News Spreading About the Fed & the Dragon Families Being Irrelevant | Black Sun Attempts to Steal From Mafia, Gets on Hit List Instead! | What’s the Old Albanian Trust? | How Did Kim Get Control of the Mafia’s Money & What’s Her Ultimatum? | Remember Those Fulcrum Files? | Last Fallen Angel Returns Home Ending the Real War! | Humanity Enters the Cradle of the Creator!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on January 4, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this situation report Kim gives us the status on the Federal Reserve, how the latest leaders of the Black Sun got themselves in a real pickle, what that very old Albanian Trust was about, how Kim got control of all the mafia’s money, and the last fallen angel called Lucerne finally returned home! Having won the real battle against the Fallen Angels Humanity has now entered the Cradle of the Creator!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


I gotta say, Kim’s Situation Reports are never boring. This week was particularly interesting and boy did those Black Sun diehards get themselves into quite a pickle. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Status of the Federal Reserve

Let’s pick up from what Kim shared in the previous broadcast, about the Federal Reserve being bankrupt, irrelevant and kind of non-existent now. What’s the latest status?

Since most of the world was celebrating New Year’s Day on Monday Kim expected things to really start hitting the fan Tuesday and boy did it ever. They had a meeting with all the Fed Board Members yesterday and Kim said it looked like Larry, Moe and Curley having a bar fight. Everyone was swearing at each other. How did they not know their contract expired!

Governments & Department of Treasury

Many countries have successfully verified with the Archivists the expiration of contracts with the Fed, and the funding source which is the Alpha system, and that the contract with her predecessor Marduk also expired. The Department of Treasury is just learning that they cannot get money by issuing Treasury Notes to the Fed, and it’s causing huge issues.

Central Bankers

On a positive note, the Central Bankers all over the world have been exploring the KIMS system and finding out how money really works. It’s not all that complicated like the UN and the IMF make it out to be and unlike those massive bills that have thousands of pages no one reads. So, the Central Bankers are scratching their heads because they are saying, this is it?

They also received a copy of the Line of Solomon’s contract which expired. It’s in the KIMS system and it was also sent to all the agencies and militaries worldwide. The same information was also sent out through the Archivists to inform everyone as to why this is happening and that it’s legal because the China Deep State was sending out rumors it wasn’t legal. And on the flip side, the Order of the Black Sun was saying KIMS is theirs, they own it and run it, except they can’t prove they can run it and it says KIMS right on it for peats sake.

On a side note, the IMF and World Bank recently promised big funding which Sunny reported in this broadcast, but have no money because they are waiting for the China Deep State to give them some. In any case, Kim said there is a small island nation in the Caribbean and one of the things the IMF made them do was lower the age of consensual sex down to 12 years of age otherwise no funding. This is an example of orders the IMF puts out to various nations whether it’s passing a law or promising big money but don’t deliver, at least not in the last few years for sure.

China Deep State Finds Out Their Irrelevant

On top of all this going on, information about funding that was supposed to come was in part from rumors the China Deep State started. And the China Deep State remaining members, the next tier down of family people, which you can also call the Khazarian mafia and the Democratic Party, well they just finally figured out last night that the line of Solomon holds no weight

Military Still Asking Where is the Money?

The Military called Kim’s office a couple of days ago inquiring about the funding. It was supposed to happen on Tuesday but of course no funding happened. Although this time it wasn’t for lack of trying on the Black Sun’s side. They spent a lot of time trying to hack into systems, hack into banks. They were given old tear sheets that had been modified and they were told all that money was theirs and it was going to be released and nothing happened of course.

Remember last Thursday and all through the weekend the latest ones in charge on the Order of the Black Sun side were arrogant as ever. We know this because Kim listened in on their meetings when they were deciding how they were going to divide up the world and try and kill us all using mRNA. Well, it didn’t take too long before they started panicking, those that didn’t get the deadly frequency sent their way I suppose, but the money didn’t come and they promised money to everyone.

Black Sun in a Panic Looking for Money

So, whoever is left in the Black Sun are in a pickle. They had to try and find a place where they could get hundreds of billions. At the same time the China Deep State had their operatives on the hunt as well, which tipped Kim off to a bunch of private rail networks out there.

Rail Networks & ABCorp

What is a rail? In the world of finance this is what takes money from one bank to another bank and all the rail systems were connected to the Finserv System. The Comptroller of all the rail systems worldwide is a group called ABCorp which Kim mentioned to us before. ABCorp remember are also the ones who print bonds, print birth certificates worldwide, they used to print currencies in the past, prior to the Federal Reserve and they took over control of the railway systems which is like the ACH, the automated clearing house system.

