Backlash from a Dying Species | Why Earth and Humans are So Unique | Metatron’s Corrupted Cube Continues to Dissipate While the Tesseract Takes Over and New Timeline Begins

This Situation Report from Kim Goguen on April 18, 2022 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This update discusses backlash from the dark and dying species, who is the ACIO, and why Earth, Humans, particularly Human DNA is so special. Also, Metatron’s Cube is still dissipating and so are the Treaties and Bonds (or Bindings) that were connected to it. Meanwhile the reconnection to Source for planet Earth, as well as six other formerly enslaved planets is on track!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Backlash from Dark Side of the Multiverse and the ACIO

Oak Ridge Laboratories

If you were feeling a little wonky on April 18th, a contributing factor could have been due to a computer system called Summit that was fired up at Oak Ridge Laboratories in Nashville, TN. This system connects to a lot of graphic cards and GPS systems. I mentioned Oak Ridge in a previous post when Kim reported some other nefarious activities they were conducting at the end of 2020. See excerpt below.

What’s Up with Nashville?
Speaking of the vaccine and manufacturing plants, Nashville has been the focus in the news of late and for good reason. There is a laboratory there that was created in the 1940s and is a hotbed for the IRA and their bosses in the Black Sun. Kim thinks it is called Oak Ridge. It is massive and intertwines underneath the city of Nashville. There was a lot of human experimentation going on there such as human hybrids and biological weapons. They have also been working on a lethal version of the COVID vaccine. Kim said there is an operation going on to demolish the entry ways. AT&T happened to be one of the entry ways into this laboratory. There is also a bunker, like a type of fallout place they built to withstand the frequency weapons they are aware the Enforcement Team has. Sounds like they are trying to create an escape or safe house, but Kim said it won’t work. As of the day of this report 12/27/2020, it was still standing but it won’t’ be long before it’s destroyed.
Source: Heads Roll! A Very Merry Christmas Indeed! (Kim Goguen – Part 6) | Just Empower Me

ACIO (Advanced/Alien Contact Intelligence Organization)

The ACIO is a very advanced and neutral group evidently. Kim said they are human, or rather more Transhuman. Hum, that term has such a negative connotation for us awake folks, but I guess there are new things to learn about that. This organization is not part of any Agency or Military, although they have worked with those groups in the past. But their job here is to protect agreements that were put in place. Agreements made by the levels we are now learning about.

Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO)
The ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization) is an international intelligence organization based out of the Pine Gap military base in Australia. They specialize in managing extra-terrestrial relations, advanced technologies, and the overseeing of humanity’s social, political, and technological progress. Historically, the organization has been known to oversee and manage affairs on an unseen level from the public. However it wasn’t until recently that the organization has decided to take on a more active role in world affairs with the heightened levels of E.T. activity and intervention on the planet.
Source: ACIO Official – Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (

However, the ACIO had been unaware that some of the agreements had changed. When they started detecting that the Metatronic cube was dissipating they started up a machine in order to protect the cube. So Kim reached out and told them they no longer needed to work with the Agencies or the Militaries anymore to protect the cube because it was replaced with the Tesseract. They should do the research to confirm what she said was true. So they did. They checked the Hall of Records, the Archives, and other relevant information on the Tesseract and it checked out. So they then made sure everything was secure so we don’t all evaporate. However, what they initially put out to protect Metatron’s cube took a few hours to clear, so you may have felt very lethargic or a bit wonky because of it.

Earth is Experiencing a Cleansing

When the Earth and Central Sun are in perfect alignment on April 24th, we’ll experience a big slam from Source. This will be the second burst and even stronger than the first one that happened earlier in the month. This burst is not coming from our Earth’s Sun, but the Central Sun, which means this is a direct pulse or burst from God.

Normally, in the past, if a direct alignment were to happen, with the Gegenshien reactivated, it would be too much for us in the 3rd dimension. This was always prevented from happening via the Metratron cube that existed in the multiverse. That cube was a multi-dimensional, multi-density energy binder. The energy from the sun is source energy, but in the past it was synthetically put there. Kim explained this and I wrote about it in and earlier post. See excerpt below.

Status of Our Central Sun
Great news! As of last year, a spark from Source entered our central sun. Previous to that spark, our central sun was a black hole sucking in everything it possibly could, acting like a giant toilet bowl. But since the spark from Source was reinstated, the multiverse started creating again. To reiterate what was explained in the previous post The Black Magician had used his star breaker technology to take out our central sun. This then required power packs to power up the sun. The loosh from humans, which we can naturally generate, is what was used to power the sun through these power packs. Without loosh from humans, the galaxy would be destroyed.
Source: The Enforcer, Our Central Sun & The End of the Loosh Farm (Kim Goguen – Part 3)

What to Expect from Source Energy Going Forward?

