The Unexpected Shift to Restoration & Multi-Polar World! | More About the People in the Middle, aka the Secret Circle | Kim Calls in Her Clean & Clear Single Dollar Deal | Secret Circle Takes Over the Fed, White House, NSA, CIA, BlackRock, JP Morgan, the Treasury in South Africa, Media, Railroad Routes & China! | Will the Secret Circle Honor Their Deal & Be the Game Changer?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on April 26, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. To say this is a loaded report is an understatement. The mysterious, never talked about until now Secret Circle people have come in like a Lion and are taking over everything owned by the Trust based on a deal Kim made with them several years ago. Will they honor the deal and fix all these companies so they work in favor of humanity and world at large? Time will tell.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


About Susan Rice

As she was recently mentioned in the news due to her departure from the Biden Administration Kim shared some details about her.

During the Obama Administration there was the Paris Climate Control Treaty, then it was downgraded to the Paris Climate Agreement. Technically it is still out there and every country in the world signed it. There is a little clause deep inside that says they agreed to turn in all their in-ground resources to fight global poverty. At the time it was signed they started moving in UN substations into every country in the world including the US, on BLM land or Bureau of Land Management. The back story is the UN claimed they had taken control of all the in-ground resources at that point and turned them over to the Order of the Dragon, namely the next group in line which was the Chinese. During this time they repeatedly tried to register not only all the in-ground assets of the US, thanks to Obama, but all countries assets over to the Shanghai Exchange in China, and then issue bonds against them. Kim kept rejecting of course because those assets were already leveraged and you cannot re-leverage what is already leveraged. She has told us this many times before. But Kim called in all the debt, therefore the Chinese were unable to take over all the in-ground assets of the US, Australia, and Africa.

Susan Rice to step down as domestic policy adviser (

They finally gave up on this one, but Susan Rice was in on the program and she is definitely part of the Order and behind a lot of the operations Obama was running at the time. A trip was made to an area of BLM land not far from where Kim resides now. Well, it must mean something when the signatory of BLM shows up because immediately upon arrival a fully armed team also showed up with orders from Susan Rice to terminate everyone in the vehicle. That order was placed to the local sub-station in Colorado at the time and came directly from her phone. Most of these UN substations located around the world were hosted by foreigners, so in this particular case the people who were driving there were citizens from Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Kim said there was a counterforce that also showed up at the same time but she never forgot this incident and is definitely not be sad to see her go or even better if she she left the planet.

About 3M

Kim added some more comments around 3M’s reason as to why they are cutting staff and on shaky ground. They claim is because the need or the demand for electronics is down, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. She shared a lot of this background on 3M before.

3M is an Order of the Black Sun Corporation. And if you know IBM, which means I Be Marduk, then you’ll know 3M. Now 3M does not actually produce anything, not even those post-it notes. They go around certifying products at various factories for 10%. Remember the PPE, masks, etc.

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Kim Was Provided Security by a Particular Group Eight Years Ago

Kim once had a conversation with the Rothschild family indirectly, one member of their family and they said no matter what she built they were going to take it over once it was completed. That was their plan, in cooperation and in conjunction with the Order of the Black Sun who ran BlackRock, Black Diamond, Black Energy and many other companies on behalf of their then bosses at the time. This was prior to 2018, so their bosses were still the Order of the Dragon and eventually several layers up to Marduk.

This gets into what is really going on.  

Kim said she didn’t really understand this job in the beginning, it’s not like she was given a handbook. Over the last ten years she learned a lot as she went along and eight years ago, a group of people offered to provide Kim with security because she wasn’t in a Safety Zone at that time and was traveling all over the world. Whether it was her predecessor’s idea she has no idea but she was happy to have it.

Experience with this group showed her they were very dangerous but not towards her. They never violated her personal space or tried to control her like all the handlers sent to her in the past. They were just there wherever she went. This group did assign her a person to be her point of contact, but he eventually lost his mind because he took a deal from Rothschild at the time for his own personal gain. Just this particular person though, not the entire group. Before that happened though something interesting took place about seven years ago.

