Maui Update & Other Weather-Related Issues | Deep State Continues Scorch Earth Program as Fires Are Everywhere | Traitors Within the Joint Chiefs of Staff (aka Order Members) | US Military Admits They Will be Broke by the End of Today | The 9 Keys That Belong to the Council of 9 | WEF Refuses to Walk Away, Try to Reinstall COVID 19 ID System | The Precipice, Where the Tomorrow Game & Government Meet (aka completely out of money to function) is Very Close

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 18, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim calls out the Joint Chiefs of Staff working for the Order and the stupidity of the US Military. They are sent 150,000 troops to the Middle East while at the same time admitting they are broke. More havoc continues with the Jesuits and we are getting extremely close to that pivotal moment when Governments can no longer function at all.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Maui Update

Kim has provided some funds from UNN subscriptions and they are in the process of buying some supplies for distribution with people she can trust. There is a lot of infighting with the group who was originally working to help there but she has others in that area who can be deployed to help but it doesn’t sound large scale at the moment due to all the obstructions.

Other Weather-Related Issues

As she mentioned in the previous broadcast, they did have a weather component set in that system left by the Abraxas prior to when she dismantled it, and it takes time for these things to settle down and go away. But temperatures in the Middle East have started to decrease and rain is starting to come in some areas. Overall, she is seeing the forecast around the world getting better.

Fires Everywhere

As far as fires are concerned, they are everywhere because the deep state is working on the Scorch the Earth program and they would like the famine. They would like us to only eat the crap they are making and they feel the need to burn everything to the ground. Unfortunately, it is easy for them to do that. The less money they have the more havoc they will reap thinking they can buy it at a discount. Forest land that has been scorched is cheaper than land that has a home or forest on it, but they do not even have enough for that. Their plan is a haphazard set of orders and operations being run without thinking about the consequences for those actions. She suspects they want to declare a natural disaster in Canada, and she knows for sure they are clearing to build a border long military base. They want the US completely surrounded actually so they want one up in Canada and in Hawaii.

Traitors Within the Joint Chiefs of Staff (aka Order Members)

Kim wants to give a shout out to the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are also members of the Order giving instructions and aiding the people on surrounding the US with military bases, congrats you are awesome. For the people claiming they want to clean house, you know who they are, and their pictures are all there so what are you waiting for? Christmas? A higher clearance? She can do that and make that happen. I think we all doubt any of them will step up. So if not them Kim will have to make that happen.

The pictures she is referring to I believe are on the deep state players site, Senate ( and it’s been a while since I checked in. So, while I was there, I gathered just the American Military people still showing up and they are below.

General James N. Mattis

Retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor US

General Eric M. Smith

General James C. McConville

General 4* Stephen J. Townsend

General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr

US Military Admits They Will be Broke by the End of Today

Speaking of the US military, they admitted they would be broke by the end of today. That came from the Defense Finance Committee and from the Pentagon. So, Kim’s question back to them is, why did they deploy 150,000 troops to Syria and all over Iraq right now? She got dead silence.

This is all being orchestrated by the Jesuits and the traitors (members of the Jesuits) within the Joints Chief of Staff. Kim knows the American Jesuits working within the military in the upper ranks are taking orders directly from the China Deep State. The China Deep State is running the US military. That is a fact. And many in the US Military know there are Jesuits in the US military reporting to a foreign country so why is no one calling them out? If there are ‘White Hats’, where are they? Is that not kind of strange to those who are allegedly not reporting directly to China? Oh, they came up with a story for that. It is story about how they have to run out all the rogue people within the US Military.

Kim said we still have a lot of tension between the Order of the Jesuits, the Jades, the China Deep State and the US side in a lot of different ways and this is just one of them. But if they are that broke, they should pack up and go home instead of sending more troops over there running up the bill. It is probably around $30 million a day, and she is assuming they are paying with IOUs on the promise of the Jesuit Order being successful.

What Were the Jesuits Doing, Which is Not Making Them Successful?

