Government Shutdown News | Jesuit Order Morons Know Nothing About Economics | What Was the $21 Trillion Check About? | Chuck Schumer Proves He is a Moron, Tells Kim to Get Out of the Government’s Business of Paying Off the US National Debt (Which She Already Paid Off Under the Trump Administration) | Kim Makes Decision to No Longer Attempt to Fund Governments & Reversed Out All Accounts Under C.A.R.E. For Every Country | Part 1 of 2

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on September 6, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This is Part 1 of 2 and will focus on the moronic Deep State people and their latest hare-brained scam to get their hands on the $23 trillion Kim transferred to the US Treasury under C.A.R.E. I didn’t want it to muddy up the positive news she shared so that will be Part 2.  

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Government Shutdown News

As we know Kim transferred $23 trillion which is still sitting at the US Treasury Department for months now. The wingnuts have tried repeatedly to leverage it and do all kinds of things with it. She also told us in the previous broadcast there was an influx of people in Durango and meetings were to start on Friday last week. Well, they discussed various things and deals and then they left Monday morning which made no sense to Kim because no one talked to her and she is the only one who is going to release the money. And as far as she can tell it did not seem like the local people, the negotiators were happy with what they heard. Well, they had a good reason as to why they weren’t. Let’s start with the crazy Jesuit Order people.

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Jesuit Order

They think they own the government of not only the US but all governments and therefore they own everything the government owns. This is coming from their Order of the Dragon partners and why Kim put the $23 trillion underneath CARE because they keep coming up with these crazy harebrain schemes. There was no intention as far as she can tell of them moving forward with the government based on the following information that is even leaking out in part in the Alt Media.

The $21 Trillion Check

Here is what has leaked out in a couple of places. Someone has written a $21 trillion check. This same someone allegedly is demanding that the debt of the US must be written off with this check. She is guessing this is some kind of short sale situation because the debt of the US was much, much higher than that.

I found the reference to this….

Judy Byington: It’s 9/11, US Constitution Hanging By A Thread,White Hats Shoot Down FEMA Plane- Special Intel Report For Mon. 11 Sept. 2023 (Videos) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

Next, they want to file a $999 trillion dollar, almost a quadrillion dollar lien against all the in-ground assets in all the States in the US.  And these are the conditions they set for releasing this money that they think they have access to, or they were going to try and get access to again. They would go to Kim eventually and make a deal, thinking perhaps she would not know what was going on?

The reason it went from $23 trillion to $21 trillion is because all the operatives and aids in Washington DC made a deal for themselves after talking with themselves and perhaps some Jesuits, where they would receive $2 trillion in pay. The kickback would also include people like Mitch McConnel, Chuck Schumer, the Biden Administration, the Duck Dynasty (aka Trump operatives) and McCarthy and his operatives. They were all going to profit themselves personally $2 trillion.

Brilliant, except eventually they would have to go to Kim. If they would have come to her in the first place it would have been an acknowledgement of her existence, so I guess they can’t have that. And if they went to her first, they would find out the truth which is that she would not be releasing the whole $23 trillion in one go as we do not have the demand for that right now.

Secondly, and the part that makes them look really stupid is that Kim actually paid off the US debt to the Federal Reserve years ago during the Trump Administration. She told us this many times. She did this through a Treasury terminal that was at the White House in cooperation with the Treasury Department in New York. The total amount was about $194 trillion and she did not give the Treasury the money. Again, to be clear for the Jesuits and politicians, Kim paid off the $194 trillion to the Federal Reserve which was ultimately to herself because she held the open market account in the Alpha System which was tied to the Federal Reserve at the time, it is not any longer. She took the Federal Reserve debt and switched money around in the Back System and sent out all the paid-off Treasury notes. This is all on record with the National Archives.

So, if you are with Congress or the Military and you are still believing Jesuit baloney, you can actually go and see the transcripts and the actual day it was transferred. Confirm it with the Department of Treasury of USA in New York and it is all gone. It has been gone for years.

