The Point of Systemic Failure Was Reached, Their ‘Great Reset’, but Deep State’s Anticipated Infusion of Liquidity Did Not Happen | A Lot Going On In Iraq & Syria, All Orchestrated by the Jesuits & China Deep State | US Military In A Hot Mess | If They Had Any Money Left They Don’t Now Because Sending Troops & Weapons To The Middle East Will Completely Break Them | On Deck, COVID Plandemic 2.0 Called Eris, Remember Her? | Meanwhile Companies Are Still Waiting for Payouts from Plandemic 1.0 | Deep State Down to 2nd Rate Operatives Because the Smart Ones Know Better

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 21, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Every institution including the central banks have hit that negative number so the Deep State thought the system would flip and they would have a blast of liquidity come in, except it didn’t. But it kind of explains some of the crazy things they continue to do. They are probably going to try and hide this systemic failure that didn’t flip in their favor from their lemmings and instead are telling them orders to create war in the Middle East, their promises of payouts from pre-paid cards, and to start Plandemic 2.0 are coming from the ‘Others’. Except it is all the brainchild of these low level Order Members who stepped up to fill the vacant seats.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


More Cleanup Regarding the 12 Universes

Kim had some more cleanup activities regarding the 12 Universes she told us about a little while ago.

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In the 12 Universes there were thousands of timelines between 12 and 1 for instance. Each one had a replicated part in computers as well, so they would have had a different version of Omega. But they were all the same, it was like they created a hologram and when you moved that reality into that timeframe with the overlay then Omega would reappear. So this is part of some of the rumors going on right now. They could see something, like a hologram in the distance of money, of Omega from using specialized equipment in these bases. So they are reaching for it and trying to create a wormhole or something to allow them to have that. That is one of the things she was doing all weekend, removing all that stuff. So not only did we have replicated realities but we had replicated systems. There is a little bit of cascading going on which means when one system or timeline ends then the next one takes over. So it is like building itself in the background. We had replicated Harmonic Genesis systems and connections between the two and that could have affected us if their people were alive to run it and had equipment to run it. She could see what was happening in an underground water base of the Umbrella Military in Palau because she found some things that were semi-functioning there. Another base similar to an SSP base in San Diego was found in both North and South Carolina. They did not have portals anymore but they had some equipment which allowed them to see some things. It was not effective enough to go somewhere or get something, but she just wanted to make sure they couldn’t reach into one of those other ones. If it was just money that wouldn’t be a big deal because she could take it back, but it had to go so they could no pull something else in from there that would have been undesirable. And the enemy helped her find this stuff because she didn’t see it. 

The Point of Systemic Failure Reached, but Their ‘Great Reset’ Didn’t Happen

Another thing Kim had her eye on was the Jesuits and Umbrella Military who were running stress tests on the banking system over the weekend. She was looking into why they were doing this and found out it was because we did reach the threshold, a point of systemic failure which used to be under Omega. When the financial system gets down to a certain level, down in the red so to speak, then liquidity would come flooding into the system. Well that threshold was hit Saturday afternoon US time and they were waiting because the ‘Great Reset’ was hit in their minds, which is why they tried to cash in those vouchers, but nothing came.

Every institution including the central banks have hit that negative number, so they thought the system would flip and have a blast of liquidity come in but it didn’t happen. That was not an Alpha or Harmonic Genesis program, it was an Omega program and they are not in charge of that anyway. It is the Office of the Currency of Curator and it is not an automated thing. There was always a person behind the curtain, always a wizard behind the curtain and that person is Kim now.

So that was part of their ’Great Reset’ plan and now they are trying to come up with other plans. But we are now officially in the red. They will probably do their best not to let that information out. She thinks the reason the military got wind of it though is because there is a lot of Jesuits there and those people know of the systemic failure. But they will likely try to keep that from the puppet actors they are controlling, because the show must go on. 

And speaking the show, here’s what they have been orchestrating lately.

