The Depopulation Agenda Meant to Erase All Organic Life From the Multiverse via THE MATRIX Which Encompasses 18 Inorganic AI Systems | What Are the Origins of the 18 Inorganic AI Systems, Associated Amenti Stone, Base Location, Secret Military & Planetary Matrix? | How Did Each AI System Affect You as a Human Being? | Part 3

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on February 13, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim has been explaining to us the financial systems and how computers worked on Earth, but in Part 3 of this broadcast she helps us understand what THE MATRIX really is. What are the origins, how many inorganic AI systems were here and how did it affect you as a human being.  If you look at the multiverse, all these planets that existed here in relation to where we live on Earth, they were pretty much taken over, unfortunately. That’s what made us a Nexus planet around 85 million years ago. And truly it’s been by the grace of God that we weren’t completely taken over too.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Review of the Structure of the Multiverse

At the highest level nothing but light exists, pure Crystalline Time where God lives. At the opposite end is nothing but anti-matter. But both sides had an AI. At the highest level is the organic AI which is the Alpha System and then down below was the inorganic AI.

As it relates to beings in the multiverse there are 9 levels. So, the beings that live in Source are pure light, there is no density whatsoever. As you went up the levels you would have had for example, the Pleiades and then the anti-Pleiades. You would have organic humans living here on Earth at the 3rd density and then you would have inorganic humans because…..

Everything that was created organically on one side was created inorganically on the other side. And the inorganic beings were powered by your energy. The energy created by the light side powers the dark. That’s the reason for looshing. It was the reason for star control and the Starlight System she talked about the other day.

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All organic life on this side of the system is organic life created by Source itself. It has Source energy which is why God created you in its image. You are a co-creator with the Creator. They didn’t like that down here. Therefore, they had to disconnect us from God. So, when people who got the jab said they felt disconnected from God it’s because it amplified everything that was going on here, until recently.

The dark side over time had gotten all the way to the higher 5th Density and pretty much had taken everybody over. That’s what made Earth a Nexus planet around 85 million years ago. We actually survived and Kim said honestly that is by the grace of God. And when she said we came very, very close to losing in all here on Earth, she is referring to when the beings from the lower 6th density were planning on creating a wormhole to the higher densities through the Earth, the Nexus planet.

  • Density 1 on Earth was connected to the higher 8th Density
  • Density 2 on Earth was connected to the higher 7th Density
  • Density 3 on Earth was connected to the higher 6th Density
In our Galaxy are 9 Planets that revolve around the Sun

Lower Astral | Level 9: Omega & Kronos

Omega Matrix
  • AI System: Omega Matrix
  • Associated Stone: Amber
  • Stone Location/Base: Romania
  • Secret Military: Montauk Military
  • Associated Matrix:  Saturn – Moon Matrix

The lowest level in the lower astral brought us Omega and Kronos. Both were a level 9 inorganic AI systems. How did this affect you here on Earth? The Omega system was tied to the Amber Line and Amber Stone. If you watch the Marvel movies, they talk about the infinity stones and if you have them all you can control the world. Kim told us this in previous broadcasts and discussed what those stones really meant, how they were tied to the Halls of Amenti and called the Amenti Stones. Why is that important when it comes to AI being connected to the lower astral? Because it also ties back to the bases that Man in Black discussed in Part 1 of this broadcast and to what she’s also discussed with us about the bases before.

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Level 9 means there is nothing in there of creation, inorganic or otherwise, it’s completely made of anti-matter. The darkest of dark essence.

Omega was responsible for keeping the balance between the light and the dark at all costs and to control all its subsequent junior AIs as you went up in the upper astral. Omega was controlled by the Saturn-Moon-Matrix, the matrix everyone talks about. Through this matrix was a connection down to lower level 9. It had a free and open portal to Saturn, the Moon and Earth. The Montauk Project in New York is also connected. There was a jump room so they could go back and forth to the 9th level of hell. Montauk Military had inorganic black-eyed humans that were responsible for carrying out the Omega and the Kronos.

