BEAST System Takedown by Kim Goguen, Black Sun P3 Lodge & Sanhedrin Super Villains Eliminated? Who’s In Charge Now? – Part 4

This post is yet another continuation of the previous three intel updates by Kim Goguen on the BEAST System takedown and what has ensued since then. I am basing this post on an interview she gave on Circle of White Light Radio on August 15, 2021 with host Alan James. She gave this interview right before the Situation Report on the same day. See previous post for Part 1 of this interview with Alan.

[Note: Life Force Meetings are available to subscribers of United Network News

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


What’s Happening in the Middle East Since the Lions Gate Massacre?

As mentioned in my previous post based on Kim’s intel updates, in 2017 the Sanhedrin started gathering all Islamist terrorist groups under the Hamas. The Sanhedrin Council, also known as the Khazarians, run them all. Kamala Harris is a member, as is Khomeini in Iran. Mossad is their other side and they all still have a leader in each squad.

You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know! – Prepare For Change

Kim emphasized that for the last few weeks Iran has been completely quiet. Why is this something she wanted us to note? Because Iran was supposed to be on deck as the next boogie man. However, Iran is now the first country on Earth to be provided access to the new Key Intelligence and Military System, the replacement for all existing Intelligence Agencies that are beyond repair. The Key Intelligence and Military System is run by the GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (GIA) ( She said, they needed to understand the truth. Iran went back to her with questions but now they know the jig is up and have since been on the silent side. Iran knows this is all psychological warfare and stated as such in an article by RT News, Psychological warfare’: Iran blasts Western and Saudi reports blaming it for hijacking UAE tanker — RT World News.

On the flip side of things, Hezbollah has now taken up residence in Lebanon and they are still running their course. The Taliban too is still running their course. So why is the Hamas still playing the game even though the Sanhedrin is gone? Because at the time Kim gave this intel report, the General running Hamas had not gotten any new orders from the demons in Cheyenne down the street from her. This is all a giant circle.

There are many terrorists they control at the lower levels who actually believe they are engaged in all this nonsense for Islam. However, the majority of the people running the terrorist show and trying to start a war are doing it specifically for the Sanhedrin Council, but they just don’t know they are gone, yet. And on the Mossad side of the fence, they are all talking about Israel. But for how long are they going to continue messing around without getting paid? Time will tell.

Kim stated that when an event like the Lions Gate Massacre takes place, it takes at least 5-7 days depending on where you are on the food chain to get the memo that the jig is up. She anticipated that by Monday or Tuesday (Aug 16th or 17th) they will all start to quiet down, except for Mossad, who will probably just keep going.

There were high-level meetings going on all weekend that started in Cheyenne, with people above the GCHQ level (GCHQ – GCHQ.GOV.UK). They were called back for an emergency meeting citing Afghanistan. But the real reason is because the Sanhedrin Council and P3 Lodge people were eliminated and they don’t know what to do. This involves the British, Russians, Chinese, Germans, Iranians etc. All over the world, this layer of the hierarchy is in shambles and wondering what the hell are they going to do.

So What Are Some of the Good Things that are in Motion that Cannot be Undone?

I’m happy to say there are many positive things beginning to take shape that have been, and are in the process of being put in place in preparation for Humanity’s reclamation of our planet, our health, our minds, our dignity and our lives.

Lions Gate & How it Relates to the Full Restoration Plan

During this Lions Gate the good guys have been working very hard to manifest the light, promote our growth, preserve the planet and not let the dark forces in. With regards to Lion’s Gate and how it relates to the Full Restoration Plan, Kim said she and her team are expecting to be completely transitioned away from the dark by mid-October. With enough hard work it may be earlier. Originally, they started off expecting that we would be in the clear by mid-November, but things are moving so quickly it’s now possible it maybe even earlier. The full effects of the Lion’s Gate do not end until Sept 18th.

