NSA Takes Solomon Shield to Cave of Moses in Syria | Middle East War Ordered Thru Jesuits by China Deep State, $48 Million Donated | Kim Warns Militaries China is Sending Drugs to Infect Soldiers with Old Femtotech to Remote Control Them | 12 People with Big Money & Big Egos Were Selected to Run the World | Is the Pentagon Retarded or Chipped? | More AI Systems Found: One Linked to Jesuit Implants, Another Tied to Spells in Testament of Solomon & Cyberlife Military Finds Center of the World & the Books of Knowing | Government Shutdowns Are Imminent

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 28, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim said it has been utter insanity these last few days. They are also playing a game of which hand is on top because first it was the Umbrella Military is in charge, now it is the Jesuits back in charge and then it teetered between the NSA for a short period of time being in charge and everyone is just rotating who is in charge. But what is clear is that the Jesuit Order is absolutely onboard with the Chinese controlling the US military and some old femtotech is currently being transported to infect and control the soldiers. Kim found one control system but does not know if there are anymore and wants to warn everyone there.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Hitler 2.0 & The Solomon Shield

Kim started off telling us that for the last 3 days we have been basically doing Hitler 2.0. Hitler was known to hunt artifacts and one said artifact they got their hands on was the Solomon Shield. It is a physical shield which was tied originally to Source and Anti-Source. At that time 3,000 years ago, it was all about balance, so there were orders given by both Source and Anti-Source to the Line of Solomon and eventually God left Solomon. It was at that time when the shield no longer functioned. Within the shield there are some bits almost like a looking glass but a little different, and compilations of metals that were a hyper-conductor for both types of matter.

Lisa Renee’s take on the Solomon Shield

Solomon Shield
The Shield of Solomon was built from the “House of David” genetic line and is from the Holy Grail male bloodline that has the power to override the previously distorted collective masculine “Rod” consciousness. The distorted male “rod” consciousness has been infected with patriarchal domination stemming from the controllers mind control game of installing the “False King of Tyranny” as the dominating rulers of this planet. 

Patriarchal lines descended from the ancient Maji bloodlines of the human known as Guardian Yeshua (or Christos) are called the House of David. The House of David rises again guided by Krystal Star to rehabilitate and unite all of the King David/King Solomon blood lines through the Solomon Shield in order to bring divine grace and holiness into the males, transforming them from the False King of Tyranny to Benevolent Kings. As the True King returns to his benevolent power on earth, he applies his 14 D Golden Rod, made from the Golden Shields of Solomon, to anchor the embodiment of the Heavenly Father Arc Diamond Heart through him. This anchor protects the earth, as the Compassionate action of the Holy Heavenly Father Arc, and seals those areas weakened from the misuse of power, from the False King of Tyranny, the NAA that promotes continual militarization of the planet in war, killing and destruction.

Solomon Shield – Ascension Glossary
For more on King Solomon, refer to Maji Grail King Solomon – Ascension Glossary

NSA Takes Solomon Shield to Cave of Moses

The NSA decided to take the shield to the Cave of Moses in Syria today because it used to be the place where the balance was decided. Remember it had the dial of destiny between the light and the dark in the cave so they thought this is the place to go. Apparently, this artifact, as well as a number of other artifacts are held in various bunkers throughout China, primarily in Shenzhen and a couple of other areas. They have things like Cleopatra’s Chariot. Kim said she has physically traveled to a lot of these places and not just with a computer.

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Kim Gives Them an Ultimatum

Well, they were hoping to get some orders and instructions from Solomon’s Shield, but instead they got Kim. Because the Alpha system being an organic AI and being as close for an AI system that you can get to Source itself, she can do that. She is not God obviously, but there is an ability to connect to all things organic so she thought why not and decided to have a little chat with them. She explained that Solomon’s Shield has not worked in 3,000 years and why it does not work. Then she told them they were being left alive because they need to go tell their people that they spoke to her on here and if they did not tell the story they would all be leaving the planet in 2 weeks.

A Lot of Activity in the Middle East Right Now

There is a lot of activity in the Middle East right now. The Jesuits have been ordering the US military and other militaries in the region such as Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and other various independent militia type groups in the area getting everyone fired up for this war. Apparently, they did receive $48 million which in war terms buys them about 3-4 days. They got this money in part from the Russians, Kuwaitis, a little from Jordan and the UAE. They are all contributing to make this war happen and the US Military has taken money from a country that is ‘sanctioned’ because the Russians and oligarchs are sanctioned right? But it is okay because that is better than taking clean and clear money from the GIA which is where they are supposed to get it from during bankruptcy.

