Kim Explains the 9 Planes of Existence & Our Chakra System | Why Are the Dragon Families Identified by Color? | How Does it Relate to the Expiration of the Solomon Bloodline Agreement? | Kim’s Message to Patriots | Part 2

This Special Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 17, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This is Part 2 and Kim explains the very good things that have resulted for humanity due to the expiration of Solomon’s Bloodline Agreement. She outlines how the Dragon Families interfered with the Planes of Existence using black magic to create chakras and fractionated light and why this coming to an end. Kim also recognized that Patriots are angry about Jan 6th and the Mar-a-Lago raid, but while the truth hurts for some, she’d rather tell you the truth. 

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Planes of Existence

Kim gave an awesome education session explaining the Planes of Existence. She described how the Dragon Families interferred with the Planes of Existence using black magic. Many obstacles were added by them when they fractionated the light and created what we know as our chakras. We didn’t originally have chakras, we were pure white light.

Level 1: Supranal Plane & its Opposite is Incarnate

The Supranal Plane is the first plane of existence. This is our spiritual self and where we make our connection with Source. This is where religion and those types of things exist.

Incarnate is the opposite side of the Supranal plane level. Incarnate has to do with things of the flesh. For example, sex, food, anything focused purely on the physical self, the minimum needs on Maslow’s pyramid. Incarnation is also a program.

Level 2: Optimal Plane & its Opposite is Alienation

The Optimal Plane is the second plane of existence. At this level is where the realization that you’re connected to something greater than yourself, you are part of the whole and you have an effect on your family, friends, nature. Everything you do has an impact on everything else. This awareness may not on a consciousness level but a subconscious level.

Alienation is the opposite side of the Optimal plane level. Alienations is about ostracizing. For example, you are the wrong color, the wrong political party. You are not liked by school mates. You are being alienated by society because you don’t have an iphone, or are not keeping up with the Jones’. Alienation is a program.

Level 3: Physical Plane & its Opposite is Outcast

The Physical Plane is the 3D world, the place where we exist. This is about your physical self, your meat suit, your vessel, health and wellness. It’s everything you put into your mouth, it’s about you taking care of your vessel and your impact on the physical world.

Outcast is the opposite side of the Physical plane level. This is where dis-ease lives and where social and mental issues come into play. People start to feel alienated, where rejection comes in.

Level 4: Astral Plane & its Opposite is Salvation

The Astral Plane is talked about in terms of keeping your silver cord in place, meaning it keeps your physical self and soul together. But the astral plane refers to your non-physical self and all the things your non-physical self can do.

Salvation is the opposite side of the Astral plane level. The non-educated view is heaven is salvation. This is where the savior program is. You are damned for your alleged sins. It’s where dogma comes into play, things that don’t really apply. It’s asking for another human being to save you, for salvation. So these are your savior programs.

Level 5: Casual Plane & its Opposite is Solitude

The Casual Plane is the place where the ripple effect happens, it’s where your non-physical self realizes there is a ripple effect. If you were to create something in the casual plane it will create a ripple effect in your person positively or negatively. You realize there is a balance that service to self exclusively doesn’t work in your relationships. There is a balance there, time spent with source, your whole self and time spent with everyone else. You realize that every step you take has an effect on everything around you. If your energy is bad for example and you try to grow a garden, your plants won’t grow. If you have a child the child will cry more. The child will be upset when you’re upset or nervous, or anxious. Your animals do the same thing. 

Solitude is the opposite side of the Casual plane level. Solitude is service to self. The Casual plane Solitude is having no recognition whatsoever. It’s not recognizing you have an effect on anyone or anything except yourself.

Level 6: Emotional Plane & its Opposite is Ivesture

The Emotional Plane is about how your emotional self affects your physical self. Collective consciousness if you will. That your thoughts and feelings affect others. It’s where love is, your heart center, your caring for one another, as well as self-care.

Investure is the opposite side of the Emotional plane level. It means having a sense of superiority. This is where indoctrination comes in. Those people are royal and I am not. I am less than. This affects your emotional self. This is where the elite, their power, their struggle, and people feeling they are better than someone else comes in.

Level 7: Etherical Plane & its Opposite is Memories

The Etherical Plane is recognizing the fact that we are all made of up etherical particles of light. The Akashic records exist here. We are basically a network computer tied to each other. That energy can be clean and light at least on our side of things.

Memories is the opposite side of the Etherical plane level. We have memories of this life and other lives thanks to these people recycling us like plastic bottles. And because of that our conscious mind and subconscious mind lives here. It doesn’t live on the mental plane like you would think. In order for us to reach a pure state, you have to have NO FEAR. Fear comes into play in many ways. It comes from subconscious memories. So during the incarnation process, they made certain all of our fears stayed while our actual memories left and they continue on lifetime after lifetime.