Earth is going through a cleansing. Technically this is happening due to the re-alignment with our Source and since the synthetic power pacts were replaced. This will be great for some, and not great for others. Those in the deep, deep state who probably aren’t even human anymore will probably go away. Since they were taking antidotes to make themselves good little hosts for demons in the lower densities to come here, it will affect them adversely. The demons will not get in and it’s likely to backfire as I mentioned in my previous post, Real Alien (Super Demon Level) Invasion Thwarted | Will There Be a Twist to Agenda 2030 on the Horizon? | Cornered Cabal To Hurl Whatever’s Left in Their Quiver | Part 2

When a Species Is Under Threat and Dying

The high level Generals and Military had not realized the Metatronic cube is nearly gone as of the day Kim gave this report. Although information was just starting to get back to some of them, probably because they were witnessing their ‘friends’ trying to flee. When a species is under threat and is dying, they will run for safety. And that’s what they did. They were trying to use some gates in the corona of the sun to access Earth, but Kim and her team were on it and watching everything closely. She said we’re pretty well cleared from that now. This was the infestation of the beings that escaped the dark side of the multi-verse to the light side and existed for millions of years.

So to reiterate, what we see as backlash isn’t necessarily coming from the Deep State. Rather, it’s a matter of how things work now that we’re getting back on course with our reconnection to Source. Source energy is running properly, and no longer in reverse currents, which let’s just say, makes it very inhospitable for some to be here.

The Earth and Humans Are Very Special Indeed!

According to Kim the reason Earth is so unique is because Earth not only is a 3D planet, but it has three densities. For example, the wars in Atlantis actually happened in the second density of earth, not where we are now here in the third density of earth.

Earth Really Was the Linchpin

Earth really was the linchpin, because if we go, and don’t exist anymore, the nine levels in the lower astral would have invaded everything that is above earth, all dimensions above in the upper astral, and of course all life that exists there. That is why in the past Metatron’s cube was put in place. It was for our protection from this awful scenario.

Source has since decided we no longer need this though because it was so out of control. The dark side really hijacked it and made a mess for us. The Metatron Cube had dark lines permeating throughout the multiverse creating connections to planets and those on the other side. This is what allowed the Abraxas, who resided in and anchored the fifth density upper astral, to make agreements for wealth and power with those on the other side in the lower astral. They created a direct portal between themselves and the seventh density lower astral which created an energetic loop between the two, in order to create darkness on our side of the multiverse. The seventh lower astral is still trying very hard to get through some of the Corona portals and they do not understand why they cannot get through. The reason is because Metatron’s cube is dissipating.

This mess extended further too. The Abraxas had taken over other star systems, like the Pleaides. The Saturn Moon Matrix was connecting dimensions, which are timelines in negative ways. This corrupted structure facilitated a way for the cabal to work with the dark side folks and the QFS agreements of the dueling systems. DARPA had access to a level eight of the Dark AI. So when the alternative media keeps touting that the good side of the military is connecting with the QFS AI system through satellites, it’s really the JAIQS, Dark AI, Borg or whatever you want to call it that they are talking about, because according to Kim, there isn’t anyone else in the system where she is at.

So all this is being replaced with a completely different structure for the multiverse called the tesseract, which has been in the works for quite awhile based on my reading from Lisa Renee’s material. And the fact that it’s coming into manifestation now has to do with divine right timing in my opinion. A heck of a lot of work by our friends who are helping us to make this happen has been in play for a very long time.

So to sum it up, when Kim says the covenant with Source expired, this is what she means by that. The Metratron cube is dissipating and being replaced. And all structures attached to the Metatron’s cube that are still here have to go as well. They are phasing out, likely in divine right timing also, to prevent too much destabilization I presume.

How Will We Create Density Safely with the Tesseract?

In order for the light side of the multiverse to survive, we had to find a new way to create density. We still need densities, because we want planets and stars, bodies, etc. If there is ultimate darkness on one side and ultimate light on the opposite side, think of it in terms of having two opposite flashlights. The further you go from the ultimate light, the more the darkness covers. So the further you go from the ultimate darkness the lighter it becomes. 

How will this be done? They created a tesseract cube which is an energetic binding of some sort. We will still have that flashlight effect, but it meets the amount of energy coming from the Central Sun and it’s contained within itself. Whereas the Metatron Cube had dark lines extending throughout the multiverse creating connections to planets on the other side and also permeations into nothingness.

With the new tesseract structure in place, our connection with Source will continue to get stronger and stronger over the next eight years. Once the technical pieces of the connection took place the beginning of April, it was the official end of that timeline. Going forward in this new timeline, the structure will look different.

