Generals Send New Handler to Dupe Kim but Lose Credibility Instead | Marduk’s Old Plan 7 Settlement Institutions & 7 Currencies Plan is Wingnuts New Plan | Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) | Northrup Grumman’s Joint All Domain Command Control Technique (JADC2) | Where Does Hong Kong Fit in? | 2 Queens Waiting in the Wings? | Status of Kim’s Offer to BlackRock

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on October 3, 2022 and is available on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this post we find out their latest plan to dupe Kim so the Generals could become the Deep State’s savior and what system they plan to implement this time. A hint, it was Marduk’s old plan which is the wingnuts new plan otherwise called 7 Settlement Institutions & 7 Currencies. One system involved is the AIIB, the tech this time is JADC2, compliments of Northrup Grumman, the Feds new home is supposed to be Hong Kong and a couple new Queens are on deck polishing their tiaras.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Sept 30th Payment Deadline | Status: Failed

So what happened with the Deep State payment deadline to their minions on Sept 30th? Oh yeah, they didn’t meet it because Kim cleaned up ABCorp by Friday including all its arms and legs. They failed miserably to launch their global digital currency so instead they attempted to put a false front on to 32 banks across the world. Yep, they show huge numbers, 1.3 trillion in Russia, and a few trillion in Cheyenne. Heck since it’s not real why not go big! This was spearheaded by a group of people at RAF Menwith Hill Air Force Harrogate, United Kingdom | in the UK. It’s a Deep State headquarters for the UK predominantly and it’s also an NSA site with Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and is an ECHELON location.

RAF Menwith Hill Air Force Harrogate, United Kingdom |
SSP Computer Scam in Pollack Hills, Arkansas Outed

She woke up Sat morning to a lot of phone calls from all over including Russia asking if this windfall they were seeing was real, to which Kim replied with no, it’s not real. Her investigation led to finding an old SSP computer in Pollack Hills, a place in Arkansas which they used to put up a false front saying they were going to pay all these countries. But this time someone actually used their brain and thought it best to first try and spend just $1, you know before they went gung ho spending all their new found wealth. Well, the second they tried it disappeared.

It all fell apart and a big argument ensued among the remaining Black Sun Generals, the few still alive that is. They had a big meeting Saturday morning wondering what to do. After all, bills are due and they can’t make the payments, and BlackRock is going under. They assured the masters they would make things right by the 30th and show them and the Fed the money. Uh oh.

The Generals Devise New Plan

The long and the short of what follows is that the Generals are in a predicament, a bunch of people were up the street waiting for their contracts on the 30th and they needed to convince Kim to transfer the money by 3pm EST so they could prove they are in control of her. Then they planned to continue with their wars and the financial crashing of America in cooperation with their Chinese partners in Hong Kong.

Here is what I concluded, but it was a little swirly so the order of events might not be totally correct. In any case these are the salient points that I derived from her update.

The Generals Scam
  • Kim gets sent a ‘New Handler’ who represents the Operatives so Generals can avoid direct contact with her
  • New Handler proposes the Let’s move forward together story, we’re all tired of the fighting and you wanna move forward right?
  • New Handler presents a new contract for ‘duped’ Kim to sign and banking instructions to make a transfer

However, Kim is well aware of operations and plans already in the works while she is fed the story – we’re all tired of the fighting and wanna move forward right? Yeah, we’re all flabbergasted.

Operations/Plans Happening Behind the Scenes

  • Blow up Saudi Arabian Pipeline
  • Marduk’s old plan now new plan, The 7 Settlement Institutions & 7 Currencies is being orchestrated
  • Once Kim transfers money and/or signs contract Generals proclaim to their masters they control her, take credit and become Deep State Saviors. The 30 left at the top of the food chain say YAY!
  • Federal Reserve is moved to Hong Kong
  • Old Chinese and Pakistani ladies become Queens of America and the World
Kim’s Counter Moves
  • Plants seeds of division by educating new ‘Handler’ on pipelines, who really built BlackRock and who really controls the world
  • Ruins Generals credibility again by ensuring they miss their Sept 30th deadline when she plays along pretending she will transfer funds until oops, there’s a snag.
  • Doesn’t sign contract, knows it’s a setup
  • Speaks to Operatives directly, says she would be happy to work with them bypassing the Generals

What follows is more detail regarding the above points.

Kim Gets a Call Saturday & a New ‘Handler’

Well Kim got a call that Saturday afternoon and then in walks her new, new new ‘Handler’. This new guy is one of the Operatives or representative for the Operatives. It sounded like she has some experience with this new guy too because she stated that he knows her well enough to know she plays the game very, very well.