They also issue private payment closed loop systems to places like the Mormon Church, which had a global network. The Buddhist Temples also had a global network, as did the Evangelists. Actually, every religion had one and they all had plenty of money in it, aside from the Vatican that is, because Kim had already gotten to that one. So, think about all the collection baskets around the world. That money gets transferred through these private payment networks and was always approved by ABCorp, which also held all the backdoors to all of these networks.

Note: For reference to Kim’s comment about the Vatican see my post, Behind the Scenes of the Nord Stream Pipeline Leak | How Many of Those 9 Remaining Generals Are Still With Us? | Khomeini is Dead | ABCorp Fails to Deliver Central Bank Digital Currency, the Other Slavery System | Vatican Bank Deadline Came and Went As Did Most of Their Funds | Hurricane Ian & the Ocean Relocation Program | Red Cross = Money Laundering | Just Empower Me

Albanian Trust

The most important system ABCorp ran that Kim wanted to mention also happens to be one of the world’s oldest trusts called the Albanian Trust and some people call the Universal Trust. There is a sister to this one also which is called the Alhambra Trust and these trusts are hundreds of years old. The sole purpose of these trusts is to launder money. They launder trillions per year on behalf of nearly every mafia organization in the world. That is their sole purpose. The fee for doing so is 30-35% and they will launder anything.

They also work in conjunction with the CIA and the operatives who run politicians. They will take money from this trust and fund political campaigns around the world, then when the politician is selected, they so oh, look half of your campaign donations are from the Colombian mafia. Well now, how about that. Looks like you’re going to have to do what we say or we’ll expose this information. Kim said this happened not too long ago to the Colombian President. This network is a global worldwide closed loop banking network between the parties involved. So, you could have money disappear in Colombia and have it reappear clean as a whistle in South Africa, as an example.

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IRA, Head of All Mafias Worldwide

Kim has told us many times that every mafia organization in the world is run by the IRA. They are the head and the organizer. They decide who can traffic children and who can sell drugs and which territory you belong in. This includes the Triads, the Jades, the Yakuza, Russian, Italians, Sicilians, Irish, etc. All are under the same umbrella and they are all connected to the Albanian Trust.

Black Sun Operatives Steal from the Mafia’s Albanian Trust!

Now the Black Sun had their operatives in Albania attempting to steal all the money in this network yesterday. There was a little over a trillion and a half in the trust. The Black Sun went ahead and did this without the knowledge of the IRA and without the knowledge of any of the mafia organizations worldwide. They also tried to tap into the Buddhist Network and the Mormon Church and all these networks globally. That is a lot of money in total.

None of the mafias actually gave consent to give it to the Order of the Black Sun. They are partners after all, and the mafia has given them money in the past. If you remember back to the Trump days, Steve Mnuchin contacted the mafia who actually did give consent, to the tune of around 800 billion to keep the US Government afloat. It was out of this global worldwide network the money came. But the latest wingnuts in charge on the Black Sun didn’t ask permission. So what do you think the mafias worldwide are thinking right now? 

China Deep State Sends Jades to Look For the Missing Money Too

The Jades, which are branch of the mafia that I can’t find so I don’t know if I’m spelling it correctly, but they tried to tap into that network on behalf of the China Deep State to try to figure out where all the money went. They also tried to hack into accounts at HSBC they thought belonged to the Canaanite Bloodline, which is another name for the Order of the Black Sun, or the people descending from Orion. Depending on who you are talking to they can be described in any one of those ways.

According to the Bible, the ancient Canaanites, were idol worshipers who practiced human sacrifice and engaged in deviant sexual activity. They reportedly conducted human sacrifices in which children were immolated in front of their parents on stone altars, known as Tophets, dedicated to the mysterious dark god Moloch.

The word Canaanites serves as an ethnic catch-all term covering various indigenous populations—both settled and nomadic-pastoral groups—throughout the regions of the southern Levant or Canaan. It is by far the most frequently used ethnic term in the Bible. The Book of Joshua includes Canaanites in a list of nations to exterminate, and scripture elsewhere portrays them as a group which the Israelites had annihilated.

Source: Canaanites – Ascension Glossary

Kim Intercepted to ‘Protect’ the Money from Being Stolen by the Black Sun | Sends Message to the Mafias of the World

I guess thanks to the help of the Black Sun Operatives, all of those networks disappeared and so too all the money. Kim said she couldn’t let the Black Sun fake it until they make it and allow them to steal all that money. So, she put out the following message for the mafias of the world.

