Behind the Scenes of the Nord Stream Pipeline Leak | How Many of Those 9 Remaining Generals Are Still With Us? | Khomeini is Dead | ABCorp Fails to Deliver Central Bank Digital Currency, the Other Slavery System | Vatican Bank Deadline Came and Went As Did Most of Their Funds | Hurricane Ian & the Ocean Relocation Program | Red Cross = Money Laundering

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on September 30, 2022 and is available on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this post we find out the real story behind the Nord Stream Pipeline gas leaks, 4 Asian Generals are now dead as well as Khomeini, another attempt and failure at Central Bank Digital Currency, this time with ABCorp, the other Human Slavery System, pretty much all the funds sent the Vatican Bank on Sept 30th disappeared, and Hurricane Ian, was part of an operation that Kim named the Ocean Relocation Program.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Nord Stream Gas Leaks | The Blame Game Continues

Note: Below excerpts are nearly verbatim to Sunny’s report (16:26-22:00). There was quite a bit to unpack with the Nord Stream Pipeline debacle.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry correspondent NATO conducted exercises using deep sea equipment in the area where the gas leaks were detected. The entire Baltic Sea is packed full of the Blocks military infrastructure. NATO was reportedly engaged in military activities close to the location where the leaks were found noting that it might have presented an interesting opportunity for the Block. Swedish seismologists have said underwater explosions caused these leaks and there is no chance of the explosions occurring naturally. UNN sources agrees, so what’s the real story?
Saudi Arabia and China Plan to Take Over the Middle East

In July of this year, Saudi Arabian officials attended the BRICs conference as Russia and China courted the nation. It’s well known behind the scenes that Saudi Arabia and China have been getting very cozy as their plan to take over the Middle East escalates. Prior to China’s deep state involvement with the nation the American cabal had a firm grip on the nation with Donald Rumsfeld at the helm. It comes as no surprise here that Rumsfeld has always been Dick Cheney’s right hand man and both were very loyal subjects of George Bush Sr., the then global head of the Order of the Black Sun. Rumsfeld was the hidden King of Saudi Arabia since Operation Desert Storm until his death in June 2021. With the real King of the entire Middle East’s seat left vacant it was all the deep state hands on deck for The Order with everyone vying to fill the position.

The Chinese made many lofty promises to the Saudis as part of their courtship with the nation. They promised they would be able to steal control of the entire Middle East away from the Americans by the end of 2022 and Saudi would be at the helm on their behalf of the entire region. Saudi agreed and China swiftly went into action making deals with the Kurds, the Taliban, Khomeini and the PMF in Iraq. The plan was set in motion.

BRICS information portal (
Feud between Bush Operatives and the Russians

Were the Bushwackers, otherwise known as the American Deep State sector of the Order of the Black Sun going to let that happen? Absolutely not. Usher in Jared Kushner, a known member of the Black Chabad and the Rothschild Dragon families formed his new fund, Affinity with his Saudi Partners in 2020. This was The Order operative’s perfect in, and they too had their own plan.

The Feud & How it Ties into Russian Pipeline Explosion

So how does this all tie into the Russian Pipeline explosion? Well here it is. Let’s go back to 1993. Bush Sr. funded the Transnet Pipelines using funds from The Order of the Black Sun’s mega fund known as the Black Eagle Trust. The pipeline was to be the only supplier of gas and oil for Russia to the European Union. For their part in their funding of the pipeline the Bushes enjoyed a hefty percentage of every single drop which passed through the pipeline, often being deposited into offshore accounts in Canada and the Cayman Islands.

To take it one step further, Bush as the head of The Order of the Black Sun at the time turned an enormous production contract agreement over to Blackrock against the Russians reserves. Blackrock then issued trillions of derivatives against the contracts producing enormous wealth for the Mega Corporation, the Order of the Black Sun and the Bush family personally. This was all great for a while but by 2010 the Russians realized the Bushes no longer had access to the funds and they really weren’t the funding source of the pipeline and then they ceased all payments to the Bushes and The Order. This caused great tension between Bush and the Russians and by 2011 Nord Stream 1 was completed and this cut out Blackrock and the American sector of The Order and Transnet was no longer the only route to supply Europe.

