Umbrella Military Declares They Are in Charge | New Pindar Installed Which is Not a Thing Anymore | Expecting Events Based on Book of Rituals Which Still Require Marduk to Push the Button | Claim They Can Save Government if Trump Operatives Are Put Into Position | Their Real Plan is to Sell US to China, Then Control China & the World, Really? | It’s Still Just a Movie to Them With No Real Enemy, Except They Have a Formidable One | Off-World Trading & System of Death of Humans | The Restoration Involves Many Things

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 25, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. The Umbrella Military are front and center so it seems with all the goings on and evidently are not living in reality land because they fail to realize they only ever had the illusion of power. To use Kim’s analogy, they were UPS drivers of evil. They feel like they are at the top, they are read in at the top and believe they are special to those at the top, but they are not and they are failing. Will they ever stop? Probably not. Then she explains the Off-World Trading as it applies to Restoration, its origins is billions of years ago and why Restoration encompasses a great many things.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Umbrella Military Declared They Are in Charge

They believe they know everything about everything, how the universe worked, how off-world trading worked, how the parasitic universe worked, how computers worked and they were read in completely. Well, Kim has news for them, the China Deep State and the Rothchilians. If you are from one of these groups or partners with one of these groups and believing in one of them, she has news for you too.

We’ve heard this many times but for the low rung people who think they are in the high seats Kim wanted to inform them that she met Marduk, her predecessor and he was not a human. He was your superior and he was a dictator with a very different motive than she has. Again, Marduk is a title, it means a Duke or a Lord and many beings throughout history have held such a title. The devastation to this planet has been going on for billions of years and it is not just Earth, it is throughout the multiverse and it all kind of worked together hand in hand.

Rothschilds Install New Pindar Which is Not a Thing Anymore

As for the Umbrella Military, the rest of the 15 shadow militaries, the Chinese and the Rothchilians, they only got the information they needed to do a specific job.

This idea of a Pindar having lots of power is false. Case in point, the Rothschilds tried to install another Pindar in the last 48 hours. They picked a woman which is unusual. That woman tried to sit down with one of those portable suitcases and tried to operate this machine which was one that the Pindar used to use. Unbeknownst to all these people, that machine used to connect to the Pindar AI system which had an infrastructure behind that and was not built by these people but by her predecessor.

It was built in 12 different universes, each containing thousands of timelines. So its ability to have an effect not only on our financial world but through telecom and disease programming and death programming etc. was limited in its ability by the access which would have been given to one of these terminals, because there was always a Wizard of Oz on the other end. And in this case, in part due to many agreements and covenants, her predecessor was the Wizard, at least as it relates to the affairs of Earth and gateways to the lower astral and a lot of other things.

So the Pindar would have received orders and instructions many layers down. That being said, those orders would have then gone to this person. So even if you have access to such a terminal the messages would still go to Kim because she now sits in this chair. So, you are asking Kim if this person is the new Pindar and she firmly rejected the agreement and they know that now. We do not have that position anymore and it is Kim’s choice to say that. She just looks at whether this person is qualified for the job, not the color of their skin or their bloodline, etc. It is not about that anymore; it is about your own uniqueness and skills and what you bring to the table for the community. But all they care about now is financial control and Umbrella Military is no exception.

Marduk’s Book of Rituals

They had a definitive reason why they believed this was going to be possible. They have this book of rituals which could have been given to them by her predecessor, and it gave them bits of information. He put something in place as one example, that will allow for a one-year window starting on the 24th of August. These are the events that are going to take place because he pre-programmed them to make these things happen for them. Well, they got a hold of this book and calculated the time was going to be Wednesday at 3pm and all was going to be right with the world for them. They automatically assumed everything in that book is correct and nothing is standing in the way of these things taking place. That is not the case but it did not stop them from letting everybody know. Everyone meaning Langley, the Pentagon, the Treasury, the Trump Operatives, and we are seeing this play out in the news with the arraignments and Trump glamour shots. They were going to get a call, but it was all predicated on these supposed events that were going to take place but did not.

They Expected Events to Take Place

By 3pm it was on, looking for the anti-Christ, looking for systems to come back and a lot of different things put in place for them. So, it is not them with the power, it is whoever sits in her chair with the power. It is important for them to understand this. The person who sat in her chair would still have to hit the final button for each individual operation that they were expecting to take place. There was a little bit of automated things that popped up, but no beings from stasis, no anti-Christ, no Baal takeover. Again, it comes up to Kim and she pushed the ‘No’ button. It is a little more complicated but essentially, she put the kibosh on it.