Order of the Dragon & Jesuit Updates

A week or two ago they held an African Forum and now they have the BRICS meeting coming up. They have also been in Niger and they arrived in Iraq this weekend. There is a lot going on in Iraq and Syria which is all being orchestrated by the Jesuits and China’s Deep State who are working heavily together. They must have a big plan to start a war there because they brought in more US troops since her last broadcast. They also brought in many C130s and C17s this weekend. These are large planes for transport and they brought in a lot of weaponry and a lot more people to the region. There are a lot of troops on the ground there, a ridiculous amount. But it’s highly unusual to see that much movement and yet no one is doing anything, aside from a few standoffs between the Iraqi PMF, which is a militia group there and American troops in Syria. It looks like the Americans are trying to do a show of power against those who are pro-Iranian. That is what it looks like. By the way Iran is now China, well it has been for a long time but very heavily now, that is where they take their orders from.

Is this a standoff between the Americans and the Chinese playing out in the Middle East right now, she doesn’t know for sure, but she does know both groups right now are trying to leverage in-ground assets. There is likely some fear being pushed around this because there could be quadrillions at stake if you were to take all the countries in the Middle East and compiled the derivatives that were issued off the oil there. Her guess would be there are concerns. She does know that some of the agencies in America are being told if they lose control of the Middle East it will crash the dollar. That is part of it which is a lie. They are just trying to keep conflict going. But some interesting events happened over the weekend as well in relation to this that she explained.

The Deep State Submits DOD Vouchers

Saturday afternoon Kim got a submission for billions of Department of Defense vouchers. She said they kind of work like a check and they were trying to cash these vouchers which were issued on Thursday. She then came to find out there had been a lot of vouchers submitted to the Federal Reserve in the last few days. They put a call out to all the construction companies, which are owned mainly by the militaries that have done work dating back to 2007 and 2008. Not all of that work was high level military armaments type stuff but some was. So she is looking at these vouchers wondering why they are being submitted to her. It was done on a line previously used by the Rothschilds et al, or Order of the Dragon Family and is called the ABIL P4 System. It was the direct line for funding from the Order which eventually, a few layers up would have come from her position. So the Order apparently told these people they would be able to cash in these vouchers over the weekend.

Dragon Families Lie to the Lemmings, Claim Orders are Coming from the ‘Others’

As Kim reported on Friday the US military is broke but they are sending all these troops which costs money of course. Well that is all being done on IOUs or these vouchers which are being ordered by the Jesuits. She is guessing they were being told these vouchers would be payable that day so they submitted them through their normal line thinking they were communicating with someone else. Furthermore, the China Deep State and the Rothschilds have also been telling everybody they have been communicating with the ‘Others’ and these are orders that came from the ‘Others’, the higher ups to them to start everything that is going on in the Middle East right now, amongst all the other crazy things the Jesuits are running around the planet doing.

Obviously the Order is not communicating with any ‘Others’ so Kim decided to answer the phone and of course they were expecting someone else to answer. She had a second call come in at the same time from the Vatican, a bunch of Jesuits over there, and they definitely were also expecting someone different to be answering the phone. She did her normal, hello this is Kimberly Ann Goguen, Ground Command how can I assist you today? What she got back from the Vatican was, really, Kimberly? Yes it is. After that there was silence that went on for a while, then she finally hung up.

On the flip side she did have a conversation with the Pentagon and explained to them she did not authorize this war or any of this. There were no orders that came from her in any way and therefore she is not paying their bill. She has no agreements with the China Deep State or the Jesuits. And she told us this before but as a reminder said the Military used to be a private entity. They were not a government entity. Only recently under Martial Law were they nationalized. So they are now part of the country, so legally speaking they are not permitted to take money from a third party entity anymore, not that they pay attention to any rules, be it the Jesuits or Chinese. It would have to come through the government and the nationalized source for that would have to be the Treasury. So technically they are supposed to get all their funding through normal channels now. But why would they follow any rules now, rules do not stop them from trying to take control. So the vouchers they collected from all the operatives and these construction companies, etc. which were not necessarily all American, were put all together under one big voucher so the Jesuits could get the funding and they could then control all the militaries. That was the plan. That didn’t work out. There were Jesuits present at the Department of Defense and Kim explained to them she would be happy to pay them if and only if they joined CARE, worked for the Restoration Plan and work for her. If they do not want to, fine they can go around in circles until the end of their days, which can’t come soon enough!

