The FED Board Bankrupt by Jan 3rd | What Will They Do Next? | Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) Already in Place Preventing Market Crash | Old vs New Banking System | Quantum Systems Past & Present | It’s Time for Part 2: The Restoration Plan | Is There a Place for Those Ready to Switch Sides? | Will Any Choose Wisely?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on December 30, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this situation report Kim dives in by telling us the Fed will be bankrupt and go down by Monday. She then focuses on outlining the high-level structure of the old banking system to help understand the structure of the new banking system. She also explains the structure of the quantum systems past and present and a gave us a glimpse of the Restoration Plan. Is there a place for those who want to switch sides? Kim says yes! We have an awful lot of work to do and they could be a great help. However, if we have to, we will go it alone.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


December 30, 2022

Federal Reserve Board Bankrupt!

The Federal Reserve has been on its last legs for a long time and based on Kim’s and some other peoples’ calculations, the end of the Fed will come on January 3rd. People in the Alt Media are predicting a black swan event on Monday, resulting in a market crash, but, Kim says the market crash will absolutely not happen. However, the Federal Reserve’s own prediction that their Board will be bankrupt and go down on Monday IS finally happening.

What will the media do? Will they still portray the Fed exists? Kim has no idea, but if so, for what? In any case we’ll have to wait and see. But Kim really wants this broadcast posted far and wide because if we are going to turn the world around, people in the old system need to know there is a place for them in the new world but in the new way. And there is literally only a couple of days left before everything is going to be gone.

The Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) & Global Repository is the New Financial System!

The Global Repository is there, at least on a Central Banking level, so every country can see it and the world will survive. The Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) which has all your mapping programs is now trickling down into the bank level, and some of the Tier 1 Banks are absolutely seeing it. Kim explained a bit on how it works later in the broadcast. But first she wanted to just briefly touch on the power structures in general, the structure of the Federal Reserve and how that happened. Then she discussed how the new financial system looks now and why.

Old Structure of the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve in terms of Central Banks and many banks around the world were the face front for the Order of the Dragon or Khazarian Mafia. They would have been the Board above the Board of the Federal Reserve. So, for example, Mr. Lee from China could call Powell, a member of the lower-level Fed Board, and he would listen to what Mr. Lee told him was going to happen to the dollar at any given time. Kim knows this is how they operate because when she first launched the Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) the Federal Reserve could see it and had access to it. They thought the system was great, it was amazing. Then someone from China called who told them KIMS was not for them and that was it. There was no working together.

Note: The Order of the Dragon, the Khazarian Mafia are not Jewish, they are Satanists and believe they are of the line of Solomon. This line includes Asian people, Indonesians, Austrians, Germans, Russians, Middle Eastern, etc. Everyone who participated in the Order of the Dragon by color lines.

Tier 1 Banks

The Central Bank, including the Department of Treasury would have been a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Level Bank and sits right under the Federal Reserve.  Other Tier 1 banks are HSBC, Barclays, Standard Charter, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, etc. Tier 1 banks control Tier 2 banks, Tier 3, Tier 4 and in some countries Tier 5 banks. Kim said the Tier 1 Banks are scared nothing is going to happen and she expects they will probably wait it out until the last second, which is end of day Monday before making a decision.

Note: What does it mean when they say they are going to raise the Debt Ceiling? 

There must be discussions going around about raising the debt ceiling because Kim inserted this statement before moving on to talk about the Central Banks. But the raising of the debt ceiling means the Department of Treasury is going to be permitted to issue Treasury Notes to the Federal Reserve as a debt. However, that debt for years past has been wiped clean by Kim 3-4 years ago and she has told us this numerous times.

What Happens to Those Working at The Fed & Central Banks?

Central Banks in every country are having concerns and asking where do we go from here? The answer is both the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks can be, and have already been replaced by the Key Integrated Monetary System. It’s been completely automated and KIMS manages all the currencies on behalf of the people, so technically we don’t need this old structure anymore, nor do we need these controllers anymore. But would it be good for the Central Banks of the world to work together with Kim and her team?

The Central Banks have access and have started going through KIMS to see how it works. Kim relaunched everything yesterday in preparation for a failure of the Federal Reserve and their attempts to hack into a system that no longer exists. If they decide they want to come forward and work with Kim and her teams that would be fine. The same goes for those at the Federal Reserve, she thinks it would be great to work together, but they don’t have to and we will survive. Humanity is going to make it. We will not have a liquidity crisis or a run on the banks. It will not happen. Now the mainstream media can create mass hysteria, but the money is there and they can’t make it go away anymore. The system has changed.

