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This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 7, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update Kim shares what happened since no money arrived and the pallets were fake super notes were not cashable. She said the government is not likely to last until the 15th and presented an option for the underling operatives who are beginning to see they are probably on the wrong side.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Kim said she has been having a lot of fun with her plan but of course she cannot tell us a lot of details because our enemies watch too. I am glad she is having some fun though.

Meeting in Singapore

There was a meeting on Sunday that was arranged by the plane people who did not show up. She described it as one of their rah rah sessions. It is a big corporate meeting because they are all one together, all intelligence agencies and militaries of the world are one unit reporting to the same people. It’s just which part are we going to play this time. Of course, they do not tell the operatives this and they end up in these precarious situations. They will send someone from the US to go to the banana republic, then they will send someone from the UK also to the banana republic to kill the one from the US. It’s just a game they play.

This meeting was a little different though. Since the plane people didn’t show up, in comes the people who would have reported to the plane people, like the JASON Society and various groups like it in other countries, and they tried to do the rah rah session. Quite frankly, no one really bought it. The reason is because they know what Kim is doing because of the Key Intelligence and Military System which basically gives everybody transparency on most, but not all operations that she runs. She purposely lets the operations she wants them to see on there and then the ones she does not she hides.

Universal Income & Digital ID Program Item in the News

Kim wanted to touch upon another item in the news which was their Universal Income and Digital ID program which go together and is related to Nesara/Gesara, those kinds of things. She explained this is kind of relative to the original thought process of Communism. It is not true communism, what they tried to implement a 100 years ago because today it is kind of like social communism-esq and democracy tyranny. This is where they are going, that was the plan. It is another human experiment and they want to test this out to see what people would do.

She can see why they would have picked the UK because the British arm of the New World Order, known as the Rothschilds et al, and the Golden Dragon in China are very good friends and they are absolutely wanting to implement this digital ID. We know they developed a whole program that will rate you as a person and determine if you still get your universal income. So, with this program that was intended to come from governance, if it was successful, they would cut you off at will and then you get ousted. But their plan will not work even if Kim did nothing, so she said to relax.

No Money Came & Washington DC in Panic Mode

Come Monday by end of day Washington DC was in a full-on panic because the money did not come. Then it kind of steam rolled from there into Tuesday because the pallets of cash that had been distributed by the deep state all over the Middle East and Ukraine were not cashable.

In Israel is where you pretty much have your lead players and it could be considered Dragon-land because it is a combination of the British sector and the Chinese sector. You do have the Red Dragon participating here and there, but for the most part those are the ones really pushing for the agenda, along with the Americans of course.

Between all the promises of gold from Chinese elders, and promises by Israel to the Middle East all over the place to start a war, the lies had to end. They moved 5,000 troops to the border in Jordan and did a lot of stuff to prepare for this thing they thought was going to happen on Monday. The tapestry of bullshit coming from various parties trying to maintain control over the agencies and the militaries (which means they would control politics too) and so on and so forth had to end and Kim developed this plan last week because she knew this was going to happen. She was just waiting to push the button.

Kim’s Plan | $23 Trillion Account

Monday evening at 6 PM EST she decided to deposit $23 trillion dollars at the Treasury Department. Along with that $1.1 billion worth of gold. It is in kind of its own bubble as it has Kim’s firewall around it. They can see it, but you need a pin code to access it and there are stipulations to access it in the form of agreements. Along with that she also put in another account called a liaison account. The liaisons will be named at some point, but it is 10% of the amount of the $23 trillion account.

Why did she do that?

Because she knows the operatives who have been running around trying to make these pallets of cash and other agendas work are not getting paid. They are told they are but no one is. That includes the CIA aids and those are people who make politics run. That is the way it is, Kim did not create it that way obviously, nor does she necessarily agree with it, but she has to be able to navigate her way through a bunch of angry people who have not gotten paid. That is why she set up a liaison account. The next account she created was a 2% administration fee, which is the fee she has always had and is for her administration.

The account is not in the name of the United States Government, it is in the account of CARE, Center for Amity and Restoration of Earth. In order to access said account, the first stipulation is that your country must become a member of CARE.