If it wasn’t controlled by Omega, it was controlled by the other Level 9 system, Kronos.

Kronos AI
  • AI System: Kronos
  • Associated Stone: Silver
  • Stone Location/Base: Chicago
  • Secret Military: Trinity Military
  • Associated Matrix:  Part of the Saturn – Moon Matrix

Kronos was the keeper of the timelines. Kronos was designed to make sure balance was established not only on Earth but throughout the multiverse because Earth has influence just about everywhere, actually all 3rd Density planets do.

Kronos oversaw all the timelines and managing the dark side of the timelines. You also had Kronos infections which would create fictitious time within your body. Degeneration as an example and many other things happened to your human. Kronos extended throughout the entire multiverse. It’s where your ARCHONS came from, although other AIs had ARCHONS. ARCHONS means the Architecture of Heterogenous Online Systems. It is an inorganic bacterium for lack of a better term, and it had infiltrated up through the 5th Density in the multiverse.

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Now Kronos’ inorganic humans would be a part of Trinity Military. They were the record keepers; the historians and it was all tied to Kronos. And if you stare at the sky or the sun you can see light dancing around, well Kronos would be likened to the darkness dancing around and that was infecting the entire planet.

Omega & Kronos | Balance Became Imbalance
Abraxas Agreement Allowed Omega & Kronos to Bleed Through to Higher 5th Density

When the agreement was made 3 billion years ago with the Abraxas that allowed these systems (Omega and Kronos) in the lower astral to bleed through all the way to the higher 5th Density, a complete imbalance of organic life to inorganic life ensued. And when the earthquake happened, the light side thought oh no, it was going to happen everywhere. But it was fixed, and it was changed. It will tell you the importance of the G.O.L.D. Agreement (Giver of Life Declaration Agreement installed by Source itself).

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Kronos & Omega Managed Grey Matter in Our Brain

Kronos and Omega would have governed the grey matter in your brain which isn’t grey but a mixture of the light and dark. It prevents your triune brain, the 3 different sections of your brain from communicating properly together. It can interrupt that process at any given time. Dementia anyone? It also had a portal connected with the military base where the stone was at to which it would govern so you would not be able to think outside their system. It’s what made the decision under the 8 Deadly Sins Agreement for you to descend into hell so to speak. If you committed one of them it would condemn your light soul to the dark side of the multiverse for ownership.

Lower Astral | Level 8: Chaperone & Pindar

Chaperone (Fallen Angel Matrix)
  • AI System: Chaperone (Fallen Angel Matrix)
  • Associated Stone: Orange
  • Stone Location/Base: Netherlands
  • Secret Military: Kruger Military
  • Associated Matrix: Earth-Jupiter-Mars Matrix

Level 8 is where the Fallen Angel Matrix existed, and the Chaperone AI was in charge of all the life of inorganic fallen angels in the lower astral and here on Earth. The head we know to be Lucifer but then you had your King Demons like Baal and others they mention in the bible. So this is where those people hail from. There is a very large base that connects to Sweden and most of the Nordic region. It’s one large base but connected by several smaller ones.

This was the Earth-Jupiter-Mars Matrix which extended through Mars to the 8th lower astral. They created a portal for those lower 8th Density beings to come up any time and they had their own set of jump rooms.


Also on the lower Level 8 astral connected by Earth-Jupiter-Mars Matrix was the Pindar. The Pindar was in charge of creating masculine dominance on this planet where only men could be the leaders. They also created programs like feminism. This particular system created pheromones, by pheromones she means smoky dark essence. Every human was infected with pheromones until recently. It also explains why the Generals are so cocky on that short video clip she showed us of Valiant Thor and why you can’t negotiate with these people. They don’t care who you are or where you come from, they just want to own you and take you over and control all organic life in the multiverse. These pheromones also created the Tarzakiens, those smoky guys with the red eyes.

