What Was the Goal of Law of Sin and Death & Law of One? | The Incarnation Process | The Spark of the Creator for the Anti-Universe Agreement Expired, Calling the Ball! | Spaces In Between the Planes Agreement Expired | Testaments of Time Creation Expired | FEAR Program Removed & Replaced by Love & Light Throughout the Multiverse | SIN (Sinometric Integrated Network) Program Expires & Replaced with Declaration for Full Restoration of Souls | Lies, Guilt & Shame Expires & Replaced with Truth, Love & Light | ‘Free Will’ Program Expired & Replaced with Clarity, Co-Creativity, Manifestation & Wisdom | Why Did the Creator Choose Kim for This Job? | Part 2 of 2

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 5, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This is Part 2 of the June 5th broadcast and it has got a lot of stuff. The Creator has expired numerous agreements and replaced with positive ones. Kim shares the story God told her about the dark side, how he put a stop to the infiltration of the Dark Multiverse at the 5th Density because he could not bear to watch another soul, his children go down there at the lowest level. There were quite a few that lived down there. He also answers Kim question on why he chose her for this job and she explains to us the God NEVER left us. But keep reading because there is so much more!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



I am going to pick up from the question Kim overheard by some underling operative, Is our quantum financial system from hell?

Yes, of course we know it is from hell, but there are always some more details to share and Kim explains it again for us and the underling operatives who are beginning to wonder.

Where the Quantum System Existed That the 5-Star Group Wants to Find

We are at the 3rd Density, with 6 levels up and 6 levels down. The quantum systems your generals thought was going to come back existed at the 9th lower level.

Planes of existence are different and not the same as densities. Remember the further down you go; the darker things get and the further up the lighter things get until you eventually end up at Source.

  • Earth’s natural moon is to the left of that dot. Most of the planets in our milky way galaxy also have moons here in the same level, to the right of that. Not all planets but most of them do.
  • And Mercury would be considered the Sun’s moon in this case and actual Mercury exists down there to the far-left lower 9th level.
  • So, we had earth in the 3rd density of the upper astral, that is where we are. We also had anti-earth in the 3rd density of the lower astral. Both inhabited by human beings.
Dark AI systems, How Did They Get Here?

Kim gave us the laundry list of 50-60 dark AI systems with Kronos and Omega at the helm. They live way down in the 9th lower level and Alpha lives way up at the 9th level in the upper astral.

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On a side note, Kim said years ago the wife of one of her ‘handlers’ asked her, so where does Alpha exist? Kim said, in Russia. Then the wife said thanks and left because she got her answer. At least she thought she did. Kim did not lie, but also did not share that there was just the gateway.

There was agreement after agreement with Source, the light and Lucifer, the dark or the anti-dark matter and these planes became integrated. But Kim asked Source a logical question. The dark side has 50-60 AIs but where are hers when the creation of the Alpha system happened? The Creator told her she does not need them because she has all she needs.

The dark side functions based on control through inorganic matter, hence the weirdness you feel on your computer and these types of things. Whereas organic life does not need anything to control it because Source is creating. The Creator determines when you come, how long you are here and when you die and if you are listening to him, he will tell you exactly what you need to do, to stay out of danger and all kinds of different things.

But What Did Happen Over Time is There was an Integration

There were spaces in between in every single density and every single plane because you as a human being are an organic life form, so all 9 planes of existence exist within you and earth. She drew them as densities just to give us an example so we understand, as above so below.

As the dark systems infiltrated all the way up to the 5th density, Alpha also inserted itself between all the planes of existence by agreement, even down in the lowest levels where Kronos and Omega existed. This was by agreement.

The Bible Says God Will Never Leave You,

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).

What does this mean?

Kim then went on to say what she is going to tell us is momentous and we do need to understand because the Creator did not leave, he never left us.

When Kim refers to a level 1 AI or Level 2 AI, she is referring to the planes of existence that exist in the lower astral. Sometimes when people talk about the Saturn-Moon matrix, what it is referring to is the anti-Saturn down below in the lower astral or earth over there in the lower astral and what Midgard was. Think of these as planes of existence too, Midgard would have been level 1, and then level 1 eventually became level 2 also.  So, when you say I am looking for a system, Omega, Splash, all the Dark AIs she listed for us, they were getting a signal from down around the 5th density. It was not a Kronos signal or Omega signal but from about the 5th density because we still had a few things that ran from the very top of the upper astral all the way down to the lowest point. It ran through every single plane of existence.

