Did the Mafia Respond to Kim’s Offer? | Speaker of the House Voting Fiasco | Annual Ritual in Matterhorn Mountain on Jan 6th Marks the End of the Holy See! | No More Pledging Our Souls to the Dark Overlord, Enforcer Sends Participants Back to Source! | Archivists Busy Recording EXPIRED Soul & Loosh Management Agreements!  | No More Sovereignty for Holy See! | Jesuits Have Absolutely No Power Any Longer! |

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on January 6, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this situation report we find a little about what has ensued since Kim’s gracious offer to the mafia, more on the voting fiasco for Speaker of the House, why the date, Jan 6th is really special to the Holy See and to the Jesuit/Templar psychopaths. What exactly goes on in Matterhorn Mountain on this day every year? Also there is some chatter on the internet about a major Black Swan event turning White Swan.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



What’s the Status of Kim’s Offer to the Mafia?

What’s happened since Kim’s offer to the mafia last week? Remember she sent out a friendly statement letting them know there is an option on the table for them to cease illegal activities in exchange for new more lucrative businesses, which would be even more profitable? Well, I am pretty certain our Ground Commander and Master Strategist was banking on the fact these groups also misplaced their Sun Tzu books. Oops

Mexico is blowing up. All kinds of people are going after the sons of major drug dealers. It’s getting hot and heavy out there in part because of threats against the Order of the Black Sun, and now they’ve brought in their other drug running arm, the CIA. So there’s a big fight going on about who is going to be in control and have power over them. Kim wanted to again inform the mafia that she isn’t looking to have control and power over them, she rather put them into another lucrative business. But that was on Wednesday.

Let’s look at what Trump’s five minute infomercial had to say about it the next day when he declared war on the Cartels.

President Donald J. Trump Declares War on Cartels | Videos | Donald J. Trump (donaldjtrump.com)

I’ll save you the time. He stated he’s going to cut them all off from the global financial system. Yeah, sure he’s going to come down hard on them. Except 24 hours before his little infomercial it had already been done — by Kim! The Trump train couldn’t put the network back if they wanted to, only Kim can put it back. But she’s certainly not going to let them fund wars and stuff so that ain’t happening. She did thank the operatives running the Trump train though for at least watching her broadcast. So that’s something. But what the Trump thingy was promising, that the military will take down the cartels will never ever happen. Kim said it’s unrealistic to expect. The cartels have more weapons than the military and he’d just be sending the military in to die.

It’s not the first time those running the Trump show take the credit for something he and his handlers didn’t do. For instance the DUMBS being cleared out. That had nothing to do with the Trump train people and US military. That was Kim and the “Others”. Remember they united and formed the New Earth Council and declared their Independence Day back on September 21, 2019.  They cleaned out the DUMBS and Kim is certain she doesn’t remember seeing any orange men in there. See excerpt from my post based on an interview Kim gave on Circle of White Light Radio on August 15, 2021.

Note: This post is based on an interview Kim gave on Circle of White Light Radio on August 15, 2021, BEAST System Takedown by Kim Goguen, Black Sun P3 Lodge & Sanhedrin Super Villains Eliminated? Who’s In Charge Now? – Part 4 | Just Empower Me

So why did the operatives have the Trump thingy release this? Campaign promises? Who knows, but there is a lot of heat going on down there.

January 6th | All About Power

Sunny asked Kim more about Jan 6th at the beginning of her report, but frankly I’m sick of that topic and most wasn’t new information. We know they intended to blow up the Capitol building, it was supposed to be Trump’s 911 moment, or rather the operatives running Trump. They were all in on it, blah, blah, blah. So Jan 6th is no different from 911. Operation Tear Drop in Bayonne, NJ outside of New York City was another attempt curtailed by Kim and team. It’s all in the name of getting what they want, which is not money so much but more about power, which of course includes control over the money.