Don’t worry mafias of the world, we have all your money, we kept it safe for you from the Order of the Black Sun who would have depleted it and then used it to control you. There is no contract, no agreement, no covenant between the IRA and the Order of the Black Sun. None. Now you have only chosen to do their bidding in the hopes of getting your money back, your hundreds of billions of dollars. They claim that they are your superiors, but they are not.

Now until one of two things will happen, either you yourselves come forward and we have a little chat about how the black market is going to work, and it’s going to exclude children and exclude human trafficking in totality and some of the drugs. It’s got to end. But the promise on Kim’s end is she will give you equally lucrative businesses globally. You’ll make more money than you were before.

The same thing goes for the Texas Rangers who were also on that program due to their affiliations with the Mexican cartels and the Colombians and the Alhumbre? (not sure of spelling). And the same thing goes for the US Marshalls who do the same.

Should the IRA so choose it, to walk away and get their money back and change activities, even get more money for said new businesses to thrive, that would change the world in an instant, because do you think these Generals, these pedophiles are out there scooping kids off the street? No, they expect the mafias to do everything.

Not everyone is a good guy here and everybody plays. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘American Made (film), that is just the tip of the iceberg. It happens everywhere. They are best friends, they appoint each other, and they are not enemies in any way. And to stop the territory wars, that’s where the IRA was appointed and in charge.

Kim Has a Copy of The Fulcrum  

The IRA also has one of the world’s largest Fulcrums. So, for every hit that is put out they call the IRA. For every disaster they want to create they call the IRA. The IRA has a full file of every order and who gave it for hundreds of years.

Now the reason why Kim talked about the Fulcrum and the fact they have all the orders that were ever given by any Order of the Dragon or Black Sun General or anyone else for that matter involved in those groups, be it the King of Morocco, as one person, know that Kim has the file too. So, we don’t even need to have to talk about why they could walk away scot-free, because there is the answer.

So, if they choose to do that, there will be plenty of money and she even has the other rest of it. But either that’s going to happen first or the remaining members, and there are about 15 remaining diehards in control of the Order of the Black Sun running this crazy rumor mill, this lying, cheating, stealing game or they are all gone. Now the second she sees that’s gone, then we can start making arrangements for something else. So, there’s that.

But she just wanted to say to them you’re welcome for saving all this money, from them stealing all this money from you. She can even show it by respective countries so you can actually see that it’s still there. But they won’t get their hands on it, so at least it’s safe.

Note:  I captured what Kim said about the mafias nearly verbatim and I admit I’m a little confused as to the second part. I get that she’s telling the mafia if they walk away from their current activities, they can get their money back AND make more money with new businesses. How she phrased the rest I’m not clear about. Is she saying they have to get rid of the remaining Black Sun people who tried to steal from them?  The fact that Kim mentioned the Fulcrum, that she has a copy too means she also knows who ordered every hit and I assume who in the mafia carried out the orders? So essentially if the mafia decides not to be smart and take her up on her offer and continue to engage in illegal and evil activities, they should know she has their names too. Remember Natural Law has returned and their activities will not be tolerated any longer and with the file she’ll be able to find them easily so they can’t walk away scot-free? I don’t know for sure folks, but that’s kind of what I’m getting. Now do I think they will be smart and take her up on her offer? Probably not. I don’t see people who can consciously traffic children turn on a dime and become legit, but I get that she has to offer them the opportunity.

Kim has told us about the Fulcrum in the past, this is an excerpt from her February 1, 2022 broadcast:

Note: From my post, Black Sun Heads Hoard, Minions Get Nothing | Russian War Theatre | Black Eagle Trust & FULCRUM Operation | The Carter Accord, An ‘End of Peace’ Agreement | Kim Goguen’s Black List – Part 2 | Just Empower Me

Black Sun is Shaking in Their Boots Right Now

But as of now it’s not looking good for the Black Sun. They’ve been receiving threats left and right because they are being blamed for the missing money, and they are to blame. The Mormon Church has threatened them and they are literally shaking in their boots right now because they made a big mistake by sending their operatives to the Buddhist Temple network out of China, to the one in Albania, to the one in Kurdistan and all these different locations to try and steal money.

