The IRS Expired Under the Federal Reserve Act & Was Already Disabled by Kim Goguen | The Global Structure of Taxation and Causation System Expired! | The Monetization of Leveraged Assets Expired! | Congress, Check the National Archives! | Swapping out Rothschild People for Black Sun People (Treasuries of USA) Will Not Happen! | Is the Tax Authority a Better Solution? | US Govt $197 Trillion Debt Wiped Clean by Kim Years Ago

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on January 11, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this situation report Kim breaks down the global taxes and addresses Congress’ bill to abolish the IRS and how they aren’t helping the people, rather they are helping the Black Sun switch the tax collection from the Department of Treasury to Treasury of USA. But the cocky operatives running this scam won’t succeed! Many agreements related to the FED and IRS already expired! So Black Sun operatives stop salivating! The not so clever plan of theirs to obtain money for their black ops ain’t happening! Nor will their other not so clever plan of taking control of all Agencies by replacing Mayorkas with their guy is irrelevant. The GIA sits above all Agencies and already has a director. And she isn’t interested in funding wingnuts who are intent on hurting people!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The big news today is Congress says they are moving to abolish the IRS. Sounds great right? But there are some caveats in there so Kim is going to break down how taxes worked in the past, which will then highlight how this move of theirs is not really supposed to help ‘we the people’, but would just move our tax money from one bucket to another. At least that is the hope of the Black Sun operatives and General McCarthy who came up with idea. And I guess they want to take credit for the Federal Reserve contracts expiring in the process. They think the sheeple are none the wiser. And well let’s face it, unless you check-in with Kim, how would you know?

Speaking of expired agreements, there are two more that expired in the Hall of Records that are related to taxes.

  • Global Structure of Taxation & Causation: This agreement defined how taxes actually work, what they are for and where they are to go
  • Monetization of Leverage Assets: Leveraged assets are you with your registration number and any corporations you might form with those numbers. They both go into a whole structure.

Very little of your tax money comes back to you the consumer or comes back to the US at all. And this is the same for every country on Earth.  Kim used the US as an example because it’s relevant right now, but this structure existed for nearly everyone with a very few exceptions.

The bill Congress is proposing says it would turn over the power to the ‘Treasury’ but that’s a little word magic isn’t it. What has Kim told us dozens of times? There is Treasury of USA and the US Department of Treasury which is a Government Department. They are not the same and neither one was a good for us. So that definitely has to be changed in order for the bill to be ratified and therefore funded to the creation of the new department. What department would that be? Kim is recommending the Tax Authority.

Tax Authority

Kim has been talking to the old Tax Authority for over a year and it’s been at least a year since they have completed the Spending Tax Only Plan that actually works to fund the US Government as well as State Governments. The 16th Amendment in the Constitution actually states that federal taxes collected do not need to trickle down to the states anymore.

Global Structure of Taxation & Causation

What is the Global Structure of Taxation & Causation?  This has been in effect for a long time but really ramped up after the Federal Reserve came into play. The Fed basically took control over all of your taxes and here’s why. You are an asset to be leveraged.


After your birth, your birth certificate number is recorded in the Office of Vital Statistics which is responsible for recording all of this information, it then goes directly to ABCorp. ABCorp is responsible for the management of birth certificates and that it goes to the right place. The same goes for all your corporate documents and corporate registrations and your respective states, to include and is not limited to Treasury of USA in Delaware. This is the Order of the Black Sun and has nothing to do with the US Department of Treasury or the Government.

The Treasuries around the world were formed underneath cannon law and were also part the Cestui Que Vie the Management of Souls Agreement and when they talk about you were lost at See it talks about Maritime Law and it has nothing to do with Sea and the Military.

Association for Numerical Numbering Agency or A.N.N.A.

Then ABCorp sends your birth certificate for registration to the Association for Numerical Numbering Agency or A.N.N.A. A.N.N.A is run by the Illuminati, the Order of the Dragon which is the Rothschilds, Lee Family, Green Dragon, Red Dragon etc. The A.N.N.A. system puts a number on everything on this planet, you and your birth certificate, cargo, etc. This happens literally at the time of your birth and then you are considered an ‘asset’ of the global system. As an asset you are also segregated by country. So, you have a main sovereign which has always been the registration of the trust and then you have sub-sovereigns like the United States as an example. Then you have sub-sovereigns of sub-sovereigns which would be like your Indian reservations and so forth. Then you have non-government corps and these things. The A.N.N.A puts a number to everything which then becomes an asset to the global banking system. The A.N.N.A system is the asset database, and as Kim started to discuss on Monday that has been replaced.