They were given until noon today which is Friday to complete this task or they would have to move on. The expected money to complete said task did not work. Fictitious BRICS-pay was intended for payments between nations but at this point there is not even an install system. It is just a website that says we are going to do this, which gives them some wiggle room to do negotiations for a system that does not exist.

Operatives Not Participating Have Conversation with Umbrella Operatives

All these people were under the impression this miraculous event was going to happen. Then conversations took place between the operatives not participating and with the Umbrella operatives who are. They said, hey look, this obviously did not happen. We need contracts, we need to get paid. Your prepaid cards scam did not work, nothing is cashable and we need to move on. During that conversation Umbrella operatives told those people they need to figure out a way to get control of Kim and handle her. And they replied back asking why they would do that when they could just call her directly and negotiate a deal and get paid directly and they do not need you in the middle? Then they tried to sell them all on their skill levels and down played Kim. So, she blew up a few things. But the thing is it is a great deal more than that. How about her very precise strategic movements which put her enemy into a corner. And in a corner, they firmly sat this morning.

Tell US Government, Langley & Treasury They Can Save Them if Trump Operatives Put Into Position

So the White House aides were concerned because the Government is broke and they have nothing to operate, but Umbrella Military offered to save the day with the condition that they can put their Trump operatives into position, which means all the existing operatives in the White House would be out. So, they were panicked last night because they do not understand all these inner workings that Kim is teaching us about, the game behind the game behind the game. So, they half expected by noon today to all be out of a job. They did not get paid and are never going to get paid anyway and they should just move out because it is our turn now. Well, that did not work out. The same thing with Langley and the Treasury Department, they told them they are now taking over, they will be funding them and do what we say.

Trust Me

Their Real Plan is to Sell US to China But Control China & the World

The Rothschild plan is for the China Deep State to take over and the Umbrella Military was going to permit that to happen. These are the guys that we are seeing running around as the Patriot community leaders, the Trump leaders who agreed to sell the US to China, but then they think they would be in control of China, or rather control of the whole world in their own mind. These are the Duck Dynasty folks. This whole indictment show was all a preparation and setup for this to happen. There was supposed to be an enormous amount of disclosure about the current administration that would happen in these trials and Trump would be in office by the end of the month. That was the plan. But no money came, and certainly no Trump. But in their mind, this is still their movie and they are the script writers and they feel like they did a good job at setting all this up, selling enough Christmas ornaments to bail fake Trump out of fake jail.  

They Think It’s Still Just a Movie & Don’t Have an Enemy

So this is really bad management. Their thought process is that this is just a movie and they do not have an enemy. They do not understand there is always a Wizard of Oz behind the curtain pushing buttons for reality, not virtual reality. They just do not understand all of that. They always thought they were in charge of an operation and that has never been the case. But it does stroke their ego when they think they won all this stuff and they have been beating up aliens and whatnot and think they are King of the World. But not really, that was meant to happen and they had help.

So, none of what they wanted worked out and the deadline was just before this broadcast. They called the operatives and said they are out of options; it did not work. So, the operatives are now preparing to move forward with Kim finally, hopefully. She knows the China Deep State is extremely angry because they partnered up with them and thought they could get it done, but no one is going to get it done for them. And what we see coming out in Alt Media and Mainstream Media directly relates to the real news she is telling us now. So, expect the narrative to change in the next day or so.

The Fed Meeting in Jackson Hole

The news coming out of Jackson Hole Fed Meeting yesterday was that they have other options now. Those other options are because they are sitting in operative retirement land with Umbrella Military in Jackson Hole, another Safety Zone. But they have found out by 11:30 am EST today the plan did not work. So, are they going to call her? Probably not, she thinks they are going to wait for orders and instructions, for the Chinese or Rothschilds to give them a new date that they will be receiving money because that is what always happens. They are on auto-pilot. We on the other hand do not need the Fed. We do not want financial dominance and are working towards a multipolar world and are not on the Umbrella Military program. 

BRICS Update

South Africa as well as many other countries behind the scenes are very frustrated with China for not performing at BRICS. Russia has stepped in and has performed to some degree. And those other countries manufacture a lot of goods, but are they ones you want. She talked about made-in materials and tainted materials coming out of China before. Russia does have a lot of rare earth minerals and other things, but every country has a lot to offer and she would love to support trade between all nations, but she does not want to move towards a global dominant party because on a long-term basis it does not work, it is a short-term solution 70-80 years. 

That is the news behind the news.

