The Dark Timeline Did Not Return With the Blue Moon | Another One Steps Ups As Head of China Deep State | Selected Russian Ruler for the One World Government Sees Writing on the Wall | Russian Sanctions Placed by US, Europe & UK Were Ordered by China Deep State | $24 Billion Emergency Funding Bill for Ukraine, Really? | Isis, Al Qaeda, & Taliban Are Subsidiary Arms of the Black Sun | Social Security Payments Now Being Paid by Federal Tax Dollars | Veins of Earth’s Gold Are the Largest Conductors of Source Light That Exists & Why Negative Aliens Want to Control It

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on September 1, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Well the wingnuts were anticipating a big win the Blue Moon but that didn’t happen. There is a lot of angry Russians within that group of 12 soon to be not the next World Leaders. Some great news for the US folks is that federal tax dollars are no longer going to Rothschild bank! That’s a big win!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The Blue Moon

Wednesday was the Blue Moon and it was a little different than other blue moons which we have every few years because the moon’s position was closer to Earth this time and there was an alignment between the Central Sun (which is Source), the moon, and the center of Earth. So, there was something to it for those in the know, meaning for those who understand quantum physics. It would have given them an indication of what they could do at that time with that type of an alignment.

What did that mean to the crazies this time? Well, the China Deep State side told everyone that the timeline was going to flip back in their favor and they would again be in control. Kim said, to be fair, 1008 ago this did happen and we ended up back in a dark timeline with them in control again. But the world was a very different place at that time. The Draco were still around, in charge and in control, the Abraxas were still around as were the Targethians. So, there were a lot of different factors in play. For instance, the Council of 9 was still doing their old job and the crazy people think they still are but they are not. And they still think there is some alien race somewhere that has set everything up for them because they are so special.

But it was never really about alignments and Kim wants to make that extremely clear because the world is living on old texts and fantasies that do not exist and it is clearly driving everyone off the cliff. Behind every timeline and date and alignment there is always someone pushing the buttons, an Oz behind the curtain making it all happen and this is no exception. There were a few things set up to try to do something at this time, however the beings who set them up did it for themselves so they could end up with another 1008 years of darkness and not for these wingnuts who filled the vacant seats.

Neutral Portal Tied to Council of 9

What they expected did not happen, but it did not stop Umbrella Military Corp and Tai Yong Military from going to Khan Mountain in Mongolia, Silverton, Colorado, which is not too far from Kim. Mobius Military was involved as well and flew to Axum in Ethiopia on a UN military jet, so what does that tell you.

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In these 3 locations is a neutral portal and it would have been tied in to the Council of 9. There was something that anchored a bit of darkness that was there and something that anchored the light. They must have been thinking that something at these portals would give them an indication that the dark would come back. No rituals were going on, just a bunch of people observing. It was tied to something in Colorado, a facility in Dulce and the facility/laboratory in Los Alamos. They had people in both of those locations looking for a signal. They continued looking until early Thursday morning when it became apparent nothing was happening. Kim knew about what they were expecting and she certainly was not going to help them. Instead, she and her team cleaned up those locations and now there is only a light portal in those 3 locations. In the end the China deep state lied again. Their texts were wrong and there was no Wizard of Oz coming back to push a button for them.

New Head for China Deep State Steps Up

To those who keep asking why Kim can’t just take them all out. Her response is that 1/3 of the population of China is deep state. When one falls off another takes its place and this time it is a man. He took over a few days ago and he was the one expecting something to happen, big money to come, maybe a reversal, and/or omega reintegration.

Yesterday this latest head of the China Deep State spent the day ordering everyone around to find all the money and all the accounts. By last night he found out there are no accounts, no gold liens, nothing to speak of which means there was no reclaiming of the gold. All these things made him very angry. By Wednesday 3pm EST he ordered many of their pawns to go to Baghdad, Iraq to wait and collect their money. In Kim’s previous report she told us about the $48 million they got in donations from the Russians, mainly to get the war going in the Middle East, but it gets worse. The Russians also put-up money for the BRICS meeting and the African Forum and now they are out a few hundred million at this point. No money came at 3pm and everyone was fighting. But the ones fighting the most were the Russians.

Update on the 12 Selected Rulers of the One World Government

In the previous report Kim also told us about the 12 Rulers of the new world government selected by the Rothschilds and China Deep State. Four were Russian and five were Ukrainian. Well one of the 4 chosen Russians became increasingly angry with the China Deep State because he and his fellow Russians supplied most of the money.