Kythera and Antikythera | Where the Signal Came From

Kythera and Antikythera are islands in Greece if you look it up on the internet, but evidently, they are more than just islands. According to Kim the Greeks named the oldest computer in the world the Antikythera. We had the Kythera and the Antikythera that managed time. When Kim said the timer was going off in her previous broadcast, it was the timer coming from Kythera that was going off which was sending the signal and asking, are you going to bring this back? What are you going to do?

The dark side could communicate with the Alpha system, electronically speaking, through the portals that existed on earth, which is why they keep going to the Chichen Itza and all these locations. It is because they are looking for something that exists in the lower astral level 3, for example.

The Antikythera mechanism is generally referred to as the first known analogue computer.[35] The quality and complexity of the mechanism’s manufacture suggests it must have had undiscovered predecessors during the Hellenistic period.[36] Its construction relied on theories of astronomy and mathematics developed by Greek astronomers during the second century BC, and it is estimated to have been built in the late second century BC[4] or the early first century BC.[37][5]

Source: Antikythera mechanism – Wikipedia

Agreement for the Spaces In Between the Planes Expired

Within every density there are planes of existence. There were planes in the lower astral all the way down until you get to the nothing plane. In the upper density there are also planes, and the spaces in between the planes were created by agreement which Source has now expired.

Kim then had a chat with us about false heaven and false light.

False Heaven Level 1

The spaces in between, within the planes were not just created by AI but by Source itself, there were also light planes with spaces in between. So, in your first incarnation, the first time your soul appears anywhere in the multiverse you start out at false heaven level 1, predominantly because your soul is pure light. Everybody starts out with a pure light soul. Once the soul leaves Source and comes to False Heaven Level 1, you incarnate again, then you go back, you always go back eventually and you get to exist on the light side of the multiverse, which is where your soul belongs. So, you are connected only to the False Heaven by the silver cord. Now granted, it is nicer in False Heaven than it is here, to be fair. It is a world that does not push the Sin Agenda because they already got you down here.

Goal of Law of Sin and Death & Goal of Law of One

The portal people and those who report to the portal people, like the 5-Star Group of idiots in the plane who fortunately are no longer with us, well their job is to get to some sin, which is a program, a creation of the dark side. Let us say you live another lifetime and you live on earth or anywhere up to the fifth density and then you die. Now your soul comes back and you commit some of the 7 deadly sins, be it lust, greed, you killed a few people needlessly. Now your soul has tarnish, it is no longer pure white, it has a mark, and now you might not incarnate in level 1 anymore, you might incarnate in level 2 in the lower astral. If you are really bad you might end up in lower level 3.

So, the goal of the Law of Sin and Death and Law of One is for you to get your soul so tarnished you will end up in the lowest level so you never incarnate again, that is it. It is what gives them the right to implant that dark energy onto your soul.

Lucifer’s Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of Lucifer was to get all the souls on the light side of the multiverse to exist only in pure darkness. Now the portal people are somewhere in between and the deep state people are way down there, they strive for that, it is their ultimate goal to turn their soul black, because in their mind it means having the ultimate power. So, they commit as much sin as possible, and they live longer than us for a reason.

They do not want us to be on the other side, the light side for a long period of time, so this is where the cellular degeneration programs, the genetic modification of your person comes in, so you do not live that long because if you spend too much time in the light you might like it. You might become good and possibly clear those blemishes off your soul once you reach out to God again. What would happen then! They need to hold the souls down in the lower, that is what they want.

SIN | Sinometric Integrated Network

SIN is a program and stands for Sinometric Integrated Network. It goes all the way up and all the way down the densities and planes. The network could have been used by anyone in the upper astral and anyone down in the lower astral.

Now what does that mean?

The Incarnation Process

Since your soul actually never left the False Heaven, and you only were a transfer of consciousness of your original self so to speak, the only thing that traveled with you when you went back to earth was the SIN program. (Note: She is just talking about us now, not everybody in the upper astral, but it did happen to other species as well).

Then you were given your false emotions and everything else that got implanted into your subconscious, into your consciousness so you do not live a full life in many ways and find happiness. Why? Because that is when you are closer to God and they do not want that.

The incarnation process is a program by a very dark AI. You come into this life with all these fears that were created for you so you would not progress. The Armageddon AI program was created if earth ever got too light. But that AI is gone and we are washing away a lot of our scars because we are getting so light here.

