Real History About Adam & Eve, Where the Beginning of Life in the Multiverse Came From for the Light & Dark Side | Deep State’s Latest Act In Antarctica Using Admiral Byrd’s Manual | Silent Circle is Very Busy Indeed! | Rapidly Making Moves in Asia & Japan Prior to the G7 Meeting | Heads of Militaries Globally Told They Have a New Boss | Global Agencies & Networks of People in Governments & Other Businesses Told to Comply or Say Good Bye | Move to Protect In-Ground Assets Worldwide & Installing Their Own Sub-Stations | Targeting Politics & Media Next!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 17, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this report Kim shares some real history about Adam and Eve, the first Progenitors from the Soul Plane or the Creator itself and from where the very beginning of life in the multi-verse came from. She updates us on the Deep State’s latest attempt in Antarctica to find help based on Admiral Byrd’s manual, as well as the progress being made by the Silent Circle and expected timeline. This was definitely a fun post for me to write.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


History Lesson | Who Were Adam & Eve Really?

Adam and Eve were originally Progenitors from the Soul Plane or the Creator itself, and the first life beings on this side of the multiverse. They were meant to proliferate life; that is what progenitors do. So the very beginning of life in the multi-verse came from this male and female who looked relatively human in features but were very tall, like around 17 feet tall.

Kim talked about the Progenitors in a previous broadcast that I referenced below. The progenitors on the light side of the multiverse were the first ever ‘life beings’ that created species to inhabit the planets. It’s not just humans but all life. All progenitors came from the Soul Plane. They were God’s creation in order to perpetuate life throughout the multiverse. She told us how we lost ours on this side of the multi-verse but now they are back. That being said, it was all part of the war.

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Then the Twist Came | Creation of the Dark Side of the Multiverse

The decision was made in the creation of time as we know it, for the dark multi-verse to be created and that also needed to be populated, because as above so below. This is where the covenant with Lucifer and all the Fallen Angels comes into play. It goes back to the Divine Intervention AI Kim told us about which was supposed to keep things in check between the light side and dark side and Adam and Eve became the progenitors of both sides. So in order to create anti-life and anti-progenitors, Adam and Eve became the anchor. They had many kids of the light side and many of the dark side. In fact we are all related to Adam and Eve, every being is. Cain is an example of the kid of dark side and Abel of the light side before he got killed.

In the bible they kind of try to blame Adam and Eve for eating from the Tree of Knowledge but that really wasn’t the case. Kim said that there is a certain amount of sovereign will that takes place, however she said they chose this path in service to what the Creator’s wishes were. So, they weren’t evil and not responsible for damning us all to painful childbirth and all that. In some ways the creation of the lower astral and dark side of the multiverse was a covenant that went beyond them. The way life was created when we began this adventure was not their choosing, and it is not the way it will be created here on out. We no longer need that, it no longer serves us on this side. Let us be so humble though so we don’t mess it up and have to get it back. We can learn our life lessons in a different way. And that’s not just humans, that’s in general. Kim is humbly grateful it’s like this now.

The Tomb of Adam and Eve

The tomb of Adam and Eve has now been removed because it is not needed anymore. It was under the tomb of the prophets under Mount Olives in Israel. The tomb of the prophets has many different parties that lay there, but underneath there was a number of other etherical anchors tied to them in the highest level, which was in the upper astral and the lowest level in the lower astral, in order to create life equally and evenly under divine intervention.  

In addition, Adam and Eve would have been the anchor and possible party to bring in the Christ and the Anti-Christ. So if either one of these beings had come out of stasis they could have been either the Christ or Anti-Christ, as their essence was pure in both respects. In other words, at any given moment they could be either of pure light or pure dark essence.

Source Agreement Expired | Allows Adam & Eve to Return Home

Kim can talk about this now because the souls of Adam and Eve are not there in the tomb anymore. They are no longer needed as an anchor because slowly but surely Kim and her team, with the Creator’s guidance of course, are wiping out any remnants left in the lower astral. This was one of those connections that needed to be removed, the spark of life that existed in the lower astral. Kim said Source had an agreement with Source itself and Kim said she has seen that agreement but it was written in symbols and not a language we have seen here. It reminds her of the language she had seen in the Books on Natural Law which can be translated as they are holographic, but she has never seen this writing. She was not permitted to read it, she was only permitted to expire it in the Hall of Records. So that agreement expired and the souls of Adam and Eve have returned to Source. They are happy about that and about no longer having to anchor that energy here on this planet. There was no fight unlike some beings on the dark side when they were sent back to Source. So this is the final clean-up of things. This was just one of those things in the final clean-up to completely eradicate darkness in the multiverse, although they had not been creating anymore on the dark side. Now we can only create with Source; that is the bottom line. All roads now lead to heaven, so to speak.