The Dollar Deal Was Introduced

During the time she was in contact with this particular group of people there was an issue with a company that claimed it was owned by the Order. Kim told this particular group that I’ll call the Secret Circle going forward since that is what Kim ended up calling them, why not just take the company? Technically she owns it and she showed them the bonds that were issued against this company to prove it. Then they asked what else the Trust funded. She told them every government in the world, and then gave them a book that listed which companies like Boeing, Lockheed, etc. So, while the Rothschilds may have managed these governments and companies, etc. the funding came from Marduk. Remember everything that passed through the A.N.N.A. system has a number and there was a bond against it which went into the back office which was the Alpha System. Then the Alpha System would issue money against those bonds. But because the Trust was never paid back the debt the bonds still exist. She gave the Secret Circle the entire list and they came back a couple of days later and asked her, well what do you want for it? Kim said 1 clean and clear US dollar. It was about a year after making this deal that Kim’s point of contact went a little nuts and she stopped talking to him. She was in the Safety Zone at the time and still dealing with the people they assigned to her at that time, but she was not dealing with them anymore. Since then, she had some contact but not a lot with the Secret Circle people.

Secret Circle | A Third Party in Transition

The Secret Circle people are a very family-oriented group but not in terms of bloodlines. They do tend to teach their sons and daughters the family business, like we all used to 50-60-70 years ago. That’s something the Order of the Black Sun stopped doing. They are also very protective of women in their circle. They are very serious people and they are feared by the Orders on the right and the left because these men in the middle are a united force. It is for that very reason they have been very successful, they are united.

She said these people work a lot different than everybody else and the thing she has never done is interfere with what they were doing. They run many types of businesses around the world and have people in every single country. They run many types of specialized groups, like assassins. They have done business with the Agencies and the Order of the Dragon and reported to those people, but they are no longer with us. Once that happened, they were kind of a third party and not participating in any way other than their normal course of business.

That was until this past weekend. What changed?

Governments, Black Ops and the Chinese have been borrowing money from this Silent Circle group from one arm or another to continue their quest for global domination. They are a very wealthy group, and at this time more so than the Order of the Dragon and definitely more than the Order of the Black Sun. They actually have a substantial amount of cash. So, the Order of the Black Sun got them involved in yet another deal. Meanwhile, they never paid back any of the other money they promised after doing this and that. Except these aren’t the kind of people you break a promise to.

Back to the Single Clean and Clear Dollar Deal with the Secret Circle

Eight years ago, Kim made the Dollar Deal. but when you make the deal with these people, they may not deliver at the time you think they will, and it really wasn’t the time for them to deliver anyway. But based on events that took place over the weekend payback time is now.

These are business people and they are smart. They can see the world is going to crap. They see the Order is trying to crash the US dollar. They can see their assets declining in value, the liquidity crisis and banks going into the toilet, and all because these people in the Order fail to recognize the fact that they will not control the world any longer. They also recognize the fact of how far Kim and her forces has come.  A lot of people were taken off this planet, including the people they would have considered their bosses. But they were quiet, they kept doing their business until they got roped in again and promised this was going to work.

What were they promised was going to work?

Well, this should sound familiar.

Since the Chinese did not perform again, the Black Sun threw their hat in the ring again and thought they’d do this genius plan yet again.

During the Bush Administration he overprinted super notes. That means they have duplicate allocation numbers to the tune of $27 trillion dollars. Those pallets of fake cash have been used to start wars. There was a lot of different instances they used these pallets of cash. They have been given to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in late 1970s. The Saudis have them since Desert Storm in late 1980s-90s and told they would be good one day. Despite the Order of the Black Sun making all these deals and not performing and now kind of have a bad name, they still tried to take these pallets of cash to a certain location, and if they were successful they were going to continue.

Well, the logistical money to make this happen was to the tune of $100-$200 hundred million dollars. This was for movement of cash, planes, transfers and paying off all the men in the middle and for Homeland Security to look the other way. There are a lot of hands out there to make this illegal cash happen. The promise was made by an Israeli-American man, who is no longer with us. He thought he was going to become the new Mr. Black for performing this elaborate scheme.

They started taking all these super notes and running them through the machine. They still have all the right ink and chips and serial numbers, so they put them in wallets to allegedly back the Central Bank Digital Currency. They gave these wallets to the Generals and Americans who were participating and to the Silent Circle people for their part, which was putting up front the logistical money.