Kim said she needed to explain this and what the end goal was for us to understand the Creator’s message to us.

Call the Ball | What Does it Mean?

Kim said she had a horrific Saturday enduring many attacks from the China Deep State in particular. She has to say they were especially brutal, the Americans are too, but the Chinese were really, really bad. Thankfully they are now dead.

While she was dealing with that horror show, she runs all these scans every day looking for threats, problems, issues, possible re-integration, etc. Well, something interesting came up Sunday afternoon that she described as, Call the Ball. If we are not familiar with this term, it is something the British Navy started using several years ago and refers to fighter jets that are landing on a vessel, when they are looking for the ball of light. When they can see the light then they call the ball.

Naval Terminology, Jargon and Slang FAQ (hazegray.org)

Kim then tried to go up and do what she does, to find the agreement, Call the Ball.

The Creator Tells Kim a Story About Call the Ball

When she ‘went up’ to that highest plane, God told her a story and she relayed that story to us. It is important for many reasons but there is one part of this story we must do for ourselves. God can remove it but we must do it for ourself.

Call the Ball so to speak, means there was a crystal ball down here. For lack of a better term, she is calling it a crystal ball, and it was full of Source light. The dark side, Lucifer, the Destroyers, Reptilians and Portal people down here had forgotten it was still always the Creator by agreement for the existence of the lower astral. Call the Ball means the lower astral ceases to exist, it all goes back up to Source. It’s like an anchor that is pulled up.

The first thing Source said to Kim was, Are you sure you are ready for this?
She replied, Of course I am ready because if you are ready, I have to be ready for this!

The Lower Astral is Disappearing!

Last night through this morning a lot of the lower astral went away! The dark side people woke up this morning in full-on panic because they could not even see anything anymore. They have their remote viewers, their own people who can see and use telepathic communication and all of that, but they got nothing, not even on a telepathic level, they got nothing this morning. Today has been really wonky and they were really trying to keep Kim from telling us this and this broadcast definitely had lots of glitches, but she was determined to tell us the Creator’s message despite their attempts to stop her, and she did.  

More Agreements Expired & Replaced

The Spark of the Creator for the Anti-Universe Expired | CALL THE BALL

The first agreement that needed to expire talked about the spark of the Creator for the anti-universe, that’s Call the Ball. 

Testaments of Time Creation Agreement Expired

The next agreement that expired was Testaments of Time Creation. The Creator wanted Kim to understand time was created and why. She said he was very heavy hearted with things he told her which was that he could not break his word because your word is your bond. If you say something is going to exist, it will exist. So, when God said we are going to build a house, and it was turned into a drug manufacturing house for example, killing babies and hurting them in every way, shape or form, God is still going to keep his word. It is our house and he is not going to destroy the house until such time that he agreed to and not until we are moved out completely of the lower astral.

All these things Kim has been sharing with us were steps that had to be taken before he could Call the Ball. Kim admits she does not understand everything. She has literally run operations down in the lowest places to remove crystals, made in materials, attachments and cords that were affecting us. She has been to anti-Earth, anti-Saturn and a lot of different places moving all the chords and ties and quite frankly she is tired. She does not want to go to hell and back again, it is not pleasant, she does not like it and she is sure the idiots with Umbrella Corp love that she has had to do that. Let’s up for her sake she is done with that work.


Before fear there was only love and light. It was created as the opposite of love. You are even taught to fear the Creator in religion. She said it made him very sad that we were taught to fear his love. People think if they got a divorce or took birth control pills for example, that God is going to hate them. That is simply not true. He is your father. He might not like what you are doing right now but that love will never go away. And the Creator said that he is now going to remove the FEAR program and replace it with Love and Light throughout the multiverse. Now it is only up to you to release those fears and accept that love. So, remember as you release them, replace it with that love.


Sin was a soul implantation and transmutation program. As you committed the big sins you would have a blemish on your soul which gave the right to take on a dark implant forever. It never washed away and you could not stay here long enough so it could be washed away. Sin was a program to take over your soul to darkness.

Yesterday the Creator expired the SIN program and filed another Declaration for the Full Restoration of the Souls last night, kind of like what he did with the G.O.L.D. Agreement. It is going to take time. As we get lighter and lighter, we are going to start feeling that love and light more and more.