Still Trying for Those In-Ground Assets

They are still trying to work with this fake pool of collateral with their alleged illegal entitlements of in-ground assets of planet earth. They have also tried to use bills of exchange which is something the world has not really used for years. They haven’t been a valid instrument since March of 2012. People keep issuing them and are trying to install them as a valid instrument in the Key Integrated Monetary System which does not recognize them. They were at the Fed Reserve in Boston trying to do this. The Order of the Dragon told their lemmings to wait 24 hours while they fix it, but nothing was fixed. So they are still trying to use the fake collateral pool in some way because the BRICS meeting is tomorrow and they are out of options.

So all of these orders they are giving out, but saying they are from the ‘Others’ is a lie obviously. This is their own personal brainchild to start a war in the Middle East with the Military’s participation. Hey and let’s throw in another plandemic while we’re at it.

COVID Plandemic 2.0

Covid Eris: What to know about new variant EG.5 dominating U.S. cases | Reuters

Variant Called Eris

Now circulating is a potential new COVID variant called EG.5 or Eris, which is interesting if you remember who Eris was and where she came from. Well this is some kind of a ritual to their goddess in hopes they will get their Omega system back. These lower rung wingnuts are out of the loop though. Eris and Kim had their final battle in December 2022 so they will get no help from her.

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The Leadership & Money from Round 1 is Gone

They forgot this whole COVID program was setup in the 1980s when there was different leadership on the planet in totality, a different dictator. There were bonds that were issued years before in preparation for this which were paid out by said person, who was in agreement with these orders. There was an Omega system still in existence. There were a lot of things in place when this COVID scheme came about. They also had Covens and Parents, Marduk, Enki, Enlil and Anu were still alive. All those people were still available to them to help them along with this program.

Companies Are Still Waiting for Payouts from Round 1

So there is some truth to what Alex Jones is saying, that TSA is preparing for lockdowns and masks come September and October and this timeframe also coincides with when the family meetings were supposed to start. So let’s have another pandemic because lots of companies will go along surely. They were promised big stipends by the government for the first go around and many are still waiting for them.  The airlines lost $100s of billions for lost sales and were promised big bucks by the government which they never received. 3M the company that authorizes and authenticates the masks, PPE, etc. also didn’t get their government stipend. Although they made money off us of course, but they did not get the big payout they were promised, neither did Pfizer or Moderna. All they got were some guarantees from government and told they would be good at a future date. But don’t worry the Jesuits have you covered. Keep waiting.

What happens if Medicare goes under? Who is going to pay all those bills? They love to pump our elderly with all those drugs. Today Access Healthcare is covered 50% by federal funding and 50% by state funding. So I guess there is some potentially good news then if they break all their pharmaceutical companies! And who will payout for the food stamp programs and social security? I guess Kim will upload the Social Security database and start paying it herself. She already did it once and they can’t stop her. They will fall but she assures us we will be fine. We still have police and a fire departments because they are state or province funded and state taxes are still being collected.

So at the moment Kim is not entirely concerned about the new Covid variant happening, unless they get a tremendous amount of money to make it happen. Again this plandemic is coming from the China Deep State and she does not think they can actually spread that kind of disease in rapid order. It would take a very large operation and a lot of people to pull that one off because they would have to go old school. Like they would have to send an infected person into crowds of people. And even then it is a futile attempt, it will burn out quickly. She does not see that happening. The thought of them trying to recreate a fiasco plandemic with a financial system that is broke and with governments that are broke will remain to be seen. In 2019 a lot of their leadership was gone but that doesn’t mean they didn’t already have stockpiles of money, and they had the plan. This time they are not going to be able to do a lot of things they did then and they cannot pay out anything because that stockpile of cash is gone.

