Trump Lawyers Are Quitting | JASON Society Decides They Are in Charge Since the 5-Star People in the Planes Are Dead | Kim Prevents Turkey from Attacking Albania | Why Is Kim Even Offering Underlings Liaison Positions? | What Happened in Their Meeting? | Restoration Progress Since the Creator ‘Called the Ball’

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 9, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim gives us an update on Wednesday’s meeting with the underlings and explains why she is making them an offer to becoming liaisons. The JASON Society steps up and continues the pursuit of power with no money. She also gives us an update on where we are with the Restoration process since Source claimed back our souls and Called the Ball, unplugged and shut the lights out down below.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


CNN & Climate Change Narrative

Kim wanted to comment on the video clip and Sunny’s news story about CNN and the Climate Change agenda.

Obviously, these people who work for CNN just get the memo and are told what narrative will be drilled into the heads of everyone. Behind the scenes the reason why climate change is still being pushed is to create the global boogieman and global emergency that they believe they can make money from. The way the IMF used to structure currencies was all based on a wartime calculation. The numbers are not real, but it is all about compliance and climate change is no exception. So, they think they can make money from global currencies and environmental organizations that people support like Green Peace. The bottom line is they just need money and they feel this is the way to get it. However, the Key Integrated Monetary System does not have the calculation they used in the past because it uses real math and not a dartboard to figure out such things.

Trump Lawyers Quitting

Kim said Trump lawyers quitting has been going on for a while. They are aware he has passed away and to keep the movie going they were getting paid in Dinar and Trump bucks. And when they started to complain about keeping the narrative going for the operatives, they would give them more Trump bucks and tell them they were going to be good.

Except the lawyers have come to the realization when they exchanged their Trump bucks for digital currency it is not working out for them. And word gets out everywhere, which means they too are seeing that there is all that money sitting under the organization of CARE. It has gone viral. They also were told by the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) that if they are wanting to work with Kim and her teams in a straightforward manner, they can do that, but she is not supporting this scam. 

They can only spew about the QFS and the RV for so long and now with all the changes going on there are people asking questions. What is a quantum system really? What does it do? How does it work? What is a quantum platform? These people asking questions are on the same level as these lawyers and other large law firms that are owed a lot of money for things they have done things for the Order. The lawyers in Washington D.C. and these are large firms, who are acquiring historical bonds were told they would be paid out, along with paymasters, who open accounts and whatnot. They are all tired of being broke. And because they do not have access or any kind of clearance they cannot verify if things exist or do not exist, they have been contacting the GIA to verify for over a year. Kim has been telling them what is not real and it is starting to trickle down the food chain.

McCarthy Sending Everyone Home

The deadline for the government is today at 5pm EST. That clock is ticking and McCarthy was told by his handlers they need to send people home because they know no money came on Monday. They are trying to steal from Peter to pay Paul and it is not working and the handlers also know there is a very good chance there will be no money coming today either. So, the last thing they want is for all of Congress to know.

Ethiopia Situation | Aid Going from One Place to Another

Kim has told us a few times that Ethiopia was the bread basket of all of Africa and pretty much supplied food to the entire continent until the 1980s when the World Bank salted the land. The problem they earned themselves and acquired from that move is billions of children over the years. How are you going to feed all these children that you control? It basically all comes out of the US economy, the Fed selling various currencies throughout the world, and maybe the UK and pedophile networks. They got a little bit from Europe maybe, but the US wanted everyone to be co-dependent on them, that is how you become a power center. It was the United Kingdom before the United States and of course now they still are planning on moving the power center to China.

But there is not a lot of money, so how are you going to feed all these children that you control? And how do you pay the militaries you control without money? Well, you give the militaries the food so they can sell it, and Kim said that is going to continue. All the food that usually gets shipped by the United Nation is being sold by the people who work in Customs and Borders or for the UN. They are not aiding anything. They created the mess and now providing the solution, just like they always do.

