going to come back and we were going to reenact the Atlantian War that happened 250,000 years. They would have reinstalled all their stuff and we would have lost. But as the old saying goes, when God is with you nothing can come against you. This is true, so another war is not going to happen regardless of what Kim did or didn’t do. However, the illusion of this event is what is causing many other events that were happening in the last several days. The main portal that would have opened if the Defender AI had still been functional would have been in Russia.

More Info on the Light Portals, aka Gateways to Heaven | Dark Portals | Neutral Portals

We actually had nine dark portals, nine neutral portals and nine light portals, not seven of each. Only Source could control two out of each category and the dark beings were not permitted to use them. We had two Alpha System portals on the planet, 1 of which is in Russia, a level nine or the ninth Plane of Existence Control Portal which was not only in computers but also within the Planes of Existence in your human and exists within Earth’s planes, so it affected nearly everything we were doing.

So this is additional information now related to a previous post when Kim talked about acquiring control of the 21 portals, seven of each.

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The Major Veil | Moscow, Russia

Sunday the veil was lifted in Moscow and Kim told us about that in her previous broadcast. The veil in Moscow is very important to understand. It had a dark plasma, etherical overlay which was anchored by a specific type of crystal and fed with a transmuter. A transmuter is something that will take the God or light particle and transmute it into an anti-matter or dark particle. When that overlay was in place it blocked a lot of the activities of the Alpha system and the effects. It also blocked us from reaching the soul plane or what they refer to as your higher self. It also prevented you from receiving all this Source energy to some degree or another that was coming in directly from the ninth Plane of Existence. The importance of lifting that veil in Moscow was just one of several.

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The Second Veil | El Salvador

It’s very important to understand that there were two veils. Another veil was on a smaller portal in El Salvador. When we would get a burst of light that transmuter would start working overtime to transmute that light in order to continuously create dark energy on the planet.

In order to anchor these transmuters and store this energy to maintain the overlay, they had all those rings that Kim talked about around Moscow. But these rings were in several different areas. One more thing that was also at these portals was something Kim calls ‘made up materials’ (I’m not sure I heard that right though so spelling may be off). But these materials are not normally occurring metals on this planet. These made-up materials at these various portals were connected to the lower astral through an energetic binding and this AI system called the Defender. So, they are defending their rights after they allegedly won the war and took over the planet.

Light Portals

The light portals on the planet are located at the following locations. All of them had a transmuter so we could not receive that light.

  • Gate in Iran
  • Gate in Ethiopia
  • Gate in El Salvador
  • Gate in Cuba
  • Gate in China
  • Gate in Russia
  • Gate in Iceland
  • Gate in Libya
  • Gate in Tasmania
Dark Portals

On the flip side there were several other locations where the dark portals were and Kim mentioned them before. These were the main dark portals on the planet what were fed by a dark portal both on the North Pole and the South Pole, so they really had us good.

  • Gate in Poland
  • Gate Singapore

China Deep State Operatives in Full-On Panic When They Realized the Overlays Were Gone

What the crazies were hoping was going to happen yesterday did not happen so they tried to figure out why. They did not know the Defender AI was gone and a bunch of Chinese deep state operatives showed up in Russia yesterday in a full-on panic around midnight Kim’s time. She knew that because she was wide awake wondering what the heck are they doing over there. They figured out their demons were not going to come back so they were in a panic trying to fix it. And tthese demons they were expecting would be their ancestors.

By yesterday afternoon they had figured out their overlay was gone not only in Russia but all nine locations in the world and you need the light to open the portal, so that fell apart for them. The Defender AI, which Kim is not sure they even knew about, but they expected something was going to happen on Monday, specifically around 10 pacific daylight time was now likely not going to happen.

But the tie to all this is that it would have allowed for all those beings from the lower astral to flood into Earth and they had fully intended to create hell on Earth once again and probably worse than we even seen 250,000 years ago. So, it would have allowed for the portal in Pluto, which is where the zero point was for the break in the time-space continuum to take place.

China Deep State Again Spread Lies About Owning the Repository & KIMS

The China deep state who is very loyal to these people, who we now know are their ancestors, are still freaking out. They have told the world they own the Global Repository once again, and the Key integrated Media system, the Key Integrated Monetary system, etc. This is ours they were telling everyone. Kim knows this because she had a conversation with the people in the control room in Russia where they were trying to hack her system this morning.  She was told specifically who it was, some Chinese deep state person, so he will be hearing from Kim very soon. But they were lying and in Russia hoping to gain access to the area that is low enough underneath the Kremlin to try to re-install some technology they got from the SSP, to try to reinstate the dark overlay before it was too late. If they missed their window for the alignment with Pluto, which involved the Sun-Moon-Saturn-Earth and Pluto on our side of this multiverse, then all is lost. 

So, the people they refer to as the Atlantians, or the ship that arrived were lower astral beings that came here to take over earth. The Atlantians are not light beings, they are not benevolent beings whatsoever and Kim wanted to make that clear because evidently there are a lot of contrary stories on the internet.