Except as we keep learning they will work for free, for years and years!

These Low Rung Deep State Wingnuts Think Their Higher Ups are Still Alive

Kim said the Deep State is still acting as if these different people that used to attend these annual meetings are still with us and they are not. She is pretty sure they are under the impression the latest coven meeting took place on August 16th. No one showed up of course, but they expect it will end on the Blue Moon which is Aug 30-31st which will be the next pay date they will be expecting. Then the new moon around the 15th of September would be when the Family meetings would start and then the orders would come down from this meeting and money would be there to execute on said orders.

But so far there are no orders that came so the China Deep State and Rothschilds are very confused and think their lines are broken. So they brought a particular person Kim knows, he happens to be of the line of the Draco, one of their splices who was trained by the SSP to communicate with the ‘Others’. They brought their ‘expert’ in to the underground base in Toronto this morning. He was looking for the telephone line for money, to have communications with the ‘Others’ be he also failed.

US Government & Military in a Hot Mess

Biden Allegedly Approves $700 for Hawaii Residents Affected by Fires

Let’s look at the government is doing. Biden allegedly sent $700 to every resident who was affected by the Lahaina fires. Where did they get it from, who knows? Did anyone really even receive the $700? If they did, for those who live on the mainland, $700 probably couldn’t even buy groceries for 30 days. The price of everything there is much more expensive than the rest of America. It is beyond insulting in so many ways.

Biden’s $700 Per Household in Maui Is Less than What Is Spent on Ukraine (

Jesuits Focus on War & Not Helping People

These Jesuits just find it way more important to create war as evidenced by the billions they spent in Ukraine, which is not a US state for anyone who might be confused. And the Military continues gearing up war which is now costing them up to $55-$60 million a day. Think what they could have done for the residents of Maui. They could have distributed some of their stockpiles of essential items which they have in abundance, but thought it a better idea to send troops to Iraq. So the US military is taking orders from China but they and Congress look at China like they are the enemy. A brilliant bunch. 

Treasury Told to Wait & They Listen

Kim said the Treasury was told to wait until Monday, so they obeyed. Now there is no day of certainty when the government will get money, it’s indefinite, just wait. Should we care if the government falls? None of the people listening to the Deep State seem to care or more importantly have a functioning brain. Every level is the same as the one above them. There is no twist to this movie.

Is the US Military Falling Prey to China Deep State’s Destroy America Tactics?

Kim outlined the obvious, the China Deep State strategy for taking over the United States. But since those who are highest up in the US military don’t have a brain, they can’t strategize and/or really just have a burning desire to speak Chinese, she thought she would try to help them see what idiots they look like from her vantage point.

If she wanted to create the Great Reset, so we end up with only about 500,000 million people left on this planet, which the World Economic Forum is connected to and BRICS, and the African Union, she would want to ensure that the entire world goes broke. That is what the Great Reset is to them, right? If China wants the US to go broke they will simply take everything from you. So if the US military had any money left they don’t now because they sent more stuff, more weapons and more people over to the Middle East to completely break them. So again, if she was the China Deep State and Dr. Evil and we all know their connection to the Blue Dragon who are at the helm at this point, she would continue to break the US government and run it into the ground. That is what she would do because it is one of the pinch points she talks about. The US dollar is everywhere, it is against every commodity in the world. If you caused constant catastrophes in the US, whether fires or floods fulfilling biblical prophecies, and broke the US dollar, you will break the United States.

US Military Buildup in Mideast Compromises Regional Security | News | teleSUR English

There are some services that flow through the government that are important to people but technically they never were government services, they were private services funneled through the government. But if the Chinese and the Rothschilds would like to keep their governments because they feel it gives them power, well then they can take them. When something goes down something else will come up.

There are some good people in the governments and the military but unfortunately they are not strong enough, and if they are not part of the Order their clearance isn’t high enough. And once you are ‘read in’ they won’t tolerate people around who are not willing to make that pledge to Lucifer and that includes the Jesuits. So those they are utilizing in the governments are onboard is what she is saying, I guess.

