Behind the Scenes at the BRICS Meeting: Everyone Was Told They ARE NOT Going to Be Implementing a Gold-Backed Currency! | Why? The Real Reasons: They Failed to Reclaim the Gold, Their Next In Line Failed To Remain Alive, Russian Rocket Failure, the Man Named Kalki in Yuga Mythology Failed to Return, Therefore Baal Failed to Return | The Quantum Flip & More on the Council of 9 | What Will Happen at Fed Meeting Coming up in Jackson Hole?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 23, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim gives us the real scoop of what happened behind the scenes at the BRICS meeting. As usual all that was predicated on someone coming back to save the day for them. But their Anti-Christ was a no show. They do not seem to have any more options so what are they going to tell their operatives since their prepaid cards won’t work. What will they say at the annual Federal Reserve Summit in Jackson Hole that is coming up?

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Behind the Scenes at the BRICS

Russian Rocket Update

Russia and India, both members of BRICS launched a rocket. The Russian rocket did not crash on the moon, it was terminated mid-flight. So, what were they expecting to land on the moon? There was something on the rocket like the rumored element known as red mercury. They think it would have given them a way to use the moon as a satellite and they were trying to use that to reinstall the overlays on the portals in some way. Kim is not sure how that was supposed to work but everything is a little haphazard with these operations.

Factbox: Russia’s Luna-25 moon mission fails: what you need to know | Reuters

The Order of the Dragon’s Next In Line Already Passed Away

The Chinese lady who was barking out orders for the American and Russian troops in Iraq and Syria had passed as Kim told us in a previous broadcast, and it took them a while to find the next in line. Not that they did not know who the next one was, the problem was she was declining the position. She eventually agreed and was read in two nights ago and then they tried to put her in stasis in that Bronze Temple in China that Kim has mentioned a couple of times. Well, she already passed away. They were hoping something that does not exist would inherit her body.

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There are some other facilities in the general area of where the Wuhan lab was where they thought they had an artificial dark matter machine. It was something a little bit different than a collider and they were trying to manufacture some dark matter to re-implement a dark essence overlay on the veins of gold around the planet. Evidently this was supposed to somehow tie to their new leader, the woman who already passed and whatever demon that would have inhabited her body. This is the savior being promoted in the alt media as the implementation of the new BRICS currency and these types of things. This is what you are not seeing and they are all involved.

Due to the failure to reclaim the gold and the failure of this woman’s stasis attempt and due to Russia’s rocket failures, due to all these fiascos they told everybody at the BRICS meeting today they are not going to be implementing a gold-backed currency. Then there was kind of a bar fight scene.

Attendees at the BRICS Meeting Unaware What is Happening Behind the Scenes

All the operatives at the BRICS meeting are not aware of what is going on behind the scenes. They are pretty upset. There are Americans there as well as leaders from 40 other countries and they were all expecting to have a gold-back currency by now. Everybody is broke and in a panic because there is no money for them to survive. So that is failed and is now off the table and we have another meeting coming up.

They did try to implement and that just explains about this new payment system and how they are going to trade in their own currencies. That is fine but it is not for the public, so do not get all excited like this is the beginning of the multipolar stuff. And for those concerned about the crash of the dollar based on the implementation of this payment system, do not be, that is not happening. It is a small data system which allows for a pool of currencies for government level to trade amongst themselves. So, it has nothing to do with us and reevaluation of currency or anything like that.

BRICS PAY – Decentralised multi-currency digital international payments system (

Meetings Going On Now & Coming Up

Private Meetings Going on in Iraq

There are a lot of private meetings going on in Iraq. The Prime Minister of Turkey is there, the Jordanian King, a lot of Jesuit involvement and a few other countries and people from the Senate ( website coincidently. Most of them there are anticipating big payouts on the Iraqi dinar to happen based on all these behind-the-scenes ceremonies of the Chinese. They are talking about the war they are going to pay for and what else they are going to do. The craziness that goes on behind the scenes is very real.

Operative Summit in Durango, CO

Another meeting is about to happen in Kim’s town that is predominantly operatives. Kim is not invited or involved. It was called by Langley but she uses that term lightly because it could be anybody, there are a lot of societies involved. And as of this moment there has been a lot of pre-paid card and voucher promises as she told us in the last report. So, what is this meeting about that? She does not know yet, it is supposed to be tomorrow. Maybe it is about moving forward with us? It could be, she got a call from the Treasury Department yesterday who told her they have ‘new security’ in place that is in cooperation with CARE. Allegedly ‘new security’ has some affiliation with Langley, but supposedly they are ready to move forward Thurs or Friday, so we will see. Kim said she is not sending anyone to the Treasury but is watching it and is available to them by phone.

