Buckle Up, The Fight is Now Being Played in the Public Eye | 3 Remaining Controllers Hell Bent on Conquer the Quest Black Sun Program | Brazil Situation Looks Awfully Familiar | Kevin McCarthy Finally Installed as Speaker of the House Upon Promises of Bribes, Money & Power | Kim Promptly Rejects His Ratification Request in the Hall of Records! | Global Banking Crisis Looms for the BANKSTERS, Not for the PEOPLE | Trust the Creator’s Plan, Because it’s Coming Together Perfectly!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on January 9, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this situation report Kim emphasizes that we’re getting into the public eye now, the lowest level, those we see as public figures who are running around blind to what they are really supporting. There are three remaining Controllers hell bent on the Conquer the Quest Black Sun program who likely have no idea who they were following orders from, nor can they see that fighting one another will not bring them the power they so desire. She discusses the Brazil situation, the General behind McCarthy’s installation and why a Global Banking crisis looms for the Banksters, but not we the people.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Those on the Lowest Rungs of the Ladder Are Now on Full Display in the Public Eye

Kim said it’s important to understand that we’re getting into the public eye now and the fight is serious, but she and her team have taken every measure possible to ensure the security of the people, the only ones she has an actual contract with to protect. She also wanted to repeat that the people we are seeing now on the world stage never played the game and she is trying to save their lives, if only they will listen.

3 Remaining Controllers Hell Bent on Conquer the Quest Black Sun Program 

Kim identified three remaining controller groups and addressed them specifically because they are fighting for the Conquer the Quest Program and probably don’t even know what that is about because they were so far down the food chain. She doesn’t think these three controller groups realized they were getting orders from people who were involved with Covens, Coven Masters, Parents, and Marduk. Again, they were so far down and they don’t even know what they’re fighting for anymore. All they know is they want power and what Kim is trying to tell them is that in order to survive they are going to need to change their minds.

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The 3 remaining controller groups are as follows:

What Has General McCarthy Been Orchestrating?

The Show in Brazil

People working for General McCarthy, the Order of the Black Sun remnant orchestrated the show in Brazil. Why is Jair Bolsonaro and his side kick Anderson Torres in the US? Even Brazilian news channels are saying the former Director of Security is involved. They have proof he’s been making phone calls down there and orchestrating all of this. Kim said someone was found with a backpack full of bombs. They were going to blow up some of those protestors and cause a real bloodbath.

For what reason are they trying to create this bloodbath? Kim said they truly have no idea because the people they used to report to are gone from this universe. No one is coming to give them power or to save them, they are just hurting people.

More on the Brazil Situation

Kim gave some background on the Nazi stronghold there. Evidently, they came by the ship load to Brazil. The Vatican is deeply involved in Brazil and it’s not just because of the Catholic Churches. There is also deep Black Sun involvement in the country.

When Brazil first joined BRICS there was not a lot of infighting between the Black Sun and Dragon Families. I guess that was around 2010 according to my findings. But Kim said the infighting really didn’t start until early 2018. The Dragon Families at the time didn’t even know that the infighting was real until a couple of years ago. So, it should be no surprise that exactly what is playing out in the US is playing out in Brazil as well.

Kim’s Operations in Latin America

The underground network in Brazil is insane, it’s huge and reaches all the way to the Bush Ranch in Paraguay. A big meeting of the remaining operatives of the SSP were there this weekend so that was one of many places Kim and her team went to run operations and counter what these operatives were trying to do. She was also in Brazil, the Andes Mountains, Chile, and Colombia several times and Uruguay as they were looking for some biological warfare they could use there. Before that they were in Slovenia looking for chemical warfare to use against us. There was also a facility in Machu Picchu Kim was at just a few days ago because they were trying to connect to hell or some creature to phone home maybe? These people are not stopping.

Josef Mengele has a deep involvement in the US under Project Paperclip, but Brazil was the first place he went to. He set up a lot facilities there and worked with the SSP. There was a lot of human experimentation that went on in the underground facilities in Latin America and it’s been going on for thousands of years. The Black Sun’s roots run deep, but finally not so much anymore. 