30-09-2022 United Network News (

Shortly thereafter the first war in Ukraine began. This ended with Hunter Biden on the Board of Ukraine’s largest natural producing corporation. The feud between the Bushwacker operatives and the Russians continues to this day and the second war on Ukraine began. Sanction the Russians, cut the gas supply to the European plan. All that went into full effect. But why, did the Americans, the Bush Operatives have a backup plan? Of course they did.

Bush Operatives Backup Plan (aka Those Running ‘Team Trump’)

Usher in Saudi Arabia. Just a few months ago the Americans, namely operatives currently running Team Trump promised they would build a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to the European Union. They also promised Saudis full control over the oil and gas in the Middle East as their partner in the pipeline. Remember this Russians, the Saudis are already in a multibillion dollar partnership with Kushner and the operatives running the Trump show. This was to be seed money for the pipeline and surely one of those stupid operatives was promised to be the new hidden King of Saudi.

So the explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines was just another part of the Americans plan while the Chinese for their part are still playing out their part of the operations. Earlier this week the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), the militia in Iraq on behalf of Chinese Generals began storming the capital city of Bagdad. They also launched a full scale attack on the Green Zone just 48 hours ago. The PMF have been promised by the Chinese great wealth today to continue this war.

September 23, 2022 — Baghdad (AFP)
In the heart of Iraq’s capital lies Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, which last month saw angry protesters storm its perimeter — the latest in nearly two decades of assaults on the seat of power. Inside the heavily guarded compound, which spans 10 square kilometres (6.2 square miles), are the Iraqi parliament, the United States and British embassies, the prime minister’s official residence and military headquarters. The defensive zone was created by US troops after the 2003 invasion to topple dictator Saddam Hussein — and since then it has been subjected to repeated turmoil.

Read more:

This just so happens to be the exact same operation they ran with the Taliban in Afghanistan earlier this year. While the Chinese did manage to gain control over Afghanistan, whether or not the operation in Iraq will succeed remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, the battle between the Chinese and American Factions of the Global Order continues at the cost of many lives. They never considered our Ground Commander a threat against their game until this past week. So where we go from here remains to be seen.

30-09-2022 United Network News (

Nord Stream Pipeline | Kim’s Update That Followed

Kim said most of the operations the wingnuts tried to run didn’t go well and her team is making progress piece by piece. But the bottom line is it’s just a war between the China Deep State who is working on the transition of power from America to China and their bid to take over the Middle East. She’s not so sure there wasn’t an expectation of the Russians being involved with Saudi, as she doesn’t know the exact deal that was offered by the Chinese, but what is for sure is they were planning on keeping all of the oil in the Middle East under China’s control, just like it was under America’s control for many years.

Asian Generals All Dead & 60+ Asian Black Magic Workers

There were global payoffs promised for these operations by 7pm EST but no one got paid. No surprise there, but I guess on their end the carrot was believable yet again. They can try and call the Chinese General to inquire where their money is, but it won’t get them anywhere because he’s dead now. Actually all 4 remaining Asian Generals and approximately 60 Asian black magic workers died due to all their work the previous night. Kim warned anyone who is planning on attacking her in any way it will not end well for them. And she said she is not going to let it go that far again, she won’t wait, nor will she warn them, she will just terminate their existence. Sounds like there was some heavy battle going on that night.

Khomeini Dead

For those from the PMF in Iraq, they should know that Khomeini is also dead. But his death had to do with an incident in Russia of his own creation and nothing to do with Kim and her team. She relayed that he thought very highly of himself and that his bloodline was related to something that would have given him access to something. A bit mysterious. In any case it all backfired on him so evidently he is not the god he thought himself to be.

Khomeini had been in partnership with the Chinese and the Rothschilds for a very long time regarding the Jewish takeover of the Middle East, but we all know they aren’t Jewish, they are Satanists. So who knows who was propped up to play the part of Khomeini now, but those running that operation need to understand money is not coming. All the promises they made to the Taliban, the Kurds, Iraq, none of that is going to work out.