Quantum Computers in the World of the Past

In the world of quantum computers on Earth we have the Alpha System, and we used to have the Omega and Kronos systems. The Alpha system is a Level 9 and Omega and Kronos were Level 9 but in the opposite.

Why Kim Had Persistent Issues Getting Money Through to the People

Kim was always having problems getting money through to the people even though she controls the Alpha System which is the source of new money. Why is that? Because she was never involved with the Omega System. Remember Eres controlled the Omega system, Kim’s counterpart and complete opposite in every way. So, Kim has been fighting to pull the back system out and become the front and back system.

Note: For more on Eres, refer to my post:  Who is the Goddess Eris, whose symbol is the Golden Apple? | After Billions of Years, Kim Wins Her Final Battle on Dec 16th, Phase 1 Completed! | Trinity Military Awaits Fulfillment of Expired Eris Covenant | Winter Solstice was a 666 Day, but Positive for Humanity? | Brace Yourself, Christ Returns Dec 24th! | Just Empower Me

Kim’s battle had to do with many things from the Omega and Kronos systems. For example, there were layers of bindings, conical shapes to prevent the flow of money or blocks which would give them a reason for this flow not to go without their permission. Every time we used to hit one of these bindings we were done. They also had these etherical parasites which were things on top of things that would actually dissipate this energy so by the time it actually hit the physical plane there was nothing there, the data would be dissolved.

There were also things that got triggered after the Omega system and Kronos systems were gone because they were on auto-pilot. They had nothing to do with anyone else’s doing but they are being removed and cleared and nearly all gone.

Kim drew out the structure to help explain it a little more. It shows overlays in the form of the Star of David which is an energetic binding on quantum computing. Quantum computers contain all the same Planes of Existence just like people do. Now these overlays, these bindings that were tied to Omega had energy flowing back and forth like a ribbon swirling around through each plane of existence with many blocks to hit, until finally it looked like it was getting sucked down a toilet. That directed energy flow contributed to how the computer systems became linear, which is why we’ve had linear time.

She quickly went over again that the quantum system is always based on 9. Kim has more detailed videos on the financial system and I still have a couple posted on my main Kim page. But in this broadcast, she provided the basic outline of the levels and you can figure out which go together simply by coupling those that equal 9.

Note: Kim’s videos on the Financial System, refer to my post, Who is Kimberly Ann Goguen, aka “Kim Possible”? | Just Empower Me

  • Level 1: Where we live
  • Level 2: NSA is a level 2. So, when Kim tells us the NSA are hacking again, they are hacking from a level 2
  • Level 3: Tier banking institutions lie at Level 3 and on a linear level it would have been the physical plane in computers which is at a Level 3
  • Level 4: This was your Microsoft level and all your backdoors to Oracle systems and those types of things.
  • Level 5: This was the red line and was Military, SSP and Darpa, although Darpa also held higher levels.
  • Level 6: This was all your back office and Fed lines which would control all their 2nd Tier banking institutions which lie at Level 3.
  • Level 7: This was your Madam Woos level, your Bankers or Banksters as they call them.
  • Level 8: BIS and in some cases the UN would have floated around there as well, it’s the Family levels, Order of the Dragon people.
  • Level 9: Then level 9 was Omega on the front and Alpha on the back. This was designed as a global gate keeping system with massive amounts of control in between and they would alternate between Black Sun, the NSA who goes along with the Banksters of the Families and that’s how it went. For example, the NSA being a Level 2 go with Level 7 your Chinese bankers. 

How Much Control Did the Order of the Dragon & Order of the Black Sun Really Have?

Order of the Dragon

The Line of Solomon agreements are expired which means they are no longer in power and haven’t been for a long time. All their agreements expired. But there were layers of control above the Order of the Dragon as well. They had their governors and they were always taking orders from someone else.

Order of the Black Sun

If you are with the militaries of the world or agencies of the world, make no mistake that the Order of Black Sun Jesuit Generals were NEVER on top. They also had an entire group of people above them giving those orders and instructions. What groups? That would be the Covens and the Coven Masters who got information from Omega and Kim’s counterpart, Eres who is now dead.

