Today Marks the Death of the Order of the Dragon & Order of the Black Sun! | Since They Can’t Own & Control the World They Now Want to Destroy It | Dead Man’s Switch Attempted on Humanity & FAILED! | This Uncovered More Scary Stuff About COVID & Wuhan | The Silent Circle Are Well Underway Taking Control of the 5 Pillars that Control the World (in the Current State) | Changes in Government Already Starting | No One Can Fight God! | It’s Time to Face the Truth, Including Followers of the Alt Media

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 15, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim started off telling us this is a very important day for humanity and it is hard to disagree. It really sounds like we are finally turning the corner. After a long battle the light side already won, the claiming of and cleanup has been ongoing but in the process of completing. We can really start to move forward with Restoration because we are now just days away from the crazies being completely ineffective in our world of government, finance, military, intelligence, and media. It is HUGE and a long time coming! And we should thank the Silent Circle people who are picking up the pieces. It is because of them this is going to be possible.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Silent Circle’s Deadline Has Now Expired

Kim has been purposely kind of quiet regarding the Silent Circle because she knew about a contract that had been done about two weeks ago where the deep state on both sides had asked for some time. We know why, they had all these May alignments, Chuckie’s coronation and a lot events planned. So the Silent Circle agreed to give them until noon EST today, May 15th which has now expired. They were unsuccessful in their many quests and what they tried over the weekend was yet another valiant effort by them. Due to their latest operations Kim did find a lot of artifacts and people who needed to go. So it was helpful in that respect, because as long as the ‘thing’ exists there is always a hope on their side it will start working spontaneously and help them.

They failed and the Silent Circle is moving forward. They were in meetings planning their new structure and all the things they acquired in exchange for one crisp, clean and clear US dollar. Kim said she looks forward to working with them in fixing the planet and they agree about that so we are going to move forward.

Changes in Government Already Starting

It will bring about big changes in government and evidently, it’s already started. Kim has been contacted by at least 3 or 4 governments directly to change over their financial system and Central Bank, to change to a multi-polar world with gold backed currency. The countries she has not actually spoken to are the United States and China. I guess that is not a surprise.

The Death of Both Orders Has Happened! | Since They Can’t Own & Control the World, They Now Want to Destroy It

Their manipulation plan on both sides, which Kim told us about in the previous broadcast on Friday went out the window probably due to a show of power that took place on Friday and Saturday. She had several tricks up her sleeve. Not only did the Office of Guardian replace the Pindar position and Mr. Black, but she also replaced all the Covens and Coven Masters and the Parents and she already had the other position that was at the top. So, what did they do the second she filed those positions? They came in and tried to file Coven Master, but she ended that immediately. So that is where it started on Friday where they are concerned.

They proceeded to continue to try to hack into the financial system, any potential access points they could find, such as the US Coast Guard in Boston, and Langley was involved up to the 12pm deadline. But most of the financial hacking happened on Saturday and Sunday. They pulled what Kim calls a dead man switch. For example, if a person had a lot of information, they would put that information into the hands of key people. In the event something was to happen to said person(s), then all that information would come out. That way it prevents the aggressive party from hurting them or killing them.

This dead man switch was a little bit different though, because it was more about the death of the Orders plural, rather than the death of a singular human. Their philosophy is much like your kids when they were about 4 or 5 years old, if we they can’t own and control the world, they will destroy it because ‘we the people’ cannot have it either. And for them it would be pure torture to live in a light society.

About COVID/Corona Virus From Wuhan

Kim first prefaced that she is not telling this to scare anyone and what she is about to tell us was disabled, but we should be aware of the whole picture behind the plandemic and yesterday she found out something very interesting.

They talk about the origin of the COVID or the corona virus being from Wuhan. There is some truth to that based on her findings yesterday. This laboratory in Wuhan was visited by Obama and Fauci and a number of other high-profile people, members of the Order from around the world. So, this was a collaborative effort for the Order of the Black Sun in order to infect the world with a non-organic parasite known as Epstein Barr. The swabbing up the nose was all part of that. They were going to get you one way or the other. The virus itself was just used as a delivery mechanism for the parasite. In order to get it into your bloodstream, your body, this is how it was implanted. They used the virus as a vehicle almost. This is the spiked proteins that is often present with the virus whether you contracted the virus yourself or got the jab. So, you could have had the corona virus and you did not even know it and it would have infected you at that point. It basically meant you had computer bots or Trojans in your human. The virus is what gives you the cold like symptoms because the virus is the cold, which was also a creation by the same people.

