24 Dragon Family Underlings Fill Open Slots | China Police Installation Not Going Well | Kim Proves She Controls All Currencies in the World, Will Any Bite? | Beijing’s Short Memory Regarding Nuke Threat | CDC is After Our Kids | Why Black Sun’s Exposure of Hunter Biden Story to Congress Will Yield Nothing | What Happens if Governments Fall? | What Will Sole Survivor Mark Warner Do?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on October 21, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim started off stating the obvious which is that governments around the world are in a total mess. Nearly every government is broke and working on false promises. She told us again we the people need to step in. We’ll never get through this transition unless we unite, have respect for each other and start to think outside the box.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Who Stepped Up To Replace the Rothschild Diehards and Black Sun Generals?

Twenty four underlings in the Dragon families, who had no power before, have stepped up and taken on the roles of those who were sent back to Source. These 24 are fairly young and they are all part of the Order of Dragon, but not all are Asian. They all agreed to continue down the path of failure, that is staying the course with Marduk’s old plan, the 7 Currencies and 7 Settlements. So in their minds, unlike their higher ups, they will be the ones to accomplish it? Hum maybe I should just start copying and pasting my previous posts with new dates. It would save me a lot of time. Dios Mio! How does Kim deal with them!

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So now when you look at government as a whole and all the crazy laws they are trying to pass, it’s coming for these 24 people. Look at Liz Truss for example. She has the shortest career in history as Prime Minister because this new group of 24 said so. They don’t what to do and it shows. And I agree with Sunny. This Liz person looks rather happy about it. She’s probably relieved to be released from these crazy people.

21-10-2022 United Network News (nunchee.tv)

Guess what? We have another example of how clueless they are. The 24 promised funding would come at 2pm today, October 21st. How original of them. So needless to say there will be many angry operatives and whoever else is still dumb enough to stay in the game. Is this what POTUS Warner thinks is his saving grace? I guess so, he’s hoping and waiting to see how it turns out. Except they are claiming they control the gold and other minerals in Africa which means they haven’t a clue and are just repeating what failed for their predecessors. They obviously didn’t get Kim’s memo because that wasn’t shared with them, they are lower level after all. They are having a lot problems already. But keep hanging on Warner!

How is the Political Fight Going?

They are repeating the same stories over and over. Common sense in non-existent. The narratives and stuff they are telling the politicians to do or not to do must be coming from bipolar people. It’s a circus. The Dementia dude show is coming from the Chinese Deep State. They have been in control since the Biden Administration stepped in. They are the people waiting for a phone call from the Asian folks and they are trying to revive the Federal Reserve while the Black Sun is trying to take over the Federal Reserve. When they were alive the Black Sun Generals were trying to maintain their control of the Space Force that is in the White House. So it’s been a push and pull as to which direction the country was to go.

The Black Sun side says there is going to be a red wave on Nov 8th, then elections may not happen, then there is going to be a big event and all these things. On the other side there are a bunch of people trying to sell us to China who still have over a billion of their own people under lock-down.

It’s always been China’s plan to take control and to rule the entire world. They want to install communism in the US and all around the world. Look how many communist parties exist on just the African continent. South Africa has a commie party. Also look at Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina too. It’s everywhere. Installing communism and getting rid of God in every country has always been the goal.

They spent several years getting sovereign guarantees against notes and bonds against in ground assets on the African continent and have been involved with several countries such as Brazil, Argentina and other places in the world. It’s all driven by these notes that are held against in ground assets. They have repeatedly tried to assign the in ground assets to the Shanghai Exchange which has failed so many times. But hey, it’s their turn to repeat the same thing. They are also discussing the possibility of issuing a crypto currency block chain technology which Kim said failed in under five minutes. Again, very non-creative of them and fortunately it’s just not going to happen for them either.

How is the China Police Installation in New York Going?

They have zero support coming from the New York police departments and local authorities which Kim said is unusual because the now Governor in NY is Pelosi’s buddy. Since they are not getting the local people to accept the fact there is a Chinese Police there, they are kind of neutered. That plan is not working out very well.

Kim said the New York police department was actually formed by the wealthy white elite in order to protect their commerce in the northeast. In the south it was for slave control. That’s how police departments came to be in the United States. The police department in New York is very loyal to the Jewish mafia in the diamond district, then you have the Italians and the Irish mafia there as well and they are all in together. And who runs the mafia organizations of the world? That would be the Order of the Black Sun. Now who is trying to run the Chinese Police installation? That would be the Order of the Dragon. So we have the Order of the Black Sun kicking out the Order of the Dragons in the state of New York. Why did the Order of the Dragon pick New York to start their installation? Because as Kim said, these lower levels don’t understand how to do their job, they never actually did the job because they were never involved.

Hey Beijing! Remember What Happened Last Time You Pulled Out Nukes?

They continue to put people, especially these politicians in a very bad position with their crazy narratives and they keep threatening nuclear war. Kim stated that Beijing must have a very short memory if they cannot remember when their nuclear weapon 3-4 years ago all of sudden turned around to point back on Beijing instead. They had to send a bunch of people out there to disable them. She is telling this story because it was done once and it can be done again! Don’t threaten people!

