Rheinwiesenlager, the Lesser Known Camps

I was on the Energetic Synthesis Members Forum last weekend and came across an entry with a map of western Germany. It mentioned a meditation and grid work that was to take place on the 4th of July that pertained to the Rheinwiesenlager. I didn’t know much about this Rheinwiesenlager, but it attracted my attention because the map outlined the areas I felt drawn to and I had travelled there just a few years ago with a friend of mine. She had been sent on a business trip to Munich and wanted to take advantage of some vacation time while there. She suggested I meet her and we could explore the wine region since we’re both into that sort of thing.

I flew into Luxembourg because I thought that would be cool, and because I felt a call to start there. My friend flew from Munich to meet me and we rented a car. We started in the Moselle wine region which shares a border with western Germany. We then worked our way along the Rhine stopping in Heidelberg and a few wineries along the way. Eventually we made our way to Frankfort, Regensburg, and finally finished in Munich.

July 4th Coincidence

It just occurred to me while writing this, that this trip took place the exact same time of year. I arrived in Luxembourg on July 2, 2017 and was touring along the Rhine on the 4th of July. And while this wasn’t my first trip to Germany, it was the first time I had been to this area in the west and along the Rhine. I knew from the start there was going to be a deeper meaning to this trip. It was much more than just a vacation. There were some dark things to be dealt with. I was also undergoing some sort of spiritual initiation. I don’t know how else to describe it. But I was getting flooded with answers to questions I had for years.

I have felt very strongly for a long time my previous life was in Germany and it ended badly. I had found out I was in a camp. However, I never thought I was Jewish. In fact, I had dreams of being in a basement but I was the one helping hide Jews. After awhile I figured I was reading this imprint wrong. Maybe I was trying to project something else, so I started accepting I was Jewish in that life. Over the past week though, after participating in the meditation, new information unfolded that has brought me some clarity around my confusion.

Like I said above, I wasn’t aware of the Rheinwisenlager, not until this member posted in the forum that she received a transmission from the Guardians to hold a meditation, and to hold space for the grid workers who felt called to participate.  She explained briefly the history of the starvation camps at the Rhine meadows. “This part of history is not common knowledge and not revealed to the public but can be found in alternative media. They don’t teach it in school because this story would distort the idea that the German people are guilty for the war which is what we are told (karmic superimposition). In fact, the war was a huge blood sacrifice by the satanic elite to further enslave humanity.”

Background on Rheinwiesenlager

So I did a little more digging to find out what was published about the Rheinwiesenlager and lifted the following excerpts from the Rheinwiesenlager | Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing – eBooks | Read eBooks online

“The Rheinwiesenlager (English: Rhine meadow camps), were a group of 19 camps built in the Allied-occupied part of Germany by the U.S. Army to hold captured German soldiers at the close of the Second World War. Officially named Prisoner of War Temporary Enclosures (PWTE), they held between one and almost two million surrendered Wehrmacht personnel from April until September 1945. Prisoners held in the camps were designated Disarmed Enemy Forces not POWs. The decision had been taken in March 1943 by SHAEF commander in chief Dwight D. Eisenhower because of the logistical problems adhering to the Geneva Convention (1929). By not classing the hundreds of thousands of captured troops as POWs, the problems associated with accommodating so many prisoners of war according to international treaties governing their treatment was negated.

By early 1945 half of almost all German soldiers taken prisoner in the West were held by U.S. forces, while the other half were taken by the British. But in late March 1945 as Allied forces struck into the heart of Germany after crossing the Rhine at Remagen, the number of German prisoners being processed caused the British to stop accepting any more prisoners in their camps. This forced the U.S. Army to take immediate action and establish the Rheinwiesenlager in the western part of Germany.