Creating a New Ecosystem that Favors Surviving & Thriving

Kim explained that the ecosystem in which humans lived for thousands of years has been designed for us. Unfortunately, the system is clearly not in our favor for survival and severely broken. When Marduk died in 2016 the lower layers of the pyramid that included the Parents, Covens and Governments never understood his plan. All they have now are old plans that were given to them by someone other than Marduk, and it was not designed to work without the final piece, which he kept to himself. The reason he kept it to himself is because these groups he considered slaves underneath him would have all walked away. Based on this comment, I’m guessing the final piece involved harvesting all of them as well as us human livestock. Kim said she is clearly not on Marduk’s plan. We need a better ecosystem in which to live. They made a complete mess of this beautiful planet out of stupidity. I suppose when you worship death, death to all things is a likely outcome.

[Note: See my post, A Hierarchy in Shambles (Kim Goguen – Part 2) to understand the levels of The Order she is referring to.]

Kim’s Enforcement Team

I’ve been curious about some of these people Kim refers to that are a part of Kim’s Enforcement Team. She didn’t give too much detail but just said the majority of Life Force Enforcement is made up of a ‘special team’ who want to preserve this planet as much as we do, and they have respect for all people, plants and animals.

These members of Life Force, who are predominately active in preserving the planet are actually living here on Earth now and I finally connected the dots and realized the people she is referring to that make up most of the Life Force team are the 36+ other races that were also enslaved here around the same time humanity was. I believe they were living mostly underground in the DUMBs or perhaps in the interior. They have since formed their own Council and solidified it this year. She said they are now called the Earth Council. I remember too that they had their Independence Day on September 21, 2019. This excerpt is from an earlier post of mine, A Hierarchy in Shambles (Kim Goguen – Part 2) which was based on the her 11/15/2020 Intel update.

The 36 Other Races
Now that they know the truth about The Order, the 36 other races decided to declare September 21, 2019 their Independence Day, and for the first time ever started traveling and seeing one another. They no longer are working for The Order. They have signed a unity pact and are working together, and only with scientists who want to restore this planet. It was these other races who were responsible for blowing up all the DUMBS from their level down. They are also helping humanity as they want us to be better off as well.

Now this makes so much more sense to me when I add in the new tidbit Kim mentioned about these races having been more evolved than humans at the time of their enslavement, and that they were able to preserve that higher level. While they too have been lied to and used like slaves, they were also kept separated from each other and didn’t know about the other races for the most part. Or if they did know some other races existed, they certainly were kept from knowing what projects each group was working on. Overall, they were manipulated and/or forced to utilize their advanced knowledge to create technologies in all areas that the cabal weaponized against us.

Also, I think it’s important to re-emphasize that it’s these other races that have been cleaning up the DUMBS for the most part. I don’t see how the US Military could ever have been leading that effort. There may be some human military involved at this point, but knowing that the Military Generals across the world work for the Cabal, it’s highly unlikely they have been running this operation. In fact, they are probably doing quite the opposite and trying to defend them.

I sure wouldn’t mind meeting some of these other races. They were key in providing technologies and knowledge to keep us enslaved, and now they are the key to helping do the opposite. The irony! They are the real Good Guys! And no doubt they too are horrified how they have been used to bring a lot of destruction to our planet.

Hall of Records

Kim is often asked a lot lately where the Hall of Records is, and she always answers the same. It is an actual physical place but she cannot disclose its location at this time because our enemies would also love to know the location of the Hall of Records. However, she did explain that it is an actual system that has been recording the history on this planet for many years. For example, the Hall of Records will record who is ratified as the Heads of State. She also explained where the term ‘bill’ comes from. When a bill is brought to the floor and is approved, it is then submitted to the National Archives for ratification. This means the law or program is assigned a number from the Hall of Records which acts as a ‘bill’ that is to be paid out by the Global Repository. Kim said that in the past World Governments would submit bills to the National Archives. However, they haven’t done this in many years. In fact, nothing has been ratified in the US for the last 5 years because all Governments were cutoff from access when she took over as Trustee (Note: At present she is a Guardian and no longer a Trustee).