Labs in Ukraine, Wuhan, and Guangzhou

There is a lot of chatter in the alt media about labs in Ukraine. Were there labs there? Yes, but probably the evilest one in the world was in Wuhan. The interesting fact about Wuhan is the entire region of Wuhan is a UNESCO site, a UN historical site. It was designated as such in order to protect it and has to do with some UN War Treaties. Kim said many of the sites she goes to while running her operations are UNESCO sites for that reason and they all have something evil implanted there. The other section in China that was interesting is the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. It is in Guangzhou, China and this was the location of the person who gave the orders to pull the dead man switch on humanity. Kim found a quantum physics type of facility there which was not built by human beings but utilized by human beings in both locations in order to activate those viruses.

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees – Wikipedia

So if you started feeling sick, like it came out of nowhere on Sunday which would have been in the early afternoon on the east coast time in the US that is because they activated this system, they were pulling a dead man’s switch. The dead ones would have been all of us. So, for anyone who had the corona virus or the jab, which would have been even secondary, or among the millions who got swabbed for their job, or if you contracted this cold and symptoms, you would have been subject to this. This was coming out of those two facilities together. The facilities have been dismantled and disabled and the associated bots or Trojans have been permanently disabled and will eventually flush out of your system. Although it would not hurt to do some heavy metal detoxing to get it out of your system faster. Another thing that will help pull that out faster works is Epsom salt baths, baking soda and apple cider vinegar baths.

Kim did not know this about all this and thought it was just the jabs, but that’s not true, this was worse.

6G Satellites | A Cooperative Effort Between US, Israel & China to Reactivate the Bots-Trojans

When that dead man switch to kill most of humanity was unsuccessful they moved on to 6G satellites, not 5G that we use with our phones but 6G because that is what the government uses. A cooperative effort between the US Government, the Israeli Government and the Chinese Government used 6G to send bursts of radio energies so they could reactivate these bots or Trojans. So, if you felt better then felt funky again, this is why. They were starting with America and then they planned to work their way all around the world for an instant depopulation agenda on their last day.

Kim said some members on her team received a lot of phone calls from governments asking why they lost their systems, well that is why. She had to disable that entire network because they cannot have anything. They were trying to kill off millions of people who had these bots or Trojans in their person in a single day. So, she took out just the 6G that the military was using, because they were the only ones who had 6G at this moment. The 5G rollout was for the rest of us.

Other Things They Tried

Before we left the news on Friday, she told us how they tried to implode the entire Ring of Fire and the nuclear backup systems and she already had taken care of that. There was allegedly an explosive that was at the Mexican-US border yesterday that the bomb squad from Homeland Security had gotten. And they tried other various things to gain momentum on their ‘kill everyone’ plan and all of those were thwarted. So, it was certainly a valiant effort on their part.

So, this leads us to the truth.     

The Universal Council’s Message

Kim said this has been a concerted effort to bring in the light for the entire multi-verse and that takes a coordinated effort with the Universal Council, the Colonies and all the other folk. She talked about the Council of 5 who have assisted us in this galaxy quite a bit and thanked all of them for all the help.

Per the Council, today is a day of truth and it sounded like Kim was reading a message to her from them:

“It is time for those running from it to come forward. Without the truth there will be no need for further connection. It was their choice, now it is up to Source. You have done all you can to show them. You have declared your allegiance and that of Earth’s to Source and none other. Even with this they continue to come against you. There is no room for this in the Restoration of this World or in those who have followed your example. Your responsibility in this is complete.”

What does this mean?

She said we have done everything we possibly can to teach and show these people what the truth is. But they really must have gone bananas because they keep going around in circles.

Kim then addressed the banana group,

There comes a point in time when you must look at the reality of the situation, and the reality is this war was over months ago. You do not have that equipment. There is no way you can fight Alpha without Omega, it is not possible and not possible due to the G.O.L.D. agreement, that was also months ago. That agreement basically defined what God wants to do, period end of story. So now you are fighting God and where do you think you are going with that one? It is never going to end well.