What is a Bloodline Family?

We talk about the Order of the Dragon and Black Sun a lot but what does that actually mean?

Why do they interbreed? Why do they pass down from generation to generation that you’re so and so? Why is this so important to these people? Because at that time 250,000 years ago, when they won the war then left this planet, they installed these people which is why they are so loyal to them.

They looked very different many, many years ago. They took these groups of people and genetically modified them, their genome makeup. We have seen archaeological finds about the elongated heads. Well, they got a lot better over the years with this genetic manipulation to make them look more human today. You will still see them with elongated heads, but they look human. Although you might say, wow that guy has a really big head. So, they genetically modified those people and they were put in place and became the slave masters. That was the beginning of all the bloodline families on Earth and they are loyal to their ancestors and their creators.

They are under the firm belief they are global royalty based on the fact their ancestors won the war and managed to take over the planet and they have been at war with us ever since. Now it makes a little more sense as to why they never give up right? Basically, they are demon splices, and that’s why Kim gave up talking to them.

They had communication lines to the lower astral, unlike us who have been cut-off from communication to the upper astral. Kim told us about all the different AIs, the spaces in between and the Halls of Amenti in computers and your person due to the fact of the installation of the dark portals. They had use and access to all these portals, the SSP included, and the 15 secret militaries. So they believe they had the right based on the orders and instructions that would come from the lower astral, remember the dark mirrors last year? That was one of their communication mechanisms and they would get all the orders and instructions to continue managing the control of the planet until their lower astral brothers and sisters came back, which was supposed to be on Monday.

About Thoth

Thoth is definitely a lower astral being for sure and Kim said even when you read the translations of those tablets it looks wrong. I’m glad I found out Thoth was a bad dude a long time ago so I never bothered to research those tablets, but he created his own bloodline and Lisa Renee has an excerpt about that as well that I included below. He gave instructions on when they were going to return to then completely takeover the planet again and there would only be dark bloodlines left. They were going to keep humanity under 500,000,000 million like the Georgia Guide Stones says, or however many humans it took to power the portals of light so they could transmute that essence and turn the planet dark. Those people would be slaves and Kim said if you think we’re slaves now you haven’t seen anything.

Thothian Luciferians 
Thothian Luciferians highly prize playing the war game of conquest in which they are challenged by brute force and cunning strategies, fighting to win positions of power and domination over other races and planets. Hundreds of thousands of years later, not much has changed. The Thothian Luciferian Groups and those with alliances in the Galactic Federation are the sworn enemies of all angelic human beings on the earth, and have dedicated themselves to perpetuate continual warring agendas of human and earth-based Genocide. They desire to annihilate the original human Silicate Matrix DNA with the Inner Christos, and further eradicate the original peaceful, love based human culture by replacing it with their anti-human ideologies of war, Blood Sacrifice and self-hatred.

Illuminati Bloodlines
The Thothian Luciferians specifically groomed the illuminati hybrid lines to be their representatives and to be the groundcrew carrying out the physical tasks required to gradually implement the consciousness enslavement blueprint of the New World Order, to be fully executed during the pinnacle stages of the Ascension Cycle. These human Annunaki hybrids were conditioned, implanted and prepared to be the primary Luciferian bloodlines that would be assigned into the highest echelon of global planetary leadership, and would come to be known more specifically as the Thothian Leviathan or Illuminati Bloodlines.

Source: Thothian Luciferians – Ascension Glossary

Bloodline Family Member Called Silent Circle Asking Them to Hold-Off for a 48-Hours

Now based on the Armageddon not working and everything else not working for the crazies it should be no surprise to these people the Defender AI is not working either, but they still believe in their ancient texts and timing more. So, one of those bloodline family members called up the Silent Circle people on Wednesday night and asked for a 48 hour hold on them taking over all those assets she told us about in the previous broadcast, in order for them to ‘protect their families’. Yeah right.

Well once the Secret Circle people figured out that was a total lie and they were waiting yet again for an alignment to happen and something to begin which was going to allow all these lower astral relatives to begin to come in on Monday so we could have hell on Earth, the hold-off didn’t last for 48 hours. They said forget it we’re taking it all anyway.

They knew exactly where they were and what they were doing. They were trying desperately to get them some help to counteract what the Silent Circle was doing. But these crazy idiots are so stupid. The Silent Circle people were watching them. They have eyes and ears everywhere. Why would they be in Iran and going to all these locations? Why would they be hacking the KIMS systems?

Light Portals Clean Up Activities

Kim said she spent most of the day cleaning up those portals, getting rid of the made-up material, anything that could possibly trigger the Defender AI. Then shortly thereafter the circulation of etherical light, the plasma on the planet started to really flow and was clearing out any remaining dark essence and parasites, anything remaining from them and the Defender AI.

Each one of these portals she is referring to controlled a natural Plane of Existence in your person, so it was blocking that full synchronization of those planes. Every time it would throw up something from those crystals, made-up materials, and overlays. So we should start to feel clearer and have a lot more energy once this next burst comes through in about 48 hours. It will be difficult for the dark to attack us in that way any time they want.