Next, Status of Debt Owed to Other Countries

You have fake debt and real debt. Fake debt is those “hysterical” or historical bonds and all this stuff. That is not debt. That was already wiped out in the 1980s when the global banking system became electronically connected worldwide. All those old gold certificates, old accounts were wiped out long before Kim even got here. Regarding real debt, there was a little over $1.4 trillion to the actual country of China, not Chinese Deep State, and not hysterical stuff, this is just actual debt, the treasury notes they bought. That too was wiped out at that time. She asked the country of China if they wanted gold or dollars and they picked dollars so she paid off the United States debt to China. There is a little bit of debt here and there, to the European Union, Russian Federation, and the UK, but it is not significant.

Now there is your education Congress, so pay attention. Go verify with the Archives before you just assume that your Chinese and Jesuit handlers are telling you the truth. Your claim of paying off the debt of the United States out of $21 trillion is not going to help you any. Not even close.

Jesuits Prove They Know Nothing About Economics

Let’s continue on with what else the Jesuits et al, and the NSA, because the NSA operatives are also involved in some of this were doing. Remember Kim told us that in order to issue derivatives or bonds you needed 10%? Well, they wanted to take that money under CARE and they were going to monetize all the in-ground assets of the United States and trade against those assets, derivatives, and bonds.

Let’s talk about the infeasibility of this harebrained ridiculous scheme.

If they were going to leverage it over a hundred times, that brings us to a $100 quad. Oh yes, they are infinitely the smartest people on Earth. The GDP of planet Earth is somewhere around $100 trillion on every given year. That is for an entire year. The entire amount of money in circulation is not anywhere in the realm. Every currency in every country of the entire planet Earth does not even come close to that, it’s not even in the neighborhood.

Here’s How Trading Works, Jesuits and Congress

Who is going to buy $100 quadrillion worth of those bonds? Who?

How this used to work back in the day, although not to that magnitude is they would all go through A.N.N.A., the Association of Numerical Numbering Agency in Belgium and then they would come to Kim’s desk, technically her predecessor’s desk at the time and then Marduk would end up buying the bonds, because there is not that much money in circulation, not even in the neighborhood and they have no authority to issue new money. They could not even buy it if they added all the crypto coins, doge coin or whatever it is called and XRP and Bitcoin and you put them all together in a pile for your new USTC coin they wanted.

The Next Part | Supply and Demand

Money works on supply and demand regardless of the amount of assets that back the currency. Those are the two factors that always come into play. So, your USTC coin or XRP or whatever currency you thought you were going to issue against all these in-ground assets would be worth like 0.0000000000075, something like that.

Kim’s Conclusion | It’s Impossible to Educate the Military, Treasury Department, Etc.

Kim has spent hours on the phone with people trying to educate them. She did it with the military, with the Treasury Department, with these people who are involved in this latest scamorama. She laid it out, used a white-board, used small words. She does not know what else she can do to educate these people on economics. The world of finance does not work even in this realm.

This morning the mentally challenged Jesuit Order submitted to be the financial authority and the manager of the financial system to the National Archives. It should come as no surprise as to why Kim rejected said request. They keep submitting these agreements and she is very frustrated. They are just not qualified. She saw this whole trade they tried to put together and they are insane. $100 quadrillion, have they lost their mind!

Now it gets even better!

Chuck Schumer Proves He’s a Genius? Nah

After Kim tried to explain to these people again that this was not going to work, she promptly received a call from Chuck Schumer’s aides who told her to get the heck out of the government’s business of paying off the US National debt. She said she just kind of sat there a minute then said, okay fine and she got out of their business.

She reversed out all those accounts she had under C.A.R.E. for every country everywhere. Then she told her team to call back Schumer’s office and to respond with the following. We have officially exited out of the debt problem of the United States. Congratulations. And just so they know, they probably single-handedly are responsible for the crashing of the United States government. Have a nice day.