Now the A.N.N.A system issues a bond against all of the citizens of the world and they figure out how much you are going to cost until you actually become a tax paying citizen of that nation. In the past they said on average that would be about $10 million dollars apiece. That $10 million bond would go to places like Credit Suisse, HSBC and other Tier 1 banks. It would be submitted to those institutions and then leveraged 10 to 100 times against that bond.

  • Other types of bonds that come out are Prisoner bonds. On average it’s $1 million per indictment. So, this was the replacement for Debtors Prison Kim mentioned in the previous post, and also why the US was privatizing all those prisons.
  • A.N.N.A also holds corporations. Governments are also registered as a corporation. Why is that? Because they passed a law that governments could not trade for themselves.
  • Deeds of Trusts like a mortgage or any deed on a property you purchased also goes through the wheel and has a bond issued against it. The Fed usually gets 100 times leverage on every mortgage. 50% goes to the bank and 50% to the Fed. Car Liens too.

Extra Leveraged Amounts Go to the Treasuries of USA

Every single one of these bonds is then sold off to the Alpha trust. And that’s how all the extra leverage comes out through the bank and goes to the Treasuries of USA. Then 90% of this money stayed within the Treasuries of USA and went to fund black operations of the Order of the Black Sun, all under the guise of ‘security of your human’. Where did the rest go? To the Ways and Means Committee. Every country has one. So, the trickle down, the remaining 10% or less went to fund your National Health Services, Social Security and retirement programs and the things that fall under the Ways and Means Committee.

X/N System | Main Global Database for Tax Collection Worldwide

A partner to the A.N.N.A system is the X/N System also located in Belgium. The X/N System was the main global database for tax collection worldwide. Now in order to become an asset each one of these bonds has a coupon, there is percentage that has to get paid back and of course the bond has to be made whole, otherwise it can no longer be considered an asset.

What are Taxes Actually?

Taxes are actually the coupon, which is the interest rate for the borrowing of money that has to get paid back. Typically, it’s paid back on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis while you are attempting to pay back your original loan. So, taxes are the coupons on the bonds that you have to pay eventually when you become a tax paying citizen. Typically, in America that’s when your reach the age of 18 or younger depending on your state.

The IRS Was a Subsidiary of the X/N System

The IRS was a subsidiary of the X/N system, which was run by the same people who ran the Global Structure of Taxation and Causation system and a subsidiary of the Rothschild Family and the several layers above them, who they took orders from, when they were Trustees on behalf of the Alpha system. They are not anymore, and this structure was not even created by them. It was created by Marduk, Kim’s predecessor.

Both systems were managed by that and collected by them. It’s only until you get down to Treasuries of USA and where the Black Sun comes into play. They were managing the ‘security of your person’, your corporation, your car so on and so forth, under the ‘guise’ that they are protecting all this stuff for you because remember ‘security = control’.

The IRS Expired Under the Federal Reserve Act & Was Disabled by Kim

Under the Federal Reserve Act the IRS expired, therefore technically it has no right to collect taxes from you anymore, but people just keep doing it. Taxes you pay to the IRS go to a private corporation and not a United States Government Department, therefore, Congress does not have the right to disable it.

And Kim already disabled the IRS, so members of Congress can go to the National Archives and see that the IRS has already been dissolved. In addition to the IRS, the Global Structure of Taxation and Causation system has already expired, as well as the Monetization of Leveraged Assets, and all that information is in the Archives.

Congress can go ahead and say they are abolishing the IRS, to make it look good for the people who don’t understand what Kim is telling us. BUT THEY ARE NOT GOING TO SWAP OUT DRAGON FAMILY ROTHSCHILD PEOPLE WHO NEED TO GO AWAY FOR ANOTHER GROUP THAT ALSO NEEDS TO GO AWAY, AND THAT IS TREASURIES OF USA. If they think for one red hot second that Kim is going to ratify and pay for the Black Sun people to take over, they’ve lost their ‘bleeping’ minds.

Congress must change that Bill in order for it to be ratified and in order for it to be made public that the IRS is being dissolved. It needs to say Department of Treasury of the United States Government. That’s what it needs to say. Otherwise, they can just kiss this whole show good bye. It’s never going to happen. We’re not going to go from the fuel to the fire here.

Now Why Do They Really Want to Ratify This Bill?

The IRS currently sends through the XN System the following:

  • 80% of every single dollar collected goes to the Rothschild Bank
  • 10% to the Treasury of USA
  • 10% to the Ways & Means Committee
  • 0% to the proper US Government

How many dollars go back to the proper Government of the US? The answer is zero. The Ways and Means Committee is not considered a US Government organization, it is a subsidiary of the Treasuries of USA, or rather it was.

