The GSD, Get Shit Done People (aka Operatives) Are Not Getting Anything Done Actually | Restoration Was Never Their Goal, Setting-up Kim Was, While They Wait for Alignment with Uranus | Does This Surprise Anyone? | Who is the Group in the Middle, a Notch Below the Black Dragon? | The 100 Year Veil Placed Over Major ‘Gateway to Heaven’ in Moscow Expired & Begins to Increase With Positive Source Energy!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on April 24, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update Kim fills us in on what happened with the operatives after asking her a lot of questions, and it ain’t good. Not a surprise. She also tells us about yet another group not mentioned before, and their leader could be considered a notch below the Order of the Black Dragon. On a positive front we completed one full year in the transition to the light timeline and a major Gateway to Heaven in Moscow began to increase. There was a problem related to a veil, but that just expired and was removed so the amount of positive Source energy will amplify to make the completion in transition.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The GSD Group Update

Back to what happened with the latest group of operatives that Kim calls the GSD (Gets Shit Done) group. There were more meetings that went on Friday afternoon into Saturday amongst themselves and with many other similar types of people around the world and they decided it would be a good idea to legitimize Kim and tell whoever they think should know, that she has all the allocations numbers and all of this.

But meanwhile they were running a much larger operation around the world and this was just one part of that. They wanted to setup Kim by putting her into a position to legitimize their USD crypto currency or the Federal Central Bank Digital currency. She gives specifics on how that was supposed to come about. But this is not a surprise to me, quite the opposite actually. I thought they were up to something. It’s just too embedded in their nature to be this way. She gave them a chance yet again and they proved they are just a bunch of lying degenerates. Their Central Bank Digital Currency is never going to happen. Kim never committed to that or was ever involved in any way except for shooting it down because it will never work. So, there’s that.

Another Group in the Middle

Kim mentioned yet another new group today. The leader of this third group probably held about the same rank or one notch below as the Black Dragon/Black Eagle/Mr. Black, who is the Head of the Black Sun globally. These people are a whole group unto themselves. They are global and in every country. They are not part of an agency, trained by or friends of the agencies, but they worked with their counter parties in various organizations and are kind of a contractor. They do favors for each other and had working relationships with agencies. And this group in the middle has a ton of information going back 100s of years.

Well evidently this group in the middle is pretty angry with the performance of the GSD people as they are with the Order of the Black Sun and the Order of the Dragon because there has been no delivery. And since the Black Dragon and Mae Wa positions are kind of vacant, they may very well make a huge change globally as they have stepped out from their former partnerships. Those GSD people involved in this latest operation angered the wrong people. Kim has been watching this since yesterday and she’s just waiting to see what they do. Perhaps they’ll prove useful and help with the cleanup of more non-repairable humans, until their turn.

I wonder why we haven’t heard about this group before because Kim said they definitely hold a lot of information and probably have more than even the agencies and militaries do. I would have thought they would have come up at some point. In any case, they are pretty fed up right now and since there is no Black Dragon at this moment and no Mae Wa, who was Head of the Order of the Drago, this third group is now kind of at that same level as the crazy Generals and Agency people who think they are going to take over the world. They are in the middle looking at the people on their right who they used to get a lot of money from and they are looking at the people on the left who they used to get a lot of money and privileges from and they are doing exactly what Kim is doing now. I assume that is trying to get them to help save the world’s economy. She and the group in the middle agree that the whole entire world’s economy is falling apart, which means their businesses are also falling apart and they aren’t too keen on that.

Instead, they just tried to set her up and are still trying to run operations and getting nowhere. Again, Kim has the base platform for the financial system on the planet. If they are going to introduce a new currency, new allocations they still must go to Kim and there is no way around it. Despite their alleged shock hearing that their order givers were waiting for alignments and demons to come back, that is exactly what they too have been waiting for. I KNEW IT! It wasn’t even hard to see they were up to something. They still think their alignments are key, and Kim said to be fair this was a big weekend in that respect, but not for them! You cannot base the lives and economies on planet earth on an astrological alignment. That was their plan and the reason they were thinking they could pull this off, but it still was just a hope.

