Origins of the Federal Reserve | Kim Explains to Pentagon & Generals Why Fed Can’t Print Money & Why the ADIL P4 System Didn’t Spit Out Any Cash for You | Dragon Families & Black Sun Still Fighting Each Other | Hum, Did They Misplace that Sun Tzu Book? | Bottom of the Food Chain Thinks They Will Rule the World? | Ascension Process Completed! | The Creator’s Plan is ‘THE PLAN’ & We Have Work to Do!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on January 2, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this situation report Kim reviews the origins of the Federal Reserve and reminds the Fed, Pentagon, Dragon Families and Order of the Black Sun about all those expired contracts they never pay attention to. The only valid contract that exists today is between Kim, Source and the 8 billion people who make up humanity. Poor life choices send another 1,000+ wingnuts back to Source and Kim shares some insight about those on the lowest rungs of the food chain. Yes they too intend to rule the world. Hello world! Let us introduce ourselves formally now that we’ve already been talking to you for months and months.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The Origins of the Federal Reserve

There is a book called The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin which is about a meeting of the elites that took place off the coast of Georgia and how they decided to form the Federal Reserve. However, according to Kim that isn’t entirely true. The timing of this decision actually had to do with orders that came down to their level from the Covens. Above them were the Coven Masters, above them were the Parents and above them was Marduk, Kim’s predecessor. And the meeting wasn’t only amongst Americans either. The Lee family in China was heavily involved as well as the Dragon Families from Indonesia, Austria, London, etc.

Note: The World Government structure that was in place has been outlined by Kim many times. Refer to my posts,
1. Review of the Former Control Structure on Earth for Next Level on Deck, the Remaining Floundering Coven Members | Part 1 | Just Empower Me
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Let’s Talk About Contracts

Fed Contract 1 Expired June 15, 2011

The Federal Reserve is a corporation and it was a government service provider until its contract expired on June 15, 2011. The first contract that expired was with her predecessor, Marduk. He did a perpetual agreement and under international law that means 99 years. That contract expired at that time.

Order of the Dragon

The order givers, as mentioned above, used the Dragon Families to create the Federal Reserve. It was a front for monetary control worldwide, but it no longer had the backing and support of the Alpha system, meaning where money is really created, the allocation numbers and quotas. That is Kim who can do that and she has had no involvement or commitment with the Dragon Families from that point forward.

Order of the Black Sun

Some people think this is just the Order of the Dragon, the Chinese Elders, the Rothschilds who are involved with the Fed, and they have fallen, but it’s not just the Dragon Families. There was a second part of the service provider under the contract which belonged to the Order of the Black Sun. So they were are all involved. And the Order of the Black Sun has been trying to take over the Fed since the expiration of the contract. They think they are going to be in power over the entire world and all the money supply.

Fed Contract 2 Expired June 15, 2012

Not so. Kim has no commitment to those families and the next contract that was signed with the US Government proper, which was tied to all of the currencies worldwide expired June 15, 2012. So the Federal Reserve legally has no right to print new allocations because they have no agreement with the Office of the Guardian anymore which is where she sits, nor can they print any countries currency at this moment. It’s up in the air.

Of course The Fed will pretend they still have control and the Families will try and continue their plight for world domination, but they have zero control over a country’s currency. With the launch of the Global Repository countries have the ability to go directly to Kim and negotiate their contract because the Federal Reserve has failed to do so.

Money Printing Extension Expired July 4th 2022

You’ll also remember Kim put out a video earlier this year about a bunch of these different commitments that were done in 2012, it entailed a 10 year budget for the Federal Reserve, for Russia, for the Military etc. The money gave them a ten year extension, except they ran out a few years early. The Families were never the source of the money but it filtered through them, which gave them a façade they were in control.

It’s been a few years since they’ve been juggling to put money together, but as of July 4, 2022 Kim has zero obligation to the Federal Reserve and zero obligation to any government worldwide. That was the last part of the commitment and she began unwinding everything from there.

Note: For the video Kim is referencing refer to my post, 10 Year Money Printing Extension Expired July 4th | 13 Shadow Militaries All Gone! | Cryptococcosis, the New Virus Intercepted | Candida Outbreak Diverted | Agreement with Draco Expired | The Remaining Imbeciles Have No Friends Left | Just Empower Me

No Contracts or Agreements Were Renewed for the Benefit of the Either Side! Oops

Now Kim’s predecessor was the one who renewed these agreements and Kim chose not to renew them. As a corporation there is no funding and no unlimited amounts of allocation numbers, no quotas. And the decision not to renew wasn’t necessarily because she didn’t want to, it’s just that no one has bothered to even try because they are too busy fighting each other. The Black Sun is busy trying to take over what they think the Dragon Families have and the Dragon Families are trying to take over what they think the Black Sun has.

