Apocalypse 8.0? | Black Sun Tries to Unleash Absent Lower Astral on Earth | Massive Network of Corp Control Found | Huawei, the Replacement for ECHELON Undone | Battlelines Drawn | Both Sides Claim to Own Kim | Is ‘Trump’ thing Worth More Dead or Alive? | Will Black Sun Push Martial Law? | Rothchilians Sweep up on Empty Promises | Welcome to Crystalline Time! | What is Sovereignty?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on October 24, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Picking up from Kim’s previous update, we are minus 99 people on the Order of the Dragon side. This is the Rothschild side, which includes the Chinese factions who have been fighting the Order of the Black Sun. The Black Sun side believes they are fighting the bad guys, the Khazarian Mafia and consider themselves the good guys, the Alliance, or the White Hats, except they are anything but. There is nothing ‘white’ about trying to blow up the planet, so it looks like we’re now on Apocalypse 8.0 as of this weekend.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



After Kim proved who was in control of all the currencies in the world earlier in the week, each side decided to claim ownership of her. Yep, like she would ever work for those degenerates. She has never worked for any of those people and never will. There was talk of Russia and Ukraine using dirty bombs. Bombings are going on in the Middle East which has really escalated in the last 24-48 hours and it’s all tied to what happened on the previous day, Saturday, Oct 23rd. 


Déjà vu

So we’re down to the next lower level and the same madness is going on. Kim said again there are people within their organizations who really do want to move on. They aren’t bad people although they’ve done bad things. I suppose there has to be some who just feel trapped in the system. They are tired of taking orders and putting themselves in danger without getting paid. Although I suspect Kim has more compassion for these people than I do. They could just stop. Isn’t there a line a human being will draw when it comes to killing hundreds or thousands of people? I know they are being threatened no doubt, but it boggles my mind.

Let’s Count Our Blessings

Anyhow, Kim stated again that she never gives a date as to when she can fund projects or we the people because she just doesn’t know.

She needs us to understand the cabal has thousands of years on her. She’s been doing this job officially for 10 years and that’s not a long time when you’re a single human being who has a few good people to work with to achieve the destruction of a thousands of year old organization.

Frankly I think it’s amazing how much has been accomplished in light of that fact. I’m really, really glad she said this because that’s what I focus on, all that Kim and the Enforcer’s team have accomplished with Source’s guidance and divine right timing. Probably because I’m documenting everything constantly and realize how much work has been done. So for those people who focus on everything that is still going wrong and is horrible, maybe you should pause and think on all that has been done once in awhile. I happened to see a comment posted last week in my blog about all the horror still going on. I get it, it’s still ain’t looking all that good. But imagine where we’d be if Kim hadn’t taken down so many systems, removed so many layers of psychopaths, human and non-human, dismantled all of their Armageddon attempts with Source’s guidance and help from the Enforcer teams in the air, land and sea. Please let’s not forget all of that folks.

October 23, 2022 | Both Factions Meet on Saturday in New York

Kim proving that she controls the currencies around the world evidently created concerns for the psychopaths because both sides, the Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Black Sun decided to have a meeting on Saturday afternoon which took place in New York. The new 24 Rothchilians who stepped up to take on their destiny of World Domination are younger folks, less than 70 years old and have no experience running anything. On the Black Sun side there are some remaining generals who are a step down from the 40 who were removed earlier in the week, and they too have chosen to step up and continue the world domination plans of their Order. Kim said it got so bad on the Black Sun side that they stopped using their mapping systems. Their mapping system would give probabilities of success for operations they considered running. Well they stopped using the mapping systems because they don’t want to see the truth.

Essentially the big topic they discussed in that meeting on Saturday afternoon was who was going to own Kim. They talked about her like she’s some dog and then who her next handler was going to be. I guess they couldn’t agree because it caused a big fight and people walked out. Nothing was achieved on that front. So they never even got to try and butter up Tom Melville who was supposed to convince Kim to release money, which sounds like an identical plan we heard about not so long ago. Oy Vey. So the next idea they had was to make sure the world gets so bad that Kim will have to concede. Then they pulled out all the stops to prevent Kim from transferring money to the people. Oh goody! We know what that means! What else is in that toolbox of theirs?

What Else Was in Their Toolbox for Kim to Find?

Kim was so very appreciative of much them pulling out yet another tool she didn’t see which will help her speed up the clean-up of the planet!!!