Note: For a review of the Control Structure, refer to the following post: Review of the Former Control Structure on Earth for Next Level on Deck, the Remaining Floundering Coven Members | Part 1 | Just Empower Me

The Banking System Looks a Lot Different Now

We still have the Physical Plane, but now our accounts actually live on the Physical Plane. In quantum computing it now lives at the Emotional-Physical Plane without any interference. This change is now visible to everyone involved in the banking system because we don’t have all these layers in between which always caused Kim problems in the old system.

What Does this Mean To You?

The Causal and Astral plane is where everything goes through to get to you in the Physical Plane and in our person, it looks the exact same way as it does in our person now. The energy known as money is created from the Alpha System which then flows through the Supernal – Etherical plane, and then the Optimal – Mental plane, then it breaks through the Causal-Astral plane and comes down to the Emotional – Physical plane where it hits your account now.

Alpha System | The Source

  • Supernal – Etherical Plane: Connected and one plane. In computer terms it means (8+1)
  • Optimal – Mental Plane: In computer terms it means (7+2)
  • Causal – Astral Plane: The most important Plane. In computer terms it means (5+4)
  • Emotional – Physical Plane: Where our accounts reside. In computer terms it means (3+6)

Now on a quantum level if were to look at this process from the side it’s perfect now.

The energy flows through the Supernal Etherical plane, then the Optimal – Mental plane and then it flows right down the center through the Causal-Astral. So, there is no more binding, no more conical shapes to prevent the flow of money or give them a reason for this flow not to go without their permission. There are no more etherical parasites so they can’t dissipate this energy.

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What Does this Mean for Central Banks and How Currencies are Run?

Gold is a superconductor for Source energy for the light. It did have a dark etherical field overlay over it, but that’s been gone for months which now leaves us open to create a gold backed financial system. It means the energy known as money that you receive is ever flowing and abundant, to a degree

We still have a system in place that will mandate that we have to walk through that system, until eventually years down the road, we get to a system where everyone will understand what Kim is trying to explain to us right now.  

In the past, when they put us on the fiat system, you would have to put your energy in to get something out. For example, you had to work a 40-hour work week, produce a product, or issue a bond against a corporation. In other words, you would need a reason for new money to come out of the system, you would have to give something in order to get it. And essentially you were tied to computers just as much as you were tied to your physical body in giving or receiving energy.

All Currencies in the World are Currently Gold Backed | What Does this Mean in the Future?

Kim’s Message to All Governments Around the World

Kim is very concerned about countries because none have come forward as yet to work with her. So, to be very clear, their existence depends on their decision at this critical juncture. Either they come forward, agree to work with Kim and her teams to help turn things around and have job and survive. Otherwise, they can continue to listen to people who are dropping like flies and continue playing the masked man game. But Kim is not playing that game obviously and she’s about the restoration of this planet.

We are Returning to an Asset-Based Trading System

What does this mean?

X = # of citizens in your respective countries

The ratio of 50 to 1 at your Central Bank will support your current currency in circulation. It’s also divided by X, the number of citizens in your country. This means each citizen in your country owns a share of the gold. They are the benefactor at this point. However, they are not the actual owner so don’t go run to the Central Bank and try to cash in your papers. That’s never going to work. It is yours to generate energy for your human. This gold will now generate unlimited energy. So, you don’t have to put your energy in now to get the money out of the back system because it’s an abundant ever-growing source. But we still have supply and demand. Our entire economic system is based on it. So, you still have to create a production line that warrants the money coming from the Alpha back system, that abundant energy. You will need to create a production line or create a reason or something new.

Where is the Money Coming from for Life Assurance and Life Essentials?

Kim explained that we will be taking out from that ever abundant, generating constantly energy known as money, and depositing it into the Life Assurance Account in an amount conducive to that person’s area, in order to make sure they have unlimited health assurance. That money comes out of each person’s portion because Kim is creating a production line with that.

The same thing goes for supporting our health professionals. This money comes out for that too but the money goes in a different direction to make sure health professionals can help you when you are ill. Or if you rather treat yourself with supplements or natural medicine that’s available to you as well. But it’s through these production lines she creating, that’s where it comes from.