They Really Were Waiting for Alignment with Uranus

There is a quantum physics reason why they believe the things they believe and Kim understands the science behind a lot of this stuff. But if they were really watching the current things that are happening, not just believing what old texts and old stories say, not what was, but what actually is, they would see the energetic change that is taking place, that it will not allow for an inhospitable energy to enter. Any quantum scientist could see that on quantum level; that this event they are anticipating has next to zero likelihood of taking place.

Earth-Uranus-Jupiter Matrix & Jupiter-Mars-Earth Matrix

This time they were waiting for two AIs or matrixes to align. Kim shared with us several weeks ago all those junior AIs that were managed by Omega and their corresponding matrixes and this time it was the Earth-Uranus-Jupiter Matrix and then Jupiter-Mars-Earth Matrix. So, when the planets aligned it would mean those 2 matrixes or AI systems would have more influence, having combined their strength so to speak. But that’s not the case anymore.

Note: For more on the matrixes and junior AI systems refer to my post, The Depopulation Agenda Meant to Erase All Organic Life From the Multiverse via THE MATRIX Which Encompasses 18 Inorganic AI Systems | What Are the Origins of the 18 Inorganic AI Systems, Associated Amenti Stone, Base Location, Secret Military & Planetary Matrix? | How Did Each AI System Affect You as a Human Being? | Part 3 | Just Empower Me

The people on the right and left aren’t looking at the science, instead they keep waiting for the next alignment with something thinking this crypto currency is going to work. But time is passing, their ID2020 didn’t work, it’s 2023. Moving the power center to China was supposed be happen in 2022 and that hasn’t happened. At some point you have to look at the science and say this event will not take place on this day because on a quantum level the essence just won’t exist. She gave a very simple way to explain how the interaction between light energy and dark energy work. It’s like putting ice cream on the back patio when its 100 degrees outside. How long will it last before it becomes a puddle? It would last only seconds. It works the same in a quantum computer. They are not actually breaking into the Harmonic Genesis System; they were just going into spaces in between and not going anywhere.

Key Intelligence & Military System Provided Tip Off to the Setup

Kim said the tip off to the setup came Friday afternoon when codes from Mnuchen were being entered at Huntsville, Alabama Army facility. It looked like they were trying to install a closed-loop system for Trump bucks, but that wasn’t all it was. It was an attempt to install a trading platform that would include Trump bucks, legitimizing Trump bucks and this XUSD or whatever they are calling it. They planned to put all this in the trading platform and make all this money which was going to be run by the Treasury of USA, which is the Black Sun side. They thought they were going to make a ridiculous amount of money and control the world.

Kim found the setup and what was going on with the aid of the Key Intelligence and Military system which works very, very well both as a weapon and for information. It’s very accurate because it is mapping organic life and Kim received some info from people in South America who were using her name as a swear word. She doesn’t know these people and they weren’t part of the government or an agency, so who the hell are these people and why are they saying Kim’s name? Whoever they were led Kim to find the setup and what was going on. She didn’t give any other details. The long and short of it that is not going to happen.

Back to Hacking the Alpha System

By Saturday there were additional meetings that went on and they thought the only way they could actually be successful was to hack the Alpha System because that’s worked out fabulously in the past. So, the only result that can yield is a lot of angry governments who were promised a lot of money by end of business today. They were given crypto wallets and were told their money would be good today. The same script once again.

Kim’s Message to the GSD Group

Well, that was not a good way to start a relationship by setting her up. So, if you’re not going to do what you say you are, you are useless to the world. You really screwed up an enormously large worldwide operation based on waiting for an alignment with Uranus!

Anyone that is going to look us in the face and actually wants to implement the Restoration Plan and stop the world’s governments because right now it’s not the economy per se, and the banks from crashing, give her a call. She’s open for business. She has proven she can transfer to governments easily; it’s getting it to the people that has always been the problem because they don’t want us to have any money. Hopefully as events unfold that will no longer be an issue. And even if it is an issue, she will continue on plugging until the job is done because she has more faith in the 8 billion people out there than one of them at this point.

