Another Unwelcome Gift Tied to Weather Warfare Left by the Abraxas | Arasaka Military Used Plasma Energy Weapon from Underground Base in Maui, All Now Dead | 2 Royal Families of Hawaii, The Melchizedeks & Rothschild Installed Imposters | China Deep State Deployed Blackwater to Counteract GIA & Steal Property | Planned to Turn Maui into Chinese Military Base | Deep State Tries & Fails to Steal Kim’s Money Transfers for Hawaiian Relief | Misinformed WEF People Call Kim To Tell Her They Own All the Assets Now So Let’s Make a Deal | Thousands of Operatives Still Doing the Deep State’s Bidding Go Unpaid

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 16, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim found another backup system tied to weather weapons she dismantled but it wasn’t necessarily tied to the Maui devastation. That still was the Jesuits, Jades and also the Arasaka Military using a weapon they still had in their underground base on Maui. It wasn’t a DEW from the sky but a plasma based weapon that came from the ground. She also described the fun and games she had to deal with while she attempted to transfer funds to GIA person on behalf of the Hawaiian people. The China Deep State and CIA teamed up to try to steal the funds of course and planned on using it to make trades, leverage in-ground assets yet again and back the BRICS currency.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


There is much turmoil and fighting in the world due to the Deep State failing miserably.

Another Unwelcome Gift, This Time Left by the Abraxas

While Kim was reporting the news on Monday she was also dealing with a backup system placed here by the Abraxas. She said it was here for millions of years. It has gone off a few times: a million years ago, 100,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, 1,000 years ago, 100 years ago and then on Monday. This backup system started working 3-4 days ago and it was tied to weather weapons. It is the reason there is a lot of dryness, lack of humidity in the air in some areas and scorching temperatures in the Middle East. That was all being created from one location but there were several locations around the world that were connected to this backup system. Those locations were Mongolia, the Congo, China, Greece, and Antarctica. The predominant location everyone was working from was in China, no surprise there. The China Deep State basically orchestrated all of these issues around weather, at least for the last week or two. The Abraxas backup system was somewhat operational a little before that which is why we are seeing a lot of droughts everywhere which is dehydrating the Earth, but the deep state did not get access to that system until just a few days ago.

The Mahdi Prophecy Plan

A lady from the Lee family gave the order to scorch Iraq and introduce the Asian Mahdi plan. They had intentions of creating some fictitious biblical prophecies with this system such as a pillar of fire in the Middle East, which means the Mahdi is coming. They already selected an Asian person who was part of the Order to be the Mahdi for all the Islamic people.

Mahdi – Wikipedia

There were also a lot of sandstorms in Morocco where the sky basically turned red. She said the red sky was partially due to the color of the sand there but that was all created by them.

Settlement Plan That Never Came

The other thing this system was supposed to do was pay them every so many years, a settlement payment that was due for handling all of us good little batteries. That settlement did not come, but of course a lot of promises were made to that effect.

Maui Update

Other things the China Deep State created, although not necessarily with this system left by the Abraxas were the events that happened in Maui. There is a lot of chatter around the internet about the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) and other things that started the fires. And there is a lot of talk now about the Governor putting a moratorium on the sale of property. The reason for that is because people are coming in droves wanting to own the prime property. The China deep state had some other ideas as well and did some dealings that Kim went on to explain.

Hawaii Governor Seeks Moratorium On Property Sales In Lahaina – Honolulu Civil Beat

Arasaka Military Had Plasma Energy Weapon in Underground Base in Maui

There was an underground base in Maui since WWII which was run by the Arasaka Military for the longest time. Arasaka still worked there to this day and was creating problems for the portal in Maui.

Remember last time Kim told us there is a light portal there. She also told us it was the Jesuits and the Jades that started the fires and that is true. There was a plasma energy weapon underneath the island in that facility which appeared on the surface like it could have been coming from the sky. But she has zero indication there was anything in the sky such as a Lockheed DEW plane carrying a DEW weapon. What she does see is the Arasaka Military personnel in there shot it from the ground up to that particular area.