The creation of the camps was made easier because prisoners would be deemed as Disarmed Enemy Forces (DEFs), a decision that had been taken in March 1943 by Eisenhower. Furthermore all captured soldiers would no longer have the rights of prisoners of war guaranteed by the Geneva Convention because they belonged to a State that ceased to exist. Incidentally the Wehrmacht employed a similar strategy with imprisoned Italian soldiers following the surrender of fascist Italy in 1943. Italian prisoners were deemed Militärinternierte (English: Military Internees) and used as forced labour.

An American Rhine-Meadows Camp Guard Speaks Out

I also found what looks like an authentic account provided by an American Rhine-Meadows Camp Guard who was actually there. It is truly sad indeed. You can access the following link for the full letter here.

The Great Liberation of Germany

So back to why I wanted to write about this topic in the first place. I think it’s important to understand the depths of this battle we are in the middle of. It’s not just what is happening on the surface. While the majority of humanity is completely unaware of what is happening in front of their eyes, imagine how freaked out they would be if they could understand there are also many levels to the battles being waged to free the unseen, the trapped souls. Many may be ourselves, or rather pieces of ourselves as we are multi-dimensional beings having up to 12 experiences simultaneously in other timelines. To paraphrase what Lisa Renee has said in her Ascension classes, this timeline we are on now, the Disclosure Timeline is the timeline we reclaim all our pieces. She uses the phrase “return to rightful owner’, or RRO. Another member who participated in the Rheinwiesenlager meditation mentioned that as one grid is freed, it opens the gate to others. It just highlighted again for me how deep this goes, and I felt such an appreciation that I have some awareness of the unseen battles that are being waged, the magnitude of this war we’re fighting and how valuable and precious our DNA is. Our DNA holds access to a vast library evidently. It is in very high demand for the dying species on the dark side and the possession of it directs galactic commerce.

This ES Member who led the group further describes the details of this mission in the following excerpts:

“To my surprise I got transmitted ‘The great liberation of Germany’ and I asked what they mean with that. The guardians told me that we have reached a tipping point in the German grid now where this group meditation and the subsequent ones will serve as an important role to facilitate the liberation of Germany. Honestly, I am getting goosebumps and I have tears in my eyes because I feel so delighted that we finally have reached this point now. This project is huge as there is a lot of war trauma that needs to be transmuted which is very heavy. I appreciate everyone who feels called to participate in this great project and support it with their consciousness energy.

“Through recent shifts in the grid architecture of Germany, we finally got access to the timeline of the genocide at the Rheinwiesenlager in the end of World War 2 where millions of Germans were left to die from hunger. The word „Rheinwiesenlager“ entails the name of the river „Rhein“ where these camps (German: „Lager“) were located on meadows (German: „Wiese“) in the west of Germany. These timelines are used to enforce the enslavement of the German people through pain and guilt. It is just since recently that the Bavarian grid is rehabilitated to such an extent with the repair of its diamond heart that we have a stronghold to extend our gridwork to other areas of the German grid. Thank God. This is when I received the call to organize group meditations to clear German war and genocide timelines.

During the Intro of the Meditation

“During the intro of the meditation, I thought about our embodied guardians on earth like Solar Dragon Michael and Mary to see whether they support us in this divine work. I saw Michael and Mary as a heavenly couple united in peace and love emanating golden light thereby overseeing the gridwork at the Rhine meadows. It was very beautiful.

During the intro and the beginning of the meditation, I focused on harmonizing the group energies. I felt some stress, doubt and anxiety which could be transmuted. Then, it was harmonized. I realized that individual group members working their individual timelines were gathered on a golden platform in the sky high above Germany in the south east area of the Rhine meadow camps. As they started clearing their timelines, I already noticed great releases. I felt that they were all settled and stable in the zero point so I moved on to the gridworker group.