Kim Calls Secret Circle to Collect on the Dollar Deal

The other thing they did that was part of the deal pertains to that phone call to Kim. She told us about the strange call from the Operatives in the previous broadcast. The purpose was to make her think they wanted to work with her, but it was to talk about cash and if they could put it in the system. It was all crap, just a setup to convince the Silent Circle Kim was going to participate.

By Saturday morning, all of a sudden another group of people from South America, who also had wallets were told it was Kim’s fault their money wasn’t good and they were going to come after her. But that was only until they figured out Kim knew the Silent Circle people. Once Kim put it all together, their elaborate scheme, she saw the setup. That is when she called the Secret Circle to collect on her 1 clean and clear US dollar. And after the crazy Order and operative people failed, their pallets of super notes was not put into the system and not good by Monday like they promised, Kim and the Secret Circle’s Dollar Deal went into effect.

What is the Dollar Deal?

The Silent Circle had been planning for quite a while the right time to enact the dollar deal. They began taking over everything on the list, every government in the world and every company in the world the Trust funded over the last few days, and evidently she has to say they are doing an amazing job.

The Fed Was Taken Over

The first thing they took over was the Fed. Those people are not sane, but we still need people to print physical cash for the US and we need printing presses for that. De La Rue prints cash for most of the rest of the world with a few exceptions. If she gives them the allocations numbers, we still need legal, physical cash to be printed. The Secret Circle Group can give that kind of security because we are certainly not going to get that out of our Intelligence Agencies or Homeland Security. While there are some good people in those organizations they have poor leadership because they take orders from crazy people.

What Else Was Taken Over?

The Secret Circle then took the White House, the CIA, BlackRock, JP Morgan, the Treasury in South Africa, the NSA and last night they took over China! China is flat out broke; they run all these lie games and are still hanging on to the delusion they are going to dominate planet Earth. They are never going to launch a central bank digital currency; that is not possible, the infrastructure is not there at this moment to do that.

They also took the Media yesterday! This is the reason for the sudden turnover in the media. They do not need to pay those Black Sun people $2 million+ a year anymore when they are owed trillions by now. They are also involved in Russia as well and many other African countries and are all over Latin America. They are cleaning house starting with the most critical and then going on down the food chain. They put their people in everywhere and some of the existing people were made an offer, either you work for them or you die, and they mean it. They have proven that over the last several days. So for the people running that scam this weekend, Kim said, well there are things in life worse than death and she’ll leave it at that.

Order of the Black Sun Now in Full-On Panic!

The Silent Circle knows who every single member of the Order is and where they are at all times. They are fully aware of everything and are everywhere. They even worked directly with ‘The Others’ in the past. So once the Order of the Black Sun figured out what was going on they went into a full-on panic. Safe Houses were being filled and people were being turned away because there wasn’t enough room. Other people have been flooding her town, which is a Safety Zone because they know it’s over and because these people are feared. Information is power and they know where all the bodies are buried.

Finally, a Qualified Group with Some Honor, Integrity & Family Values?

I guess this is the one group that is qualified, has some honor, integrity and family values to do the job. They aren’t done yet but they have taken a lot of the critical infrastructure away from the Order of the Black Sun and Order of the Dragon. They agree with Kim that they are incompetent and these people are in no way qualified to run a world. We cannot continue to try to live in a fantasy where Trump bucks are going to back the Financial System. We are trying to get away from fake money and back it with something real.

They can see how Kim has been trying to explain how to fix everything and meanwhile the world is burning. The economy of every country in the world is burning because they are waiting for an astrological alignment with Uranus and a possible demon somewhere. The Silent Circle people understand the science that it is not going to happen for them. They are a force to be reckoned with she promises us. These people also now have the power and ability to stop human trafficking and illegal drug trade because they are feared by everyone. And there is a contingency for the people who run those types of things on behalf of the Order which was always in cooperation with the agencies, which is to replace their income with an alternative industry.

Why is Kim Asking For Only a Single CLEAN & CLEAR US Dollar?

Why would anyone want to jump into the CEO position of BlackRock if you know it’s bankrupt? Why jump into positions of Government, control of Agencies, and be head of Boeing, Lockheed and Airbus and all these positions if everyone is broke and why is Kim asking only for one clean and clear dollar?