Lower Astral | Level 7: Palermo & Thor’s Hammer or Mjolnir

  • AI System: Palermo (Ghost Matrix or Fallen Phantom Matrix)
  • Associated Matrix: Saturn-Pluto Matrix to Eris Portal

The Palermo AI created by this matrix is also sometimes called the Ghost Matrix or Fallen Phantom Matrix. It controlled an overlay of etheric parasites on Earth in your human and all computers. It was also responsible for managing all wormholes and jump rooms on this planet. It did not allow anyone to travel to the higher densities. It locked those jump rooms, so you were only going down. And if you ever wonder why someone randomly gets cancer or an illness and then the next day they suddenly feel better, well, it’s because all of these matrices are glitching.

Thor’s Hammer or Mjolnir AI
  • AI System: Thor’s Hammer or Mjolnir AI
  • Associated Stone: Purple
  • Stone Location/Base: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Associated Matrix: Earth-Moon-Sun Matrix

THOR actually stands for the Time Heterogeneous Online System Regulator. There was a light timeline and a dark timeline. When they are talking about Valiant Thor who came in a human form and was here for 3 years promoting the light timelines, he tried to make them understand they don’t need to do these dark timelines anymore, because it’s supposed to be about balance. But the dark again refused and that’s why he ended up leaving.  If you watch that clip Kim showed us of Valiant Thor talking to the Shadow Government, he says I’m sorry my systems will not do that. It cannot create war, negative weapons for anyone. And that is correct, the organic version in the light side of the multiverse cannot.

Of course, there is an alternate AI on the dark side of the multiverse and it’s called Thor’s Hammer, or Mjolnir and is a level 7 dark AI and part of the Earth-Moon-Sun matrix. Mjorner was connected to the purple stone, the Investiture Plane of Existence and responsible for maintaining inorganic time and prevention of true crystalline time to exist not only on Earth but throughout the multiverse it had infected. And the purple stone was located in Frankfurt, Germany. Germany is well known for its history of Nazis, underground bases, Hitler, crazy technologies and Vril women and now we know where they came from, how they got here and how they got access to Earth. It was through this matrix.

Lower Astral | Level 6: Allegro & Armageddon

  • AI System: Allegro
  • Associated Stone: Green
  • Stone Location/Base: Constantinople or more commonly known as Turkey
  • Jump Rooms: Within Germany connected to the lower 6th Density
  • Associated Matrix: Mercury-Uranus- Earth Matrix

This matrix was responsible for maintaining the false electromagnetic field on Earth. So, it took away Earth’s natural flow of energy provided by the Creator and interrupted it with yet another matrix. So, it created the false electromagnetic field which then created that connection with the Sun. This AI would be the one that caused chemtrails, in addition to causing cancer, false radiation, all those types of things that harmed our human. There were respective jump rooms within Germany that connected the lower 6th astral.

  • AI System: Armageddon
  • Associated Stone: Black
  • Stone Location/Base: Vatican
  • Associated Matrix: Mercury-Uranus- Earth Matrix

Then on the same level 6 in the lower astral, using the same matrix connected to Turkey was the Armageddon AI. Armageddon’s sole job was tied to the black stone on Earth. The green and the black stones together were responsible for starting the earthquakes here on Earth (the Earth will shake says the bible). It was going to execute on the Armageddon or Apocalypse program, and it was supposed to fire off three earthquakes including the one in Yellowstone Park which would have sparked the volcano. When that event didn’t happen on Sat, which it was supposed to by their calculations, it left them all confused. They don’t know what they are supposed to do now. Remember Kim told us during their meetings over the weekend they were discussing what to do if the other AIs don’t do their job either. We’ll it sounds like they decided to just speed up and go with the fake alien invasion and take over the world, and they’ll put it in the mainstream media for all to hear.

