Was the Cabal’s New Slavery System, The Beast Machine, Derailed by Kim Goguen?

It’s time for the July 25, 2021 Life Force Meeting update provided by Steffen Rowe, better known as ‘Tank’ and Kim Goguen, head of the Global Repository with highest ranking security clearance on the planet, according to her. The meeting was certainly chockful of the usual suspects doing what they do best, which is staying the course to regain power so they can remain the degenerate parasites they are and love to be. This kept Kim and her team extremely busy last past week and thankfully they put the brakes on what could have been a devastating outcome for all of Humanity. Divine timing cannot be overlooked, nor can the Deep State’s singlemindedness which is to control us at any and all cost.  

[Note: Life Force Meetings are available to members of United Network News

Agenda Behind the COVID Operation

Kim and Tank walked us through the true agenda they unraveled this week regarding the COVID Operation. What does it really mean? What is the big picture? What new hell did we just escape?

Well it’s not a virus, which most of us have known from day one. COVID stands for Certificate of Vaccination Identification. It’s the piece that was to tie all of us into the new social credit slavery system they have been building for the last 40 years. It was scheduled to go live this past week on July 22, 2021. They intended to do away with cash altogether and go 100% digital in order to make the banks the absolute authority, which would then dissolve all governments around the world. The CDBC, a central bank would have absolute control with the technology to enforce it. They had to remove cash because they cannot track who spends it and where. With the new social slavery system they would track the digital cryptocurrency worldwide, in conjunction with a new policy enforcement system. This is why Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, was working with the Biden Administration to determine who would get food credits, for example. It was to be The BEAST System that would control everyone and everything.

According to Kim, at the time of this meeting 22.8% of the world’s population has been injected with the Certificate of Vaccine ID. The next step in this evil plan was for the House of Representatives to submit a bill to the floor making the COVID ‘vaccine’ mandatory for all US citizens. If successful here, they would then roll it out globally. However, we are already seeing they are testing this in Australia and New Zealand, and I would add Canada to that list.

Methods for Installing Nanobots & Certificate of Vaccine ID Into the Human Body

Each one of these methods below, allows them to install nanobots into the human body.

  • Vaccines. While not a vaccine by any stretch of the imagination, these are really injections of a tracking MRNA operating system. The injection contains graphene oxide and like all shots categorized as ‘vaccines’, also contains mercury and aluminum, all are poisons to the human body.
  • PCR tests. The PCR tests also contain a graphene operating system which lodges itself into the blood brain barrier when they stick that swab up your nose as high as they can.
  • Wearing their masks, in particular, on all aircraft which also contain graphene. The reason this is a good audience is because the layer between the blood brain barrier is much thinner at 35,000 feet, so people tend to be more vulnerable and get sick when they fly and thus the masks might be more effective or work faster.
  • Flu Shots. Flu shots also have graphene nano particles. Because these nano particles can be transmitted using a live or dead virus, the flu shots are a great cover and another transmission method for carrying these particles into their system. They knew by doing this it would cause issues which many of the elderly wouldn’t be able to survive. They were intentionally targeted and pushed into nursing homes to get vaccinated and the flu shot, in order to euthanize them.

The Deep State is fully aware that a lot of people who already have health issues and immune system problems will likely not be able to survive. That was all by design and just the first stage, to weed out the weak. They can then start to identify those who would make the best slaves. 

What Does this Nanobot Do?

The nanobot gives complete control to the main database holder. This main database holder would be able to control everything in your life including your thought process and facilitate the COVID scanner which resides internally. This is a real Transhumanism-Zombie apocalypse system because you can be remote controlled. They can switch you off at any time for any reason they choose. There is no escape because it’s inside of you.

Lawsuit Filed in Alabama – CDC Whistleblower

The Deep State is trying to hide the real number of deaths from the vaccine, but there was a recent lawsuit filed in Alabama by America’s Frontline Doctors, America’s Frontline Doctors File Federal Lawsuit to Curtail Emergency Use of Covid Vaccines – PaulCraigRoberts.org. A CDC whistleblower estimates the death count to be around 45,000 people in the US. However the real figures are much higher than just 45,000 because that number is taken from just one database. And it sounds like the whistleblower who reported the 45,000 deaths were caused by the vaccine was only referring to a 3 day period. Add to that, there are 3 more databases recording this information, in addition to VAERS (which is a voluntary system and always reported a super low percentage anyway).

There are also many reports from doctors finally coming out saying the emergency rooms are full, not of Covid patients, but of people manifesting adverse side effects. None of these numbers are being included in any of the accounting. Because viruses are held in the spinal column, one of the most prevalent side effects we’re seeing is neurological disorders. Personally I don’t hold much stock in any statistics published by any system. The only valuable thing I ever remember learning in college was how easy it is to lie or change a narrative with statistics. I’m inclined to believe they are all significantly underestimating.

Mark of the Beast

The ‘Mark of the Beast’, this is where the religious texts tie in. The Beast system was meant to be the new AI God, the main database holder mentioned above. The intention was to re-enslave humanity, but this time by the Black Sun faction, and not the Dragon Families run by the Rothschilds.