For that dollar she is taking the Order of the Dragon and Order of the Black Sun’s businesses out of their hands and putting them in the hands of people who at least have some honor and integrity. Kim agreed to fund these businesses with new asset-based currencies, new production lines in every currency in the world, and now the world economy doesn’t miss a beat. We don’t need a market crash and we don’t need to look at crashes of governments, at least in the interim because we have sane people pulling the strings now. If you are an honorable person business is easy, we agree to do x, y and z and each party does what they say they will. Kim said she never had a problem with them and she is looking forward to receiving her clean and clear US dollar.

The Secret Circle people will acquire these businesses and they can farm them out however they need to. Kim will fund and they will fix the businesses together because the Order people tanked them all. BlackRock and Vanguard hold stock in everything and have nothing at the same time. Larry Fink even admitted right before the takeover yesterday that they were bankrupt. She called his lawyers and started setting everything up because by Monday afternoon the entire world realized they had been scammed again. No money ever came, those wallets are no good. This was just another attempt to run an operation with people who do not see the entire operation.

Calls to Cooperate with Kim Now Starting to Come In

This is a case of trading places. Kim received phone calls this morning asking how she is going to back the currency, how they’re going to issue production contracts and other things. She got calls from South Africa about fixing all the businesses there, including SCOM, the electric company there. She also got several calls from other people telling her they are not going to block her money. That means we will have cooperation from the banks. They won’t put a hold on our money and put us in compliance hell anymore. So as the Secret Circle people make their way through all the banks of the world, we won’t have that problem anymore. Then she will provide liquidity to the system and production contracts with all these companies they acquired in the book. They will run them and they will profit, but together they will change them. They are going to revive them, clean them up and sell them for what they are worth.

Will the Secret Circle people sell off some of those companies? Kim doesn’t know. It is a possibility. They are sane business people and they want to make sure they are not left holding the bag. But it’s going to take a little bit of time.

Changing the Existing Companies is Key

For example, one company they’ll change is Monsanto. They will no longer produce chemtrails. They will be transitioning that company and they will be paid to transition it to a company that only makes organic fertilizers which will help our farmers. Seeds will be seeds and not this one-year thing anymore. Other companies they acquired are Pfizer and Moderna!

And there is no more non-compete in play. If you make a better widget than Apple makes then great. This is a huge change for us, for the world. If we all do the right thing countries will survive, people will survive and anyone can create industry without having an assassin knocking at their door or turning you away. It is going to be a lot of work and take a lot of people, so all hands-on deck right now, but she expects to have her clean and clear US dollar very, very soon.

Why Kim Thinks the Secret Circle People Are Different

They have a different mindset. They are in this because they realize they will not survive in the new world unless they do something and clearly that is to get the Order of the Dragon who still think it’s 1985 and the Order of the Black Sun following along out of the way.

The Silent Circle raise their children to take on family businesses but it’s through hard work. They know everything about their respective businesses, unlike the Order who just gives their brood a sense of entitlement because they are the bloodline of Satan or whatever.

They are the only people who ever provided Kim any kind of security and did not try to control her, and that went on for 3 or 4 years, so they had plenty of time if that was what they were going to do. At some point you must trust people. From what she has observed these people run a lot of their businesses on the honor system and loyalty, but you definitely don’t want to cross them.

The world was going to crash and then we’d be left picking up the pieces and trying to figure out how to do banking in the meantime, so they had to do something, and they certainly have done something. They have come in like a lion.

Kim said she met the Head of the Order of Black Dragon years ago, around 2009-2010 during an unfortunate circumstance. I am not sure if that was his position then or he stepped up to fill the vacancy, but he had her number and called her to say some profanities to her. The world had to change is all she said back, and then she laughed to herself because she knew the Secret Circle just got China!

More About BlackRock

BlackRock was bankrupt because they could not make a change. It will be restructured.  Less than 24 hours ago, before meeting the Silent Circle of course, one of her associates received a message from BlackRock about the proposal she made to them months ago. At that time, she told them she will pay them money to walk away now or she will eventually get them for free because they are screwing everything up. They came back saying maybe they would consider her buying some of it. But she said no, it’s all or nothing because she knew she was going to get them one way or another.

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Well, they called her again and said now they wanted to work with her. This was right when the Secret Circle started their plan but had not been to BlackRock yet, but they knew it was coming. Kim said, no thank you, it’s too late now.

