Hawaii Devastation Orchestrated by Jesuits Similar to Hurricane Michael Event in Florida | A Light Portal Exists On Maui | Self-appointed Jesus Claims He is King of the World | The Jesuits, Who Are Splices of Abraxas & Lower Astral Beings Think They are God’s Chosen People | Lions Gate Not What it Used to Be for the Splices | The Meek Have Inherited the Earth Which Means We Have the ‘Privilege’ to Restore Her & All Life Residing Here | Unknown Country is the Rule Maker & Can Undo That Which Does Not Benefit Us

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on August 11, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim gives an update on the situation in Hawaii and that the GIA has full authority and they have a plan to help the people. Hawaii will not fall into the hands of the Jesuits. She also explains more about Lions Gate and what it meant to the dark and light sides and why the Jesuits are very confused, threatening the Treasury Department and directing all their anger at Kim. How fun for her.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Hawaii Update

Evidently the same operation that took place during Hurricane Michael which hit a specific area of Florida very hard is repeating but this time in Hawaii. It is not the only reason but one of them. Hurricane Michael hit a less expensive area where there were prime oceanfront properties. Behind the scenes when that happened there were a lot contracts and building plans that were completed by the time the hurricane came. A lot of casinos and resorts were planned for that area by the China deep state. They planned on taking over all the property there. So, it is not uncommon for them to orchestrate an event to get free prime properties and in Hawaii a similar process is going on run by the Jesuits.

And based on what I’ve been seeing all weekend it is not a secret. Many can see it for what it is.

David Wolfe on Twitter: “Listen to this guy https://t.co/v9wSAHgrEl” / X

The Jesuits had every intention of taking over the island. That is the reason why there are a lot of problems there. Not only the nearby island of Lanai, which is owned by the CEO of Oracle Systems but they had the same intention with Maui. FEMA, the terrorist organization Kim has first-hand experience with when trying to give aid during Hurricane Michael refused to let her. She was told they would be getting money from Rothschild, which of course never came. The same thing is happening here. Now Hawaii is experiencing all kinds of blockades and there are problems getting out. The Red Cross and FEMA in Hawaii are not bringing in supplies and they are waiting for orders and money from somebody else to purchase supplies. Little do they know they are just waiting for an alignment with something and this Lion’s Gate thing to pan out so they can get some money and pay them.

GIA Has Full Authorization to Take Over the Island

Kim has been in communication all morning with GIA people and there is a plan for that area. She is hoping she can transfer money because there are a lot of experts in the Treasury willing to help to ensure the money is received by the intended recipients. She is hoping to make that happen in the next 18-24 hours. They have set up things for food, supplies and housing. There is no way the Jesuits are going to take over that island. There is full authorization for the GIA to takeover and they will not be helping through the government, but Kim will keep us updated on the telegram chat.

There is a Portal or Stargate on Maui

The other thing there on Maui is a portal of ours. There is always more to the story. I found that interesting because it is the first thing I thought of when I heard Hawaii was being burnt to the ground. Although, Lisa Renee’s materials list Kauai as an inner gate connected with the 12th Human Tribe and associated with the Stargate Monsegur in the South of France. So I wonder how aligned they are on these locations.

12 Essene Tribes
The Emerald Founder Records reveal that there are 12 Essene Tribes which make up the entirety of the collective human gene pool, or are the descendants of Universal Tribal Shield that has been originally incarnated onto this planet from the future timelines of Tara. Each of the 12 Tribes are genetically key coded to their demographic Planetary Gates location and to that planetary dimensional sphere and its ley line network. When we incarnate onto the planet, we have genetic time codes in our DNA related to the planetary gates dimensional system that is a part of our main Human Tribal Identity. We activate our human tribal identity personal planetary keys when we activate our Inner Christos by running the 12D Ray, stringing 144 harmonics throughout our Lightbody, otherwise called the 12D Shield. That identity has had many lifetimes that have participated with the consciousness evolution cycles of assembling DNA codes in the angelic human Root Races evolving throughout the Solar System.
The original 12 Essene Tribes were seeded on the earth as a part of the evolution plan that was the result of the Covenant of Palaidor, to rescue the lost Souls of Tara, making it easier to reclaim these identities when the stargates finally opened during the end of the Ascension Cycle.[1]

Essene 12 Tribes and Gates
Essenes, Christos Templars aka The Order of Christ Templars : The Real Templar’s were of the Order of Christ, derived from Gnostic Essene and Cathar lines, and they sacrificed themselves to protect the wisdom, knowledge and frequency of So|phi|A Sophianic Body on this earth for the Ascension Cycle, which is the window of time when the galactic alignment is made with the Neutron Window or Galactic Core for portal access, which was December 21, 2012. Many of the original Essene lines were trapped in the Planetary Gates and Astral Plane during the many cataclysms that occurred on the earth from NAA wars and Orion Group Invasion. The opening of the Neutron Window allows access in and out of this Universal Time Matrix for the time period that the alignment is in place. Previous to this time, the window was closed, thus the portal access to leave this Universe, as well as this Solar System was closed. When the galactic core alignment was made in 2012, the Krystal Star began connecting to this planet in this timeline, and this began the cycle of the Krystal Star hosting of this planet for potential Ascension and to reclaim the Christos-Sophia.