Hum, how many contracts and agreements has humanity been committed to that we had no knowledge of? Kind of funny these all powerful ones don’t even know they expired. What goes around comes around?

Dragon Families Try Again to Regain Control

So if you’re part of the US Government or another nation and the Families are telling you the money is going to come, they are full of it. Are they still trying to convince everyone? Absolutely. In fact, the latest Chinese Elders were in Shanghai this morning trying to attach all the in-ground assets of Africa, the US and other several nations to the Shanghai Exchange. Of course they were promptly denied access and told they weren’t their assets and not their gold, and it’s certainly not enough to support the entire world’s financial system anyway. They were also trying to launch crypto again.

Order of the Black Sun Tries Again to Gain Control

But then there was a bit of a pause over the weekend and there is a reason why. Kim said that when the Dragon Families failed to fund the Federal Reserve, the Order of the Black Sun stepped in. Keep in mind we’re several levels down now from former leaders in the Order of the Black Sun. The former leaders had also reported to a Coven, who reported to a Coven Master, who reported to the Parents who reported to Enki, Marduk’s brother. This was the structure forever. Now did they get instructions sometimes through the Omega system and computer systems? Sure they did, but nonetheless there was always someone else in control. This arrangement also goes back to several agreements made between the Abraxas, Marduk and a number of other people who were actually the Controllers. Those agreements have also expired so they have no right to be in control or set up a control structure.

No matter, since they won’t read anything the Archivists send them. And just like their predecessors erroneously thought money was coming on Jan 1st from an expired agreement.

Treaty of Versailles & Global Martial Law Dictated Funding Every Year But That Ended Too

The Treaty of Versailles and in conjunction with Global Martial Law, which we had been under for 16,000 years also expired awhile ago. But when it was in effect, under the Treaty of Versailles and in conjunction with Global Martial Law the Militaries, Agencies and Order of the Black Sun would receive funding every year on the first of January, right after midnight. They would declare Martial Law in each respective nation for 20 minutes, then funding would go directly to the Militaries and Agencies to perform functions based on orders given from the office Kim now holds.

Remember Kim told us all about this last year and how it worked in her January 5, 2022 video? I remember and here’s the excerpt from that post:

Note: For related post refer to, GPRC Meeting Scheduled for March | SSP is Shrinking | More Systems Found & Dismantled | Colonel Klaus Klink | Military Theatre in Ukraine & Kazakhstan | Just Empower Me

Too bad they won’t listen to Kim or read my blog. Oh well, we get to hear about the repeat performance with a nice twist at the end.

So due to the failure of the Fed and the Dragon Families these wingnuts of the Black Sun decided they were going to step up and control the world. At least that’s what Kim heard them discussing all weekend. They really thought payouts were actually going to happen on Jan 1st because they started rumors everywhere that Nesara/Gesara is happening and someone, maybe a dead orange man is going to be back in the White House. So on Thursday, the remaining members, not understanding at all how the world really works gathered in places like Durango and China and started making big plans worldwide on how they were going to split up control of the planet.

It didn’t happen, no money came, but they did get a surprise.

The Art of War, Sun Tzu

Kim being a strategist used their many weaknesses to her advantage. She listened to their super-secret meetings in Durango and China. They were talking about blowing up the planet and doing horrible things with MRNA to hurt people, nothing to the benefit of the one party she has a contract with which is humanity.

Kim Runs Operation Departure | -1000 Wingnuts or Thereabouts

Now obviously this isn’t Kim’s first rodeo with narcissists, and she banked on the fact that their arrogance is a weakness. So of course these elites in the high seats now, these new top people discussing how they were going to split up control of the world didn’t want anyone underneath them to know what was about to happen. So this next line of ‘special people’ were the ones sitting there at over 1,000 terminals around the world waiting for money to magically appear. Well they got paid alright, but not in cash. The terminal sent them a deadly frequency instead. So they are no longer with us. Kim thanks them all for gathering at over a thousand terminals worldwide because it made it a whole lot easier for her. That was brilliant.

And today their underlings are very confused because they think they are under attack by an alien race. Nope, they’re just under attack by a Human named Kim. Do they really believe their own story or is that an excuse because they don’t want to look like they failed, that they are weak? But the facts are they are weak and they did fail. Both sides, dumb and dumber spent all their time and resources fighting each other. Wait isnt’ that even in the Art of War book by Sun Tzu –? Why yes it is. That isn’t a new strategy or new tactic. Kim didn’t create it, outside in-inside out. She watched them kill each other and when necessary sometimes stepped in to assist them in this matter.