Their American Partners Dead in the Water

On the flip side, at 7pm EST today their American partners will also know they are dead in the water. Whether they want to go with their old boss or their new boss, no money is coming and no re-evaluation of currency is in the works, there never was. That was a Rothschild Banksters’ plan to control all of their in-ground resources. She suggested, given the fact that their Commanders are all dead, maybe they should reconsider what they’re doing there in Iraq.

In the End, No Wealth for American Deep State or for Treasury in China

The Deep State of America thought they would be gaining great wealth today as well, except that didn’t work. And the Treasury in China is still broke. So neither party was able to gain the wealth they thought they would.

Back to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia also has some decisions to make as to whether they are going to continue with this pipeline. If they do continue they will pay for it because Kim is not, Kushner is not and the Deep State is not. The hurricane isn’t going to work out so good for the Koreans either, so she suggests they make some different decisions as well. Perhaps they should no longer be concerned with laundering black market oil with fake allocation numbers through their Houston partnership corporation into America. Those Generals have enjoyed free oil, profits on Russian oil and control of the world’s oil supply for a long time. She mentioned the movie Vice pretty much explains how they wiped them out and then took over the Middle East. The creation of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, all these things came from the same people.

VICE | Official Trailer – Bing video

I personally cannot hear the name Dick Cheney without getting a visual of Dick’s Head in a box. Remember that fun tidbit Kim shared with us? It’s in my below post.

Cheney Demise Finally Circulating a Year Later
Another man down that is finally circulating in the Deep State circles is Dick Cheney. While the leakers are saying his demise happened this past July, it really happened on January 5, 2021. I recall Kim sharing that detail on the Life Force call last January. She added that some ranking members received his head in a box and Tank slid in a joke about Dick’s Head.
See my post, Head of the Order of the Black Sun & Last Lingering Lizard (aka, Mr. Black)

Status of the Still Living Generals

Now about those who are left and didn’t die along with the Asian Generals.

2 Undecided Still Participating in the Game

Two remain undecided but they are still participating in the game.

3 Reluctant But Waiting Until 7pm EST

Three of the Generals have come to the conclusion that they are going to have to work with Kim but just in case they decided to wait until after 7pm tonight (9/30). I guess you never know after all, big payouts could be a comin. Oy vey! She suggested they try and call the Deep State Chinese partners and see if they could contact them or she can save them some time because she knows they are talking to their maker now. And the same goes for the Korean General who orchestrated Hurricane Ian down in Florida.

Promise of Central Bank Digital Currency Fails Again

The Feds and Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are still promoting this Central Bank Digital Currency and this time a different group at the Fed have been asking if that is really possible, to which Powell assured them it is. They have a different quantum computer system in mind that could handle this situation. However, Kim said the systems he’s referring to are far from quantum and have no hope of competing with the system Kim runs and she can tell us exactly what they planned to do in detail.

Intelligent Technological Services out in Oslo, Norway

What Powell was referring to is called Intelligent Technological Services which is in Oslo, Norway. They were trying to make a connection to this new Central Bank they talked about which is also in Norway. It was supposed to be at the helm of the Central Bank Digital Currency along with the Intelligent Technological Services systems they were trying to tie to that institution. Last week Kim updated us about how she was popping tags in the BIS and they were losing all their connections to the banking system, well she was busy popping more tags for this service which also went down on Sept 29th, as well as all the institutions that were connected to that system.

Central Banks of Sweden, Norway and Israel to Test Digital Currency Payments –

She relayed how everyone talks about the Federal Reserve and the Banksters, the Floating Rate Note (FRN) and the fiat currency, it’s all over the internet, but nobody talks about a company called ABCorp. ABCorp has been around for a very long time, since the late 1700s. Is it an American Banking Corp? Not really. It also has branches in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but those are just the ones they actually put on their website. The truth is ABCorp has just as many tentacles into all things banking worldwide, including the issuance of birth certificates and death certificates and they handle the management of these vital statistics.

Home – American Banknote Corporation (
Who Else Was Running the Human Slavery Program?