They are putting a lot of fear out there which tells you who is connected to who. She alluded to a video that leaked with Alex Jones a few months back saying he wished he never met Trump. I didn’t find one a few months back but a couple years back so I am not certain this is what she is referring to, ‘I wish I never f***ing met him!’ Alex Jones trashes Donald Trump in leaked VIDEO — RT USA News. Evidently they caught Jones off camera saying that, so like Kim said you kind of know who is connected to who and where Jones is getting information from. They run all these shows as part of the Alt Media and talk about Jesus then they send 200,000 men and women to die. No one remembers Jesus doing that one. It is so backwards.

Red Cross & FEMA

FEMA is also waiting for money from Rothschild and enjoying your donations albeit smaller than they expected. I guess FEMA and the Red Cross are not getting the donations they expected because apparently they have forgotten they broke every business in the US for 2 years and many are still trying to come out of this hole where they spent a lot of their savings. But it is proving very difficult to get donations to the Hawaiian people. Hawaii’s banking jurisdiction is the same as the US though and Kim has some suggestions. If your bank is also in Hawaii, then transfer money that way directly to people you know. Avoid crowd funding services and those fake Kings of Hawaii. She is working on setting up some channels but it’s been difficult and she has no update on the larger funds for Maui because of all the other things she has been dealing with.

What the Next 2 Weeks for the Deep State Looks Like

There are many operatives and Jesuits who would love to speak Chinese evidently and are promoting this, but Kim does not see them succeeding. She sees them waiting for a meeting since they are of that level now and think they should be attending. In other words, she sees them waiting for money again around the 15th of Sept, just like they did the 16th of Aug and no money will come. They will then likely come up with Trump bucks, a bill of exchange, a voucher or IOU that they will try to cash which will not be recognized. They will keep stalling governments telling them not to worry because it will be next week, or the 15th of Sept. They will probably tell the same story to all the BRICS countries.

If they think they are going to outmaneuver Kim and get her to fund all this they should think again. Oh wait, they don’t know how to think all by themselves. In any case, she is definitely not interested in another lockdown, another war in the Middle East, getting rid of 7.5 billion people and footing the bill for anything they have planned. They are down to using their 2nd, 3rd and 4th rate operative because the smart ones are not running around anymore, they at least want payment up front. They cannot be sold titles and power because they are the wiser ones who ran those operations and know the Order never came through which is why they basically stopped running. Who is left to dangle carrots in front of or threaten? They are down to using people within government departments and the White House to crash the US, crash the dollar. That wait thing is all part of that. Congress is out of session now but we will probably see a government shutdown, at least Federal in 1-2 weeks. So congrats to all those people who are participating in that like the NSA, but it will fail. You might succeed in crashing the government but you will not harm all the citizens. One way or the other we will get the job done.

Background on the Moon Landing & The Kennedy Family

Sunny asked Kim about Luna 25 and what that might be all about so she gave us some background on the moon landing. All countries together with the SSP have been traveling to the moon for a very long time, thousands of years actually. Did they have an issue with a satellite they were sending up there? That is possible. But the whole moon landing they presented for us decades ago was all a show. Kim actually has the original agreements that paid for that fake moon landing. If she remembers correctly it was around $8 billion dollars that went to fund that in the 1960s. The Kennedy family was involved, although she knows people don’t like to hear that. She reminded us again they are part of the Order of the Black Sun and have been for many years and there is a long fight between them and the Bush family. It is how they all die. But it was the Kennedy family that borrowed the money to orchestrate this theatre. There was a certain amount that went towards ‘the movie’ and a bunch that probably went to the Project Paperclip scientists and the fiasco there.

Russia Luna 25

Kim said she has not looked into this particular Luna 25 incident, but she is guessing they got some money, maybe Russian oligarchs donated for this. And this might be a play on the fact that China for the last several years has been running around the planet trying to get all these rare earth contracts. Recently, since they lost credibility around the world they have been putting the Russians in front.


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