Spaces in Between and Domination Over Spaces in Between

Kim told us about the Yugas recently and our overlay. As we were going from one Age to another Age there was a space that was created in between by her Predecessor. Those spaces in between gave an opportunity for the non-dominant party. In this case since we are moving from dark to light the non-dominant party being the dark was supposed to participate in a last battle which was to be a year-long battle. Except that program did not function without her predecessor’s participation, therefore it failed.

What these people do not understand is this orchestration was completed with bindings and other items located not on this planet, accessible to a degree but they are not here. If something comes from another density or another dimension it must cross through a time-space continuum and a wormhole to make it into our reality. If that wormhole is cut off it goes nowhere and eventually dissipates and does not translate into physical matter. That is what Umbrella Military Corp does not understand. No spaces in between exist anymore. Nor do those alleged triggers that are going to happen on the 31st, the blue moon this month. So, if that is their next day when they think they are getting funding that is not correct because these things will require a push of the button by Kim. No matter how many days go by it is never going to do anything.

About the Oppressed

Their desired result is control and power, something they never experienced before in their life. They only had the illusion of it. It was a movie, which is why she cautions us constantly about the oppressed (aka us) wanting someone to hate, to blame. Just get it all out of your head, it does not exist. It is a process we all must come to terms with and learn to stand in our own merit and direct our own life from here on out. The blame game has to be taken out of our vocabulary.

The oppressed, they were more privileged than us but they were oppressed as well, they always took orders and they thought they were going to become the oppressor and were promised that by her predecessor. Marduk was the ultimate liar to them as well as us and created all these theatrics to get his ultimate goal done, which has to do with this off-world trading she is going to talk about.

So yes, they got paid for participating in the program and sold their souls and now they believe they have some divine right to become oppressors. Do not fall into that trap yourself. She is well aware not everyone in the universe looks like us. She is sure half the people listening to this are not human, but that does not make you special, just willing. You came here and do a job. You are just a being who came here to do a job just like Kim. No one deserves to be King because of a bloodline. That is over. She shows up every day for herself, her child, and her future grandchildren and for us because it is time to change.

The Restoration & Off World Trading

The Restoration Involves a Lot of Things

Kim does not talk about all the things she does in her day, curse after curse on you and the planet, the energetic grids, siphoning energy and being peddled all over the multiverse. Those are very sophisticated quantum structures that need to be dismantled and it is like a bomb. Do not cut this wire before you cut that wire, wait until that dissipates before you go to the next step. If she talked about all that on the news, we would be here for 8-9 hours. She just gives us a generalized overview of what is happening on the government cabal level and she can give us information on the Restoration.

She talked about the 12 timelines and 12 universes and a lot of things in an overall way. But it also takes a lot of time to dismantle 12 universes that have been intact for billions of years in our Earth time. Try to have some patience but understand this is all part of restoration because bindings and computer programs that run constantly, connections and implants and parasites, all that affects your person. It is part of your inability to manifest things. It is part of how you wake up full of energy and then suddenly it feels like they unplugged you. It is the reason you wake up and feel ill for no apparent reason and then a couple of hours later it goes away and you do not know what happen. This is all part of the cleanup process, the disease of internet things and a lot of this has to do with this off-world trading.

Imagine an entire parasitic grid which existed over all the planes of existence in your person and in densities 1 through 6, like a floating crystal beltway so to speak. It is like a plasma overlay with a beltway and many other things existed over all these densities throughout the multiverse. For off-world trade is the reason why this was created, along with highly sophisticated motherboards and a highly sophisticated network of data storage. She is using these terms because they are terms we can understand, but they do not look like our version of motherboards and data storage. There are external drives that hold energy and transmuters which transmute your energy to dark matter and light matter and dark energy and light energy and parasites and non-parasites. This whole network of all these motherboard pieces and data storages and these energy sources, all of it has to be powered by something.

If you ever traveled from the US to Europe, you probably used a transformer which ensures your hair dryer is not going to blow up when you turn it on. Without those little boxes you have way too much power going to your devices and you will have problems. Well, this overlay Kim is talking about and its respective motherboard runs on dark energy and not on light energy. So, it is not the same as too much voltage or too much amp. It needs different things to use and there are several networks of these transformers which then turn the energy from light energy to dark energy so these can function. She is telling us this so we can understand this off-world trading situation.