Note: See related post, April 12, 2022 update, Real Alien (Super Demon Level) Invasion Thwarted | Will There Be a Twist to Agenda 2030 on the Horizon? | Cornered Cabal To Hurl Whatever’s Left in Their Quiver | Part 2 | Just Empower Me

Kim did share some new information, at least is was for me, about the prison system in general. And it does relate to why the patriots who were incarcerated due to their alleged participation in the Jan 6th debacle aren’t being released. Wonder why Trump hasn’t done a damn thing for those people? Money of course.

Prisoner Bonds

For every single indictment, on every single person in prison there is a million dollar Prisoner Bond that is issued. This is the reason why they were privatizing prisons a few years ago, because they are so profitable and so lucrative. It started under Bush.

There is a credit line issued against the bonds and then they trade against them, typically at the Tier 1 Banks. Then the money allegedly goes to house, cloth, and feed the prisoner. That is the technical purpose supposedly. But some of these people have a $10 million dollar bond they are trading against and then it turns into $100 million dollars. The prisoner is certainly not living a $100 million dollar lifestyle.

But the state gets all that money. It’s the same scam they run under the birth certificates but they get to do another round should you be incarcerated. And of course there are many in prison who are innocent. Some of the laws go all the way back to England, Debtors Prisons. There is just so much corruption and money made on the management of your body, mind and soul. More on that when we get to why it was so busy at Matterhorn Mountain today.

Debtors Act 1869 – Wikipedia

Why Are the Dead Still Walking Around?

First of all, many of them are not still walking around. The operatives behind the scenes are the ones running the puppets you see on television and those are the important ones that had to go. Remember the puppets don’t have a mind of their own, they aren’t the ones dreaming up these programs. They just get orders to run the program and stand on TV for the camera. Most of the Deep State players we know are just the ones they show us on TV, but there are so many we wouldn’t know or recognize. But Kim said all we really need to know is there aren’t many left who are trying to kill us all.

The reason they pretend people are still alive is because these people are still useful to them. They didn’t let out that Bush died until it became clear people in the Black Sun respected Trump enough to go along with the depopulation agenda, Operation Warp Speed. He did a good job according to them so then Bush could go out.

Speaking of others we’d like dead, Sonny asked if there is any truth to the story of Bill and Melinda Gates being killed by some angry parents whose kids died or were injured from his vaccines. Kim said Gates is definitely the most hated man worldwide. He has died many times. He had enough usable clones but they implemented his last one. If he gets hit again then we’ll see a masked man. But the last time he died he was taken by some African and Indian operatives to Aruba or Antigua and he didn’t make it out. It had nothing to do with Kim’s operations but he re-emerged days later.

The COVID Program on the Books Since the 1980s

In Sunny’s report she had a piece about the Pentagon making claims they were in charge of running the Covid operation. There was some controversy going on. So everyone wants credit for the genocide program? I guess they’re still hoping to gain favor from Lucifer. In any case, Kim said they took part in it and so did every military in the world. But were they running it? Absolutely not. This program is in books dating back to the 1980s. The order for when it was to happen was done way back then. That’s why it went from Agenda 2020 and ID2020 to 2030. Kim knew about it ahead of time because the General Assembly told her if they don’t regain control by 2019 they were going to release the virus. She’s told us this many times. Although at the time she didn’t know what ‘they’ meant, nor did she know who ‘they’ were. It wasn’t until later that she found out it was both the Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Black Sun. And they sent out threats to every Head of State apparently to get onboard.

Black Sun Runs Covid Operations

The Black Sun was always the faction running Covid, they were always meant to run it and they are still running it. Fauci and the Wuhan Lab are Order of the Black Sun. Big Pharma was created by the Black Sun and is run by their operatives. It always was. And not only did the Generals get paid more for every jab they got the military to take, but so did politicians all over the world. Kim told us many times that Bill Gates flew around the world cutting the deals. Except now there is no money.