Level 8: Mental Plane & its Opposite is the Shadow Self

The Mental Plane is where we make conscious decisions. Do we continue on through the planes of existence? Am I worthy to go to Source, to have a conversation there and come all the way back? Am I worthy to exist in the higher plane? Is my non-physical self ready for the journey?

Shadow Self is the opposite side of the Mental plane level. The Shadow side of yourself wants to prevent you from feeling worthy to go to Source and exist in the higher plane. There is much Shadow work we have to do to overcome this.

Level 9: Soul Plane & its Opposite is Nothing

The Soul Plane is where time does not exist. When in the Soul plane you are in physical pure source. That’s where the souls live. Energetically speaking, it should flow in a certain way but it didn’t until the recent transition took place that relates to the recent agreements that expired.

Nothing is the opposite side of the Soul plane level which changed the flow when they fractionated the light.

Kim said until this transition took place (the expiration of the Solomon Bloodline Agreement), energy would flow like this through all the planes rather than in a more direct straight beam of light.

Why Did the Dragon Families Have Different Colors?

Chakras have different colors. Fractionated light was created by the spaces in between. These opposite levels they created and did not exist before were managed by a different Dragon Family. In other words each Dragon Family managed a different plane of existence and they are identified by the corresponding chakra color. Actually they each manage a different part of the spaces in between, to ensure that we never become a whole person, unless you were fearless enough to get through all the blocks they put in place.

If you look at the socio programs that are run on us, they contain all of these things. Divide and conquer, alienation, making you feel like an outcast, making you believe you need an intermediary to get to God. If you do something bad according to Bible, or violate the ridiculous 613 original commandments then you can’t go to heaven or any of these places. So if you sin, you have no hope of going there anyway.

Opposite Planes of Existence Connected to the Lower Astral

These opposite planes of existence were also connections to the lower astral. So did we always have chakras like we’ve been taught? No, but all of those colored lights were contained within the white light anyway, it’s just that it was fractionated. So we do use different colors for healing and if we are sending someone love, they all have a purpose. Changing that white light to be more focused on one hue or another is transmuting and is very different than fractionation.

I’ve heard Lisa Renee talk about the dissolving of chakra membranes over the years and thought I’d include her perspective from her Ascension Glossary.

Dissolving Chakra Membrane
Some of us have noted for many years now our lower energy centers were shifting. Through the reconfiguration of these lower energy centers, known as the 1st Chakra2nd Chakra and 3rd Chakra or 1D-2D-3D Chakras, we could feel their color wave spectrum changing frequency. Some perceive this as embodying higher dimensional chakras with different frequency colors. This usually begins with Aurora coloring, perceiving the re-encryption process in the lower body which is making repairs to the etheric double and lower energy center functioning. The root or perineum area for many Starseed people is no longer red, but changes to lighter hues of violet, pink and once rolled up to the higher energy centers, it becomes shades of blue-green or light pastels. When we have embodied this frequency change, we do not have survival fears any more. We can clearly see when the False King of Tyranny, from the red wave spectrum, is manipulating victim archetypes in the public to incite fear. This frequency elevation process has been happening for some time, however, it is now happening progressively to more people. The lower Chakras used to be etheric cones that were non-physical membranes, located in the top layer of our Lightbody. The main energy centers are still present, yet are being elevated to run vital forces throughout our lower body glands, organs and meridians. The chakra cones will eventually become absorbed into the higher consciousness aspects of the body and reconfigured completely.

The best way to understand this is that Chakras are an aspect of Consciousness that run a type of software, that is directed from a template held inside a primary planetary body in the Solar System. The lower chakras of humans have been severely abused through negative Mind Control being directed to harm these chakras and their respective glands from functioning correctly. The Chakra program was running overlays onto the endocrine glands, instead of the endocrine glands being free to function as they were designed. The lower aspects of consciousness related to these Chakra programs are frequencies of survival, fear, instinctual drives, disconnection, sexual and gender confusion, selfishness (STS) and material power. Much of these low frequency programs are amplified from influences sourcing from the planet’s Saturn, Neptune and Mars. When these lower aspects of consciousness programming are not present anymore, within our thoughts or state of being, they cease to exist. When we focus our being on spiritual service and the Love of God, eventually these lower aspects of consciousness are dissolved into higher frequency. Our Lightbody reconfigures itself to reflect the new higher frequencies that we have focused our attention upon, and the new consciousness system is built in the body to house the higher consciousness.