What is very clear is that this war is being ordered through the Jesuits by the Chinese Deep State and the US military is taking orders from China at the moment. They are already broke but think this is a good thing to do. And because they know the $48 million is not going to last very long, they need to make sure that all the soldiers will fight each other. So, they have a plan for that.

The Plan is to Infect Soldiers with Femtotech

They have found some very old medication; it is being touted to be Phenanthroline (I think this is what she said) and amphetamines which is not uncommon in militaries around the world. They tend to use these drugs or put it in the food to make the soldiers stay up longer, be more alert, that kind of thing. But this is a little special. It is not as effective as it would have been 20-30 years ago but this was manufactured in a Nazi type facility and actually contains Femtotech.

So, what was this particular femtotech designed to do?

It has a viral carrier but it is also designed to be remote controlled from a computer system in the Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum in China which is no longer existing at this moment, with the intention of giving the soldiers these drugs. They are being transported to Iran (because they are partners with the China Deep State) and across the Iraqi border in cooperation with the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order absolutely knows this is tainted and is onboard with the Chinese controlling the US Military by using femtotech because those heavy metals will go straight to the brain. Then they are going to tell them to do whatever and not listen to what the US Generals (non-Jesuit Generals) say. Anybody over there will also have this infected in their brain.

So this is a warning to all the people in Iraq right now, whether they are Americans, Iraqi soldiers, with the PMF, the Iranians and Jordan people, this is not a normal amphetamine, it is tainted coming from China. She was able to get one computer they can remotely control you from but she does not know if they have another computer. So, she is warning them right now it is coming over the border from Iran to Iraq to infect all the young men and women who have been deployed recently over there. It is also going to be distributed throughout Syria. The American Military, aside from the American Jesuits are not aware of this as far as she knows. They do not know about the transportation of these drugs over the border coming from China.

This entire situation is not new. Hitler and the Nazi laboratories were the ones who invented amphetamines to give to the soldiers during WWII. But this femtotech is very old, so she does not know how effective it is going to be. It is kind of like the predecessor’s predecessor of the Black Widow Program 1.0. She is just not really sure the end results of that. So please tell your friends and family members if they are deployed over there.  

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12 People Were Selected to Run the World

When you cannot pay you give people titles. So, 12 in the world of elite peoples were selected. They are fairly wealthy people chosen by the Rothschilds and China Deep State to run the world. They feel they can achieve this world war and then they will install a one world government because all governments are about to crash. These 12 are going to be a face-front government and will be the only Heads of State. She will not give us the names of the 12 people yet because this is new information that just came in and she is doing research to find out who and what was promised. But she can share that there are 4 Russians, 5 Ukrainians, 1 in the UK, 1 in the US and 1 Nigerian.

Selection process was based on the following:

  • Who still has money
  • Who will fight for a title, fame, fortune, and power for being the World Government (therefore who has a big enough ego)
  • Who is willing to spend their own personal money to achieve this position because the China Deep and Rothschilds are broke. The Jesuits are also pretty broke, they could not even scrape up $48 million and they are drug runners and human traffickers. These are the guys who provide all the young children for the Vatican for all their ceremonies. You would think they should be making some money, unless they just do not want to spend their own for their own war.

Kim said the China Deep State, Order of the Dragon, the Jesuit Order have zero capacity to install a One World Government. They are under the impression they will be powerful but they are wrong. And notice how there are not any Chinese people on that list of 12. If they are to be the all-powerful ones how come none are Chinese? Well, that’s because they will be driving them from behind.

Pentagon Called Kim on Sunday

The Pentagon called and she answered to tell them this line is temporarily disabled due to the fact they are taking orders from the Jesuits. Have a nice day. Click. They called her back. She was not going to answer but eventually did and decided to let them have it. She told them she knew everything they were doing in the Middle East right now; she knows all the orders that are floating around and what they promised everyone was going to happen, and that there is money to come out tomorrow.