Does Big Pharma ever give us access to anything that is actually going to help us? Sure, sometimes but it’s to make money. They start a craze for this or that and people believe them because the ‘experts’ say what is good, their people in the white lab coats. Kim gave an example of a natural sweetener she was already using before it became the latest sensation and then the price suddenly doubled. Why? Because Dr. Oz was promoting it all over the place. Again it’s all about the money.

Capital Fiasco | aka Operation Kick the Can Down the Road

Both the Black Sun and the Dragon Families want to control the House of Representatives and it seems both sides were told to kick the can down the road because they both were waiting for funding yet again.

Black Sun

On the Black Sun side running the show now are the hybrids as Kim calls them, the ones who take the Jason Bourne pills. Well they were trying desperately to get control but they are all gone as of yesterday due to poor life choices. But that didn’t stop some of the remaining Jesuits from running around making claims even after their epic failures. They are the ones behind McCarthy who had already moved into the office apparently. But their promises of money on Tues at 12 noon didn’t happen which is why there were so many rounds of voting. I lost track of how many times they voted, but at the time of this broadcast they were to re-adjourn. What does it mean? Still no one got paid. So essentially all they can do is kick the can down the road.

Dragon Families

The Chinese Dragon people who run the NSA also run the Democratic Party and they have their runner in there somewhere, and they too promised money will come, but not until 3pm today. Kim said a couple of aids who work on Capitol Hill told her the Chinese are handing out lapel pins to the Democrats, allegedly to support the Chinese New Year coming up on Jan 22nd. Kim asked a logical question. Then why do those pins say CCP and not Happy Chinese New Year?

There was also a meeting at the Federal Reserve today with 50% of the Board Members wanting to go with ‘her’. They can’t even say her name, but we got it, that would be Kim and her Global Repository. The other half wanted to wait until 3pm today, just in case the Chinese deliver the money. So what that means is they will have another meeting to talk about why that didn’t happen.


The Pentagon seems to have a better mapping system and figured out that Kim’s Global Repository is the only one that sent them any real new money, remember that new dollar she sent to every country in their respective currencies just to prove she can. That was in her Oct 21, 2022 report. Well they have determined if nothing happens today at 12pm or 3pm they are allegedly going to make the approach.

Note: For Kim proves she controls all currencies, refer to my post, 24 Dragon Family Underlings Fill Open Slots | China Police Installation Not Going Well | Kim Proves She Controls All Currencies in the World, Will Any Bite? | Beijing’s Short Memory Regarding Nuke Threat | CDC is After Our Kids | Why Black Sun’s Exposure of Hunter Biden Story to Congress Will Yield Nothing | What Happens if Governments Fall? | What Will Sole Survivor Mark Warner Do? | Just Empower Me

But we’ll have to wait and see if that happens because they still have some loyalists in there like General Mark Milley who absolutely is a Jesuit. There are also ‘retired/not retired’ guys working there like General Jim Mattis and General Joseph Dunford and evidently they have influence. Kim said they are working at SOCOM, which I looked up and means the US Special Operations Command Center. Then there is General Michael Flynn and some others who are still talking to the thingy playing the orange man. I guess Flynn didn’t distance himself for long.

Getting any good vibes?

Where Did the Holy See or Holy ‘Sea’ Actually Come From?

By the time you reach the age of seven your vessel is ’locked at sea’ which is why the Holy See can also be referred to as the Holy ‘Sea’. It was about mind, body and soul control. There are many Concordats of the See that are made public, but there are many secret agreements too. They have them for every single country and they are not all the same. Their operatives, aka the Jesuits are allowed to operate in every single country, they were the Templars.

Concordat – Wikipedia

The Holy See was actually the sovereign entity, not the Vatican. So when the Pope is invited to the United Nations he only represents the Vatican, not the Holy See.  There were thousands of agreements that tied up everything including a country’s gold for control of your soul. If you have a passport from country X, then you are automatically pledged by that nation to the Holy See. They allegedly had soul management and therefore loosh management, they were managers of it. That is why you see the Jesuits running around all the time.