Now I’m certain she knows they are going to try and play her, of course they are. Those of us who follow Kim aren’t clueless to their never ending attempts. So it seems to me she takes advantage of the opportunity and steers the conversation away from the Generals and made it about the Agency people and Operatives who haven’t gotten paid since 2019 and about how all these things are unfair. You know those people being sent around the world and often don’t return of late. They also talked about the elites and this new “Hander’ sounds like he’s under a spell based on his statement that unfortunately the elites run the country. They were discussing the US. But Kim corrected him and said no they don’t, you guys do.

Now why did she say that?

Aside from the obvious? Sad he can’t see it. But those who are responsible for orchestrating these orders, the ones who plan and plot the operations, not the Generals who just bark out orders are the ones who make things happen, so technically the operatives rule the world. In other words, the elites can’t be in power unless they give them that power. A lesson for every human on the planet. Right?

Saudi Arabian Pipeline

She then mentioned the new potential Saudi Arabian pipeline. This new ‘Handler’ told her the operative was offered a billion dollars, to which she said wow that’s cheap. She then explained using the Transnet Pipeline example that Bush funded from the Black Eagle Trust. That is before the opposing side found out the money wasn’t being funded from the Bush camp anymore (thanks to Kim spilling the beans to affected parties back in 2010) when they stopped paying. But before that the Bush family personally made $100s of billions of dollars. She went on to explain to this guy how pipelines work and how money is actually made. They might pay this guy $1 billion, but the families, elites and generals are making hundreds of trillions over a period of time.

How BlackRock Came to Be

It gets worse, for the new guy. She discussed with him how BlackRock became BlackRock and how Vanguard became Vanguard. Sure they would get instructions from corporate elites, but who did the work? There are thousands all over the world who work and get paid pittances while BlackRock makes billions and trillions off them. That is how BlackRock was built. Say you come out with a technology that rivals theirs? If they can’t own it or tuck it away, if it’s not meant to be then that’s it, they send a guy out in the field to make sure that happens. The people doing the job, who put together the operations are still going around doing all these things and they haven’t been paid in years. Not that Kim agrees with these operations by the way. That wasn’t the point. Obviously she’s making another. Essentially she pointed out that if they, the millions of Operatives around the world built BlackRock shouldn’t they be BlackRock now? If I were this new handler I sure would be feeling pretty stupid. And who is playing the division card now?

The Setup | We All Want to Move Forward & Oh, Here’s a Contract to Make it Official

They tried to set up Kim by having her transfer money and then claim she actually sent it to some terrorist group. After she does the deed she would promptly get a visitor and be told she was going to jail or a mental institution unless she does exactly what they tell her to do. That’s how they work, except she’s been around the block more than once and knows their tactics and why she’s diligent on staying squeaky clean. She is always very careful and never violates Sources’ laws, any laws. Every little thing, like keeping her driver’s license clean and up to date, they would use that if they could to get to her. Thank God our Ground Commander is not stupid. And she’s had numerous opportunities to learn. Remember that other incident when they had all those fake Kims stationed all over the world. They were setting her up for something then too. But her face is all over the internet now and why the Kim fakes went to the wayside. Hum, maybe just one of many reasons Source told her to start UNN?

Kim Plays Along Running Her Own Operation

Now she established the fact that she threw her hat in the ring with the new guy. But she knew it wasn’t really him who was behind this move. She said these operatives really do for the most part want to move forward, but it’s also these operatives who make ‘we the people’ receiving money dangerous, not the Generals. So it looks like she is trying to get them on her side because after all the doers are more important than the ones barking orders. The Generals never ran the operations, it was these guys. The Generals just profited. And it continues on and on which I’m guessing is why she is trying to open his eyes and rethink about who really holds the power.

Ok, so back to the play at hand. Kim and her ‘Handler’ talked about how everyone is ready to move forward. Ya know the things Kim wants to hear, which resulted in them sending her a ‘contract’, which she didn’t sign because she already knows of an operation that was going on while she was providing this update. But she plays along and they gave her the banking institution, Wells Fargo to make transfers to which then began a very unfortunate series of events.

Kim then made a call and acted all angry, because that’s how you play the game. She told them their new banking institution is a big mess and if this is going to get done she’s using the terminal down the street in the white room, which isn’t white anymore. That’s where she is going to put it and where they send it after that is up to them. Then that became the messiest room in the world. I’m not sure what kind of code these references were about rooms but I’m adding anyway.