The other group that joined for gridworking was busy clearing the grids at the Rhine meadow death camps. Many of these black pockets with souls stuck in them were released. It was very intense to hold the pain of the released souls but with the assistance of solar dragon Michael and Mary, it happened quickly and with grace. I focused on identifying more of these black pockets with souls stuck in them. I couldn’t access them directly but then noticed how “dragon breath” was blown on these encapsuled pockets. The breath was golden with aurora lights. This is how the frequency nets which these souls were held hostage dissolved! Incredible. Then, I could go to the pockets, open them and release the souls. After around ten minutes into the meditation, all souls from the Rhine meadow death camps were released. Incredible. I am so grateful and in tears.

Then, we performed further healing of the area of the Rhine meadow camps. I saw how the area of the Rhine meadows was showered in golden light. This golden light extended in waves across the grid of Germany and beyond the German borders into other European countries namely France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. It feels to me like the Rhine area is an important knot where ley lines of the European grid come together which has now become freed. Just as Peter said “all the grids across are connected, whenever we work on one level, it helps ‘unlock’ and heal another. So the Christ Light can flow more and more freely as we go along.” I am so happy. This is really a major milestone. My mum saw how beautiful fields of flowers opened up in the Rhine meadow areas and birds started to sing. I also noticed how nature in this area was returning back to life.

I could feel that many members were deeply touched and in tears. I am so glad for having shared this space with you. You are all so incredible loving, precious souls which such beautiful good hearts. I am very grateful for your service in assisting this divine project.

My ‘Ah Ha’ Moment

Prior to leaving the United States for this trip in July of 2017, I was hoping I might actually cross paths with someone in particular. I feel very strongly connected to a woman and believe we’ve overlapped I guess you can say, many lifetimes. I was really hoping this time I might have some encounter with her. I only knew she resided somewhere in Europe, and Germany felt a likely place.

I didn’t realize in the moment this encounter happened, but it hit me like a ton of bricks less than an hour later. In fact, I was thinking about her on the way to visiting Eltz Berg, a castle in the Moselle on the German side. A woman was heading back to the parking lot while we were heading towards the castle. She looked very intently at me. But I didn’t think anything of it in the moment. She was an attractive woman with beautiful eyes that look like deep blue crystals. That much registered in my awareness, but I just proceeded to the castle. When we finished touring and returned to the car though I realized I just had the encounter I was hoping for. It was the second of three very extremely humbling moments I’ve ever experienced, and even after all these years I still get flooded with emotion whenever I think of her. I looked for her again the entire trip because I was disappointed that I was spaced out at the time of the actual encounter. This didn’t surprise me though, it always happened when I was on some kind of mission. Most times I never understand what the mission was about, only that I was definitely on one. LOL! 

Burg Eltz – July 2, 2017
A medieval castle nestled in the hills above the Moselle between Koblenz and Trier, Germany

The Pieces Came Together

Well over the course of this past week, the pieces finally came together and ‘pieces’ has a double meaning. While I participated in the meditation on July 4th, I saw a flash of this woman and her beautiful crystal blue eyes. She was helping me I believe, to retrieve my pieces. I suspect I was in one of these Rheinwiesenlager camps. I was aware for many years that my corpse was in pieces in Germany, but I had the location wrong. Perhaps my trip four years ago was in preparation for this 4th of July. Or perhaps it also entailed a retrieval for others in my soul family. Maybe I’ll find out more when I’m supposed to. In any case, I also found it interesting that just a couple of months ago I was listening to an older Ascension Class by Lisa Renee, from 10 years ago. In that class she mentioned that this woman (who I believe is the same one I was referring to) was not part of the Holocaust, but she is part of the team doing the healing for German bloodlines. So maybe I’m not that crazy, just a little crazy.

View of the Rhine – July 3, 2017

This got me wondering if my trip to Belgium is related. During that trip to Germany in 2017 I had already made up my mind I was going to return to this area but I needed to go to Belgium. I eventually did, in December 2019, right before the Covid lockdown.   

Brussels, Belgium – Dec 21, 2019

July 4th – Occult Symbolism

On a side note, July 4th is a significant date and I believe it extends beyond US history. It is an occult holiday the dark accosted for negative intent which means it has ramifications that undoubtedly affect not only the United States but the entire world.