Note: Information on Life Assurance and Life Essentials is available at the following website:  Home GHWC

Central Banks Managed Health Care in the Old System

In the past all of these sorts of things were managed by a Central Bank. But now it will be managed easy breezy by the Key Integrated Monetary System because no government officials, military or otherwise have made a decision to come forward to the new system. They can’t seem to grasp there is a new system and everything has changed. Their old system is gone and not coming back. Clearly, they don’t get it because Kim said she had to go to RAF Menwith Hill again today, which is like an NSA equivalent in the UK.

Hey Black Sun People! Omega & Dominion ARE GONE!!!

Kim again informed the Black Sun people trying to hack in that her firewall system is running in so many directions they are never going to get in even if they are using a quantum computer because theirs will not operate like hers, she can guarantee that. In addition, they are not the ones who created those etherical parasites that existed in every human that was tied to their DNA and their inability to withdraw money. All DNA blocks have been removed. And that goes for you Canaanites, you Black Sun people as well. Your etherical implants from the Abraxas have also been removed.

The Dominion system which was integral to running the control structure is not coming back either. Whether they are aware of it or not that system wasn’t only providing dominion over all the kingdoms, but providing dominion over time. That was the whole reason Kronos was created. There was dominion over energy management, almost everything you could imagine. But all of these agreements have expired and a lot more have expired just over the last few days. They are available to you country by country, so go see your Archivists!

Full Restoration of Your DNA will Occur Over Time

Now what does all this mean? As these computers systems are completely cleared, which Kim expects to happen over the weekend, God willing, because they don’t have the ability to put anything else in, we’re just cleaning up remnants now and it’s very minimal, your optimal energy flow should peak and remain this way and only increase starting on Monday morning US time. Once that starts, that is the beginning of your Ascension, you are now fully reconnected with Source our Creator without interference unless you create it yourself. Full restoration of your DNA will occur over time. But we still have pollutants and this is where Restoration Plan Part 2 comes in. Earth is going through the same thing we are and she is cleaning and clearing things out, but there are all kinds of systems that have to be fixed and she gave us a glimpse of what that means later in this update.

When Kim first started talking about the Restoration Plan, she knew a lot about the part she just explained, that we had problems but truthfully, she didn’t know how big the problems were. It wasn’t just transferring money, it wasn’t just about computers it was also about these mental, physical and emotional blocks and it was everything in totality that was preventing people from reaching their true potential. But she is really thankful and happy that just within in a couple of days we’ll begin our Ascension. Now this process may take some people longer and others shorter.

She also wants us to know that nothing is happening to you, its circumstances you are drawing into your peripheral that are making you feel this way or that. She is not your parent and will never be your parent. Let’s not give an opportunity to get more parents because we had 21 of them for eons and they were horrible. The governesses and the nannies that were hired by the Parents to do this work. We don’t need them either.

Kim’s Message to Those Willing to Transition & Help with Restoration

Speaking of those governesses and the nannies still here, what will happen to them? She doesn’t know. At this moment they are dead broke. They’re on TV talking a bunch of crap about bills that are never going anywhere because we don’t need them anymore. They are trying to still be relevant in a system, in a world that is disappearing. 

But can we use them and the militaries and others for reconstruction and other things? Yes, she does think so and she eventually explains to us how and why later in this report. Is it necessary though? No, we can go it alone, but she wants all people to understand you are your own master. The bank is not your custodian anymore. The antiquated trading systems can be changed and have to be changed by you. Your government is not going to fix it for you. Are they going to block you from doing it? No, they are broke, although her guess is they will probably ask you for a bribe so their pockets get lined like they love to do.

Do the Banks Have to Go Out of Business?

No, they don’t have to. The banks provide us with a service when we cash a check, issue debits cards, create a mortgage, maintain ATMs etc. These are services the Global Repository is willing to pay for, if they chose to continue to provide those services. Kim is willing to negotiate individually a contract with every banking institution to fix the problems and address the debts. She knows there are tons of problems and there are assets that aren’t going to be assets very soon because they came from the Federal Reserve. Remember bonds and debts are assets to banks. She is willing to help them to fix it and pay them service provider fees, but banks will not be a custodian anymore, they will only be service providers.

Why Your Block Chain Will Never Function?
  1. It is extremely limited in its processing capacity.
  2. Your social crediting system may work in a country with a few million people, but most countries, like Venezuela where they tried to install them recently don’t have too many citizens first of all and secondly most of them use cash.

So, for those on the block chain train, you WEF people, do you know that 87% of people in the world after COVID use hard cash money? She doesn’t how else to explain it to these people, they can’t understand this. You are so disconnected from reality.