Note: Above from related post on the Shadow Militaries: The 15 Groups in the Shadow Military | How Intelligence Agencies Were Structured | 41 Coven Members Left Still Floundering | Part 2 | Just Empower Me

The 2 Royal Families of Hawaii | Melchizedeks & Rothschild Installed Imposter Family

The interesting facts as they started to unfold are there are 2 royal families in Hawaii. One family is the actual family who originated from the island of Hawaii and are Melchizedeks. They are Guardians of the portal there in the mountain and they have been there for a very long time. The other family is more relative to Oahu and they are Rothschild installed families of Hawaii. They look like Hawaiians but they are not. They could be from the Philippines or other areas of the world.

Well these people were in full agreement with the China Deep State that they would take over and the light would return to the Kingdom of Hawaii. They were in agreement with them that they should burn the island of Maui. Obviously one group is Satan worshippers and the other group worships God but they were in agreement that all those families and the island should be torched.

This was confusing to me because I’m not clear if Kim is referring to the Melchizedek Family and the imposter Rothschild installed family were in agreement? Or if the Imposter Rothschild family was in agreement with the China Deep State and the Melchizedeks were not involved. That sounds more likely but I am not sure so I’m saying so. Especially because Kim says next that the Chinese went along with the plan, meaning they were not the party she was referring to. She said they pretended they were going to do something altruistic for Hawaii and make them independent of the terrible Americans. So that makes it sound like the Melchizedeks and the Imposter Family were in agreement. In any case, making Hawaii independent of anyone really would not have worked out because as with all Rothschild installed families they are very egotistical and think they are the elite to the world and these alleged Hawaiians were no exception.

China Deep State’s Plans for the Island

Blackwater Deployed to Counteract GIA & Steal Properties

The Chinese deployed Blackwater to the island on Monday and they arrived around 6pm local time. Their job was to counteract the GIA at all costs. They also have an intention of wheeling and dealing and taking a bunch of properties from the Hawaiians for free. But that is being met with quite a bit of opposition because the Governor of Hawaii is very well informed by some good people who have told him to plead for the moratorium. That way the local peoples do not lose their properties and businesses and of course no one wants what the deep state wants to do with the island.

Turn Maui Into a Chinese Military Base

The second part of China’s plan was to turn Maui into a Chinese military base at some point in the future, and of course all their friends on the island are with them on it. The Jesuits and Jades were going to split the profits. Except the China Deep State never splits the profits with anybody, but they believe the lie. Kim has met these people and said they love to play on their ego. They tell them they are the incarnate of Genghis Kahn or wherever they happen to be from. Yeah, you are that guy or girl. Well they did the same thing with the Jesuits. They China Deep State told them they started and owned the United States. There would not be a United States without them. They are so amazing, the most magnificent group and they can get this job done. This is what started the thing with the Jesuits and the fake royal family of Hawaii, and unfortunately it has ended in a lot of tragedy for a lot of people.

Kim’s Attempt at Transference of Funds for Hawaiian Relief

A member of the GIA decided to partner up with a person that was a friend and together they planned an operation for Hawaii. This GIA person is not from Hawaii but from one of the island nations in the Pacific and he definitely wanted to make an effort for the people there. It was something near and dear to his heart. So he partners up with someone who provided him with a bank account to transfer the funds. Unfortunately the person he partnered up with was an NSA person.

  • The first transfer was held by the Office of Foreign Asset Control. While it was sitting there Kim saw the bank which was Bank of America ping it before it made it to the bank account. So she told the GIA person and his friend that Bank of America was pinging it and by 3:06 the funds were actually released and went into the bank.
  • Now the back office of this bank had not closed at that time and they saw the transfer come in, but shortly thereafter they saw the funds disappear. Kim had to take it back because this second person who was supposedly helping to release these Hawaiian funds realized he was unsuccessful in illegally pinging the money while it was in transit. So he let the funds move into the bank but then created a false mirror server in front of those funds so that nobody could see them.
  • The ultimate end account owner was like a sub-bank and essentially owned that bank, but he lied to the GIA person and told him that he didn’t see the funds. He pretends to try and track them just so Kim would not move the funds. At the same time he was setting up a trade underneath the Chicago Mercantile Exchange related to a FX platform, the Singapore Exchange Platform in Singapore. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Singapore Exchange have a common trading platform the CIA developed years ago. But that was unsuccessful because of course when Kim transfers this money she watches it. If anyone tries to ping it or touch it she is right there. She realized what was happening at the onset. The NSA guy was in on this but she decided to keep playing the game and telling them, well someone is trying to ping your funds and someone is trying to do this and do that.
  • Then the NSA guy comes back on Monday and asks Kim for an IMAD number which is a number that is typically given by the Federal Reserve. She told him she does not need an IMAD number, she has a confirmation ID and she provided him with the Treasury tracking ID so he can see the course of when the funds transfer. But all of a sudden he can’t find it or see it anywhere. So here they go again, another game.