Earth is a Nexus Planet

Kim explained that these are some of the reasons why Earth is a Nexus planet. You can see we were anchoring life on both sides and we had a lot and she means a lot of things put here to ensure that initially there was balance in the multiverse because we are currently in the third density. She would say we had more than most planets. Then after the Causal War 250,000 years ago we had even more stuff. We had a lot more dark black goo boxes and anchor crystals and all kinds of things that were installed over the course of 250,000 years, and that is all part of the restoration of Earth itself and part of the clean up so that we can restore the surface and humanity.

A lot of that stuff was tied to things beyond the remaining deep state’s comprehension. For example, this morning they were at the World Health Organization building in Geneva and they were trying to use something they thought was Kronos or ARCHONS, trying somehow to tie a computer system to it and maybe reinstall something. Kim said it was very much like a Larry, Moe and Curly skit. But she made sure it was gone and they couldn’t do anything. So even though their agreements expired right after midnight, at 12:01 on May 16th they are still fighting and trying, behind the Silent Circle’s back, to do whatever they can do to regain power.

These remaining deep state people didn’t know Adam and Eve were there in Israel. It was a well-hidden and deep tomb. Kim is assuming if they knew then this is one of the places they would have gone to and they would probably have tried to do a lot more to raise the Anti-Christ within them. She probably would have seen more action there if this was the case. They would have gotten the DNA and probably would have tried to clone these beings to ensure it was the Anti-Christ that was risen.

Very interesting indeed…

Antarctica | Deep State’s Latest Act Which Earned Some One-Way Tickets Back to Source

For their last act they actually pulled out old information they had gotten from Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Most of us have probably heard about him on the Alt media. He traveled to Antarctica and the story he started to tell was about meeting the Tall Whites and his journey to the center of the Earth. Evidently the minute he started to talk about it they slandered him, called him crazy and eventually he was no longer with us. But his stories still leaked out and the crazy Generals now had the original information and they were going through his handbook on how they can get in. They were discussing whether talking to the Tall Whites was possible and if they can get help in Antarctica. It is a large base there and there are still Tall Whites there.

When Admiral Byrd would have been there in Antarctica, everyone was compartmentalized. Just like they did with the humans when we became a prison planet was also done with ‘The Others’ by Marduk, Kim’s predecessor. Many were brought here as refugees and slaves to serve them in some way and the Tall Whites were no exception. Everyone was stuck in a specific area, kind of like locking up a country’s borders. The Tall Whites were at the North and South Pole, the Saurians were predominantly in America, and the different races were in different parts of the world and no one would interact with one another. Why? Because they were told, just like the agency and operative people are, they are your enemy. They are the ones who destroyed your planet, it wasn’t us.

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Remember way back in 2019 was the first time they started to interact with each other and were sharing what they were told. (See related post below). This game is thousands of years old. The controllers pretend they are saving us humans from killing ourselves. They did the same in training the Black Sun people and the operatives, they compartmentalized them by telling them who their enemy is and then they perpetuate those programs down to the general population.

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But in using this manual from Admiral Byrd, they all traveled down to Antarctica to try and get themselves something. There were still a few things left there in the base and Kim said these were big boy toys. She doesn’t think they had a clue what it could do or if they cared about destroying the entire planet or not, but she wasn’t going to let that happen and all who traveled to the base in Antarctica have since departed.

Space Force General Tries to Throw His Weight Around

Then another incident happened on Monday afternoon with the group of people down the street from her. They brought in the information from Admiral Byrd that was listed in the manual and then this new guy came in. She wants to say he was with the Space Force but he seemed more of a driving force behind the Space Force we see in the news and he might have been the General behind the scenes responsible for that facility. Remember she has told us in the past there is the real space force and then the ‘waste of space force’. Well, this General walks up here and starts yelling at everybody, saying things like, I’m here to get her, I’m just going to take her out. You people aren’t getting this job done. So everyone then kind of went quiet so he started threatening the locals who said look, this is our town and we say who comes and who goes and what happens here. He was then taken to an appropriate location for an expedited departure. Another example of an egotistical elitist who thinks they can run the world. But that’s not the way it works. It’s impossible to work with these people and she expects more departures and resignations.