Allegedly they were partners, so why didn’t they call them up and say hey, we’re going to have a problem here. How do you think these people get in and out? They bought submarines manufactured by the Russian Government. The Colombians run drugs in them all the time. They are friends, they are business partners. The militaries of the world, the agencies all over the globe are all in it together. No one in the government is saving babies, especially orange man. Are the militaries saving babies? No! THEY ARE ALL PARTNERS! Maybe the soldier out in the field somewhere in Iraq is saving a child, but in mass, it’s definitely not happening. And Trump isn’t directing the military to blow up tunnels either. That’s all lies because they are all from the same organization. They are in on it together and they would never be permitted to blow up tunnels because that’s not what the agreement was.

The Speaker of the House Fiasco

It just so happened that yesterday, Jan 3rd was supposed to be pay day for all the operatives, the same day all the voting fiasco for Speaker of the House was going on. Remember every politician is just the face front for a group of operatives. And McCarthy is the face front for the operatives in the Order of the Black Sun, as Kim told us in previous broadcasts. And what did the operatives do when they didn’t get paid for all their work? They didn’t vote him in. The threats were looming large when no payments came, but not everybody agreed with the plan and there were some who still wanted to make it happen. There was so much infighting. There are even physical threats going around against the people who did not vote for McCarthy. It’s brutal over there. 

Note: For Kim’s intel on Kevin McCarthy refer to my post, Deep State Rumors about Resurrection Day & RV Nonsense | Wingnuts Expect to be Gifted the Alpha System on 11/11, Really? | 3rd Dark Al System Called Dominion Surfaces, it’s ‘Kronos Lite’ | What Does Joining with the Pleiades Really Mean? | Non-Repairable Countdown: -27,000 | Is Kevin McCarthy the Black Sun’s POTUS Puppet Pick? | Just Empower Me

Just some more information on the working of politics Kim shared. The politicians don’t read any of the laws. The CIA and the Operatives read all the laws. The Umbrella Military Corp is running half of it now and there are more masked people than you might think running around there. It truly is a movie set and they’re trying to keep it going but it’s a joke. How much longer can they keep this façade up?

Kim encourages all of you politicians in Congress, Parliament, all politicians around the world to go to the Archivists and retrieve the information out about the expired contracts of the Order of the Black Sun. Every single contract with people here and elsewhere, if you get her meaning are expired. The Artemis Accord is gone, all of it. The Black Sun is now just a group of people trying to bring back something that will never come back. It will never happen.

Kim spoke to the diehards.

Just because you are still breathing, it doesn’t mean there is still a chance. If you think you are going to manipulate me the way you manipulate those people in DC you are severely mistaken. I’ve run circles around your operatives and you know it. I spent years talking to them, learning them, studying them, and trying to figure out how they operate. Do not bother. You have every mafia organization out there with a hit on you and you have until Friday to figure it out. So come talk or don’t, it doesn’t affect me in any way.  I’m the last person anyone is going to come after at this point. Save yourselves or don’t, your choice.

Lucerne, The Last Fallen Angel Returns Home

The last of the fallen angels was a very ancient being by the name of Lucerne and he officially went back to Source because his contract officially ended on the 3rd of January. That was also the reason why the Black Sun was waiting for something on Jan 3rd, because they thought this was an automatic renewal every year. But Lucerne is done with his job and he went back home like all the other fallen angles.

Who is Lucerne?

We’ve heard about other fallen angles like Lucifer and Baal who were cast out of heaven or cast out from Crystalline Time, Source, Creator or God and sent to create the lower astral. They were supposed to manage the lower astral and keep the balance, but that obviously didn’t happen. Then of course the battle between good and evil ensued. So, you had Kim, and not just her on one side and the fallen angels on the other side and they battled it out a really long time. The light won, but some remaining pieces were tied to Lucerne. I guess he was left out of the Bible. I can’t find a reference to Lucerne.

In any case, the remaining pieces included some agreements and covenants that existed, some that affected Earth and some that didn’t. There were cords and ties and another sub system like Dominion called the Orion AI. There was also a sub-system called the Armageddon program or Armageddon AI. That’s why these people are so messed up in the head. But it was actually designed to unleash viruses which would have come from the Amber line had it still existed.