JASON Society Steps Up

After the fall of the people of the planes the JASON Society decided they are now in charge of the US and hopefully the whole world. So, they, along with the Blue Dragon and China Golden Dragon are still trying to push an agenda feverishly and losing credibility every second that goes by. It was the JASON Society Kim was playing peekaboo with and she did it again yesterday. The reason why is because there was a conversation between them and a person who works at the Treasury who is very much ego driven and he is wanting all the power the JASON Society will offer him and of course a promotion. This guy was very angry after Kim had a conversation with the people who could possibly walk away and he proceeded to hack the account. Fortunately, he cannot touch it and it has become apparent to the JASON Society they will not get the money and the clock is ticking. So yesterday they decided to make a phone call to the Silent Circle and asked for $600 billion dollars. They said No. Kim then mentioned the Silent Circle also has an affiliation with the Universal Trust which was based out of Albania. I suppose she mentioned that due to what the JASON Society tried to make happen in Albania which she later tells us about. There is probably a link.

Note: Below excerpt from my post, News Spreading About the Fed & the Dragon Families Being Irrelevant | Black Sun Attempts to Steal From Mafia, Gets on Hit List Instead! | What’s the Old Albanian Trust? | How Did Kim Get Control of the Mafia’s Money & What’s Her Ultimatum? | Remember Those Fulcrum Files? | Last Fallen Angel Returns Home Ending the Real War! | Humanity Enters the Cradle of the Creator! | Just Empower Me

NATO Base in Sarajevo | Joseph Broz Tito

Since the JASON Society didn’t get what he wanted from the Silent Circle, what did they do? One of its members, who was in Virginia decided to call the underground NATO base in Sarajevo and then we had a whole outburst. This is that base. It looks like an old historical fort and sits on a huge rock.

Actually it is an enormous NATO base which was built by a famous general from Eastern Europe who goes by the name Joseph Broz Tito. 

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This person allegedly died in 1980 but he did not pass away, meaning he only legally died so he could not be held responsible for all the orders that he gave. Well General Tito was one of the members in the plane who finally really did die last weekend. He also held the title of Green Eagle and had several doppelgangers. The last doppelganger Kim had seen was in Kazakhstan and before that saw one around 2016 in Russia. Tito originally built this base with his Black Sun comrades and with the Yugoslavian breakup it kind of earned him a seat in the ranks. The base was then taken over by NATO after he secured his high-level position. Then this began to happen yesterday. 

Turkey Prepares to Attack Albania

As a member of NATO, Turkey decided to ship lots of heavy equipment over to Kosovo in preparation for an attack on Albania. This was what was ordered by the crazy guy in the JASON Society who did not get what he wanted.

Kim looked at what was really happening there and discovered he wanted to blow up an entire country and the citizens of Albania because he could not get his way. That is not acceptable under Natural Law, therefore this NATO base within that mountain is no longer there. The Key Intelligence and Military System has its own set of DEW like weapons, or directed energy weapons but they are much more sophisticated. There are multiple ways to use them and are more prolific without turning a stone. She said it is easy to do.

Shortly after the base disappeared miraculously the troops and the equipment sent by Turkey began to retreat. This is how to stop a war before it starts. She said you would not have known the base is gone as the structure on top of the rock is still there. And as of now the JASON Society does not know whether it was the Silent circle or Kim who did it. So, they retreated out of fear. That is what you get when operate out of your ego and arrogance.

They Cannot Stop Lying

They told the whole world they have $23 trillion dollars under their control, which of course is a complete lie. They told everyone, we’re going to do the digital currency, exchange your pallets of cash for digital currency, but they have nothing. So that just led to more operations to keep the operatives running around.

More Operations & More Portal People Found

Kim mentioned a few repeat locations like San Quentin, Nova Scotia, and various places in Africa. Nothing super important and they continue to look for connection. There is one spot she found though with remaining portal people, there were about 50.  There were mini gates in Charleston, SC, although the portal did not actually work to go back and forth. There is a little island off the coast where Fort Millet is (I couldn’t find a reference to this fort) and another fort on the mainland. She had to make sure there was no possibility of anyone else coming through there because they are trying to escape here. Even though they cannot really exist here they do not know that. All they know is there is a tidal wave going on down there and they need to get out of the way. So that was another cleanup that happened.