Zero taxes that you pay to the IRS actually go to do anything. So, when they say you’re wasting tax payer dollars it means nothing because you didn’t get any of that anyway. It’s leveraged 100 times, it’s fractional banking here. Only small amounts go into programs which they then double fund in the budget which comes through Congress.

Abolishing the IRS Will Help People if Transferred to the Tax Authority & NOT to Treasuries of USA

Yes, abolishing the IRS will help people, but it’s not going to go to Treasury of USA. Sorry Order of the Black Sun people, that is never going to happen. Bill or no bill, sign or don’t sign. Are they going to be capable of transferring the IRS over to the Treasuries of USA? Nope, because neither one is a valid organization. Kim will hit reject as soon as they try and put tax payer dollars anywhere except the Tax Authority, which is where they belong.  She does know the gentleman who wrote the spending tax only plan, which is still a lot of money. If you look at the AT tax and luxury tax and other things that would be implemented under the program it works to fund the government 100%. It definitely won’t do that if you designate to put tax money in Treasury of USA. They are probably salivating anticipating they are going to have a black ops revitalization, well that is definitely not happening.

So that was your taxes as you know them that go through the IRS. Kim has provided much of this information in previous posts as well, here are a couple of related posts.

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The Federal Budget Process

Due to the Budget Agreement, every 4th of July, and this applies to every country, the budget would actually get paid out from the Alpha Trust to the Federal Reserve. So, in the US this happened before Congress even voted on the budget. That’s why Kim ignores the show Congress puts on about the budget needing to be passed by Sept 30th and the Omnibus etc. It’s essentially irrelevant and here’s why.

When the Federal Reserve had a contract with the Office of the Guardian, it was with Kim’s predecessor, Marduk. He would actually receive funding from the ALPHA system on the 4th of July. That money would then be transferred to HSBC in Hong Kong and would be traded for all those months (July-Sept).

Trading Ensues at HSBC July thru Sept

They would issue bonds to each department against each government’s department. For example, there would be one for the FBI, and she showed us a slew of those bonds in the past (see post about money printing below). After they made a hundred times against the original bill/budget money, the Department of USA Treasury would issue the money they originally started with before all the trading. The government would actually issue a Treasury Note. That Treasury Note would then go back to the Federal Reserve and who would then give them the pittance they started out with. So even a trillion dollars would be a pittance compared to the multiple trillions they made from all their trading with HSBC in Hong Kong.

Now all this money they made during those months of trading would go towards their programs, like Agenda 2020, ID2020, WEF, all of their black programs that would go on all over the world. Some was for the Black Sun programs and some for the Dragon side.

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How the US Accumulated $196 Trillion in Debt

If you’ve heard of high yield trading programs, Treasury programs, World Bank programs that trade and trade and trade, well this is where the machine was, at HSBC in Hong Kong. There was some trading that went on at UBS and Credit Suisse in Switzerland, but predominately as it relates to Treasury Notes they would go to HSBC in Hong Kong.  The Treasury Note goes back to the Fed and that’s how the US accumulated over the whole term of the Fed $196 trillion dollars in debt.

US Government $197 Trillion Debt Wiped Clean Years Ago

Don’t panic government people if you’re watching this because under the Trump Administration it was actually Kim who wiped the debt clean! I’ve heard Kim tell us this numerous times over the years.

All the treasury notes held by the Fed eventually go back to the Alpha system. The Alpha system disbursed the money, trading ensued at HSBC then the Treasury Notes were issued. These treasury notes were recorded in the Federal Reserve’s off ledger accounts and were to go back to the Alpha system, who holds the note.

But a few years ago, Kim took all of those treasury notes in the Federal Reserve, which had to go back to the Alpha system and wiped them clean. Kim sent a copy of them to the Department of Treasury in New York. The guy’s name is Doug. They’ll have to look him up. And if the government people want proof of that you have access to such information, so go right ahead. You can find it the Federal Reserve building in New York. So, the $196 trillion debt is not a problem, it was already taken care of. Now you know where all the congressional bills got paid and how everybody got paid in the middle, how the security bills got paid. But when they keep talking about raising the debt ceiling, this is what they are talking about.

Global Intelligence Agency Sits Above All Agencies Worldwide | Director is Kim Goguen

The US Military is a private organization, Treasury of USA is a private organization, all Agencies under the Homeland Security umbrella are all private organizations. Now how did these private organizations get funding? Well, when it came to funding these ‘private organizations’ from the Order of the Black Sun and from the Rothschilds, or the Banksters as they are commonly known, they would actually fund them directly, with a couple of little caveats.