MRNA & Jabs

I wanted to mention here a comment Kim made earlier in the broadcast about MRNA since the crazies were scheming again about using it to harm people. She knew a former CIA assassin at one point in time who told her the long kill is best and she can’t help but wonder if that was the intention of the MNRA in the jabs since it completely destroys your immune system over time. Many conditions like myocarditis and cancer are rising, but now reports of people becoming septic is also on the rise. And it’s not just this jab they unleashed for the COVID plandemic making people sick. Evidently there are 500 million people in India who are experiencing side effects from Bill Gates’ polio shots. There are also reports coming out of Vietnam about autism, which never existed there before Bill Gates brought his jabs, and that was prior to the COVID plandemic as well. All is part of the depopulation agenda.

Note: For those who succumbed to the jabs or want to help others there are protocols, so it’s not hopeless. Check the Home GHWC website for more information regarding that.

Pentagon & Generals | Did Kim Answer Your Question as to Why the Fed Can’t Print Money & Why the ADIL P4 System Didn’t Spit out Any Cash for You?

Evidently the Pentagon people have been scratching their heads over the last few days and Kim broke this all down to help them understand. Hopefully they now know why the Federal Reserve can’t print money anymore.

The Fed Has No Contract

There is no contract registered in the Hall of Records that says Kim has to give the Fed any money, nor is there a commitment as to what function they are going to perform for said money. Therefore the Key Integrated Monetary System 2 (KIMS2) which she created is for the flow of NEW money into KIMS1 and to the banks and Global Repository means those people you keep listening to don’t exist. Without a contract or agreement they get nothing.

Governments Have No Contract

The failure of the Governments worldwide to understand they do not have a contract with the Federal Reserve anymore, no matter how much dumb and dumber talk, doesn’t change the fact they do not have one. Nor do they have an obligation to any member of the Order of the Dragon whether it be Chinese, British, American or anyone.

Militaries, Agencies Have No Contract

There are no contracts anymore to have a private Military. All militaries and agencies in the world are corporations and fall under the Order of the Black Sun who managed them on behalf of the Order of the Dragon, until that commitment expired in 2018. That’s when they started their plan to dominate the world under the Artemis Accord which they signed with the Abraxas who are also human. With the Abraxas gone, no one is going to renew that contract. They have no support, no outside help. They have a few people who work for Trinity military who have some technologies, but that is failing rapidly.

No contract? Then no money. You ignore the Archivists and you don’t follow any orders Kim gives you, so why would she pay you? So unless they have a contract with Kim and it’s registered in the Hall of Records, and they actually adhere and do their part in accordance with any such agreement will they get money. No more not following orders.

Kim’s Has One Contract with 8 Billion People on This Planet

While dumb and dumber are busy fighting one another, Kim continues to sit in the bleachers, with the one contract she does have.

Her only valid contract and commitment she has made is the contract she signed as Guardian in 2014, and then as these other agreements expired her position came to be. That contract was not with Marduk, not with an Alien Race and not with anyone. That contract was signed at the highest level in the universe. Her commitment is to the 8 billion people who walk this planet. That is the only contract she’s got.

So again to answer the questions of the Generals and the Pentagon people, that’s why the Fed can’t print endless money and why the ADIL P4 system didn’t spit out any cash for you. And this is why come Thursday the RV people who think they are going to be cashing in all their bonds, Tier 1 will get it first on the 3rd of January and all these Operatives who think they are going to get paid will find out nothing is going to happen.

There was also chatter this weekend among the Umbrella Corp people running the Trump train that it might be time to let him go, again. Why? Because just like the last time they thought they were going to get a big payout and therefore no longer need him to sell Trump cards, etc. Payment was finally coming from elsewhere, and they could continue their plan. What plan is that? That would be their ‘coming out’ plan as our new ‘gods’ who run the world. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Does Powell Still Need to Listen to the Dragon Families? Powell does not need to listen to Mr. Lee but Kim suggested if he’s still so loyal to him why not move there. It’s his choice as to whether he wants the Fed to survive, not Kim’s. She doesn’t need them at all. She built an entire global system that only requires participation directly. It’s very detailed and secure as those at the NSA found out. So to answer your question as to why your system does not work anymore, that would be because Kim, a human, not an alien outsmarted you. Everything they are doing is bouncing off her system, there is no more access. She is clean and clear.