By the way, she knows it looks like the Russians are fighting the Ukrainians but they really are not, it is all part of the theatre orchestrated by the Deep State, mainly the Order of the Dragon, to allegedly transfer the world power over to China. The 5 Ukrainians are also ex-KGB and one in the same with the Russians. That means more than what land you sit in because to them it is all the USSR, which is way it works behind the scenes.

The Russians have also been sending mercenaries and operatives to Syria and playing their part in the game in order to get the big payout and when one of these Russians did not get his payout, he lost it. But the China Deep State just said they were waiting for him to call.

Selected Russian Ruler Sees the Writing on the Wall

Meanwhile Kim was tracing back to find out who this guy was. She found out the call was with a person who is half German and half Russian. The call came out of Germany and the guy was working with the Order of the Red Dragon who told them the money is not there and to go to the UAE. Well this particular Russian said no, I’ve already run around enough, you deliver my money to me or I am coming to see you (which means they are starting to kill each other).

He then went back to the remaining Ukrainians and Russians who were not present and told them everything that happened. That there is no money and this promise of them becoming leaders of the world probably was not coming to fruition either.  And since they actually paid the operatives they sent all over the place, they are probably out all that money too.

Russia is Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The China Deep State tried to buy time with these people until today and of course nothing happened and Kim said it now looks like they are going to pull out of the Middle East. And early this morning they were threatening to pull out of BRICS. The Russians are extremely angry with the China Deep State right now but are kind of stuck between a rock and hard place because China in general is behind on their bills. They owe the Russians for those pipelines that run from Russia to China. They are behind on a lot of payments to the Russians and there is a lot at stake because China has managed to kind of quarantine Russia, to be their major partner. They turned them away from the Europeans, Americans, the UK, a lot of their major trade partners because obviously there are a lot of sanctions against Russia. That was all orchestrated-on purpose to make Russia dependent on China, to make the whole world dependent on China actually. But Kim said Russia is a force to be reckoned with onto themselves. They can literally force their borders not to trade with anyone and still have billions of dollars. They have a lot of commodities, rare earth minerals and a lot of things they provide exclusively in the market for manufacturing. Because of that, China really had to work extra hard to make sure the Russians were isolated. All the Russian sanctions were placed by the US, Europe and the UK were ordered by the China Deep State as well. That is 100% true.

We will see what happens. Is Russia going to walk away or was this just an angry conversation?

The Scavenger Hunt for Money & Gold

Everyone was sent on a scavenger hunt this week and not just those flying around in UN jets. There were some who flew to Libya, to Iraq, and many places, but there was no treasure at the end of the road. It was all orchestrated to waste time.

The same order givers who sent the operatives on a treasure hunt sent the military generals on a treasure hunt as well. The generals are mostly Jesuits, but not all of them. They went to nearly every bank in the world. They went first to HSBC in Hong Kong looking for some master accounts they thought they were going to get access to. Kim received a call from a man named Stuart Gulliver asking her if she could possibly give him access to those accounts and she had to explain to him those accounts do not exist. Then he asked about the Marcos funds, oh lord, and he did not believe her when she told him those accounts do not exist either. So, they went and found out for themselves that no accounts exist starting their hunt in Switzerland at UBS because evidently that is where all the “gold” is that backed all this money in HSBC. But there is no gold, no money there at all. Then they went to Credit Suisse and had no luck there. Then they essentially asked her indirectly where they should go next, so she told them they should go to all of them. Go to every bank in the world where you think you have an account, verify if the account is there or not and when you are done going all around the world in the UN jet make your last stop Durango, CO. If you are looking for money this is the only place. There is nobody else.  

Russian Agent Calls Kim to Find Out the Scoop

Kim said that at least the Russians are smart enough to quit while they were ahead. She got a call from an ex-KGB agent, well she uses the term ‘ex-KGB’ loosely, but she knows this guy and he was asking her what was happening so she explained it to him. She said the Russians probably have until mid-Sept if they continue this course and then his government is going to fall. He will not have a government after that, South Africa will not either. Then 24 hours later like clock-work everything she said that was going to happen in Iraq happened. She never lies to these operatives. She might be off by a few days though which is why she does not like to give dates.

Iraq Heats Up

Remember the 7 sleepers Kim talked about a few posts back, well they are kind of on a jihad now trying to rid their country of all the bad people, or rather those they have been told are the bad ones. Everybody is given a different story of who is bad. She has also seen Al Qaeda and Isis reappearing in the news and apparently they are also fighting them in Syria.