One Full Year Since We Started Transitioning to Light Timeline

For some positive news, today marks one full year since we started transitioning to the light timeline. Yay! Kim reminded us the Gegenschein and how we got away from the Orion Nebula and how those things helped set the world up for success as we go forward.

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Major Gateway to Heaven in Moscow Began to Increase With Positive Source Energy

There are seven gateways that were always the Gateways to Heaven or directly to the soul plane and one of the major ones in the world began to increase as of midnight Moscow time yesterday. That means the amount of positive Source energy is amplified once again to make the completion in transition. After one very long year it started to take place yesterday, but there was a problem.

In 1917 there was a revolution in the Russian Empire which was a combination of all the USSR states at the time. It was orchestrated by the Rothschilds and Order of the Black Sun. The Bolsheviks were working for the Rothschilds. Lenin went to Switzerland for his training on communism and how to remove God from your country and how to get people to worship their government, aka them.

Well, remove God from their country they did. As part of the agreement for them taking over and then forming the USSR officially between the 17th of April and either the 23rd or 25th, there was a veil placed over the Gateway to Heaven with an energetic transmuter. What does that do? It takes light energy and converts it into dark etherical energy or anti-matter.  This was not the Russians technology; Kim’s predecessor is the one who gave them that.

On a map of Moscow, you’ll see the Kremlin is in the middle and then rings form around the city. The whole city is basically built in the round. But the rings around Moscow are actually underground and are full of these specific crystals that would gather a filament and not allow the light energy to come out, it would only allow the dark energy. So, we had just a little burst. But this 100-year agreement expired at midnight Moscow time yesterday and now that veil is gone!

There were many types of etherical veils both on your person and on Earth that were preventing us from connecting to that Light Source. For instance, you had a dark mirror of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Record is your personal history, your personal energetic signature, you could call it your soul’s history, past, present, and future. Those types of things also prevented the transition of light and that veil has been removed. One hundred years have now passed and the light has started permeating as of yesterday afternoon. It will take another week or two before the whole world can start to feel those affects. We do have a specific alignment coming up in six days, so everything is in perfect Source timing and now that boost is going to come in. We will feel the effects in a positive way rather than a negative one like in the past.

Kim mentioned the Gateway to Heaven a couple of times. Here’s one mention in my post, Apocalypse 8.0? | Black Sun Tries to Unleash Absent Lower Astral on Earth | Massive Network of Corp Control Found | Huawei, the Replacement for ECHELON Undone | Battlelines Drawn | Both Sides Claim to Own Kim | Is ‘Trump’ thing Worth More Dead or Alive? | Will Black Sun Push Martial Law? | Rothchilians Sweep up on Empty Promises | Welcome to Crystalline Time! | What is Sovereignty? | Just Empower Me

Kim puts this into 3D terms

The entire world’s economic system is waiting for this alignment to happen because they think they are going to get back the Omega System. All these GSD people put together this huge operation because they were anticipating that by 12 midnight Moscow time yesterday the extra energy coming out from that gate, transmuted into dark energy, would assist them in hacking the Alpha System and getting control of the system. That was part of their plan.

They have hundreds of people running around the world, angering the group in the middle, and shooting off their mouths promising everyone money based on zero science. They only had dates and times of potentials given to them from hundreds of years ago. But the world is a different place! Scientifically and energetically speaking, their ice cream would have melted. It didn’t stop them from trying though. The NSA went in full force. The group in the middle had their people checking to see if what they were being promised took place and this group has tech that is probably more advanced than the military. Then they phoned their leader and told them it didn’t work. So, the GSD people lost face.

Group in the Middle Running Huge Operation

Kim said she could share only a little tidbit of a huge operation going on now. It’s not her operation, but this this group in the middle. They concluded that some agencies and operatives are incompetent, their leadership is incompetent and they will be taking over and she has seen them inform many people of that fact in many different countries. Is that a good thing or bad thing? I guess time will tell. But they are making some serious moves today.