Since we know the dark ones invert everything, the original Templars were the complete opposite. Here are a couple of snippets from Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary. 

Essenes, Christos Templars
The Order of Christ Templars : The Real Templar’s were of the Order of Christ, derived from Gnostic Essene and Cathar lines, and they sacrificed themselves to protect the wisdom, knowledge and frequency of So|phi|A on this earth for the Ascension Cycle, which is the window of time when the galactic alignment is made with the Neutron Window or Galactic Core for portal access, which was December 21, 2012.

Persecution of Essene, Christos Templars
Many ancient Christos beings reincarnated on the earth to attempt to stop the Imposter Spirits which animate Luciferian and Satanic force from permanently corrupting the Christos Templar knowledge of the Law of One. The Higher Beings are well aware that these two forces deliberately abuse power to intentionally harm the planet and harm human beings through deception, and thus, continually fragment the World Soul. This has been aggressive agenda since the Luciferian Rebellion that transpired during the Atlantian Cataclysm.
These ancient Essene beings incarnated on the earth through The Orders of the Christ, and were known through the many timeline histories as the: Gnostics, Ancient Egyptians, Melchizedek Priests, Knights of Solomon’s Temple, Essenes, Cathars, and Christ Templars and their related esoteric sects. These are devoted humans who consecrated themselves to serve God by protecting spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

NAA Vatican Agenda
The Satanic stronghold in the Vatican aggressively targeted and killed the original Christ Templars in an attempt to extinguish all records of the Essenes, Law of One, the Christos-Sophia, the Mother Arc as the Holy Spirit, and the female principle’s equal role to access Christos consciousness, as the true wisdom and spiritual knowledge of our Universe. Also, this was intended to hide that Christ was actually both a male and female being, was embodied through a group consciousness, was married and had children, was not of immaculate conception, as well as hide the fact that the Christ was of extradimensional or “otherworldly’ origins.

Source: Essenes, Christos Templars – Ascension Glossary

Jan 6th | Annual Ritual to Renew Soul Management Agreement at Matterhorn Mountain

Hum, January 6th, weird how that date is the one they picked for stuff. Oh, wait not so weird. Every year on this day, which happens to be a full moon this time, the Jesuits hold a ritual at Matterhorn Mountain in Italy. There was a lot going on in the tunnels below and inside the mountain because Jan 6th is the day they pledge to the Dark Overlord our souls, so the Soul Management Agreement gets renewed.

Needless to say the group who went this year didn’t make it out of the mountain. The Enforcer showed up to take care of that. So our souls were not pledged and thousands of agreements were handed over to the Archivists over a 12 hour period, as they all were expired.

The Holy See has no sovereignty anymore and it’s like they never existed, like they never put a rule in anywhere!

Do the Jesuits Have Any Power Anymore?

Absolutely not, zero. Kim suggested if you are a country that is sick and tired of those Jesuit Templars, then kick them out. There are no agreements under the Concordats of See anymore, not with the Church itself or the Holy See, which was the more important overlord, so to speak than the Vatican. And the ones who administered all those Black Sun programs, those kinds of things also no longer valid.  Obviously that’s really good news for us. But will they continue to have a guy with a pointy hat propped up on TV and whatnot? Probably, they will likely continue to do the show.

Archivists Are Very Busy

The Archivists have been super busy of late. All those agreements at Matterhorn Mountain expiring and they are still sending the original agreements in writing around the world to each respective country that the Fed expired. So the Fed and Governments are going to have make decisions and quickly or we’ll just manage our own currencies. And as far as gold and silver exchange goes, that is up to us. Some states are talking about it and Kim is fine with that. As long as it’s not hallmark gold and it’s kept in rounds we can do all that kind of stuff.

Thank you to all the mysterious beings that make up the Archivists around the world. Your work is very much appreciated!