But then they began to panic last night, “Now what are we going to do?”

Kim does not know what they are going to do. They apparently think they can make deals and handle stuff all by themselves. They apparently think they have got this under control and they are going to trade a bazillion dollars and come out ahead and be rulers of the world. This is what happens governments when you listen to a bunch of Jesuit morons and the Deep State, whether it is Rothschild or the Order of the Dragon by any flavor or wherever they are from, China or elsewhere. This is what happens to you.

Treasury of China Called Kim in a Panic

Kim received an urgent call the night before which she missed from the Treasury of China, China’s official Central Bank just in case anybody wants to correct her, is the People’s Bank of China. Remember every country has a Treasury. Well, they were telling her that there is no way out of this. They are broke, what are they going to do?  Well, the treasuries were run by the Order of the Black Sun at that time and currently the Jesuits are doing a bang-up job of running them because there is nobody above them anymore. What are you going to do? First, she highly recommended they consider getting rid of their Deep State regardless of what percentage of the population they are because they cannot fix them. That is who drained out the $1.479 trillion she sent to China a couple of years ago and that is who bled you dry working on this worldwide agenda.

BRICS is Likely to Go Bye-Bye Soon

Kim said we probably will not have a BRICS much longer. The Russians all have basically expressed an interest of walking away from China before they burn all their countries to the ground. That is basically what is happening. She pointed out both the South African government and the Indian Government who are very prominent at G20 now and they are talking about changing the name of the country. I assume they will not be onboard much longer either.

Is the US Government Figuring Out China is Not Going to Save Them?

As of this morning based on chatter she’s over hearing, the US government has finally figured out that China is not going to save them. Word is getting around. Well heck, she has been saying that for how long now?

No alignment with anything is going to help them at this point, it is over. The Rothschilds are not going to save the US Government and now the Jesuits are desperately clinging for a ‘hope’ plan because they know the money is gone now after that lovely conversation Kim had with Schumer’s office and a few others who have inquired about ridiculous claims like this one:

In the US several lawyers are holding assets which are past due. These include obligations, repos, CDOs, CDLs, some historical assets, and a few other things that the Federal Reserve was allegedly going to make good on. Well, these lawyers want to know if the US Treasury can absorb all that debt (which is not really debt) of the Fed? Kim emphatically said, No! This whole quadrillion dollar trading is not a thing!

So based on these events and experiences she has had with a few different governments now and around the world, the money in Iraq, the Russians, the Chinese, all these various people she has decided she will no longer attempt to fund governments. She is not calling them anymore and will not be taking their calls anymore. She is not interested in assisting them in any way because clearly, they are listening to a bunch of idiots.

By the way it was Schumer’s aides that leaked this about their ridiculous claims into the alt media that they were going to do this, like it’s a good thing. And if you were wondering where the orange man was, because you know he’s got to be in there, fake Trump is behind the check too and they tried to install Trump bucks again over the weekend. She is so sick of that it’s ridiculous.

Just to be clear she stated again she is officially out!

Congratulations Jesuit Order. You can now do whatever you want with a bunch of broke governments. You will not be leveraging anything in the financial system. You do not own Kim. You do not get to make deals behind her back and expect to come to her at the end of the day. So, no she is not buying $100 quadrillion worth of bonds. She is officially done!

Kim has been the only source of money to the government for almost seven years. Other than the $786 billion they borrowed from the mafias of the world, that was a Mnuchin scam. And there was a little bit that came in from elsewhere, but other than that, the trillions, that came from Kim. The paying off the National debt, that was Kim too. She does not need Chuck Schumer to negotiate the paying off of the national debt and the money is gone. It is over so do not bother coming to Durango, Colorado because she just does not care.