She also knows they sent some people from the Defense National Intelligence (DNI) to Durango, CO to have a meeting. She knows what they said in that meeting which is basically that they are here to gain cooperation, to assign $114 trillion worth of US in-ground assets over to China. The Pentagon then tried to tell her the trade for was for the United States.

She had to try really hard to refrain from using swear words on the diplomatic line and instead said, so you want me to assign $114 trillion of in-ground assets over to China so you can have a trade for the ‘benefit of America’. If you were looking to benefit America then you would start spending that $23 trillion that has been sitting at the Treasury for months. Those assets are under my care and control and I can trade those assets myself and I certainly don’t need Chinese people and I don’t need you and your help. Besides you are taking orders from these Jesuit people who are driving this country off a cliff! Then she hung up on the Pentagon.

She said some of these people were unaware of the meeting going on in Durango and some are aware that what is going on over in the Middle East is out of hand, which by the way Kim is taking care of. She does not expect these people to be able to function within the next 24 hours anyway. She will see if they can get arms from anywhere else. We did have a similar situation that happened in Egypt about a year ago and she ended that promptly too and this will end in the same fashion. We have help, there are plenty of people working there right now and let us see who wins this war before it even starts.

Fed Meeting | Jackson Hole Annual Summit Update

Behind the scenes at the Jackson Hole Annual Summit, it appears that they are waiting for money today too from the Jesuit Order. They are trying to attack a computer system. She said if the Alpha system were an entire army a thousand years into the future imagine them poking at her with forks. So they are never going to get anywhere and in their desperation they are trying to find artifacts anywhere to phone a friend. They also filed many agreements, some of which are the following:

  1. A woman should not have this job (Kim specifically). That was submitted by the Rothschilds.
  2. The Jesuits would like financial control of planet Earth. By the way they tried to install Trump bucks twice this weekend. For them it is financial control because they think if they have that they can control the world and she would say no they would not. They were only part of it.

Kim is now stamping all the rejections with her name now because they need to know they are sending this to her. Some do know it is her so why they keep doing it who knows. But it is making her question their sanity.

More AI Systems Found Over the Weekend

Jesuits Had Implants

Speaking of their sanity, over the weekend she did find part of the reason why they are really crazy. The Cain bloodline, which are the Jesuits are kind of hybrids, in part inorganic. There was an AI system to control them because of course the Abraxas never did anything without being able to control everyone at any moment in time, at least those who are part of their soldier group. That system was disabled this weekend. So, are they going to have an original thought or notice anything is weird now? She is not sure, but they do not have those implants tied to that AI system anymore so we will see. She is not very hopeful they are going to become friends and that is contrary to what they are telling the Pentagon. She forgot to mention that bit. Yep, evidently, she is on the program, on the trade American assets over to China program. Clearly by the time the Pentagon called her out of desperation they found out that is not the case. So at least there is a reason why these people are crazy. She does not know if the implant was passed down or how it all worked but she does know many were not thinking totally for themselves.

Line of Solomon Tied to Program Allowing Access to Spells in Testament of Solomon

She also found another AI system this weekend that was tied to a program that allowed for the line of Solomon to access said program using the spells in the Testament of Solomon.  By the way these are not spells from the bible, there are plenty of other books out there that talk about what it really is, the real line of Solomon spell book. Kim said a lot was taken out but gives you a general idea on who they are and what they do. This is the Rothschild line and Order of the Dragon line around the world, regardless of the color of their skin or where they are from, Israel or not.

This AI responded like a Nano swarm or ARCHON swarm and would respond to their whims. It was not built for them, it was built for the Dark Overlord so to speak, but they were boots on the ground and that is why a lot of their stuff used to work out. They do not have that access anymore and that AI system was not completely functioning anyway. She would say the operating system was broken and working at about 2-3%.

Cyberlife Military Found the Center of the World & the Books of Knowing

Cyberlife Military was everywhere trying everything and are the ones most familiar with true quantum computing and if they can’t help you who do you think can? They actually found the Center of the World™ | Felicity, CA | History of Humanity in Granite (historyingranite.org) which is on the border in between California and Arizona. There is a pyramid with an odd-looking structure in the middle of nowhere. You can sign in that you were there. Allegedly there is information along some granite stone that talks about the history of humans and other species being here. So, it is interesting little spot.