The new slavery system would control every aspect of your micro and macro life. At the macro level it would replace all governments, control all water and food supplies, the grid, the weather, etc. On a micro level, it would run an AI calculator to determine an individual’s social credit score which is derived from monitoring your biological activity, your circle of friends, purchasing activity etc. It would then determine if you should even exist. While this isn’t really new information, what is alarming is how close they were to actually succeeding in implementing the Beast.

See my post, A Tale of 2 Covens: Losers in the Fight for World Domination (Kim Goguen – Part 5) for more information on what differentiates the Black Sun and Rothschild factions.

Patent 666

There is a real patent for the Beast, and yes of course it has 666 embedded. See below, it’s called W02020060606 – Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data. I took a screenshot from Tank’s Live at 5 Report on July 22, 2021 because the URL for the patent WIPO – Search International and National Patent Collections now shows ‘Unknown patent application’.  With all the recent eyeballs on it, no big surprise.

To paraphrase Tank’s report last week on Live at 5, this agenda was enabled due to a decision made by the Supreme Court in 2013 which allowed companies to patent and own the rights of human DNA which was modified. They intended to remove all humanitarian rights by creating a new category of synthetic life called transhumanism.

So we can assume that by taking the ‘fake vaccine’ what is intended it that your human DNA when combined with 5G frequencies and the MRNA Operating system converts the person’s DNA so they can be reclassified under this new ‘Transhumanism’ category.

How Does the Christian Version of the Rapture Fit In?

According to Kim, the Order of the Black Sun had a plan all queued up to neutralize the people who go against the grain, meaning they believe in God, in goodness, the light, truth. I guess anyone who won’t willingly go the zombie route. They need these people to be gone and this is what the Global Currency Reset Program is really all about, disguised as The Rapture in the Bible, at least their version of it.

I’m not positive I understood this part of their plan completely because they didn’t go into a lot of detail, but this is my take based on their conversation. The Black Sun thinks they can con the ‘True Believers’ and have them exchange not getting the Mark of the Beast, with being Raptured out instead. They would tell the ‘True-Believers’ they would need to sign an iron clad Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for this privilege of course, which required you to show up at some super secret, mysterious place at a specific time. In reality you would show up but never leave. You would either be sold into slavery or killed on the spot and probably turned into bio-sludge to hide the evidence.  

Talk About the 11th Hour!

The entire Order of the Black Sun was banking on this Beast system to re-enslave humanity because they knew renewing the covenant was not going to happen. However, if we got ourselves into their new system, we would be trapped and have no choice but to concede under this program. And it was ready to be rolled out last week! Kim and Tank admitted they were not aware just how far along they really were. Fortunately, by divine providence Kim and her team started to connect the dots last week, just in time and were able to dismantle it before they launched.

Note: I believe the covenant Kim was referring to is the most recent one from 3000 years ago that ended in December 2018. See my post Kane is Abel for more information on the covenants.

What Alerted Kim that Something Was Up?

Kim said in retrospect there were signs something was up. For instance, the usual suspects were still intent on continuing to crash the economy (which would affect themselves), and rumors were circulating again around the deep state expecting big payouts. She was wondering where they were expecting it from this time.

The Military Generals running the fake Biden Administration tried to intercept the Hall of Records and the Archivist, the person who submits the ratified laws into the system at Archives.gov, informed Kim there were orders to wait until after the weekend. I got the impression this was the first time in over 5 years that any official records of ratified laws were to be published by the Archivist, (although Kim has access to the Hall of Records and has been submitting important stuff like the state assemblies that have recently been ratified).

She then received a call from the Health Department who was also trying to warn her. They stated that everyone was on hold and waiting because Bill Gates was supposed to assume head of the Health Department after the weekend. Just want we need, a psychopath obsessed with human genocide in charge of that department. Oye vey!

So it all started to tie back to Bill Gates and his Beast machine, which finally led her to investigate and find that the Beast was hosted on a Microsoft Azure cloud computing system. As an aside, she now also found out why her attempt to fund the peoples’ bank accounts directly using her system, the Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) kept getting blocked from installing and transferring. It was because Azure had system admin rights over every banking system in the world.

Note: The ancient Galactic Portal connected from Giza once allowed passage through Sirius B and then through the Andromeda Galaxy. Andromeda has a Galactic Core that spirals and connects into our Milky Way Galactic Core during the Ascension Cycle. Currently there is a tremendous amount of activity underway in this area around Giza on the Earth and Andromedan Energies. The Giza Portal is the Heart Chakra location of the Earth, it also corresponds to the 4th Gate and the 4th Dimension. This portal is also interconnected to the location of the Hall of Records that releases the Universal memory into the Planetary memory banks (and the Morphogenetic Fields) once the Sphinx, Great Pyramid and Earth Core open. This makes the Planetary and Soul incarnational memory available to humans with a minimum of 4th DNA strand activations. The Galactic Center and the Andromedan Galactic Core are intersecting. Another way to say this is that we are finally intersecting with the Original Core of our Creation, the Center point of All Union. There is an Aurora Platform that creates passage way between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.
Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, Ascension Glossary – Andromeda Galaxy

Beast System No More!