On Monday afternoon after Kim blew up Chinese weather weapons and everything else involved with the Abraxas present left here for us, she decided for fun she would transfer $950 million dollars to the original bank account. Before she had transferred those funds the NSA guy gave her an account that is in a private bank provided by Langley to him. So of course Langley desperately wants to help the Hawaiian people. Yeah right. Well NSA guy wants her to make the next deposit into that account thinking oh, there must be something funny with the other bank he was just trying to get the transfer from. Well there is something funny alright because as NSA guy was talking to her face he was doing something behind her back and the GIA guy’s back the whole time. But she played the game. She didn’t transfer any money there but she did see the $1 billion in bonds they tried to issue against the $100 million, because remember you need 10% to do a leverage and she saw them preparing to leverage that money before she even sent it. They assume she is just blind and can’t see any of these things.

So she shut down that trade then proceeded to transfer the $950 million to the original account which also goes missing. But she found it, although this time it was a little different.

Jared Kushner Interferes

On Monday is when the thing pretending to be Jared Kushner interfered. He called his buddies, the Sanhedrin and used an old line to send her two transfers into Neverland. So she had to pull them back at that point, there was nothing she could do. She started wondering what kind of game she is playing with the agencies now. But it gets much bigger than that and much better.

They continue to try and get Kim to transfer funds and now it was not the guy who was going to be running the operation in Hawaii it was the banker person he brought along who keeps pushing her. When are you going to transfer, no funds received! When are you going to transfer, no funds received! This goes on and on all day Tuesday. Of course she didn’t transfer anything else but is just waiting to see what happens and doing the other work not involved with this.

Scam to Leverage In-Ground Assets Yet Again

By last night all hell breaks loose because there was a bigger scam. Basically the CIA and the China Deep State together setup this platform between the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Singapore platform and here we go again. They had every intention trying to leverage all the in-ground assets of not only the US but several African nations, Russia, a couple European countries and a few Latin American countries. Basically the majority of UN members. The CIA claimed they owned all the in-ground assets in the US and they willingly donated them to the Chinese trading platform. They were going to leverage those and hopefully issue crypto currency because remember BRICS is going to launch their gold back currency any day now. 

Kim Shuts Down Their Scam and Then Some

They stopped trying to ask Kim to issue money so she knew something was up and that was the platform the China Deep State and CIA setup. That platform started launching yesterday afternoon around 3pm her time and she abruptly ended that. In addition, she ended all the bank guarantees they had acquired from countries against their in-ground assets from Presidents who have no right to those assets.

Their attempts to leverage the in-ground assets failed miserably last night when they miraculously disappeared. She blew up the entire thing to the point where governments cannot issue bonds anymore. There is no more trading assets issued by governments. No more bank guarantees, nothing to do with in-ground assets whatsoever. She put them back under the Office of the Currency Curator which is herself, to back currencies that already exist for the benefit of the people. So this has nothing to do with governments at this point because clearly they are not interested in working with her.

Trade at Mitsubishi Bank Prevented

This morning they also attempted to issue a bank guarantee against all the in-ground assets of the US toward a trade that was to happen at Mitsubishi Bank in Tokyo. That did not happen either as they have no authority to issue assets in that way.

WEF Missed Latest Memo & Tells Kim They Own All the Assets Now

Shortly after that trade at Mitsubishi Bank failed a call was received from the people at the WEF telling her they basically own all the assets. Apparently they had not gotten the memo because they think they have the right to issue currencies and said now we are at a standoff so let’s make a deal. Kim hung up the phone and yelled a lot, then later explained to them she is not interested in working with people who want to kill us all. She let them know she appreciated their efforts but in the base financial platform of planet Earth it is registered underneath the Office of the Guardian as the custodian and the beneficiary is the 8 billion people in the world and that was done a long time ago. So no matter who tries to put something in a financial system and say that it is theirs it will come up as you are not the owner and you are not the guardian, you do not have the access codes in order to release those assets into the banking system, only Kim can do that. So that failed.