I remember Kim giving that report about China and if I remember correctly it was around the time of Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I’m not sure of the year. The Chinese pretty much surrounded North America. Our ‘government’ was ready to hand over control to China as was the British Commonwealth. But Kim stated that their ships disappeared, which means they were likely vaporized by frequency weapons. It wasn’t too long after that incident when she told us China had nukes out and her team reversed their direction back on China as a message. Wow, was that really 3-4 years ago? I guess it was, otherwise I would be able to find it in one of my posts, which I didn’t start until November 2020.

Are the Pipelines Turned On Again?

The Dragon side have at least 75% of the Russian economy dependent on China since the pipelines (which were fixed thanks to Kim’s team) are not allowed to work. The 24 new wingnuts have threatened Russia they better not make use of them while they continue to try to take over the Middle East. So these newbie are not giving up the goal for world domination either.

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Kim Proves She Controls All Currencies in the World

In order to prove who actually controls currencies in the world at this time, Kim sent 1 Dollar, 1 Euro, 1 British Pound, actually every currency that exists to every single country in the world, to their Central Bank and to each military in the world.

It has Kim’s name as the sender and that it was sent from the Global Repository. She wanted to make it clear she did not do this to control countries, the goal is to move towards an interdependent world. It means we all work together but are not dependent on one another or a global power. She also did this because she said in a recent news update that she’s open for business and needed to prove it.

The old boss structure is never going to work and China will never achieve its objective, no matter how much common sense is lacking in today’s government, they need to understand there is a choice and option to move forward. Thus far, out of everyone in the world who promised something to these people Kim is the only one who actually delivers on what she says she is going to do

US Waits for Order of the Dragon’s False Promises Instead

So the $1 for the US went to the Treasury Department, not the Federal Reserve and it’s sitting there and made Janet Yellen very nervous because she doesn’t know if her partners, who are the Order of the Dragon are going to deliver today. The clock is ticking, 2pm is the deadline. Kim actually delivered so they know there is a choice and option here.

She also emphasized, for the Deep States sake perhaps she that she is not interested in wars. She has proof the Chinese involvement in the Ukraine war is absolutely against their BRICS partner Russia in order to control Russia. And she knows the Americans are also involved and were promised quite a bit. They’ve been sending equipment, not the equipment from the Chinese.

Saudi Arabia & Others Became Curious and Hopeful?

Saudi Arabia is in a pickle. They received their one riyal from Kim and they know it’s from her. This caused a lot of requests for reports that had to be pulled from around the world because they are wondering who Kim is. Some in the Middle East now are considering this as their way to freedom because it means they don’t have to report to a third party entity. That’s been talked about a lot. She received calls from Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines as there are a few who are happy to not participate in the AIIB nor have the China invasion. They would like to be independent of China and the US and most importantly independent of the Federal Reserve. These are all things Kim supports. She wants them to use the Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) and learn how to manage their own currency without a third party’s interference. Hum, will more governments around the world be able to handle a common sense approach and solution? Wish I had more hope around that.

The 24 are carrying on with the same stuff Kim dismantled because it’s part of the old plan, 7 Currencies and 7 Settlements they are all in agreement on. The AIIB idea they are telling the world is not going to happen. Telling the Middle East they will be the AIIB version is never going to work and they have zero support from Kim’s office. So they can go ahead and continue to make promises, but the second any one of them sends out an order, they will be done, gone like those before them. These 24 newbies are being watched very closely.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Uses Magic Math for GDP

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) uses a mathematical calculation which Kim describes as just pulling a number out of a hat. Hum, I wonder if it’s based on the new math they’ve been teaching the last several years, where 2+2=5? In any case, according to Kim it’s not founded on any kind of mathematics in any way and we need to start looking at real numbers for GDP.

Office of Foreign Assets Control – Sanctions Programs and Information | U.S. Department of the Treasury
OFAC & Sanctions Solve Nothing

We need to stop this OFAC thing and sanctions, Office of Foreign Assets Control – Sanctions Programs and Information | U.S. Department of the Treasury, which never solved a war ever. Look at Russia who is the heaviest sanctioned country now and Iran the longest, has it changed anything? It just makes products cheaper, if not free and they are still traded everywhere. It’s not really the dollar, rather it’s the Fed that has gained control of currencies and commodities and controls all these things. And a lot of these agreements have been completely on loan. They think there are still restrictions on countries who can mine gold for example, but they aren’t any restrictions anymore. Those agreements from the 1970s do not exist anymore. And she called out the Chinese Elders, just because you issue a note against in ground assets doesn’t make them yours. They can issue a piece of paper but there is already a lien registered in the Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS). It’s the same thing as the super notes scam last week. Everyone is tired of their scams.

The 24 Cliff Walkers

Kim described these 24 from the Dragon Families as cliff walkers because they are trying to walk the entire world off a cliff now. They are desperately trying to cause political unrest and right now civil war in Iraq. That is 100% the China Deep state’s doing. It’s the Asian side of these 24. The situation in Iran of sending 70,000 troops to Crimea to allegedly train people on drones. Really, it takes that many? She knows exactly who is calling for this because her team is tracing and tracking everyone and everything right now.