A shift in consciousness creates a shift in the configuration of the energy field, and this always happens before there is visible change made in the physical body. All manifestation is from the state of consciousness directing itself through the energy field (Lightbody), and then into the physical body.
Each Chakra wheel is responsible for interacting with the physical body through the stimulation of the respective endocrine gland and nerve plexus that runs its messaging. Each Chakra generally has had governance over the area of the body where it’s located and runs archetypal programs or patterns of expression. As the false identity programming eventually dissolves, through expanding consciousness, the responsibility of the new functioning is given directly to the endocrine gland, and the body grows new nerve plexus in order to handle the circulation of connections into the bodily systems. This stimulates a reconnection of internal systems to communicate with the body parts, so the body parts can communicate with the Expanding Consciousness. The endocrine gland becomes awakened with new purpose and new frequency, and with potentially new functions. [1] (For the full entry, see source below)

Source: Dissolving Chakra Membrane – Ascension Glossary

Solomon’s Bloodline Curse Agreement Expired & So Do the Opposite Planes of Existence

So this agreement that is expiring early, on August 17, 2022, and all the other related agreements Kim posted on the general chat that day, which I apologize for as I don’t have the list, is important for us to understand because all of these ‘opposite planes’ are going away. So the reign over our person no longer exists.  In the next couple of days all these opposites will dissipate and we will become one again. We will still have colors within the light but we are going to be our whole self without interruption from anyone else etherically or otherwise.

Until last week the etherical plane was silver. On the etherical plane silver means a mixture of dark and light. That’s where you would have had interference from the darkness and they had controlled that plane, the reincarnation program which would take you all the way to the top and back down again to the reincarnation plane to start all over again.

Light Energy or Source Energy & Natural Law

The ones who really practice enlightenment so speak, and real Jews who practice it know if you are using light energy or source energy you have to adhere to Natural Law or there will be bad consequences. Those on the black side (fake Jews) knew this but have no problem with not adhering to Natural Law. They are the ones who use the spell books to contact Lucifer and work in a dark essence type of way. There are no rules allegedly on the dark side for doing some of things we would get in trouble for.

Keep in mind that as these planes merge, which should take a couple of days, we might experience old emotions. Dreams may surface of very old things as we become a whole person again.

We Will Not Go Back to the Reign of the Elites

Is there going to be an intervention by the Satanists/Khazarians into the United States? Kim said she is hoping by putting this information out today, August 17, 2022, it will not be the case. She is hoping the Agencies figure out who these people she is talking about really are and make the right decisions. Are we going back to the reign of the elites? No, the programs are ending and dissolving and they can check the Archives. Kim also sent this information out to every agency and military in the world. So this Mrs. Lee can bark out whatever orders she wants but it will yield nothing. If the Agencies and Militaries don’t make the wise choice, decisions will be made for them. The Enforcer is ready to make them immediately.

Mrs. Lee | The Asian Black Widow

Evidently this Mrs. Lee who has come up is part of the Black Widow program. Sounds like she is high on the food chain. If she always was or she got there because those above her are dead I don’t know. But Kim said the movie called, Black Widow talks about the Black Widow Program. That program trains young girls to become Russian Agents and this Mrs. Lee is the Asian version of that program. She is not a Lee by birth, her husband is. Marrying to merge both sides, Dragon Family with Black Sun is common and it’s all about control, one way to rule the world.

Kim’s Message to Patriots

The China Deep State is in coordination with United States Deep State. That’s who we’re talking about. There are many things they are trying to do to gather more patriots and continue their programs. We don’t want the country to erupt into a Civil War. What happens here in the US happens everywhere. If this linchpin goes, expect the African continent, South American continent and Central America, all of them will fall and all will align with them. We would end up with a bunch of people who are just like those we started with.

The Truth Hurts

So patriots, she knows you’re all angry about Trump and January 6th, the voter fraud, the raid. But just like Cheney and Bush, Trump, Juan #107 and Kushner were aware of the intended detonation of the Capitol building and the Cathedral before it happened. They were shocked when their little remote control buttons didn’t work.

Were the Trump kids aware, Kim doesn’t know? But she does know that Trump wanted to leave his position for a higher one. She told us this numerous times now. He also knew about COVID years ahead of time. He knew it would at least begin during his Presidency.

The horrible things done to Americans by those being run by the Dragon Families and the Order of the Black Sun are not your Savior. Know that not everyone in the FBI and the military are bad. Some really do try to do their best so no harm comes to us. So listen to her when she tells you the raid at Mar-a-Lago was warranted and the information that came out of that is being looked at very heavily. And if you are of the Trump family, what should you do? Well, the same thing she told you do in December…. tell the truth.


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