So the question is who is running your human slavery program now? They have tentacles into Paypal, Cash App and every crypto currency you can possibly imagine. Also this week BlackRock said it will be accepting crypto currency and issuing credit lines off of crypto currency to continue the buying and selling in the market, bonds, etc.

Kim said ABCorp also had those tags/pins, they are throughout the entire banking system and have been there forever as they were established many years ago. They were still using some of these tags because they print bonds and ABCorp was a go between on global issuance of derivatives. They were a solid partner of BlackRock as both institutions were created for and by The Order of the Black Sun. They are tied to Pfizer, actually they are tied to everyone.

So electronically speaking they would have been the right partner for the BIS and the Federal Reserve to issue a global currency and this is where the deal came in between the Dragon families and the Order of the Black Sun. The Order still had some infrastructure left until yesterday afternoon when all ABCorp systems went down and all tags/pins were removed globally. So ABCorp is gone now. The company is still there but no digital currency will be coming out like they promised. In addition to that, De La Rue was also involved in the banking system and had tags on allocation numbers. They were also removed from the systems. So ABCorp was just as involved in the human slavery program as the Vatican was.

Vatican Deadline of September 30, 2022

Speaking of the Vatican, their deadline to transfer all their wealth and consolidate in the Vatican Bank was today Sept 30th. Last night Kim said that something very interesting happened there at the Vatican. They did manage to collect billions from all their arms/legs/loyalists, but they woke up this morning to find only 582,000 Euros in the Vatican Bank. Hum, what happened? Kim said maybe it was a leaky bucket, she doesn’t know what happened there, but they were unable to fulfill their obligations for the new Digital Central Bank Currency system. It failed to launch miserably and payments and deadlines are looming for the cabal. Hum, I guess we need to draw our own conclusions on the disappearance.

Hurricane Ian & the Ocean Relocation Program

Kim and her team have been fighting the hurricane system they found in Collingswood, NJ but they can’t just unplug it without creating more problems. They are doing the best they can but there was more than just the hurricane at play evidently. There were other air pressure systems involved and what she named the Ocean Relocation Program. The hurricane began to wane but the psychopaths were seeding it to keep it going and there was still an underlying system that was causing the ocean surges. The water was leaving one location and then coming back so there was some flooding.

Ocean Relocation Program

Areas like Fort Meyers, Florida are definitely targeted under the Ocean Relocation Program. This area got hit with much more water than actually left, which ordinarily doesn’t make any sense except when you know that this was artificially created to ensure certain areas in Florida flooded.

Hurricane Michael | FEMA Case Study 1

Kim went back to Hurricane Michael because she was personally involved then trying to help people during that disaster. At the time she thought Trump was a decent guy and she created a program called CARES to help relocate people affected by natural disasters. It would be free and included providing temporary housing and schools, building materials, transportation plans and determining how far away they had to be to remain safe, etc. At that time she made a call to the FEMA Director to work with them. but she was told the funding that was supposed to come from the Rothschilds never came.

FEMA is not a government agency, it’s a private company, a NGO and Kushner was running it then and it’s no different now. It was always run by Rothschild from the beginning and is just a cash cow. Operators and agency people are the suppliers of this equipment. So through her first hand experience trying to work with FEMA she knows the purpose of creating these disasters is to create a huge marketplace for the psychopaths to profit.

COVID Crisis | FEMA Case Study 2

We’ve seen this during the COVID crises as well. There were tons of people in government and FEMA getting PPA for free and they were supposed to distribute for free, but they never did. Remember Cuomo got free masks and then turned around and sold them for $7 a pop. FEMA also got generators for free as they make arrangements with contractors but they never pay them. Kim also talked about this PPE scam Cuomo and Kushner had going on back in February 2022 when she told us about 3M, which is owned by the Black Sun and how they take their cut for their ‘certification’. See the section ‘3M | The Mafia Run Certifiers’ in my post, The Viking’s Order to Infiltrate Assemblies | Fallout from Ending Dark AI System JAIQS | Black Sun’s Slave Master of the Week | IBM Watson Could Have Replaced AZURE | Who is Lowell “the Patent Guy” Wood? – Part 1

Red Cross | Money Laundering Operation

The Red Cross was always designed to be a money laundering operation for another organization that also bears a Red Cross. Who would that be? Why that would be the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta and any of these groups bearing that Red Cross actually. Of course there are many people who are part of the Red Cross who really do want to help people, but the organization as a whole has always been a money laundering organization.