18-04-2022 United Network Global News Desk Special Report (
Human DNA is Key

Humans are special because Human DNA is key. Kim’s explanation is that our DNA determines which dimensions or density levels we can align with.  For example, if you have DNA from the third level density on earth, then you would have an alignment with the beings on the sixth level density in the multiverse, because 3+6 = 9. According to her, it must always add up to 9.

If you have earth density level two, then you can align with the seventh level, and having Earth Density level one DNA would allow you to align with level eight, the Arcturians for example. And some humans have all three, like Kim. This is what she means by having DNA that is closest to Source, because she has DNA from all 3 densities, this allows her to go anywhere. Not that she would though and she doesn’t recommend crossing the earth level line to the lower astral either. She said even The Enforcer won’t cross the Earth densities line to the lower astral. Can’t say I would want to venture down there either, nope, I’m good just going up. Also it’s important to mention that none of the DNA templates, 1, 2, or 3 are better than another, it’s not a contest, rather it has more to do with different types of travel.

How Do We Know Which DNA Template We Have?

Kim said our DNA has to be recreated for us, which is happening now, but a pre-requisite is the restoration of humanity. We need to rid ourselves of the mess here before we can really undergo DNA repair. For example, we need proper food and water for DNA repair. Our living DNA changes with everything we do, it is not stagnant. Everything we take in by eating and drinking affects our DNA. Every place we go or have ever been changes our living DNA as well as our thoughts and actions. And cloning our changing DNA is something the dark side have never been able to do. There is a reason for that, which Kim slipped in but didn’t elaborate on. When we complete this restoration process, we will return to a harmonious process.

Ok, that’s the simple explanation. And I appreciate how Kim explains it to give us a general picture. But I think Human DNA has an even greater significance based on my own learning and Lisa Renee’s material. Some I recently included in my post, Humanities Purpose in Creation | This is Truly Profound!

In addition, I’m now trying to reconcile that nine is so essential, the number of completion according to Kim. I thought our universe is supposed to be based on twelve. The Tree of Life, which we can think of in terms of a system, was originally based on a structure of twelve, but when it was hijacked by the NAA it became the Tree of Death and reduced to ten based system. They cut the head off from the neck so to speak. The NAA took over the planetary brain (macro level) and therefore our brains (micro level). But I digress. I hope I can figure this out in the near future.

In the meantime, here is some more interesting information regarding our Human DNA from Lisa’s perspective. Healing Cosmic Human DNA – Ascension Glossary

It is DNA that is wholly responsible for the manifestation of the external reality, which clearly reveals why there has been an ongoing spiritual war to suppress and damage organic angelic human DNA. We hold the currency of their resources which they are dependent upon for the future survival of their species. As we know within the time of planetary liberation and ascension this is coming to an end and this is the war that we are enduring, the consciousness war, the spiritual warfare we are enduring at this time.

The core DNA template for everyone on this planet is a 12 strand DNA matrix which is also called a silicate matrix. This is a multi-dimensional 12 strand DNA which gives an individual an awareness or a presence and an access on 12 simultaneous dimensions. When we understand the 12 timelines within the universal time matrix you understand that it is our DNA creating it. If we were not here there would be no timelines. It is our DNA, it is the embodiment of this DNA template that creates the 12 timelines in the organic matrix, the organic natural timelines. They have replicated our DNA and created false timelines, artificial DNA replication through cloning, through genetic modification, through the various shenanigans of genetic experiments the aliens have carried out.

They have used that to create false timelines. These false timelines are like virtual-reality pockets where they have created a temporary place for their alien artificial intelligence hybrid consciousness. We have to remember most of the negative aliens have uploaded their consciousness into an AI program an AI server, so they are hybrids. In order to prolong their life and create an immortality, they uploaded their consciousness as their collective consciousness species race memory. This has been inserted, uploaded into an AI program so they are AI hybrids. In the presence of true active diamond sun DNA signal these artificial timelines are no contest.

The End of the Abraxas Empire!

Oh, the Abraxas. One of my favorite subjects, especially now that they are gone. Well not only is that family no more, which I mentioned in, Earth’s 3 Million Year War | The Heart of the Matter (Creator Sun) versus Anti-Matter (Dark Sun) | Gegenschein Reconnected | Will Cabal’s Antidote Jab Backfire on April 24th Causing Rapid Degeneration for Themselves? | Part 1 |, but the entire Abraxas Empire fell on April 3rd! That’s Awesome!