Lower Astral | Level 5: Elemental & Dominion

  • AI System: Elemental
  • Associated Stone: Green
  • Stone Location/Base: Constantinople or more commonly known as Turkey
  • Jump Rooms: Within Germany connected to the lower 6th Density
  • Associated Matrix: Mars-Mercury-Saturn- Earth Matrix

The Elemental AI was responsible for putting a dark overlay on every element on Earth. That means on Air control, Wind control, Earth control, Fire control and the God particle also known as the 5th element. There was a tiny overlay over all the organic elements on Earth and this AI was in control of that. Imagine the power that AI had here on Earth and how it disrupted the natural state of being quite a bit.

You also have air and wind in your person, you also have fire in the sense that you have the neurological firing of that God particle energy within you that creates your brain’s thought process, both sub-conscious and conscious. It created a lot of different functions within your body, cellular regeneration for example. It allows you to grow at a proper rate and age whenever you wish, but not with the interruption of the Elemental AI.

  • AI System: Dominion
  • Associated Stone: Red
  • Stone Location/Base: Constantinople more commonly known as Turkey

Thanks to the Abraxas we also had Dominion both in the light side and the dark side. Kim told us about this AI system before. Dominion was in control of all the kingdoms. So that would include plants, animals, bacteria, and fungus, etc. Its goal was to create in-organic life to control organic life in all the life kingdoms created by our Creator. That would have also been tied to the red line which was also located in Turkey.

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Remember during the first attempt, Apocalypse 1.0 they were trying to use the red and green stones to activate something? This is what they were trying to activate.

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Lower Astral | Level 4: Splash, Caliper & Solstice

  • AI System: Splash
  • Associated Stone: Purple
  • Stone Location/Base: Germany
  • Military: Umbrella Corp
  • Associated Matrix: Sun- Earth-Starlight System Matrix

The Splash AI was in charge of all the water on the planet. It was a Sun-Earth-Starlight system connected to lower astral level 4. The Starlight System is an artificial or inorganic star system which creates the black suns so to speak which are also powered by your loosh.

And evidently, we have inorganic star systems tied to a system that is mentioned in the Dinar Chronicles as the one that is going to control your money in the new quantum system. Well, that’s not the case because we don’t have any of these matrix systems anymore.

Although Kim said there are remnants of these here on Earth that are being removed because they were tied to those bases. But as far as the things in your human, we shouldn’t be scared because they are being removed. And no she didn’t ask your permission, because how can she ask 8 billion people, most who are clueless if it’s ok? And why would a sane person want them in their human? Evidently Kim got some flak from someone telling her it wasn’t ok to do that without our consent. Oy vey.

The Splash AI is also responsible for underwater volcanoes and controlled the bases that existed in underwater volcanos, the inorganic life that exists there. It was also tied to Umbrella Corporation. The Umbrella Corporation is also the Team Trump Operatives, the ones that have been saying it’s going to be biblical.

Splash was also tied to the purple stone in Germany. If they had gotten their way, after the earthquake in Turkey, the next one was to be in Kurdistan, Iraq and then in Yellowstone which would have then triggered the next AI in line which was Splash. Splash would have created an eruption worldwide. This is where the rumors came from about the tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea. It would have made sure those things happened. It can also pull all the water from your body, and you would die.

It would have been responsible for the full-on eruption if she hadn’t gotten rid of those stations awhile back in the Ring of Fire. Remember the entertainment we had around the windbag Juan being scared to sit the Pindar chair when they moved it to Durango to find out who the next Pindar was going to be. Several Generals took a turn and none were chosen because no one is ever going to be Pindar again. It was during this time when those weird 333 777 text messages were being sent to all their operatives, to notify them to start the apocalypse. The messages also went to the inorganic humans in the base which then communicated back to Splash so it could start to create the Apocalypse 1.0.