Trump Bucks Lawsuit

By the way, there is a lawsuit someone is about to file because they tried to use Trump bucks and it doesn’t say “not of legal tender” on those notes that people were buying. He tried to buy Trump merchandise, MAGA whatever with Trump bucks and it was declined, so he is planning on suing a civil lawsuit. Kim suggests that everyone who has Trump bucks, including the Ukrainian government need to put all their Trump bucks together and file a civil lawsuit against the Trump Corporation because it does not say it on there. That is what happens when Duck Dynasty is running your show.

$10,000 Diamond Trump Bucks™ – Official Website

The News at UNN Will Be Changing

As of next week, Kim said she will only be reporting news about governments that would affect you personally. She does not care if Mitch McConnell freezes on camera, if Biden dances the hokey pokey, she does not care anymore about their politics or who they try to put in the White House because no president has been ratified since Obama. Even Trump was not legally the President of the United States. She did not have to pay all those budgets during that time but she did it anyway. And the hundreds of conversations she had with Trump over a 4-year period are all registered in the Archives, so Congress people, McCarthy or whoever is listening to this should go do their research and stop believing these crazy morons.

Therefore, UNN will be transitioning from what they are saying in the government because they are just lying and moving towards more impactful news. Eventually we will not be talking about this stuff anyway and in a couple of months we will be transitioning to news that informs us of things that matter to us. Kim just cannot talk about those people anymore; she has hit her done button.

What Will Be Reported?

If they are going to raise the price of stamps or are going to change legislation that maybe will affect your kids in school or example, UNN will report on that. Responses from the government, the militaries or whatever is happening regarding Maui as another example, or in the Carolinas due to the hurricane, that type of stuff she will report on because it means something to people. But as far as militaries and fake politics she will not do it anymore. If you want news on who is running against who and political campaigns in every country, you will have to go someplace else because she does not want to hear it anymore, it is all just theatre, a show. She guesses they will be able to continue to talk crap until November. They will come up with some harebrained scheme that will be rejected and they will constantly not have any money. They will probably be able to float until after the holidays on baloney in the media and then by the time January rolls around when they are due to come back, yet are still in a government shutdown, then we will start to see that wane.

They Intended to Use the Money for the Next Plandemic

By the way the politics behind this latest ridiculous scam, the political capital that they anticipated they would gain from using the money that is at the Treasury (or was because it is not there anymore) was used to create the mask-wearing situation in California and they intended it would pay for the next pandemic. Whatever the ridiculous number was these people were spouting all over the place pays for a lot of pandemic-ing doesn’t it? Another reason Kim is out.

Operatives Wanting to Jump Ship From Their World

Aside from the morons Kim just told us about, there are a lot of smarter people willing to move forward, some of the operatives that want to jump ship from their world and she said that offer still stands. She and the GIA are definitely interested in bringing them onboard, there will definitely be jobs for people at the Treasury that have expressed an interest in wanting to work for C.A.R.E. in the financial sector. There are people from the Federal Reserve that want to jump ship as soon as she is ready to take them on. Everybody will have a job. She is not likely going to be hiring Mitch McConnel or Chuck Schumer or whatever that is playing Biden, that is for sure but we don’t have any need for that or them or whatever they are.

Reminder About the Government Shutdown

Bear in mind that essential services are run by your state or province, typically that is not a federal or national thing depending on where you live. We will survive, we will make it. In some countries where you have national healthcare, Kim is sure there is concern which is why Assurance is first on her list of things to do in rapid succession. They might have to put some stopgap applications on a phone app to enable people to tap and pay for things and they can probably get that done in quick order. Or she can develop funds at the different hospitals. She and her team will find a way to make it work.

Kim said we would not be coming to this point if she did not have faith is us, that we will rally around our communities, that we will get people the help the need and let them know what is available to them. So, hold on to that light because here we go! We are right there at the top and ready to come down the other side!


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  1. What if she really is who she says she is?
    I am still hoping she is.
    We need something good to happen to get us out from under control of the Khazarian Mafias 1000 year old plot against humanity. The sooner they are all gone the better for man-kind.