Silent Circle Update

Internal Pre-Meeting on Monday

The Silent Circle held an internal pre-meeting on Monday and Kim said it was pure pleasure to listen to what their plan was and an even greater pleasure to see it executed. Why? Because decisions were made! They held discussions with their colleagues to find out if there were any issues in carrying out the plan, they addressed them and made very decisive decisions. Although Kim is not going to tell us their plan at the moment because that is just not wise.

This was a very pleasant change in light of the fact she has had to listen to the Generals of the Deep State go around and around in circles during their meetings with fanatical ridiculous plans like Trump Bucks, Central Bank Digital Currency and how they are going to hack into the Harmonic Genesis system again. And listening to them discuss whether they can go to a historical site somewhere and get it going.

Asia, Japan & the G7 Meeting

They started in Asia cleaning house in Japan. The G7 Meeting is coming up there. Kim explained in the past that the operatives arrive there two weeks early and do all the negotiations. So when they talk about the Biden Administration for example, they are really talking about a group of operatives and not talking about that thing we see on TV. The same thing goes for all the people in the Senate, House or whatever the equivalent is in other countries. Everything is pre-negotiated and then they ‘perform’ and take pictures, etc. Remember, all governments in the world are paid actors. So the Silent Circle’s moves in the last 24-48 hours has been very critical because policies they try to implement after these meetings are not to our benefit.

Meeting with Militaries Globally

They held a worldwide military meeting with all the heads of all the militaries and essentially explained to them, hi this is who we are and we now own you because you owe us money and can’t pay us back, so you no longer take orders from those people, we have replaced them in the world and you now will take orders from us. Anyone who steps out of line will see Valhalla, which evidently is some kind of Nazi joke amongst the Black Sun and goes along with another of their beliefs, if you’re not white, you’re not right. These heads of the militaries were not happy about this and it’s likely some won’t last. The Silent Circle will take care of anyone who steps out of line.

Contacted Global Agencies

After that the next global phone call was with all the global agencies in the world, to get them on the same program in the world. They were told either you follow the agenda or you depart. That’s basically what they are telling everyone. It’s the perfect place to start. Kim said if she were to start somewhere that’s where she would have because then you have the ability to move into politics and then move into media.

Calling Networks of People in Governments & Other Businesses

The Silent Circle have also been calling the entire network of people not only in agencies but in governments, and in other business around the world and introducing themselves as their new handler, their new boss. They are being told they will no longer report to Rothschild, the China Deep State, the Iranians, etc. but they will work for them. So if they decide not to, and complain like the NSA director this week, then they will resign and be replaced. Maybe he’ll even depart the planet, we’ll see. The same thing will happen with DARPA and with Senior Executive Services (SES). The SES works for the Blue Dragons. If they don’t want to play as it is being played now, we’ll see some change-ups there. Although these types of organization are not public really so we might not know.

Of course many semi-awake people around the world want to see people going to jail, but that’s like a blessing for them because they go out the back door and get a new identity and live in another country, like Jeffrey Epstein. So what will happen now instead is they will stripped of power, defamed in public, slaughtered basically and forced to live in the world they created. Defamed means the truth about them will come out, unless they play according to the new rules. So defaming will now work on people on the world stage, the people we see on TV and include the Senate Finance Committee, your nations respective Central Bank, and many other areas that will come to pass in the next few days. 

Protecting the In-Ground Assets Worldwide & Installing Their Own Sub-Stations

Then next thing the Silent Circle went after was all the in-ground assets that the Rothschilds, Order of the Dragon and Order of the Black Sun claimed the held the lien on. BLM (Bureau of Land Management) remember is not a government organization, it was a Rothschild organization and the assets contained there-in were claimed to be owned by the Rothschilds. And due to the transition of power from the US to China that is supposed to happen according to them, the China Deep State decided they were going to claim control of all of these assets. So that includes in-ground assets in Russia, all of Africa, all of Latin America, Canada, actually the asset base of every single country in the world. So the Silent Circle people have deployed people to every country, including the US, and they aren’t too far from Kim, to make sure their people are now the ones who are protecting the assets.