They hack. They tried several other forms of trades, tried accessing old systems that do not exist anymore. They tried doing offline transactions, issuing them against Trump bucks and assets that did not belong to them. Offline transactions are like the old days when you put your credit card in a machine and then use the carbon and swipe. They tried to issue a bunch of prepaid cards several times and then tried to run offline transactions like this because until you turn that slip in there is no charge. They are just trying to hold people off. They have given a lot of these cards to operatives and other very dangerous people in order to placate them and buy time. Next, they tried to issue offline letters of credit against in-ground assets not only in the US but in several African, South American, and Asian countries. None of that worked.

What Was the Order of the Dragon Doing, Which Is Not Making Them Successful?

The Order of the Dragon tried to re-file an agreement that they were custodians. Because Canada is China Junior, they sent members of the Canadian Military to Durango, Colorado yesterday with a false claim they owned all the gold in the world with some of these offline letters of credit. They showed up there and the local people verified the letters of credit were not real. It boggles Kim’s mind as to why no one on their side ever bothers to check. They want to place Canadian troops right now in Silverton, Colorado to stake claim to all the assets there. The US has several different areas called super sites. Super sites are where there are a lot of rare earth minerals and gold and means the site value estimate is worth more than a trillion dollars.

So, the saga continues with their fake letters of credit and fake filing agreements, in order to gain some alleged control. But whether they know it or not Kim can still see an offline transaction coming. They issued card numbers and she knows who they went to and where they went and what they tried to do and none of it is working. They had another epic trade failure in the morning. They were trying to issue SKR (Safe keeping Receipt) against in-ground assets and renewing an SKR not realizing that the GNA (Good Neighbor Authority) and minerals is present in the original liens that were issued. Meanwhile they promised the government they would be online by yesterday.

Today’s Deep State Activities

For today’s activities they returned to 33 Thomas Street, otherwise known as the Dark Tower. But they had a bit of a different plan this time.

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Marduk’s ‘Master Key’

A long time ago when Kim first met Marduk he used to wear around his neck a gold card. That gold card he called the master key. In 2013 before he had not yet passed away but was in stasis or a coma, he had given that key to Putin. Kim and Putin got into an argument over this key and Putin was bragging he had the master key, ha, ha I won you lost. So, Kim asks him, have you actually tried this key? Then he went quiet. She said I would try the key before I go around the world claiming your making trillions of dollars. You better make sure it works first. So, a couple days passed and then he goes to the Central Bank but the key does not work.

The Nine Keys Belong to the Council of Nine

So this particular key is what the Deep State brought to 33 Thomas Street, but it is just one of 9 keys and not all 9 keys are on planet Earth. The 9 keys belong to the Council of Nine. They were meant to keep the balance. This was kind of a rip cord for them should things get so far out of balance, if there are problems, violations of agreements, etc., they could flip control over to them, the Council of Nine and then take over from there and fix everything.

So Kim was watching them this morning and thought wow, she has not seen that in a while. It did not work of course as the Council of 9 did not give up the other keys. In fact, the whole mechanism in place behind these keys was not needed anymore and was removed a long time ago.  

Threatening GIA Members

They also were threatening heavily members of the GIA and are fighting with them due to the fact they just want to move on. The GIA members want to take this money, go to Maui and do what we have to do. But those threatening them want this backdoor thing because for them it is all about power and control. Meanwhile people are dying and of course they don’t care. They would never have orchestrated these disasters in the first place if it was not about power and control.

Their View of Reality is So Distorted

That is pretty much what they have been up to. Kim does not expect them to care but I guess it still baffles her that they fail to see the instructions being passed down to middle management are not realistic. They are so disconnected from their people and have a very distorted view of reality. But the level we are down to were not there at the grassroots and didn’t build anything, so they have no concept and are completely out of touch. In just the last week or so these bottom rung people think they inherited the family business, and they are giving out orders but their own people are running around and dying constantly. They keep sending them back to the same places and no one makes it out alive.

The Jesuit Order and the Jades are an Entity Onto Themselves

Hundreds of years ago when the Jesuits, also known as the Society of Jesus was originally formed it was supposed to be about Saint Francis, about being humble and walking in the way of Jesus, doing all good works for the people. That was their original roots. But boy did they stray and are so lost. By ‘good works’ nowadays they mean you would be better off dead at this point.