On the same Saturday afternoon she found someone trying to hack into the banking system from CBS Studios in Studio City, California which is their headquarters. She thought that was the weirdest place yet. Well underneath that she found an enormous network that went throughout all computers, not just the banking system, it went everywhere like a giant spider web of corporate control.

Black Sun’s Massive Network of Corporate Control Found

Absolutely everything you can think of worldwide was in there, grocery store chains, Starbucks, mining companies, all the media companies worldwide, telecommunications companies, cable companies, BlackRock, Vanguard, Cisco, IBM, Haliburton, AT&T, Disney, Dole, Apple, customs and border control. It had ties into every oil well on the planet, train lines, hospitality. For example, Marriott had their own internal western union type system. They had their own line.

Hundreds of thousands of companies were in this network for a very long time in order to create corporate control of the world. Bush Senior, when he was the Black Eagle and head of the Black Sun had the highest level of control for this network and Kim is sure until recently someone else took that position and still had access. Although she said he would have had limited access because she had firewalled everything which prevented a lot of entry. But if you had access to this network, think how easy it would be to economically assassinate a corporate entity or know who discovered a technology in a university laboratory, which university had the smartest students, etc. So this crap about sanctions against Russia is just nonsense. 

That sheet Kim showed a few updates back, which outlined all the industries in phases, well every company belonged to them and reported back to the Black Eagle. And if you were part of that network that was how you would receive underground funding from the Order of the Black Sun until 2007, to carry out orders on behalf of the Covens, who took orders from the Coven Masters, who got them from the Parents, who got them from Marduk. On the Order of the Dragon side, they would get them in the same way. They might have been a notch above the Black Sun, but since 2018 both sides have been on about the same level which is what they don’t get because they think they’re fighting each other.

Kim got rid of this massive network, all of it!

UNN October 7, 2022

Meeting Ends | Both Sides Report Back to Their Respective People Around the World

After the heated meeting on Sat, both sides reported back to their respective people around the world. Now there are changes in the constitution, big shake ups going on in China, they are really going after Taiwan and China is also having great influence in Saudi Arabia. Russia does whatever China says because they basically control 70% of their economy now. It was essentially a non-hostile takeover and the rest of BRICS is in the same boat right now.

But they still will never be able to fulfill their promises of big funding and the AIIB currency they tried to launch again on Saturday. The AIIB also had a connection to the black line through some development banks which were secondary lines that were tied the World Bank and XM Bank at one point.

They are continuing with Marduk’s old plan, the 7 Currencies and 7 Settlements Plan and trying to bypass the Key Integrated Monetary System by putting in the AIIB currency. Kim said essentially they are trying to create what her computer recognizes as an alternate reality. In other words, what you see is not what is real, it’s just another fictitious banking system and currency. But it didn’t work, their system is not working.

ECHELON Program Explained: Global Surveillance Network – Profolus
Huawei is the Order of the Dragon’s Replacement for ECHELON

She’s been fighting with various versions of Huawei in San Francisco and a few other places also during the weekend because Huawei was actually to be ECHELON 2.0, it was its replacement. And that said, the NSA is still taking orders from the Wangs in China just like they always have. So Kim was fighting with the NSA all weekend too because they were under strict orders to never let Kim get through sending her single dollar proving she controls the currencies until they could come to the meeting. Then each delusional group was going to tell Kim how they control the entire planet earth and how she is going to concede.

China Planned to Drop the NSA Like a Hot Potato

Since the NSA is reporting to China, Kim figured she would let them know they were going to drop the NSA like a hot potato as soon as Huawei was up and running. And they were well on their way until Kim stopped it because we don’t need another ECHELON. Do we really need our refrigerators and electronics spying on us 24×7? No, not really. She said to give some perspective on this system, a Black Eagle is on a level 9 in the system and Huawei would be considered a level 8. They were pretty deep.

Huawei documents reportedly show involvement in China’s surveillance efforts | Engadget

Black Sun’s Attempt at Apocalypse 8.0

On Saturday night there was a huge battle that ensued between the Black Sun and Kim and Enforcer and all her people because these wingnuts had the intention to blow up the magnetic equator. The magnetic Equator is not the same as the equator you see on the map. The reason is because of the magnetic pull on earth to the North Pole and South Pole, it’s tilted slightly, therefore the equator is slightly tilted as well. This is an energetic thing.