I guess she is skeptical because as of this morning there is still Umbrella Military Corp people making various hacking attempts trying to sideline the Global Repository and install other computer systems into the financial system tied to prepaid cards. So, she is guessing they are trying again before this upcoming operative summit. Are they trying to maintain control over these people? Pulling a last-ditch effort before this meeting starts? Are they tied to the people at the Treasury? Maybe. But her initial feeling was that the BRICS meeting would be over by tomorrow and since there is no gold-back currency or re-evaluation someone was going to have to do something.

Federal Reserve Annual Summit Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The next summit meeting to take place also starts tomorrow and that is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming which is another Safety Zone very similar to Durango, but she would say a lesser form of Durango. The parties that reside there are very much people who used to work for the Rothschilds and the families. You would have some Umbrella Military Corp people and people who are on the side of ‘let’s make the families great again and let’s usher in the Chinese plan to take over the world kind of thing.

Jackson Hole: When is Fed chief Powell’s speech? What investors need to know – MarketWatch

Of course, the Federal Reserve annual Jackson Hole Summit is no exception and it starts tomorrow and will go through the 26th. So, is this the reason they want her to release money at the Treasury Department? There are other countries central banks that attend every year, and financial institution personnel from a number of departments, not just the Fed. So, with the failure of the BRICS what is the Federal Reserve going to tell them all?

G20 Summit on September 10th

The next Summit after that is the G20 on September 10th.  What are they going to say there? We all know the operatives show up 2-3 weeks ahead of time and the Federal Reserve meeting is no exception. There is a lot of talk about some event they expected to happen last night or today which did not happen and Kim will tell us the back story, the crazy part they are waiting for which will then trickle down to the Federal Reserve Meeting and the G20 Meeting and people in the China Deep State.

The Council of 9 & The Quantum Flip

Council of 9

We had Lords of the lower astral, or the Fallen Angels and there are some up there in Source on our side the Non-Fallen Angels so to speak, so where does the Council of 9 fit in? They would not be considered fallen or on the other side, they would be considered the gray folk, a little bit of both, but none of either, not on anyone’s side. They always took orders from Source only. As covenants would go in and out, they would enforce them. If someone said we are going to install this or that, then they made sure nobody messed with it. In some ways they did a lot of system security preventing one system fully infesting the other. They were the neutral party that was to maintain balance. That was their job, universal balance. They were supposed to be neutral although they had a special task which at times made them not neutral.

So, the Council of 9 reported back to Source on February 27th and was reassigned to different duties. They did not die; they are just back there and can exist there without changing shape or form. They sort of have done their job for eons and are being rewarded in their own way and plan on taking more of a Guardian type role of the light universe because that is all we have left. There will always be to some degree those who do not get along, trade disputes, those kinds of things and they are guarding it to make sure that no one creates synthetic dark matter, no walwriters. So that is kind of what they are doing.

They are helpful to the Universal Council because they can also be helpful with ways to rebuild and with things to look out for as they are very versed in Natural Law. So that is also sort of what they have been doing, kind of consulting with everybody and conversing more in the last six months with the Universal Council because everybody pretty much knows this is over. We are just going through all the steps and the motions and unfortunately this is taking more time than Kim could ever hope for that is for sure. So we all need to just have a little bit more patience when it comes this sort of stuff.

The Quantum Flip & Council of 9

Kim talked in the past about the 4 Yugas which is kind of like an overlay over the clock of the 12 universes of timelines to which dictated…. (sorry there was a glitch and couldn’t catch what she said) all onto itself.

They say it was done in 12,000-year increments and that is in divine time or crystalline time. But the numbers and way it is portrayed on the internet is not entirely true. If there are 4 Yugas and 9 Council Members then that would give you about 36 different timelines that would overlay multiple timelines in the 12 universes. So, think of this as an overlay, another clock on a clock and it would be like a shadow on top of it to kind of mandate the loss of virtues, the collective consciousness and when to move into the next timeline. And each one of the Council of 9 Members had control with these 4 Yugas and they would kind of govern which direction timelines were going to go in, neutral, dark, or light, those types of things.