  2. We just have to be patient, what else can we do. Small acts like patience and faith. I can understand not throwing everything overboard. These are powerful players and very scrupelous too. Kim and her team certainly wants to avoid total pandemonium. She probably plays her cards well and see what is still hidden and what they come up with or try out next. Unfortunaltely everything in the world is build or set up by them. If she chucks a wobbl, we all go under. We are dependant on their system, but as I can read they are breaking downs layer by layer. If you ladies would live in a poor country, in Africa for example you will learn the patience is a virtue. We must all bring our part. I know, I also feel frustrated at times, but when I look at the clear blue skies here in Europe, how the sun has changed, I can see that we definitely shifted. Elisabeth April, an american clairvoyant put out a video inApril of 2020. She mentioned everything that will happen, which it did. She said it will take about 4yrs approximately. Last December she put out her predictions for 2023. So far she was amazingly accurate. she mentioned that a political player with male energy (also could be female she said) will suddenly appear in the arena. She said this person is known by some, but not out in the open. Once this happens things will start happening. I immediately thought of Kim. As the outdated saying goes, “Rome was not build in a day”.

    1. ПРУ. Если в течении нескольких месяцев Киберли Гоген не произведёт зачистку на 70-80 процентов неисправимых, то процессы преобразования на планете затормозятся. А утверждение Ким что она не знает будущее ложь во благо. PRU. If within a few months Cyberly Gauguin does not clear out 70-80 percent of the incorrigible, then the processes of transformation on the planet will slow down. And Kim’s claim that she doesn’t know the future is a white lie.

  3. Another correct decision by Kim – end the crazies no matter what percentage they are. They are not good for themselves or society. They are especially harmful to children and the young because they will teach them to do the same insane things they do. And so they will perish generation after generation. There is no sense in that.
    This war that is being waged against the common man must stop. These induced fires, floods, earthquakes, diseases… This is utter madness. Normal people want radical change for the better. God is Love! And that is what every normal person needs.
    Thank God, thank Kim, thank you Pam and thank all the bright people!

    1. НАРАНСИНА Здравствуйте. Ваши слова – Бог есть любовь! – только часть энергий спектра энергий Бога. Упрощённо – есть 12 основных энергий и любовь как одна из основных энергий. NARANSINA Hello. Your words – God is love! – only part of the energies of the spectrum of energies of God. To put it simply, there are 12 main energies and love is one of the main energies.

      1. Забыл основное – Любовь как целостная энергия не может быть целостной ниже 5 пятой плотности измерения. I forgot the main thing – Love as a holistic energy cannot be holistic below the 5th fifth density of measurement.

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  5. Thankyou Kim.
    Your tireless efforts to right the wrongs is very much appreciated.
    Can you please release some info on whats happening in New Zealand.
    We have an election on 14th October and the 2 major parties are globalist nazis and liars and deceivers.
    Our NZ fake news media are ignoring all the minor parties and then at the end of voting all the minor party votes are distributed to the major parties as if the minor party voters votes dont matter. I reckon this is all called election interference. Can you donsomething about this please Kim?
    Really we need NZ Loyal and Liz Gunn who really do have a lock on common sense and you can find her and NZ Loyal policies FOR the people and the country on rumble chan “Free NZ”.
    Thankyou and God bless you and everyone with great success and safety as we take down these rogue govts worldwide ❤️👍🏻😀

  6. Also I wanted to state the onvious about the hospitals – well the hospital staff are all jabbied up and seem to have lost full functional capacity of their brains – and so there is NO confidence in the newly brain damaged vaxxed medical staff.
    Do you know this is rife in every govt entity here in NZ nowadays – these new brain affected people are still in the decision making positions they held before their jabs injured them and it seems as if none of them are even aware of their new mental incapcitations and this is causing many many problems. ALL govt entities are failing here simply because theyve become govt narrative followers and thats because theyve lost full function of their minds.
    Interest rates on the rise again too and petrol now $3.13+ a litre. Dire straights indeed.

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