Geomagnetism is the study of the earth’s magnetic field and all associated phenomena and forces that impact it. Many of us will recognize that very little information about Geomagnetism is reported to the mainstream public because the magnetic field and gravitational waves on the earth are highly controlled and manipulated to suppress consciousness in a variety of ways. However, undisputed facts about the rapid weakening of the earth’s magnetic field have been verified by some researchers. As of 2014, the rate of the earth’s magnetic field weakening had greatly increased. 
If we clearly comprehended Geomagnetism, humanity would have free energy, understand time differently, would look at the moon contrarily, and it would forever change the methods science uses for carbon dating fossils and rocks. If humanity actually understood the earth’s magnetic field and gravity, it would present many conflicts in the theory of evolution that are presented in the fabricated historical chronology. Previous carbon dating methods have had radical time measurement differences that science does not share openly with the public. This is also the result of the magnetic field of the earth shifting and weakening.

Source: Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, Geomagnetism – Ascension Glossary

Black Sun Tries to Unleash the Lower Astral on Earth

The magnetic pole north and south forms something like a capstone on the pyramid. And you would have a capstone of the energetic pyramid to the south and you would have 4 points on Earth which would be the base of where the pyramids met. Now that magnetic pole, the old one still had ties to the control of time and the god of time which is Kronos. So Kim and the Enforcer teams had to fix and change some things after this event. If you took those 4 points where the pyramids met, they had an intention of then unleashing what they consider to be the lower astral on earth and we would have had complete darkness. All the light essence they’ve been fixing would have went away. Except not exactly, because there is nothing there anymore and it would have been a dud. However, it would have caused 4 major eruptions in the magnetic equator of the planet, such as volcanoes or dirty bombs or all sorts of things in order to achieve their objective.

Black Sun Considers Creating Event at Trump Rally

Also this weekend there was a lot of talk amongst those left and have been taking the lead in the Order of the Black Sun about creating an event at the Trump thing’s rally on Sat night. They had a discussion about possible assassination of the Trump thing, a staged event at the rally. So they were making him look ill as a precursor to him not looking so well before the 24th because the Order really has no idea if he’s worth more dead than alive at this point.

They would have blamed it on the Chinese and it would have gotten them their WWIII because they would have installed Martial Law and started their alleged war. Or could they? It’s very easy to start a war and very expensive to end wars. She emphasizes that fact all the time, so never forget that psychos.

Black Sun Thinks Martial Law is the Way to Regain Political Control

There is still chatter about creating a situation for regaining full political control and they think Martial Law in the US is the way to go. So they talked about a small bomb in Washington DC. They also talked about an event in New York and in Denver. They went on talking to the wee wee hours of the morning and eventually Kim stopped listening to make sure nothing was happening live. Nothing so far.

But there was talk about a major announcement by the Attorney General’s Office today, October 24th. They talked about the fact that they were going to be suing the state of Texas. She thinks they may have set that up for the potential event, whatever that good idea they might come up with overnight.

If Martial Law is Declared Then What?

So say they created an event and they go ahead and start Martial Law, would that give them political control over the United States? The answer is No. But it may give them the appearance of such on the fake news. Would any other country start listening to them? Kim said she doesn’t know. China has already been making their way around the world all over the Middle East everywhere taking over the whole place and making promises of doing great things for them in AIIB currency backed by production contracts and baskets of commodities. So they are intending on taking over the commodities futures markets as well, now that BlackRock doesn’t have it anymore. They have just been strategically running around the world making promises but not delivering anything. Quite frankly to all countries of the world, the old boss is the same as the new boss and you will not be in any better situation.

The rest of the countries have seen their currencies come out and know if was from Kim and they are finding out she doesn’t work for either side. So as of right now the lay of the land looks like (other than the people/everyday citizens) the US and Chinese Government would be the last on the list to actually fund because that’s where the battle is.

The Battlegrounds | Dragon Side is Fighting for China & Black Sun Side is Fighting for US

They chose their respective battle areas, the Order of the Dragon on the side of China and the Order of the Black Sun on the side of the US and they’ve been going at it like crazy. It’s going to be a crazy week as far as the fake media and alt media is concerned with all these rumors floating around about all these “wonderful things” they are going to do.

But the war they are hoping for, like the one in Ukraine is costing NATO $18 million a day and they aren’t even technically involved. They are not paying their contractors and suppliers, that amount is just to keep the ball rolling. Imagine what WWIII would cost per day? Kim estimates it would cost $18 million per second and she’s definitely not paying for it.