Kim said Karma is out if full force.


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5 thoughts on “The GSD, Get Shit Done People (aka Operatives) Are Not Getting Anything Done Actually | Restoration Was Never Their Goal, Setting-up Kim Was, While They Wait for Alignment with Uranus | Does This Surprise Anyone? | Who is the Group in the Middle, a Notch Below the Black Dragon? | The 100 Year Veil Placed Over Major ‘Gateway to Heaven’ in Moscow Expired & Begins to Increase With Positive Source Energy!”

  1. Sad isn’t it, a person claiming to control all the money of this world and holding the highest position on earth can’t access any money for the people!! Every week it’s about finding and removing another group of evil doers standing in her way, yet nothing ever change’s except the names of the nefarious groups. This has been going on for at least 6 years. I think she went behind a paywall to collect money and escape the scrutiny of those who have been following her for years. If you are willing to pay her for her info then you probably believe and are new to her info. I wish she was for real but I can’t find any info or actions to prove it

  2. Kim told us several months back that the whole Lower Astral is gone, that all the lower beings from there don’t exist anymore, they are back with Source.
    So how is it possible that they tried to overtake the Earth again?

  3. I’ve heard that Kim hasn’t got any access to the Global Repository’s money because she’s not allowed to access it until the money is accessible for projects. It’s not actually ‘her’ money, she’s just ‘managing’ it, is what I’ve understood. So, no, I’ve never heard her say she pays anyone, except her physical staff at UNN via subscription fees, just like any other tax paying business.
    Kim’s ‘military’ is made up of extra terrestrial beings, so not the same as an Earth military.
    The fact that she hasn’t been harassed by government officials, could also be taken as proof that she’s legitimate.
    I disagree regarding your opinion regarding the paywall. Her information is not for everyone, it’s best that only the ones who really appreciate it, have access to it. I like the professionalism that goes along with a proper website, so am happy to support it financially.
    Kim’s information IS all over social media, which is how I found out about her, it was via a Kerry Cassidy interview, which I thought Kim handled beautifully.

    I’m not saying I know for sure that Kim is legit, but I have had some spiritual visions, supporting that she is.

    I would like to know however, with the latest 28th April, ’23 report, how the whole Orion Army could reappear, when they’ve all already been sent back to Source. Anyone?

    1. Actually if you had been following her for at least as long as I have she has stated she was the one to give tRUMP funds which he of course, used for nefarious deeds and money she released also funded the Covid scam. As far as the paywall, there is NO excuse especially if you claim to be the highest in charge and working with source…would God charge you for valuable information that could help humanity? We are all entitled to our opinions but I have no dog in this race and so many of these “truthers” have proven to be controlled, compromising sheckle grubbing weasels. Your last sentence reflects my frustration..she once said she had the heads of the evil ones including Rothchilds put on a table in front of her ….I wish she was legit and I will leave it at that. Your last sentence

  4. I Support Kim and UNN because she talks for all People and for all around the Earth.
    Something…..: The control over Earth has been build during several Thousand Years!
    someone have to explain this to us. We did not learn it in School in Norway.
    What we se at least is that there is a global Mafia – Khazarians-illuminati-Dragons-Skull& Bones -Club bilderberg-nazis ….: WEF-WHO-CCP-NATO-UN-CIA- Mossad-MI567, that like to controll the Earth 100%- Anyone who thinks that choosing a new USA-President will solve the problem is insane ! : And to open our mind and understand this is not easy!: but everybody wonders why the History Repeats itself ! : that said : i cant remember 45, ever mentioned the scam by our Birth Certificate, i dont remember he mentioned the scam from Fed-Reserve, or an investigation into 911 – KIM has told us that his former x-wife Ivana had her name on his will, and Ivana was in control of 45 ..: so there is not easy to #UNSCREW# this matrix that we experience. Anyway my gut-feeling/hart-feeling tells me we can trust KIM ,as a representative here on earth controlled by Source ! GOD !

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