Off-World Trading is About Feeding the Whole Parasitic Universe

This is something that is very old but it began with the creation of life in the lower astral. The lower astral was never meant to have life forms, not meant to have planets, stars, or beings. This overlay grid was created around 3 billion years ago in our time in order to literally take the energy from your person and many stars and planets in the multiverse and convert it and literally feed the whole parasitic universe. This also affects Earth because we are a nexus planet and a lot of this stuff was anchored here and our solar system in totality.

Where do the Elite fit into this program, because this is all part of Restoration as well? 

System of Death of Humans & the Elites

Now let us talk about our stupid humans, our elite or cabal. Where do they fit into this program? The whole system of death of humans, where they do not let humans stay here too long but also not too short, just enough time and just enough batteries to power up this parasitic grid and AI systems that run the grid. They need to make sure there is enough of them and enough of us so they can exist on that their side of the multiverse. They can exist down there because of the parasitic grid and that is when the off-world trading systems became a thing. It trickled down to settlements that these crazy people think they are going to get on a day ending in ‘y’. They believe they are entitled to get settlements for their job of being slave masters. But they were never looked at as equals in any way, just sheep herders, head slaves, that kind of thing.

So, things like orchestrating death was really important to them, creating a fictitious death cycle, initiating disease protocols. And this is where Umbrella Military, Rainmaker Corporation (the one that created the viruses), and Monarch Military, etc. comes in. These guys are the slave masters and perpetuators of a program that was already written for them. Kim said to consider them like the UPS driver of evil. They feel like they are at the top, they are read in at the top and believe they are special to those at the top, but they are not. It was all orchestrated for them and now around this time of year, around Lion’s Gate the Family meetings would be going on and because there is no coven level anymore they thought they were getting the settlements. Hence the reason the RV is going to be this day ending in ‘y’, because of their participation around all the deaths this year orchestrated as the disease they delivered as the UPS man, or created by the media protocol and the fear they put out. So, these closed loop systems would start to appear around a certain day at the end of the Family meeting which would pay for their misdeeds of the year before, determined by how many people died of cancer, of diseases they delivered to perpetuate through society. And that is the only reason they had these terminals. They did not have them because they were special people, they had them because they were the UPS deliverer and that was the truck for the UPS delivery.

Fallen Angel Lucerne (not Lucifer) Wanted to Take Over the Entire Multiverse

Now as far as the off-world trading is concerned, that is just their part in the off-world trading section that kept the parasitic universe alive, until the parasitic universe was not satisfied with that. This would be Lucerne, not Lucifer. They were 2 different fallen angels and Lucerne wanted to take over the entire multiverse. They would have more inorganics than organics for this but they need organics to survive. But they need the organics to be more slave like, they cannot be given too much freedom and happiness because that vibration does not work for them. They wanted to completely infest the multiverse, but that is not what is happening now because we do not have a backside anymore and all the grids and overlays that run them on this side are the finishing of the restructuring.

The dark energy had an ability by agreement to absorb the energy from Source to prevent it from permeating throughout the universe. They usually use dark plasma overlays and crystal beltways to convert that energy and tie it to a transformer. It is complicated and a process. The off-world human trading systems combined with all these funds and liens and all sorts of things, not only on you but all sorts of minerals it takes to create these structures throughout the universe and payouts from past wars like the Orion Causal War 250,000 years ago are what actually created the elites banking system in the first place.

There is also a system in there to make sure the cattle are fed, to keep you happy to a degree, because the happier you are the more creative you are and more loosh you produce. You can be unplugged at any moment and they can take that loosh energy completely draining your life force energy and killing you off. And there would be payouts the families would receive for these types of things, hence the reason they are saying there is going to be a debt jubilee and they are owed money and they are owed the world power for being a good little UPS driver.

Kim talked several months back about Dr. Lee the dry cleaner. He was the bloodline of Lilith and he made a bunch of promises for a huge settlement. Obviously, that did not happen and they keep putting somebody else in that position hoping they would have the access code to do the settlements. Again, her predecessor was the one who was in charge of the off-world trading as it relates to Earth, that is why he was duke or lord of the land here. By the way Marduk’s real name is not really pronounceable for us, it is of a different frequency. But Kim does not have such titles, she is just the Guardian to prevent a lot of that from happening and to disable a lot of this stuff.

Many Years of Restoration is Going On

Keep in mind there is a lot of restoration going on that we do not see and she wants us to understand this. The restoration of your person and Earth is not like going through a drive-thru fast food restaurant and after coming out the other end in 5 min you see the change. It is a lot of years of history and a lot of restoration to do before you will see anything and we have never seen this before. Eventually we will wake up and not be unplugged or you will not have a spontaneous illness that goes away in 5 min. The disease people are not able to perform because there is no disease to perform with. It takes time but hopefully this is a good enough explanation for us. We cannot repeat the same mistakes, we need to grow up and fast. We are going to have to get along and create a new trading system here and externally. We have a lot of work to do on ourselves and we are not going to start oppressing other races because we were oppressed. We need to get over all that.