1. Tribe 1 (Arizona/Cyprus)
2. Tribe 2 (Florida/Jerusalem)
3. Tribe 3 (Bermuda/Johannesburg)
4. Tribe 4 ( Giza/Central America)
5. Tribe 5 (Machu Picchu/Vatican)
6. Tribe 6 (Russia/India)
7. Tribe 7 ( Titicaca/Greece)
8. Tribe 8 (China/Tibet)
9. Tribe 9 (Tibet/S. England)
10. Tribe 10 ( Iran/Iraq)
11. Tribe 11 (Ireland/England/Scotland)
12. Tribe 12 ( S. France/Kauai)

Source: 12 Essene Tribes – Ascension Glossary

Earth’s Natural Stargates
1D Stargate Sedona, Arizona 35° N, 111.8° W 
1D Inner gate Cyprus 35.1264° N, 33.4299° E 
2D Stargate Temple Mount 31.7781° N, 35.2360° E 
2D Stargate Sarasota, Florida 27.3364° N, 82.5307° W – FPM
2D Inner gate Easter Island, Chile (Grual-Grail Point)
3D Stargate Bermuda Triangle 25° N, 71° W
3D Inner gate Johannesburg, South Africa 26.2041° S, 28.0473° E
4D Stargate Giza, Egypt 29.9753º N 31.1376º E
4D Inner gate Central Mexico, Aguascalientes 21.8853ºN, 102.2916º W
5D Stargate Machu Picchu 13.1631º S, 72.545º W
5D Inner Gate Vatican City 41.9029º N, 12.4534º E
6D Stargate Caucasus Mountains at Russia & Georgia border 42.639ºN, 44.155ºE
6D Inner gate Thar Desert at India & Pakistani border 27.47ºN, 70.6ºE
7D Stargate Lake Titicaca 15.9254º S, 69.3354º W
7D Inner gate Ionian Islands, city of Gaios on Paxos 39.2ºN, 20.18333º E
8D Stargate Xian, China 34.3416º N, 108.9398º E
8D Inner gate Lop Nur, border Tibet/China 40.1666º N, 90.5833º E
9D Stargate Tibet Autonomous Region, Bam Co Lake 31.25277778º N, 90.57861111º E
9D Inner gate Valley of the White Horse, Westbury England 51.26361111º N, 2.14694444ºW
10D Stargate Abadan, Iran 30.3ºN, 48.3º E
10D Inner gate Basrah, Iraq 30.5081ºN, 47.7835º E
11D Stargate Vale of Pewsey, Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK (Stonehenge) 51.1679º N, 1.763º W
11D Inner gate Ireland’s Eye, Irish Sea 53.404608º N, 6.063344º W
11D Inner gate St. Ives Bay, Cornwall, UK 50.211º N, 5.48º W (Grual-Grail Point)
12D Stargate Monsegur, southern France 44.65º N, 0.0803º E
12D Inner gate Kauai 22.16444º N, 159.65722º W

Source: Planetary Stargate System – Ascension Glossary

The Jesuits Claim They are God’s Chosen Ones

Having had altercations with some Jesuits in the past and based on what they have been doing the last few days Kim said she is not surprised they are saying the Jesuits created the US. They claim they started the US and own it. The Jesuits were also expecting to have the ownership of Unknown Country by today noon EST. These lower-level people who are left and took over really believe they are God’s chosen people. But they do not know which god that is, how they were founded and how they were created.

Jesuits Are Splices of Abraxas & Lower Astral Beings

So, a lot of misinformation has gone out to them and a lot of prophecies and old texts. But at the end of the day, they did not do their research. They do not know who they are or where they came from. They are Abraxas splices and lower astral being splices essentially. That led to a lot of confusion. But self-appointed Jesus number 89 thought he was going to be King of the World today and that did not happen so of course. So now Kim is getting all these nasty messages repeatedly all morning long from them claiming she stole something from them and she has not.

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth & Jesus Will Return

In the bible the story says the meek shall inherit the Earth, but also that Jesus will return and take over as the Lion and the King of Earth so to speak. And there is some truth to that. But it is not a particular man that is going to come from the clouds. It is referring to the crystalline energy now on top so to speak, there is no dark energy there and

So, the taking over by our Creator has already happened. We are just his people, the feet on the ground. We are the ones willing to do the work, who are here to do the job and that includes all us organic life forms here who did not come from a portal in the lower astral. So, 8 billion of us minus the splices. And it did actually happen, the meek inherited the Earth. But the meek, the slaves do not own the Earth technically because she is also a sovereign being now. We just have the luxury of restoring and rebuilding her in an abundant way that will continue life, for the Earth’s health as well as our health and all life here. That transition has taken place.