Thousands of Operatives Still Doing the Deep State’s Bidding Go Unpaid

As of today there are thousands of operatives who were promised money from person #2 (NSA guy) who was working with the GIA and they were very angry this did not work out. OMG! We still have thousands of operatives still left?

I admit I wasn’t following this conversation so well. I think my lack of knowledge about banking transactions is hindering my understanding but this is the gist of her conversation with this guy.

So now person #2 is under a lot of pressure so he calls Kim this morning and started asking her about the transferring of money. Does she have a copy of the transfer, a print out of the transfer? Why? Because a printout of the transfer would have allowed them to trade against that money since they could not take the assets. She told him of all the things he could call her about right now this is what he wants to ask her for? Of course he does because he needs money. So NSA guy proceeds saying he has a compliance problem with the bank and they opened a fraud investigation. But Kim points out for us, how can one of the owners of the bank, who happens to be NSA guy have an investigation opened against himself? Kim didn’t show her hand but knows it’s another game and played along a bit. She says, look buddy, I have a lot of other things I have to do today that are more important than your compliance issue. She told him everything he already knew which was about the pinging of the funds at the bank and about the trades, the CME exchange platform, the plans for Tokyo and everything that was going on. I guess so he knew that she knew. Then asks him again, so of all these things you feel like you need to talk about this compliance issue (that he created for himself and I’m still unclear about the strategy there). He says yes, I have to make payroll by tomorrow and all his accounts are frozen. But his account, which Kim already had screenshots of had a zero balance. The compliance issue was with the parent institution and it knows there was fraud going on related to a transfer to this end recipient. Kim shared that normally a person of his stature would have a golden parachute, meaning it would all be cleaned up. But when you promise the CIA money, a bunch of Military Generals money, a bunch of non-human German looking Generals money, that parachutes tends to go away. Now he is expecting, after all they did to the Hawaiian people that Kim is going to bail him out. Well that is never going to happen.

7 Non-Human German Looking People in Low Flying Helicopter Try to Intimidate Kim

In addition to all that fun, about an hour before the phone call with NSA guy there was a little incident that happened at Kim’s house. There was a helicopter that started circling around her house, flying very low. So low that when they opened the door to the helicopter she could see them, to which she promptly raised her middle finger for them to see. Then they flew away into town.

She found out they were 7 non-human people that looked like Germans in that helicopter and they were sent there to set everybody straight and to handle Kim, to get her to do what they want her to do or she will be excommunicated and no longer a resident there. Although that is not the rule in the Safety Zone and she never broke any of the rules there.

These 7 non-humans were talking to the local people in a meeting of sorts and she could tell they felt very uncomfortable. But they were not willing to break the rules because if you break it in one place you break it in all places and then they are in trouble and they know it. But then something weird happened. All 7 of them just fell over in the meeting and are no longer breathing. Maybe they were all vaccinated says Kim slyly. So they are no longer with us and that ended the helicopter people.

Current Situation


They have been blocking supply ships to that area. Some are sitting offshore and the food is going bad. A lot is intentional, that is obvious. They don’t care how many people die. Blackwater was waiting for payroll today too and they did not get paid. The Chinese people they work for did not deliver again and they flew in there on their dime. Maybe they will depart now since they obviously are not there to do humanitarian things.

The people with the properties who had their homes burned down will be the same people who have a new home built at zero cost to them because this is part of the International Natural Disaster Relief Plan that she tried to implement under the Trump Administration after Hurricane Michael. It will be the same plan anywhere in the world when this type of event happens. The businesses will be owned by the same people before. Front Street, which is the main drag will look exactly the same or better than before should the owners choose that. But they will not be building high rise condos or Chinese military bases or any other military base. The land will belong to the same people. She wants to help rebuild and keep people safe. By the way the money from UNN subscribers is going to help as well. Contrary to popular belief that is what those funds are used for, these kinds of things. For emergencies whether to individuals or regions.