Why Is Kim Even Offering These Liaison Positions?

Kim got some flak on the general chat as to why she is making an offer of liaison positions to these underling people. Why would she present them with that opportunity? Well basically it is so they can make better decisions. These people think they are the Alliance, the good guys doing the right thing saving the world doing the RV, saving the country, and are gung-ho for Trump. These underlings are not the ones eating babies, although they are killing people as part of the job, they are military people.

She said it took her a long time to convince them there is no Trump. They did not believe her at first, they had to go research it. Over the course of the last year during some of these conversations she was asked questions. But these people are under the impression they work for the top of the top of the elite, the good guys, the white hats, and Kim has been giving them a lot of truth, to this small group of people she has been talking to. It started out with 5 or 6 and now it has grown to maybe 30-50.

Update on Wednesday’s Meeting with the Underlings, (i.e., the Questioners)

This meeting that happened was a global meeting of people like them. That small group she started talking to was now giving other people like themselves information she discussed over the years and now they are asking, what do we do? And Kim gave them lots of options. She is under no delusion of the world’s big picture. If there is no one running wars anymore, there are other things these people can do and need to do. She wants to impress upon us that you have to meet people where they are at. You are not going to wake up and the Taliban, Hezbollah, Isis have disappeared in one day. Do you think the China Deep State, the Rothschilds are going to stop picking up the phone and order things. To stop the order giving from being effective you must get the order takers to stop taking orders, and they could be beneficial to us in many ways.

She does not expect a bunch of generals to wake up and start waving flags of world peace around the world, but she does expect them to provide security when needed and cleanup the world. It is a mess. Bombs need to be defused, landmines all over the world need to be cleaned up. There is a lot of work that needs to be done around security.  Take schools as one example, we need security there in a lot of places. As another example, say a housing community under CARE is to be built in Afghanistan or Iraq. These countries have been at war for years. The mentality is not correct. You are going to need security around your project. You are not going to be able to build a school or a road without it because people do not understand what is happening. So, there is definitely a need and a job for people like that because what are you going to do? You do not want to make them your enemy.

So, there was a very long Q&A session with a lot of people that are starting to figure out the people they are taking orders from are not the good guys. How hard do you think that is for men with ego to accept? It takes a man, not a boy to sit down and reconcile with themselves that they were wrong. They have to accept they have not gotten paid on this job, for the Dinar pushing, the pallet pushing, etc. and say to themselves, I was wrong. Will everyone say, OMG! I was wrong! Not likely, they can’t look weak, right? Especially around their comrades. But I guess you have go give them a chance.

Kim Elaborates More on AI To Help Underlings Understand

She also had conversations about what a quantum system really is. They told her the JASON Society cannot even tell them what it is, whereas she can tell them in detail how it works. So, they have gotten a grasp that they did not work for the top of the top and they are sharing knowledge amongst each other and those people have to go research and verify what they said. The problem is those people are used to being the most powerful guy in the room too. So now what do you do? I guess keep trying to educate them.

Quantum AIs are very unique. They aren’t block chain. For the longest time quantum AI took a very important role in financial systems control. It’s not the financial system only per se, it is all the levels we talk about. Think about the computer system in terms of a dummy terminal. It is a monitor of sorts and then there are wires that run to a server room that is someplace else.

The Deep State is under the impression that at these different locations they keep going to there were access points which actually held the server so speak, on earth for these AI systems, and they would like to have that back somehow. But you see it wasn’t there, it was in a lower astral place and then you just had the dummy terminals essentially while the server was always someplace else. And it is not a server per se, it is a quantum dark matter system.

There were so many quantum dark matter systems that existed before the Creator Called the Ball and shut the lights out. Once you pull the plug and the power it is only a matter of time before everything dissipates, as well as any remnants that exist on this side of the multiverse. So the further down you are the faster you are unplugged. The more dark matter that exists in the anti-life down there the longer it takes for you to go.