The Existing Governments Will Cease to Operate

A question was asked about how are we are going to sideline the existing governments?

Kim stated that she doesn’t know how much longer they can survive without funding. The money is stopping and can no longer be hidden. People in the Treasury Department and the Central Banks know the money has stopped. They are getting stipends here and there from forcing governments to buy vaccines and manufacturing drugs, which is why the poppy fields are being sought after in Afghanistan at the moment. They make drugs like OxyContin because they get supplies for free and then sell at exorbitant prices.

Things will still get difficult before they get better for them. The credit lines the cabal was using to force governments to buy vaccines stopped in March 2021. They are trying to come up with other inventive ways for money. Big Pharma (which is the Black Sun side) is anticipating a contract from Trump which was supposed to come out last Thursday, August 12th at 3pm EST, but nothing happened. Now he’s promising they will get paid in another 10 months from the BEAST’s social credit system that Gates is rebuilding. It’s more likely though that these vaccine companies (that practice satanic medicine I might add) go bankrupt before then.

Kim stated these politicians cannot be turned around. The old system is completely corrupt and they will never change. They created the problems and are not going to help us fix any of them. They just go around in circles.

New Assemblies Are Coming Onboard

The Assemblies have a big job and are helping to clean-up the mess left by these psychopaths. The Assemblies are made up of we the people, or rather the people who choose to become involved. They will be submitting bills for creating a new ecosystem. The Global Repository that Kim is Guardian of generates the new money, which will be working with the Assemblies, not the former governments. Another recent development was that the first server for the first state bank to be controlled by we the people is on deck this week. And the first government account for the Global Assembly was recognized by the bank as a government entity.

It’s comforting to know too, that we won’t be starting from scratch. Even the semi-awake people realize there are many technologies that exist but have either been suppressed or only used by the elites. For example, we’ve had alternative fuel sources for a very long time. I remember Kim mentioned in an interview with Penny Kelly (Consciousness on Fire with Penny Kelly ) that no one in the multi-verse uses fossil fuels, or rather plant poop for travel. I thought that was pretty funny. There are also better alternatives for building cities available, and wellness technologies that have been in existence for many years. Another interesting tidbit is that half of the spacecraft sightings seen around the world were actually built by Space Force. They have had access to ET craft which they reverse engineered quite some time ago.

To access the interview with Kim Goguen and Penny Kelly (another very interesting lady I might add) and new favorite of mine, see the following link.
[19 August 2021] Introductions – Kim Goguen & Penny Kelly


Host Alan James fielded questions for Kim from his audience which I paraphrased below.

  • Who runs Ireland?
    • Kim: The IRA, which is Black Sun runs Ireland – only their members would have ever been appointed to a position in the Irish Government.
  • Should People Prep?
    • Kim: All the waterways are being attacked with flooding or draughts because they want to create a food shortage. We will have a crop shortage. We need to prepare until we can recover.
  • Do you believe COVID boosters are likened to software updates?
    • Kim: They are more like the virus itself. It’s a monitoring system. You can liken it to McAfee – they duplicated the same business model.
  • Have any Governments declared bankruptcy?  
    • Kim: None have yet. They would have declared bankruptcy if the Azure system was kicked off. If they had declared it, it was to be a complete takeover. The Black Sun was going to be the new Fed and they would have made all governments declare bankruptcy to take over.
  • Can you clarify Nesara and Gesara?
    • Kim: The internet’s definition is that it’s a universal income per month forever. However, if this really happened less than 5% of the world population would go to work the next day. In perhaps around month 6 some people would start to go to work because they are bored. Then maybe a little more. This is why it doesn’t work.