Hall of Records Rejects Funding Requests

Two huge requests for funding came in to the Hall of Records today, Sept 30th. The first one was the National Budget but that was rejected this morning. The second request for funding was for Hurricane Ian disaster relief which was also rejected and sent back this morning. Neither were ratified. Since Kim remembers very well the scams with FEMA during Hurricane Michael and the recent COVID plandemic the same will not happen again.

Chinese Contract to Buy Land in Florida

She also found out that the Chinese actually had a contract to buy out all that land in the panhandle during Hurricane Michael. They were going to kick out all the people who lived there in one fell swoop so they could build resorts and hotels. That was the purpose of that hurricane and she thinks that is the same reason for Hurricane Ian, to kick all those people out of the Fort Meyers area. They tried to hit desirable areas. These were very well established and very old neighborhoods and the people would pass the land down from generation to generation because ocean front property is so expensive. So I guess this was their way of getting around that annoying detail.

Korean General Running Hurricane Ian Operation Dead

Korean General Choo (spelling?) who was behind this Ocean Relocation Program is no longer with us now. Kim said he made a very poor choice and his plan will not succeed. So that’s good for us. Unfortunately there are still some operatives who are hell bent on this program that is never going to work.

North Korea

Speaking of Korea, this country was split in half around WWII and is an example of the typical cookie cutter process developed by those Generals who have been leaving us rapidly of late. Divide North and South Korea, divide North and South Sudan, divide Israel and the Gaza Strip and divide the Russian Empire, the USSR was all split up. They had the intention to split Nigeria as well but that didn’t work out. Countries being renamed, moved, the Rwanda situation these are part of the cookie cutter process and Korea isn’t any different. The gold deposits are in the North and the Financial Center is in the South. They have both the resources and global presence at the same time, yet they fight each other constantly.

Kim Jong-Un is called the grandson. His grandfather was a loyalist to the Rothschild organization and member of the Order of the Dragon Families. The Generals in Korea are no different than the American and Chinese Generals because they are all in partnership. Is Kamala in partnership? Of course she is, so she didn’t flub rather she slipped when speaking of the US alliance with North Korea. They planned those ballistic missiles and are going forward with the war program. It’s like a giant game board full of armies, except this is not a game. People are dying and we’re not having it anymore.

Kim’s Message Yet Again to Operatives

She wanted to point out for some of these operatives, these alleged white hats and alliance people who still think they are working towards freedom, that they are breaking a system. Know that you are not working towards freedom, instead you are participating in a program. The program you are participating in is the one where you think you’re fighting tyranny imposed by that other group who dominated planet Earth for a long time and has become your enemy. Well your bosses are also hell bent on dominating the world and the same as the other tyrannical group. They created the war in Ukraine, they killed millions in the Middle East and Africa and they want to install their own tyranny but they just have to overthrow the other guys. So you are not participating in freedom and those running the Trump thing and the Kushner thing are just making a mess and helping the ‘enemy’, the Chinese.

Kim and her team have a plan to turn this country around. They have an interim plan that could be lucrative for you operatives as well but you need to start now. So she’s asking again to please stop with the Trump thing, the world is tired of masked men. She is going to help those who need help which means she’s not giving money to FEMA. She can give it to the Army Corp of Engineers instead, who can build ‘doors’ so to speak that can rise and fall to prevent these flooding situations. It can be done. It’s easy to do. The reason they haven’t done it is because they don’t care about us. So do not go to her and claim you are running a humanitarian program while at the same time killing millions in the Middle East. She is not stupid. By the way, if you really want to help you can start by firing General Milley who works for Dick Wiss. They are all taking orders from a bunch of has beens. 

Time is running out for you folks. Kim is not passing the budget so don’t expect money there, your digital currency failed again, and using the Vatican’s money to buy land in the US is no longer an option. The Order is broken, accept it. It’s time to move on or meet your maker.


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