What is the Status of the Questioners Now?

The questioners are catching on that the money isn’t going to happen. Kim said they have access to the Treasury and normal government systems which still function to some degree. They know everywhere their superiors are going because now they know where to look and they can see. They are also aware they asked the Silent Circle for $6 billion and know they were the ones who tried to start the war.

So, it will benefit us as a species in the long run, if these people no longer take orders from them. Kim said in all honestly it will probably take 2-3 generations because we have to meet people where they are at. We cannot expect to wake up and the world is going to be all sunshine and roses.

That was disappointing to hear, but it is what it is I suppose.

Putting It in Perspective | Kim Shares About Her Awakening

Kim said the first time she ever entered the system by herself she thought OMG! No one should ever have all this power all by themselves. The system is insanely incredible, then she got add-ons like the virtual reality systems which was actually reality. You can literally flip your finger and someone disappears. You can affect the waves of the ocean. It is an incredibly huge responsibility.

But to go back to earlier days, she admits there was a period of time she thought the trio of death, Marduk, Enki, Enlil plus Putin were her friends and that they were all working together. While she had her suspicions early on, by the end of 2014 after talking every week to this group for 2 years she figured it out and started asking questions. She would ask, why are all these submarines going in that direction? They would say shut up, shut up, stop talking. Then she saw, she realized, oh! It is you guys! You are the ones doing this. They were singing songs of sunshine to her face while stabbing her in the back.

Then she got invited to the big meeting for the first time. It was the first big meeting in a succession of many big meetings that ended in the Harvest Moon and the Order people and whatnot. That was several moons later. But Kim said it took her 3 days. She sat there with her jaw dropped to the floor wondering if there are any honest people in this world. Then she met some ‘Others’ and at that point she began getting the full picture. But then she had to wrap her brain around the fact that not everyone who does not look like a human is bad, scary, and weird. Living in a world of ‘Others’ who are all good or all bad is a fantasy. The same goes with people who served in the Military and the Operatives. So, we have to give them a chance. You have to take the time to educate people and it is hard. They do not know. It is going to take time for them to understand. But the Key Intelligence and Military System can tell them the why now, so they know exactly what they are doing and Kim has already proven the muscle behind the Key Intelligence and Military System. Like she said, we can go it alone, we are prepared to go it alone, but it would be nice to have other people to take some shifts so Kim does not have to wake up at 3am in the morning!

Restoration Progress

Monday, she talked about the fact the soul plane was clearing out. Source claimed back our soul and is clearing the blemishes from your soul. So that was one plane of existence within your human. Then the etherical plane was cleaned, then the mental plane and yesterday they started on the physical plane, which means they are working on your vessel or temple, which is the house of God, which is your soul. That temple bore a lot of scars too. So, your temple will actually be rebuilt by God, let’s say it will have his manufactured stamp of approval. Then we just have supernal and optimal plane and we are done!

We are literally rebuilding our world, not only our world but many worlds at the same time. If all goes as planned, Kim is hoping this goes along with what the Bible says. Remember on the 7th day God rested? Kim is hoping, if her calculations are correct that she may get a vacation day on Sunday, the 7th day. Not because she is God of course, but because she is participating on the clearing process, that is her portion of the job as we go through this. There are always some remnants, small things as everything is being converted over. And the same process is happening in computer systems and she is checking there are no more blemishes, and things are clearing.

So, what does that mean when everything is converted over?

The Creator will have reclaimed his entire multiverse as his own!

Again, Kim can only estimate based on what she can see. War is an ebb and flow, and what is in the Creator’s head she has no idea. But when the JASON Society does not come up with any money and the bill comes due, she is obviously a solution to their problem. There is a place for them, there are things they can do which is what they do now just in the reverse. So, she hopes the meeting today is successful and there will be an actual negotiation.