      She pointed out, who was supposed to write the check? First it was going to be Obama, then a dead man JFK Jr, now Trump. The fact is these psychopaths just want to kill us all, so they definitely will not be writing the checks.

      And what will happen if Trump gets this role? Since he’s like the Valentine character in the movie Kingsman, that will end disastrously. What Trump and Bill Gates were doing just this week is what they were doing in that movie. Except in the movie it’s a sim card that gets activated so people’s minds are controlled and they kill each other. Trump and Gates intended to give us a social credit score based on our daily activities so they could cut us off at any time. This isn’t far fetched. We know they are already cutting people off if they’re not a good slave in China, and they also demonstrated how they used this model decades ago in Russia when they gave out food ration certificates. 
  • If you are the Trustee do you need the approval of the Beneficiary?
    • Kim: I am now the Guardian and no longer a Trustee. I am also a beneficiary just like everyone else. My job is to register projects, businesses in the Hall of Records. Then the back system allocates a bill for said project or business in the Hall of Records.

      We are replacing all the existing systems (NGOs) that are run by the pedophile networks with better systems that actually help people. We need to create something new that will take its place in the new ecosystem. This will happen at the same time that the Deep State’s systems are no longer funded.
  • Is Trump doing anything positive?
    • Kim: Not in my opinion. He could have endorsed the cure for the coronavirus and he decided to opt for vaccines instead. Only now has he started backing up saying they shouldn’t be mandatory. But he was the one who ordered the Space Force to make vaccines mandatory for the Military. He plays both sides and she warned to be very careful. He’s really a psychopath.
  • What will happen to all these criminals?
    • Kim: The assembly and people will decide what happens. But one thing is certain and that is we’ll be very busy cleaning up their mess. People need help and that’s what we should be focusing on.

Don’t Forget All the Major Wins for Humanity in Just the Last Few Years!

In conclusion Kim reminded us that much has been accomplished in just the last few years. All the Pindar people are gone. The Destroyer is gone, the Dark Overlord too! What we’re witnessing now are the acts of a dying animal trying to survive.

The way I see it, these dying animals’ desperation for money, to retain power only pushes the lethal injection vaccines, drug running, and human trafficking out into the light more and more every day, which is an absolute imperative for humanity to awaken.

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13 thoughts on “BEAST System Takedown by Kim Goguen, Black Sun P3 Lodge & Sanhedrin Super Villains Eliminated? Who’s In Charge Now? – Part 4”

  1. have u ever thought that maybe Kim is a fraud, and if so, after u tried to find the truth, what convinced you that she s the real deal?

    1. Razvan, thanks for commenting. I try very hard to observe and stay in neutral and never put my full faith in any person, idea, belief system or hope. I ask God to reveal truth, and only truth no matter how unsavory it may be. There are many many levels and I don’t want to stunt my consciousness expansion by believing ok, this is the real deal and the only one to believe now. At this point in time, after learning as much as I can about Kim by watching many videos and learning about the Negative Alien Agenda, I sense a genuineness, but I always leave the door open. PJZ

  2. Hi all truth seekers:
    I join in on the skepticism of every guru that hits the exposure grid. I trust no one 100% but have to put my faith and hopes that someone is telling their truth.
    Kim is the only one I have seen that has exposed DJT family ties. Charlie ward removed his interview with her, which says alot about Charlie. Someone is holding back the new QFS financial system and I see no one but her coming forward to claim responsibility.
    I like her interview with Miss Camelot, as she can answer questions on the spot, without humming and hawing. She has knowledge, that no one else is sharing.
    For now, I really what she is doing. We are in this together and must stick together to defeat the evil forces 🙂
    Much Luv

    1. Thanks for your comments Vinney. I didn’t know Charlie Ward took down his interview with Kim. I saw that one and he confirmed what I thought about him being controlled opposition. It’s getting so obvious. Kim’s face when he said the Chinese Elders were really nice people was priceless. He seemed to be in another world of delusion.