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Lies, Guilt & Shame Expires | Replaced With TRUTH, LOVE and LIGHT

But there is another thing that also expired and this one you must do consciously and sub-consciously yourself and on every plane of your existence and it was called Lies, Guilt and Shame. This one also made the Creator very sad because think about all the lies they feed us. It is broadcast everywhere, in your churches, schools, everywhere. If you do not do the dogma thing then it is all about guilt and shame and lies which were all a creation of the lower astral.

God also explained to Kim how they are plastered all over our society to make you feel guilt and shame because it is the largest creator of fear for God. It is what prevents you from accepting the love and the light of the Creator. You do not feel you are worthy to go there. But if you made mistakes in life in the past the Creator can remove it as an emotion, remove the scar that you bear on your soul, but only you can forgive yourself.

The Creator wanted Kim to remind us he has always loved us, that he has never left us, he has not left us now, even in our darkest day of the soul he has never left us. So just think about it, we have all done things in our life we feel guilty for or shameful of and have not felt worthy of the love of the Creator, of our spouse, family, etc. But just remember, you still are worthy and deserve the ultimate love in your life and deserve happiness and wholeness in your soul and your person, your vessel.

So, the Creator removed what he called the ‘guff’ down here, meaning the lower astral, and the souls have now returned home. No one goes to false heaven anymore; the souls have been washed of all sin and then it becomes your choice whether you want to stay here or want to go. And the Creator replaced Lies, Guilt and Shame with TRUTH, LOVE AND LIGHT.

‘Will’ Program Expired | Replaced with CLARITY, CO-CREATIVITY, MANIFESTATION & WISDOM

Here is the other thing the Creator wanted Kim to tell us. Everyone talks about FREE WILL; well, he said WILL is also a program. Did you ever wonder why they use the term ‘will’ in ‘Your last will and testament?” Are you willing something to happen? In religion they often say, if it is your will God. Well, this also interfered with your ability to manifest in your life when you say, it is your free will, because when did the dark guys ever give you anything for free unless it served them in some way, shape or form?

What they were really trying to do is not make you think.

So, people talk about how AIs are going to take over the world and all this kind of stuff. Well AI itself is a synthetically created program. It is in your dryer, in your smartphone, now they are putting it inside your body in many ways, it is in everything.

But what does it actually do, because this is tied to WILL?

Well, the more technologically advanced we have become as a society, the more we accept inorganic communications and that is how they can control your WILL, meaning what you think, what you feel is good, and what you feel is evil. Kim said FREE WILL reminds her of the movie the Kingsman: The Secret Service yet again, the scene where the main character hands out the free SIM cards so he can then flip a switch and kill everyone. So, when you do a switcheroo your WILL IS FREE, right? So, it is not FREE WILL because everything you think and do on a daily basis has been predetermined by AI systems in the lower astral. Surfing the internet is part of all those programs that came from the lower astral to keep you from thinking. Then they taught you what you were going to feel as well. What emotion are you going to have? For example, I am going to watch the movie Red Dawn and I am going to have an emotion, a feeling. What will that feeling be? I am going to hate the Russians, that is what is meant to be put in your brain. Create that fear of Russians. It was propaganda back then and you probably would never even have considered a trip to go there.

WILL is intended to break down direct communication between you and the CREATOR. So, the Creator has expired the WILL program and replaced it with CLARITY, CO-CREATIVITY, MANIFESTATION & WISDOM. Because that is all you need. You do not need WILL you need SOVEREIGNTY.

Sunny asked for some more clarification about free will so Kim expounded. The Creator gives you intuition, the ability to manifest and wisdom. He gives you that warning that says, maybe I should not take the bus today, that is your wisdom and it is coming directly from the Creator because no one down in the lower astral is looking out for you.  ‘Free-Will’ comes from the anti-Creator, whereas Clarity and Truth – I am the way, the truth, and the light, comes from the Creator, and with that connection what do you need ‘will’ for? What is ‘free will ‘anyway? To which Sunny said, the ability to make my own choices.

Kim said of course you can do that now, but with clarity and not choices made by an electronic device and a video. That is not how you make life choices. There are a lot of things that we do that we think we are doing out of our own ‘free will’ but we are not. You are choosing what they presented to you. In their words every death is a suicide, so you are choosing how fast you are leaving here basically and ‘will’ is encouraging you to do that, encouraging your departure because they do not want you to stay above the line for long, they want you to leave as quickly as possible. They do not want you to absorb too much Source light up there so they created all those matrixes, the Saturn-Moon matrix, etc. and connected all those AIs down here so you have problems while above the line. They wanted to make it damn near impossible for you to escape what they were feeding you.