The Secret Circle then arrived at BlackRock who tried to stave them off with another trick. The founder of BlackRock is Pete Peterson and Kim knows he died a while ago, but she kept seeing codes being entered for Pete Peterson. She rejected them of course but was wondering why she kept seeing that. It turns out they told the Secret Circle people who came in to take the asset to wait because they have secret money, they found it and it’s off ledger. It’s in the founder’s name. So, they kept entering the codes and the Secret Circle guy goes behind him to look and said good try buddy now get the ‘bleep’ out of this chair.

All this since Monday.

The Unexpected Shift to Restoration, to a Multipolar World

This is the unexpected shift to Restoration, to a multipolar world which can actually happen now without pain, or at least a lot less pain. We are all feeling pain now at the grocery store and at the pump, but all those oil companies came from Standard Oil which came from Rockefeller. Where did he get the money? Oh, it came from the Alpha System.

Train Routes Acquired

Here is some history about Rockefeller. He was given money to build a global high-speed rail in an account in Citibank many years ago. He was given the engineering plans. What he did instead was take those plans and note where the rail was supposed to go. Then he bought little plots of land all along the way with the money he was given for the infrastructure of the train and never built the train. Instead, he controlled the routes so he could charge ridiculous amounts of money. All those routes were also taken yesterday by the Secret Circle people.

Is Kim Concerned About a Consolidation of Power?

Unlike everyone in the Order she does not get constant lies from these people. And while it may have taken 7 or 8 years to collect on her clean and clear US dollar, better late than never. She knows where they have been, what they have done and who they used to report to many years ago and that those people are now dead. She also knows what they have done the last few years since those people died. The writing is on the wall. And unlike the Order people who have never seen, let alone know how to create and implement a clear strategic business plan, the Secret Circle have and are more than capable of running businesses. So that is the difference here.

Kim & Her Forces Made So Much Progress But the Crazies Still Won’t Listen

It is clear the Order people do not have a computer, a base platform, a quantum system. They do not have the ability to control money supply or to control militaries much anymore because there is no money to pay them to go anywhere. They do not have a whole lot of weaponry that she can’t get rid of in an instant. What power do they have left? Bull crap and they weave big tapestries of it all over the world while crashing the entire world’s economy with no hope of bringing it back-up.

Kim and her forces have been removing so many of the crazy people but unfortunately governments, the Order of the Black Sun, these crazy Generals never listen to Kim. They call, feed her a line of crap, hang up the phone and think she is going to actually do the crap, like her lie detector didn’t go off. She has been dancing around with these people for years now. She has tried to convince the aids in Washington DC to do something but it always goes back to being diverted by the squirrel. The squirrel is the next guy up who thinks he is so smart and is the top of the food chain now. He was at the bottom of the barrel before but he thinks he is going to do the thing. People would constantly disappear at all these historical sites and they knew it was Kim but that still hasn’t stopped them. That is why she gave them read-only access to KIMS. so they can watch her run the operations and their was no ambiguity as to who was taking them out, but they still won’t listen to her. Arrogance is their weakness as is thirst for power. She received the most arrogant phone call on Sunday but thought, wow you have no idea how soon it will be before someone shows up at your door. You have no idea who you just messed over for that money.  And like clockwork it all happened.

Will This Third-Party Be the Solution to Get Crazy Out of the Way?

She has a call scheduled with the Secret Circle people today and they want to start to do business. There will be a direct meeting at some point soon. This is a huge change for us, the world, if we all do the right thing. Countries will survive, people will survive and can create industry without interferences. And the governments listen to these people, if for no other reason than out of fear. They have a vast network and are not afraid to use it. And quite frankly she would rather talk to anyone other than these operatives.

So, we’ll see. At least we have new management in many of these places and they are not waiting for an astrological alignment with Uranus. They are going to do business. Asset-backed currencies are a must, chemicals that harm humans are not permitted. We will not be on the eugenics program anymore, where they continue to genetically modify humans and create disease. Disease is not a business anymore! New technologies will be available to replace those technologies and plenty of money will be made not just for we the people but for the Secret Circle people too, and that is fair.

In 72 hours, they’ve already been effective. The Order of the Black Sun couldn’t get crap done, their alleged ‘white hats’ and their ‘alliance’ are waiting for the alignment too. But the Secret Circle people will have taken it all by the end of the week. Now that’s real G.S.D. people! They don’t give crap and they don’t take it.