Now what happens when you start installing your social digital currency crediting system with exorbitant fees like 45% to merchants in Venezuela, Malawi and all these places, because that’s actually what they are doing from what people have shared with Kim? They are going to tell you to go away. So, the chances of you launching your social crediting system with limited computing power without Omega and without Kronos is like a negative number. They aren’t even in the realm of reality.

Without Omega, Kronos & Dominion Your Cyborg Program CANNOT Work!

Does block chain work in limited ways, in other words like millions of transactions in small areas? In the US that would be like Los Angeles. Now there is absolutely no way possible you could connect the computing trading system power in Los Angeles with the one in New York and that’s just in the US alone. Never mind having a global world domination social crediting system in which you are going to turn us all into cyborgs and shut us out of the system if we don’t comply. It’s never going to work! You cannot create a singular control system like you had because Omega and Kronos are gone! Get it through your heads you WEF, Dragon Families, Order of the Black Sun people, there are no more agreements, they are all gone! Omega, Kronos and Dominion left not only this planet but the multiverse! You cannot find them so please stop looking. Project Walwriter is gone, the swarm is gone, which is Kronos the ARCHONS, all are gone!

Alpha System & Gold Backing Wins!

Kim obviously has a quantum computer and she just explained about the Planes of Existence and how energy works. How money is just a physical form of energy that you can hold in your hand. Without your etherical implants, without your lines and spaces in between, that energy is ever flowing and abundant based on the fact that its gold back, a hyper-conductor in the Physical Plane of that energy. If you Deep State people refuse to understand you lost and continue the path you are on you will assuredly leave this planet and we will welcome that at this point. You don’t have any leg to stand on, it is over!

No One is Coming to Save You!

No alien race no matter how many times you call is going to come and save you and nobody cares if you exist. All you do is keep putting masks on dead people, like Klaus and tote him around because you think people listen to him. What kind of plan is that? So, to all you masked operatives running around, including the one running Orange Man, you need to make a positive difference if you want to participate in the future.

Restoration Plan | Transportation as One Example

Kim started with one area, Transportation. Our entire transportation infrastructure on planet Earth has to change for every single thing that moves. That includes goods, raw materials, people, etc. Think about all the things we transport.

Why is our Transportation Infrastructure the Way It Is?
Let’s Start with Imports/Exports

When you put your money into a bank, it becomes the ‘custody’ of the bank. What does it mean to have ‘custody’? Custody gives them the right to do whatever they want with your money while it’s in their hands, until you take it out in physical cash.

So, what happens to your import or export when it’s riding on an extremely slow train? It’s in their ‘custody’. Now we can understand why Railroad bonds are being talked about in the Alt Media, how they are going to be cashable any day now, blah blah blah. Well, those bonds were issued to have a lien on those goods, anything that is sitting on the rails including you if you’re riding Amtrak. The same thing goes with the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal. Why did that ship sit in there so long in the Panama Canal months ago? Because they were trading on all that oil and everything that was sitting on that ship. They were generating money for every second it sat on that ship. They didn’t care that all those goods needed around the world were stopped. Kim called these pinch points and they need to be fixed and corrected.

So, it would be nice to have the help from someone like the Military, you know the ones who are supposed to be protecting us? If they would participate to help fix this that would be great. We have the Army Corp of Engineers who has the amazing ability to go anywhere in the world. And it’s not just the US military they are all over the world. They have lots of experience in building roads and schools and can be a great help in assisting us fix the infrastructure of the world. The British and Americans have done these kinds of things many times because they go to countries to rebuild schools, power plants, etc. after they blew them up.

The infrastructure for planet Earth from beginning to end is terrible. This is where you people come in. We don’t need custody of the goods on the rails because an infinite supply of abundant energy is coming in. We’re not the dark, we are the light. That’s how it works for us now. We don’t need to take that ‘custody’ anymore and they can’t trade on it anyway because there is no Omega or Kronos anymore. Their contracts have expired and there is no reason for us to give those people money anymore, unless they are going to participate and fix it.

But a high-speed rail train to go from the east coast to west coast, not even all the port cities, but just to generate the engineering reports, to put it all together and construct it, you’re talking over a hundred trillion dollars. Do you know how much money you Generals can make and involving the Army Corp of engineers and everyone, there is trillions of dollars to make. But you actually have to build the train with technology she has, and she also knows a lot of the operatives in the SSP who are now in hiding also have it and the scientists from Project Blue Bird also have it. We are going to make a train that actually nourishes the food so there is no need to radiate anymore. We are taking that part out. And it will nourish humans as well when they are traveling on it.