Voyager 1 & 2 Caused Disturbances Last Week

Speaking of operations, Kim said the diehards attempted to use Voyager 1 and 2 on Thursday and Friday of last week which would have caused a significant neurological disturbance. If you had chest pains, headaches or other issues going on it was likely due to Voyager creating frequencies to anchor, but that is no longer in existence. This wasn’t necessarily related to her Latin America operations but Kim inserted it at the end of her update as she forgot to mention it in an earlier report.

Oust Alejandro Mayorkas, Head of Homeland Security & Put in Black Sun Replacement

Under the Patriot Act under Obama, Homeland Security actually became the Head of all Intelligence Agencies in the US, so that makes Alejandro Mayorkas, one of the most powerful agency people you see in public. Kim told us in her December 28, 2022 Situation Report that he had taken orders with regards to what is going to happen in America predominantly from the Dragon families.

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That means Mayorkas has taken orders from Khomeini, an Iranian. He’s no longer alive but another masked man took his place. And most recently he’s taken orders from the latest Chinese Elders who stepped up to fill vacancies, the ones who are still fighting for the complete demise of America and to move control over to the China. He’s taken orders from the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. He’ll take orders from anyone he’s supposed to take orders from as the Head of all the Agencies in the US.

What many people are unaware of is that under the Patriot Act, Homeland Security has the right to secure any facility, whether it be financial or military worldwide. Yep. So Kim said it’s no surprise that one of Kevin McCarthy’s first orders today is to oust or impeach Mayorkas. The Order of the Black Sun wants to put their own guy in there because while Mayorkas may listen, he’ll predominantly take orders from the other side, the enemy of the Order of the Black Sun.

Installing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy spent the whole night securing votes. Now what does that mean? Well, translated in English it means he promised all of Congress, bribes, money, power, you name it he had it. And in some cases, it surely meant adrenochrome, especially for the thing playing Pelosi. And after how many rounds he finally got voted in, was it 15? And it happened in the middle of the night? 

Kim said that’s how you know a General was running them, more specifically General McCarthy. It was typical military tactics. Wear down your enemy, deplete their supplies and you come in at the end for the kill. It doesn’t really make sense to the average person why they couldn’t re-adjourn in the morning. But you want your enemy to be tired and weary to the point they just want to get the heck out of there, so here’s my dang vote. If you’re in the House of Representatives that’s what you’re seeing. If you are in the White House, you probably have General Wang running your crazy train.

While they were all celebrating at 3am EST Kim was waiting for their attempt to ratify McCarthy as the new Speaker of the House to come through so she could reject it. Which she did, within an hour.

Since his win as the next an ‘unregistered’ Speaker of the House he’s already trying to impeach Mayorkas so the Black Sun can take over Homeland Security. He’s already saying he going to cancel the hiring of IRS Agents.

Kim wanted to make it very clear again, for Americans who are unaware, that the IRS it’s not a US Department. The IRS is a separate tax collecting agency that reports to and sends 80% of all taxes collected to the Rothschilds bank in Switzerland. The IRS works for the Families.

Why is This Distinction Important?

Kevin McCarthy has no right to say what happens with the IRS whatsoever. It’s more likened to what happens at the Federal Reserve. Since the IRS and Fed work hand and hand, the IRS literally has no contract with the US Government anymore to collect any taxes from any American citizen. Now who actually does? That would be the Tax Authority of the United States, which still exists. The Tax Authority of the United States says it was replaced by the IRS, but that is not true. Right now, it’s predominantly used for crime, like tax crimes.

So instead of giving money to the Rothschilds to fund their private army, Kim said a better idea would be to talk about restoring and installing the Tax Authority of the US. Now why doesn’t he know that? Because he doesn’t know anything and he is going to get in big trouble because he failed to have a meeting with Kim’s office.

General McCarthy Directing Kevin McCarthy

All the orders going to Kevin McCarthy are coming from General McCarthy. He thinks he is fighting the Rothschilds by not funding the IRS Agents, but in fact he is not. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, and that message is for General McCarthy to hear. Kim said all he is doing is poking holes in an organization that no longer exists. Is that going to give you power? No, it is not. Installing Kevin McCarthy in there isn’t going to give you any power either.