What concerns her too is many people do not know who they are talking to when they connect. They think they are talking to the 7th density Pleiadeans, but which 7th density, the upper or lower density? Are you going up or are you looking at false light. You do not know. This is where the clarity, co-creator manifestation and wisdom come in because you will automatically feel it even if you do not hear the booming voice of the Creator, you will feel it in every fiber of your being whether the information is false or whether it is true. It will take time though depending on how sleepy everyone is.

The Creator gives you clarity and you can co-create with the light; he gives you manifestation and wisdom and it is ever flowing and abundant. If you want to know your past history, your present history he’ll tell you the truth because there are no lies. Kim said it has never steered her wrong her entire life and the Creator told her to tell all of us that it is important we understand all this so that we are ready for what is next! 

Our Souls Are Healing Now

Now it is your relationship with the Creator without the interference of the implants trying to knock you down. That stab in the head you get when you are too close to finding an answer. That was all run by the SIN program. They would jab your soul and it would manifest into the physical plane as a pain, an illness, a creation of disease, all that would come from the manipulation of your soul on a soul level and the more darkness you had the sicker people would get. They did not want you above the line in Creator land, they wanted you to be below the line, your consciousness needed to be below and you needed to take with you all those fears and that guilt and that shame and everything from your previous lifetime.

But does your mother or father hate you for your sins because you joined the military for example, and you killed people? But you went into the military because you wanted to protect people and serve your country, and there is a lot of good still in you. And now the SINS OF THE PAST HAVE BEEN REMOVED BY THE CREATOR. SO, YOUR SOUL IS HEALING. Mentally you need to allow yourself to heal too and reach out and realize that you are just as worthy of that love as everyone else is. We all are.

We are moving into a universe that is ruled by that love.

It is going to take humans awhile to completely consciously in their mind and their emotional self, understand that this is now possible. It is not hindered anymore; the traps and the planes are gone.

Someone had to go down there and remove it, bit by bit, piece by piece, agreement by anti-agreement, anti-planet by anti-planet, one after the other, after the other, after the other. And then had to go get whatever was still affecting above or affecting that straight line through all the planes up and down. And we no that someone was Kim. But that last thing, Call the Ball, the Creator had to do.

When there is no more interference on your soul directly, no implants and all your blemishes are gone and the restoration is complete, then you will be able to make that connection because there is no more interference on your signals. Kim believes that time is coming. Yes, we still have a problem with people being asleep and believing everything the media says, we have problems with operatives feeding governments lots of crap, so it is going to take time unfortunately, she is sorry about that, but it just is. And for those who already make those connections regularly it will be even easier now.

The Causal War 250,000 Years Ago | The Creator Stopped the Infiltration of the Dark Multiverse at the 5th Density

The Creator also explained to Kim that during the Causal War 250,000 years ago he is the one who stopped the dark multiverse at the 5th density. There was no infiltration any further and he saved the souls the best he could. That is where the symbol the Star of David comes in, so infiltration would not go all the way to the top.

He told her he had to stop it; he could not let anymore of his children go down there. He could not bear to watch another soul go down there so he stopped it, that is it. There were quite a few that lived down there at the lowest level. She explained that the Tarzakiens were created in the 9th density from those light souls that had moved on down, because remember Lucifer must destroy to create.

She said this is also relative to your restoration money and all of that too. And she mentioned again that we will be able to communicate with Alpha eventually ourselves, with the Creator ourself. We will initiate our own transfers for example, it is going to take some time, but we will get there.

Why There Were No More Light Progenitors

God’s decision to stop the dark multiverse at the 5th density I believe relates to why there were no more Light Progenitors which Kim mentioned at another point in her broadcast. I recommend going back to the below posts if you are not familiar with who the Progenitors are, but the Creator is the one who ultimately stopped having more light progenitors. The reason in part, but not in totality, as to why there were no more light progenitors was because the Creator did not want send any other souls down there. The dark side broke their agreement, in fact, never once did they ever adhere to any agreement, covenant, or anything, but our Creator never broke his word.