Revisiting the Trump Administration | Why Did Kim Fund the Government During 2018?

The wingnuts might be asking themselves, well Kim went back to 2011 and 2012 contracts and told us they expired, so how did she still fund the Government during 2018 and during the Trump Administration, because she did and why did she do that?

It sounds like the purpose was to fulfill a commitment and in the process made sure every conversation she had with the Pentagon, Trump, the British, Russians, etc., took place on a diplomatic line, therefore recorded for the Hall of Records. Let’s again take the student loan portfolio as an example. Kim was very specific how that was to work. Trump said yes, then he didn’t pay off the student loans so the money got taken back. All the conversations with the Joint Chiefs of Staff also got recorded which proved they didn’t do their part.

So I look at this way. I think she had to give them a chance, which she probably knew they wouldn’t follow through on. But having given them that chance no one can then say she just assumed they wouldn’t cooperate or follow orders for xyz. With everything transcribed in the Hall of Records they don’t have a leg to stand on. She’s needs to follow rules too, plus everyone has been lied to. We’ve seen this throughout the entire takedown over the last year. Every new level that steps up gets a chance to know the truth. What they do with that is up to them. But then comes the consequences. Well that’s my take on where she may be going regarding her statement about fulfilling her commitment. 

Who Else Wants to Run the World & Where Do They Sit in the Food Chain?

Do you ever wonder why are there so many shows about the CIA, MI6 and all these agencies?  Remember the series the The Blacklist? They talked about the Shadow Government and how they are infiltrated in all the agencies. For Marvel movie lovers you know about the Hydra and the SHIELD, which is the name of a real organization.  They are telling us everything. Now why would they do that? They operate in the shadows after all.

Well this was going to be the year they could operate in the face front, as the World Government, the complete and total global takeover. Global Martial Law on the one side with them at the head. They would be the Generals you see on TV in the news as your new Heads of State. Oh my God! Does she mean like General Mark Milley! Yipes. In any case, if you remember that movie with the really bad acting called Amerigeddon with Alex Jones, it told you exactly how they planned to do it.

And on the other side the agency and operative people were going to come out as the Families that run the world, the Kings and Queens of planet Earth. It’s not disclosure so much as an introduction. Hi, meet us, we are the elite. Series after series on Netflix and other channels started coming out about the Shadow Government, how powerful they are and how you should fear them. Think about it. Is there disclosure in there? Yes, but they want us to see them as almighty, our new gods essentially. For these two groups here, that was the plan all along. They had lofty goals.

So how is that going?

Bottom of the Food Chain

Well these folks, the Militaries and Agencies sit at the bottom on the food chain. The next rung up would be your Secret Space Program run by the 15 Secret Militaries, mentioned on the ACIO Official website. Above that is the Covens, above them 42 Coven Masters, above them the 21 Parents.

Note: For more on the Shadow Militaries refer to my post, The 15 Groups in the Shadow Military | How Intelligence Agencies Were Structured | 41 Coven Members Left Still Floundering | Part 2 | Just Empower Me

So all Militaries and Agencies ultimately received orders from the same group of 21 Parents, which got passed down to the 42 Coven Masters and then eventually to people those in the militaries and agencies view as Generals above the Generals, like your Jesuit Generals.

There used to be one Parent who handled all the media narratives for the entire year and then those orders would filter down annually. All the handlers would go up the food chain for the narrative of the day and then feed it to their respective Operatives. This is why people at the Pentagon, Militaries and Agencies around the world are so confused right now and they all believed money was coming.

So they are going to be rules of the world, yet dependent on orders from up the food chain? And they think that system is still in place, but it is NOT. 

Operatives of the SSP in Plain Sight Filling the Narrative Gap

Money is scarce so the remaining Operatives of the SSP, Umbrella Corp etc. are actually in plain sight now talking to us on the Alt media and on YouTube. They are having conversations with us and promoting their own narratives now because they don’t have the money to pay other people and shills in the Alt media to do it for them. They are popping up all over the place and it’s the same narrative across the board. They talk about Presidents, Nesara/Gesara and all these promises that have never come to fruition and never will.

So every level had the same expectation, to be our rulers. I suppose since the Military, Agencies and Operatives have always been the ‘doers’, why wouldn’t they expect to ultimately win the game and be ‘gods’ over the humans. Well, the few humans who were still supposed to be left that is. They probably feel like they earned it more than anyone. I think I have to watch that awful movie Amerigeddon again to see how the Agency people fit into this plan. I’m not entirely clear, although I do remember the Global Martial Law part of their plan.