Lisa Renee has a lot information regarding the Armageddon software mind control programs:

Armageddon Software
The Armageddon Software Mind Control programs, such as War (Terrorism), Pestilence and Cataclysm fears, or many other fear programs which can be interchanged as they are similar bio-warfare Mind Control programs used on the earth to suppress and control human consciousness by propagating artificially generated False Timelines. This is a Psycho-Spiritual Warfare strategy used against humanity by the Negative Aliens through their False Gods and False Father Satanic religions to use SRA to repeatedly enslave, kill and torture humans through Religious Violence and Military control through terrorism, war and population control,in which their goal is to institute global tyranny via the New World Order. The Armageddon Software is the enslavement companion Mind Control system which is activated through the Crucifixion Implants in Holographic Inserts embedded into the planetary body and human body. The Armageddon Software is a mind control program to terrorize humanity through enforcing the militarization of planet earth and is carried out through Military Grey Alien Technology and the continual development of the hidden underground and space alien technology war machine agenda.

Source: Armageddon Software – Ascension Glossary

Some Diehard Operatives Are Still Going For It

Some Delphi operatives were wondering why that Armageddon protocol wasn’t happening so they went to Nova Scotia to look for it. They thought they would go up there with some IBM’s 433-qubit Osprey chip and tried to revive the line so all those viruses could come in and kill us all.

They are still trying to connect to the mRNA and use CRISPR out of China and connect to the  Internet Of Bodies and  Internet of Things (IoT). They went back to the facility in Alpharetta, Georgia which is empty but they brought in portable machines trying to give it a go. There are 15 around the world still playing the game according to Kim. They can continue or just stop. They think what they are doing is for their survival, but the way to survive is evident. Evil is not tolerated anymore. Choose wisely. The window is closing and they are running out of time. Be a part of the restoration of this planet or meet your maker.

The war is over, we won. We humans are fine because we have our Progenitors back and we are not over populated contrary to what they keep telling us. Just like Sunny, I would often look at all the unused land from the window of a plane and think the over-population narrative just doesn’t make any sense. Cram everyone together in a small area and sure it looks like a lot of people. By now we should know whatever they try to ram down our throats has to be just another lie.

Note: For more about the Progenitors, refer to my post, Who Are the Progenitors? | Who are the Archimedeans? | 5 Million Year Depopulation Program Uncovered! | Meeting at the Mirrors Lures 229 Cabal Members Who Are No More! |Project Lincoln Logs Continues | All Cloning Stashes Removed! | Deeper Understanding of Media-Shots-Chemtrails & Luciferase | Just Empower Me

The Cradle of the Creator

Some more great news! We have now officially entered the Cradle of the Creator. What does that mean? Kim said it means we are fully bathed in the light of the Creator. Most of the remaining dark essence is gone and the real war, which was against what we consider the Fallen Angels is won!

When I heard Kim say cradle, the first thing I thought of was the Cradle of Lyra that I read about on Energetic Synthesis. According to Lisa Renee it’s where the very first seed of the Anti-Christ conflict was recorded in the Universal Time Matrix.

Fall of Lyra
The Lyran Wars are the very first seed of Anti-Christ conflict recorded in the Universal Time Matrix, in which the Black Hole Entities intended to conquer the entire Milky Way system. This resulted in the first Galactic war intended as a rebellion over the Lyrans creation of the 12D Christos template human seedings that first began on Planet Tara. This is the original timeline in the Solar Logos Avatar Matrix where the first electronic wars and time rips were used as a genocidal campaign for committing the first Christos human holocaust.

The main battles in human Galactic history were fought in the constellation of Orion, and so these many wars are also referred to as the Orion Wars. However, in our Universal Time Matrix the wars started over territories in the constellation of Lyra (The Cradle of Lyra). The Lyrans are the advanced races that created the Elohim in the Avatar Matrix. But soon the Lyran Wars spread to the constellation of Orion, and it became a war between False King of Tyranny mind-sets and ideologies with ideology of the Service to Others which follow the Law of One. Essentially, this is the seed of the war over consciousnesses between the Christ and the Anti-Christ.

The main original Lyran-Elohim humanoid races were committed to the Law of One and Service to Others krystic ideology. The Lyran-Elohim were supervising the Sirians to host the seeding of 12 Strand DNA genetics on the 5D planet Tara. These groups involved in this seeding and DNA rehabilitation are called the Lyran-Sirian High Councils.

Source: Lyrans – Ascension Glossary

I can’t help but see that constant theme running through my head again………

 “In the end is the beginning and in the beginning is the end.”

Until next time!


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    Just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put in! It makes things a lot clearer and easier to understand, I look forward to your articles. What an exciting time but also confusing, so thanks again, may God bless you with with bountiful karma!!
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    I have been following Kim for 6 years. She tells the truth. I was sad when no one was posting her updates after she said her sovereignty was violated when they’re posted her updates. I believe she may realize in the future that not sharing was a bad idea. People need to have access to this knowledge.
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