Saint Francis of Assisi – Church, Facts & Patron Saint (

Black Nobility and Vatican City
In retaliation to the Yeshua Mission, the Orion Group chose to invade the territories near the 5th dimensional stargate, by infiltrating this central region of Italy, in order to lay the foundation for what would become the Church of Rome, the Papacy and the Vatican City. This began the invasion of the Black Sun nonhuman entities into the region, which are the groups who originally built the Catholic religious control mechanism and then infiltrated the Jesuit military order. This historical infiltration of the Jesuits at its top Supreme General position, by the negative aliens in the Orion Group, greatly plagues human society today. By combining these two NAA infiltrated organizations over time, the Vatican and Jesuit Order, these would become the merciless planetary controller mechanism for the worldwide political banking cartels. It is the center point of the satanic pillars used for the perpetuation of global Blood Sacrifice offerings, which are used for summoning demonic spirits and satanic alien forces that actually enter this realm through the stargate that exists under Vatican City.

Source: Lisa Renee, Black Nobility and Vatican City – Ascension Glossary

Kim said she was fighting with one of these Jesuits and he was emphatically asking her, do you accept Jesus into your heart! She thinks maybe some of them truly believe they are the chosen ones of Jesus, which is so weird considering how they are trying to kill everyone and scorch Earth. How do you say you accept Jesus into your heart and proceed to push buttons that will annihilate the financial system and send 150,000 Americans to Syria and Iraq? Have any of them walked on water? Have they followed all the orders explicitly that come from the real God? If they did, they would use Natural Law to heal people and they would protect people, not kill them. Obviously, these people are not doing any of that. She told them they need to stop texting her and telling her about Jesus ever again. They are just power-hungry, money-grubbing control freaks. That is what they lust for more than anything in the world and they are not going to get it this time. 

They Promised the US Military Money

The Jesuits promised the Military money by 3pm EST because they admitted they are broke. They will not come through. Their hacking is a waste of time and they still do not understand why their keys, their golden ticket does not work.

Treasury Department

The Treasury has called Kim again telling her they really need to move forward with the Restoration Program. But she has to wonder, is someone going to come in there and try to stop them again? The deep state is busy hacking everywhere. And when there is no money will they give them a new day to wait for. Is that even possible?

Remember she said we will come to a precipice eventually where the tomorrow game and the government meet, meaning completely out of money to function. The second question is, are they going to try to steal anything she tries to transfer to the government? Are they going to use money for the Military to perpetuate a war in the Middle East? Are they following somebody’s plans, like Cheney’s old plan because what they are doing in the Middle East now has been done before. And what is that going to get them?

Kim has all the liens for the oil in Iran and Iraq, all the gold, everything that is there. She guesses they could pump some oil out of the ground and get it for free. Most of the oil China gets is from the Middle East for about a $1 a barrel which still is too much knowing how much it actually costs them. Every industry they touch is corrupted and not in our favor. The other thing they do is make the price of food directly related to the price of gas because of how much it costs for transportation. In part it makes sense, but in part in does not when you think how much an 18-wheeler can hold. It is hyper-inflation at its worst. But for them every dime they give you they get back.

The World Economic Forum

Some WEF insiders admitted they are out of money and options and have no hope of installing a digital currency. They are starting to come to that conclusion. They also received their papers that they are a defunct organization. So, they have no access to anything anymore, no credibility or financial assistance coming in from anywhere. But the WEF refuses to walk away and they tried to reinstall the COVID 19 ID system again.

Status of the Deep State

So, we have two groups plus some Templars running around creating havoc. There will always people in all militaries, and religious leaders and crazy Jesuits who cannot grasp the concept that the Restoration Plan has come into effect. That we are effective all by ourselves and are a force to be reckoned with and are behind their failures. They cannot recognize that fact. They cannot imagine a world without power, evil. They do not want to abide by Natural Law. Perhaps they think there is some allure of power in sending 150,000 young men and women around the world? But she is not going to do anything to them, as always, she goes after the order givers, they cannot hide.