The Council of 9 were semi-impartial and considered the Lords of the Yugas or Lords of the Ages. For that they all had a governing system at one point in time on both Alpha and Omega, so that the balance would allegedly be maintained, which obviously was not the case here. There was no balance whatsoever. She does not know what that was all about for sure, but it probably was based on covenants and agreements. Those kinds of things which threw things out of balance, but they were permitted and they were just doing their job of enforcing that.

There was also some governance over all the keystones that formed all the different timelines and time itself. When the Council of 9 were reassigned to other duties back in February this system continued to run for 6 more months because we had yet to clear the lower astral, the lower astral timelines. In the last 6 months a lot of things have cleared, which then allowed that Lord or Governor to be removed completely and that day was yesterday. The Lord made sure the light and the dark never went away in many ways. To some degree the dark was reliant on the light even when they had a lot more control than we did. There was never a moment where if Alpha did not release money as an example, the dark side could have gotten something. That does not happen. So officially 180 days later it ended and that was yesterday. That system was finally released which is a good thing for us because we have no more attempt at balance.

So, this brings Kim to what everyone on the deep state side was expecting today?

Yuga Mythology & the Man Named Kalki

In the mythology about the Yugas there is a particular man named Kalki who comes back at the last moment, after there is an Armageddon not just here on Earth but in many other ways and he reinstalls time. The story makes this person out to be a hero. But time was created with dark matter and we know reinstalling time is not a good thing because time is an illusion. It is not the same as crystalline time.

When Kalki the Destroyer Descends, the Apocalypse Begins | Ancient Origins (

200 Years Ago Anu Foresees Trouble in August 2023

Obviously, there is a program for the reinstallation of time. Approximately 200 years ago they put a time accelerator in place in order to bring the biblical being we would know as Baal back and he was going to reinstall time for the lower astral to be back on Earth. That was the plan. Then 200 years ago Anu did some calculations and based on that said they are going to be in serious trouble by this day in August 2023 so they needed something to come back and reinstall time. Anu then put a few things in computer systems and the multiverse to be released at this time to ensure this being who is no longer in the multiverse would come back,

What Umbrella Military is Doing Today

There is no such being to bring back and reinstall Omega but that does not stop the Umbrella Military people from trying to raise the anti-Christ today at Mount Shasta. Kim said she is not sure if that was why they put that lady in stasis because she does not know how they are expecting this being to come back. So as of this morning they were at Mount Shasta and they will probably go to a few other anti-Christ locations in the world. They were also hacking at the SHIELD Center which is a high-level NSA facility in Wichita, Kansas trying to tie some payment system to a NASA center in Louisiana. She is not sure what that is all about and they probably are not either, but it is all tied to the raising of this creature to bring back all their Kronos portals and reinstall time. This is their version of their savior. So, while we talk in terms of God and Jesus, they talk about Baal and Kalki coming back as their saviors.

False Memories May Come to the Surface

So, the quantum flip and ultimate governor being removed from the Council of 9 allows for us to now merge in full reality. That means no more Yugas, no more timelines and no more clock, we are now coming into reality.

There is something to do with the experiencing of memories that did not happen in our life which will be coming full circle right now. Those memories of other timelines you may have participated in will start to fade hopefully over time. We exist in this timeline but we also existed in 15,000 other timelines and our soul knows that. Without these governors, implants, memory wipe programs, free will programs and all of that, we could very well experience memories of children and families we did not have and places we did not live. Those types of things can become very real as we enter the reality.

There has always been one reality. The rest has been holographic overlays carefully orchestrated for your entertainment. Kind of like politics in a way, like theatre. You may experience a little bit of dizziness or light headedness. You might even experience something like a euphoric sense because you are now seeing everything for what it really is.

The Yuga Control System

The thing to understand about the Yuga control on top of the wheel and all the other timelines that were existing is that there were rulers over each timeline and they could actually affect your world from another timeline. For example, making objects appear, changing weather patterns, things of that nature because there were replicated holographic Alpha systems and Omega systems. So, they were seeing a system that exists in another timeline that we are not in at the moment. But you could still affect those timelines. There is something in those timelines, especially a past one that we already lived through into the present day now, into reality, and they are adjustments. And the same thing with the Yuga control system. It had a very strong base in the astral plane of existence with some affect in the causal planes, which means if you can manifest and change something and mold it in the astral plane it happens in the physical plane. That is like your last stop before you hit the physical.

So, to answer Sunny’s question, can physical objects be changed as a result, Kim said maybe it is possible. Things you lost and are now returning maybe possible but no one ever lived this before in the 5th density and below. Everyone is happy about this quantum flip but it is new for us so she does not know for sure what is and is not possible. But she definitely thinks being in the reality without being manipulated is probably good. 