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As of yesterday, it has become apparent the American Jesuits were the ones who recreated Al Qaeda, Isis and the 7 Sleepers. Although there maybe Jesuits from the UK, Italy, or different parts of Europe who contributed, but nonetheless the Jesuits recreated it and these people (I assume she means the 7 Sleepers) feel they (I assume the Jesuits) have forsaken them and they called Russia looking for money to fight the bad guys here. Kim does not know the result of those conversations but is pretty sure that is not going to happen. The Russians are done funding ridiculous situations. Everybody knows who created Al Qaeda, Isis, and the Russian Separatists in 2014. If you do not know it is the same people creating them today, playing the same game but without any money.

And the only thing Kim will give them is advice which is this.

You have been sitting in the wrong café being fed a bunch of lies. There really is not an Isis, Al Qaeda, or Taliban. None of these groups exist, they are subsidiary arms of the Black Sun, a creation. And none of this would be happening if they listened to the scholars. But they did their best so none of them would listen, or even let them speak. They feed them a lie when someone else wants to tell them the truth because people do not fight for that.

A lot of people are getting hurt now because of these orchestrations, but hopefully things will slow down because it is over, the jig is up, we are going to a multi-polar war where no one is in control except the Creator.

US Update

The $24 Billion Emergency Funding Bill for Ukraine

Meanwhile the aids (who are also operatives) ordered by the Jesuits running things in the US are trying to put $24 billion in an emergency funding bill for Ukraine. For them it is a hot emergency because there is an enormous amount of infighting going on here now. While the Jesuits do not exactly carry a card saying they are a Jesuit, some do wear special rings though, but they are not easy to identify who is who. We know a few from the Senatus Consultum site but there are many more. In any case, Kim is sure they put forward this amount to the aids to let them know they were going to make good on some of the arms contracts that no one has been paid for.

There has been some talk behind the scenes with the Pentagon and a few other Government departments who are broke. Congress comes back on the 5th and they are going to be in serious trouble. What are the aids going to do? Are they going to continue to listen to the Jesuit Order? Evidently there are many fighting against those who are in the Order. Kim said a lot are hanging up of the phone and not taking orders, so a lot are changing their tune. That is definitely happening, but will they keep it up?

The only place they could get money for this emergency funding spending bill from the looks of it is from Kim of course, but they are still waiting until 3pm today and she does not know why. Meanwhile the status now is:

  • The Jesuits promised all the operatives who run all the politicians, including the ones running the White House that they would also be paid by 3pm.
  • There is a very angry Chinese man who just got a new job and the Russians are not taking his calls anymore.
  • There are a lot of people in DC, Order of the Dragon loyalists who are not picking up the phone, they are looking for money at 3pm too.
  • Meanwhile there are a lot of people showing up in Durango and there is a meeting supposed to happen this afternoon, (not with Kim). There is another one tomorrow to discuss what they want, what they are looking for with the local security people and them. If they are reasonable and if things work out there might be a meeting on Sunday or Monday with Kim. But she never holds her breath with these things. We will see what happens.

The one thing she can tell us is the US government will not be funding the Ukraine War.

US Emergencies

The hurricane in Florida, in Georgia, and the Carolinas, the situation in Maui, fires going on everywhere due to those Jesuit Order are US emergencies, not Ukraine. These places need to be rebuilt, there are flooding issues and most insurance won’t be covering because companies don’t provide that in these flood zones. FEMA has figured out Rothschild is not going to be funding them. Again, FEMA is not government organization no matter what it looks like on the internet. As far as funding FEMA goes, unless they are taking orders from the GIA there is no point. They really do not do anything except hand out a lot of contracts to the scavengers. For example, they take the equipment brought in for said disaster, store it and when the next hurricane happens, they bring it out and sell it.

Social Security Payments Now Being Paid by Federal Tax Dollars

Social security payments have actually been paid by Federal tax dollars for the first time. That is good news and based on changes made to the financial system. In the last few weeks, the IRS is no longer sending 80% of the taxes to Rothschild bank in Switzerland, so that is a win. The US government now has a little bit but not a lot of money. She would say it is meeting some obligations of the federal government. But even if they are getting full tax money it is not enough, therefore we need to figure out how to fix the company.  There is a lot of duplicity, a lot of fluff, corruption, money going out to corporations and all that needs to be reworked. Every penny is going to be looked over because the US Government is in bankruptcy and the GIA as the administrator has the right see where it all goes. Kim is mentioning this as a preface for the potential meeting coming up, they should keep that in mind.