  3. Hi all freedom fighters 🙂
    I watched Kim’s last interview with Miss Project Camelot,
    She is an incredible lady ! I really like how she is able to expand my knowledge (and everyone else) on topics and add in additional info.
    Luv both those ladies for exposing the takers, and fighting for we the people.
    Anyone that hasn’t watched her latest interview, it is a must! Together we win!!
    Much luv,

  4. I’m so confused, we were told that Trump was approached to run for President, to clean up the swamp, why would he go through 4 years of hell, just to cause the evil ones to reveal themselves. He did good things for America, now we are to believe he is working against us? Was he bought off too and no longer to be trusted? Who is honest anymore?

    1. The dark side has been planning for many many years, while humanity had no clue and was just trying to live their lives. They have many levels of deception and they love lying. It’s a sacrament to them. They even have contests on who can tell the biggest lie and make it stick. Then they laugh at us. This is what we’re dealing with. I believe part of Trump’s mission was to help identify those who were awake so they know who to target. They aren’t really concerned with the sheep lining up for lethal injections for a free donut. They are worried about those who have the potential to ascend out of the matrix. How can they find out who isn’t buying their BS, ply them with them honey, meaning truth, gain their trust and then steer them down a path called Trust the Plan, so someone else will save you. Except we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. In my opinion Trump showed his true loyalty when he rolled out Operation Warp Speed and supported the ‘vaccine’. There is no way he is ignorant to the genocidal plan behind these injections.

  5. I am not one of the normies Clif High loves to mention. After listening/reading all the 1000 + Project Camelot interviews of whistle blowers who are scientists, MDs, military, etc., I cannot be “normal”. Things are not as we think they are. I find Kim Goguen more believable than the people many believe will save them from the totalitarian society the DS is just about finished phasing in. We are being led to slaughter by your hero, yet you are all too busy to notice because you are too busy maligning Kim and believing all the DS manufactured stories about her. Someone tells you to get vaccinated and it goes whoosh(!) right over your head. What part of “exterminate yourself” don’t you understand? I had such a visceral reaction to Trump’s announcement of Operation Warp Speed that I quickly jumped off the Trump train. We should all keep listening to everyone. There is no sense in ignoring certain sources. And we should be able to change our mind when evidence warrants it. We should be able to agree to disagree like civilized people.

    1. I’m an advocate for Kim in case you missed something and definitely not an advocate of Trump or his Operation Warp Speed. PJZ

  6. I am as confused as you Cathy Neal. I thought Trump was the real deal too. I also thought Nesara/Gesara was the real deal also. I started to doubt Trump when he pushed the vaccine. I did not understand why he had done that, and it had upset me. All along, I’ve been reading that the only one we can put our faith in is Jesus Christ. All paths have lead me to Christ. We cannot put our faith in man. Who else can we trust?

    1. Agree! In the end, all paths lead us back to Christ! I like all of you are looking for answers and for a leader amidst the confusion. As a Trump support, Warp Speed was a eyeopener for me. After the election and Trump still taking credit for the injection – well, that was the deal breaker for me. I would love to love Trump but my gut says no.

  7. Luisa M-Stiers

    I am learning a lot reading these updates. Some are eye-openers, and some others sound too fantastical. Thanks to Just Empower Me for posting them.
    Cathy Neal and Linda Press – I too was confused about Trump and bought into his catchy slogan MAGA. My first whoa was when listening to Kim in one of her interviews I learned Trump was part of the Black Sun. I was out of the country for about a month, away from MSM and anything Trump. The distance and lack of internet gave me the time to reassess my thoughts on everything Covid, the never-ending story about the stolen election, etc. I tired of the “trust the plan” and ever-changing timelines. Needless to say, I was really disheartened when I learned he was pushing the vax and that was what convinced me that he is the other wing of the same bird after all. As a result, I will never put my faith in any one person again. Truly disappointed.

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