The Quantum Flip and Consciousness

Collective consciousness is portrayed as what you do has a ripple effect on everyone and that is true, everything made organically is connected. But until beginning today when we enter reality, it had both light and dark consciousness within ourselves and within the universal consciousness because it is one living being within the multiverse. Well, that part of dark matter consciousness is going away. It will take a little time for time to go away and this part of the consciousness as well. You will start to see a clearer connection with people and it will help with telepathic communications in the future and sharing of love feelings. You will feel things more deeply as the dark spots go away. It will help with the growth of all beings subject to this muddied consciousness. That is part of this quantum flip as well. Will it change the crazies though? Probably not.

The same thing with the speed and rate that Alpha works and its capacity to influence the reality. So, when she tests a transfer from Alpha to your bank account for example, it could take 30 min to an hour depending on that day to get to that level, and if something is blocking it, it never works. This should in effect make the banking system and telecom etc. work much faster and better because there is no interruption in the consciousness of the computer itself. But this too has never happened before so bear with us. She is giving us the news as it is happening.

Living Water and Melchizedek Flower Update

Sunny asked if she had an update regarding the Living Water and the blooming of the Melchizedeks flower. Kim said that is probably part of the reason there is so much activity in Iraq and Syria right now, to muddy up the consciousness and slow the process down. 

So How Does This Tie Into the Meetings?

Kim is pretty sure Umbrella Military were some of the contenders to own the operatives. They are probably working more on the Jesuit side of things which is what is seems to her and will turn the world over to China. But since no anti-Christ is coming back, the Umbrella Military ultimately failed.

Not all Umbrella Military people are American, they are around the world and the organization is thousands of years old. They have always served the ‘Others’ Families that used to control this place in a lot of ways, like a private military for ‘Others’ here on the ground and not our friend ‘Others.’ And it looks like they are continuing with that program. So, were they hoping for balance to be restored today? She thinks yes. Is that part of the moving forward at the Treasury? Quite possibly. What are they going to do from here she does not know.

The Fed Meeting was already preset. But by the end of the day today they will realize what they are trying to do is not happening. The install of those prepaid card systems with the NASA system in Louisiana did not happen. She is assuming they were going to own these operatives by giving them prepaid cards and getting them to perform operations, the big payout day for them was to be today. Are they keeping Kim in their back pocket thinking she will phone the Treasury Department so we can do this again? She is kind a thinking so. She thinks they were waiting for the failure at the BRICS meeting just in case it all flipped in their favor…yep just in case. But what are they are going to tell these central bankers tomorrow on the 24th?  What are they going to discuss at the operative summit in Durango tomorrow which is probably supposed to be about those prepaid cards all working? She is not sure. Who knows?

But it all goes back to what is happening behind the scenes and why they are doing what they are doing with the Kalki guy and the anti-Christ coming back today and rituals at Mount Shasta. This is what is behind all of what you are seeing in the alt media. Whether it is Trump coming back into office, Presidential elections, BRICS issuing a gold-back currency, wars in the Middle East unfortunately. It all goes back to these factors she just told us about and this is all the stuff they leave out.

Imagine if the Alt Media really told us what was happening behind the scenes, that if the anti-Christ does not come back and the woman couldn’t be put in stasis so that could happen and they can’t make dark matter….blah blah blah. How different those reports would be! Actually, they would be like mine! But self-serving control freaks is what they are. They are willing to do anything to make it happen. Kim said to expect the BRICS thing falling to the wayside in the Alt Media. Then again there is a Blue Moon coming up so maybe they will do a man in stasis this time, or a cow or some Chinese astrology animal.

So, Kim continues combing through the madness while making sure nothing will happen to our quantum flip, which they are not capable of. Anything that could come up would have to be stuff left behind from ‘Others’ who are no longer with us. She does not see a whole lot of systemic failures like she has seen in the last few days. The Global Repository and KIMS have taken care of those problems.

