Orchestrating the New Slavery System with the Magic Virus

There is an excellent video with Catherine Austin Fitts called Planet Lockdown that I wanted to share. Catherine is an investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during George H.W. Bush. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large scale instances of government fraud. She is also the founder and president of the Solari Report.


In her interview, she connects the dots on how the Controller Pillars of our society are all working in conjunction to put the final nails in the coffin, and implement the new Human Slavery System, also known as Transhumanism. Fortunately, it hasn’t been nailed shut yet, and because that is the case, they are in a bit of a quandary. Catherine explains that their dilemma lies in the fact that they are trying to lengthen the timeframe of the existing financial system, the dollar system which is on the verge of collapse, while at the same time trying to accelerate the bringing in of the new slavery system, which isn’t quite ready yet. The acceleration of this rollout is highlighting what they definitely don’t want, and that is how all the controller pillars of our society are actually working in concert to implement this new system. The cabal is desperately trying to continue the illusion that they have nothing to do with one another. They don’t want the sheep to connect the dots and figure out what their new system is really about, at least not until it’s too late. If more and more sheep start to figure out what the impact really will be to their lives, perhaps they will finally realize the only way to prevent it is to stop helping them implement it. 

The Cabal’s new slavery system will bring an end to currencies as we know them and will integrate every aspect of our lives. It will look an awful lot like the social credit system that China already has in place, as they were the testing ground for the planet. But it will be worse, because there will be no place left to escape on the planet. 

Problem – Reaction – Solution

They are intent on control and will continue to deceive the public (like they always do). The playbook is always the same. Hide their nefarious agenda behind the guise of helping humanity. Catherine explains that they believe the best way to bring in this new slavery system, is through a health crisis.

How Do You Bring the Sheep to their Own Slaughter?

Deliberately unleashing a magic virus enables them to rollout the controls necessary to convert the democratic process into a technocracy. The magic virus is the perfect excuse to change the fundamental system because they can’t admit they already stole all our money from pension plans, social security, the treasury etc. What has taken place is really a coup de tat, and it’s being blamed on something invisible, the magic virus.

The Technocracy They Are Pushing Towards is Transhumanism

  • When a person takes the vaccine injections for the magic virus, they are allowing a digital certificate into their body which will work like an operating system and probably make you infertile.
  • Every month or two, an update to the software system will be needed and eventually they will hook everyone up to the cloud to a digital identity which will track to surveil people 24×7. There will be zero privacy. Sound like mark of the beast?
  • They want to hook us up into the borg for mind control. There will be no freedom to roam, to say what you want, buy what you want. It will be a complete mind control, slavery system.
  • Once the central bank comes out with the new digital currency system, instituting one or more cryptos, they will have the ability to turn it on or off from the banking system at their discretion.  You’ll be in a system completely controlled by the banking system.
  • Economic totalitarianism is rolling out. Big Business is taking up all of the market share by categorizing small business on Main Street as non-essential. And soon they will sweep in and buy up the real estate on the cheap.
  • They are centralizing political control

Their challenge is to get people to buy into a solution before they can see where it’s ultimately going. How can they perfect that one way mirror where they can see us and everything we do, but we don’t even know who they are.

Controller Pillars

Big Tech – Contributes by providing the ability to manage slavery technologically, this gives them immense control. Human Slavery is the most profitable business in the world, by far.

Military / Space Program – Contributes by putting up the satellites & executing on Operation Warp Speed. Amazon is a defense contractor for the CIA running the cloud contracts. They will have the ability to literally shut down all small business and implement a universal income run by the military through the clouds

Pharma – Contributes by making the injections that are full of mystery ingredients to modify your DNA

Media – Contributes with 24×7 propaganda to fan the flames of fear for a magic virus and program the sheep that they need the vaccine asap!

Banking – Contributes by engineering the crypto systems.

The cabal loves their word magic. Why do you think they call it Crypto Currency?
Cryptic is having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure.
Crypt is where they keep dead people.
They want you spiritually dead, make no mistake.

Transparency Can Blow the Lid Off Their Game

The central bankers try to stay as far away as they can from conversations that point out the connections between all the controller pillars. They absolutely need to keep up the illusion they are unrelated until the final trap is laid and it’s too late. Catherine states it very plainly. We are confronted with a fundamental disagreement against the bankers, tech companies, space force, big pharma, the media, and government. They don’t want us to see how they are all involved in executing their New World Order. And they absolutely cannot undo the secrecy around their ultimate agenda because the liabilities are too enormous. If you’re the swamp and you’re guilty of all the allegations, you run too much risk, which is why they are afraid of the masses. We outnumber them folks, and a lot of Americans have guns.

We Are the Prisoners and We Are the Prison Wardens

We are at a crossroads.  You are either complicit in continuing to help build your own prison and the transhuman system, or you are for ceasing that direction and for building a human system.

Here some guidance to start with:

  • Don’t help the military execute Operation Warp Speed
  • Don’t help tech guys figure out how to inject nano particles into the body and hook them up to the cloud
  • Don’t help big pharma make injections that are poisoning everyone
  • Don’t help big agriculture produce GMO foods that are poisoning people
  • Don’t help the government institute the corrupt heath crisis regulations that is really disaster capitalism making the Private Equity guys and Billionaires rich

Final Note

Catherine’s interview just lays it all out in a logical way. I think it is an outstanding video that should be shared far and wide. And there is so much more than what I outlined above so I encourage you to watch the entire video. Another reason I like this interview in particular is because it doesn’t present the issues with a right or left slant. When you see the big picture, it’s irrelevant. Hopefully this video will plant a seed or two and wake up people who really need it. God knows there are way too many.

In their world, awards, promotions, assets, and power go to the best liars.
Deception rules the roost.


See my post on The Five Senses – Tools of Deception | Just Empower Me for information related to the Controller Pillars of Society.

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