Ascension Process Completed

On a positive note, Kim said the Ascension process was completed a couple of days ago. What does that mean? Enough of the dark essence is gone, and enough of the interference is gone. Your energy field will start to speed up and your connection with the Creator will get stronger. Kim will not be ascending anyone, that’s our job to do the work.

The Creator’s plan is ‘The Plan’, it’s the only plan. Kim is a part of that and so are we. To do the plan we have to do our job. If we don’t, well things will go awry preventing us from being able to travel from the 3rd density to the 9th density. We can do that at any time and come right back now. And people from various densities can go there too and come back. 

The planet itself is also ascending. It’s cleaner and clearer, the connections are better, the planes of existence are all moving around. It’s going to speed up and get faster and faster. There will be a couple more blasts of neutrinos coming into the environment which will help our energy flow. The money is now flowing through the Causal-Astral Plane to us in the Emotional-Physical Plane.

The fall of their industries is being accelerated by the people giving the orders who don’t understand economics at all. We can see the tragic decisions they are making regarding health insurance of late. And at least there is something positive that has come out this jab situation which is that it has woken people up. They are seeing the effects and starting to see what happened.

The remnants don’t have the Dark Overlord giving them instructions anymore, their ship has sailed. Now it’s all coming together in perfect timing. Energy is like a seesaw, when it goes down something else comes up to fill its place. We are starting Restoration now and Kim said she is launching Life Assurance this year!

Note: Information on Life Assurance and Life Essentials is available at the following website:  Home GHWC


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  1. Wow so much to distill in this report! Thank you!
    I wonder when the average person is going to realize that it isn’t ‘business as usual’ any more.
    I really want my double jabbed husband to wake up but it isn’t going to happen until he sees something truly paradigm changing reported on CNN or MSNBC and I have my doubts that will ever occur. I had possibly thought an EBS could propel him out of his complacency but this doesn’t seem to be something Kim would do.
    I’m just left wondering how long it will be before we see all the things Kim has been informing us of, manifest in our day to day world. I just hope that time isn’t too far away now as a lot of us are getting tired trying to keep our frequency high when there is so much negativity about.
    I have never doubted that ascension is coming and good will win out over evil in the end but I never imagined how difficult and complex the whole process would be.

    1. Cynthia Lynn Burns

      Does it feel right to anyone that we don’t know who the New Earth Council is or who they are and that we seem to have no right in knowing?
      If we are free and no longer prisoners, should we not be told the truth.
      As a human being on Earth, I request to be told the truth.

  2. I hope you can help me with some questions that have been bugging me. If these demons like the Rothchilds don’t have access to the money anymore or the ability to print it then who or what does? If the likes of Marduk was dolling it out and Kim now sits in his seat should she be the one to distribute the cash? Why does she keep trying to turn those demons into being pro-humanity ..why not just get new genuine people? Apparently she doesn’t have the ability to access the money either although it seems she can give it to the scourge government lap dogs but not to the people.

    1. Kim has spoken about this numerous times. It’s very easy to transfer money to governments while transferring to people directly has been very challenging due to all the control mechanisms, of which there seem to be countless. She has been cleaning and clearing for quite awhile and now created an entirely new system. I personally think divine right timing is involved as all these covenants/agreements that may be known and/or unknown to Kim have surfaced in the Hall of Records. She typically knows when she is supposed to and each one that gets cleared seems to have an impact on the systems she runs in a major way. Until she gets the green light from Source she is not disbursing money as it is still not safe to do so. As for the governments and cabal people. She gives them more opportunities than we would all like probably, but there are rules of the light and since they also have been lied to they are given an opportunity to accept the truth and make better choices. But it’s also because they could be useful if they turned the other direction. Like she said we’re not counting on that and will go it alone, which is likely what we’ll have to do anyway. Hope this helps.

  3. Cynthia Lynn Burns

    I am at a point now where I feel I have tried all I can to wake up family. Neighbors, friends, etc. I have found it being a losing battle. Booster after booster they go, slowly melting their minds.
    After going through immense depression over it for years but more so in the last few days I have decided to take a break and focus on nature, Source and just getting my garden and yard ready for spring. This Game we are in, most of it is out of our hands. I will from now on focus on what I can control and do all I can in the simplest way of creating life around me. Sounds silly, but you all have been through what I have for the last 6 years or more. What Kim has informed us about was not really for us. It just made us realize what we are really up against. Use what Source has given you and work together with anyone you can to get out of this mess, follow your heart.
    Love you all. Seriously. 🙂

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