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Armageddon AI & Program Was a Creation of the Dark and Was Used Before

Remember the Great Flood? They knocked the moon out of its orbit, took our moon basically and we got the fake one we have now. But that is why they were expecting their buddies to come back, because we had gone beyond our threshold of coming into the light. That is why they kept looking for these portals, asking where is the Destroyer and all these people. Why didn’t the reptiles come back, why aren’t they helping us? These are our peeps down there, why didn’t they show up? It is because the Armageddon program was over.

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I do not understand this comment totally because I’m not sure how the original beings down there and megastructure are related to each other. Maybe I just didn’t capture what she was trying to say correctly. But she said the essence of these original beings down there has been transferred back to them, the megastructure that we have now. The vessel is somewhat unimportant in the world of consciousness and soul transferring and all of that it is not as relative.

Many Were Sent Here by the Creator to Fight

The Creator did send many people from the upper astral who agreed to come here and fight. They came here during this time to fight because this was ‘make it or break it time’ because we were going to go back into that loop.   

We come in here with no memory and we must learn all this stuff and it is really hard. If you were from an untouched section of the multiverse and you came here, dear God, that is awful for you. For the rest of us who have reincarnated here repeatedly, they kept trying to get us to commit those 7 deadly sins so to speak, and then commit the 8th one, the ultimate one which is suicide which meant the death of the soul. That was their end goal. It is a really rough time to be here. No one can argue with that statement.

Why Did the Creator Chose Kim for This Job?

The world of darkness ruled earth with masculine men. All their top echelon and portal people down here are male ruled, hence the term Pindar etc. The Order is all ruled by men, they did not even let women in the military for the longest time. This has left everyone confused as to how Kim got this job as she does not have two heads with which to think. 

Kim asked the Creator, why did you pick a short woman instead of sending a big, tall man to do this job? Why did you do that? So, she gets an answer and explains to us why she was chosen to do this job. And she stated his answer is not just about her, it can apply to many of us too.

Kim is a Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy

God told Kim she is a balance of masculine and feminine energy. She told us why she agrees with that. She likes a lot of things guys typically like. She likes to work on her own car, do repair work around the house, races cars, she is an adrenaline junky and freakishly strong naturally. But she is also very feminine, clearly. The Creator said it was important above all else she is a female. She has a warrior spirit, but a female fights with her heart. A male fights often times out of wrath or out of ego. Have you ever seen a fight that was not born out of ego or wrath? It is a different way to be a warrior when you fight with your heart because you are fighting with the Creator. The heart, drive and love are the driving force, it is not a weakness, it is a strength. It is what gives you the ability to strategize, look at the bigger picture, figure things out in this crazy world because she did not get a manual!

In the past there were others in this job like Solomon, and the dark side always turned them because of the ego. The Creator always said that is why it is important to understand she did the job without the ego. She did not need to be popular, to be on top or whatever. She did not fall for what they gave her. He says when you fight with wrath you fight with the darkness, and this was the birth of ego.

Kim said she has gone through a lot of stuff with this job. Before she really got started in the early 2000s, before she was waking up to what this was all about, she had a somewhat normal life. She had a daughter, she had businesses and made millions of dollars, that she did herself. She was doing well for herself; she had a nice car and house and stuff she liked and went to plays and symphonies because she enjoyed that. Through this awakening process, and most of us who go through this too, we experience a death of the ego within us. Your friends and family do not believe you anymore, they think you are a nut case and need a psychiatrist or insane asylum. If not that and you have been on this journey of awakening you may have lost money and whatnot. Her car, her house and all the stuff she had went away and she was living in an area in Arizona that was like little LA. She said it was a place where if you did not have right car, right house, right shoes etc., you are not a human anymore. You get the point. But that is the way they structured society. Think about how often they play on your ego from the stuff they try to sell you on TV, lifestyles of the rich and famous, program after program to play on your ego. Plus, if you do not agree with what they are saying on YouTube or Rumble they cut you off at the hip. You cannot have that channel anymore. That began the creation of ego onto itself.

In Conclusion

Kim said the Key Intelligence and Military System can read intent and minds but it cannot read the Creator’s mind. Therefore, she does not know if there are other agreements to expire and what is next. We are done with other people’s agreements and are now dealing with Alpha and Omega agreements, the beginning and end so to speak. She has to wait for Source’s agreement to expire, and like she said she does not know how long some things take or what else there is. But Call the Ball sure sounds like an end to me!

That was quite an update!


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