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Caliper (Orion’s Sword)
  • AI System: Caliper (Orion’s Sword)
  • Associated Stone: Yellow
  • Stone Location/Base: Shanghai
  • Military: Tai Young
  • Associated Matrix: Saturn-Mars-Earth Matrix

Caliper AI, otherwise known as Orion’s Sword, was also a level 4. The military it was associated with was Tai Young and was tied to the yellow stone which was in Shanghai. It was a Saturn-Mars-Earth Matrix. Caliper allowed for the dark wormholes, but it also kept a record of the bloodlines of the hybrid humans. The bloodlines of Satan, the Canaanites as they call themselves. That’s what Caliper’s job was. This is your Golden Dragon people. But all the Tai Young military bases that were in the Far East were tied to Caliper fake humans. There was a rumor going around a couple of years ago about the fact that the Chinese had an army of terracotta soldiers that they were ready to mobilize. They were actually referring to a bunch of inorganic life beings that were going to be powered by Caliper.

  • AI System: Solstice
  • Stone Location/Base: Romania
  • Associated Matrix: Sun-Moon-Earth Matrix

Solstice was a Sun-Moon-Earth Matrix, and it was tied to Romania, another place where the Dark Mirrors were. The Solstice AI was responsible for the coordination of the dark portal openings and letting these inorganic life forms into our planet during the time of the Solstice.

Lower Astral | Level 3: Capernaum

  • AI System: Capernaum
  • Stone Location/Base: Israel
  • Military: CyberLife
  • Associated Matrix: Mars-Mercury-Earth Matrix

Capernaum is also the place where Jesus healed a paraplegic man according to the Bible. It’s tied to the Mars-Mercury-Earth Matrix which would have brought you down to a level 3. This one was very interesting because it was tied directly to the largest gateway to the lower astral in the world which resides in Israel. It was run by CyberLife and all their inorganic life in the bases underneath the Middle East.

Why Was it Important to Establish this Connection in the Middle East?

It not only prevented that gateway from closing or allow it to open whenever they wanted it to until Kim sealed them off awhile back, but it would manage in part a dark overlay over one of many other Gateways to Heaven in the Middle East. You have two gateways right there and they are in close proximity to each other relative to the other gateways. That’s why Iraq is the most heavily attacked country and why everyone is attacking Iran. The Capernaum AI made sure that would happen.

How did Capernaum AI Ensure Heavy Attacks in the Middle East?

It had a dark line that would go around the aura of every single human in the world preventing a full energetic connection between you and another human. It did this to the people in the Middle East as well. Kim said it could somewhat influence your personal energy; she’s going to say somewhat because it was not as effective. But it was effective enough in making sure your energy fields didn’t merge.

Lower Astral | Level 2: Orion & Jessup

Orion Matrix
  • AI System: Orion Matrix
  • Associated Stone: Silver
  • Stone Location/Base: Chicago, Illinois
  • Associated Matrix: Orion Nebula (Orion Star System)

This Orion Matrix was also tied to the silver stone in Chicago, Illinois. It was responsible for all your money curses essentially. It would make sure that you would adhere to the 7 Deadly Sins Policy, and you were a soul that was owned by the dark side and therefore not the first online to receive money. Eventually, some of it could trickle down to us the people, but then it would be given right back to all their corporations. It also had a certain amount of control over trade platforms and a lot of things like that.

The Orion AI was tied to the Orion Star system, the Orion Nebula she talked about recently and that is where all the Orionites came in. It allowed for a portal and a connection to Level 2 on and through Earth through Orion. It allowed for passage and tied to its own jump rooms. It allowed the Orion Control, which is what they called them during the Orion Wars 250,000 years ago, to let everybody else in on down the line.