And the people running around the US who think they are working with the Trump establishment are really working for General McCarthy. You are definitely not working for the benefit of this country or working with any alliance. You are working for General McCarthy who is making a mint off you selling Trump bucks, etc. to keep operations running.

And now the rumor going around is that it’s not Trump who is going to pay out, it’s Don Jr who is going to pay out big money to the entire world today. It’s never going to happen, so what is the ultimate outcome here?

Attempt to Impeach McCarthy is Likely

What will happen when the end of the day comes and McCarthy doesn’t come up with any money? That was the real reason why Congress isn’t going to re-adjourn until 5pm today. He’s expecting money and then he’s going to put all the bills to the floor allegedly. Will any get ratified? Nope. Kim doesn’t have any contract with the government McCarthy works for. Kim’s guess is someone is going to try and impeach him. Neither have the bigger picture here and right now, it’s buy or die time.

How to Get Rid of Biden & Harris?

Kim said what’s happening in Brazil will happen again here. Watch this, because it is not over. But things are going to come to a head. You’re going to see them try to impeach Biden. She was alerted to all kinds of flag warnings because ever since McCarthy got in, they were all talking about how to get rid of Biden and Kamala. They are talking about possibly a bomb at the White House or to blow them up in a motorcade. There were hours and hours of talk about how they could do it this weekend and it continued to the wee hours of last night.

Is there a Chinaman in there trying to get out?

They want to make McCarthy POTUS because they don’t have the control, they desire on the Black Sun Side with the administration in there now, which is Langley 2 who are the Rothschild and Democrat people. And the fake POTUS playing the role might as well wave around the China Deep State Flag.

But that said, they still want to get the most bang for their buck and whatever they do it will be blamed on the Russians, but it has to be something big enough. Except it’s not going to happen because Kim is 10 steps ahead of them. They think it’s the Chinese in their way but it’s not, it’s Kim who is ahead of them on both sides. They can kill each other, go at it, but they can’t kill innocent people. 

GENERAL JAMES P. MCCARTHY > Air Force > Biography Display (af.mil)

Global Banking Crisis Looms for the Banksters

Kim saw indications of trouble over the weekend as the alleged global banking crisis looms. But what Kim means is the global banker crisis, not us regular people, we are okay. It is the banksters who are in trouble in both Orders, which includes of course all the Khazarian Banksters. They are in a crisis right now.

What’s this Total Bank Failure Really About?

Kim said there was problem due to a company called Pinecone Technology which actually has an interesting database and data center, it’s called a vector center. Pinecone Technology was very up and coming and got a lot of funding in the last year and then all of sudden they appeared in the banking system.

What was Pinecone Technology’s Role?

Their role was to create a secondary database, fantasy numbers that were being perpetuated in a mirror database to every Tier 1 Bank in the world, except for Wells Fargo. Why not Wells Fargo? Because they belong to the Chinese and they have their own mirrored database that Kim had taken out a few weeks back. But of course, they are trying to re-install it.

How did they get that access to begin with? Remember the Blue Screen? Kim told about the different colored screens with lines into the Kronos and Omega systems numerous times. But even though the Omega and Kronos systems don’t exist anymore, there were still keys, ties, tags and backdoors into the banking system globally lingering around, which is what Pinecone was using over the weekend.

Pinecone Down, Connections Lost | Banksters in Full Panic Mode

But they don’t have those keys and backdoors anymore so the banks woke up this morning in a complete panic when they saw the reality numbers because the fantasy is gone. Did the banks spend the money? No. Could they use it in any way or transfer amongst themselves? No. But there was always a promise that it could happen and now that Pinecone is down and their connections to the banking system are down and all backdoors and keys are gone there is a full-on panic. The façade is down, the Fed is down. The assets are not there and that will definitely cause a bunch of bankers to be extremely confused.


BlackRock hit the news again as they are prohibiting their investors from withdrawing cash as their liquidity gets drained into the toilet.