Major Black Swan Event Expected is Now Major White Swan Event

The chatter on the internet is that the militaries are now expecting a white swan event rather than a black swan event because they have figured out it is inevitable that the Global Repository will completely replace the banking system as it is. They don’t see any other option or solution and there has been no success on either party’s side. I think Sunny said it was the Militaries circulating info about a white swan event. I’m wonder what level of the military but it’s sounds more like some operatives are looking a little ahead.

Will the Operatives Running Trump Thing Try and Give Him Credit for Kim’s New Global Financial System?

Sunny asked Kim if she thinks the Trump train is going to try and take credit for the new global financial system and she said she doesn’t know. They can try but it says KIMS. They already tried to take credit in the past which is why Kim named it KIMS. But she doesn’t really care, it’s more about the job getting done. Now if I was a betting woman, I’d bet on Black, the Black Sun that is, taking credit for the White Swan. But we know better and the Creator has a plan so all their lies will come to light. 

Kim said she is more concerned about safety. As long as these people are still running around trying to kill everybody, we cannot bring up the new technologies to fix agriculture, for example. We have to be careful, but fortunately that time is coming very soon. We’re getting down now to the organizations people have heard about on the internet and to public figures. 

So we’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out. Who knows if we’re going to have any governments or militaries at all by the end of 2023. It would be good for the 8 billion people to have a nice transitionary period, but is it necessary? Kim say no, we are prepared.


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  1. this comment is rather a question regarding the Hall of Record and the Archives or Archivists. Where is the hall of record located and is this related to the central archives and are there regional or national archives managed by those archivists you refer to? Is there any knowledge where the national archives are located? Thanks.

    1. I’m a newcomer to the UNN info and KG. That was one of my first thoughts too. I’d like to see some “receipts” for what she is putting out.

  2. Kim thank you so much for giving a renewed hope to this hopeless world. And we can see that it’s gradually becoming real. We at Integrity Africa will continue to propagate and promote Sauce/God’s activities through you Kim, to free planet earth from evil exploitation. It’s a mega revolution.

  3. AshestToAllelulia

    Great point about just when Kim’s message NEEDS to be heard, she pulls UNN under the pay per view rock.

    Let’s use logic.

    If she is in charge of the world’s money supply, she can fully fund UNN without begging for money, from patriotic people trying to stay financially afloat, post-bioweapon attack. If she is pro-humanity, she would have an AGGRESSIVELY GENEROUS “freely share & pass it on to save humanity” policy, instead of being pissed people are stealing her content.

    She always says that Trump didn’t pay off student loans, so she yanked the money back. Hmmmm. With her absolute control of the Alpha AI System, wouldn’t she have access to the student loan databases? Why she could pay off the loans herself, WITHOUT going through Trump, since she says he’s dead, anyway,

    I think she’s been told to take her channel dark. Love and truth and concern for humanity as the world’s wealth comptroller DOES NOT EQUAL go dark and pull all info into the pay-per-view UNN realm. Remember light and ascension? This is BLATANTLY WEIRD behavior for this immeasurably wealthy woman who holds the world’s purse strings.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love her intel. But she needs to get the word out there fast, not hide her intel under the proverbial bushel basket. Anyone who knows anything about marketing knows this is not even a strategy for building readership and adding followers. It is the exact opposite! This is the recipe to kill your network, or should I say potion? 😁🌺💕

    1. First , it is NOT Kim’s money! She is a Guardian of Humanities Money! She has control, but until the deep state is done in, it is useless to fling around money, we would be back in slavery before you knew it.

      Second, why would she support the deep state and make them look good to the press?
      A fraction of people on this planet know about her. People would have praised orange man and treated him as a god, 🤦🏻‍♀️.

      As for the stealing of her content…copyright.
      I’m pretty sure some channels were making money showing her stuff, not only that; those with skills could edit her shows to make it seem like she said something she didn’t.

      Have patience, her show is still free twice a day @ 6am and 6pm and honestly, don’t you think that Sunny deserves a nice pay check so she can maybe get a bit bigger studio than a single car garage?

      We are so close, breathe and relax a bit!
      Source chose the right person for this monstrous task.

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