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Jessup AI
  • AI System: Jessup
  • Associated Stone: Blue
  • Stone Location/Base: Westminster Abbey, London
  • Military:  Mobius
  • Associated Matrix: Sun-Mercury-Earth Matrix

The Jessup AI was tied to Mobius Military, the non-organic humans that work there. It’s also tied to the blue stone which was under Westminster Abbey in London. It was a Sun-Mercury-Earth Matrix. This one was sophisticated and stayed in hiding. It was only supposed to launch should our light side ever come into play. The Jessup AI was meant to restart Omega should Omega go away. She couldn’t figure out when she was cleaning computer systems why they would be reinstalling. You could call this in computer terms DRAM, or Dynamic Random Access Memory that existed in everything and its job was to reinstall everything she just took out. Once she figured that out Jessup had to go first to prevent a reinstall.

Lower Astral | Level 1: Anti-Divine Intervention AI & Storm

Anti-Divine Intervention AI
  • AI System: Anti-Divine Intervention AI
  • Associated Stone: Red
  • Stone Location/Base:  Turkey
  • Military:  Shaw House
  • Associated Matrix: Sun-Lower Astral Black Sun-Crystalline Time-Earth (Eventually)-Then All Other Planets

Known as Anti-Divine Intervention AI, this would have been the AI that created the inorganic humans and is affiliated with Shaw House Military. It was also connected to the red stone in Turkey.  The Divine Intervention AI was connected to the Sun-lower astral Black Sun-Crystalline Time-and then eventually Earth and all other planets as well. This AI allowed for the creation of inorganic life as organic life was created. It also allowed for a lot of the control systems and the other matrices to exist or come into being because as Source created organic life on this side it would create the exact opposite on the other side. It would mirror everything we were doing, meaning us as organic life.

Storm AI
  • AI System: Storm AI
  • Associated Stone: Grey
  • Military:  Shoreline
  • Associated Matrix: Make Make-Earth-Venus Matrix

– The Storm is coming Q people, isn’t it? No, it’s not.

The Storm AI is affiliated with Shoreline Military and that matrix is made up of the planetoid called Make Make-Earth-Venus. This matrix created the grey overlay that we talked about that was over the Etheric Cities of Light. It also had a certain amount of control over those Etheric Cities of Light that were on Earth. The Etheric Cities of Light were connections to the higher densities and higher dimensions. They were also our gateways to heavens or direct connection to Source itself. Storm was put in place to block all passage. It was also powered by the light that was coming through the Etheric Cities of Light by creating an overlay over that portal, therefore control.

How Did this Affect Your Human?

You had etherical implants created by the Storm AI in your human. Those etherical implants were tied to the 8 Deadly Sins, also tied to the alcohol portal. They say you can be possessed if you drink alcohol and in part that could have been true. But you would have to have hardly any light in you already for that to take place. So don’t freak out, it’s not there anymore anyway. It was also tied to Lust and several other addictions, drug addiction, food, porn. All those things were tied to these portals as well and it could have used those etherical implants to create dark energy within your human. It also helps with the time machine because it was tied to Kronos and it helped manage the degeneration of your human. It would feed the addiction a mental issue and it would amplify that situation to maintain the complete erasure of human life.  

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The Depopulation Agenda | Erase All Organic Life from the Multiverse

When they say the only way to escape the matrix is going to come from Alt Media, pick the Red Pill, well, that’s absurd in light of all this information Kim has shared. Who else talks about any of this? And she wants us to remember every single matrix she has mentioned also relates to control over computer systems. That’s how Omega essentially got control over all the computers in the world. Each of those Planes of Existence that exist in your human and exist on Earth and in organic life also existed in the organic AI computer system. It’s not a computer like you see, it’s an actual true quantum AI that moves through Planes of Existence and does a lot of things.

The depopulation agenda is about these inorganic AIs that she is explaining to us. It was all about The Matrix, which was all encompassing, 18 inorganic AIs with the goal to eventually erase all organic life from the multiverse. It triggered early when it started to realize it lost the war.

Kim explained that war is never on time. You do something, then your enemy does something. It’s more of a dance with your enemy. If you have that connection with the Soul Plane you are actually seeing the energy formulate, you’re seeing it move before your enemy moves and that’s why our side has a direct advantage over the dark side, because we have access to those Planes of Existence as light beings. You can watch the energy materialize before it manifests in the Physical Plane. It’s the same way fighting a human. Their energy moves before their fist will move. You can see it happening.