Why the Black Sun’s Exposure of the Hunter Biden Story to Congress Will Yield Nothing

The Black Sun operatives went ahead and gave out the full reports on Hunter Biden to all of Congress just days before the midterm election. Well Kim said that’s a nice try but she already did that a couple of years ago. She gave out reports on everyone who was a pedophile, who was at Epstein’s island, who was skimming money off the top, had back door deals with foreign countries, sent generals here and there. What happened?  Well for about a week everyone looked at one another kind of funny but then they just ignored it.

HUNT IS ON ~ Oct. 21, 2022 – Rose Rambles…https://roserambles.org/2022/10/21/hunt-is-on-oct-21-2022/

The same result will happen with the file on Hunter Biden. They will never get the politicians to sway elections based on that information because the stuff that Hunter Biden has been the bag man for, they’ve all done it. Pelosi has done it. She’s not worth hundreds of millions of dollars because she’s not violated the Stock Act. Pelosi enjoys little boys and young men, everyone knows it. It didn’t change anything. If everyone in Congress, including all the ‘journalists’, etc. has done it and every one of them knows it, they are never going to prosecute anyone. If the Black Sun side really wants to change politics in the US they need to get on a plane and go to China and Cheyenne, although that office is pretty empty now, but there’s is probably a replacement. The truth is that politicians are in Congress mostly to make money. Just like the NGOs like the CDC, which is really a lobbyist organization. They take the money.

CDC Recommends Making COVID Shots Part of Routine Immunization for Kids

This is horrifying. And I’m astounded that after nearly three years so many people I know are still as clueless about what is really going on with these shots.  If you can’t home school, consider micro schools. People are getting together in small groups to teach each other’s kids when parents are at work. There could be 300 million people in the US who are considering taking their kids out of public school because of what the CDC is considering, which is making the COVID vaccination a requirement for kids to go to school. We can’t get kids out of school soon enough in my opinion. But of course alternatives have to be found. Kim said these mandates didn’t come out of thin air, they came out of the Orders of the Black Sun in cooperation with the people involved in the genocide program.

Now it hasn’t been signed into law, the decision is yet to be made if they are going to pass this though the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services | USAGov, which is run by the Ways and Means Committee and not run by the US Government, which no one ever talks about. And who runs the Ways and Means Committee? That would be the Treasury of USA. Who runs the Treasury of USA? That would be the Order of the Black Sun. So who is promoting making this shot mandatory for school kids? The Order of the Black Sun. What else is run by The Ways and Means Committee? That would be Social Security.

Ways and Means Committee – Democrats | (house.gov)

What Happens If Governments Fall?

The US government battle is the Chinese Deep State against the Black Sun’s political agenda. The Q team is the Order of the Black Sun who want to control the world. There are a lot of scared people, the latest Putin thing for one, he was shocked when he heard all those people disappeared a couple of days ago.

Both sides continue to fight battling for control they will never have while we’re left hanging in the wind here. Kim’s advice. Stop looking at the world as an event and stop listening to these people about who is coming back. It doesn’t matter.

We don’t need another oppressor. We need to fix this ourselves because they are not going to help. We’re at a pivotal moment right now. Will governments actually decide to learn and accept the fact that we’re going to be an interdependent world and stay in tack long enough for us to get the rest of the 8 billion people moving in the right direction? Or will they continue to listen to their masters?

Billions Will Be Blindsided

We have to really think about how to help the hundreds of millions of people in our respective nations because it looks really bad out there. So if you’re listening, chances are you really want to help people and will be desperately needed.

There won’t be any government funding, no government departments. The 8 billion people who are not watching Kim’s channel right now will be blindsided when they are gone. Think about fire departments and police departments. She doesn’t know what they’ll do. She announced her office is open for business, but if this shout out doesn’t work she doesn’t know what is going to happen.

Will Governments Fall All At Once?

Sunny asked Kim a question. If governments do start to fall will they all fall at once or will a couple governments fall at a time? She said yes, which I take to mean the latter. And this will mean that treasury notes won’t be worth anything anymore, government bonds won’t be worth anything anymore. We’ll be looking at another whole situation. It will take a lot of work but we will survive. The question is will we do this the easy way or the hard way? We can be angry about our governments or we can be happy and start looking at alternatives to living without them.

What Will POTUS Warner Do?

As for the man behind the curtain, the sole survivor, the real POTUS none of us knew about, how much longer is he going to wait for these people to perform? Kim said she knows he’s loyal to them, but all he has to do is stop taking their phone calls and he can have protection. According to Kim there is a reason why he’s still alive and no one else is from the recent psychopath cleanup activity. I suspect that’s because he could be more help alive, that is if he makes that choice. He can help her start turning this country around, but the clock is ticking and he doesn’t have much time. So far all he did was agree to take a phone call from her, but not until next week. Why? Because he is waiting to see if money comes this Friday at 2pm. Oy Vey! My crystal ball says it ain’t happenin!

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  1. It’s been 2 years, can you add just a few proofs? Not her claims like sending 1 dollar to them but proof to humanity. Thank you

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