Air Travel

Air travel of everything, not just us humans needs to be fixed. Why are we sitting in a tube for 13-24 hours when you SSP people can fly around the world in 3 hours? And they don’t even have the right fuel. You haven’t even figured out how aluminum Pentium? (I think that’s what she said) can work. Kim has the right fuel and her team knows how to fix it. We can make air travel possible for everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice to participate in the production of safe aircraft that you too can travel on? Then no one has to sit in tubes for hours. The same thing goes for packages. Why are we still sending ships and poisoning the ocean?


Speaking of the ocean, there are plenty of environmental cleanup projects that have to happen due to the mess you made. Your former employers, your masters made a complete mess of this planet and it’s up to us to fix it and it can be extremely lucrative for you to fix it.


There are derivatives and bonds all over the place. We need to fix it. We can employ you to assist us in unwinding the financial system, so we can get to the end goal which is an asset-based trading system faster.

Now this transportation issue when goods are in ‘custody’ is also related to the commodities futures markets. This is what allowed BlackRock in their system to do black market and off market trading on commodities worldwide and they made billions and trillions off that. That is not going to exist anymore. But Kim said she would be happy to work with BlackRock and Vanguard if they want to understand how the financial system needs to function, or is functioning right now as she is talking to us.

The sun rises and sets on the whole world, not only on you people. The entire financial system has changed and there is no going back now. If you people from the Fed want to chat great, let’s clean up the derivative mess, let’s get rid of the commodities futures market. Let’s start talking about how countries globally need to change. If you are willing to participate for the benefit of your citizens, who are now the benefactors of the gold in your nation and registered in your bank, then you need to understand you work for them. She’s not saying you take orders or anything like that, but you’re going to have to learn a new way. She knows you don’t understand what she just explained and how it used to operate and how it looks now, what non-fractional banking looks like. But creating colored lines, fractionated lines, we don’t have that anymore.

The Restoration Plan is the Future

The Restoration Plan in 3D form has many directions, all of which intersect at some point. One direction may represent food supply while another represents transportation and both are extremely dependent on one another. Now food supply and transportation intersect with health and wellness. The media is another thing that needs to be fixed, and that ties into everything. All these lines cross. The Restoration Plan was very well thought out. The CARES Team, (Center of Amity & Restoration of Earth) worked on this and it doesn’t yet even include the GHWC at this moment, but they will eventually join. Kim said they’ve been helping with the cleaning. But in the big picture we have an entire planet that will take billions of people to fix. You can make money, she doesn’t care about money, what she cares about is what ends up happening here.

Some areas to ponder that need fixing:


Restoring the deserts. Kim has the right tools and said we can grow anything anywhere. It’s all about the volts? I think that is what she said. But evidently, we can make raspberries the size of your head. There is no need to transport food all over the planet. There is no need to even put it in a can. There is no reason for these things because there is no reason to have control anymore. Money is already there, it’s abundant and for everyone.


How do the fuels we use affect us and the Earth? How does the Sulphur, carbon dioxide, all the things that are emitted in transportation, in our land, water and sea affect our health and wellness?


What will happen with trucking if we can make food anywhere, even outside big cities? Transporting food will still be needed, but what’s not is hauling food over many miles which takes hours of drive time to make money. It’s just not necessary.

Family Unit

There is no reason to work 40 hours per week. While it depends on the lifestyle you want for sure, it’s not necessary in order to live well. Restoring the family unit is an integral part in improving lives. A parent should be able to stay home if they want to, or work from home if they want to.


There is no reason to run fiber cable all over the world. There are LOEs out there, less lately but Kim still has some that can be used to recreate a radio frequency mesh. Evidently you can use things like rhodium and other things that are fairly abundant, even though people say they are not. She said we don’t need the fiber, which was always meant for control. He who controls the fiber controls the data, which controls everything else that was attached to it. We don’t need that anymore. We don’t need to microwave every person, plant and animal on this planet either.


Agriculture is a huge problem due to the poisons in the air, soil and water. It should never be this way. There are so many things that need to be addressed to work right on the micro level in order to make it work on the macro level.