Jupiter Ascending

So evidently, not only is there a Hall of Records for our 3D Earth level, but there are levels to that as well. It makes sense. And the fall of the Abraxas Empire had to do with intergalactic treaties. After all, we weren’t the only planet they controlled and ruled over. But there was one treaty in particular, which Kim said could be summed up by saying ‘let’s all join and hold hands with the demons’. Well that was removed from the Intergalactic Hall of Records. Whew! Thank you God! Their legacy has been removed as well!

Commerce Updates

Jay’s Treaty of 1796 | Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, Between His Britannic Majesty and The United States of America

Some more fallout we’re seeing from the dissipation of the dark AI system pertains to specific treaties. There was one called Jay’s Treaty which became effective in 1796. It covered amity, commerce and navigation around who could use what ports with the British Empire at the time. It also had a lot to do with the Order of the Black Sun and their control of black market goods and the mafia organizations. This was recently cancelled and replaced due to the dissipation of the dark AI system. Yay!

What is Jay’s Treaty?
Jay’s Treaty (named for John Jay, the Chief Justice of the United States and signatory to the document) is an agreement between the United States and Britain. The treaty was fully ratified on 28 October 1795, and proclaimed on 29 February 1796.
Source:: Jay’s Treaty | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Why was the treaty negotiated by Jay in 1795 controversial?
Jefferson, Madison and other opponents feared the treaty gave too many concessions to the British. They argued that Jay’s negotiations actually weakened American trade rights and complained that it committed the U.S. to paying pre-revolutionary debts to English merchants…
Source: George Washington signs Jay Treaty with Britain – HISTORY

Jay’s-treaty.jpg (334×546) (
Bond Markets and Birth Certificates

The dissipation of the dark AI system also affects a lot of the stock and bond systems and those types of things. Think of a bond in terms of a binding system. Everything that was issued off our birth certificates are bonds, which was logged by the ANNA system among other things. At least I think this is the system she is referring to, the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) ( confirms that only official National Numbering Agencies (NNAs) can issue valid ISINs (International Securities Identification Numbers), etc.

The way it worked was that money would come out to take care of your person until you reached the age of 18. Once you turn 18, and are self-sufficient, your taxes come into play. Your taxes go towards paying back that bond and the coupons on the bond. Essentially we’re paying it back with our souls. But underneath the new tesseract system, that binding is starting to dissipate. Kim stated it’s been dissipating over time and will run through until the end of the month. It was happening over time because we don’t want to cause major financial disruption. That’s good news!

Other Black Market Activities

There are many degenerates like George Soros who ran many black market activities and now they are beginning to notice things are starting to disappear. For example, all the derivatives that were issued off of our birth certificates are missing. Why? Because we actually are the base root for the derivatives market which is way out of control. They leverage and re-leverage contracts. Mortgage companies leverage our mortgages up to 7 times for example, but we aren’t getting seven houses! So disappearing derivatives is more good news in my book!


Anyone who is semi-conscious can’t help but notice that chemtrails have been ramped up so much, more than we’ve ever seen. They’ve been spraying us like bugs in a desperate attempt to cause the depopulation event because not enough of us were dumb enough to inject ourselves. They really only want a few of us around to be their slaves.

While the highest levels of the Deep State are aware things aren’t going their way, clearly they haven’t told any of their underlings to stop spraying because they don’t want them to know and they don’t care about them either. So they persist with trying to install these nanobots in us one way or the other.

But they will not get the charge they are expecting to get from the April 24th planetary alignment event because again, they are under the assumption we have a Dark Sun, but we have a Creator Sun. They didn’t get any charge by April 18th, and at the time of this update, it was three days since the full moon which they were expecting to activate the neuro links and the archons, but that’s not having any effect either. But they are still anticipating a big shock from the dark side on the 24th which would then propel a compilation of metals to hit Saturn’s rings and release the archons.

Slaves No More!

There are several planets in the third dimension with people, human and non-humans who are completely enslaved. They were taken over completely. That’s why The Colony was put in place, to stop that from happening going forward. These planets are doing the same things at the same time we are here on Earth, making connections back to Source. We’re all going through transition and it’s going well so far. With the advent of the Tesseract, we could maybe save a few more planets, but right now in addition to Earth there are six more that are ready to go. Kim said they are handling issues as they come up, to prevent pain to people. They are trying to mitigate the low frequencies. Basically they are holding the fort right now. April 26th could be the day we return to balance, order and completion of all agreements. The lingering energetic binding agreements and these types of things that allowed for these psychopaths to exist here will be closed for totality!


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  1. 9 is the number of death (not completion) it is not a good thing. Everything here is built on death and waste. Destruction to be able to create out of limited life energy in a closed system. I think you are right about the tree of death. Something is missing. There is also confusion about the difference between densities and dimensions.

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