Kim decided the fastest solution was to cut off their IT access altogether. To do this she had to take it out of Microsoft’s hands worldwide and cut off all system admin and security folders. She said the Deep State actually got to watch this happen, but they couldn’t do a thing to stop her taking over the databases.

The Database is now in safe keeping. No database rights were granted to anyone except Kim and her team. It was moved beside the Global Repository System so the Deep State no longer has full electronic control over the electronic grid, the waterways, Odin, etc.  All basic functionality for all systems were moved over and she already started dismantling. Many other sites had to come down last Thursday as well that used Amazon, Google, Apple, and Oracle Cloud servers, because she didn’t want them to have a place to run to.

The Military Running the White House Are Not in Control!

Trust the Military, they are in control and will save the Republic! Makes me want to vomit. These demons in leadership positions in the Defense Department are involved in the biggest coup and enslavement plan ever perpetrated on humanity (well in our current timeline at least). Bill Gates of Hell, William Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway, George Soros, some other self-important mucky mucks in England were all fully vested in this re-enslavement plan with these so called heroes. What a cruel joke.

Will Karma Come to the Generals?

These arrogant, evil Generals kept postponing the redemption of those famous COVID ‘death’ bonds that are all the rage in the Deep State. Finally the Generals gave out fake cash – just to keep their minions on the hook because they couldn’t tell them what the real plan was; which was make them all socially engineered zombies. Eventually these dumbasses would also be biosludge fertilizer for all that farm land recently purchased by Grim Reaper Gates.

When the minions, who have been working for the Black Sun for free for god knows how long, tried to deposit the fake cash all over the world, in all different currencies, things got even worse. These brainwashed slaves must have started to realize they’ve been lied to yet again. So the Generals then tried to push another narrative. They told them they were going to launch Thursday, but not to worry if access to the system to redeem their bonds wasn’t yet working because there was routine maintenance going on, and by Friday they will definitely have access. Obviously the brainwashing supersedes logic. They found out on Friday the system was completely GONE! I wonder if the minions will continue to work for free for their slave masters.

After the cash and the system didn’t work on Friday, a big meeting in the White House, in the situation room took place about the entire Beast system being gone. Kim relayed (I guess she heard what took place, she wasn’t there), that most of the people in attendance only knew their small piece in the massive re-enslavement program. Everything is compartmentalized for that purpose, so they can’t see the big picture of what they are actually involved in. But the pieces are starting to come together for these people about what they were going to do to us, and them!

There was one General in attendance who was especially rude and angry. This General had the biggest picture of the Beast system evidently, and he said he was going to teach that bitch a lesson (meaning Kim), on what happens when you mess with the military. He proceeded to order his subordinate to call in enforcement to go get her. But his subordinate reminded him that he couldn’t do that because she outranks him. He then said Fine! Call Rome!

Has Rome Finally Fallen?

Rome in this case refers to the Lodge of the Black Sun or P3 Lodge group. Anyway, in Rome, yet again they tried to legitimize the Covid Bonds and fake notes using the black screen (which I don’t understand) but they were unsuccessful in any case. They kept getting messages that said failed, rejected, access denied, accounts closed for attempted fraud. Finally this P3 Lodge group told the General that they would not bear the repercussions of his decision to go after Kim. They won’t have his back, he is on his own.

This same Order in Rome, the P3 Lodge have since had a meeting while all the Generals were sitting around waiting for orders. The outcome of that meeting was that the P3 Lodge conceded. They are going to reach out to Kim this week.

In Closing

In my opinion, I don’t trust a thing they say, and don’t believe they ever plan to concede. They have something else in store for us no doubt. Bringing down the Beast really stirred up the hornets nest. We’re already seeing this week a big push for mask mandates again and now the Supreme Court declared it legal for companies to force vaccinations. Farmers are still being threatened to destroy their crops, and they are doing it! There is no concession that I can see, quite the opposite.

The greater the light shines the greater the retaliation. We are in the best of times, and the worst of times. Good will prevail over evil but we must align ourselves to that path. Repercussions are inevitable, but the Order of the Black Sun is definitely weakened and I especially hope Nancy realizes they have a lot less arrows in their quiver. 😜

Shields up my friends! Keep your frequency high and watch out for zombies!

See my related post on an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, Orchestrating the New Slavery System with the Magic Virus, for another accounting of this devious plot. Kim commented in a past Life Force call that Catherine’s description aligned well with what she knew of their plan.


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  1. WOW! Thx for all u have done and are doing 🙂
    I have seen what is happening now, coming for a long time. I am a avid researcher of the system and how we have became slaves of it. Also how to remove from it.
    I have high hopes for a great future for earth, the inhabitants not so high.
    P.S. Funny, the date U mentioned above when the beast system was to be enacted is on the same day I was born 🙂
    I try my best to awaken others, but it is very hard, and a major task. I don’t think many are capable.
    Much Luv,

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