Kim is very aware that they are setting something up in the background with the World Bank and IMF about how she’s going to be seeding the whole thing and not know it. Instead she’ll believe she’s doing good projects. They have lost their minds because she’s seen the whole set up and it’s never going to happen.

The Good News!

After their failed endeavor Saturday night Kim was thinking that there must be some kind of tie to time still hanging in the breeze. Was there a management of time somewhere and how could she fix it?

How the heck does she manage to do all this in a single day!

What is Time?

Anyhow, she said that time is managed with an atomic clock in quantum physics. An atomic clock measures the frequency of atoms which exists in all matter. Now the manipulation of the atoms themselves is what causes situations in the world that seem weird, like the Mandela Effect which was created with Kronos. That can be explained by having an atomic clock that is tied to a dark AI. That weirdness you feel sometimes, like what day is it, or what time is it. They had the ability to make small movements in time or change events. Part of this is what one of those Shadow Military groups that was on the ACIO Official – Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (acio-official.org) website was responsible for. They would go back and forth in time to change events so you would see something completely different here in the future, which technically is against the rules. 

Note: For these Shadow Military Groups see my post, The 13 Groups in the Shadow Military | How Intelligence Agencies Were Structured | 41 Coven Members Left Still Floundering | Part 2

What is Crystalline Time?

What she decided to do was go back to natural time. Natural time was dictated by the creator of the atoms in the first place, who of course is Source or God, it is also referred to as crystalline time.  That’s the time with no time. The denser you get the more atoms you have bouncing around in frequency of said atoms which is what creates your time. So she reverted to the natural atomic clock which is connected to crystalline time which exists within the light, within God.

That change started on Sunday morning and it will continue to synchronize for the next 2 weeks, accumulating on Nov 8th. That applies to all computes and all organic life on this planet. Everything will start moving in a different way to some degree including the fictitious cellular degeneration, the life and death process. Some of these things are a natural occurrence but some has not been. So the changing of the atomic clocks should complete around the period of Nov 7-9th.

Below I found some mention of crystalline in Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary.

The name Aramatena is the 12th Lyran Stargate and has been used to describe schematics of the future earth blueprint in its CRYSTALLINE FORM in the Avatar matrix Universe. The Aurora or Ascension Earth is located in the Andromedan Time Matrix which is found through the passage that interfaces between the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy, and that is connected through the networks of the Polarian Gate hosting system.
Our planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in this Universal Time Matrix. 3D Earth is called Earth or Terra, 5D Earth is Called Tara and 7D earth is called Gaia. Different E.T. Races and extra dimensionals may call these future Earths by different names based on their language. (Such as Urantia) They are all planet Earth at different stages of evolution in the Timelines.

Source: Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, Ascension Library – Energetic Synthesis

More Intuitive Abilities & Connection to Source is a Comin!

Now this change is going to allow others to actually be here, meaning beings from other places. It will also start to become a little easier for us in that our natural God given gifts will be allowed to help out, especially for those of us who have gotten to those other higher levels. Kim gave an example. She has been to Russia a couple of times and the Gateway to Heaven is there, there are other gateways in the world as well, but for her, being near those gateways makes everything crystal clear. She said it’s like watching an IMAX theatre movie in that it’s so very clear. When you try to revert watching an old TV, while she can see it and make it out, it’s not as clear as when you’re closer. So we can expect that kind of change the closer we get to crystalline time. Our atoms will look more opalescent, full of all these tiny little bubbles. So we should start to feel some serious changes over the coming weeks within our person, our connection and our intuitive abilities should start changing dramatically. Now we’re getting to the fun part! I suspect Gateway to Heaven is what Lisa Renee calls Stairway to Heaven. I provided the explanation from her Ascension Glossary below.

Stairway to Heaven
During this cycle of Universal Ascension we are being reconnected through each of the stages that take us through the many layers of nested time matrices, that lead us through the Stairway to Heaven. To be on the ascending path that takes us home through the Stairway to Heaven, here in this density, we must be placed on the evolutionary path of the Eukatharista. This pathway reconnects us with the Cosmic Emerald Heart flame of the Cosmic God Matrix or 1st God World Creation that is the ultimate threefold flame God source of our particular manifested world. The Stairway to Heaven is incredibly complex and contains the God source threefold flames of many other parallel worlds in which our Universal Time Matrix is ultimately interconnected.