About the Mask Mandates

There are some US institutions trying to re-up the mask wearing. Hollywood movie studios like Lions Gate, private universities like Georgetown, and there are 50 countries around the globe considering mask mandates and they are meeting with a huge amount of resistance from everyone. But you would think the first ones would be hospitals or nursing homes, right? Except we know what they are seeing first hand. But unfortunately, we are seeing more people walking around with masks again. We have also seen a sharp increase in all the vaccine company stocks which I find disgusting. Are we going to re-implement this worldwide situation? Kim does not think so. Hopefully there will be more companies like the ‘In and Out Burger’, which Kim said is pretty decent as far as fast food goes. They use real meat and real potatoes at least. But they actually banned mask wearing. In California they can’t technically ban it but they are requiring a doctor’s note for employees who want to wear masks. It truly is a risk for the company because it is unhealthy to wear masks for extended periods of time. Even doctors and nurses cannot wear them for more than 2 hours at a time.  

Coming Up…

On Friday she should be able to report what went on in the Fed Meeting, what is happening with the Treasury, what is happening behind the scenes and anymore news she has on the quantum flip. They are getting down to the wire which is why it looks like a bar fight at the BRICS meeting. All these countries contributed monies, all of them supposedly doing their deep state job at this BRICS meeting. Hum, won’t they all be so disappointed.


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  1. Thank you for making this important information easier to understand.
    Kim is a courageous, intelligent, extremely gifted, protected and dedicated Human Soul. We cheer her on and intend humanity wakes up, stands up as our planet is restored and ascends to be a positive productive part of the multiverse.
    Our work is just beginning.

  2. Emotions follow beliefs. Beliefs generate emotions
    True self-knowledge is indispensable for health and vitality
    Love perceives the grace in another .
    Man’s ego causes him to interpret everything else in light of himself.
    A soul is an individualized facet of the Creator. Each of us is an individual soul, but we are also an intrinsic part of the Creator, like a ripple on the ocean. If you strip away all the layers of ego and personality, what remains is our true essence, or soul.

    Change the world and start with yourself.
    Judgment is a lack of self-love. Every judgment shows that something still needs to be healed in you.

    When you judge someone, you are basically saying that for some reason that person is “not good enough. Not “valuable. That there is something ‘wrong’ with that person.

    Remember, however, that others are only a mirror for you. By judging others, you are saying that another person is worth ‘less’ than you. Your ego, of course, loves that. By judging others, you feel better than them.

    Where does this behavior come from? Why does your ego need to feel better than another person? Thinking you are better occurs precisely out of insecurity. Out of fear of being “not good enough” yourself. And so when you judge another you come up short of self-love.

    The same, of course, is true when you judge yourself. Often we hang in the past with our thoughts. For example, there are dozens of things we regret. I could have done this or that better. How stupid I am. This is also a lack of self-love, because you are now judging yourself to be “not good enough.

    I thank Kim and her team from the bottom of my heart. At least they are doing something and that is more than can be said of those who condemn and mock her, knowing nothing about the person Kim, not knowing her personally and unaware of their own negative energies, shadow souls and demons they carry in their aura.

    1. I’m not mocking or deprecating Kim, just saying we don’t learn much from these reports, this is a neutral observation.

  3. Thanks Pam for making it easier to understand the messages from Kim. For all of those who do not know it yet, Kim was selected and elected by the counsels to carry out the tasks she was given and she is also the Guardian of this Planet and to my understanding she does an excellent job and is a good communicator. All the best Pam — from Max

  4. Andrés Díaz.

    gracias por compartir, unas de las cosas interesantes en este blog y como muchos otros medios alternativos es que no me están obligando a creer.. se han fijado que no hay publicidad de ningún tipo, significa que la persona que escribe este blog sigue el camino corazón al igual que muchos lo hacemos, sin embargo, lo único que me llena que de.8.500.000.000,00 millones de seres humanos solo menos del 1% sabe o a despertado de.esta realidad , otros que despertaron siguen atacando a los carteros., gracias por compartir.

  5. Truth sets you free

    Not sure why Kim would promote meat eating as if you recall few months ago they reported that all the countries agreed to jab all the cows, pigs and goats.

  6. PJZ, you are an inspiration. Never mind the negative comments dropped on your blog, because the majority of us see what you are doing and are extremely grateful for all of your efforts. This blog is a source of light for all of the ground crew that find it and follow it. Blessing to you Brother!



    1. So just to be clear, if a person questions something Kim has claimed, or challenges something Kim has said, they are negative.
      Never mind the fact we have been lied to, manipulated, tricked, and controlled by people sitting in seats like Kim…… and yet if we dare question or challenge Kim, who let’s be real here has left MUCH SO MUCH, too be questioned WE ARE THE BAD GUYS.
      Get over yourselves please.
      Every single one of us SHOULD be holding any person claiming the kind of things she is under a microscope. Only a fool wouldn’t n

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