Operatives, Aids, Power Brokers

As far as the operatives are concerned, she understands they are paid out of what she calls ‘fluff’, lots of big contracts. Power brokers charge 10-50% depending on who they are against those contracts to make them happen in DC. That is the reason everyone wants to become an aid. It is not because they love looking at Pelosi, or orange man, they could care less, it is because of the money, their role as power brokers and it is not just selling Trump ornaments and Trump bucks, it entails more than that. But there is a place for that and she is not talking about feeding corruption. They can get paid and very well for doing that job, but Washington DC must get cleaned up and it is going to take time and lots of money and she is willing to participate but not in the same way as before.

Gold-Backing of the Financial System

Kim has been working very hard with the gold backing of the financial system and now all of that has been installed so they can see it. Most of the overlays are gone and she is preparing for the next wave of things that are supposed to happen today. She is working as hard and as fast as she can right now to be in a position to pick up the pieces.

She is happy to hear people are not picking up the phone. She has shown we have the money and it is spendable. She also said she is not concerned about the health and welfare of the banks themselves and hopefully between now and 3pm she can finish her job because she has plans today and they do not involve watching people try to hack into her system. They continue to use information that is based on a timeline we are out of.

More About Earth as A Keystone & Its Veins of Gold

We have talked in the past about the veins of gold, Mae Wa, and the moon’s attachment to the veins gold and Earth being a keystone. It is because Earth was a keystone onto itself. The veins of Earth’s gold in the multiverse are probably one of the largest conductors of Source light that exists and that is why it is so important for ‘Others’ to control it. It conducts that energy which all organic beings thrive on and we, the organic beings also conduct it. But where we get it from is not just Source itself but also from the veins of gold within Earth because we happen to walk on this planet.

There were so many overlays not only on planes but densities between us and Source that prevented that connection. That is the other thing Kim is working on because it also affects money, because money is energy. It is not the only reason though, but to re-establish that full connection without interference is the aim here. Once that is reconnected, we will see a universal expansion. So, in the dead zone where the lower astral existed we are going to start to see light again and see an expanding universe and this is a positive thing for us. But for them all they think about it is how can I own it; they do not even know the reason why they want to own it and control it.

With everything they put in place they were able to control the energy source of the multiverse. So, we look at it from a totally different standpoint while they are looking at it like, we can control Source basically. There was a lot of truth to that story where Lucifer would take over and there was a lot in place to make that happen. But there is always a story behind the story that is so much deeper. It really is an evil masterpiece beyond our recognition and if you think the cabal is evil, this is a whole other level of evil.

More on the 12 Universes

The 12 universes and timelines are just overlays; we are not living in a different reality but there are a number of distortions that make you believe you are living in a different time. If you had weird dreams for example and an event happened, you feel it really happened, well a lot of that may due to computer generated overlays by species who had access to your Akashic records, to make you feel like this is an actual memory from your personal life. And if you feel violated by that comment, you do not want to know what else they have done and Kim is not sure she wants to tell us because there was a whole other realm of things they did.

Kim gets questions and complaints on telegram often about why she isn’t doing anything about child trafficking and where is the money.

Her response is, if you had any idea what human trafficking really looked like it would blow your mind. If you had any idea what money really looked like in a quantum system it would blow your mind and you would not be asking her that question. And you really cannot spend money if you do not exist and that was really their aim. They only wanted to keep so many batteries and the rest of us would go away. So, try and empty your cup because everything you knew was wrong and nothing related to the truth is leaking out in the alt media, and the orange man is certainly not helping us, he is helping them.


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  1. Very good news that social security is now using federal tax dollars to make payments. This is a concrete victory that we can all understand. It shows that some people are working on reform of the financial system.


  3. “we are going to a multi-polar war where no one is in control except the Creator.”

    What does this mean? What war?

    1. I think PJZ meant to say ‘a multi-polar world where no one is in control except the creator’.

      However, we do appear to be in a world wide war.

  4. What about the Silent Circle?
    What are the doing now? Are they still working with us?
    We haven’t heard about them lately…

  5. If China’s deep state is a third of China’s population that is 475,223,784. people who are going to keep stepping up to take over that will take a lifetime to sort out. A dictatorship seems to be emerging at full speed in the west – they appear to be trying to pull in money from pensions benefits and all sorts. According to Kim government shut down is imminent. It is getting really crazy now. Kim said she had done with them – then we did not see her on the news next time round after that bombshell so we have been left high and dry wondering what is going on in nowhere land. These people are all about control and they cause so much misery in the world. At this moment our outlook for winter does not bode well. Is there good news on the horizon – time will tell I guess

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