The truth is this is the way, we already won the war, now we just must claim it and clean up. And clean-up we have. Hundreds of agreements have expired, too many to list on the news, and that took place between the Dark Overlord and those bloodlines not only here on Earth but other places as well. Their corresponding implants and all the things that were contained in our Earth, mainly at these UNESCO sites that cause lots of problems for us are expired as well. They were put here by agreement, and not by these crazy operatives and humans that are around now, although they utilized them during the time, they were active.

The truth is a difficult thing for people

Even for the people who are telling the truth it is difficult. If you are not standing in that truth and you are not willing to accept the ridicule for telling the truth we tend to break and bend a little bit. But that is the one thing Kim has not done. While she has not told us everything, and perhaps will in her True History series at some point, she has held steady and what she has told us she stands by as the truth.

Meetings were going on all day down the street from her. They let go of their plan to try and manipulate Kim and are now on to what can they do to preserve the line of Lucifer? Well, nothing. The truth always wins in the end. Lies come out eventually and sometimes we all must face our own truth.

For the deep state, they live in lies and do not trust each other. It is a whole language onto themselves that they speak. Kim calls it spook. She learned over the years to find the one line she needs to understand. They also kill each other all the time by infecting each other with cancer, for example. How can they live like that? Kim heard a lot of them say over the years, well I already did so many bad things what is one more or I’m already going to hell. Except hell is not there anymore either and they must answer to Source now. It is all about rank and file on their side, who is closest to Lucifer and she gets the way they have to live. But there comes a time when you must face the truth. We are not playing the lying game anymore.

People Who Have Been Following the Alt Media Will Also Have a Hard Time

People who have followed the alt media for a long time are going to have a hard time because Kim has been telling us something completely different. A President is never going to save the world, it is never going to happen. Kim has also given us information that is spot on per the operations over the weekend. She can tell us every single place they were and what they tried. They were in Utah for example, at one the largest data centers in the world. They were in Alabama again, the same people, same Generals and Colonels were all involved trying to depopulate the planet.

I was thinking about the alt media today and wonder if you made a list, distilled it down to each narrative they push how few there would be. They too are going in circles repeating the same things to keep you in an endless circle of blame the other side and neither ever provides any solutions. They were all talking about the results of Durham investigation today and all I could think of was, wow, they really are desperate for something else to talk about. How can anyone think he’ or results of his fake investigation are remotely relevant to anyone?  


The Deep State Has New Leadership | What Will They Do Now?                                             

So, the crazies have new leadership. The Silent Circle has dealt with their idiocrasy and they are done. No more alignments and full moons will they wait for. They watched a lot of this happen and know a lot too without Kim’s help. They knew this was not going to work even if Kim did nothing. So, is there enough fear of the Silent Circle for the operatives to concede and switch sides? That would be the smart thing to do. Personally, I do not see them making a 180 degree turn around, nor do I think the Generals are capable of that. But I guess we will see in the very near future.

In any case, we are now just days away from the crazies being completely ineffective in our world of government, finance, military, intelligence, and media. It is HUGE and a long time coming!

Silent Circle

The Silent Circle was meeting with all their respective people around 1pm EST, and there are millions of them. It is because of them this is going to be possible.

Should We Be Cautiously Optimistic?

I think so, but I can see Kim’s perspective which is coming from a higher vantage point of course, and from a more neutral, objective, and practical view point than most of us probably can. But she emphasized the following, you cannot judge a book by its cover. Focusing on where someone has been does no good, it is where they are going that counts. So, if you say you are going somewhere you go, if you are going to do something you do it, if you say you are going to try you try. Your word must be good; it is the only thing they can never take away from you. These Silent Circle people have that. We have been at war and the Silent Circle people are smart enough to see who won the war. And they know what the war is on every level. And if nothing else they are smart enough to join the winning side. That is the whole common-sense thing the deep state lacks.

Have they done a lot of crazy things? Yes, she is aware, but it is where they are going now that matters and where we are going in the future. She feels the same about the operatives, military generals, and governments. She does not care where they were but where they are going, what they are going to do from this moment forward, and that goes for all the people who tried to kill her this week and all of us.

I think I will trust Source to sort them out, but as for the Silent Circle I’m more hopeful. 