So now a bunch are waiting at the bank. Evidently everyone was in there, Northrup Grumman, the Chinese, the Russians. She is aware of their 3pm deadline that day and she told them their bank is a hot mess and this could take her days, maybe weeks to clean before she can get any money through. Hum, they definitely won’t fulfill that promise by 3pm, damaging the credibility of these wingnut generals yet again.

Sunday | Emergency Meeting with Top 30 People

She is aware also of the emergency meeting that took place with the top 30 people who think they rule the world. She knows they verified all kinds of things she did but of course these Generals think they have the solution. Sounds like they told their 30 friends as much because Kim starts getting a lot of phone calls. Everyone is asking when is she transferring the money? Even people who weren’t involved or even know the new ‘Handler’.

What Operations Were Running that Kim was Referring To?

Back to the Saudi Arabian Pipeline

While having a conversation about the Saudi Pipeline with her new handler a couple of things happened. This was not the pipeline that goes all the way to Europe but the one that led to the coast for shipping. This pipeline project is backed by a US General and all of a sudden the agreement between the Houthi, a Yemen rebel group, the Yemen Government and the Saudis expired. This war has been going on there for eight years and there was a six month truce agreement. Hundreds of thousands of children have starved and died all along the Yemen pipeline and all of a sudden, guess what happened overnight? The pipeline, was blown up. So that was one of the operations that was running while she’s being courted with a new contract.

Marduk’s Old Plan is the Wingnuts New Plan | 7 Settlement Institutions & 7 Currencies

Word on the street is the world is going to be a different place after the big shake up that could happen after that 3pm deadline among the top 30 people who rule the world. They were under the assumption I suppose that the Generals succeeded and now control Kim. So their big plan now is to go back to an old plan that her predecessor Marduk wrote, which was to create 7 settlement institutions worldwide and 7 currencies. So promptly after the super-secret telephone conversation they had Sunday, Oct 2nd, everyone was setting up for all the money they were expecting to get from the Bank of Kim on Oct 3rd.

This has to do with the Rothschilds 7 settlement institutions globally and 7 currencies globally. Saudi was to be the head of the Middle Eastern currency, this was always the plan, hence the control of the pipeline. And Putin recently announced a new reserve currency for the BRICs nations which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. But now as of 2022 we have BRICS+ with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Argentina and Egypt. So their settlement institution is to be the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or the AIIB. So all these things she’s been explaining are part of the plan in a bigger picture.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or the AIIB

The AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank promptly went into action today to promote their version of the plan which is to control all of Asia in cooperation with all their General friends around the world, including the Americans. What were they going to do with the AIIB? Oh that would be to crash America. The America Generals sitting in Cheyenne don’t care at all. As long as they are in control is all that matters. She gets pretty heated that people could still think they are the ‘white hats’. They are full of it and she explains why.

Joint All Domain Command Control Technique (JADC2)

The technology they were using in AIIB was a product called the Joint All Domain Command Control Technique owned by Northrup Grumman. In the last 24 hours Northrup Grumman have gotten around. They were at Microsoft in Seattle, a Google Center in Iceland and Wells Fargo Bank, you know the chosen bank she is supposed to be transferring to. So their technology was being used everywhere for about 37 minutes. They were really giving it a go at global control. Northrop Grumman And Cubic Demonstrate Joint All Domain Command And Control Connectivity – MilitaryLeak

IF11493.pdf (
Where Nazism was Founded

Northrop Grumman is a Nazi founded company. So it was no surprise the Americans didn’t sign the anti-Nazi agreement at the UN general assembly that has been going on over the last couple of weeks, and that is nothing new based on some articles I found in 2014, 2016 and 2017. Neither did Ukraine because Ukraine is the founding place of Nazism. Everyone thinks it is Germany but that’s not true. The Black Eagle symbolism is everywhere.

U.S. opposes Nazi speech, but will vote no at UN to banning it | PBS NewsHour | US says anti-Nazi resolution at UN restricts free speech | The Times of Israel | EU abstains from UN vote on ‘Nazism’ – POLITICO
The Man in the High Castle – Wikipedia

If you watch the series, Man in the High Castle, it shows what the world would be like if the Generals she is talking about won. I watched this series a few years ago and thought at the time they were trying to show us exactly that, which meant, uh oh. That’s a timeline line they are trying to make happen now.