Cosmic Emerald Sun Awakening, Eukatharista
On February 22, 2022, our planetary system begins the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation of the central seed of the higher heart, or the Cosmic Emerald Sun Awakening into the path of the Eukatharista. The Universal Time Matrix begins to open the density locks leading directly into the higher Inner God World realms which begins to flood Cosmic Mother’s aquamarine blue ray source of zero-point flames from within the diamond heart of the Cosmic Clock shield network.

Cosmic Clock Initiation

The reunion of some of our Cosmic Christos family members in the hierogamic template of Golden Aeonesis is resetting the event horizons and timelines that were being held in place as the twelve Dark Aeons. This field alteration is returning the planetary consciousness access all the way back through multiple time matrices that reorient our particular location in this time and space, to the coordinates recorded as density 1-2, quadrant 4, corridor 4, and spectra 3. Then finally going all the way back to the 1st God World Creation by witnessing a sequence of opening interdimensional portals that begin to correct the Universal Time Matrix alignment with the original source fields of the Cosmic Clock[1]

Cosmic Amoraea Shield
The Cosmic Amoraea Shield is the Divine Holy Spirit of Mother and Christ Child, made up of the combined flows of Six Emerald Crystal Heart centers existing within each of the layers of the nested time matrices that comprise the pathway through the Stairway to Heaven. The Six Emerald Crystal Heart Pillars further source from the original twelve Reuche Pillars from the God Worlds that generate the Emerald Order Tree of Life. The Emerald Tree of Life merges into the Cosmic Clock Templar within the newly birthed Emerald Suns, sourced from the core heart spirals of Aquamarine and Emerald Rays flowing from the 1st God World Creation.

Reuche Pillars

The Override Pillar Gates or Reuche Pillars are from the God worlds that serve to stabilize the planetary merkaba shields, they were placed during the crisis intervention of Ascension Plan B. They help to hold energetic integrity of the grids through the capacity to run the planetary levels of the Amoraea blue flame, which is like saying the inner holy spirit activation in the earth body. They are to stop reversals of the planet that would allow for being sucked into a dangerous black hole or the Phantom Matrix. They act to bring down the higher divine Blueprint from the Universal layers all the way down to our lower density. They also have something to do with resetting or adjusting timelines and their sequences, restoring the cosmic clock setting to before we had the fall and invasion timelines of the NAA.

Source: Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, Stairway to Heaven – Ascension Glossary

What is the Goal of the Restoration of Earth?

About Collective Consciousness

Our collective consciousness means something. What we put out there means something. If hundreds of us got together and we all wanted Mount Everest to be the color pink for example, it would be pink. So imagine if we all focused on wanting to help one another. Collective consciousness

comes in many different forms and Kim admits she has learned a lot over this year too. She knows everyone talks about money and she is cleaning up computers as fast as she can but she is also being honest of the problems that come up. So it’s not only about money coming to us when she says we’re going to be sovereign beings. What else does that entail?

What Does Sovereignty Mean?

It’s not only being responsible for yourself, it also means being cognizant of how you affect another person because we are all connected. You have to be responsible about those around you, including the plants and animals. There is an energy shift that happens when you say something bad to another human being when it’s not in defense of yourself or another. That energy comes back to you and you’re going to start experiencing the same thing that you put out because that’s how consciousness works. There is an energetic exchange between two people and there must be a respect for one another’s sovereignty. And both parties should feel respected.

Also, reading someone’s mind , implanting a thought in someone’s head or saying you did a diagnostic on someone and then say he/she has this disease is violating someone else’s sovereignty, their consciousness or their entire aura. No one has the right to do that.

Being sovereign also gives you the right to decide how you treat your own body. You may choose to take conventional medicine where someone else does not. You may choose as a parent to take on that responsibility for your child in a loving way. So if your kid comes down with an illness you research to make a good choice.

This is what it means to be sovereign. Be prepared for the backlash from Source. You will get what you give. If you foster hate, you will get hate. If you foster love and respect for one another you will get love and respect in return. And it’s coming faster and faster. Remember, thoughts are things and your intentions can be just as beneficial or detrimental. Think about how you’re going to live your life going forward. It’s rough out there but it doesn’t have to govern how you have to feel today. The cabal is dying, neither side can perform the functions they claim they can do AND WE NEED PEOPLE TO BE SOVEREIGN AND TO STEP IN LIKE YESTERDAY!


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