Control of the World is Contingent on Control of the 5 Pillars

Kim said what we are about to see unfold over the next few weeks is going to be incredible. We will see the changes if we know how to watch the news. We will see people being moved around, people quitting, people resigning. All these types of things are likely to happen. We are likely to see a lot of people in the media quitting, getting fired or resigning for whatever reason. And it is in those five critical pillars she always talks about is where we are going to see it:

  1. Financial System
  2. Militaries Globally
  3. Intelligence Community
  4. Media
  5. Politics

Kim has been telling us for three years, if you have those 5 pillars you now control the world, in its current structure. This is not about control in the deep state sense, this is about us taking back and putting in people who actually work for the people. We are moving into a world where common sense shall prevail!

Right now, there are millions of people who don’t know what she is talking about right now but as we continue going forward, we won’t need some of these structures anymore, or at least not as much. However, until we can all learn to live in a better way that is probably five years away government-wise and likely some other things.

When Does Kim Get Her Crisp, Clean & Clear Single USD from the Silent Circle?

The transfer of the dollar happens when the Silent Circle is finished! When they take over all the assets the Alpha system had funded, even if it was through Omega, and completed that section of the G.O.L.D. agreement. They now must turn everything over to us, that was part of it, then Kim will get her dollar. That may take weeks, months, or a year. She does not know. The point is they have gotten the critical ones well under way now. The Silent Circle was more than fair and our Creator was more than fair to the deep state non-repairables or whatever they are. They tried all their crazy stuff due to their alignments, etc. and none of it worked after so many extensions, but it is time for us to change and move forward. They will buy or die.

So today is a very special day for Humanity, INDEED!

This clip really resonated with me and probably will for many of you too.


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  1. I am starting to realize that some of those in the Alt media are not who they say they are. And those that are legitimate are desperate to find something, anything to hold on too. Their grasp of reality in there hope toward the White Hats and Trump is beginning to fade.

  2. What is this Silent Circle that Kim just discover even she said to be “in charge”…? What’s about the gvt that still promote vaXXXinaton ? What’s about this f*** Ukrainian nazabsurdity ? What’s about the growng mecanised armed police forces ? AlloooOOOOoooo Kim, when do you will bring testimonies, vidéos and real verifiable evidences of what you claimed ? And what is this new “silent circle” that you discover suddenly and that make another intermediary between now and our best future ? At when the discovery of the “bruyant circle” ?

      1. … and this tatooed guy speaking about freedom, even don’t know nothing about tatoos or what ? It’s the club of the tatooed freedomers ?

    1. It’s probably some random “thing” she got from a movie ..I think in the movie Kingsman they speak of some group called something circle. Every week a newly discovered boogeyman group. …just like MSM fake news does…..As she stated way back “carrots for jackasses”

    2. Salut Pam,
      D’après ce que je comprend, le Silent Circle, (au début nommé/traduit par Secret Circle), seraient des ex “agents” ayant longtemps (intergénérationnel ?) servit l’état profond mais étant néanmoins demeurés plus “perspicaces” que les humains irrécupérables/ incurables qui eux ont toujours la têtes dans le guidon vers le plan des ténèbres quoi qu’il advienne… ce qui leurs auraient permit de comprendre à quel point eux aussi avaient étés manipulés et de finalement reprendre conscience.
      Ces “agents” étant néanmoins encore et toujours bien implantés à l’intérieur du système deep state (si proches des entreprises, système financier tronqués et des corporations privée nuisibles) seraient donc devenus de manière plus ou moins consciente au départ des agents infiltrés de premier plan car encore et toujours bien placés aux première loges des projets dans le DS devenant ainsi des ennemis de l’intérieur du système dark, tel des hackers.
      Bref, et finalement après avoir eu largement le temps d’observer ce grand merdier, ils ont du faire un choix et maintenant agissent pour la restauration.

      Ceci étant dit, j’en suis arrivé à la conclusion qu’au final la lumière et tout aussi énergivore que l’ombre “ici”, du coup perso j’en retourne à mes 1er amour, c’est à dire la voie du millieu, la mienne et basta.
      Bien le bonjours à tes secrétaires 🙂

  3. Aktuelle Fotos zeigen, dass die US-amerikanische Flagge verkehrt herum an der Spitze des Senats auf dem US-Kapitol in Washington DC weht. Gemäß dem US-Flaggencode ist das Hissen der amerikanischen Flagge auf dem Kopf nur dazu gedacht, „als Notsignal in Fällen extremer Gefahr für Leben oder Eigentum“ zu erfolgen.😎😋🧐

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