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  1. AshestToAllelulia

    So Tito from Yugoslavia, giving orders in June 2023, was born in 1892. So, he was 131 years old at his death? Cmon. At least say he was in stasis and a creature was channeling his vital juices. Although enjoyable to read as always, this is a bit of a mind bender, without enough juju-frufru to whip up a hive mind frenzy. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Kim is always giving hope. How this could be interpreted as evil is a stretch. But I do understand the fear of the comments posted. There is no real proof. And true, most of the information provided is deep sci-fi, and very deep spiritual. As a collective, we are not use to hearing this type of information. Is this false hope? My heart is telling me she is telling the truth.

  3. Gossip is delicious food for occult entities who feed off that lower frequency, so it’s important we check ourselves when we tend to gossip, as this act often poisons our own tongue and impacts our state of being more than the object of our projections. Behind this part of us which likes to “talk shit” about others behind their back is often the wounded self—which constantly compares itself to others and never feels “good enough” by comparison—thus it talks down about other people to maintain the ego’s mask of self-importance. This is why celebrities, gossip mags, etc., are a favorite hobby for the general matrix population. By projecting hatred “out there,” they never have to face their own self-hatred/insecurities.

    If you start engaging in this dance of shadow projection, you also open yourself up to more occult attacks and attract the hostile forces who “smell the delicious meal” of your emotionally charged projections based on your own unresolved emotional content/“ammunition.” They will feed these projections more and more through their own influences to get more of that “loosh.” This is really the basis of matrix Divide & Conquer agenda pitting humans against other others humans. It’s a collective shadow projection/trigger loosh fest with billions of people acting and reacting unconsciously while their strings are being pulled by the occult hostile forces.

    Before you speak:
    is it True?
    is it Helpful?
    is it Inspiring?
    is it Neccesary?
    is it kind?

    I love Kim, She is giving hope. Bravo for Kim and her team and PJZ for the transcripts.

    1. How is having a conversation about something that has many many questionable aspects gossiping? This is how people work out things. It’s not indulging in negativity to explore all possibilities considering the deception we have all had to experience.
      Shame on you for shaking your finger at people for expressing their concerns. And challenging this person and her narrative

  4. Us humans have been double crossed, cheated, lied to, and killed by psychopathic scumbags who disguise themselves in every which way imaginable.
    As much as we might enjoy the Ki-M or is it K-IM story, it’s only natural for anyone to be skeptical of ANY story.
    Hope for the best, and Prepare for something else.

  5. Dear PJZ, I need to contact Kim or some assistant of hers, do you know how to locate her or where???, I read your post always, they are interesting, although I would need a little more clarification on some things, by way of example, Trump is dead, ok, so, who killed Trump, why did they kill him???, which WH military are good???, who are the bad guys???, if it was the WH who killed Trump what was the motive???, what would be the best reason for it???, can the WHS be trusted or not??? in that case, who should we trust and why???, how will the restoration of the economy and financial system be???, since, it is said that the QFS is not such a thing and the VR either, then, let it be well clarified, which is one or which is the other, or which will really be the system that will replace everything, the current planetary financial system, I have read many of your posts and I have not yet seen any light about it, so, is Kim going to do all that???, if so, then, because it does not clarify, because there is no post about knowing how to wait for what is going to arrive, or at least to be prepared for any inconvenience, I am not saying things to the boleo, because there is no information, if they tell us, all elephants are white, ok, then explain to me why that is so, to allay concerns and better understand people???, everyone is very worried, there are many people who lost their homes, others their jobs, others have lost their relatives and it doesn’t matter in what context it has been, I’m just saying, that people, they don’t give more, as to continue believing fantastic things, which I’m not saying are false or true, I’m just saying fantastic, it would be better then, a clarification of why these things are said to us without any clarification or any additional instruction to everything that is said, because many times, many things are talked about and many times they are not understood where these things come from, it is these types of issues that bother me, there is a lot of information, but very loose or very disorganized, which does not let you shed light on any direction or understand any promising future, there are only many confusions and more mess, of course thank you very much.

    1. I agree. I actually reached out to Kim and her team requesting a q&a and was shot down immediately. Then blocked from the group how is this an open and loving group? Yes way more has to be said and explained way way more

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