Lions Gate is Not What it Used to Be

As far as prophecies and Lion’s Gate for them go, they are out of time. There is no more to their story in their ancient texts after today. Actually, by midnight tonight EST they will be officially out of prophecies and that is the conclusion of Lion’s Gate. Lions Gate is now in direct alignment with Source every year, whereas before we had that dark overlay that would come. In the past there were settlement payments for death and the Jesuits would do all these crazy things like burn silos and create famines and the attempted wars in the Middle East that we see happening all over the world. This is the way for them to please their god she guesses. This group of Jesuits, and you can throw in some Templars in there is large and worldwide. They are affecting countries and people so they are disappearing at a rapid rate due to poor life choices.

So, Lions Gate is not what it used to be for the crazy splices and they do not understand what is happening. They are very, very angry and Kim has become the hotline for angry Jesuit people now, especially when she offered to help Hawaii but not through the Government. They thought she would fund Hawaii through the government and then FEMA so they could take that money for themselves like they have done in the past. They could then own all that prime ocean front property just like they intended with Hurricane Michael.

At this point in time everyone in that camp is yelling and screaming at each other. Last night they were threatening the Treasury Department saying we are God’s chosen people! They were really getting crazy and Kim said the Silent Circle walked in due to all the threats flying around the Treasury yesterday afternoon and said, don’t worry buddy, Kim is taking care of this and then kind of escorted them out.

Order of the Dragon is Working with the Jesuits

The China deep state, Order of the Dragon is also heavily involved in everything they are doing right now. The assassination of the Presidential candidate of Ecuador was them. There was another attempt at the Minister of Defense in Lebanon, which was them too. They are going crazy but Kim and her team is working to the best of their ability to counteract what they are doing so we do not have any more loss of life or harm comes to the people.

They are Still Planning a Full-on War in Syria

It has been topsy turvy over in Syria for quite some time now and evidently, they have not gotten the memo there is no Dial of Destiny there. They are not getting their dark matter back and control over consciousness. But it does not mean that they do not think they could even though it does not even exist. There is no portal or connection to the lower astral to get that dark matter back and the agreement expired.

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They really should look at their texts and compare it to real science. They need to get some quantum physicists, maybe pull in their token boy Mr. Musk and ask, where does dark matter come from, how is it created? But he just gets on TV and talks like he is smart so he might not be able to answer them. But they better start using some common sense and not walk into the Treasury Department claiming they are Jesus. There is no truth to what they are saying at all.

The Unknown Country is the Rule Maker

Kim also wanted to explain something else about Unknown Country. Many of us have heard about death certificate bonds and birth certificate bonds and maritime law, where we are lost at sea by the age of 7 and your vessel is dead at that point. Then there are all these implied consent things that happen. But if you look at Unknown Country you can look at it as the law, the rule maker and as the rule maker we have to undo a lot of those rules that are in place and not to our benefit. Some are banking rules and some have to do with our legal systems and our rights and it will trickle down to governments eventually because they will not be able to enforce anything that was not approved by Unknown Country in the first place.

I guess she just wants us to keep that in mind as we are going it alone, making our own way while at the same time trying to manage the remaining crazy dangerous people who think they are the chosen ones.


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  1. Since time immemorial, a formation with a non-human self-awareness and its sages conceived to take over the world. What distinguishes this formation from the rest of humanity? Narrow-mindedness, fanaticism, extreme cruelty and intolerance towards others. They also have different genes, making them immune to cholera, plague, and other biological weapons. In Roman times, more than 60,000 of them were crucified on the roads from Jerusalem to Rome for spreading epidemics condemned by Roman law, which is still in force today. Their leaders have chosen the difficult path of wisdom, not love, a path in which there is a great risk of falling into parasitism. Some of us have realized that the white race is still capable of understanding their selfish plans and is being systematically destroyed by miscegenation, pandemics, fertility immunizations, and human health controls. They provoke fratricidal wars. Having sold their brains and labor through the existing monetary system, humanity has developed high technologies that the “Chosen Ones” needed and now they no longer need us. But the period in which the “chosen of God” had to prove themselves as successful creations ended for them with a negative result. The planet is in the process of liberation, which they want to slow down and realize their immoral plans, hoping that others will come to take the place of the removed dark forces. But the more evolved beings said: when their big bosses are removed, you will deal with the little bosses yourself. They still own: buying and selling, media, half-empty banks, collection of duties and taxes, insurance, gambling, drugs, organ trafficking, sacrifice, prostitution, education, repressive institutions, authentic historical documents, ancient books regarding humanity, wisdom and technology. Museums mostly exhibit savage artifacts, and savages exist to this day. Artifacts from the Golden Age have been stolen for private collections or sold into space. The number of victims, the proximity of liberation and the realization of a harmonious society largely depend on our awakening, maturity and actions.

    1. To Vadim,
      Thank you for posting. I’ve barely skimmed about 20% of the material, obviously only decipherable by high level technology experts, but nonetheless I can tell that there is absolutely consciousness changing information, or better said, signposts to cosmic consciousness for humanity.
      Wow, I had no idea of the specificity. Now I understand much better what level(s) Kim is operating in, the scope is quite beyond me. I will study the material and learn more, probably never comprehend because technology is not my mindset or my education.
      PS: glad to see confirmed that I will live around 124 years haha

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