The Security Council of the UN has admitted they do not have a charter, status, or a registration. They have admitted it. CARE does. The Registration Number for CARE, which is for the intelligence community who loves to watch her, not for her every day audience is 2023-41159442. It is in the Archives and not accessible on a website. They can see that CARE is a sovereign entity with a registration that is equal to or greater than the UN used to be and governments do not have to pay for membership, unlike the UN. There are a few departments already up and running and CARE will be known to every government in the world by the weekend and they are open for business.

When the UN Went Down, Where Did it Leave Government Registrations?

Since all governments were underneath the UN, the answer is nowhere. Nobody exists anymore. Countries are being told if they touch the Global Repository they will be sanctioned, therefore they must be sent information the UN is defunct and the umbrella of fear, no matter how much the dark side wants it to exist it just does not. So, they have to be told their countries do not have a status anymore. There is no Constitution, no Charter, nothing anymore registered in the Hall of Records, which by the way is why budgets keep getting declined. She does not know who you are. So, you must be a member of CARE to get your sovereign status back. They did it to us and now the tables are turned. Besides they have bad management and they need better management.

She also told them she needs a budget, a spreadsheet that makes sense. And if they try and use money for nefarious purposes, she takes it right back. Just like she did with the $500 billion she gave to Trump after the election. She told him about the hacking and gave him everything, all the information on how to fix it and what did he do? He gave contracts to the unseen Black Sun Generals to blow up the planet. So, she pulled every dime back to all those he gave it to and they all lost everything.

She is not playing anymore. The government will probably be able to scrape it together until Friday but she anticipates by the 15th you can stick a fork in the global economy. We the people will not see it right away but governments will. They cannot hang on that long in her opinion. She will bail you out but it means together you will make government work, and this offer is not out there forever. She is aware thought it is going to take a force to convince these people in the Senate Finance Committee that these China Deep State people do not walk and water and can part it because they have been convinced by the Order they do.

Who are These Groups She is Offering Jobs to Become Liaisons?

These are groups who have not gotten paid and they report to people like the JASON Society and others maintaining control of agencies, militaries and the ‘retired’ people. But she said they are a very capable group. Some names we would recognize and would have seen as retired folks from militaries and what not. She has seen what they are doing and she gave them the account information and all that they need and when they went to verify it, she saw exactly who jumped in and tried immediately to steal it. And the response back to the group was, do not worry, we can steal it all.

There is more to this story but they immediately tried to start hacking and she gave all the locations they went to in brief because they need to know she knows.

  • Oklo Mine in Gavan on the West Coast of Africa. This place allegedly has a natural nuclear fusion process that takes place in this area.
  • Browne Sediment? or Settlement? in Australia, the were looking for a portal to hack into
  • La Stele de la Liberte in Gabon, Africa. This thing has 2 pillars on either side about 30 feet tall and in the middle is half woman half demon with handcuffs on. Hum is it about slavery? No, it means there was a non-human portal there.

Kim got tired chasing them around and instead today she went looking for a mistaken signal that came from a few areas and has been running around the world tidying them up. Some sites had a few remnants and it was worth the effort to clean it up because she does not want to give them hope. False hope can be disastrous.

Also, while they were busy trying to hack Kim made many transfers in rapid succession to Wells Fargo Bank. That is how she found the Thule Society and little things left in the system. It is a great time to get them to pull out anything they might have had remaining in the system. They had some files, some Trojans that needed to go.

Paul at the Treasury

Then there was a guy named Paul, that is all she will give us regarding his identity, inside the Treasury running around saying we are going to do FedNow, we’re taking over the Fed! Remember the Treasury is typically Black Sun run but he is telling everyone he’s the man and clearly on some power trip. But of course, he kept getting access denied when he enters the PIN code. He did it over and over again, whether he did it from a distant location or at the Treasury itself.