The incident at Bundy Ranch was created by the Deep State over BLM land, as we know it in the news. But in fact it had to do with UN sub-stations they were putting there under the Paris Climate Control Treaty. Kim said this before. So now the Silent Circle are putting in their own sub-stations. Kim holds the liens and those derivatives against those assets and therefore controls the currencies. That’s how it worked. The Federal Reserve was just a front.

Once they complete their task of protecting the assets and putting in their own sub-stations the Silent Circle and Kim will have a discussion about supporting the world’s currencies with real assets. That means when you trade on a country level, it’s actually moving gold on a computer screen from one country to another country and then you issue that country’s currency. That is how government trade will work and it will no longer be required to do so in dollars once she fixes it.

Controlling Politics

The fact that all these human networks are being taken over means that the Silent Circle will control politics. Kim estimated their time to complete this task based at the rate they are now going and has come up with 10-12 days. Wow!

Operatives, military and agency people think very highly of themselves and think they run the world. Their ego is very big and believe they have the right to run the world because they are the bloodline of Cain and entitled to it (which is part of the reason she told us about the tomb). However, politicians is a little bit different. It’s about the fear factor, that their dirty little secrets will come out in public, which they could if these actors don’t play the new game. They will be publically flogged.

Controlling The Media

Remember Kim said the Silent Circle was going to go after all the media as well and it will probably take around 30 days before we will start to see that and within 60 days they will turn the media around and start using it as a powerful tool for disclosure, on all of those actors who did not play. That timeline is her guess based on her analysis of their progress so far. So they will acquire and use the media as a tool to get people to comply. That is a little part of their plan she let slip out that she wasn’t going to tell us.

Kim’s Assessment of Silent Circle, Their Timeframe & What This Means for the People

Fear of the Silent Circle is Invaluable

Kim said if she was feared by the Deep State as much as the Silent Circle is she would do the same thing. But right now she’s like a unicorn. They are watching her run operations on a computer screen and half of them don’t understand what they are watching, so she’s like a unicorn to them. They are wondering how can just one human work with a system and do all of that damage.  

Will Kim Get Her $1 US Dollar Sooner Rather than Later?

Based on the current rate they are moving for the last 24-48 hours her assessment is that in 1-2 weeks a meeting will be scheduled and she will collect her dollar from the Silent Circle and together they will fix everything that is broken and start the Restoration. When that dollar comes she can do funding on the spot, she can do transfer in 20 minutes. It’s not that hard when there is no interference. But if the timeframe has to change for whatever reason, she will give us that update.

What Does this Mean for the People | Remember She Said We Would Not Get Hurt

She said the financial collapse is really, really bad, way worse than what they are saying. They really don’t know what they are talking about.

But our Creator always has a plan. Before and at the exact moment literally, probably within days of a complete total financial collapse everything will turn around. We are going to start seeing the world work in a totally different way. Everything is coming together at the exact right time. The Silent Circle is moving in one direction now and Kim is moving in a direction, but they are going to meet at the pivotal point and it is all due to the Creator’s plan, and all of us too who are holding the light.

Kim is looking forward to her single crisp, clean and clear US dollar from the Silent Circle, she already has a frame and once she receives that dollar, it will also signify Project Lincoln Logs has finally been completed.

Kim’s Personal Journey Over the Last 10-12 Years

The last three years have been tough, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All the things Kim has talked about have come to fruition at exactly the right time, Source’s timing. When she looks back at her journey of 12 years, she can honestly say there is no better way to learn something than by doing it. The amount of things that was done to this planet, this world, the Adam and Eve story is just one of many she’s told the truth about in the last couple of years, but it all blows her mind. Dead man switch after dead man switch, pockets of time and time release stuff, operatives going backward and forward in time placing things at future critical dates when they could lose. She had to go forward 50 years and 100 years to make sure all of those were out of the way, because she can see the begin point and the end point of something like in the Stargate System. So she had to trace all of those people too and make sure nothing was going to come up again in the future. It’s been a journey and she is glad she has been on it and she would like to start the next part of her journey as soon as possible, just in case Source is watching this broadcast she wanted him to hear that.