Now that’s real news!

So, this is quite a turn of events if the Secret Circle people do in fact turn things around. I believe the emphasis is on a ‘clean and clear’ single dollar. If I am correct, Kim is saying, hey you better turn these companies around in the right way. Profits cannot be made from products poisoning us, from human slavery, from genetically modifying us in negative ways, from taking custody of our money and trading it incessantly. Essentially every way business is run must be corrected to align with the light. Then and only then is the money ‘clean’ and ‘clear.’ They can profit just as much and probably more if they do it correctly.

So was this the ace up her sleeve all along? Did she have a good idea what was to happen down the road? Was she deliberately keeping them off the radar to not interfere with the inevitable unfolding of events? It certainly sounds like this plan was being formulated eight years ago. If the Secret Circle is so smart and know the science won’t support anything the crazy people try, why did they fund the logistics for the latest scam? Was it just the excuse, the opportunity to get in the game, using their failure to justify their take over because the time had come? Time will tell. I am not going to get my hopes up quite yet. It is a shame, but not surprising they would never listen to Kim. I think she has two glaring strikes against her in their eyes. Firstly, she is a woman and these people clearly hate that. Secondly, she is as close to Source as one can get and they clearly pledged their loyalties to their fake God, to the day they die evidently. Add to that all the mind control and ego power trips. So perhaps the people in the middle is the more effective route. They are a known united force amongst the crazy cabal people, unlike Kim who seems to be unknown, invisible, or not believed by many of these lower level order takers. In any case, it certainly has gotten very interesting this week.     


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  1. Thank you so very much PJZ , for your excellent transcript & description of the
    SILENT CIRCLE , I’m very hopeful !

  2. AshestToAllelulia

    I’ll believe it when Roundup is off both the shelves and Amazon.

    So let me understand this, Kim is going with the better of two evils?

    Thank you for the lovely summary, and your synapsis.

  3. Hi,
    so good to have your synopsis of Kim’s Situation Reports.
    I very much appreciate your efforts to provide these!
    Is there a way to get involved in the Restoration Plan
    in any way?
    I live in New Zealand.
    Did Kim mention NZ in any of her reports?
    Just to clarify
    the Secret Circle and the Silent Circle are the same?
    Love and Light

  4. Who is this “secret circle” that is feared by both the bad guys and good guys? And why would someone of the light really get involved with them? why would anyone get involved with more peoople/group who are that powerful? Is this just going to be installing new controllers of the world? And will they have humanitys best interests at heart? I have more questions about this and hope she shares more on this in the near future.

  5. once again thanks PAM for your summarising the news from KIM. There are so many informations that your comments and remarks are useful for a better understand. This event with the Silent Circle is certainly well planned ahead and KIM knows exactely what she is doing – I am very confident.

  6. Thank you PJZ for putting all this in such clear language. A lot of the esoteric stuff Kim says goes over my head but more than that, I find her delivery and manner of expressing herself quite confusing. So I am grateful for the time that you put in to put all of this information together.

    I share some of the misgivings expressed here about the nature of the ‘Silent Circle’ as we seem to be calling them. Kim is being deliberately cryptic, a she is when she refers to ‘Others’. Why are we not allowed to know who exactly they are? I thought we were entering the Age of Aquarius and the shift to truth born of the light, not lies born of the dark? It is more than time for us to be told the truth. Who are these people in the Silent Circle? If they are so powerful, where does their power come from? What have they been doing all this time when we have been enslaved? Have they had a hand in that? Is Kim grasping at that hand because she sees the people of the world have not made sufficient progress through their own efforts and time is moving on? If she has a good connection with Source, I presume her actions have been ok’d at the highest level but I still think we need to be told in clear terms who we are dealing with. How else do we grow into our own power?

    As to the concerns about proof that Kim is doing any of these things? I agree. The only thing I can point to is the collapse of the financial system. I would never have predicted that, but I have watched it implode over the past three years, since I became aware of Kim and what seemed to me to be outrageous claims for herself. But here we are, on the verge of a collapse of the old and the start of the new. The things that she has said, like there won’t be a global social credit system or a CBDC, have given me great comfort and have kept fear and anxiety from my door, which has to be a good thing.

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