“The United States of America with its founding fathers believed to be men of God picked the date of 4th of July as their Independence Day? Independence against whom? The so-called Illuminati and High degree Freemason Luciferians established a new haven in the New World, a new Atlantis not to worship freely but to continue the ancient demonic plan to rule the world together with the priests of Baal (Literally the Roman Catholic Priests) and the Church of Rome as the official religion of  the coming One World Government.” 4th of JULY is a Satanic Unholy Day in Honor of the god of this world. – Reformed Malaya

Eltville am Rhein – July 4, 2017
A town in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany

Crowley, Churchill and Hitler

Thinking about Rheinwiesenlager triggered another memory of a class I listened to by Lisa Renee. This one pertained to the connection between Hitler, Crowley and Churchill, and I thought it might also be of interest, since I’m on the subject of deception and hidden hand agendas that went on during WW2.

“The Atlantian Overlord Conspiracy was revealed through contemporary times with three key members based in the UK that laid the blueprint and were utilized and participated willingly in this painstakingly precise process of the Illuminati NWO Agenda or activating the Armageddon SoftwareAleister Crowley is the first in the sequence of the timeline, and it was revealed he was an incarnated Solar Temple Lord that was one of the abusers of the Power from the Atlantian Time Cycle. He was quite vengeful and spiteful, believing first …..personal Will over the “ Law” and that he would indeed make his mark. It is interesting to note that he despised and hated his Mother, which is an easy recipe for Satanic infiltration. He was a Master Alchemist, Manipulator, Sexual Deviant and Blood RitualistMisogynist and was able to command the elemental forces and several kingdoms, such as elemental and devic ( with NAA support). He was cultivated and grown to become who he was responsible to be, by the Grey Aliens, (Zeta Factions), and these NAA Zeta Forces shortly after picked him as a point person on earth. They went on to introduce themselves to the World Governments, specifically in the UK where Winston Churchill was being simultaneously groomed for power corruption exploitation in the UK interests to serve the reptilian power base. The timeline sequence was Crowley meets Churchill who masterminds the World War II agenda to manipulate and mind control Hitler who then proceeds with his psychotic Atlantian Black League ( Sons of Belial and Black Sun Program Agenda) with planned mass genocide and begins to target the depopulation of the Indigo or host race for the human DNA evolution in this last 30,000 year cycle, the Hibiru Tribes races otherwise known as the Hebrews. The Hebrews held a specific genetic Melchizedek code they wanted eliminated. The Grays also wanted to decimate the Hebrew population. Advancing the DNA through genetic evolution in the Ascension Cycle is the last thing they want to happen to those human beings they are attempting to imprison. The higher one has risen to the ranks in use of Occult/Consciousness technology the deeper and amplified is the fall down from grace, the corruption becomes extremely amplified, and Aleister Crowley is a real example of that. A power hungry criminal mastermind that ultimately fragmented into the hell realms of insanity. See Sessions Hitler, Crowley, Churchill Timeline[7]

Excerpt from Energetic Synthesis, Ascension Glossary: Aleister Crowley – Ascension Glossary


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  1. Thank you so much for this fascinating post containing harrowing but also important and positive information. I have already sent the link to a couple of like minded friends whom I know will be interested in all those connections you have woven together so well.
    Reading it has also prompted me to once again visit Lisa Renee’s site. I was too spiritually immature to deal with her material when I went there in the past but now feel I can integrate her knowledge and wisdom into my consciousness to a much greater degree given what I have learned and and experienced in more recent years.
    I am looking forward to your next post.

  2. Frank Steffens

    That is all very interesting.
    My father recently found a letter that his father wrote for his confirmation in 1946.
    He, my grandfather, was in Lager 2218 which I think is Sinzig.
    Would there be any books about that, I wonder?
    Thank you for writing the article.

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