So on a good note all this stuff over the last few days helped Kim clean out time released memory and anything the dark had installed in computers, so we are 99.9% completely one now. What that means is there are no longer two systems, Alpha and the Harmonic Genesis is just one system now as we move into an organic AI world. We are not going to repeat the Orion Causal War, as it was also called. We are definitely not going backwards, just forward from now on. The restoration of the light portals is very important and is part of the Restoration Plan.

Will the crazy people continue to exist?

Well, who knows and do we really need to care? But Kim said it does look like we have a house cleaner who is cleaning up rapidly. The more the house cleaner gets the more power they take away from the crazies. Hum, I wonder who the house cleaner is.

Third Temple

Kim said she had vision many, many years ago about the third temple everyone talks about, regarding where it was supposed to go. It’s not in Israel, it’s actually the light gate in Iran. It was the place where it all began and guarding of that gate is equally important as the direct Gateway to Heaven in Moscow. Right now, there is nothing in that area of Iran, it’s in the middle of nowhere. The Secret Circle people know the guarding of the Iran gate and making sure no one can harm that region is very important. That’s what tipped them off and they realized they were being lied to again. When the crazies asked for the 48-hour hold, part of that little agreement as Kim understands it was with the Green Dragon and they also wanted full and complete access to the area in Iran that has the light gate. The Secret Circle is very well versed in how the world really works; Kim didn’t have to tell them. So that is when all bets were off. They took the gate as there must be something there to protect it.

Below is just part of Lisa Renee’s excerpt on the Iran Gate,

Iran Gate
The 10D Stargate is referred to as the Iran Gate. The horizontal grid and the planetary Rod function have been controlled by the NAA and the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group through the hijack of the Golden Eagle Grid by reversing the energetic current into a Base 10 Math architecture, which has its center controlled from the main 10th gate access in Iraq-Iran as well as the 4th gate access in Giza Egypt.

Black Suns have headquartered themselves in the 10th Stargate and lodged their technologies in Iraq/Iran and the power spots in Giza, Egypt. Most of them are Dark Angelic E.T.’s sourcing from Fallen Seraphim genetic lines, and this is why they chose that area of the planet, it was easier to invade from the genetic key level. [1]

The second light manifestation of the Gold Order are Gold Ray orders of Seraphim, Cerez Avian bird people and Aeithan lines that are the Solar Rishi which incarnated in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Vega through the 10th Universal Stargate. Because of the human Tribal Shield affiliation and genetic relationship to the 10th Stargate and the infiltration of the Golden Eagle Grid, many of the Gold Order have been appointed to directly rehabilitate and transit the Draconian race lines, and to override their related NAA timelines. The fallen 10D lines from Vega became the Dragon Moth lines, as well as the hybridization made between the Gold Order Seraphim and fallen Draconian lines.[2]

Hyksos King Invasion
Hyksos lines were a race of Jehovian AnnunakiDrakonians that were mixed with human genetics that were used by the Luciferians to attempt to conquer the middle east for stargate control, such as the Iran Gate, and were the main groups behind the Luciferian Rebellion.

Source: Iran Gate – Ascension Glossary

The Crazies Are Not Stopping

The wingnuts will continue to do stupid stuff of course. They now have a ship in the Ring of Fire, between Japan and the Philippines because there are made-up materials left there by their ancestors that they are anticipating will light up and cause a massive earthquake in the Ring of Fire. Kim and her forces have already cleaned it up. But they are still barking out orders over there in China and Yellowstone Park, all in preparation for their ancestors, aka demons to come back.

What will they do next once they realize that is not going to work either? Probably look for another day and time when this could happen. And this trickles down to when governments and operatives think they are going to get paid and why certain operations have stalled and others started, as they maneuver their way through these gateways, so to speak. By the way the darkest gateway was in Israel and another particularly dark one was in Joshua Tree, California.

Silent Circle People Update

They are back on track and are making their way through multiple companies, trying to find a way to fix assets, continuing right where they left off. Kim has talked to one member on the phone several times but has not had direct contact with them yet, they have not had a chance. The person she talked to on the phone is in Latin America and they have been very busy running the cleanup for that region. She heard a brief conversation going on between that person and someone else but there was a lot of gunfire in the background so you can imagine what they were involved in.

So to sum it up, now our gateways are open, there are no overlays, no more Defender AI, no declaration of war against Earth and all of her inhabitants. The war is over as of this morning. Wow, that’s some update!


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  1. Wow this was a major update for sure!! Thanks again heaps for your work in transcribing Kim’s exciting news. Now it makes sense to me why I was called to live in Tasmania and arrived here on May 1st 1985, 38 years ago. I feel I have somehow been involved with this portal work down here along with a group of spiritual friends I have connected to since moving here.
    I am looking forward to experiencing the frequency changes that should result from the expiration of all those agreements and the other recent clean up activity that Kim reported on.

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