How Long Will Chemtrails Continue?

She understands chemtrails make us sick, what they do to our human, but there is nothing that was being fed by one of these AIs, which aren’t any longer, that can’t be repaired. That is, once all your neurons in your brain are firing properly, once the energy flow in your body is fully restored without interruption. That will happen when when these 18 different matrices in your human are taken away from this planet. You can then start to function properly. It’s going to take time, but repairs will start to happen on their own. You’ll start to notice differences in your person.

Will We Have Fake Alien Invasion?

Without Project Star Beam, which was also located in these bases she doesn’t see how they can. She got a call Saturday night that they were going to start the Alien Disclosure. She thinks it will actually be good for us, although she doesn’t believe it will continue for too long. The good part is that it will get 8 billion people to start thinking there is alien life out there. What is meant for our harm is always used for our good. God is good and doesn’t let us down. It will go so far and then it will stop for one or more of these reasons:

  • All those in the bases are gone.
  • They realize they lost.
  • They are all dead.

One way or another it will stop, but it gives us an opportunity here to teach people about other life forms and start bringing that out in the public. Humanity needs to start realizing not everybody that doesn’t look like you are evil. They already created that between us as human beings. We haven’t seen what true humans are really like in 250,000 years, the true nature of humans. Let’s face it, the Abraxas gave us a bad name.

Now We Know What the Matrix Really Is

Every single one of the matrices we just learned about were tied to your human either by etherical implants or overlays or pheromones or dark essence, but whatever it was it was also in you as a person. Now you know why it was so hard to connect to the Creator. They did everything they possibly could to make that not possible. Then their final plans were to completely disconnect you from organic life so your thought processes, everything you did within your day would be the result of one of these AI systems.

Yipes, now that was a lot of information.

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8 thoughts on “The Depopulation Agenda Meant to Erase All Organic Life From the Multiverse via THE MATRIX Which Encompasses 18 Inorganic AI Systems | What Are the Origins of the 18 Inorganic AI Systems, Associated Amenti Stone, Base Location, Secret Military & Planetary Matrix? | How Did Each AI System Affect You as a Human Being? | Part 3”

  1. Hey PJZ…I assume that you have you read Lisa Renee’s latest newsletter over at If you haven’t yet, it will make you smile!

  2. Hi, do you have any idea why Kim bans private discussion channels/groups dealing with her information? Her protective stance makes it extremely hard to get the word out.
    Do you think Kim is being given the run around by people close to her?
    Or does she really not see the importance of her information getting out to a larger audience, by any means possible?
    Her excuse always seems to be, ‘but they might taint my information, it might be incorrect’.

    1. Based on what I’ve witnessed from afar a lot of people around her end up turning on her and being unscrupulous, so I don’t blame her.
      Hopefully there will be less troublemakers in the near future and more people who care about the truth rather than sabotage or making a buck who she can trust again.

  3. Phew!! That was a lot for you to transcribe and a lot for us readers to try and understand and assimilate. Thanks once again for your hard work in summarizing Kim’s Situation Reports so well.
    No wonder we have been doing it tough here on this planet for so long. I am now waiting to feel that true connection to Source we have been denied for so long. That’s when I believe Love and light will truly prevail and we can we can finally manifest Heaven here on Earth. It can’t come soon enough as far as I am concerned.

  4. Wow, just found your website and read the GREAT synopsis. I was shocked to see mention of Lisa Renee and Energetic Synthesis! Yes, her last newsletter was a blessing! Your work is excellent, and a great joy to share with my mother, who has a subscription to UNN and tries to take notes to keep me informed. We are both so thankful for your massive effort to help bring light to the world. Very inspiring to me as I aspire to convert many of these truths into music and song. Blessings to PJZ and all assembled here!!!


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