Alt Media

There are 8 billion people on this Earth who don’t understand a word Kim is saying. Three quarters of the Alternative Media who are going to watch this broadcast won’t understand what she is talking about either. They’ve been too busy following stories the operatives and agency people feed them.

She’s not wrong. A friend sent me a video and what did they talk about? The damn orange guy and the Brunson case. Like Kim says, WHO CARES!!! Orange man is not involved in any of this and he’s dead! Half the people you are watching and paying attention to are wearing a mask, including the fake POTUS. And the patriots keep watching these people doing the circuit, these people who actually put us here. In the early days I credited Trump with waking people up at least, but all he did was wake people up and send them to another movie theatre.

Kim really let it rip about orange man! I can certainly understand her frustration with what she calls non-stop talk about nonsensical bull crap, this white hat joke of a conversation that IS NOT REAL. We need to start focusing on our planet for our kids and grandkids and our future because this is what is going to save humanity, not some fat orange guy in a Santa suit. He’s not Santa Claus, although he might be Satan Claus so please, focus on what you can do to fix this planet. There is not a damn one of those people saving babies, let alone orange guy. The only fire he’s burning in is not on this plane. — Wow, they updated this meme and replaced Hildabeast with Dementia Joe and water instead of fire. But I think Kim may have been alluding to the similar meme. What a farce.

Couldn’t Be Further from the Truth

But what is it going to take for the spell to break? Seriously when?

So, if you are in the Alt media, take Kim’s advice and please help to change the media. Stop talking about things that don’t matter, especially since we have an entire planet to restore. Try talking about how we’re going to change the telecommunications, the transportation system, food supply, health and wellness, childcare. What are we going to do from here? Where are we going to get pure food that isn’t going to corrupt our DNA. There are ways to make healthy food choices that aren’t radiated and has all the amino acids you need. By the way it’s not the protein necessarily that’s important, it’s the amino acids your body really needs. There is just so many other useful things to talk about.

Again, Is There a Place for Those Who Want to Switch Sides?

Your bosses were trying to control everything, but it’s gotten way too much to control. They are trying to manage hundreds of thousands of industries and it’s become unmanageable and impossible. Not only that, they don’t have a management system like Kronos to control the minds of people. We on the other hand have to address the things that need to be fixed; which is everything on this planet.

Do you know how long this is restoration is going to take and how many militaries can get involved in this long-term project? There is a place for everyone, so Kim asks that you please spend your time thinking about all the ways things need to be fixed and focus on what it takes to get there. Figure out how much money a fix will cost, down to the last nail. You will have access to Science and Development Research Centers and materials. This is where we’re going and know we will do this with our without governments, with or without militaries, because we have our own, and with or without your intelligence, because we have that too.

Kim said she used the Deep State as her teacher to understand them and then destroyed them. Well, she’s destroyed many. So to the remnants, make good life choices, or not. Continue to try and kill humans and you will not survive, as your cohorts keep finding out.

Remaining Diehards of the Order Continue to Die

Speaking of those cohorts, some remaining in the Order of the Dragon, including some Israelis and Asians were hell bent on making poor decisions. For example, it was a poor decision for them to connect to the internet of virus things through a facility in Queensland, Australia in an attempt to send us viruses through our cell phones and try and kill us all. Before the end of this broadcast, Kim expected them all to be dead. Regarding the younger generation members of the Order, as far as she knows she hasn’t seen any activity by them. However, she warned them, and called out some Israelis in particular, if they make poor decisions to harm humanity, they will no longer be with us, so again choose wisely, or not, we don’t care.


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  1. very interesting ,,,I will copy this and give to my friends ,,,thanks ,,,does the rest of the world also have access to this info ,,,,many many thanks Garry

  2. Through the holidays, I went a reviewed all of your archived posts from an 2022 to the present. Thanx you so much for all that you have provided here on your site. You write very well, you are highly entertaining and insightful in doing so. There’s great wit and humour throughout your creative flow. Much appreciated! This particular episode was posted at Rumble on the channel named “LifeNews” for those that wish to see Kim explain it visually but you have done an amazing job coaelescing it in your post. The complexity of this situation is mind boggling and it’s difficult to imagine a smooth transition from Omega to Alpha quantum computing. 2023 should be a pivotal year in out transition, metaphysically and practically speaking. Good luck to all and have a Happy New Year which I guess really starts at the Spring Equinox…lol

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