So, Kim thought Paul and herself should have a little chat. She decided to play, now you see it, now you don’t with him. Then put the $23 trillion account back and then said peekaboo, literally that is the text she sent to him and then she turned it back on again. But then they just kept trying to hack and eventually started thinking finally it is happening we are going to steal it! So, she had to stop it and texted them, yes, I am fuc*ing with you and your deep state handlers. She said they had to know it was her, so they would know there was no hope here. Then she sent him a special message and told him to tell his handlers to watch your 6, which is a military term for watch your back.

The Ultimatum

When this money showed up and the potential liaisons’ saw the $2.3 trillion in the account that is just for them everyone started calling, everybody started panicking. And per the advice of Janet Yellen and some members of Congress, they were told not to say who it is from. Of course, they all have the same deep state handlers and Kim knows where those orders came from, so she said again, they need to watch their 6. Then she moved $10 out of the main $23 trillion dollar account and then $1 dollar out of each of the other accounts.

Why did she do that?

Because rumors were going around from these people the money is not real and they started their lies again. So, she figured, nobody has to wait, look I can give it to you right now. And once the potential liaison groups saw that happen, now the ultimatum came. Several of them got together and told their handlers I guess, if they didn’t get the money, they were promised they were going to call it at noon today.

Cheyenne | Command & Control for the World

In the past Command and Control has been in Cheyenne for the entire US and most of the world honestly. And there is a reason for that which had to do with a Pandora’s Box there and a connection to the lower astral and a bunch of other stuff. But all of that does not exist anymore, and the jackasses down the street came into town yesterday wanting to talk to local people who may want to assist them. But that did not go very well.

Now these remaining people left, the underling operatives do not really have a lot of respect for the jackasses and their ability to run operations, especially when Kim is running circles around them and it is kind of embarrassing for them. So, they had a meeting and decided to stop taking orders from that group. This is a decent size group in the US. Globally they would have an alliance with agencies and militaries worldwide because that is how it always worked. But again, these are the underlings and they are figuring out between what Kim is telling them, the Key Intelligence and Military System and the money, that they are on the wrong side.

Now there are a lot of oaths that are taken when you go to work for agencies, or become a General and it is not a pledge to the government but to the society you report to and where your allegiance needs to lie. It is kind of like Skull and Bones-esq and other secret societies. So, for them to break the oath was huge, but then again, the people they needed to fear in the past are not here anymore. But Kim said she will not know until this meeting happens this afternoon as to whether they actually walk. $2.3 trillion is a lot of money to make as a liaison and she is not sending them out to war, to get shot at or load planes with fake cash, and Trump bucks. So, there is a lot of think about if they are smart.

Trump Bucks Were Not Very Enticing

Speaking of Trump bucks, when they found out those infamous pallets of cash were not good, they did offer some countries, especially Middle East countries, Trump bucks. They were told they could trade out their US dollars for Trump bucks, but that did not go over very well. So, they tried to convince them to exchange their money out for the US digital dollar, which has not launched either. Then Kim shows up with the savior, the $23 trillion, but they will not touch it, higher level people.

It’s Not About the Money Now, It’s About Not Letting Kim Win

So, by the afternoon, it is clearly not about the money anymore. She heard a comment, do not let her win! So, it is all about Kim now and the last thing they had to do to stop the withdrawals was to pull the plug on the webserver. So, the money is not there anymore, she pulled it back. And next time she will just use multiple ports now that she knows how to play the game better. She will not repeat the same thing like they do over and over and over again. And by the way, while the account is asset code protected, she has not even issued an access code yet because that would be dumb. She is quite the opposite and why she is Ground Command!

CARE is Here & Everyone Will Know It!

So, we will see what happens. The underling operatives at least got $1 yesterday which is more than they got from their Deep State handlers. But will there be another squirrel to chase? At this point in time, she said it is looking decent, but war is tricky.

We are prepared to go it alone if we must, but it’s going to get bumpy. You have to think of Social Security and all that, Life Essentials, and how long the rollout takes and she doesn’t want to cause mass mayhem for the people. But CARE is here. It is an international organization with a lot of money. A sovereign entity onto itself and everyone will know its name by the end of the week and they cannot hide it anymore.

As for those who fight with the darkness, there is no darkness left, therefore you are fighting alone.


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