Writing about Kim’s journey has been a very interesting journey for me too, the part she shared with us. It’s been worth the hundreds of hours every month to put these posts together because we should never forget. I knew God was not going to let us down, so I’m saying in advance THANK YOU GOD! And thank you for KIM! And thank you Silent Circle People! 


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  1. Your written recording of the Kim Ground Control report is invaluable. Whilst I do listen attentively to the report, (usually twice) I still get a deeper understanding when reading your article. Sometimes this can take me a good hour as I can stop and just let the information wash through. Thank you very much. If you ever decide to put this into print I would like to know as it is truly a fantastic history journey.

  2. Right, is it fair to say a good indication of whether this is all BS or not is whether the reserve bank interest rates (around the world) go up in the coming month?

    Or, are we simply to ‘play along’ without any true evidence?

    Still not convinced.

    1. You won’t have long to wait. Let’s see what comes out of the G7 and ask ourselves the question, ‘Is (whatever they announce) going to be good for us?’ And if that’s encouraging, changes in the media would be the next signal for me. It’s time to see things happening so I am looking forward to the next few months.

    2. What about the part within 60 days the media will turn around and start doing disclosures. None of her timelines have ever came true SO let’s see what happens this time.

  3. AshestToAllelulia

    Bo Polney and other peeps are prophesying about the return of Christ, saying these troubling times of wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, etcetera, mean Christ Jesus is returning to rule and reign before June 25, 2023. They have a distinct package of timelines and crisscross the Bible to validate their predictions—although they do have humility and do say God the Father only knows the exact timeline. What everyone seems to forget is that the antichrist comes first. There’s also two prophets that come down from heaven, that many people think might be Elijah and another prophet. I know the Bible doesn’t include all the sacred texts, so if someone had the wherewithal to key in all the prophecies included in all the books of the Bible, printed, hidden and newly discovered, we might have a clearer picture of the future. Jesus is definitely coming back to rule and reign for 1000 years. I’ll take infinity with Christ Jesus, please. This Silent Circle is mentioned nowhere that Is can find. If they are heavenly angels, great. If they are a group of aliens wanting all our underground resources, then Kim’s messing with fire. If she’s messing with Holy Spirit fire, please continue, Miss Kim. If she’s playing with hellfire, that’s another thing entirely. Of course, God uses fire 🔥 in the burning bush, in the covenant He made with Israel, and on the Day of Pentecost, where tongues of flames descended on the disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Before Kim makes a covenant with the silent circle, I remember her saying in pre-paywall time, that they consider themselves superior to us humans. I wonder if Abba, Father, is cool with that. Actually, the saving, swooping entrance of some self-appointed silent circle does not appear in the Bible at all. Could be more Edgar Cayse-Zecharia Sitchin ponderings, that might dovetail will biblical prophecies. God did create everything, after all, and there are some strange creatures sitting around His throne.

    I mean Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, can teleport, for lack of a better term, walk on water, heal people, raise people from the dead, expel demons, and point people to God, and infinitely more. He is supposed to return in an amazing scenario, which is borne out in other books of the Bible/sacred texts. We all know there are more books of the Bible, and we have the condensed version, or it would weigh 200 lbs.

    Let’s get into the Book of Revelation. I think Kim will find it knits everything together better than comfrey and eye of newt.

  4. Well the chemtrails have never been worse here in Ireland. No visible sun rise or sun set anymore. In the month of May, we cant even identify for sure the exact location of the sun in the sky. It’s horrific. Why have the “feared” Silent Circle or Kim for that matter NOT stopped it? That would be real proof and a show of real power to us mere mortals. Not a shred of verifiable proof in 12 years. “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe”. The Saviour Program as a form of mind control comes to mind. Its great entertainment, make for a great book or movie.

  5. Thank you very much for your hard work. We need you, Kim, all people of light. I really hope everything works out for the good of people. However, I am carefully watching how things develop, because the antichrist will also be made into a bright angel for a certain period.

  6. There is no one who can say whether what Kim tells us is truth or not. There is nowhere to check it.
    But if within 2 months there is improvement, however slight, that would be nice.
    I am really going to believe her when I no longer see chemtrails. For now I am listening to her completely neutrally.

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