So is the Treasury going to move forward now? She does not know. Are the operatives going to? It looks like it at this moment. But either way we are moving forward every day.


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    1. I’m grateful too….this information/explanation is so very helpful, I’m really going to study it. Maybe Kim will get together again with Marina Jacobi–we are trying to learn but we have so very few teachers…anyhow, thank you Kim, for all you do, and for trying to explain reality to us. It would be really great if you can point us to additional sources of information…

  1. Thank you for being so consistent in your reporting. The nature of reality itself
    seems highly unstable these days.

  2. There is a lot of talk about negative entities and their effect on humans. Whether ghosts, poltergeists or negative ETs, the truth is that these beings can only affect us if we vibrate at a level that attracts them.
    Everything is “inner”. The “outer” is an illusion. It’s all one continuous energy emanating from the One and we are the collective creation doing the emanating.

    Fear is an illusion. It’s based on the illusory belief that someone or something outside ourselves can harm us or destroy our peace of mind. This is only true if we believe we are separate from God and Creation. Once we remove the belief in separation, there is no fear.

    The first step in getting free is recognizing that we are stuck, and asking our God Presence to present a path to us for liberation. Our willingness to listen ONLY to the voice of God within us and those beings that are 100% aligned with our God Presence will carry us safely out of these realms and into the realm of true Creation.

    Kim cleans up the negatives that are very malicious towards the human race. The rest is for humanity to do on its own. And that takes a lot of time. Nor are we here to give Kim orders on what she should and should not do. If you disagree with what she is doing, why are you listening and watching and sprinkling your venom. at her. That only creates even more negative electromagnetic particles in the ether that feed the darkness and has no purpose other than to mow yourself down as well because how yourself react to others is your responsibility.

    We are lucky to have Kim as Earth Commander who at least does something instead of people who think they know better and sprinkle poison and have only words and no actions.

    1. This posting in particular gives an excellent explanation of Kim’s larger than large picture focus, we should appreciate the level at which Kim is working to enable change, the surface political/social changes, for example Maui, are up to us to change.

  3. Does Kim know about the stealth satellites around earth that deploy the energy weapons done on Maui (and countless other areas on the planet) and is progress being made on locating them? I assume that as the “dark” deploys the weapon the satellites would become visable for the “white hats” to locate and destroy but I have Star Trek influence/stories in my belief system. Also the “dark’s” control over HARP or weather devices need tracking down. Looks like unimaginable amount of crazy things need her and her group’s attention. A final thought: About Maui, has the negative vibrations of the blood sacrifice along with the killings of the “bad people” in that portal – has that portal’s energy been been changed back to positive???
    P.S. Thank you for your reporting here – it does help clarify when Kim talks about banking.

  4. People who constantly feel they must comment and criticize Kim’s work should just listen again to the last 12 minutes of the August 25, 2023 update because Kim and her team are doing much more than she tells us in the brief update.

  5. Andrés Díaz.

    es importante a los lectores o los nuevos lectores entender que nosotros fuimos y somos considerados ganado, es importante leer la información y las anteriores para entender este rompecabezas, de hecho muchos no logran entender que está guerra se efectúa a nivel del plano etéreo y causal y muchas veces en el astral inferior y en lugares demoníacos , a su vez menos del 1% a despertado y menos del 1% de los que hemos despertado logran entender este enredó de más 3.000 millones de año… deben vibrar hacia su luz interior y expandir su nivel de.consiencia para que más.y más logren despertar…kim es el comandante terrestre el cual actúa en conjunto con seres galáctico de la 5 ta dimensión , 9 novena dimensión, etc… pero si no logramos entender que esto era una prisión seguiremos atrapados..
    y la gran mayoría no entiende que entramos en la 4ta y debemos vibrar hacia la 5ta dimensión junto a la madre GAIA o planeta tierra….invito a los lectores de.este blog , no juzguen al cartero busquen en su corazón la verdad, gracias por compartir.

  6. “Kim told us about the Yugas recently and our overlay. As we were going from one Age to another Age there was a space that was created in between by her Predecessor. ”

    Clif High is also discussing the gas, from a different perspective. Wondering if both perspectives are valid…

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