Status of Our Side

In the last 48 hours on our side Kim has been trying to prevent loss of life. She has been pushing them back in places like the Middle East.

Scholars Sent Ambassador to Washington DC

She knows the scholars have sent an Ambassador to Washington DC who arrived today to ask them why they are reinvading Iraq. Why are all these troops in Iraq? Of course, there is no logical explanation for it because nothing has happened to warrant that. As of this broadcast that meeting had yet to take place, so what their made-up explanation is going to be who knows. She already knows the real reason though, which is because some Chinese people told them to do it.

Their Quest for Alpha Will Never Happen

Kim is tired of playing this game. I do not doubt that, and we are all tired watching her have to play this game. Like she says, there is always someone ready to jump in and fill the latest vacant spots. And if there was a Master Key Card that could actually flip things into their hands, do they really think she would just leave it lying around? Do they think she is that stupid? Our side created a version of a quantum plasma box so to speak, that reads soul DNA and frequency. So, they are never going to get in there even if they found the box. It is the same thing with the Alpha System, it reads DNA and knows if she is under duress, it does not let her in. There are many safety factors in place. We have heard this many times from Kim, but these bottom rung people are none the wiser.

Heart of Stone (2023) – IMDb

Kim recommended a movie to watch called Heart of Stone (2023). It is about a computer system used by an intelligence agency. With this system they can see anywhere in the world where there is danger and where their people are. One scene showed them using this computer system to manifest a parachute. In this movie they believe the main chip that runs this computer system is kept in a blimp in the sky and Dr. Evil steals it. The first thing he proceeds to do is kill people with it. Well, that is not the case here, it is certainly not in a blimp and what they showed would not work for Alpha. That is a fantasy they possess and they have been trying to access it for years. But the movie is worth a watch because it shows a small portion of what Alpha can do.

I saw this tweet with a map of all the fires going on around the world. I do not know if this is accurate, but even one deliberately set fire is enough. They really are on the Scorch the Earth program.

Then I saw this comment in the CARE General Chat and hope they don’t mind I shared because I feel the same way.


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  1. 23.8.2023. COMPLETE AND DEEP CLEARING REMOVAL FROM PLANET EARTH OF ALL CARRIERS, PROGRAMS, AI, NEGATIVE, DARK ENERGIES. For several years at different levels, up to the galactic and SOURCE, the question is being discussed – what to do with the planetary civilization of earthlings? Some time ago, WE – invited from different levels – were present at the COUNCIL at the SOURCE. A number of DECISIONS were adopted….After the COUNCIL, KIM GAAUGUIN began to act more decisively regarding the cleansing of the carriers of dark, negative programs and energies. 2 years ago, all the leaders of planetary control systems and control systems of corporations and states were invited to the Planetary Council in 2021. The MANAGER, who is taking up the position of PLANETARY MANAGER, informed all those present – either you accept new programs for the development of the PLANET and civilizations existing on and inside the planet, or those who did not accept and refused to obey will be removed from Planet Earth. Nothing is FORGOTTEN in the actions of all levels of the planet’s government. ON THE RESULTS OF TESTING IN AUGUST 2023, THE PLANETARY COUNCIL AND THE PLANETARY TRIBUNAL MAKE DECISIONS. Unfortunately, information about the DECISIONS of the TRIBUNAL is practically not brought to the attention of those living on the planet. ASK THE PLANETARY COUNCIL AND THE TRIBUNAL. HOW? THOUGHT AND WITH THE INTENTION TO GET ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS. FOR THE COVID 19 GENOCIDE ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE SUBJECT TO REMOVAL FROM THE PLANET. MANAGER OF THE PLANET TERRA – EARTH. PLANETARY COUNCIL. PLANETARY TRIBUNAL. ORDER OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE DECISIONS OF THE SOURCE.

  2. Is Kim going to make good on her warning and threats to the minions and operatives causing harm? She knows who they are. Why do they seem to be getting chance after chance after chance? They are burning the world up! Please finish them off, Kim & team.

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