Banks Now Questioning the Federal Reserve and the Treasuries

The banks are already questioning the Federal Reserve and the Treasuries. Well, I should hope so. Are those expired agreements the Archivists are working so hard disseminating around the world finally being read! At least they are wondering what is going on and if they can get access to the Global Repository. They are asking who runs the Global Repository? Oh geez, these people can’t seem to read. Kim’s name is all over it, yet so many are still claiming they own it. Those of us who follow Kim know she’s been trying get through to banks for quite some time but they ignore her. Maybe they’ll actually pay attention to her soon and find out the truth for once.

Will The People Experience a Financial Crisis?

Kim said that stock markets may waver a bit, you might see some types of investments off for a while, but they will recover and the people themselves will not lose. It will take away the middlemen so to speak, as they don’t have any power anymore, those people in the Order who are running around the world.

What is important to know is that the Global Repository will function, even if every bank goes down. Kim has made full connection to the banking applications, although they may still be branded as Bank of America, etc. Nevertheless, they are fully integrated and connected as of 3am this morning. All the back doors have been removed.

The crazies are still trying to get in though and that is at the direction of General McCarthy. He is the one who ordered the NSA to try and find a way in and actually he’s been the one who was ordering them all along.

Who is Left of the Remnants

Black Sun Side

There are a couple people with General McCarthy who are kind of taking on a role of equal partner, but that is all we have left hanging above the government on the Black Sun side.

Dragon Family Side

On the other side in China there are about 20-25 still participating in the program. Netanyahu was reselected because he is a loyalist to the Families. By the way, he was involved in the plotting and planning of the 2011 tsunami in Japan. He plays very well with the Rothschilds and goes along with their agenda, he’s a controllable asset. Other controllable assets of theirs are Lula and Biden.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu Returns to Power in Sixth Term as Prime Minister – WSJ

The question is will Kevin McCarthy and company continue to take orders from General McCarthy or from the remaining Chinese Elders or will he think for himself for a change? Time will tell, but if they do follow any orders Kim’s advice is there had better be some money behind it because the new unratified Speaker of the House is going to be in some serious trouble come 5pm today when there is no money behind the words of General McCarthy.  

In Closing

Kim continues to watch the two sides fight each other and they still seem to have no idea she’s even in the game. A lot of the moves Kim had made is partly because she knows they will be claimed by one side or the other in order to show their power. Well, those days are numbered and they are waning. Kim says we are moving on to Restoration. The banking system is becoming cleaner and clearer for us. The remaining deep state threats are becoming less and less and soon those two points are going to meet in the very near future. She is guessing we are weeks away if not days from that actually happening and once it does we’ll be free to roam around the cabin.

So trust that the Creator has a plan! Kim does and knows it is coming together perfectly!


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  1. Cynthia Lynn Burns

    Thanks for posting this. Much appreciated. I can’t subscribe to UNN because they don’t take my pre-paid credit card and I don’t want to have a bank account in Central Banks.
    I am perplexed by how she says she is in a contract to benefit humanity, yet they can’t stop the jabs? But they can prevent the moon from smashing into the Earth, etc.
    I love Kim and believe everything she says because I worked in State Government in Washington State and saw my supervisor’s eyes literally change to snake eyes right in front of me. Also saw some wild shit when I worked on the water in the Puget Sound piloting research vessels. Sun flashing, strange big red planet in 2012, not to mention a submarine coming around Bainbridge Island that was not a US Navy vessel. Just to name a few.
    Kim is for real, but I must say again, I am sad that she does not consider this knowledge important enough to share with all for free. Truly makes me sad.
    Thanks again for all your incredibly hard work. I know what it takes to “transcribe”, I did it for state government, really F’ing hard. 🙂 Love you much. Looking forward to next blog on Ground Command updates. Take care.

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    Joachim! Thank you again and again for your awesome work,we are waiting for your comments that make Kim’s reports sound profound.
    I want to support the above comment, totally agree with it.To collect small money to support poor people is no excuse in comparison with the huge energy of people cut from this stream and left aside.Bad Choice!

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