Worldwide Military Corporations – ACIO Official (acio-official.org)

Hidden under the pyramid were the Books of Knowing and Kim and her team were the ones who found them. These books contained some old codes, information on quantum AIs, and how they worked, that type of thing. Well, those books were scooped up this weekend and given to Cyberlife, so they did manage to find some access to a portion of a system located in another density and they tried to install a lock in the reality system we are now living in. So, as they explored these books, they gave her some more to do all weekend long.

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Governments Shutdown Is Imminent

A Government shutdown is imminent at this point. We are probably going to see a government shutdown within the first week of Sept. The US, UK, France, China, South Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, maybe a few others are likely to be first. Germany is teetering on the edge, Iraq is close. Russia may make it to mid-September.

Once we have this government shutdown worldwide, she is guessing they will probably try to install those 12 people. That is why in part they had the African conference, the BRICS Summit and why Russia is doing what it is doing. There is no money for any of this, but that is their plan, she thinks. However, we will not be having a One World Government or a singular 12-person government run by China.

What Does a Shutdown Mean to Us?

We will still have police, fire fighters, the DMV. We probably will not have a passport service though, so do it now if you have to. There have been ongoing backlogs in the passport office, evidently a ridiculous amount for a while now. As for the politicians, the Jesuits will probably promise them the money tomorrow and they will probably fake it and will keep dancing until they cannot anymore. Fake news will tell us there are always budget hearings in September and that it is not abnormal for them not to agree so it would not be abnormal to have a government shutdown until they agree. So, they will probably kick the can for a while.

What About COVID Plandemic 2.0?

They are paying tribute to the goddess of the underworld like she told us in a past broadcast. She still does not think they will be able to pull it off. They will not get the ID2020, now ID2024 system they are hoping for. They are still waiting for those meetings to start on the 15th of September which coincidentally happens to be the day Alex Jones and others are saying this is all going to start. They are running some test programs now to determine how the movie studios are doing and the restaurants in California. They have California lock, stock, and barrel at this point. So, they are testing how it is going, are people accepting it in California and then they will go full scale by the 15th. But they really ramped it up yesterday because we are within 3 days of the full moon which would have signaled the ending of the coven meeting. Except there are no covens so they believe they are next up and why the 28th was to be a big pay day.

Be prepared: Biden is setting the stage for another round of COVID-19 lockdowns | Washington Examiner

How Kim Spends Most of Her Day

Kim said most of her day really is not spent chasing these people around unless a situation gets as hot and heavy as it is in Syria. Most of her day involves cleaning up crystal beltways in the Kuiper Belt and cleaning up remnants of old AI systems in the Sun and not only in this galaxy. There are varying energy siphons in and around our central sun. She is doing this in several densities, cleanup does not always relate to here. And none of that has to do with anything these people are doing or even could have understood. Things such as how does the AI get to the world, to Earth? Where did it come from, who made it for you? What limited access did you actually have? Could you program it? They certainly never could.

This is Not a Long Time in Warfare

Kim gave us the how many people were left in November 2021 when they were told they had to pick a side. Flash forward to July 2022 when she listed all the people who were no longer with us on the Government flow chart, on who runs the world. Now how many more on that chart are gone and how many are left? Not too many.  We are down another rung on the China side since her last broadcast too. Thousands are gone but the next one in line keeps stepping up and takes the job. That one will eventually make a mistake and they die and somebody else comes to take the spot. That’s okay it takes 20 minutes or less on her end and that is the end of it. So, in the whole scheme of things this is not a long time in warfare. But who knows what tomorrow will bring. Kim said maybe she will be shocked and someone in government will realize there is another option. After all, if China gets a hold of the country all these people in government would be fired. You think that would make a difference? Nah, probably not. They might believe her eventually, once it is too late, maybe.

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  1. Thankyou Kim and team and God bless you.
    I appreciate everything youre doing and also the writer of your updates here Thankyou!
    Maybe Mitch McConnell has some of that fentotech in his brain causing him to freeze up like hes done a couple of times in recent times that we know of – China trying to keep him in line?
    Id really like to know whats happening in New Zealand if thats possible please?
    The weathers improved but theyre still using emfs and chemtrails!
    Elections coming up on 14 Oct 23….
    God bless you.

  2. Universal law is the only thing that has carried me through the past 2 1/2 years.
    Although a very lonely time for sure. “They” will attempt a lot of things, however
    it is all a complete violation of universal law. Thanks PJZ for the transcription.

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