Funding Agencies for Black Operations in the Past

How did the CIA get money for the unwonderful things that DARPA does, the Secret Space program, all things considered black ops? And how did these people get paid because the official organizations on record says these people could only get paid by another intelligence agency? Well Intelligence Agencies are allowed to swap funds globally. For example, the CIA could pay to fund the Mossad for a joint operation, allegedly.

The Black Dragon Ran the GIA in the Past

So how did that happen? That happened from the Global Intelligence Agency. In the past it would have been run by the Order of the Black Sun, whoever was the Black Dragon and that has been the case since the 1970s. It’s not a new agency. It funded NATO, all the black operations, both sides of wars, it did all of that stuff. Because it isn’t a legally registered Intelligence Agency that reports to no Government, but every Government’s Agencies reports to it.

So, when Kim said on Monday the GIA is over Homeland Security, she meant it. Do we have to fund these people, the CIA, DARPA, Secret Space Program, Homeland Security, etc.? No, we don’t! Kim wiped out every operative in the GIA years ago, and there are very few people in there now, names she won’t disclose. But Kim is the Director of GIA and she ran circle around you Agency people, didn’t she? So, if you think you are going to push out Mayorkas, the Director of Homeland Security and put in someone with the Black Sun for the total takeover of the Agencies, you’ve lost your ‘bleeping’ minds! And you think you’re going to do that by convincing Congress to abolish the IRS and turn it over to the Treasuries of USA? Not happening!

Umbrella Operatives Think They are Clever? Not Really

Kim said that’s why the Umbrella operatives in the alt media are laughing their butts off and why the aides and operatives are pushing for this swap to Treasuries of USA. Fine go and pass it in public, but if you think some gravy train is going to come out for you, that you’re going to take the money from the IRS, well watch what happens. Every red cent will disappear!

You have the remaining operatives of the secret militaries as the controllers of all politicians. Every single one has a handler. Now what we’re seeing play out, those who gave the orders up to where Kim’s seat is are all dead and now these people have to think for themselves, which is why we have the big circus. These operatives are making all these promises – feeding the politicians narratives because they think they’ve found a way to do it. But no, you didn’t. Kim is already 12 steps ahead of you.

Let’s remind them again that the Taxation and Causation Agreement has expired in the last 24 hours. So has the Monetization of Leveraged Assets expired globally and therefore any taxes paid into an organization such as the IRS or anywhere else it’s Kim’s call if they go there or not, because Kim still holds all those bonds. Every single one of us.

For the Cocky People Who Think They Stand a Chance

The wingnuts who still think there is money and hope and some aliens from Orion are going to come and save them, no they are not. But the one thing Kim can assure you of is this…..

…if anyone of you threatens a politician who is attempting to do the right thing by the people of this country, because there was a very long conference call yesterday which talked about potentials for new programs…. if any one of you threatens any one of them, she promises you and you can clock it with an egg timer, you are not going to exist on this planet. She and her team are tracking and tracing every single one of you people who still remain. They know who is threatening who, so watch your six.

It is still possible for these operatives to make money if they switch sides. All is not lost if they want it. We still need security, but what we don’t need is control. But will they switch sides? I doubt it.

The Problem is all the Middlemen & Interference

Operatives can help restructure the government. It can be done without all these middle people because all roads led to the Alpha system. Every bond, treasury, bill goes directly to the Hall of Records.

  1. A bill used to go to the Treasury first
  2. The Treasury would issue a debt instrument to the Fed
  3. The Fed would register in ANNA as an asset
  4. ANNA would then give it to Alpha, which is the system Kim talks about.

Now we don’t need to have the interference here. We don’t need to have money go round and round in the fractal banking system giving money to every member of the Order of the Black Sun, every Illuminati member and all the black programs we know nothing about. The original budget money which really doesn’t go to us either, doesn’t need to get funded only after it gets traded, traded and traded. This is the problem with the bills.

About the Latest Omnibus Bill

Kim pointed out one thing that was in there which is about installing monitors on your driving habits. According to them they are going to try to monitor you in every way possible and they think they are going to pay billions out of the budget to do that. Really?

This is also how company’s get funding such as the media. They have something called prepaid flight time in which the government pays to CNN, Fox News, ABC and NBC etc. an amount in the billions of dollars per year. What is prepaid flight time? It gives the government the right to interrupt any programming at any time if they want to make an announcement. They pay premium top dollar for it. And there are so many things in that Omnibus bill Kim isn’t interested in funding. We shouldn’t have to fund these corporations. The lobbyists pay the CIA to do things like put the little inserts into the bill like Treasury of USA instead of Department of Treasury. Well, we certainly don’t need that.

So that is Global Taxes broken down as simply as she could.


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