Cleanup Work

Kim is still clearing up some things with the clock analogy she gave us a few days ago related to what the Great Reset really means. A lot of mischievous things like replicating timelines in different locations is getting cleaned up. You might have felt energetically drained or felt a little sick this weekend. They were using your energy to power a replication of a dark universe overlay over this one. But those symptoms should lighten up by today.

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France & Southern Russia

There are fires in France and Southern Russian now too. They have no regard for nature, our ecosystem whatsoever. They never had any regard, it is all about power and control for them. So anyone who pops up trying to kill people they too will die.


There is a pretty good chance governments will not figure it out and there will be another scam they will be waiting for.

Kim’s Message to the Enemy

  • If you attempt to scorch the earth like the lady from the Lee family who order the Mahdi Plan you will no longer be with us.
  • If you try to set another island on fire you will no longer be with us just like all the people underneath Maui right now from Arasaka Military. You can go look for yourselves if you don’t believe her.
  • If you attempt to block or take money from the people of Maui, you will no longer be with us.
  • If you are one of the generals who decided to come into Durango, Colorado and try to cause us harm you will no longer be with us.

She proved everything she just said to be true.

Attention! Remaining Family Members, You Are Late for the Family Meeting

Kim said it is no surprise their big trade was supposed to happen today because it was a new moon. That was part of the reason they expected something to work out for them, but they don’t understand how it works. And today also would have been the beginning of the Coven Master meeting which would end at the Blue Moon which is the end of August. Then the next meeting after that would be the Families at the new moon in September and that would have ended on the Harvest moon.

So Kim strongly suggests if you are of the families you should get the meeting quickly because you are the next ones up now, but you are late and time is running out. And if you could all gather in one place that would be fantastic, she would like that a lot. So if you can choose that location pretty quick, again time is running out, the new moon started and you have not shown up to the meeting yet! So just show up! 

I hope they do, so she can get rid of them all. I often think about that saying, 1% rule the world? That just cannot be accurate. It sure seems like there are way more than that.

I saw a comment last month that I missed and wanted to address now. I should have mentioned it a long time ago but better late than never. I probably missed it because 95% of the comments I get are either porn, someone selling pharma drugs, bots, etc. so it’s usually a pain siphoning through them.

So Kim is aware of my blog obviously and I did get her okay quite a while ago. I would have stopped doing this if she was not okay with it. So for anyone who is curious I thought I would mention. I also let her know UNN is welcome to have these posts at any time and that it is a standing offer. Obviously she is the supplier of the majority of information here and I’m just trying to share it in a different and helpful way. I know copyright is an issue which is why I checked with her. I hope she knows I’m not in this to misrepresent her intel or profit from it and it’s a good thing because I just about cover my operating expenses in a good month! All kidding aside, I genuinely care about the truth and do my best to report what she says accurately. I change the order sometimes and just try to make them readable for print, etc., which is why I wouldn’t call these posts transcriptions, although the majority of the content is. And I still think these posts should be a supplement to listening to her directly. 

So I just wanted to address this and also say it was not an accident I found Kim. It was a gift, but a gift we all earned in my opinion, all of us who have found Kim. The truth does not land in your lap in this world of ours. We all had to work for it, and as we continue to learn it is not for the faint of heart. But I hope you all share far and wide because ultimately the truth belongs to all of us.


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  3. So, what is the true situation with this “gold-backed” BRICS currency that is about to be released. I’m sure Russia and China have gold reserves, but doesn’t the BRICS “currency” have to be released by Kim in order to be valid and functional?

    1. You have a lot to catch up on. They are lying. They have nothing and actually still owe Kim a huge amount of money when she called in their debts.

  4. As more and more “factual” information comes out on Lahaina, it becomes ever more clear that this was a deliberate act of the “deep state/cabal”.

    No water-No Sirens-Schools closed and children at home (many alone)…morgue workers say the body count is several times that of the “Official” count and thousands are still “missing”. A Main road blocked. And it goes on and on!

    BTW-Governor Green is Jewish, was born in New York and grew up in Pittsburgh (nothing to see here…Right?) Jesuits and Jades

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