Generals Stay in Control and Move Federal Reserve to Hong Kong

The Generals thought launching their new reserve currency globally without having to talk to Kim directly would allow them to still be in control because they would allegedly be the saviors of the Deep State people. They had plans of taking over and moving the Federal Reserve to Hong Kong and there was an emergency meeting going on there as well when their money didn’t show up either.

So there were financial structures attempting to go up all over the place, Northrup Grumman was all over the place, war is erupting everywhere. The Russians signed an agreement this morning for the regions to become part of Russia, so we’ll see what that causes, if there is another uprising of the Ukrainian people.

Hong Kong

Speaking of Hong Kong, that country was allegedly run by the British and then allegedly turned over to China, but in reality it’s the land of the Black Sun, the financial arm of the Black Sun. In HSBC at their Hong Kong office building, the 13th floor and above is swarming with 3 letter agencies and Generals. It was the financial trading center for all things of The Order.

This office would approve the budget by July 4th and the money would come out to the Federal Reserve on the 4th of July. It would then go to Hong Kong, be traded there and then go back to the US in the exact same amount they were supposed to get, but everyone got 10 times, 80 times, 100 time against all that money for all those months between July 4th and Sept 30th. All the Generals as well as the countries waited for this money that has been promised for 15 years.

The last time money came was due to that 10 year extension she told us about in my post, 10 Year Money Printing Extension Expired July 4th | 13 Shadow Militaries All Gone! | Cryptococcosis, the New Virus Intercepted | Candida Outbreak Diverted | Agreement with Draco Expired | The Remaining Imbeciles Have No Friends Left, but they ran out of money years ago. She admitted to transferring money in 2018 and 2019 because she thought that is what she was supposed to do to help people. And that’s how she found out how bad FEMA is. Oh by the way the Trump camp also thought they were getting money and were planning on making a move today.

They have the whole world on an emotional rollercoaster. BlackRock thinks it will survive with AIIB set up to take the markets and buy all the assets of BlackRock. But it’s just the right hand going to the left hand. It was a nice try though and Kim had a really fun weekend.

Kim’s Message to the Operatives

To the operatives involved and aware. She doesn’t really want to work with the Generals, the other guy, this new ‘handler’ of hers seems to be a decent guy. She is impressed so far, she said he did a great job for them and she is willing and happy to make agreements directly. They don’t need these Generals. The Generals obviously want to continue with their plan of world domination on behalf of their handlers and won’t be paying the operatives. They never had any intention of paying these operatives because she found more blocks in place, no back pay would have happened, only maybe a contract to continue to work for them for pennies on the dollar.

Then she told us about another old Chinese lady who is polishing her tiara thinking she is going to be Queen of America. And there is another one, a Pakistani lady in an island over in Russia polishing her tiara too. They believe they are going to be the next queens of the world together?

One Phone Conversation Set All this in Motion

And all of this was caused by one phone conversation. They must think Kim is the stupidest woman in the world. They think so highly of themselves and how they run operations but she doesn’t fall for it. After listening to the super-secret meeting on Sunday Kim decided that she’ll continue her plan, which is to ensure the Generals to lose credibility worldwide. There is a world-wide network of operatives who are extremely angry right now.

She thinks it’s worth playing the game for the safety of the world as a whole. Why does she think that? Well, she explained that these operatives are not the James Bonds of the world, they are trained in all the arts, etherical attacks, they read peoples minds, they can change people’s minds. They are in everywhere and their problem is they have bad management. That’s a very practical way to look at it I suppose, although where is their morality? But hey also have another problem. These operatives are meeting opposition and they never had that before, Kim’s team and the Enforcer and his team. They are fighting a real war now.

Status on Kim’s Offer to Buy BlackRock

BlackRock said they would consider Kim’s offer but first they wanted to say they have loads of options. Yeah, sure they do.  Yep, they have been calling people like George Soros and Al Waleed bin Talal out of Saudi Arabia. Yipes this thing really has the look of a psychopath. Hum says, he went to school in Syracuse, NY.

Of course each are talking about the assets they would like to buy, but they are just talking in a circle. So Saudi Arabia thought they were getting money from the Generals who thought they were getting money from Kim. The Chinese also thought they were getting money from the Generals and they thought they were getting from Kim. All roads lead to Kim. Well they told her maybe they’ll sell her part of their portfolio. Well make me an offer then she says, but still nothing.

By the way, the only reason the markets looked somewhat better today, Oct 3rd is because of the AIIB. She said they do have some money but not a lot. Enough to prop the market up for a day until they get it all back this afternoon. Except that ain’t happening.


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